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Arizona Medicaid cuts, I don't buy into the "pitiot" ideology very easily

by Pete (Login The-Universe)

Especially this one. That first person in Arizona who wanted an expensive transplant, at the public's expense, was going to die either on the OR table or shortly after the procedure was done, from other disease complications.

And what is it with you Socialist weirdoes that makes you believe you can get away with trying to tell people that you can't put a price on something. I guarantee you the hospital and doctors sure can, and they will even itemize it for you.

Besides, doctors do an even lousier job of playing God than God does. I mean yesterday in California, it was probably less than 60 degrees outside. I was kidding the guys at the golf course that God forgot to pay the heating bill again. I told them he is just irresponsible when it comes to these matters, like the time his toilet overflowed and instead of calling for a plumber, he told some guy to go build an ark. (Injected humor... which is safer and more effective than most injections receiced by a medical professional.)

Oh and why do we need people like Jan Brewer? To offset people like Nancy Pelosi. Far left people shove their crap down American's throats so guess what? Far right people shove back. It is the American system checks and balances at the extreme ends. I hate it, as I prefer to be a moderate, but unfortunately without these hard-line self-responsibility minded individuals, the nanny state ninnies take over, and I hate that idea a lot more than it bothers me that Medicaid in a budget crisis will no longer pay for transplants in the state of Arizona. After all, real patriots have given their lives for freedom and a nanny state is not freedom in my book.

While I'm at it, do the math sometime on national healthcare around the globe and you will see taxes for it rising, care being cut, and more time spent to see a doctor. How stupid will it be when simple infections and viruses become complicated because the waiting period was too long? Do you think that is going to save money. No, it does just the opposite.

With more and more BS medical procedures that people will be told they need, and more and more drugs to counteract the affects of other crappy drugs, there is no end in site to the Dr. Frankenstein approach to modern medicine. Quality of life is absolute crap but at least the bastards can keep you alive a little longer to suck a few more bucks away from the taxpayers.


- Arizona apparently listened to the lyrics and took off its rainbow shades.

Posted on Jan 9, 2011, 10:49 AM

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