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Old computers videoqbguy on Dec 13
 * Gee, I miss all of those switches LOL on Dec 13
*I found some spam :P by chance (URL) on Dec 9
 * Thanks :)Pete on Dec 13
What Animal?Ben on Dec 9
 * Your neighbor kid naked? on Dec 9
 * It's a Henway.Pete on Dec 9
  Henway?Ben on Dec 9
   What's a Henway you ask?Pete on Dec 9
   What's a henway? Bout 3 pounds on Dec 9
    * Is that the opposite of a negative sum?Pete on Dec 9
     Lemurs are native to Madigascar area, not Canada. on Dec 9
      And paper clips are native to Office Depot, not The Cafe, so what's your point?Pete on Dec 10
       * Peat is native to Home Depot..................phew. on Dec 10
        OK, take a bow for that one!Pete on Dec 10
       opossumBen on Dec 10
        Re: opossum on Dec 10
         I saw it again todayBen on Dec 11
          Eating it of course. They hide to protect themselves. on Dec 11
        I found a possum baby when I was about Ben's age on Dec 10
         Have you counted all your fingers lately. You're supposed to have 10, ya know.Pete on Dec 10
          Except in Disneyland, they only have 4 on each paw on Dec 10
* Steelers score 17 in 2 minutes to beat Cowboys 20 - 13 ! on Dec 7
 * Good - I hate the Cowboys and the horse they rode in on.Pete on Dec 7
  * But geeze Pete, the are "America's Team". LOL on Dec 7
   *Well, they are Southerners... So that would make them South America's team. Sorry lkt153.Pete on Dec 7
    * I say give Texas back to Mexico along with Bush! on Dec 7
* Pete have you read your emails lately at gmail? on Dec 6
 * Yes, but I don't think I have any interest in a QB Top 50 at QBS.Pete on Dec 6
  Well, forget the code I sent you too.................. on Dec 6
* Anybody know anything about me? on Dec 5
 Let me google that for youAnonymous on Dec 5
  * Google yourself and find out your name! on Dec 5
Campfire Bach (my latest YouTube video)... on Dec 2
 Can you record this for me?Amadeus on Dec 2
  *roflmao! on Dec 2
 * I recognize those artistic hands! Don't waste them on igloos. on Dec 2
I cannot post in main forum on Dec 2
 * I was able to delete your test post, so I'm happy :)Pete on Dec 2
  So what is that supposed to mean Pete? on Dec 2
   Well just so you know, I'm not messin' wit' ya...Pete on Dec 2
    Oh and as far as the QB Top 50 goes...I get this:Pete on Dec 2
    * N54 sucks. That is simple to see. Thanks for the answer! on Dec 2
* Chase lays off 9,000 while stock market falls again! on Dec 1
 Yep, I stated it would go down today...Pete on Dec 1
  *Start running you bears, us bulls are comming to get you. lol.roy on Dec 2
   * Sorry Boo Boo, but "coming" only has one "m" in it!Yogi Bear on Dec 2
    *Mac would have taken the m out without being flash. Those were the days.roy on Dec 2
     * But first, Mac would have laughed his ascii off over the Yogi comment!Pete on Dec 2
 Meanwhile in Australia (URL) on Dec 2
  I don't think the folks in charge here have a clue...Pete on Dec 2
  It would seem that I was right on Dec 18
  Daggonit, I'll never get that right. on Dec 19
   *'Twas Thailand. on Dec 19
    * So how is the economy in Taiwan?Payne A. Tanshawn on Dec 20
     * Taiwan is the same. Most people still earning nadda! on Dec 20
      I earn three fish a day.Sam Pan on Dec 20
       * Believe it or not, his name is pronounced as "made off". on Dec 20
       But you know how the saying goes: Give a man one of your fish and you feed him for a day..Pete on Dec 20
       madoffBen on Dec 20
        You DO need to see a psychiatrist kid! What if he stole your house? on Dec 20
         Re: You DO need to see a psychiatrist kid! What if he stole your house?Ben on Dec 20
          He's going to go to jail and the government will take all his money...Pete on Dec 20
           NOT in a Republican administration! on Dec 20
            dont blame one government movementBen on Dec 20
             Sure there is! Buy a house cheap after foreclosure on Dec 20
              Re: Sure there is! Buy a house cheap after foreclosureBen on Dec 20
               I have never had enough to invest to become rich on Dec 20
* My server is so slow, I can read posts without the ads! on Nov 30
Baracks Birth Certificate on Nov 30
 Well, the reflections are all wrong, duh!qbguy on Nov 30
 America imports talent...Pete on Nov 30 and N54 forum.roy on Nov 26
 Cool, but when I first looked I saw Pete's site in the articles on Nov 27
  I never wanted to be a Mod but was forced into it.roy on Nov 27
   Mac always wanted that site really........ on Nov 27
    * We have smart people here? Whodathunkit? :Prpgfan3233 on Nov 27
     * Or smart axes in some cases. :-) on Nov 27
* Steelers kick butt again, but it was only the Bungles after all. on Nov 20
Steelers win 11 - 10. Score sets NFL record first time in 12,837 games! on Nov 16
IF Flash_Performance < Compiz_Performance THEN GOSUB CreateRantrpgfan3233 on Nov 15
 Linux on Nov 15
  * LOL! Yeah, that baffles me too... :-?rpgfan3233 on Nov 15
QBExpress Article written by the Community on Nov 14
 Not another war? on Nov 14
  Re: Not another war?Imortis (away from home) on Nov 15
   * Only if you wanna start a brawl, lol on Nov 15
    Re: * Only if you wanna start a brawl, lol on Nov 15
     * Darn! I could edit it............... on Nov 15
 Need a few more on Nov 19
The Ads gotta go! I do not enjoy looking at FAT men or women! on Nov 12
 Maybe you could ask lkt153 to give him a Brazillian...Pete on Nov 12
 Re: The Ads gotta go! I do not enjoy looking at FAT men or women! on Nov 12
  PeteBlondie on Nov 15
   Sure, but how do you think a family gets started?Pete on Nov 15
    * In the dark if they are that fat! Stopping a family is more difficult.... on Nov 15
Vista UAC vs sudo on Linuxqbguy on Nov 8
 * UAC only works on Mars machines and imports daemons... on Nov 12
ummmmm.....Blondie on Nov 7
 Or what's the difference between Barack Obama and George Bush?Pete on Nov 7
  It's in the mail... on Nov 8
   * Is this some kind of secret coding? on Nov 11
    * 12N5o9t 45a09s54 fa45r 56a3s 5y67ou kn564o76w!Maxwell Smart on Nov 11
Are the FOX News telling lies to us in the USA.Jimmy Corntoes on Oct 31
 * LOL, don't believe Fox News about anything! on Oct 31
 Not a chanceGreenMan on Nov 2
  *He may have been paid for his rest day.roy on Nov 2
 A day in Genesis can't mean 24 Earth hoursqbguy on Nov 2
  *Like comparing fiction to real science makes any sense! on Nov 2
Device for scanning images to your toaster:Solitaire on Oct 26
 LOL at digitized peanut butter and jelly.... on Oct 26
  Perhaps we could get tasty ink next on Oct 26
  * JELLY is an exellent and tasty lubricunt! on Oct 28
   * That's "lubricant"Speeling Poleece on Oct 29
Please feel free to post in these Forums on Oct 24
Just so we know as I've found nothing abou tit. :) on Oct 23
 Pete apparently has not changed anything yet on Oct 23
It's over 9000! NOT!Anonymous on Oct 9
Heard on the David Lederman show last night:Solitaire on Sep 27
 How this works.roy on Sep 28
  * The Sun sends out far more energy than it absorbs on Sep 28
   *It was a joke Clippy.roy on Sep 28
    * Must be that British subtle humor lol on Sep 28
Small Request for AdminKristopher Windsor on Sep 19
 * I think you need to login to Network 54 to edit email or use a form filler to do it. on Sep 20
  * But I need the _Post_ edited, and I am logged in. ;-) on Sep 20
   Are you in the R group?Solitaire on Sep 20
    Just put your new address in when you edit a post. on Sep 20
    * I can edit my posts in this thread, but not the post I have linked to (not sure why) :-/ on Sep 20
     You were logged out when you posted on Oct 4
 Done. on Oct 4
  hey PeteClippy on Oct 5
  Awesome, not banned anymore :).... on Oct 21
   * I got in too, but I have no Edit options anymore on Oct 21
    Just checked the message before yours which I posted while being logged in... on Oct 21
     * It's probably disabled in his console for now. on Oct 21
Are the BBC telling lies to us in the UK.roy on Sep 7
 * Will it take the Republicans more than 12 years to destroy the world? on Sep 7
  Republican ArmagedonSolitaire on Sep 8
   * Steven Colbert would be proud ;) on Sep 9
    If Palin became President due to death of the elected President.roy on Sep 13
     Who cares what Europe does? They can lose NATO too! on Sep 13
      You are living in the dark ages.roy on Sep 13
       * I think the lol should be removed.roy on Sep 13
      Ah, you forgetIain on Sep 13
       I Doubt that! on Sep 13
        Have you noticed that Libya is now your friendroy on Sep 13
         This is why I worry about Palinroy on Sep 13
         Lybia was already pretty flat. Bombing tents is no biggie! on Sep 13
          This is what I am getting at.roy on Sep 13
           LOL, we just made a pipeline through Afghanistan on Sep 13
            You can not invade any county that has nuclear weapons.roy on Sep 13
             *LOL That should be country. Although I have heard that Yorkshire wants independence. lolroy on Sep 13
             * Not war mongering. Just Republican GREED is all on Sep 13
              republican != greedyAnonymous on Sep 18
             not soAnonymous on Sep 18
        Sure you probably would have become independant eventuallyIain on Sep 20
         Spoken like a true European! on Sep 20
          You have got to be kidding me... on Sep 22
           The USA saved Europe in WW2. What have they done for us since? on Sep 22
            why care about France?Anonymous on Sep 23
             *who needs them, when we have all these beautiful mexican women "invading" this land? on Oct 29
           A lot of people who meet me are xenophobic on Sep 23
            Re: A lot of people who meet me are xenophobicAnonymous on Sep 23
             How absurd! The present crisis is about Welfare for the Rich! on Sep 24
              *failAnonymous on Sep 27
             Actually, Zip, you are the common enemy... on Oct 29
          Without agreeing or disagreeing with your other statements on Oct 29
           * That is correct. The US Constitution was written in 1787qbguy on Oct 30
            * Yeah and what ever happened to the "taxation without representation" idea? on Oct 30
Deep thoughts about tooth extractions... on Aug 28
 LOL on Aug 28
  $90 bucks? Wow! Where do you live? on Aug 29
 *testPete on Sep 16
 *testPete on Sep 16
Deep thoughts about tooth extractions... on Aug 28
Deep thoughts about tooth extractions... on Aug 28
Has anyone heard from Kewbie recently? on Aug 25
 His last post I remember was a random number generator about a year ago. on Aug 25
Deep Thoughts... on Aug 25
no asm subforum? on Aug 21
 Tim was considering that... on Aug 21
Internet very flaky, at someone else's computer right now... on Aug 19
 *Did you turn off Windows Firewall? It's pretty useless anyhow! on Aug 19
  Yup, tried that.... on Aug 19
 Do you have a router/hub? on Aug 19
  Nope, no hub/router. on Aug 19
   Did you blame it on Pete? Oops, I see you already did that!Pete on Aug 19
    LOL ...I'm sure you'll understand if... on Aug 19
 * Is it DSL internet?Ben on Aug 25
Cell PhonesMarineDon on Aug 18
 * Excellent advice RE: cell phone information! Recommended!Solitaire on Aug 18
 I locked my keypad and held my car key remote up to it but it didn't unlock my cell phone!Pete on Aug 18
 * Really cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.Dav on Aug 25
Deep Thoughts...Jack Handy on Aug 16
 What about a fire in the Musée du Louvre? on Aug 17
  * I could accept the loss of 2,000 french people a lot easier ;-) on Aug 17
   * levé les tiens!2000 French People on Aug 17
    And I'm kinda surprised to see you say that. lol on Aug 17
     What Is That Translation?MarineDon on Aug 17
      Translation: Running gag between Myst and me.... on Aug 18
   * I'm not surprised to see you type something like that. on Aug 17
    2000 phoney French people can't be wrong!King of France on Aug 17
Deep Thoughts...Jack Handy on Aug 16
Question about VGer Lite Soruce Code on Aug 15
 I believe bp made V'Ger Lite. You might want to ask this in the main forum.Pete on Aug 15
  Thanks for the info on Aug 15
What do you all think about the war?Iain on Aug 9
 The impression I got.roy on Aug 9
 Well the news here reported that the conflict started by Georgian aggression.... on Aug 9
  Man, if you play UNO and forget to say it.............Cheech on Aug 9
  I don't have much timeIain on Aug 11
Hope for Windows 7??? on Aug 7
 Re: Hope for Windows 7???rpgfan3233 on Aug 7
  I'm not overly fond of Vista taking up space on both drives... on Aug 7
How could anybody figure what is reasonable in your mind Menn? on Aug 3
 Re: How could anybody figure what is reasonable in your mind Menn?mennonite on Aug 3
  i've figured out what to call youmennonite on Aug 3
   You have until I wake up tomorrow morning to get rid of that "Ghost of Mac" comment.Pete on Aug 4
    are you illiterate or just that in love with ted?mennonite on Aug 4
     but if that's too much for you to follow, here's the dick and jane versionmennonite on Aug 4
      and since you're not paying ANY attention...mennonite on Aug 4
cheap air fresheners make the baby jesus crymennonite on Jul 31
 *it smells like who-gas!mennonite on Jul 31
Wikipedia's Real Programmers. on Jul 26
 Looks like they did their research.....;) on Jul 26
  *never know, it could happen one day XP on Jul 26
 hacker lore from 1983 (*url)mennonite on Jul 26
  Re: hacker lore from 1983qbguy on Jul 26
 That was a quote from Dykstra! A know it all programmer. on Jul 26
  Those quotes about real programmers were not by Dijkstraqbguy on Jul 26
   Actually, I think only the one at the bottom was by larry wallqbguy on Jul 26
   It cooda been Djykstra come to think of it.......... on Jul 26
 xkcd beats everyone at being a real programer so haqbguy on Jul 26
Ain't Karma a beaotch!Pete on Jul 24
 This is the US, not Soviet Russiaqbguy on Jul 24
  * Next the Mexicans will have our workers going there to build GM cars on Jul 24
 Re: Ain't Karma a beaotch! on Jul 24
  *Hey, that's great, but can you speak with an American accent the way the Indian guys do? on Jul 24
proposed changes to the indexmennonite on Jul 23
 GREAT! Except that the QB64 forum HAS a Big Program area. on Jul 23
  most people post code rarelymennonite on Jul 23
   Your philosophy about programming is FREE! Sure. on Jul 23
    I enrolled in that course, TedPete on Jul 23
     * Are you sure that was not OBFUSCATED.BS version 1.01? on Jul 23
  * Where can I download this two player game? ;) lol on Jul 23
   * www.whogas.comPete on Jul 23
 LOLqbguy on Jul 23
  rofl...mennonite on Jul 23
   * Right, you just consider it another place to blow smoke anyhow! on Jul 24
    *you're the one that blows, tedmennonite on Jul 24
beyond education, why logic will never reignmennonite on Jul 22
 *you're out of your VULC'N mind!spock, spock the vulcan doc on Jul 22
  Hey Spock himself said so ;).... on Jul 22
   *and wisdom is the beginning of logicmennonite on Jul 22
 *Man, what kinda Loco you on man? You just disproved all you said!Cheech on Jul 22
  *how?mennonite on Jul 22
 My response...rpgfan3233 on Jul 22
  yeah, but what about the oneness of your zeroes?mennonite on Jul 23
   Computers are Logical, but they have no emotions either on Jul 23
    emotions give people access to information they cannot arrive at logicallymennonite on Jul 23
     Emotions and Experience tend to block Logic on Jul 23
      yes, emotions and experience do block logic.mennonite on Jul 23
       by the way, are you ever going to explain this (*url)mennonite on Jul 23
        wrong url (*url)mennonite on Jul 23
         NOPE! Your Experience or Emotion is apparently to NOT Login today on Jul 23
 Re: beyond education, why logic will never reignGreenMan on Jul 22
  *i like this roger penrose guymennonite on Jul 22
I managed to post something to my forum using telnet and http postqbguy on Jul 21
 * Somebody should post something after all. Look how great I am! on Jul 21
  ???qbguy on Jul 21
   * Why answer? You always know it all anyway......... on Jul 21
    * Text in an asterisk post?Asterick Police on Jul 21
    *how many programs do you think should be in proud of?mennonite on Jul 21
     *About the number you have I guess LOL on Jul 21
smells like cheese spirita nonny mouse on Jul 17
 *got a black hole! for my lipo! cause i need those, bags of fritos!mennonite on Jul 17
Quick, someone call Tony Blair and ask him if George can have a sleep over! on Jul 11
 Ebay? Then you are open to the highest bidder....... on Jul 11
 The majority would agree but the world is not run by the majority.roy on Jul 11
  Unfortunately Rich people don't care about the rest of us. on Jul 11
   unfortunately, that's mostly truemennonite on Jul 11
    I have to agree here, and that with more than one type of rich folks. on Jul 11
     Character change due to money.roy on Jul 11
  The majority does rule and rich people certainly do care about the rest of us! on Jul 11
   LOL$@ Mayan Descendants.... on Jul 11
    We are all living in a Matrix, anyway... on Jul 11
     Actually the train did stop! on Jul 11
      I doubt your theory, but let me get my train and give it a whirl! on Jul 11
       While you may be on track, some things just cannot be imagined on Jul 11
        * I can't imagine that. on Jul 11
 sudo apt-get remove bushqbguy on Jul 11
  * You need qbgal for that! on Jul 11
Sharesroy on Jul 11
 *roy, you need to edit that to Freddie Mac, not 'Fannie Mac'. Trying to save your Fannie. on Jul 11
  I got my Fannies and my Freddies mixed uproy on Jul 11
  So which is it? Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae or both?qbguy on Jul 11
   Sharesroy on Jul 11
    Sharesroy on Jul 11
     * Then watch the value go down on paper until you bail out :-P on Jul 11
      In the U.Kroy on Jul 11
       True, but the overall Gain still suffers with any losses on Jul 11
        Yes it is capital gains here.roy on Jul 11
         I had mutual funds on Jul 11
          I know it is too late now butroy on Jul 11
     Sharesroy on Jul 18
 DOWqbguy on Jul 12
  Because they are not really Companies on Jul 12
  The basic idea of the program.roy on Jul 12
   Now all you have to do is use it on Jul 12
    Tradingroy on Jul 12
     * Damn, I knew there was a catch! So your a "weekly" kind of trader :) on Jul 12
     SELL! SELL! Another 1K off the Dow takes you back to 2000. on Jul 15
      *Buy! Buy! Buy! The market is near or at bottom.roy on Jul 16
       * What if you already got 'em? LOL on Jul 16
        *Hang on and watch your knuckles go white. lolroy on Jul 16
         "Day Traders" just boosted it again on Jul 16

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