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* I was wondering if you'd see my reply but nothing gets pasteurize.

by Pete (Login The-Universe)

Posted on Mar 20, 2017, 8:34 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
* youre lucky i found it, i only gave the page a skimmn on Mar 20
 * Whey cool!Pete on Mar 20
  *hey, what colors are black-and-white-spotted cows when they run really fast? (graze!)mn on Mar 20
   * You make coming up with cow puns practically heffer-less!Pete on Mar 20
    * Wow, you guys should be drinking more de-calf.TheBOB on Mar 20
     *yeah, butter you sure it would help?mn on Mar 20
      * I give up! This is udder nonsense.TheBOB on Mar 20
      * Cudn't hurt.Pete on Mar 20
       * Do you have one, Michael, or have you herd enough?TheBOB on Mar 20
        * He's cowculating a response as we speak!Pete on Mar 20
         * cheese, whats taking him so long?mn on Mar 21
          * He probably has a really slow internet holstein plan.Pete on Mar 21

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