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Downfall of the manBen on Mar 29
 Well you should be smart enough to get over the stupidity then!Clippy on Mar 30
 * I hope that you pull through.Michael Calkins on Apr 12
*Managed to log on (finally) Clipster and deleted thread. LOL@Florida!TheBOB on Mar 27
 Florida? The Viagra corporation recently opened their headquarters there...Pete on Apr 8
  Ah, but Cialis prevents BPH when used dailyClippy on Apr 10
   * Spoken like an expert on the subject. I'll believe ya this time. :PSMcNeill on Apr 10
    I am an expertClippy on Apr 12
"The modern G.O.P.’s raw fiscal dishonesty is something new in American politics."Clippy on Mar 20
Corporations can do whatever they want: Why our tax system subsidizes criminalsClippy on Mar 18
California Is Drilling for Water That Fell to Earth 20,000 Years AgoClippy on Mar 16
 And this is a problem why?SMcNeill on Mar 16
  Spoken like a truly ignorant farmer! You can't even deal with water can you?Clippy on Mar 16
   Re: Spoken like a truly ignorant farmer! You can't even deal with water can you?SMcNeill on Mar 16
    I thought maybe you'd do a rain dance for them...Clippy on Mar 16
 Environmentalists do it without buying you dinner...Pete on Mar 19
  Sounds to me like you really should move to Texas or LouisianaClippy on Mar 19
   Sounds to me like Liberals are just as clueless as ever...Pete on Mar 20
    Easy: You HAVE to breathe the dirty air! Just like drilling deeper for water.Clippy on Mar 20
     Sorry, Liberals cannot use "Free choice" as an argument...Pete on Mar 20
      15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Mar 22
Belgium buying US Treasuries, really?Pete on Mar 13
 Doesn't matter as we take care of the World with our armiesClippy on Mar 13
How to beat Photobucket out of 99 cents a monthClippy on Mar 11
Rode Daytona 3 laps todayClippy on Feb 16
 does anyone else think that's a weird hobby/vacation activity for a democrat?mn on Feb 16
  Re: does anyone else think that's a weird hobby/vacation activity for a democrat?SMcNeill on Feb 16
   i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedmn on Feb 16
    Re: i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedSMcNeill on Feb 16
     Re: i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedmn on Feb 16
      Re: i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedSMcNeill on Feb 16
       Re: i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedmn on Feb 16
        Re: i didn't think you were crippled, just emotionally stuntedTheunis on Mar 2
   We coulda thrown Steve in the trunk!Clippy on Mar 5
 please remove the crap resposes from the cripple and mental giantClippy on Feb 16
  * Yawn... My dinghy is bigger than that.Pete on Feb 16
  i doubt anyone will do that, but i'm sorry about your thread, clippymn on Feb 16
 * Dammit, that better be soda that was spilled in my passanger seat!Not Really Richard Petty on Feb 16
 Do you like formula 1?Ben on Feb 17
  Yeah, I like Formula 1Clippy on Feb 17
 Wow, sounds like a fun vacation you're having!Dav on Feb 18
  Key West is 60 high with low at 48 tonight, a record low! Sleeping in car, no roomsClippy on Feb 19
   Made it down to 50, still a record low for Key West dateClippy on Feb 20
    Re: Made it down to 50, still a record low for Key West dateSMcNeill on Feb 20
     My hair froze this morning, and global warming is a fraud.STx on Feb 20
   Chilly here too, barely up to 70 today.Pete on Feb 20
    I just sleep behind the wheelClippy on Feb 20
     Daytona snowmanClippy on Feb 27
      Wrong as usual, that's a snow woman...Pete on Feb 27
       Snow Woman?Theunis on Mar 2
        * Maybe the water came from a dike, I don't know.Pete on Mar 2
         DikeTheunis on Mar 2
A track is to a jogger what a stupid idea is to a Liberal Politician...Ann Knowledgey on Feb 13
If Democrats are trying to buy elections with food stamps, it’s not working!Clippy on Feb 13
 How liberal science measures global warming...Pete on Feb 13
  BTW, humans were not around when most of those years wereClippy on Feb 13
* Gay nude sunbathers take over Daytona Beach!Not Really Brian Williams on Feb 12
 Somebody's been reading my posts at QB64...I always wear a suit! *Clippy on Feb 12
  * Only denying the nude part are you? Okie doke!Pete on Feb 12
   I have mild prostate cancer soooo...Clippy on Feb 13
    Well I'm sorry you have that, but sex is actually good for the prostate...Pete on Feb 13
     Thanks! I've got ticket to race tomorrow niteClippy on Feb 13
      * 60? That's chilly. It's 84 here today, but I still don't buy into Global Warming!Pete on Feb 13
       It may get colder by Monday. I may take some laps MondayClippy on Feb 13
        * Well if he offers you candy, think twice before you get in the car.Pete on Feb 13
         LOL, I'm even taking my Richard Petty sunglassesClippy on Feb 13
GOP “Definition of Insanity”Clippy on Feb 12
 Homeland Security TweetClippy on Feb 12
  They are worthless...Pete on Feb 12
   Border jumpers' 3 strongest allies: Obama, Big Tobacco, WalMart.Handy Dandy on Feb 13
    I shop at Walmart all the time! Doesn't mean they shouldn't get a raise!Clippy on Feb 13
The EPA’s Natural Gas ProblemClippy on Feb 12
 I knew we shouldn't have all gone to that burrito place! *Not Really Bob Perciasepe on Feb 12
  No this is more like it for you Pedro...Clippy on Feb 12
   * That reply wasn't mine. :PNot Really Paying Attention on Feb 12
GOP’s “pre-existing” lie: How to trick people into thinking you’re “replacing” ObamacareClippy on Feb 11
 * Obama looks a bit over-exposed in that photo. The ACA, it's not a tax, that's not a lie?Pete on Feb 11
  The ACA is not a tax. Not participating may give you a TAX PENALTYClippy on Feb 11
   So... it's not really a tax, unless you don't pay it. Right, thanks. *Handy Dandy on Feb 11
    No the Republican inspired PENALTY is a TAX penalty by the IRSClippy on Feb 11
     "-inspired" is confusing. Did they require it, or are they just getting blamed anyway? *Handy Dandy on Feb 11
      Heritage Foundation WROTE IT then it was added and no Republicans voted for it...Clippy on Feb 11
       Ok then.Opposing parties often try to make opponent bills bittersweet victories this way*Handy Dandy on Feb 11
        Republicans have been doing this kind of crap all my life!Clippy on Feb 11
         It sounds like the real problem is selfish people, not RepublicansHandy Dandy on Feb 12
          Blame both parties and you haven't looked hard enoughClippy on Feb 12
WSJ to the GOP: 'This is no way to run a congressional majority'Clippy on Feb 10
 * Like we don't already have the FBI and CIA for that.Pete on Feb 10
  *Well the Republicans appear to be fighting with themselves...Clippy on Feb 10
   * Yeah, Republicans can afford real houses, they don't have to live in a hive.Pete on Feb 10
Republicans seek to use voter suppression tactics to keep people hungryClippy on Feb 10
 * I hope it passes, too.Pete on Feb 10
Another story about faked Global warming dataSMcNeill on Feb 10
 And on the NEXT PAGE of your Republican RAG HOAX...Clippy on Feb 10
  Sure, the Right has the same type of BS media, too.Pete on Feb 10
   Some things we DO KNOW no matter the hype or Faux NewsClippy on Feb 10
Republicans would rather defend Christianity from all criticism than...Clippy on Feb 9
Bill OReilly lied about serving in the military. When will #FoxNews fire him?Clippy on Feb 9
 Re: Bill OReilly lied about serving in the military. When will #FoxNews fire him?Anonymous on Feb 9
  Not when they call themselves NEWS and...Clippy on Feb 9
 Re: Bill OReilly lied about serving in the military. When will #FoxNews fire him?Pete on Feb 9
Conservatives support plan to enfranchise felons only if they can have guns back too!Clippy on Feb 9
 Re: Conservatives support plan to enfranchise felons only if they can have guns back too!SMcNeill on Feb 9
  More "stuff" that Steve doesn't know?Pete on Feb 9
   Re: More "stuff" that Steve doesn't know?SMcNeill on Feb 9
  Well why didn't THE FELON GET BIT TOO?Clippy on Feb 9
   Re: Well why didn't THE FELON GET BIT TOO?SMcNeill on Feb 9
    That's your screwed up state! Not mine!Clippy on Feb 9
     Re: That's your screwed up state! Not mine!SMcNeill on Feb 9
Forbes Destroys John Boehner in Scathing SmackdownClippy on Feb 8
I pulled an old prank on Amusing Steve today...Pete on Feb 6
 Re: I pulled an old prank on Amusing Steve today...SMcNeill on Feb 6
  Oh thank goodness, she needs the attention...Pete on Feb 6
   Re: Oh thank goodness, she needs the attention...SMcNeill on Feb 7
    Steve why is your donkey laughing so hard? HeeHaaah...Clippy on Feb 7
     *Who can blame it, if it saw you look at it...SMcNeill on Feb 7
     Not laughing, communicating; it's Steve's surrogate....Pete on Feb 7
      * Oh my, he is a pretty animal. Talk to me Steve!Clippy on Feb 7
Anti-vaccine megachurch hit with measles epidemic, now offering free vaccinationsClippy on Feb 6
 It is still the subject of free will.Pete on Feb 6
  It is not a gamble when you put everybody ELSE at riskClippy on Feb 6
   A gamble is always a gamble.Pete on Feb 6
    You are not FREE to do a lot of things if it hurts others! Get real!Clippy on Feb 6
     Sorry Lucy, the price of freedom never went as low as 5-cents.Pete on Feb 6
      My last Birth Certificate from California cost me $30Clippy on Feb 6
       * In California, an ID for low income individuals is $8.00Pete on Feb 6
        In Wisconsin, Scott Walker closed half of the officesClippy on Feb 6
         So let them go to the other half...Pete on Feb 6
Tell Congress: End the Massive Inheritance Loophole for the Top 0.1%Clippy on Feb 5
 If that is true, it should be stopped.Pete on Feb 5
  A better break down of the situationSMcNeill on Feb 5
   Can't wait until Amusing Steve Land Opens...Pete on Feb 5
   1) The tax is only 15% on Capital GainsClippy on Feb 5
    Re: 1) The tax is only 15% on Capital GainsSMcNeill on Feb 6
     First the $100 billion value is not all Capital GainsClippy on Feb 6
      Re: First the $100 billion value is not all Capital GainsSMcNeill on Feb 6
       I PAY HIGHER TAXES THAN THAT silly and I've been RETIRED 12 years!!Clippy on Feb 6
        Liberals are the ones who failed us there...Pete on Feb 6
         Yeah they have been ineffective, but GOP has had House since 2010Clippy on Feb 6
62 Percent of Restaurant Workers Don't Wash Their Hands After Handling Raw BeefClippy on Feb 4
 And what made those arches golden in the first place?Pete on Feb 4
  Sorry, Insurance doesn't keep you from dying where sick days could!Clippy on Feb 4
   It's pretty simple...Pete on Feb 4
 Restaurants are an abominationBen on Feb 9
Jean-Claude Juncker is the President of the European CommissionHere's Your Sign on Feb 4
Obama’s budget offers a golden opportunity for GOP deal-makingClippy on Feb 3
 The GOP has blocked creating jobs since 2010Clippy on Feb 3
  * Well that's one thing we can count on the Left for... PASSING GAS!Pete on Feb 3
   GOP's Most Awesomest Wish List For An Obamacare ReplacementClippy on Feb 4
KXL fails the EPA climate test!Clippy on Feb 3
Funny one that just occurred to me. The Only one who went, "All the way with JFK." was...Pete on Feb 2
it's a small, small, worldmn on Feb 2
Obama, like most Clippycrats, is full of bullSMcNeill on Feb 2
 Well then lets talk down to an ignorant farmer's languageClippy on Feb 2
  Show up at least half the time?Pete on Feb 2
  Let's explain this S.L.O.W.L.Y for Clippy....SMcNeill on Feb 2
   Stupid is as stupid votes...Pete on Feb 2
   Once again moron farmer, the person making OVER $200 K doesn't NEED IT!Clippy on Feb 2
    * It isn't whether they NEED it or not. It's a simple case of Obama deliberately LYING.SMcNeill on Feb 3
     Once again you want FREE college for Billionaires too?Clippy on Feb 3
      Re: Once again you want FREE college for Billionaires too?SMcNeill on Feb 3
       Well ten where's my freaking STADIUM Mr. FREE ForALL....^Clippy on Feb 3
        You lost me there, Bobo. How does a not OK for "free" education factor in Stadium grants?Pete on Feb 3
         Same way a Billionaire doesn't need free education!Clippy on Feb 3
          * so question: WHEN did someone promise a stadium for EVERYONE??SMcNeill on Feb 3
The Florida GOP Legislature Accidentally Legalized Sexting Among TeensClippy on Feb 2
Now THAT was a game!! ...TheBOB on Feb 1
 Where else can a bunch of blacks beat up on whites like that and not get shot?Clippy on Feb 1
  *racist much? or just stupid? Or both: a stupid racist...SMcNeill on Feb 1
   What's racist about the truth? The Patriots offense looked like the KKKClippy on Feb 2
    By your logic, cough, you look like the KKK, even more so...Beldar on Feb 2
 i thought you were in on Feb 1
  Not a Pat's fan or a Seahawks fan...TheBOB on Feb 2
   *that all makes sensemn on Feb 2
Is this the education we want? FOR PROFIT and stadiumsClippy on Feb 1
Hospitals Penalized For Patient Safety by Medicare for avoidable mistakes!Clippy on Feb 1
 Government run sickcare.Pete on Feb 1
  You lose what? The FREEDOM for hospitals to make mistakes?Clippy on Feb 1
   Here's Scott Walker's way to FREEDOM...Clippy on Feb 1
    So you are OK with people who claim to need tax payer support spending it on drugs?Pete on Feb 1
     NO, but that's also BIGGER GOVERNMENT, which you supposedly hate and...Clippy on Feb 1
      Utah is mostly Mormons. Gee low drug use? Stupid Liberal spin...Pete on Feb 1
       Now we are BACK to the stadiums and WELFARE FOR THE RICH eh?Clippy on Feb 1
        * Give? BS. Earn.Pete on Feb 1
         You gave me enough BS alreadyClippy on Feb 1
          Re: You gave me enough BS alreadyPete on Feb 1
           This is what the GOP trickle down gives youClippy on Feb 1
           youth is a catch-22mn on Feb 1
            Don't take him seriously, he sure helps his own kid!Clippy on Feb 1
             "Don't lear the hard way!" Or not at all, apparently...Pete on Feb 1
              One minute you bad mouth me and the next you say kids don't need it anyhowClippy on Feb 1
               Re: One minute you bad mouth me and the next you say kids don't need it anyhowPete on Feb 1
                I don't want bigger Government, just a better oneClippy on Feb 1
                 Again, BS...Pete on Feb 1
The Super Bowl Comes To Glendale, The City Ruined By SportsClippy on Jan 31
 Stadiums are great example of if u institute a socialized good the rich will get it back*Handy Dandy on Jan 31
  How is a Stadium a Socialized good for the average Joe?Clippy on Jan 31
   It's not. Roads are, medicine is. Stadiums let rich to recoup (exploit) public funds *Handy Dandy on Jan 31
Proof that farmers have culture. No not agro-culture, they use SALAD FORKSThe Daily Grind on Jan 30
 *careful lest Pete ban you for using cartoons in your posts!SMcNeill on Jan 30
  * If you think farm implements are cartoons, then your farm is probably a joke.Not Really Mel Blank on Jan 30
   * It is. It's a Funny Farm, and I have your room reservation ready anytime now.SMcNeill on Jan 30
    * Makes sense. Your inmates are the only ones crazy about you.Pete on Jan 30
     *You don't have to be crazy about me to just be crazy. Look in the mirror for proof. :DSMcNeill on Jan 30
      After I make a mirror to your website, I'll check that claim for validity. :D :DPete on Jan 31
       * How did you get the link to take you away from this site?Clippy on Jan 31
        <a href="htHandy Dandy on Jan 31
        Try using html... just not in the message title *Handy Dandy on Jan 31
John Boehner says Obamacare 'puts a penalty or a tax on employers for every new jobClippy on Jan 30
 Wouldn't that be 1% true or 99% false? *Handy Dandy on Jan 30
  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, but 99% UNTRUE would be more preciseClippy on Jan 30
Here are the BASICs on articles...Pete on Jan 29
 *crystal; thanksmn on Jan 29
 NEVER impersonated any writers and always supplied linksClippy on Jan 30
  Re: NEVER impersonated any writers and always supplied linksSMcNeill on Jan 30
   The LINK is there too so what's your problem farm boyClippy on Jan 30
    *Acknowledging source of copyrighted material doesnt substitute for obtaining permission.SMcNeill on Jan 30
      * Who needs permission to post their opinion on a public forum?SMcNeill on Jan 30
       * APPARENTLY I DO evil farmer!Clippy on Jan 30
        Re: * APPARENTLY I DO evil farmer!SMcNeill on Jan 30
*Clippy, Next copyright article cut and pasted earns you a forum ban.Pete on Jan 29
 I only copy parts of the story, never the whole thingClippy on Jan 29
 i'd really like some clarifcation on this... (and honestly it will help everyone here)mn on Jan 29
  No rules, just GOP fools! Next he will ban picturesClippy on Jan 29
   So worker compensation decreased under Reagan and Clinton, improved under Bush / Obama? *Handy Dandy on Jan 29
  Re: i'd really like some clarifcation on this... (and honestly it will help everyone here)SMcNeill on Jan 29
   *whatever he makes the rule i'd prefer it clear enough for every1, w/ SOME room to repostmn on Jan 29
Censorship?Clippy on Jan 29
Will the Socialist TYRANNY ever end?Clippy on Jan 28
 Will the Capitalist TYRANNY ever end?Pete on Jan 28
 Republican state officials cast doubts on anti-Obamacare lawsuitClippy on Jan 28
  The Hidden Threat That Could Take Health Care Away From 5 Million Children using CHIPClippy on Jan 29
   * The greatest dis-ease any American faces is his loss of freedom.Pete on Jan 29
    Is that what the ACA is to you? A Loss of freedom to die?Clippy on Jan 29
     It's a mandate you idiot!Pete on Jan 29
      Its about time that train is headed toward covering EVERYBODY!Clippy on Jan 29
       Seriously, move to Russia.Pete on Jan 29
        Is that all ya got? I'm a Commie? LMAO!Clippy on Jan 29
         * I'm totally convienced you're a Communist.Pete on Jan 29
          I'd rather be a Communist than the Plutocracy that the GOP is serving!Clippy on Jan 29
           * Wish granted, you're a Communist.Pete on Jan 29
            Commie union members make $207 more dollars a week than non-union workers.Clippy on Jan 29
             * Educated people earn a lot more.Pete on Jan 29
              Oh then I guess you are ALL FOR 2 free years at Community Colleges right?Clippy on Jan 29
               Actually, a few hundred less hours to be an MD...Pete on Jan 29
                Right away when you hear FREE college you gotta go for Anchor Babies?Clippy on Jan 29
                 Placing blame isn't the issue, doing a better job is.Pete on Jan 29
                  Those Anchor Babies PAY TAXES too and DON'T GET GRANTS!Clippy on Jan 29
                   You're just too ignorant and brainwashed.Pete on Jan 29
                    Brainwashed by who? Certainly not ignorant people like the Tea PartyClippy on Jan 29
                     * Sorry, my sock puppet is on vacation.Pete on Jan 29
                      Sock puppet? You seem to have a lot of them.Clippy on Jan 29
                 *It wouldn't be FREE; it'd be paid for with more taxesSMcNeill on Jan 29
~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 just hogging the forum with this little guymn on Jan 26
 Are you always this stupid or are you just exceptional today?GD on Jan 26
  falseWhoever posted previously on Jan 26
   I can't help but laugh at the idiot before me.The Irony Police on Jan 26
    you're trying too hard, staxmn on Jan 26
     Once again it is Mennonite against the World!Clippy on Jan 26
      but it's a small world, after on Jan 26
How Republicans are making Medicaid less efficient and more expensiveClippy on Jan 26
 Republicans oppose raising taxes. Except, not really.Clippy on Jan 26
  Republicans Must Speak to the Middle Class, not "Entitlement Reform"Clippy on Jan 27
because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
 You just have to HOG all of the forums eh?Clippy on Jan 26
  *piss off, tedmn on Jan 26
 Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced text...SMcNeill on Jan 26
  Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
   Piss off Jerk Offs! discuss your code where it belongs! NOT HERE!Clippy on Jan 26
   Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced text...SMcNeill on Jan 26
    So the other MENTAL GIANT comes to repeat the rant? *Clippy on Jan 26
    Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
     What else would you expect from a DIRT farmer talking to a Mennonite?Clippy on Jan 26
      *with a setup like that, i expected a better punchlinemn on Jan 26
Republicans say no to American-made steel for Keystone XLClippy on Jan 25
The state of the state of Missouri? Losing ground just like all of the other GOP statesClippy on Jan 25
Boehner rips right for raising money by 'just beating the dickens out of me'Clippy on Jan 24
To Make Up for Tax Cuts for Rich, Kansas Governor Proposes Cutting SchoolsClippy on Jan 24
 * They should put this up to the students. They only cut classes.Pete on Jan 24
 Gov. Brownback Blames State Legislature For Deep Tax CutsClippy on Jan 26
Hey Bill, look, twice infinity just might be possible...Pete on Jan 24
 No, because of the Theory of RelativityPhD Commission on Jan 24
 * There is no such thing as TWICE infinity! Infinity is the end...Clippy on Jan 24
  What? %#%^$%# To Profanity, And Beyond!Buzz SpiteYour on Jan 24
   *As you reached Infinite Profanity the effect would approach zero due to desensitizationCouncilForTheConservationOfF***ingLanguage on Jan 24
 Is twice infinity a 16 that fell over sideways?GD on Jan 24
  How about INFINITE corporate money to politicians?Clippy on Jan 25

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