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It could happen! Russia opted out of the Soviet Union. LOL.

by Mac (Premier Login iorr5t)

> chaos isn't here for any reason or purpose except ...

First, on The QBasic Forum (as opposed to Distractions), nobody should attack FreeBasic, Mark's forum, etc. "out of nowhere".

If someone posts "QBasic sucks, why don't you retards convert to FreeBasic" on The QBasic Forum, flame that exact post (in it's thread) all you want, it will be removed as soon as I see it anyway.

But if the same person who posted that later posts something related to QBasic, one shouldn't stalk him. Leave proper posts alone, no matter who makes them.

> thinly veiled attack on me (me = Mennonite)

If you believe such a post was made on The QBasic Forum, flag it! If I am the culprit who did that, my post will disappear. In fact it will disappear, period.

(Uh, the above is not a "thinly veiled attack" LOL!)

>> Distractions are for religion and politics, etc. not 8th grade name calling.
> lol, what's the difference, really?

Heh. A bit like when people use the taboo f-word on a forum and I use the taboo n-word. What's the difference? But it's better if we all avoid all taboo words. Offend nobody, or don't be offended.

>> but out-of-nowhere attacks on anyone will be deleted and by finding them missing you will know I am saddened and disgusted by your behavior.
> what people see as "out of nowhere" usually isn't out of nowhere. pearl harbor ...blah, blah

The Jap attack at Pearl harbor was indeed "out of nowhere". True there were lead-in events, but none that would justify declaring a preemptive war on Japan. So we didn't.

Now there were events going on vis-a-vis Iraq, but unlike Roosevelt, Bush declared a preemptive war.

Bush is like Roy and Pete: declaring pre-emptive wars at various posts where I see no WMD because of some grudge. If you can't see this, maybe your mind is clouded by grudges. Forget the past. Concentrate on now.

Pete used to be one of my favorite people, but his wit got more and more negative and I'm glad new-pete is gone. It is so refreshing to go to the forum and not see his vindictive rants "thinly disguised" as humor.

Concrete example:

...Earthborn? Where the devil have you been Mac on Mar 5
......*It's "Hello World" There's no comma. No comma! Jerry
.........Took the bait, eh! Mac on Mar 7
............*I'll give you one that never needs a comma: PRINT "WHOGAS!"

In post one I was bantering with Earthborn and reported the level of QBasic I am stuck at compared to the question of the thread.

In post two, Pete argues for no comma. True, it was humorous as I could just see Jerry Seinfield yelling that.

In post three, I provided an argument that the comma is good, if not required.

In post four, Pete showed his true colors lately and blasted out the illogical WHOGAS.

Why illogical? He must "GAS" or he wouldn't have responded earlier. So the anwer to "WHOGAS?" in this thread is Pete and Mac.

But his rage at being shown wrong in an argument he started so blocked his logic that, frothing at the mouth, he made that idiotic observation.

So Pete left the forum. WHOGAS? I guess some who are accustomed to stalking and see nothing wrong with Pete watching for any mistake Solitaire makes so he can belittle and shame her (he accomplishes only the oppocite) or roy posting insults at every cha0s post.

Sorry if you think stalking is a good thing. Sure you would want them back so you can enjoy their attacks.

I want the old Pete and the Old roy back, but no bitter stalking, please!


QBasic rules.

Posted on Mar 12, 2007, 12:33 PM

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let me relieve you of some more misconceptions...mennonite on Mar 12
 FYI, MennMac on Mar 12
"Sure you would want them back so you can enjoy their attacks."mennonite on Mar 12
 Get some sleep, MennMac on Mar 12
  how can i not forgive someone...mennonite on Mar 12

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