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Energy can neither be created nor destroyed :-p

by ComputerGhost (Login ComputerGhost)


If this holds true for everything, there was no beginning and there will be no end.

Maybe there was the beginning of the planets, the beginning of humans, the beginning of whatever else... But something had to have created them. It may have been a big bang. It may have been God. It may have been Just a bunch of dust particles clumping together. No one knows for sure because no one was around back then. Also, all this physics and stuff doesn't always work backwards, so we can't plug today into a computer and make it go back in time to see.

By these things being created, I mean some matter or energy was taken from something and put into these things. No energy was lost. No energy was gained.

And we do not stop existing either. We die. Our body's rot. We are still existing, but in the form of decayed stuff. You know the rest of the cycle here.

If we have a soul, that would not be destroyed either. I doubt a soul would rot, so I imagine it would go somewhere or maybe just lie there with the decaying body until somebody or something moves it. I'm not saying we have souls, but if we do... they will also keep existing.

If you disagree with all of these, tell me how things can be destroyed. If there is already an explanation in those post, I'll read it in a few minutes, so don't bother.

^^---My theories---^^

Posted on Oct 13, 2005, 1:17 PM

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