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*Screw Texas

by (Login MCalkins)

Posted on Jun 2, 2009, 3:10 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
*Texas sucks on Jun 2
 *The Texas government is a bunch of theives. on Jun 2
  The State of Texas can lick the road oil off of my tires. It can suck my exaust pipe. on Jun 2
Reminds me of a chat session we had where mennonite and I predicted MC was likely to... on Jun 2
 I shouldn't go near a keyboard when i'm angry. on Jun 2
  Naw, we don't want to build that fence to keep those Mexicans out. on Jun 2
  You're gonna make it after all... on Jun 2
   Dammit, leave religion out of this! on Jun 2
   Self-employment advice - I agree with Pete on Jun 3
    I had the same problem... on Jun 3
     Johnny Carson did something he loved too... on Jun 3
      *Capital-elitist, eh? That's what I do now -- the Gov't pays me to loaf! on Jun 3
       * Since Canada is paying for it, could you figure out the icon structure? on Jun 9
        ' I'm not sure: windows xp stores icons in PNG or bitmap?Ben on Jun 9
         I'm aware of that, but I want to create icons using bitmaps. on Jun 9
          Have you tried the info found here? *URL on Jun 10
           * Yep. on Jun 10
  *thank you all for your replies. on Jun 22

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