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Who cares what Europe does? They can lose NATO too!

by Clippy (Login burger2227)

We are tired of defending France and the rest of those traitor countries! Let them defend themselves like they used to do! Cut off the foreign aid too.............

Posted on Sep 13, 2008, 12:44 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
You are living in the dark ages.roy on Sep 13
 * I think the lol should be removed.roy on Sep 13
Ah, you forgetIain on Sep 13
 I Doubt that!Clippy on Sep 13
  Have you noticed that Libya is now your friendroy on Sep 13
   This is why I worry about Palinroy on Sep 13
   Lybia was already pretty flat. Bombing tents is no biggie!Clippy on Sep 13
    This is what I am getting at.roy on Sep 13
     LOL, we just made a pipeline through AfghanistanClippy on Sep 13
      You can not invade any county that has nuclear weapons.roy on Sep 13
       *LOL That should be country. Although I have heard that Yorkshire wants independence. lolroy on Sep 13
       * Not war mongering. Just Republican GREED is allClippy on Sep 13
        republican != greedyAnonymous on Sep 18
       not soAnonymous on Sep 18
  Sure you probably would have become independant eventuallyIain on Sep 20
   Spoken like a true European!Clippy on Sep 20
    You have got to be kidding me...Imortis Inglorian on Sep 22
     The USA saved Europe in WW2. What have they done for us since?Clippy on Sep 22
      why care about France?Anonymous on Sep 23
       *who needs them, when we have all these beautiful mexican women "invading" this land?Michael Calkins on Oct 29
     A lot of people who meet me are xenophobicXena on Sep 23
      Re: A lot of people who meet me are xenophobicAnonymous on Sep 23
       How absurd! The present crisis is about Welfare for the Rich!Clippy on Sep 24
        *failAnonymous on Sep 27
       Actually, Zip, you are the common enemy...Michael Calkins on Oct 29
    Without agreeing or disagreeing with your other statementsMichael Calkins on Oct 29
     * That is correct. The US Constitution was written in 1787qbguy on Oct 30
      * Yeah and what ever happened to the "taxation without representation" idea?Clippy on Oct 30

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