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Are you up to Common Core Math Standards?Pete on Oct 12
 ooh, "trick question"mn on Oct 12
 5 stupid. He didn't ask how much water we had...Clippy on Oct 12
  For Michael: Forget prophets, the real sign the end of the world is coming...Pete on Oct 12
   careful petemn on Oct 12
Texas Hospitals are Paying the Bill for Rick Perry’s Refusal to Expand MedicaidClippy on Oct 12
 * Beats me paying it. Oops, I used the word beats. Settle down Steve.Pete on Oct 12
i only need 2 1/2 reasons to never touch qb64 againmn on Oct 11
 Oh come on mn, show us your Disney side...Pete on Oct 12
  *i forgot that they own star wars now :(mn on Oct 12
The Daily Show, "Lawsuits of the Rich and Shameless," October 10, 2014Clippy on Oct 10
 Don't Attack Columbus! He Was The 'Good Kind Of Hispanic Immigrant'Clippy on Oct 10
this is my new policy with steve's trolling: no more free lunchesmn on Oct 9
 Where is Steve trolling you? GO THERE THEN INSTEAD OF STOMPING EVERY FORUM!Clippy on Oct 10
  *hey, clippy, just enjoy the free ride while it lastsmn on Oct 10
 He might just be stupidAnonymous on Oct 11
  you could be right, but i think culture increasingly segregates languagemn on Oct 11
   is mn short for "moron"?STxAxTIC on Oct 11
    want hard information? open a on Oct 11
here's a pointless stumper for dr. petemn on Oct 7
 i finally managed to get there with some difficulty, but there's one thing i won't domn on Oct 7
 Dammit Jim, I'm a chiropractor, not a manicurist!Bones on Oct 7
  "medial adduction force," eh?mn on Oct 7
  Interesting typo reassignment of the NClippy on Oct 7
   pete seems to make more typos latelymn on Oct 7
    *there, have another typomn on Oct 7
 I've always used the small medical scissors for nail groomingBen on Oct 8
  might as well face it, you're adducted to scissorsmn on Oct 8
 *left handed scissors <> right handed scissorsSTxAxTIC on Oct 8
Is Ron Paul an Ebola truther or just another GOP conspiracy wonk?Clippy on Oct 6
in case solitaire, bob, mc (kew?) are reading the index-- pete calls (url)mn on Oct 6
question for michaelmn on Oct 5
 *it's not an issue.Michael Calkins on Oct 5
  *cool, thanksmn on Oct 5
New Forum to Post Naked Pictures of Your Ex. First Entry...Pete on Oct 4
 you never forget your first lovemn on Oct 4
  *thanksmn on Oct 4
 Looks like SCREEN 0 to me...Clippy on Oct 5
Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic EmpireClippy on Oct 4
 And now a message from the Kennedys...Pete on Oct 4
  now now, the lobbyists pay off reps and dems almost equallymn on Oct 4
   he should really look up which families benefit (and WHY) from insurance "reform" thoughmn on Oct 4
Average household income down 8% from 2007Clippy on Oct 3
 Again, thank the people you support for those numbers...Pete on Oct 3
Lack of Medicaid Expansion in Texas Could Lead to 3,000 DeathsClippy on Oct 2
 Yeah, but people die anyway. Best to get rid of the poor ones before election time.EVIL GOP on Oct 2
  *That's a horible thing to think. Getting rid of them after elections is OK, too!Good GOP bad GOP on Oct 2
Cradle to grave: Student debt now bankrupting seniorsClippy on Oct 1
 Interest rates are still insanely low. You can thank Obama for upping tuition costs.Pete on Oct 1
  BULL! The Student Loan rates just DOUBLED!Clippy on Oct 1
   *Wrong as usual, but at least it only affects those of us who actually went to college.Pete on Oct 1
    LOL, You don't need college to be a quack!Clippy on Oct 1
     I'll take a comparison to Reagan as a compliment, anyday.Pete on Oct 1
      LOL, your GOP states are dumbed down already. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!Clippy on Oct 2
       Common Core is trying to make idiots smarter.Pete on Oct 2
        Common Core was fine until Obama set it up. EVIL GOPClippy on Oct 2
         Conservative states are dropping it.Pete on Oct 2
          Conservatives drop everything that might cost moneyClippy on Oct 2
           You mean those evil oil companies that create 1000s of jobs?Pete on Oct 2
            This Country Just Abolished College Tuition FeesClippy on Oct 2
             Well then off to school you go. Have a nice 2-week stay.Pete on Oct 3
              WRONG, most European countries have FREE COLLEGEClippy on Oct 3
               Speaking of the uneducated... How'd that Carnegie Mellon thing work out for you?Pete on Oct 3
                I'm doing great no thanks to you EVIL GREEDY conservativesClippy on Oct 3
                 Ah, so you're doing great as long as other people give you their money.Pete on Oct 3
                  NOPE, MY MONEY I already paid for my benefitsClippy on Oct 3
                   Then it's a Good thing there won't be any old people after 2033.Pete on Oct 3
                    Re: Then it's a Good thing there won't be any old people after 2033.SMcNeill on Oct 4
                     Fallacy! Only if all old people move to Texas!Pete on Oct 4
The myth of the self made man...from Ben Franklin to Andrew CarnegieClippy on Oct 1
 Stupidist cartoon yet...Pete on Oct 1
Hong Kong is worried about hand picked candidates? What about us?Clippy on Sep 30
 What, polls should never close?Pete on Sep 30
  The EVIL GOP Supreme Court has spoken in Ohio! NC is nextClippy on Sep 30
   And Democrats can't win elections without buying votes.Pete on Sep 30
    LMAO while the GOP is bought off BY prosperity called the Koch BrothersClippy on Sep 30
  i don't know why you believe in voting (at the moment)mn on Sep 30
   I only vote when I have a candiate I can at least half believe in.Pete on Sep 30
    there's only one time i'm in favor of pcismmn on Sep 30
*(URL) Postseason Baseball.Michael Calkins on Sep 29
OBAMA 2008Pete on Sep 28
 it's the 2012 ones that really depress memn on Sep 29
  I agree, the 2012 ones demonstrate Liberals are hypocrites.Pete on Sep 29
 If Romney runs again maybe he will pay back that $10 million loan he owes?Clippy on Sep 29
Are you holding an Eric Holder Resigns Party?Pete on Sep 26
 Holder will not resign until a new person takes over the job.Clippy on Sep 26
 if Holder resigns...STxAxTIC on Sep 27
 holder is the second worst atty general we've ever hadmn on Sep 27
ACA helps reduce job related healthcare expenses to record low increaseClippy on Sep 26
 Or...Pete on Sep 26
Welcome to KochvilleClippy on Sep 25
 And all this on Obama's watch.Pete on Sep 25
  Started with Reagan! Your GOP Congress has the lowest rating!Clippy on Sep 25
   A fact so simple, everybody except YOU will get it...Pete on Sep 25
    you're both rightmn on Sep 26
     *convenient.spelling secret service on Sep 26
    Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic EmpireClippy on Sep 26
     * Oooh, and EVIL Hollywood for the the money they spent backing Obama.Pete on Sep 26
old guard vs. new guard and the deproliferation of stupiditymn on Sep 20
 this is much more general than it probably looksmn on Sep 20
 Re: old guard vs. new guard and the deproliferation of stupidityPete on Sep 21
  i wish i remembered why gl is being exploredmn on Sep 22
   Re: i wish i remembered why gl is being exploredSMcNeill on Sep 22
    i should try the gl version againmn on Sep 22
     Re: i should try the gl version againSMcNeill on Sep 22
      i tried to download it, i could only find the sdl versionmn on Sep 22
       Re: i tried to download it, i could only find the sdl versionSMcNeill on Sep 22
10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald ReaganClippy on Sep 18
 he also instituted the "socialist" "obamaphone"mn64 on Sep 18
 Re: 10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald ReaganSMcNeill on Sep 18
  LMAO at picture of Oliver North, your HERO no doubtClippy on Sep 18
  well, i thought "peacenik" was pretty unlikely, but i should have paid the list more attnmn64 on Sep 18
   *and of course, now the idiots want to build their own wall. people never learnmn64 on Sep 18
 10 Things Liberals Don't Want You to Know About Clippy.Pete on Sep 18
  * I thought you left...Clippy on Sep 18
   * No I'm Right, you're Left.Pete on Sep 18
   great, now i can't help but picture reagan in a dos equis commercialmn64 on Sep 18
    * You're living in the past. DOS Equis was replaced by Windows Equis.Pete on Sep 18
     *hey now it was the best operating system of the 20th century!mn64 on Sep 18
      * And to think, cyber extremists tried to replce it with "wine."Pete on Sep 18
       the only thing wine is a replacement for ismn64 on Sep 18
Daniel 11:44Michael Calkins on Sep 15
 not to take away from j.w.'s stance on politics but...mn64 on Sep 15
  Re: not to take away from j.w.'s stance on politics but...Michael Calkins on Sep 15
   unhcr seems pretty weakmn64 on Sep 15
   Well if that's the case then why is Texas so dam EVIL?Clippy on Sep 15
    the best thing you can do with those guys is not have them in the first placemn64 on Sep 15
 Here is a chartMichael Calkins on Sep 15
 Daniel needed more sleep. Staying up to 11:44 wasn't helping matters.Pete on Sep 17
  What?Michael Calkins on Sep 17
   The tie in is...Pete T. Barnum on Sep 17
the usual placesmn64 on Sep 15
Where does the GOP plan to get the next $24 BILLION?Clippy on Sep 12
 i tried to respond to this (url)mn64 on Sep 15
  I wonder whether you're familiar with a website named sodahead?Michael Calkins on Sep 15
   massive wastes of time on the internetmn64 on Sep 15
TheBOB artistgoerge on Sep 4
 Converting light and shadow to lines...TheBOB on Sep 5
  are you into wood cutsgoerge on Sep 5
   * Why not talk to Bob in his GRAPHICS FORUM dull boy?Clippy on Sep 5
   Not personally...TheBOB on Sep 5
40% of Michigan households don’t earn enough to pay their billsClippy on Sep 4
 South is not just America's poverty belt, it's the Republican model for the USClippy on Sep 4
AIR POLLUTION: Health benefits offset costs of climate policiesClippy on Sep 3
Let's STOP the GOP war on the Postal ServiceClippy on Aug 31
 You can help by mailing your representatives...Pete on Sep 3
  Paul Ryan and lobbyist wife destroying the Postal ServiceClippy on Sep 5
Do Missouri police remember Tennessee v. Garner?Michael Calkins on Aug 29
 Yeah, that was a tricky one...TheBOB on Aug 29
  You use our Supreme Court Bob?Clippy on Aug 29
Rick Perry uses criminal mug shot for Presidential campaign T-shirt.Clippy on Aug 29
 *I notice there's a democrat in there - a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.TheBOB on Aug 29
  There's always a few BLUE DOGS!Clippy on Aug 29
Income Inequality Costs The Middle Class $18,000 A YearClippy on Aug 27
What life will look like when you cannot retireClippy on Aug 26
 Again, what don;t you get about the problems members of your party caused?Pete on Aug 26
  Housing situation? Those retirees don't have a pension!Clippy on Aug 27
How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil, and coal?Clippy on Aug 25
 Re: How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil, and coal?SMcNeill on Aug 25
  * Dammit Clippy! Quit throwing coal at birds!Pete on Aug 25
 I have see wind generators at work.Michael Calkins on Aug 29
Drive by hiIain on Aug 18
 *Hi! Ah, yes, 'back to coding'. A few of my favorite words.TheBOB on Aug 18
 * It's nice to see that people are employed in the field.Michael Calkins on Aug 21
2014 baseballMichael Calkins on Aug 10
 I didn't think that was an option...TheBOB on Aug 11
  * Texas can't win because they hate Mexicans!Clippy on Aug 11
  Re: I didn't think that was an option...Michael Calkins on Aug 12
   *So you're thinking in terms of the playoffs-- well, I guess I do that too.TheBOB on Aug 13
Isaiah 53Michael Calkins on Aug 2
 How can you sit there debating the Bible while Texas is so EVIL?Clippy on Aug 3
  * I did not vote or against for Rick Perry.Michael Calkins on Aug 6
   Then what good does having a religion do for Texas?Clippy on Aug 8
    unionsJim on Aug 9
    Sure, but eaven has big needles...Pete on Aug 9
     That's your Bush Trickle Down theory at work!Clippy on Aug 9
 Meanwhile Texas GOP supports armed militias on borderClippy on Aug 13
15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Jul 27
 The Devil's greatest trick was convening people he doesn't exist...Pete on Jul 27
 15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Jul 27
Question for Clippy regarding Dropbox...TheBOB on Jul 25
 Re: Question for Clippy regarding Dropbox...Pete on Jul 25
 *Go look at: on Jul 25
  Thanks, Steve...TheBOB on Jul 25
Are you sick of highly paid teachers? Let's pay them like babysitters!Clippy on Jul 18
 One again, the facts don't matter to Clippy...SMcNeill on Jul 19
  So even using your numbers teachers are underpaid?Clippy on Jul 19
   Re: So even using your numbers teachers are underpaid?SMcNeill on Jul 19
    DUH, so far you have paid for a BABYSITTER!Clippy on Jul 19
     ROFL...Pete on Jul 19
      $40 K is not that bad, but not for a $3 an hour babysitter wageClippy on Jul 20
 * Good teachers should be paid, and bad teachers should be fired.Michael Calkins on Jul 20
  * Amen to that!Pete on Jul 20
  Isn't that true about most jobs? Who's gonna rate them?Clippy on Jul 21
* 2014 ASG 5-3 ALMichael Calkins on Jul 16
 Looks like some Mexicans won that game!Clippy on Jul 16
Hate and loveMichael Calkins on Jul 11
 Re: Hate and loveMichael Calkins on Jul 11
  Sure Jesus showed us how well that worked the first timeClippy on Jul 12
   Re: Sure Jesus showed us how well that worked the first timeMichael Calkins on Jul 12
    Reach them with the Bible? That will be a big help! GOOD GRIEF!Clippy on Jul 14
The real FOX NEWS is not news at all!Clippy on Jul 11
After explosion in West Texas, GOP AG blocks all access to chemical plant data!Clippy on Jul 7
GOP takes religion from you to your employer's beliefs EXCEPT if you need Viagra!Clippy on Jul 2
 I'd post cartoons on how Liberals treat this issue, but...Pete on Jul 2
  That's a choice nobody should have to make, but that decision ISN'T YOUR's to make!Clippy on Jul 3
   Typical "fairy dust" response.Pete on Jul 3
    The Government CONTROL comes from Republicans when it suits them!Clippy on Jul 4
EbolaEbele on Jun 28
 Are you in west Africa?Michael Calkins on Jul 11
How FoxNews Helped Eric Cantor LoseClippy on Jun 23
Supreme Court rules against 'straw purchasers' of guns, 5 to 4Clippy on Jun 19

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