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I'm hereSMcNeill on Feb 16
 Welcome aboard.Michael Calkins on Feb 16
 welcome,tooGarry on Feb 16
 Steve, if you want to be a able to edit your posts here...Pete on Feb 16
  I now have a mighty N54 account. ;)Steve McNeill on Feb 18
   You can now edit your post, and you do get a pirated song...Pete on Feb 21
    Re: You can now edit your post, and you do get a pirated song...SMcNeill on Feb 21
     * ROFLPete on Feb 21
  * That's how I got me wooden leg! RRRRRRRRRRRR!Clippy on Feb 18
   Wooden LegGarry Ricketson on Feb 18
sad...Michael Calkins on Feb 16
 I agreeGarry Ricketson on Feb 16
 Also, people wanting to cheat on homework.Michael Calkins on Mar 7
No more qb64 off topic , at qb64.netGarry on Feb 15
 * I'm hoping so.Michael Calkins on Feb 15
 Re: No more qb64 off topic , at qb64.netSMcNeill on Feb 16
  MaybeGarry Ricketson on Feb 16
Kewbie Newbie???Solitaire on Feb 14
 I don't think that he checks this subforum.Michael Calkins on Feb 14
 Kewbie NewbieGarry Ricketson on Feb 15
  * You know, I don't think that Kewbie Newbie is that much of a Newbie any more.Iain on May 16
I keep promoting PBS...Michael Calkins on Feb 14
American Experience this week was about Silicon ValleyMichael Calkins on Feb 6
 * watch online (url)Michael Calkins on Feb 14
* Aaron Swartz (1986 November - 2013 January)Michael Calkins on Jan 15
using qb in basic "retirement"mn64 on Jan 13
 we all get writer's blockMichael Calkins on Jan 14
  i think you've got it figured pretty wellmn64 on Jan 14
   *see you around.Michael Calkins on Jan 14
Fox news is lameAnonymous on Jan 10
 *it doesn't count unless it says "redistribute" the wealthmn64 on Jan 11
 *more insidious is that scholastic were on the list of sopa/pipa supportersmn6 on Jan 11
 Waiting on the Communistic Property...Pete on Jan 12
  *that paper should make it easy to receive "full marx"mn64 on Jan 13
i wasn't going to tell anyone, but myst isn't really canadian...mn64 on Jan 7
 No offense taken, menn...TheBOB on Jan 8
New LaptopGarry Ricketson on Jan 6
 Nice!Pete on Jan 6
  Put down CheetosGarry Ricketson on Jan 6
  TabletsFuture Pete on Jan 6
   Moses and I agree,Garry Ricketson on Jan 6
    another day older and...mn64 on Jan 6
     *boney fingers ?Garry Ricketson on Feb 17
 *got it and responded.Michael Calkins on Jan 6
  *OK, I saw them, but have not yet repliedGarry Ricketson on Jan 6
   Worked out pretty goodGarry on Jan 23
    Re: Worked out pretty goodMichael Calkins on Jan 24
post your desktopmn64 on Dec 30
 My DeskTopGarry Ricketson on Dec 30
  win...mn64 on Dec 30
   No windowsGarry Ricketson on Dec 30
 Re: post your desktopBen on Dec 30
  yeah, flxbox!mn64 on Dec 31
   Why wouldn't the user configure it himself?Ben on Dec 31
    that's step 2...mn64 on Dec 31
 Re: post your desktopMichael Calkins on Dec 31
no one is an expert on everythingmn64 on Dec 27
 Very well said. (edited)Michael Calkins on Dec 28
  being opinionated doesn't make you wrongmn64 on Dec 29
   (reply to another thread) being agreeable doesn't make you right, eithermn64 on Dec 30
 True Dat!ComputerGhost on Jan 7
  *eeee! hi theremn64 on Jan 7
slippery slope fallacymn64 on Dec 26
Math Problem: Calculate diameter,from circumfranceGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
 Never MindGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
  *Yes, pi-r-squared gives you the area of a circle, not the circumference.TheBOB on Dec 26
   your rightGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
here steve, a chiropractic limerick or two since you couldn't :)mn64 on Dec 25
How to turn off Java ScriptGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
 *oops again, that is THE BOB,Garry Ricketson on Dec 25
 Re: How to turn off Java ScriptPete on Dec 25
  How to turn off Java ScriptGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
   *Let me know if it works in Bob's Forum. It should, but I haven't tried Chrome.Pete on Dec 25
    *it did workGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
     Glad to hear it.Pete on Dec 26
      Not true, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 26
       Again...Pete on Dec 26
      His Graphics are great andGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
since everyone's doing limericks on the qb64 forum, here's a fewmn64 on Dec 25
the new acceleratorBen on Dec 24
*Merry Christmas everyone! o<}}}}:oD}}}oooTheBOB on Dec 24
 Bob, I think your yule log went off a bit prematurely.Pete on Dec 24
  *D'oh! I forgot that in the USA you celebrate Christmas on the 25th!TheBOB on Dec 24
   Everyone has Christmas on the same day, Bob.Pete on Dec 24
    LOL...TheBOB on Dec 25
     Santa is tied up at my place playing poker.Pete on Dec 25
      *Aha! In that case, I should extinguish the fire and put out fresh milk and cookies.TheBOB on Dec 25
       *Yayyy! It's snowing in Toronto. 48 hrs too late for Christmas Eve, but hey...TheBOB on Dec 26
     snowingGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
      *feliz navidadmn64 on Dec 25
       found the upside-down asteriskmn64 on Dec 25
       ¡Feliz Navid!Garry Ricketson on Dec 25
        it's easy enough¡¡¡¡ with gucharmap or charmap.exe in wine, but...mn64 on Dec 25
    But do CanadiansGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
     nacimientoGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
      Sounds wonderful...TheBOB on Dec 25
     not the expert on christian culture in america, but i thought that was called a "nativity"mn64 on Dec 25
      Re: not the expert on christian culture in america, but i thought that was called a "nativity&qGarry Ricketson on Dec 25
 Merry ChristmasGarry Ricketson on Dec 24
  unwrapped windows 8? don't blame me!'s ain't nick on Dec 24
   Wouldn't mind a bit more information, 's ain't nick...TheBOB on Dec 26
    i can help you with this onemn64 on Dec 26
     Thanks, menn...TheBOB on Dec 26
      They still have the command-line prompt...Pete on Dec 26
       *LOL - thanks, Pete. At least I'll be able to hide out there (cmd.exe) from time to time.TheBOB on Dec 26
        *they still try to leave little avenues for techs to fix things. it'll be all over when...mn64 on Dec 26
my christmas wishlist for you guysmn64 on Dec 23
guidelines vs. rulesmennonite on Dec 23
 in fact, nothing steve said really *requires* more rules, per se.mn64 on Dec 23
  Re: in fact, nothing steve said really *requires* more rules, per se.Michael Calkins on Dec 23
   * I hadn't actually properly read SMcNeill's post. I'm reading it now.Michael Calkins on Dec 23
    He makes some interesting points.Michael Calkins on Dec 24
   seems like everything would be fine if galleon was available, or of course...mn64 on Dec 24
oldos, i too would nominate michael but as i'm sure he'll tell you...mn64 on Dec 23
 another technical problem with voting for michael, and a partial solution:mn64 on Dec 23
 well, there's that...Michael Calkins on Dec 23
  i think it should only be done in fun, anywaymn64 on Dec 23
*welcome to the community cafe: where qb fans HIDE & COWer far enough away from farm puns!mn64 on Dec 23
 *Join us or your ascii will be simulated. Resistance is fer-tile.Farmer Borg on Dec 23
  *make it sow!cowptain picard on Dec 23
STEVE mcneill, i don't think anyone's in more of a positionmn64 on Dec 23
 ignoringMichael Calkins on Dec 23
  *true! -always good advice, but the feature does it more completely than many of us managemn64 on Dec 23
open source: the best scam in the world (wait for it)mn64 on Dec 23
 * of course i meant "free software (by definition) cannot fully endorse open source"(sigh)mn64 on Dec 23
 free softwareBen on Dec 23
  Re: free softwaremn64 on Dec 23
 that was a bit abstract.Michael Calkins on Dec 23
  a few misconceptions...mn64 on Dec 26
   Re: a few misconceptions...Michael Calkins on Dec 27
    you have to define "extreme," thenmn64 on Dec 27
     Re: you have to define "extreme," then (3 edits)Michael Calkins on Dec 28
      yeah, you can have disparate freedoms one per package, or...mn64 on Dec 28
       Re: yeah, you can have disparate freedoms one per package, or...Michael Calkins on Dec 28
       a few more things...Michael Calkins on Dec 28
        compatible licenses...mn64 on Dec 29
         the permissive paradoxmn64 on Dec 30
gmo's, public interest, and ad hom fallacymn64 on Dec 22
 *something else ted and i agree on (URL)mn64 on Dec 23
  another onemn64 on Dec 23
message for michael - vlc playermn64 on Dec 22
 I don't use VLC player.Michael Calkins on Dec 22
  *ah, well then fair enoughmn64 on Dec 22
a note to darthwhomn64 on Dec 21
 the practical side of it (note to darthwho)mn64 on Dec 22
  Re: the practical side of it (note to darthwho)The Most Arrogant Man in the World on Dec 22
   *'swhy i want a bumper sticker that says "don't blame me, i didn't vote for either party"mn64 on Dec 22
american politics in summary (quote)NOT joseph s. on Dec 19
I've got eight things to say about mennonite's "new" book:Spelling Police Chief (Ret.) on Dec 18
it's gotta be said...mn64 on Dec 12
 A little common sense is all you need to avoid these things...TheBOB on Dec 12
  you'd be surprised who can fall for it (or when)mn64 on Dec 12
   *and no, they haven't gotten me with one (yet)mn64 on Dec 12
the best place for qb64 to advertize is on its own forums (yes, i'm counting n54 forums)mn64 on Dec 7
 capitalsVince on Dec 11
  don't need 'emmn64 on Dec 11
   And don't forget personality...TheBOB on Dec 12
    some (human) languages don't even have capital lettersmn64 on Dec 12
Well, two weeks to go...TheBOB on Dec 7
 it's kind of a shamemn64 on Dec 7
 Hi Bob, let's have dinner together...Jennifer Aniston on Dec 8
  *lol - alright, but to be completely honest, the ice-cream may be all melted.TheBOB on Dec 8
   Re: *lol - alright, but to be completely honest, the ice-cream may be all melted.Vince on Dec 10
    Well, to begin with...TheBOB on Dec 10
 The Maya Calendar ended a long time ago thanks to SpainClippy on Dec 10
  *Yeah? Well, maya calendar ends on Dec 31st.TheBOB on Dec 10
   *thebob made a pun! i got what i wanted for christmasmn64 on Dec 10
 Re: Well, two weeks to go...Michael Calkins on Dec 20
  Thanks, Michael...TheBOB on Dec 20
   just got an email from mayan tech supportmn64 on Dec 21
    That will be the time...Michael Calkins on Dec 21
    *lol - I couldn't care less, menn -- I've got a date with Jennifer Aniston tomorrow!TheBOB on Dec 21
     i don't know why the fuss over jennifer aniston...mn64 on Dec 22
      Actually, I felt sorry for her...TheBOB on Dec 22
       Yes, bad news, the poles have inverted...Pete on Dec 22
        *they'll have to rename it ATFANmn64 on Dec 22
       it might shift a little, if you dressed her up properlymn64 on Dec 22
        *lol - yes, and speaking of Galleon, he now lives in "the land up-over"!TheBOB on Dec 22
         *oh, that would never work out. dingoes all over eurasia...mn64 on Dec 22
         Re: *lol - yes, and speaking of Galleon, he now lives in "the land up-over"!Pete on Dec 22
          i met a man from guatamala...mn64 on Dec 22
           Met a man from NantucketPete on Dec 22
Wow, this place is still alive?Iain on Dec 4
 they're mostly at the qb64 forummn64 on Dec 4
 * Wow, you're still alive?This Place on Dec 4
  *well, it's either that, or i'm even more stubborn than my reputation would suggestmn64 on Dec 4
  *sigh, i thought he posted that :Pmn64 on Dec 4
politics on the basic64 forum (WARNING: long-winded as ever)mn64 on Dec 3
 * sorry pete, i only needed one of thesemn64 on Dec 3
  I got it.Michael Calkins on Dec 3
   *thanks! i noticedmn64 on Dec 3
   Michael, it happens with IE, too...TheBOB on Dec 4
    Thanks for confiming it.Michael Calkins on Dec 4
     Meta RefreshPete on Dec 4
Well, the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup...TheBOB on Nov 26
 Please keep these Third-World sporting events off the forum!Pete on Dec 3
  *Thanks (I think). Nice to have you drop by!TheBOB on Dec 3
Just HelloGarry on Nov 18
 Welcome back.Michael Calkins on Nov 18
  Stll using qb45 (qbasic) tooGarry on Nov 18
   *Hi Garry - I wrote Animax, so go to TheBOB's QB Graphics Studio and ask away.TheBOB on Nov 18
    *I was wondering what that was...Michael Calkins on Nov 19
     *Yeah, it's an animation/graphics utility I wrote (in the QB64 samples/TheBOB folder).TheBOB on Nov 19
      Screen Shot, animax-for LinuxGarry on Nov 19
       Guess I didn'tGarry on Nov 19
    ThanksGarry on Nov 19
    Couldn't post at TheBOB's QB Graphics StudioGarry on Nov 19
     Yeah, some people do have problems...TheBOB on Nov 19
Sandy.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 I'm in NYC....Solitaire on Oct 31
  Re: I'm in NYC....Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Mac's PearlsComputerGhost on Oct 19
 *Your call, CG, but I wouldn't mind reading some of them.TheBOB on Oct 20
  * +1Iain on Dec 4
Canada Crime RateVince on Oct 6
 So that proves it.Clippy on Oct 12
  Not sure about that Clipster...TheBOB on Oct 13
   Yeah, but chances are they are poorer than averageClippy on Oct 14
    You have a point, of course...TheBOB on Oct 14
     It's percentage of natives, not total amountBenedict on Oct 14
      *Thanks for posting that -- you make more sense as a person than as a graph.TheBOB on Oct 15
car securityBen on Sep 30
 People have done thatClippy on Oct 1
 Re: car securityMichael Calkins on Oct 1
  Yes I have made oneDavid on Oct 4
   *That smiley face sticker on your dashboard wouldn't fool me ;-)TheBOB on Oct 5
I stepped outside this morning...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
 Re: I stepped outside this morning...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
  I've heard of Texas heat...TheBOB on Sep 8
   Re: I've heard of Texas heat...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
    Re: Appreciate A/C -- I do too, and I live in CANADA!!! (more) ...TheBOB on Sep 9
     Canadians shouldn't complain about Global Warming...Pete on Dec 3
      *I agree, but it's hard to carve a graven image of a melted iceberg.TheBOB on Dec 4
 * and yet, I will probably spend the entire day indoors, as usualMichael Calkins on Sep 8
A personal note.Michael Calkins on Sep 6
 Just out of curiosity Michael...TheBOB on Sep 6
  Re: Just out of curiosity Michael... (3 postscripts)Michael Calkins on Sep 6
   *Sounds to me like you are sincere and determined. Not a bad start :-)TheBOB on Sep 6
   Religion is man made!Clippy on Sep 7
    thank you for your concern...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
     When ah you die, you ah gonna pay for your sins...Father Peteo Sarducci on Dec 3
      *lol -- Father Peteo, your brother Guido wants his ah-hat and ah-cigarette back.TheBOB on Dec 4
 what bothers me is (organized religion)mn64 on Dec 3
  Thank you for your concern.Michael Calkins on Dec 4
  What bothers me is organized crime.Pete on Dec 4
   if you pay them on time, they probably won't bother youmn64 on Dec 4
TeethBen on Aug 29
 I had my wisdom teeth removed...TheBOB on Aug 29
  I once had them allClippy on Aug 30
   Yeah, funny about different people's teeth...TheBOB on Aug 31
    * LOL, you coulda made a commercial for V8...Clippy on Aug 31
 Re: TeethBen on Aug 29
 not sure why I'm posting this hereBen on Sep 3
  Get some helpClippy on Sep 4
  Clippy's right, Ben...TheBOB on Sep 4
Johnson 2012poly ticks on Aug 17
 * More lies from GOP morons!Clippy on Aug 19
*Suggestions for asking questions on help forums (URL)Michael Calkins on Aug 9
 I think this is probably the most amusing thing to come from MicrosoftAnonymous on Aug 10
  Heh. I hadn't seen that one before.Dav on Aug 11
The World TodayMichael Calkins on Jul 27
You didn't build thatAnonymous on Jul 19
 He DID say this!Clippy on Jul 20
* A few jokes from the FreeBSD website. (URL)Michael Calkins on Jul 10
 This link seems to work better (*URL)Anonymous on Jul 11

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