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Goodbye, roy

by Mac (Premier Login iorr5t)


Roy has also opted out. He insists on the right to stalk new poster cha0s and post negative comments no matter what cha0s just posted.

I have no knowledge or interest in any squabbles taking place at other forums and refuse to hear any arguments that a given new member is undesirable.

A poster here lives by his reputation here only.

If you see a thread like this on The QBasic Forum:
... * What is the equation for comuting pi? - John
...... * It is ATN(1)*4 - Andrew
......... * Andrew is a no-nothing jerk! - Brian

You can bet as soon as I see it, it will become
... * What is the equation for comuting pi? - John
...... * It is ATN(1)*4 - Andrew

And if Brian gets huffy and leaves the forum, so be it.

On some forum, I actually saw a Hate-mail subforum. This is ridiculous. But if you really must post some hate crap, I guess you could use Distractions. But that would be a shame. Distractions are for religion and politics, etc. not 8th grade name calling.

What if everyone except TheBob and a few others get fed up and leave? Fine. Nobody is banned and you are welcome back, but out-of-nowhere attacks on anyone will be deleted and by finding them missing you will know I am saddened and disgusted by your behavior.


Posted on Mar 12, 2007, 10:05 AM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
* That is fair I just hope chaos is as good as Pete.roy on Mar 12
at this rate i suspect mac will opt-out nextmennonite on Mar 12
 i might as well add...mennonite on Mar 12
 It could happen! Russia opted out of the Soviet Union. LOL.Mac on Mar 12
  let me relieve you of some more misconceptions...mennonite on Mar 12
   FYI, MennMac on Mar 12
  "Sure you would want them back so you can enjoy their attacks."mennonite on Mar 12
   Get some sleep, MennMac on Mar 12
    how can i not forgive someone...mennonite on Mar 12
Thanks for being objectivecha0s on Mar 12
 * Great! Let's learn/teach some QBasic!Mac on Mar 12
*Maybe he just hates chaos, just like my mom? :*)RubyNL on Mar 13

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