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Birth Certificate finally released, but the ISSUE goes on!

by Clippy (Login burger2227)


FINALLY President Obama has released the long form Certificate of Live Birth for ALL to see!

So what happens then?

1) Donny Trump says that "I am PROUD of myself for finally getting it released!"

2) The internet goes NUTS, as NEW forgery accusations FLY! "Anybody could have Photoshopped that!" comments a Republican Senator who should know better.

Could it be that the Republicans MUST keep this issue alive because they have nothing in the way of JOBS to offer? Do they really think that the 14% tax cut for the rich will stay hidden in their "Budget Proposal"s? HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK AMERICANS ARE?

Well, I guess there is ONLY ONE THING LEFT to do! Get Obama's CIRCUMCISION Certificate IF he has one... happy.gif


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Posted on Apr 27, 2011, 3:01 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
*Ha! I'll whip one up for you -- and I don't even have Photoshop!TheBOB on Apr 28
 * Please do! Can you make up a list of my grades from Harvard?B. Obammy on Apr 28
* Kenya believe it?Pete on Apr 28
 Why not just say it?Clippy on Apr 29
  That's pretty lame thinking...Pete on Apr 30
   If Obama was NOT born here I am QUITE SURE the Republicans would have stopped it!Clippy on Apr 30
    Oh ouch, what a snappy retort. I'd throw myself in front of a bus...Pete on Apr 30
     * REALLY, when do you suppose the Republicans are gonna try to do that? :-PClippy on Apr 30
      * When Obama wrecks the economy to the point where even Trump can't afford a car.Pete on May 1
       Well at least TRUMP knows how to get us out of debt!Clippy on May 1
        It's your system!Unseen on May 1
         This from a peon in a country that just spent $100 million on a ROYAL wedding!Clippy on May 1
          I knowUnseen on May 2
           LOL @ ninja face masks :-)Clippy on May 2
            I also thought the ninja thing was funny.Michael Calkins on May 2
             * AFAIK, you can be put in jail if you cannot prove citizenship in Arizona now.Clippy on May 2

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