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The Eiffel Tower. French "government union" worker failure at it's finest.Pete on Jul 8
 Tell your wife you want to go there to get those Union workers moving *Clippy on Jul 9
GOP blocks FDA from regulating e-cigs: "E-cigarettes is not really smoking"Clippy on Jul 8
 * Funny how Liberals are against legal drugs.., but all for illegal ones.Pete on Jul 8
  Your two LEGAL DRUGS KILL MORE PEOPLE than all of the ILLEGAL ones...Clippy on Jul 8
   Tobacco and Alcohol companies employ thousands of unskilled people like you...Pete on Jul 8
    So you say it is better to KILL PEOPLE and pay taxes?Clippy on Jul 8
     I was just reading this article on electroshock therapy, but in your case...Pete on Jul 8
      Well then there is a lot of abuse and you don't sound like a doctorClippy on Jul 8
       Don't you dare use the word "care" when all you care about is control.Pete on Jul 8
CHINA HACKS Wall Street to keep their stock market higher.Clippy on Jul 8
 Worse than China... Americans!Pete on Jul 8
  * Either that, or maybe Amusing Steve sold them a trading app!Pete on Jul 8
 You did it, yay!Dora the Extorter on Jul 8
Asked about a woman on currency. Hillary quote. 'I' to see a woman on the bill.'Pete on Jul 8
 * NAW, she was DOWN on the BillClippy on Jul 8
  She was trying to pull the Bill out of her pu...Pete on Jul 8
  * Nooooo.... Get your facts straight; that was that Monica chick...SMcNeill on Jul 8
 * Is it true Bill kept his cigars in a humidor?Pete on Jul 8
My apologies for not running for President.Pete on Jul 7
 Mr President you need to TAX Wall Street transactions to pay our Debt off!Clippy on Jul 7
  You need to go to the back of the line. Oh wait, that's Hillary's line...Pete on Jul 7
   FEW corporations even pay 10% Income Taxes silly Pres...Clippy on Jul 7
    Exactly why reform is needed...Pete on Jul 7
     PA tried that with Volkswagen and they LEFT after 10 years!Clippy on Jul 7
      Greedy Liberals...Pete on Jul 7
Obama and his sack of crap ideologies...Pete on Jul 6
 No matter what Obama does he will never match the incompetence of Bush!Clippy on Jul 7
Communism, the next logical step to SocialismPete on Jul 6
 Only in Russia, more than 80% of the World is Socialistic!Clippy on Jul 6
 Germany's moral stance on Greek debt a 'huge joke'Clippy on Jul 6
  First, this isn't Hitler's Germany. Second, you just proved the Conservative point...Pete on Jul 6
   Obviously the Greek economy needs a stimulus package, just like here!Clippy on Jul 7
    Are you kidding me? They had a US equivalent of 7-trillion, and pissed it away in 5 years.Pete on Jul 9
     Forget pensions, just rob your retirement savings and see how you like it!Clippy on Jul 9
      Definitions: Normal Selfish = Keeping what you have. Pathologic Selfish...Pete on Jul 9
       Yeah, I DID SAVE IT. Just not in a bank, in a CONTRACT!Clippy on Jul 9
        So you're saying you aren't responsible for yourself.Pete on Jul 9
         Say the economy tanks, so does the pension fund stupidClippy on Jul 9
          Not so fast, knucklehead....Pete on Jul 9
           What the heck are you talking about?Clippy on Jul 9
It looks like Greeks will vote "No" to austerity. Bye bye...Pete on Jul 5
 He says while his GOP offers Estate Tax Cuts for rich with $18 TRILLION DebtClippy on Jul 5
  Well that's an unacceptable analysis of the situation...Pete on Jul 5
   If we had one of your GOP Clowns we would have had a Depression!Clippy on Jul 5
    Did you just fall off the turnip truck, or did a bunch of migrant workers throw you off?Pete on Jul 5
     Re: Did you just fall off the turnip truck, or did a bunch of migrant workers throw you off?SMcNeill on Jul 5
     All due to the COMPLETE INEPTNESS OF GW BUSH and CheneyClippy on Jul 5
      The Grinch only stole Christmas once...Pete on Jul 5
       So, tell us all what the Republicans have done to help the economy?Clippy on Jul 5
        Re: So, tell us all what the Republicans have done to help the economy?Pete on Jul 6
         Sure Replace the ACA with NOTHING at a cost of $600 BILLION to Deficit!Clippy on Jul 6
          Hey look Bob, almost an equal cartoon to responce ratio!Pete on Jul 6
           I see that the first thing they want to get rid of is lawsuits against doctors!Clippy on Jul 6
            Re: I see that the first thing they want to get rid of is lawsuits against doctors!Pete on Jul 6
           *I'm delighted to see it! Actual talking--yes!!TheBOB on Jul 6
Happy birthday, America! ...TheBOB on Jul 3
 When do they celebrate the 4th of July in Canada?Pete on Jul 4
  *Thanks!TheBOB on Jul 4
   An amazing little detail about your post...TheBOB on Jul 4
  Canadians didn't have to fight for independence, they already had healthcare!Clippy on Jul 4
   Old reliable Clipster...TheBOB on Jul 4
    Ut Oh, I just got a Canadian "irritated"... look out! Fireworks at 11. *Clippy on Jul 4
     *You don't understand Canadians, Clipster. Those WERE the fireworks.TheBOB on Jul 4
      Clippy only celebrates Garbage Day...Pete on Jul 4
       Garbage is about the only Government service that Republicans may keep!Clippy on Jul 4
Supreme Court Decision on Same- Sex Marriage Benefits Older SeniorsClippy on Jul 3
 Walmart celebrates the Fourth of July in LuxembourgClippy on Jul 3
Hey Bob, how much for Nova Scotia?Pete on Jul 2
 *Given the exchange rate of USD to CAD, why don't I just give it to you (yes, gorgeous!).TheBOB on Jul 3
  * Yes Pete would have been sufficient, but thank you for the compliment.Pete on Jul 3
   *LOL! Blindsided!TheBOB on Jul 3
Hurry Clippy. A bunch of lazy Greeks need your money!Pete on Jul 2
Idiots bailed out a ponzi country.Pete on Jul 1
 WHEN do the banks EVER LOSE? They lent the money, so swallow it!Clippy on Jul 1
  We share some common ground on banks...Pete on Jul 1
   Well my Stock Market days are over! They pay lousy dividends too!Clippy on Jul 1
There are too many Blacks in United States Prisons. Solution?Pete on Jul 1
 NOBODY ELSE has as many prisoners as we do! A FAILED DRUG WAR!Clippy on Jul 1
  1/2 off sale on BS. Thanks to Liberals, we are grossly over-supplied.Pete on Jul 1
Republican-sponsored bill bans source country of meat products from labels!Clippy on Jun 30
 *That is due to the World Trade Organization ruling. Who's afraid of Mexican meat now?Pete on Jun 30
  Apparently YOU ARE Mr. Mexican Lover Boy... *Clippy on Jun 30
   * Clippycrite. Just buy frozen hamburger. Everyone knows that comes from Canada.Pete on Jun 30
    *LOL--that's true, Pete (but we import the live cattle from Mexico). ¡Hola!TheBOB on Jul 1
     NAFTA strikes again! ***Clippy on Jul 1
The History Of The Second AmendmentClippy on Jun 29
What does Mexico export?Pete on Jun 29
 Lots of agricultural products.Michael Calkins on Jun 30
  * On further thought, I think it was Nogales, not Guadalajara..Michael Calkins on Jul 1
a few opinions this weekMichael Calkins on Jun 29
 What's a "gay cake?" A two-layer cake with only one kind of frosting?Pete on Jun 29
 IE bust the Unions to bring everybody's income down to yours?Clippy on Jun 29
  Clippy only tried college because he heard they had a student union...Pete on Jun 29
   Gotta admit you sure seem to have a lot of stupid followersClippy on Jun 29
    We just spent 25 million to keep 2 escaped criminals from getting to Mexico.Pete on Jun 29
     No they tried to get to Canada not Mexico, Donald YOU'RE FIRED!Clippy on Jun 29
      You're wrong again, as usual...Pete on Jun 29
       Sweat was less than TWO MILES from CanadaClippy on Jun 29
        Clippy, like all Liberals, can't handle the truth. He has a lot in common with escapees.Pete on Jun 29
         Or you could do what the Israelis do.Michael Calkins on Jun 30
  Re: IE bust the Unions to bring everybody's income down to yours?Michael Calkins on Jun 30
   Are those the official Texan Rules of Engagement (riots)Clippy on Jun 30
    * I think you misunderstood my posts.Michael Calkins on Jul 30
 my response to jonathan moore (moved from other subforum)Michael Calkins on Jul 9
  Feeling excelsiorJonathan on Jul 19
   Sorry about thatJonathan on Jul 20
    Really sorry about thatJonathan on Jul 25
     By the wayJonathan on Jul 25
      * This post needs moderation!Clippy on Jul 26
       *Not too serious Clipster--besides, it's Michael's thread, so let him decide.TheBOB on Jul 26
        *I'll tone it down I apologizeJonathan on Jul 26
         Ich vestehe, ein busschen deutschGuttentag, sprekan sie deutsch on Jul 29
          *Guten tag, Jonathan. At least in German, Clippy won't know what you're saying ;-)TheBOB on Jul 29
           German is funJonathan on Jul 30
            Re: German is funMichael Calkins on Jul 30
             P.S.Michael Calkins on Jul 30
              *Perhaps in pursuit of a more "musical" sound? Hard G's don't "flow".TheBOB on Jul 30
               It would be nice to have a second language howeverJonathan on Jul 30
                * JFYI, Bob is Canadian. :-)Michael Calkins on Jul 30
                 FYI I love bacon and maple syrupJonathan on Jul 30
                  *That's "back" bacon and maple syrup, eh?TheBOB on Jul 30
                   I don't know butJonathan on Jul 30
                    *We haven't started any wars, but we helped finish a few.TheBOB on Jul 30
   Re: Feeling excelsiorMichael Calkins on Jul 30
    You got a mind like a steel trapJonathan on Jul 30
     Just doesn't make sense this world doesJonathan on Jul 31
  How's Alice?Jonathan on Jul 30
Liberal Stupidity in the Prison SystemPete on Jun 28
 I would hardly call Governor Cuomo's prison system liberal.Clippy on Jun 29
Obama states he will stop giving Steve Gay's disability benefitsPete on Jun 27
McCain was right, Clippy was wrong...Pete on Jun 27
 And BP STILL hasn't cleaned up the oil they sunkClippy on Jun 27
  * More spewpidity from Clippy.Pete on Jun 27
   Your Massive Fracking Burnoff Can Be Seen From Outer SpaceClippy on Jun 27
    You drive a car, so stop driving, and get all your idiot Liberal friends to do the same...Pete on Jun 27
     Most electricity is your kind, DIRTY!Clippy on Jun 28
      Wow, you justy breached a whole new level of spewpidity!Pete on Jun 28
       I get 33 MPG just like my 98 did. When ya movin to Texas?Clippy on Jun 28
        * Your 98? Stupid Liberal has a gas powered computer!Pete on Jun 28
         What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah? FRACKING?Clippy on Jun 28
          By your logic... AIDS kills homosexuals. I'd rather frack gas than be a homosexual.Pete on Jun 28
           LOL the same EPA you folks are trying to kill?Clippy on Jun 28
            The greediest people I know are people like you...Pete on Jun 28
             Well there goes your entire Right to Life philosophy.Clippy on Jun 29
              Typical stupid Liberal cartoon...Pete on Jun 29
               What a SEETHING portrayal of your deepest EVIL thoughts!Clippy on Jun 29
                Oops, sorry, I used the R-word.Pete on Jun 29
What's the best paid web hosting service?Ben on Jun 26
 * I ued to use Bluehost a few years ago.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
WEEEE! Take a Spin on the Antonin Scalia Insult Generator!Clippy on Jun 26
 USgAy USgAy... Marriage is a State regulated institution, not a Federal one.Pete on Jun 26
  I don't see today's ruling as the final blow...Clippy on Jun 26
  Honestly, marriage should be abolished.SMcNeill on Jun 26
   Since you never worked for anybody, but yourself you may not know this but...Clippy on Jun 26
    * LOL, typical Clippy, trying to scam the system!Pete on Jun 26
     * Caveat: I'd rather be a caveman than a %^# flinging ape, like Clippy. Evolve!Pete on Jun 26
    Re: Since you never worked for anybody, but yourself you may not know this but...Anonymous on Jun 26
     Exactly, but those "religious people" would rather call common sense crap flippers...*Clippy on Jun 27
     Squeaky wheels get the grease...Pete on Jun 27
      Eliminate it by filing separately...might as well get rid of all deductionsClippy on Jun 27
       *Your level of comprehension is too low to embark on a meaningful debate.Pete on Jun 27
       Re: Eliminate it by filing separately...might as well get rid of all deductionsSMcNeill on Jun 27
        The sky is always falling, but it doesn't weigh much, so WHOGAS?Pete on Jun 27
Clippy found to be too masculine by women in focus group.Clippy on Jun 26
 * I thought it was because he's shaped like a penis.Pete on Jun 26
  Well if you think so then I'd hate to see how you use it! *Clippy on Jun 26
Fair warning to Americans...TheBOB on Jun 25
 Bob, you are so naive...Pete on Jun 26
  *LOL--and yes, lacerated strippers. Never thought of that!TheBOB on Jun 26
  Have you seen the IRS allow GOP political groups to claim TAX EXEMPT status?Clippy on Jun 26
   * Ah, ever heard of the Clinton Foundation?Pete on Jun 26
    The Clinton Foundation does not use any donated money for politics silly! *Clippy on Jun 26
     * Influence peddling, etc. and it all leads up to a run for President.Pete on Jun 26
      INFLUENCE PEDDLING like the $1 BILLION the Koch Brothers will spend on GOP? *Clippy on Jun 26
Great comedy about guns and protectionClippy on Jun 21
 * If you're wearing guns for protection, that explains why you're not getting any,Pete on Jun 21
  Better than wearing this...Clippy on Jun 21
   I suppose anyone who uses 9 millimeter protection would be a bit crankyPete on Jun 21
    Your kind of GOP can't take credit for Lincoln ending slavery!Clippy on Jun 21
     Clippyland, where a burger and fries cost 37.50.Pete on Jun 21
      I agree, but how can Republicans when they take their corporate money?Clippy on Jun 22
       Romney's plan was to crack down on employers.Pete on Jun 22
        You have the same problem that the South and their Rebel flag have...Clippy on Jun 22
         Yes, you've uncovered our evil plot...Pete on Jun 22
         *LOL! Only "Poster Boy" could blame all gun deaths since 9/11 on the Republicans.TheBOB on Jun 22
          A solution to gun violenceSMcNeill on Jun 23
           I had to deduct points for redundancy...Pete on Jun 23
Catholic Church Help Wanted: Position Pope. Requirements: Brain.Pete on Jun 19
 Well how stupid are you if you cannot see what's around you?Clippy on Jun 20
  Re: Well how stupid are you if you cannot see what's around you?SMcNeill on Jun 20
   According to you people you lived with dinosaurs too!Clippy on Jun 20
    I think they must be grading on a curve, Clipster...TheBOB on Jun 20
     I've even been able to help pay my daughter's school loans, butClippy on Jun 21
      She should pay her own loans...Pete on Jun 21
       IE: You plan to avoid paying for your own kids education too...Clippy on Jun 21
        Nope, wrong again.Pete on Jun 23
         Re: Nope, wrong again.SMcNeill on Jun 23
          Greece is the Word... The L-Word...Pete on Jun 23
          I PAYED IT and I'm PAYING FOR YOU TOO you disabled moron!Clippy on Jun 23
           * Side note: I always thought enabled morons were the problem.Pete on Jun 25
Batteriser battery life extender scam!Clippy on Jun 6
Average for Texas?,D Central on Jun 5
 * His wife must be a masochist.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
How GW Bush is pulling Jeb down too!Clippy on Jun 4
Hear the one about Amanda Fish?Conservative Cornor on May 30
 No, but I heard about Amanda Photoshop...TheBOB on May 30
  * LOL - Clippy's never right. And he had a good chance. It takes a giant crab to know one.Pete on May 31
 How can you teach Amanda anything when you don't know science?Clippy on May 30
  What do you get when you give Clippy Einstein's I.Q.?Pete on May 30
   Common good like this?Clippy on May 30
    * I'd list the accomplishments, but they don't make posters that big.Pete on May 31
God with another swing and a miss?Pete on May 29
 Re: God with another swing and a miss?Michael Calkins on May 29
  144000 is Bible babble for "a lot."Pete on May 29
   Re: 144000 is Bible babble for "a lot." (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Jun 2
  P.S.Michael Calkins on May 29
   Free choice? Really? Then why a fixed number?Pete on May 30
    LOL@"curve" Actually, it depends on your definition of God...TheBOB on May 30
     Woddy Allen may have defined God best when he called him an under-achiever.Pete on Jun 1
      I totally agree--if there is a God, then free will is a myth...TheBOB on Jun 1
       * choice with consequences, as emphasized in Deuteronomy 30.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
        Just a few quotes from Deuteromony.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
         *I have great respect for people's beliefs, Michael, but that convinces me of nothing.TheBOB on Jun 2
          The way I see it...SMcNeill on Jun 2
           Ah yes, but you're not talking about God...TheBOB on Jun 3
            Steve couldn't understand eternity if he had an infinite time to think about it.Pete on Jun 3
             Sounds like a great vacation...TheBOB on Jun 4
     Re: LOL@"curve" Actually, it depends on your definition of God...Michael Calkins on Jun 2
 I didn't know that you are Italian, that explains your mob mentalityClippy on May 30
  Sounds like a greedy Liberal afraid he would lose his entitlements.Pete on May 30
  Re: I didn't know that you are Italian, that explains your mob mentalityMichael Calkins on Jun 2
   *That's a complex heritage. Me, I'm just "American".SMcNeill on Jun 2
    * I recall you being Scottish from northwest Scotland.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
     Re: * I recall you being Scottish from northwest Scotland.SMcNeill on Jun 2
      Steve just longs to move to the south, or as he proclaims...Pete on Jun 2
      HomelandsMichael Calkins on Jul 30
Google Maps finds huge crab...Clippy on May 28
 An appropriate post for someone as "crabby" as you, Clipster--LOL (URL)...TheBOB on May 28
  If it is fake then why not find it on Google Maps instead of Bing? *Clippy on May 29
   Because it was the Bing image that was photoshopped...TheBOB on May 29
    * But Bob, Liberals don't understand faking. That explains their high divorce rate.Pete on May 29
  *Clippy=typical Liberal. Excited over artifficial crab because he can't affford real one.Pete on May 29
   I have KING crabs in my freezer bucco! Eat lobster all the time too!Clippy on May 29
    * I heard you had a case of crabs. Sorry, you need a REAL doctor for that!Pete on May 29
     That's a MorayClippy on May 30
      That's a mule sing.Not Really Steve on May 30
16 maps that Americans don't like to talk aboutClippy on May 27
 Yes, America has done a lot of evil things.Michael Calkins on May 27
  GOP wants war again as the voters have spoken!Clippy on May 27
   *Yay! More worthless cartoons from Clippy. Can you share Dilbert next?SMcNeill on May 27
    NOPE, Dilbert is TOO INTELLIGENT for people who wait for food to come up!Clippy on May 27
     * Don't mock farmers. Farmers, ranchers, and fishermen provide your food.Michael Calkins on May 27
      * I meant: don't mock someone for being a farmer.Michael Calkins on May 28
       I mock him because he supports the wealthy while he takes Fed checksClippy on May 28
        How Much MORE Money Would You Make If You Were Unionized?Clippy on Jun 16
*(URL) I've revised my Hebrew font program, and posted screenshots.Michael Calkins on May 27
 *Wow! Very impressive!TheBOB on May 27
  * thank you.Michael Calkins on May 27
 Awesome!Clippy on May 27
  Re: Awesome!Michael Calkins on May 27
   Hebrew uses UTF-8 or 16 nowadaysClippy on May 27
 minor bug list:Michael Calkins on Jun 29
Hi, Guys!ComputerGhost on May 25
 *Hey, CG! Always nice to hear from old friends :-)TheBOB on May 25
 Hi CG...Pete on May 25
 Hey, CG, how do you like the new N54 STICKIESClippy on May 26
  I actually didn't even notice them...ComputerGhost on May 26
   Exactly! There aren't any and there may never be!Clippy on May 26
 *Howdy Nathan.Michael Calkins on May 26
 Sneak Peak of One New ToyComputerGhost on Jun 1
  * Source CodeComputerGhost on Jun 1
Who pays more taxes than GE? EVERYBODY!Clippy on May 25
California needs chiropractors to help the Salmon to go up dry streamsClippy on May 22
Another setup police shootout in WACKO Texas!Clippy on May 18
 3 Wacko Bikers Mistakenly Let Out of JailClippy on May 19
  Re: 3 Wacko Bikers Mistakenly Let Out of JailSMcNeill on May 19
   Still stuck on hoodies there farm boy?Clippy on May 19
    Re: Still stuck on hoodies there farm boy?SMcNeill on May 20
     So what are you trying to prove?Clippy on May 20
      Let Clippy havehis way.Pete on May 20
       Says the Nestlie water drinking doctor as his house spontaneously catches fire...*Clippy on May 21
        How Clippy really broke his hip....Pete on May 21
         Texas looks to further RELAX GUN LAWS after biker shootout! *Clippy on May 21
          * Obama looks to outfit police officers in onezies so they look less threatening.Pete on May 21
rain: 3 inches wednesday, almost 5 yesterday. more today.Michael Calkins on May 15
 * about 3 inches today.Michael Calkins on May 15
  3 inches of what?Clippy on May 15
   Re: 3 inches of what?Michael Calkins on May 21
 Re: rain: 3 inches wednesday, almost 5 yesterday. more today.SMcNeill on May 15
  Stupid Liberal environ-mental-casesPete on May 15
   Re: Stupid Liberal environ-mental-casesMichael Calkins on May 21
    Golf can be played on brown grass? THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!Pete on May 22
     I'll guarantee you one thing. Jehova's will never witness anything!Clippy on May 22
      *JWs are not young earth creationists. (humans are 6k years old, but the planet is older.)Michael Calkins on May 22
       Humans only 6K? Well I see that Jehovah missed that too then!Clippy on May 22
        * Monkeys? 6K years? How many more years must Clippy's ansestors endure being flung?Pete on May 22
So we can afford a Defense budget larger than 10 next countriesClippy on May 15
GOP ID syndromeClippy on Apr 20
Jon Stewart destroys ‘disingenuous’ Dick Cheney:Clippy on Apr 17
Downfall of the manBen on Mar 29
 Well you should be smart enough to get over the stupidity then!Clippy on Mar 30
 * I hope that you pull through.Michael Calkins on Apr 12
*Managed to log on (finally) Clipster and deleted thread. LOL@Florida!TheBOB on Mar 27
 Florida? The Viagra corporation recently opened their headquarters there...Pete on Apr 8
  Ah, but Cialis prevents BPH when used dailyClippy on Apr 10
   * Spoken like an expert on the subject. I'll believe ya this time. :PSMcNeill on Apr 10
    I am an expertClippy on Apr 12
"The modern G.O.P.’s raw fiscal dishonesty is something new in American politics."Clippy on Mar 20
Corporations can do whatever they want: Why our tax system subsidizes criminalsClippy on Mar 18
California Is Drilling for Water That Fell to Earth 20,000 Years AgoClippy on Mar 16
 And this is a problem why?SMcNeill on Mar 16
  Spoken like a truly ignorant farmer! You can't even deal with water can you?Clippy on Mar 16
   Re: Spoken like a truly ignorant farmer! You can't even deal with water can you?SMcNeill on Mar 16
    I thought maybe you'd do a rain dance for them...Clippy on Mar 16
 Environmentalists do it without buying you dinner...Pete on Mar 19
  Sounds to me like you really should move to Texas or LouisianaClippy on Mar 19
   Sounds to me like Liberals are just as clueless as ever...Pete on Mar 20
    Easy: You HAVE to breathe the dirty air! Just like drilling deeper for water.Clippy on Mar 20
     Sorry, Liberals cannot use "Free choice" as an argument...Pete on Mar 20
      15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Mar 22
Belgium buying US Treasuries, really?Pete on Mar 13
 Doesn't matter as we take care of the World with our armiesClippy on Mar 13
How to beat Photobucket out of 99 cents a monthClippy on Mar 11

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