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Re: That sounds nasty.

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
ASM Forum

It's a long story, but I'll shorten it:

Also, neither were on my computer, but on different customer computers.

Well, first, I got a bit aggressive in HiJackThis, removing references to other stuff. When I rebooted, I thought I had screwed something up, because the system seemed to freeze on the black screen between when the XP splash disappears, and when the mouse cursor appears. I did a repair from my Dell XP CD, but it eventually froze on that logo that you see when you boot XP the first time after an installation. at some point, I renamed the malware's executable. Also, I undid the changes from HJT. I did another repair, but I still wasn't able to run .exes from Windows Explorer.

The registry file at:

restored seemingly normal .exe behavior.

One of the other quirks is that the regular installer for CCleaner 305 kept crashing at the point where it would give you the option to install Chrome. The 236 version worked, and so did the 305 "slim" version, without Chrome.

The computer still delays for about a minute or so, between the splash and the appearance of the mouse cursor, which makes me think that the initial repair may not have been necessary. It might have booted had I waited long enough. (It did it in safe mode also.) I downloaded bootvis, but couldn't make much sense of the results. It seemed that the CDROM file system was taking a little bit of time, and so was fs_rec.sys. There was a long delay after fs_rec.sys and the next activity of any kind. However, I am too inexperienced with the Windows boot process and Bootvis in particular to make much sense of it.

I installed MSE, Spybot, and MBAM, and ran scans.

As to the TDL4 infection, which was on a different computer, see:

Note that the forum thread was locked before I could post a final thank you, so I sent it by PM instead.


Posted on Apr 6, 2011, 9:50 PM

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