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With Obama and Hillary, who needs enemies?Pete on Jun 12
 No, the stupid people are the EgyptiansClippy on Jun 13
  What are you blabbering about?Pete on Jun 13
   Here's what Faux News has to say about Egypt:Clippy on Jun 13
    Link *Pete on Jun 13
     OOOOOOOOH, comon, an open mike?Clippy on Jun 13
      * And I suppose the 6-Day war didn't happen, either. Got fairy dust?Pete on Jun 13
       We paid them off so they would not go against usClippy on Jun 13
        * Funny how President Change turned into President Status Quo.Pete on Jun 16
GOP House wants a majority of Majority while minority Filibusters rule the SenateClippy on Jun 12
 Hmmm, sounds similar to what the left did during the health care passage.Pete on Jun 12
  The system works because it is 50/50Clippy on Jun 12
   I don't like political wrangling either. Redistricting, IRS targeting, etc.Pete on Jun 12
    The IRS targeting was authorized by a RepublicanClippy on Jun 13
"God's Word Is Truth!"Michael Calkins on Jun 11
Evil GOP continues its war on womenClippy on Jun 11
 I think you mean liberal women killing childrenPete on Jun 11
  Sure you would! Dead babies don't cost much to feedClippy on Jun 11
   Are you nuts?Pete on Jun 11
    No you are! The babies I was referring to would be deadClippy on Jun 11
     No, you are!Pete on Jun 12
Obama? I blame bad parenting.Pete on Jun 9
 OH, I get it!Clippy on Jun 9
  First date not go so well?Pete on Jun 9
   Your candidate wishes the hurricane had come later...SADClippy on Jun 9
    Well sure from a statisical viewpoint...Pete on Jun 9
OH NO, Network54 does it again!Clippy on Jun 9
All Christians should quit the US armed forces.Pete on Jun 8
 So rather than throw rapist in jail, you want Christians to quit?Clippy on Jun 8
  I found the right girl for you!Pete on Jun 8
 Yes, but that's not why.Michael Calkins on Jun 9
  also, you are right that the Bible condemns homosexual practice...Michael Calkins on Jun 9
  alsoMichael Calkins on Jun 9
   From Screwy to Hooey!Clippy on Jun 9
  Re: Yes, but that's not why.Ben on Jun 11
   He doesn't need a God, he has Rick PerryClippy on Jun 11
    Rick PerryGarry Ricketson on Jun 11
     There is a charity in Texas giving away gunsClippy on Jun 11
      And if they didn't own a gun...Pete on Jun 11
    Communist Clippy IncorporatedPete on Jun 11
     Yeah they have a "way of life"...Clippy on Jun 11
   response.Michael Calkins on Jun 11
    Michael, here's a tough one for ya.... Who created God?Pete on Jun 11
     Michael is a better authority,Garry Ricketson on Jun 11
      A few references for you.Michael Calkins on Jun 11
     Garry is right that God has always existed.Michael Calkins on Jun 11
      It's a lot simpler than you think.Pete on Jun 11
    Here's a tougher one! Prove any of it!Clippy on Jun 11
     Oops, Michael might be onto something. If Clippy and I agree on something...Pete on Jun 11
     Re: Here's a tougher one! Prove any of it!Michael Calkins on Jun 11
      Seriously, that's the title?Pete on Jun 11
       Re: Seriously, that's the title?Michael Calkins on Jun 11
        No, it is the good news from God part, I have a problem with.Pete on Jun 12
         Re: No, it is the good news from God part, I have a problem with.Michael Calkins on Jun 12
          No the Bible is certainly not from GodPete on Jun 12
    One thing to note on 'creations vs. evolution'Ben on Jun 11
     Don't blame Global Warming on God, he recycles!Pete on Jun 11
      Is the GOP planning for God's next experiment?Clippy on Jun 11
       Democrats Evil IncorporatedPete on Jun 11
        Funny how you are one of the few blaming Obama on this oneClippy on Jun 11
         Just little ol'' me and 100+ million other Americans.Pete on Jun 11
          100 million? That's just 1/3 of 300 million here!Clippy on Jun 14
     Re: One thing to note on 'creations vs. evolution'Michael Calkins on Jun 11
      Re: One thing to note on 'creations vs. evolution'Michael Calkins on Jun 11
       Re: One thing to note on 'creations vs. evolution'Ben on Jun 13
        Re: One thing to note on 'creations vs. evolution'Michael Calkins on Jun 14
         Ignorant African natives worshiped our airplanes too!Clippy on Jun 14
          Re: Ignorant African natives worshiped our airplanes too!Michael Calkins on Jun 14
           Of course he believes in all those people you posted...Pete on Jun 14
    Re: response.Michael Calkins on Jun 14
 Christians shouldn't be in the militaryGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
Buy, buy bonds going to by, by bondsPete on Jun 8
Apes,monkeys, verses HumanGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
Unemployment numbers on the rise.Pete on Jun 7
 Wrong on all countsClippy on Jun 7
  Maybe he's just a crybaby then?Pete on Jun 7
   Reagan RAISED TAXES eleven times too!Clippy on Jun 8
    Greed you are blind to exists on the Left.Pete on Jun 8
     Even you borrowed money for collegeClippy on Jun 8
      Our kids deserve an affordable educationPete on Jun 8
Obama Has Lost All Credibility!New York Times on Jun 7
 You can tell just by lookingGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
  You've lived in Oklahoma too long! Watch out for those tornadoesClippy on Jun 7
   If he can handle the spin you put on things, he certainly can handle a tornado.Pete on Jun 7
   I think so tooGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
    You will never get ahead in a Right To Work StateClippy on Jun 8
     Quote from Clippy:Pete on Jun 11
Obama Evil IncorporatedPete on Jun 6
 That's odd, seems that has been going on for at least SEVEN TEARS!Clippy on Jun 6
  How many TAYS in a TEAR?Pete on Jun 6
   You can bet the GOP made sure that nothing passed in the Senate.Clippy on Jun 6
More Ramblings on the US EconomyPete on Jun 6
 GOP House 2010-2013:Clippy on Jun 6
  That's a different subject altogether, but the Dems, are you kidding?Pete on Jun 6
British Columbia rejects tar sands pipeline proposalClippy on Jun 5
Trade a house?Pete on Jun 5
 The GOP won't allow thatClippy on Jun 5
Christie wastes $20 million for a special Senate electionClippy on Jun 4
 * Not nearly as many if Obama didn't play golf all the time.Pete on Jun 4
  Like the GOP Speaker of the House doesn't take off every other week?Clippy on Jun 4
   * One word, if the N54 censors don't zap it... PELOSI!Pete on Jun 4
    * Pelosi did more work in 2 years than the GOP could do in TEN!Clippy on Jun 4
     By work you mean harm.Pete on Jun 4
      GOP House to defund ACORN again! Only problem is...Clippy on Jun 4
       Well the good news is...Pete on Jun 4
        You got one thing right. ACORN WAS!Clippy on Jun 4
         Calm down there you little anti-planet carbon emitterPete on Jun 4
          You Republicans and your fascination with scopesClippy on Jun 5
           You'd have to have purchased one with a wide angle...Pete on Jun 5
Medical idiots at it again. Got High BP?Pete on Jun 4
All hail the Liar in ChiefPete on Jun 3
 Wrong again. The GOP has proof of nothingClippy on Jun 3
  Patience, it took two years to get rid of Nixon you know.Pete on Jun 3
   The higher ups were in Washington too!Clippy on Jun 3
The computer fixed himGarry Ricketson on Jun 3
 * LOL - Serves him right for running FreeBasic!Pete on Jun 3
Kansas GOP doubles down on regressive taxing while cutting educationClippy on Jun 3
 Well deficits just don't pay off themselves, you knowPete on Jun 3
  Deficit? The state is losing another $1.2 Billion!Clippy on Jun 3
 Why expect taxation of the wealthy in a non-wealthy state to work?Pete on Jun 3
  Because the resources are there dummyClippy on Jun 3
   So let's chase what few businesses are there out!Pete on Jun 3
    Carnegie's Homestead Mill was built by the GovernmentClippy on Jun 3
     Oh figures, you worked at the Homestead Mill.Pete on Jun 3
      No I worked at Irvin WorksClippy on Jun 3
       Oh, they made toasters there.Pete on Jun 3
        The GOP is on the mission to destroy the Middle ClassClippy on Jun 4
         So is ObamaPete on Jun 4
          The GOP's mission has been to destroy the Middle ClassClippy on Jun 5
If I were a LiberalPete on Jun 3
Hay Steve. Did you hear the one about the farmer who had a meteor hit his farm?Pete on Jun 2
 If that happened in Oklahoma he could make it into a storm cellarClippy on Jun 3
  OK is another example of extremism.Pete on Jun 3
   They cannot afford basements!Clippy on Jun 3
    did you vote for the steelers?Ben on Jun 4
The real scandal in Washington! Goodbye GOPClippy on Jun 2
 * ROFL... and all this is happening under who? OBAMA!Pete on Jun 2
  Under a GOP Congress who's sole job is to obstructClippy on Jun 3
  Re: * ROFL... and all this is happening under who? OBAMA!Clippy on Jun 3
  The GOP's mission is to obstruct Government, not do anythingClippy on Jun 3
   You must get pretty dizzy. I mean with all that spin...Pete on Jun 3
Faux News does it again!Clippy on Jun 1
 At least Fox is investigating.Pete on Jun 1
  Attaboy, you got all of those talking pointsClippy on Jun 1
   Wow Ferb, let's see what's going on at... Commie Ted Evil Incorporated!Phineas on Jun 1
    Phineas T BlusterKanish on Jun 1
     No, Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel.Pete on Jun 1
     *Hey Ted! You reminded me of a name I haven't thought of in 60 years! Howdy Doody, right?TheBOB on Jun 1
      YepKanish on Jun 1
       Interesting thing about Howdy Doody...TheBOB on Jun 1
        He was using Buffalo Bob's voiceKanish on Jun 1
Where are the real men today?Pete on Jun 1
 *Welcome to the 21st century. Enjoy your politically incorrect Jack Daniels.TheBOB on Jun 1
The Brits want their guns back!Pete on May 31
 They probably want to kill their austerity program too!Clippy on May 31
  No, it's just another Liberal failure.Pete on Jun 1
   * Then they can overthrow their Conservative Government!Clippy on Jun 1
    * That left with Maggie, Comrade Ted Evil Incorporated!Pete on Jun 1
Most US politicians today are a waste of tax payer's dollars.Pete on May 28
 What brought that on? Bob Dole?Clippy on May 28
  Funny the only notable scandles in the news involve you Liberals.Pete on May 29
   Scandals? The GOP is rife with them!Clippy on May 29
    You know I'm no fan of John McCainPete on May 29
     The IRS should be DENYING tax free status to all of them!Clippy on May 29
      The IRS should not be targeting groups for beliefs.Pete on May 29
       Beliefs my butt. They only believe in Tax Free!Clippy on May 29
        Ah Liberals believe in money just as much, only...Pete on May 29
         Yeah, personal freedom until the GOP makes laws against it.Clippy on May 29
          I'm in favor of homosexual marriage....Pete on May 29
           You will be on Meals on Wheels some dayClippy on May 30
            Nursing homes don't cost that much...Pete on May 30
Ramblings on the US EconomyPete on May 27
 While the GOP goes on a witch hunt for Obama's headClippy on May 28
  So the good news is...Pete on May 28
  wow! sounds nice,Garry Ricketson on May 28
   Got Money??? If not, good luck with that.Pete on May 28
    hmm,that might be a problemGarry Ricketson on May 28
     Good luck jumping that fence!Pete on May 28
      I walked across the Rio GrandeClippy on May 28
       You naked, a donkey, in Mexico... Did I mention this is a family forum?Pete on May 28
       * Cool. I didn't know that you had ever been that far south. :-)Michael Calkins on May 28
        He's been a lot further south than that.Pete on May 28
        I went into Mexico at Del Rio TexasClippy on May 28
         I must be the luckiest man in the world!Pete on May 28
          I met you, but you never knew itClippy on May 30
           The joke's on you...Pete on May 30
            Don't kiss up after such innuendosClippy on May 31
             Hey people who dish it out need to learn how to take it.Pete on May 31
    * unless you are a muslim refugeeJim on May 29
Bridges and overpasses collapsing!Pete on May 26
San Antonio got a lot of rain.Michael Calkins on May 25
 *Take care,hope it dose not get to badGarry Ricketson on May 25
 *Wow. Hang in there, Michael.TheBOB on May 25
 Re: San Antonio got a lot of rain.Michael Calkins on May 29
  We had a 4.9 earthquake in my backyard this morning.Pete on May 29
Painful sore you need to cover up?Pete on May 25
 Yeah, forget the jobs, you folks would ratherClippy on May 25
  Hey broken record...Pete on May 26
   Well the GOP isn't and you support themClippy on May 26
    Politicians hardly ever get anything important done in a timely manner.Pete on May 26
Target sales slip, while diamond sales ripPete on May 22
 Gold prices are falling great wizard of our economyClippy on May 22
  Of course gold prices are falling.Pete on May 22
   So now that I explained that, the GOP just RAISED Student Loan ratesClippy on May 23
    MC is from Texas. That means you just insulted yourself.Pete on May 23
     Devry is offering $5 million in scholarshipsClippy on May 23
      Scholarships up the cost of tuition, too.Pete on May 23
       So you advocate less students going to college?Clippy on May 24
        You went to college. How'd that work out?Pete on May 24
         Both of my kids went and so will your'sClippy on May 25
          Not couldn't have gone, wouldn't have gone.Pete on May 26
 I use a lot of diamonds at workGarry Ricketson on May 22
  *I think that my dad has a diamond to flatten the edge of the wheel on his grinder.Michael Calkins on May 23
The real Tea party scandal with the IRSClippy on May 20
qbasic and ham radioGarry Ricketson on May 19
 Sorry good buddy. You'd think with 10 active users, 2 or three would have a ham radio.Breaker Breaker on May 19
  Breaker breaker is CBGarry Ricketson on May 19
   Someone jacked your hubcaps, holms!Pete on May 19
   Get a Cricket phoneClippy on May 21
    Short wave is funGarry Ricketson on May 21
Watching a special about that creep Kermit GosnellPete on May 18
 Taking abortion options away from women will only encourage more abuses.Clippy on May 19
* Pete, I sent you an email. (laughterweb)Michael Calkins on May 18
* Pete, tell the moron at QB64 that the pictures are 32 bitClippy on May 17
 Let me guess...Pete on May 17
  *...and this "regular" appreciates it.TheBOB on May 18
   me too,Garry Ricketson on May 18
  Timed out for good!Clippy on May 18
   Re: Timed out for good!Pete on May 18
    Call me Rocky then BullwinkleClippy on May 18
     The whole, you need glasses bit, of course.Pete on May 19
      Since you've included God in this discussion...TheBOB on May 19
       Sure, maybe you can turn water into wine...Pete on May 19
        *Okay, I forgive you (while you're in there, could you pick me up a bottle of Jack?).TheBOB on May 20
    * android runs on linusJim on May 19
   Re: Timed out for good!Michael Calkins on May 18
    There is no one left to helpClippy on May 19
 * Please don't call him a moron. Thank you.Michael Calkins on May 18
  Where you been?Clippy on May 18
   Re: Where you been?Michael Calkins on May 18
   more...Michael Calkins on May 18
    Where?Clippy on May 18
    Religion is the source of your anxiety.Pete on May 18
Obama, liar or idiot?Pete on May 16
 bothGarry Ricketson on May 16
  * Please confirm that your remark isn't intended to be racist.Michael Calkins on May 16
   Re: * Please confirm that your remark isn't intended to be racist.Garry Ricketson on May 17
    Re: * Please confirm that your remark isn't intended to be racist.Garry Ricketson on May 17
     That racial quota would be the majority of voters!Clippy on May 17
      No,Garry Ricketson on May 17
       Only the good ones get shot.Pete on May 17
        To shoot Reagan was to love himClippy on May 19
    Thank you for the confirmation.Michael Calkins on May 17
 Re: Obama, liar or idiot?Michael Calkins on May 16
  The Bible is all about keeping the sheep in line.Pete on May 16
   And the GOP is all about keeping the evil and greedy in powerClippy on May 16
    Why would You think the GOP wants to keep Obama in power?Pete on May 16
     The GOP will bring Russia here!Clippy on May 16
      Putin honest?Pete on May 16
I try to listen to Global News podcasts when I get a chance.Michael Calkins on May 8
 The bar is set pretty low, that's for sure.Pete on May 8
How much it cost to defeat reasonable Gun ControlsClippy on May 2
 Its not gun control - Its not even the gunsJP on May 2
  That concealed gun won't help you with the pressure cookerClippy on May 2
   Now all we want to do is catch the idiots they missed.JP on May 3
    Conservatives and Guns.Pete on May 3
     Use your head, we don't want tyranny either!Clippy on May 4
      A positive sign is your IQ test came back with a test score of 150, but...Pete on May 4
       Highest corporate tax rates that nobody paysClippy on May 4
        Liberal companies like Google and GE.Pete on May 5
         I don't see the GOP yelling about companies cutting work hoursClippy on May 5
          Jails are over-crowded with Democrats, already.Pete on May 6
           Benghazi was the GOP's fault. They cut spending!Clippy on May 6
            Wrong. Why did you even attempt college?Pete on May 7
             What part of "across the board" don't you understand?Clippy on May 8
              Facts are facts.Pete on May 8
               A sure way to reduce costs is Single PayorClippy on May 8
                General Medicine is a JokePete on May 8
                 No you and the GOP are a joke!Clippy on May 9
                  I think you meant psychiatry doesn't work.Pete on May 10
                   And if it were up to you, no progress would happenClippy on May 10
                    The only one winning on voting out Obamacare is....Pete on May 10
                     Congress already has their own Government Health Care package.Clippy on May 10
                      Insurance companies are making more profits under ObamacarePete on May 13
                       You guys stopped Single Payor AND wanted the lack of coverage penaltyClippy on May 13
                        Single payer couldn't even pass in californiaPete on May 16
Michael, what's wrong with your generation?Pete on Apr 30
 some response.Michael Calkins on May 1
  Re: some response.Pete on May 1
 Is that why the GOP is trying to stop our youth from voting?Clippy on May 1
geography quizMichael Calkins on Apr 30
 People are constantly trying to find out where I am...Waldo on Apr 30
I wonder if Bernanke saw this one coming?Pete on Apr 29
Your account is still awaiting admin approval...TimV on Apr 29
 Email the Admin at...Pete on Apr 29
  ThanksTimV on Apr 29
My interview with St. PeterBill O'Reilly on Apr 28
I'm a Liberal and that's OK!The DNC Choir on Apr 28
Men and women the way God intended!Pete on Apr 28
Another stupid Liberal idea in the news.Pete on Apr 27
 Where you gonna send your kid? Romney's buddies?Clippy on Apr 27
  Yeah, Soviet politicians really cared.Pete on Apr 28
*(URL) I have met someone named Billy Bob.Michael Calkins on Apr 26
 Someone named Billy Bob in Texas?Pete on Apr 26
Cops, what are they good for?James Brown on Apr 26
 Yup, that wipes out all the good things they do, like BostonClippy on Apr 26
  Public Unions sould all be busted.Pete on Apr 26
   You mean Workfare isn't enough?Clippy on Apr 26
    ROFL at force people to work.Pete on Apr 26
     Here's your public that your GOP refuses to listen to!.Clippy on Apr 26
      Obama is Kenyan for DebtPete on Apr 26
       Who are you BS ing?Clippy on Apr 26
        Worst recovery in our national historyPete on Apr 26
         Worst recovery thanks to GOPClippy on Apr 27
          Is your mommie a commie, too?Pete on Apr 27
           You folks talk like the Communist dictators!Clippy on Apr 27
            Oh that's right, just like Obama, you're a lazy communist.Pete on Apr 27
             I don't hate them, you and the GOP just don't represent them wellClippy on Apr 27
              Yeah right, you don't hate others.Pete on Apr 28
 There are many good "cops", but every body makes the newsGarry Ricketson on Apr 27

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