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It is even further into the past since I went to school

by roy (no login)


but my understanding was that you had to put a subscript depending on whether you were approaching from the left or the right , and a true limit needed to be approached from - and + directions. I am sure someone who is still studying calculus will let me know what I am talking about.

Posted on Mar 23, 2006, 8:04 AM

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You are referring to the slope at a pointMac on Mar 23
 I get your point (unintended pun)roy on Mar 23
  LOL at pun, butMac on Mar 23
   I am happy to work with limits butroy on Mar 23
    A couple articles, and an argument based on *Binary*'lipse on Mar 23
     Nice reference to binary!rpgfan3233 on Mar 23
      place valuesMichael Calkins on Mar 23
     Argument based on ternary...'lipse on Mar 23
      Yes,the problem is we're using base 10.2 on Mar 24
      Support using nonary (base 9) and "octodecimal" (base 18)rpgfan3233 on Mar 24
       *Yes,just change the base when you have a problem!2 on Mar 24
  "but my logic will never accept that 1 - .9999... = 0"2 on Mar 23
   Fun facts with other number bases.rpgfan3233 on Mar 23
    *Yes,a very interesting point!2 on Mar 23
    And for that reasonMac on Mar 24
     * Really? Interesting! I think this calls for some research!rpgfan3233 on Mar 24
      *Wikipedia seemed 2 have the most NFo on the duodecimal system. It's not that interesting.rpgfan3233 on Mar 24
     interesting.Michael Calkins on Mar 24
      Instead of using A-F for 10-16. . .rpgfan3233 on Mar 24
       *Zeta , I don`t know how Z became our last letterroy on Mar 24
       *am used to A-F. You don't want to make keyboards incompatible.Michael Calkins on Mar 24
        *I'm used to A-F too but think of the road signs like speed limit signs in kilometres. . .rpgfan3233 on Mar 24
     * Wouldn't epsilon have been ten and tau eleven?'lipse on Mar 24
      Was it actually going to be pronounced "epsilon"?'lipse on Mar 24
      * Could be - forgotMac on Mar 24
     My idea is more like base 24.2 on Mar 24
      what's the big deal with divisibility, anyway?Michael Calkins on Mar 24
       It helpsMac on Mar 24
        How to lose 10 pounds fast...Pete on Mar 24
         When were you a fan ,the year that USA beat England(lol)roy on Mar 24
          especially since the world cup is only every 4 yearsMichael Calkins on Mar 25
           Obviously I support England but Brazil are the greatestroy on Mar 25
       Divisibility is cool.2 on Mar 24
        *terminating or not, they slow down your program. avoid if possibleMichael Calkins on Mar 24

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