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no, and i already answered that question

by repeating what i said (no login)


# Original Message * Ha, so now you speak for QBguy too? LOL

happy about what?
June 20 2008 at 12:34 PM mennonite (no login)

"you make it my business when it's a thread i'm going to reply to. he was asking a technical question and i am the only person i know of (here?) that has tried to run qb64 in reactos (look for screencaps) and maybe the only person on the forum that knows that ros cannot run 16-bit console apps like qbasic.

i wasn't just defending his post, but my reply. my advice is not demand people defend their right to post ON TOPIC posts here."

Posted on Jun 20, 2008, 1:09 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
* Make it simple then. Just answer the question W/O any othe BS!Clippy on Jun 20
 it was already simple, tedmennonite on Jun 20
  * Mac and Pete were right and I will never answer another post from youClippy on Jun 20
   I doubt your ability to never answer a post by mennonite.rpgfan3233 on Jun 20
    there are two interpretations of that lawmennonite on Jun 20
     * Thanks! Ever consider becoming a philosophy major, if such a thing exists? :-Prpgfan3233 on Jun 20
      lol@ontology of philosophy studentsmennonite on Jun 20
     *"Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” -Sir Isaac NewtonLondon on Jun 21
    Naturally, you are still a possibility for my abuse :PClippy on Jun 20
     Thanks for the compliment.rpgfan3233 on Jun 20
      Thank you too!Clippy on Jun 20

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