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Sex is exhausting!

by SMcNeill (Login SMcNeill)


Posted on May 7, 2018, 5:04 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
*Is that now considered an "used" car?SMcNeill on May 7
*Was a terrible accident! That car was rear-ended nasty bad...SMcNeill on May 7
*I wonder if it was a pick-up truck?SMcNeill on May 7
*It could've had engine problems. Could he have blown a gasket?SMcNeill on May 7
 * Hey, c'mon, Steve! You're not leaving any of the good ones for Pete!TheBOB on May 7
  * P.S. I hope he was wearing protection at least... an asbestos condom.TheBOB on May 7
What's all the fuss? That's probably how it got its nickname, tailpipe.Pete@MeTow on May 7
 * Well, if you'd had a "Jack" in your trunk, we'd definitely need to talk.TheBOB on May 7
  *Did Kitt from Knight Rider experience nocturnal emissions when Michael rode him too hard?Pete on May 7
   * LOL--gives a whole new meaning to "Turbo boost".TheBOB on May 7

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