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Re: According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
ASM Forum


Just a heads up: you probably read my post before the last edit. I added a little bit explaining why I like MSE.

I agree that it's unnecessary to pay for antivirus. However, some of them are free only for non-commercial home use. As the article you referred to pointed out, MSE is okay for small businesses up to 10 computers. Clamwin is the only one I know of that is totally free for everyone.

Really, if you are very careful, you don't even need an antivirus at all. The antivirus is there, to a large extent, to keep you from screwing up. Maybe you get careless just this once, and download a file from some website, thinking it's okay, but the antivirus is there to catch it before you execute it. (hopefully). Keeping your operating system, web browser, etc. up to date and using common sense are much more important than having an antivirus.

That is true about the defragging. Microsoft operating systems back to at least DOS 6.22 had their own defragging programs, so I'm not sure why anyone would need to buy one. Staring with Vista, defragging is scheduled by default. However, the built in defragging in Windows does not defrag the page file or registry hives. Use the free utility from sysinternals to do that.

As to openoffice, that is news to me. I had noticed that Java started saying Oracle instead of Sun, but I didn't know about the nasty stuff. I'll check out LibreOffice. Regardless, though, I can't imagine buying MS Office, or seriously recommending anyone else buy it. (Notepad and Wordpad are good enough for almost everything I do...)


Posted on May 9, 2011, 12:05 PM

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