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*Alright!! Jays win the series! Well played, Rangers. Bravo Bautista!TheBOB on Oct 14
 Canadians winning at baseball? Not after Trump gets elected!Pete on Oct 15
  Then you are gonna LOVE the new Cuban and Mexican teams...Clippy on Oct 15
   Do you know Trumps pitch? Trump will hold the record for balls...Pete on Oct 15
  *Yup, 93 wins. For a non-American team that's impressive. What's that name again--Dodgers?TheBOB on Oct 15
   They are Tax Dodgers in Pete's game of life...FREE stadiums too! *Clippy on Oct 15
    * Clippy plans on owning a past life ball team. The Hades A-Souls.Pete on Oct 15
     God has a plan for Pedro. It rains and Pete's house slides into EMPTY Dodger Stadium... *Clippy on Oct 16
      *ROFLMAO--that's known as adding injury to insult. Even God isn't that cruel.TheBOB on Oct 16
       Oh yeah? Try reading the Old Testament again... *Clippy on Oct 16
      Sorry you made an error. Sure my house might slide...Pete on Oct 17
       Your house must have been made on the backs of a lot of working people... *Clippy on Oct 18
        As opposed to what? Non-working people?Pete on Oct 18
         Don't get me started on unions (okay I've already started)...TheBOB on Oct 18
          Poor Bob, never got a raise either eh?Clippy on Oct 18
           You've got that backwards...TheBOB on Oct 18
            Nobody in my union got rich and where do you get off saying I didn't work for it?Clippy on Oct 18
             Wow! ...TheBOB on Oct 18
              No I'm not lazy, I'm just GREEDY?Clippy on Oct 18
               Honestly, Clipster, I have no idea what you're talking about anymore...TheBOB on Oct 18
                Well it is obvious to me that you were never in one so how can you say that?Clippy on Oct 19
                 Valid arguments for the positive contributions unions make...TheBOB on Oct 19
                  CEO's take more than their fair share. Many over 300 times more than any workersClippy on Oct 19
                   Not sure what your point is...TheBOB on Oct 19
                    It shows that people are never happy, nor should they be.Clippy on Oct 19
                     Statistically, Liberals are a pretty unhappy bunch.Pete on Oct 20
                      Ya mean like Voter ID or defunding Obama Care and women's health care?Clippy on Oct 20
                       Maybe you're OK being a baby killer...Pete on Oct 21
                        That supposed Planned Parenthood video was debunked like all other GOP LIES!Clippy on Oct 22
                         Let's say people lie a lot....Pete on Oct 22
                          Infants are born already, fetuses are not!Clippy on Oct 22
                           Re: Infants are born already, fetuses are not!Pete on Oct 22
                            Yeah, why murder them when you can just starve them to death...*Clippy on Oct 22
                             * True. You Left Wing nuts have made it harder for families to feed their children.Pete on Oct 22
Well the Crat-Pots are off to a great start...Pete on Oct 14
 Webb is a Blue Dog at best and a Republican at worst!Clippy on Oct 14
*Jays and Rangers 2-all! Both teams did their best in away games; hope that isn't a trend!TheBOB on Oct 12
 WTGO Jays! Texas lost big today. *Clippy on Oct 12
*Proud of my Jays--took a must-win away from home. Two to go (biting nails).TheBOB on Oct 11
 6 zip...GO JAYS! See what national healthcare does for you? *Clippy on Oct 12
  *Ha! The last thing a major league ball player ($$$) needs is healthcare--but thanks!TheBOB on Oct 12
*Wow! That's 2. Formidable team the Rangers. 14 innings! Congratulations again, Michael.TheBOB on Oct 9
What does a farm house need for indoor plumbing?Pete on Oct 8
 *I feel like Mac. You're going to have to explain that one.TheBOB on Oct 8
  I learned to explain things to Mac with pictures...Pete on Oct 8
   *Aha! I knew it had something to do with outhouses, but that's as far as I got :-PTheBOB on Oct 9
   Did Mrs. Steve let you in Pete? Wonder how deep the hole is...Clippy on Oct 9
*Congrats, Michael--that's 1. Are you sure you weren't praying? (j/k)TheBOB on Oct 8
*Jays are the AL East champions! Let's hear it for my home town!TheBOB on Sep 30
 Congratulations but...Beat em Bucks! Pirates all he way! *Clippy on Oct 1
  *Hey, 2nd place NL Central--good luck!TheBOB on Oct 1
   Play Cubs one game wild card. Good luck to you too! *Clippy on Oct 1
 * :-) both texas teams will be in the DS this year.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
  *Way to go, Michael--but don't pray too much, I hear you guys have an edge!TheBOB on Oct 7
   I don't pray for sports victories.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
    *I would have guessed that--just kidding, of course.TheBOB on Oct 7
    * I pray. After all, they do their paty by providing sacrifices.Pete on Oct 7
     *You mustn't be a Hindu. Hindus would never sacrifice a fly.TheBOB on Oct 7
      *(URL) but they'll kill their neighbors if they think they ate beef.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
       *Ah, yes. Justifiable homicide in the name of God. Yikes!TheBOB on Oct 7
       Why one Earth is some poor boy from Texas worried about what happens in India?Clippy on Oct 8
The World's going to Hell.Eternal Optimist on Sep 24
 I gather that those non-climate change fires are getting closer...Clippy on Sep 25
  You can call him John today, but give it a couple of years and he'll be known as Caitlyn.Pete on Sep 26
   Apparently, the gov't has recognized Caitlyn as a woman...TheBOB on Sep 26
    What's to get away with, less wages and less Viagra?Clippy on Sep 27
     Really? ...TheBOB on Sep 27
      Re: Really? ...SMcNeill on Sep 27
       Go ahead and try and see where YOU end up LOLClippy on Sep 27
        Not sure what point you're making, there Clipster...TheBOB on Sep 27
         See what can happen when religion comes before law?Clippy on Sep 27
          *Now, now. She became a cult figure, but they still got their licence. That's law.TheBOB on Sep 27
           A Republican Cult figure eh? Why not Chaos figure? *Clippy on Sep 27
            *If the law had been changed to accomodate her, she would be a Chaos figure.TheBOB on Sep 27
             Then I would agree with your assessment of the situation *Clippy on Sep 28
   Wrong again! Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged With Vehicular ManslaughterClippy on Sep 30
Are all Liberals arse wholes, or just half arse ones, like Clippy?Pete on Sep 21
 Sure it did, that's why they never evacuated or called bomb squad....Clippy on Sep 22
Hey Clippy, choke on these charts.Pete on Sep 18
 And if you prefer words over charts, here's a list of Obama's firsts...SMcNeill on Sep 19
  All lies that stupid dirt farmers believe while collecting Government checks and refunds.*Clippy on Sep 21
The Democrats are having a tough time; so I donated a corner lot for their headquarters...Not Really Donald Trump on Sep 18
'Hay' Steve. What's the difference between chicken $^%# and the FED?Pete on Sep 18
I just domained "" Now you can face me on LikeBook.Pete on Sep 17
Patriots caught cheating in opening game against SteelersClippy on Sep 15
 * Well as long as they beat them, who cares?Pete on Sep 15
  Ready for the GOP game of losers tonight?Clippy on Sep 16
   * Thanks for sharing where you hung out on the job while the rest of the employees worked.Pete on Sep 16
Why I don't like Scott Walker's idea to build a Canada/US wall and a Mexico/US wall.Pete on Sep 8
 El Stupido, immigrants FLY HERE TOO so your wall is totally useless!Clippy on Sep 9
  If I were you I'd blow my brains out, but I'd have to find the world's smallest bullet.Pete on Sep 9
   Well obviously Republicans have the low paying jobs for them!Clippy on Sep 10
    Democrats have trouble hearing. Ask one for a plan that is complete and isn't stupid...Pete on Sep 10
     Yep, Democrats are so stupid that they beat the GOP's Iran Deal put down!Clippy on Sep 11
If Clippy knew how to use a comma, instead of all caps, he could have been a pro golfer...Pete on Sep 6
 I'm just glad he wasn't waving around bottles of Viagra and Vaseline in that story. *SMcNeill on Sep 6
  * Ah yes, you're thinking of the time Clippy tried out for the L. A. Rams.Pete on Sep 6
  Ahhhh, farmers use Vaseline instead of commas? Or do all Republicans?Clippy on Sep 6
   Just when I think you've made the stupidest comparison, you go ahead and make it again...Pete on Sep 7
    STILL better than anything Republicans have done! GOP wars STILL unpaid for.Clippy on Sep 8
Destroy China NowPete on Sep 3
 Awww! Poor China! It took Republicans TEN YEARS to open trade relations!Clippy on Sep 3
  Your computer was made in China. What you wear probably was made in China, too.Pete on Sep 3
   Well what would you expect when Republicans keep cutting Education?Clippy on Sep 4
    And if Lucy was running the GOP, doctor's visits would cost 5-cents!Pete on Sep 4
     FREE Emergency Room visits do not constitute healthcare, just quick fixes if anything!Clippy on Sep 4
      The Turnip Truck called, and you still owe part fare.Pete on Sep 4
       Better providers like you? Or did you mean better off providers? *Clippy on Sep 4
        LOL - You're a funny, funny man, but I'm funnier....Pete on Sep 4
         I once considered being a doctor, but never liked the blood idea either.Clippy on Sep 5
My kid is taking a Spanish class. The topic "Man's best friend."Pete on Sep 1
 Why Spanish? I thought they were gonna leave voluntarily...Clippy on Sep 2
  Why Latin became a dead language in the U. S.Pete on Sep 2
   Or just keep creating FEAR so illegals try to hide and work dirt cheap!Clippy on Sep 2
    That beats sanctuary cities.Pete on Sep 2
Clippy, where's your outrage over the Environmental Pollution Agency?Pete on Aug 15
 *Prepare to have your question ignored, Pete. (GOP putdown cartoon to follow).TheBOB on Aug 15
 He doesn't know about the issue yet, so I thought I'd help explain it in pictures for him.SMcNeill on Aug 16
  *LOL--great stuff! Yeah, it never occurred to me, but Clippy only speaks cartoon.TheBOB on Aug 16
   But I can't figure out how to use a cartoon to communicate with Clippy...Pete on Aug 16
    Trump completes the GOP Clown ShowClippy on Aug 21
     Trump agrees to a deportation compromisePete on Aug 29
      GOP scare tactic to keep illegal worker's pay lowClippy on Aug 30
       Hold up there Donkey Kong....Pete on Aug 30
        So you think there is a big line of whites waiting to pick the fields?Clippy on Aug 30
         Guest Workers Anyone?Pete on Aug 30
          Georgia tried using prisoners. They smoked more than they picked!Clippy on Sep 1
           15 year old rebellion activist... LOL!Pete on Sep 1
            Like the rest of us don't pay? No problem here ole buddy!Clippy on Sep 1
             * Really VP Joe doesn't donate squat. VP Dick donated tons.Pete on Sep 1
              Cheney made so much dirty money in Iraq he got himself a new heart...Clippy on Sep 1
 Outrage? You don't sound outraged about it, you seem absolved by it!Clippy on Aug 16
GOP Clean Energy PlanClippy on Aug 14
*Yayyy! Jays are #1 in the AL East--including two 10-game winning streaks this season!TheBOB on Aug 13
jogged 9 miles im going to get rippedjonathan on Aug 10
 *Wow! Nice going. 'Walking' 9 miles would be quite an accomplishment for me!TheBOB on Aug 10
 * You win, I only ran 8-miles. That was 46 minutes I never got back.Pete on Aug 10
  Nice time, Pete. I once ran a mile in 4 minutes...TheBOB on Aug 11
   Ah yes, Canada. 3 seasons of freezing cold and 3 months of bad skiing.Pete on Aug 11
    Wow. To be honest, I've never pushed myself that hard...TheBOB on Aug 12
     Re: Wow. To be honest, I've never pushed myself that hard...Pete on Aug 12
      *Aha! So your story about working in a Welsh coal mine at age 8 was an exaggeration.TheBOB on Aug 12
       Oops! My mistake...TheBOB on Aug 12
       Yes I did, but I was 7...Pete on Aug 13
        Yep,, the World would sure be a lot cleaner place if we ate coal stead of burnin it!Clippy on Aug 13
         * You can put coal in your colon, but that's more than a "miner" problem.Pete on Aug 13
          ARGH!... *Clippy on Aug 14
&#!@$%^& News Media!!SMcNeill on Aug 7
 Show bussinessJonathan on Aug 7
 * White farmer assaults unarmed black cow in attempt to steal chocolate milk.MSNBC on Aug 7
Play GOP Debate BingoClippy on Aug 6
 Guess who won the debate?Clippy on Aug 7
  GOP worsts...Clippy on Aug 7
Hey how do most people pay for college?Jonathan on Aug 6
 Re: Hey how do most people pay for college?SMcNeill on Aug 6
  *ThanksJonathan on Aug 6
 * My advice, stay in high school another year and learn how to spell loan.Pete on Aug 6
  That's how we be spellin in tha hood yoJonathan on Aug 6
  We fought a world war to get rid of grammar Nazis like you.Jonathan on Aug 6
   Re: We fought a world war to get rid of grammar Nazis like you.SMcNeill on Aug 6
    Quit picking on me hahaJonathan on Aug 7
    Sure you sent poor boys to the war and THEN CUT Education after that!Clippy on Aug 7
   * Or attend knight school. If you graduate, people will call you "Sir."Pete on Aug 7
    *Knight school Pete your a character I don't care what clippy says about youSir Jonathan on Aug 7
Social Security Disability Fund is about to run dryClippy on Aug 4
 Politics is about being cunningJonathan on Aug 4
  *Unfortunately, that's too true. Power corrupts on both sides of the aisle.TheBOB on Aug 4
   Yeah sure blame both sides so you don't stand up for anything!Clippy on Aug 4
    Humans are not perfect so why even try to hide it.Jonathan on Aug 5
    It depends on what you mean by "take a side"...TheBOB on Aug 5
     Its not just pointing fingers so my side gets electedClippy on Aug 5
      So you know many wordsJonathan on Aug 5
       And apparently you don't know the ones you think you do.SMcNeill on Aug 6
        I got three words forJonathan on Aug 7
         I got three words for you I meanJonathan on Aug 7
        No respect I get no respectJonathan on Aug 7
        The force is strong with this one he is impervious to the Jedi mind trickJonathan on Aug 7
         Keep responding with no * for empty text and see how long you last Jedi *Clippy on Aug 7
 How about 20% of those who don't need it give it up so others can keep benefits?Pete on Aug 4
  We had a great little scam going here in Ontario for awhile...TheBOB on Aug 4
   AlcoholicsJonathan on Aug 4
   Yes, I've heard of Overly Dependent Stupid People...Pete on Aug 4
    What kinda nazi keyboard stroker are you?Jonathan on Aug 4
     *Are their any chicks on this forum. HahaJonathan on Aug 4
  The problem is that the government has unwittingly delegated diagnostic authority to teacHJonathan on Aug 4
   I meant teachers in the title of the last postJonathan on Aug 4
   Think of what the world would be like if they prescribed Robin Williams ritalinJonathan on Aug 4
    Sitting still is for feeble old men whos wives are busy looking on Facebook to hookup.Jonathan on Aug 4
    *Williams didn't need a prescription, he was on coke. It can be purchased over the border.Pete on Aug 4
     Ha-ha true however is early work was very lively as well.Jonathan on Aug 4
Russia has banned jw.orgMichael Calkins on Jul 30
 That's cuz jehovah's witnesses are to hardcore for the girly man Russians.Jonathan on Jul 30
  Kommen ich qbasic. Nein ich bei dumkofJonathan on Jul 30
 You can expect the same from Texas soon too!Clippy on Jul 31
 The Australian Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Massive Child Abuse ScandalClippy on Aug 2
  Reminds me of Waco branch dividians I guessJonathan on Aug 2
 What about Germany?Jim on Aug 4
An amusing truth:SMcNeill on Jul 18
 The veteran's charity could have made $100,000 MORE!Clippy on Jul 19
  Re: The veteran's charity could have made $100,000 MORE!SMcNeill on Jul 19
   That's not true, the CRF works with healthcare providers called businesses.Clippy on Jul 19
    Try again....SMcNeill on Jul 19
     SURE, just like 501(C)4's don't do political stuff?Clippy on Jul 19
      Is the world ending? Could Clippy finally be catching on???SMcNeill on Jul 19
       Since the GOP took over after 2 years, nothing has been doneClippy on Jul 19
 The things I would do for that kind of moneyJonathan on Jul 31
Saw Obama's comment on Bill Cosby...TheBOB on Jul 15
 Yeah who NEEDS courts judges and juries anyhow?Clippy on Jul 15
  Yeah, who needs 'em...TheBOB on Jul 15
   Been a lot of innocent people executed on other people's perceptions...*Clippy on Jul 15
    *I have no idea how that applies here, Mr. Spock. Are you sure you're Vulcan?TheBOB on Jul 15
     Please don't pretend to be a Republican...Clippy on Jul 16
      Oh, I get it. You haven't been watching...TheBOB on Jul 16
       No I saw that, but put another way...clippy on Jul 16
        *Fair enough, but it's OJ all over again; hiding in plain sight.TheBOB on Jul 16
         Well ya gotta treat women nice to get to know them.Clippy on Jul 17
Germans get screwed again for subscribing to SocialismPete on Jul 13
Dems and Repubs can't get it right.Pete on Jul 13
 Re: Dems: Raise middle class wages Duh,Clippy on Jul 13
  Let us know how well you do buying only union goods and services...Pete on Jul 13
   No, the greedy and the GOP GIVE THOSE UNION JOBS AWAY!Clippy on Jul 13
    *Unions are great? Tell that to the folks who worked for Twinkies.SMcNeill on Jul 13
     Even a Union cannot save poor management by your "job creators"!Clippy on Jul 13
      Re: Even a Union cannot save poor management by your "job creators"!Pete on Jul 13
       Conservatives have been saying the same CRAP since the 1930'sClippy on Jul 14
        You and your fracking idiotic charts...Pete on Jul 14
         Now Pete, don't talk facts and confuse Clippy!SMcNeill on Jul 15
         Pensions are UNDERFUNDED because GOP Governors ROB THEMClippy on Jul 15
Crowd Cheers as Confederate Flag Removed from South Carolina CapitolClippy on Jul 10
 Thank you...Pete on Jul 10
  BTW...Pete on Jul 10
   Agreed, the flag they used was never the real Confederate Flag either.Clippy on Jul 10
    13 stars... hmm, delusional, filler...Pete on Jul 10
     Some drugs like marijuana will never kill you.Clippy on Jul 10
      Pot is a lot more potent today...Pete on Jul 10
       RUN dammit! Trump's out in front now!Clippy on Jul 10
        *You're describing a vice. So I'll refer this one to my Vice President, Amusing Steve. :)Pete on Jul 10
         VICE is a good word for him, I call him Fluffy...*Clippy on Jul 10
          Cut him some slack. He spends all day picking bacon and slaughtering corn.Pete on Jul 11
           Never seen a bacon that needed picking or slaughtering yet.SMcNeill on Jul 11
            *Don't you have to go put your pigs in a quilt, or whatever it is you home spun people do?Pete on Jul 12
             *You're thinking of "blanket", Pete. "Wrap your corn in a blanket".TheBOB on Jul 12
              * Thanks for clarity. Steve should have responded, but he's too busy plucking his sheep.Pete on Jul 12
               Here's what I'm cooking...not baconClippy on Jul 12
                *Po-taw-to.TheBOB on Jul 12
                 LOL! Are you sure you are not a former GOP Vice President?Clippy on Jul 12
What is sex, drugs and rock and roll without the sex and music called?Pete on Jul 10
  If we could go back to the day Barbara was pregnant with GWB, I wouldn't be a pro-lifer.Pete on Jul 10
GOP Senate Passes Bill Letting Schools Give Education Money To Financial Consulting FirmsClippy on Jul 9
 Reminds me of the Liberal BS that everybody needs to be in therapy.Pete on Jul 9
President Bush Charges $100,000 for Speech to Wounded Veterans CharityClippy on Jul 9
 Class is back in session again...Pete on Jul 9
  Liar Liar pants on fire! Bush couldn't negotiate a way to stay.Clippy on Jul 9
   You're not blind, but the decending colon is a very dark place.Pete on Jul 9
    Well I didn't have to read too far...Clippy on Jul 9
     Obama supported the idea Iraq was stable, closing the door on further negotiations.Pete on Jul 9
      "the Iraqis were unwilling to accept anything that infringed on their sovereignty.[71]"Clippy on Jul 9
       That is what a good negotiator would overcome.Pete on Jul 9
        Reagan was the fool. And he got caught twice too!Clippy on Jul 9
         You stand up for Obama and consider Reagan a fool?Pete on Jul 9
          Maybe you meant this Reagan, the one who told the rich to pay upClippy on Jul 9
           Sure...Pete on Jul 9
            Reagan had his Welfare Queen lie to tellClippy on Jul 9
             No wonder I didn't find your name in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities...Pete on Jul 9
              Well blacks have a harder time working when a bunch of rednecks are shooting at themClippy on Jul 9
               Let's see, who shoots Blacks the most... Guess who, Blacks!Pete on Jul 9
             Re: Reagan had his Welfare Queen lie to tellSMcNeill on Jul 9
              And ONCE AGAIN I'll tell you that blacks are STILL treated like SLAVESClippy on Jul 9
               And once again I'll tell you you're full of BS.Pete on Jul 9
               Re: And ONCE AGAIN I'll tell you that blacks are STILL treated like SLAVESSMcNeill on Jul 9
                * OK, I liked the "fracking stupid" part.Pete on Jul 9
                 So did I because Fracking IS STUPID! Especially unregulated! *Clippy on Jul 10
                  He meant you didn't know anything about the subject, same as you don't about fracking.Pete on Jul 10
Let's put those 11 million + illegals over the border NOW...Pete on Jul 9
The Eiffel Tower. French "government union" worker failure at it's finest.Pete on Jul 8
 Tell your wife you want to go there to get those Union workers moving *Clippy on Jul 9
GOP blocks FDA from regulating e-cigs: "E-cigarettes is not really smoking"Clippy on Jul 8
 * Funny how Liberals are against legal drugs.., but all for illegal ones.Pete on Jul 8
  Your two LEGAL DRUGS KILL MORE PEOPLE than all of the ILLEGAL ones...Clippy on Jul 8
   Tobacco and Alcohol companies employ thousands of unskilled people like you...Pete on Jul 8
    So you say it is better to KILL PEOPLE and pay taxes?Clippy on Jul 8
     I was just reading this article on electroshock therapy, but in your case...Pete on Jul 8
      Well then there is a lot of abuse and you don't sound like a doctorClippy on Jul 8
       Don't you dare use the word "care" when all you care about is control.Pete on Jul 8
CHINA HACKS Wall Street to keep their stock market higher.Clippy on Jul 8
 Worse than China... Americans!Pete on Jul 8
  * Either that, or maybe Amusing Steve sold them a trading app!Pete on Jul 8
 You did it, yay!Dora the Extorter on Jul 8
Asked about a woman on currency. Hillary quote. 'I' to see a woman on the bill.'Pete on Jul 8
 * NAW, she was DOWN on the BillClippy on Jul 8
  She was trying to pull the Bill out of her pu...Pete on Jul 8
  * Nooooo.... Get your facts straight; that was that Monica chick...SMcNeill on Jul 8
 * Is it true Bill kept his cigars in a humidor?Pete on Jul 8
My apologies for not running for President.Pete on Jul 7
 Mr President you need to TAX Wall Street transactions to pay our Debt off!Clippy on Jul 7
  You need to go to the back of the line. Oh wait, that's Hillary's line...Pete on Jul 7
   FEW corporations even pay 10% Income Taxes silly Pres...Clippy on Jul 7
    Exactly why reform is needed...Pete on Jul 7
     PA tried that with Volkswagen and they LEFT after 10 years!Clippy on Jul 7
      Greedy Liberals...Pete on Jul 7
Obama and his sack of crap ideologies...Pete on Jul 6
 No matter what Obama does he will never match the incompetence of Bush!Clippy on Jul 7
Communism, the next logical step to SocialismPete on Jul 6
 Only in Russia, more than 80% of the World is Socialistic!Clippy on Jul 6
 Germany's moral stance on Greek debt a 'huge joke'Clippy on Jul 6
  First, this isn't Hitler's Germany. Second, you just proved the Conservative point...Pete on Jul 6
   Obviously the Greek economy needs a stimulus package, just like here!Clippy on Jul 7
    Are you kidding me? They had a US equivalent of 7-trillion, and pissed it away in 5 years.Pete on Jul 9
     Forget pensions, just rob your retirement savings and see how you like it!Clippy on Jul 9
      Definitions: Normal Selfish = Keeping what you have. Pathologic Selfish...Pete on Jul 9
       Yeah, I DID SAVE IT. Just not in a bank, in a CONTRACT!Clippy on Jul 9
        So you're saying you aren't responsible for yourself.Pete on Jul 9
         Say the economy tanks, so does the pension fund stupidClippy on Jul 9
          Not so fast, knucklehead....Pete on Jul 9
           What the heck are you talking about?Clippy on Jul 9
It looks like Greeks will vote "No" to austerity. Bye bye...Pete on Jul 5
 He says while his GOP offers Estate Tax Cuts for rich with $18 TRILLION DebtClippy on Jul 5
  Well that's an unacceptable analysis of the situation...Pete on Jul 5
   If we had one of your GOP Clowns we would have had a Depression!Clippy on Jul 5
    Did you just fall off the turnip truck, or did a bunch of migrant workers throw you off?Pete on Jul 5
     Re: Did you just fall off the turnip truck, or did a bunch of migrant workers throw you off?SMcNeill on Jul 5
     All due to the COMPLETE INEPTNESS OF GW BUSH and CheneyClippy on Jul 5
      The Grinch only stole Christmas once...Pete on Jul 5
       So, tell us all what the Republicans have done to help the economy?Clippy on Jul 5
        Re: So, tell us all what the Republicans have done to help the economy?Pete on Jul 6
         Sure Replace the ACA with NOTHING at a cost of $600 BILLION to Deficit!Clippy on Jul 6
          Hey look Bob, almost an equal cartoon to responce ratio!Pete on Jul 6
           I see that the first thing they want to get rid of is lawsuits against doctors!Clippy on Jul 6
            Re: I see that the first thing they want to get rid of is lawsuits against doctors!Pete on Jul 6
           *I'm delighted to see it! Actual talking--yes!!TheBOB on Jul 6
Happy birthday, America! ...TheBOB on Jul 3
 When do they celebrate the 4th of July in Canada?Pete on Jul 4
  *Thanks!TheBOB on Jul 4
   An amazing little detail about your post...TheBOB on Jul 4
  Canadians didn't have to fight for independence, they already had healthcare!Clippy on Jul 4
   Old reliable Clipster...TheBOB on Jul 4
    Ut Oh, I just got a Canadian "irritated"... look out! Fireworks at 11. *Clippy on Jul 4
     *You don't understand Canadians, Clipster. Those WERE the fireworks.TheBOB on Jul 4
      Clippy only celebrates Garbage Day...Pete on Jul 4
       Garbage is about the only Government service that Republicans may keep!Clippy on Jul 4
Supreme Court Decision on Same- Sex Marriage Benefits Older SeniorsClippy on Jul 3
 Walmart celebrates the Fourth of July in LuxembourgClippy on Jul 3
Hey Bob, how much for Nova Scotia?Pete on Jul 2
 *Given the exchange rate of USD to CAD, why don't I just give it to you (yes, gorgeous!).TheBOB on Jul 3
  * Yes Pete would have been sufficient, but thank you for the compliment.Pete on Jul 3
   *LOL! Blindsided!TheBOB on Jul 3
Hurry Clippy. A bunch of lazy Greeks need your money!Pete on Jul 2

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