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Linus Torvalds gives Windows 7 a thumbs upAnon on Oct 22
 * but didn't actually buy a copyymous on Oct 22
Disable reboot on automatic updates Windows.Anon on Oct 20
 * Where exactly is that button? Just disable "Automatic" updates @ Windows Update!Clippy on Oct 20
Proof that Microsoft isn't God...Pete on Oct 13
 * and it would be 3D too. VISTAcrap with smell-avision. 64 bytes at a time. on Oct 14
* A rich man will pass through a camel's eye before a needle enters the kingdom of GodAnon on Oct 5
 Why would you WANT to go through a camels eye? Don't sound fun to me... on Oct 5
M$ recommends a new PC if you are currently using XP or another OS! on Oct 1
 Linus Torvalds reccommends not upgrading to Windows 7Anon on Oct 2
  Don't worry, I'm not buying a new computer to get Windows 7 ! on Oct 2
A Native American tribe so primitive that it hasn't even descovered simple antialiasinganon on Sep 26
 * Nagrono-Karabakh is part of Armenia, not a Native American tribe.ymous on Sep 26
HALF OF the forums are OFF LIMITS to non-members. NOW no new members? on Sep 10
 EXLAMATION POINTS RULE!!!Billy Mays on Sep 10
  * Yeah and exclamation points are easy to place! No digging! STEELERS BEAT TITANS AGAIN! on Sep 10
They buried Billy Mays with an "Awesome Auger" FOR ONLY 19.99! on Aug 15
 Another Top Salesman on Sep 10
  If necessity is the Mother of invention... and Microsoft is the Father.. on Sep 10
Pete????????? on Aug 14
 Here's the problem...Pete on Aug 14
Random QuestionBen on Aug 5
 YES, but at least you solved the vegetable problem on Aug 5
  I thought soBen on Aug 5
   Lowlifes take advantage of old people all the time. on Aug 5
    Hmmm...Ben on Sep 15
     * LOL, that's my Ben...... on Sep 15
Bill Maher: "Of course we picked an Illegal Alien to clean all of this shit up!" on Aug 1
Linus = communismAnon on Jul 27
 * Free <> communism! By any stretch of the imagination. on Jul 30
Scientists have created a computer made of bacteriaAnonymous on Jul 25
Is there some sort of equivalent to grep that works on hard copies?Anonymous on Jul 15
 * Eyeballs?qbguy on Jul 15
EMOONING on Jul 14
 * Don, that is absolutely the most (_^_)N9 thing I've ever seen. :) on Jul 14
 Oh, and you missed one... on Jul 14
  *ROFL -- great stuff guys! on Jul 14
   * Bob is not used to ASSY text as he prefers graphics. on Jul 14
Random Musings on Dealing with a Boring JobPhyloGenesis on Jul 13
 * OR you could find a GOOD job that you like! Why suffer? You only live once! on Jul 13
 WorkBen on Jul 13
  You'll find out when you are still working at McDonalds at age 35! on Jul 13
   OkBen on Jul 13
    I have met happy poor people and worried millionares. on Jul 13
     I think someone who does not like to work would be happier if he was richBen on Jul 14
      There already are programming programs! QB64 would qualify. on Jul 14
      There already is a program that writes programs, and has been since 1958Anonymous on Jul 14
       What I mean is...Ben on Jul 14
        That's true. But that is true about most thing in life. on Jul 14
        Yes, but then who will WRITE those librariesAnonymous on Jul 15
        Guess the next number in this sequence: 10, 9, 8.5, 8.25, 8.125... on Jul 16
         How many fingers am I holding up? on Jul 17
          * All I know is that it probably isn't the ring finger. on Jul 17
           * No, but you're close ;) on Jul 17
          Read this (* URL)prof. dr. e. w. dijkstra on Jul 18
           It's not a very good paper I think on Jul 19
            * That paper works well in the outhouse! on Jul 21
   Wall Street?Ben on Jul 15
    Wall Street is gambling actually. on Jul 15
     I don't think it's gamblingBen on Jul 16
      Those people are called "day traders" on Jul 16
       How is this done?Ben on Jul 17
        You have to be of legal age to buy equities by yourself... on Jul 17
         Sounds not goodBen on Jul 17
          NOW you get it Ben! on Jul 17
           *Have you seen "the deadliest catch"?Ben on Jul 18
            * I've probably seen most of them. on Jul 18
           That's why I'm waiting for QB64 to get the _TradeStock statement added... on Jul 18
          It's a lot slower, but... on Jul 17
           *Why worry about about illegal aliens while brokers in suits are robbing people? on Jul 17
            Yeah, besides in this economy no new businesses are even opening up. Except mine... on Jul 18
  Good programmers are lazy, but nobody wants to hire lazy programmers on Jul 13
Ubuntu Wineqbguy on Jul 11
 * YOU MISSED! Your forum is one click above this one! on Jul 11
Game teaches Lambda Calculusqbguy on Jul 10
 * Dies laughing! on Jul 11
How Hot are you? on Jul 9
 * Move to Alaska you Palin lover! It's nice in MN. on Jul 9
 That's OK, honey, Al and Barack will reduce Global Warming... on Jul 9
  * Like a chiroquacter solves anything! "See you next week" on Jul 9
   Al Gore is actually an acronym... on Jul 10
    * Officle? What's that? on Jul 10
     * It's a typo. We just alloted 1.4 billion of your tax dollars to fix it. on Jul 10
If we sent Viagra to North Korea... on Jul 6
 * Is it an "erection year" there? on Jul 6
  *Good point, don't send the Viagra and he won't be up for re-erection. on Jul 6
Another Republican bites the dust! Sarah Palin resigns... on Jul 3
 * About &pi; daysAnonymous on Jul 3
 * Back off there Clipster or I'll shove a moose up your ascii. Antlers first!Sarah Palin on Jul 4
  * No thanks. I am currently practicing Alaskan (Canadian?) celebacy on Jul 4
 * Oh, you mean like the people of MN, who elected Al Franken? on Jul 4
  * LOL, you should know that "everybody likes him"! on Jul 4
   I like Sarah. I don't like Al on Jul 4
    * You know you really like me! on Jul 5
     Hey Al. Q: What do you get when you combine Al Frankin with a pile of crap? on Jul 5
      * Don't Newts usually live on piles of crap? I don't. on Jul 5
       * Screw you, Al. on Jul 6
        * I am willing and able and I know that you really like me! on Jul 6
Going on a surprise ski trip on Jun 30
 I "knew" someone once who went on a surprise ski trip... on Jun 30
  I once went on a surprise ski trip... on Jun 30
   I once went on a surprise camping trip on Jul 1
    *Tent or teepee? on Jul 1
    I remember that trip, when Blondie went to Texas... on Jul 1
     * Remember? Where were you? She met the dumbest Texan ever! on Jul 1
Hey Mr. Obama... North Korea states, "Wipe the U.S. off the map?" Here's your solutiion. on Jun 27
 That freaking Truman would not let us pummel them! on Jun 27
  It's not a stalemate anymore... on Jun 27
   Satellite photo of North and South Korea at night on Jun 28
    * interesting countryBen on Aug 15
     * USA should invade themBen on Feb 23
      7 months AFTER the post, you want the USA to invade them? on Feb 23
       WOW!!! i tried looking for the thread...unseenmachine on Feb 24
* Warning! Zyrtec symptoms include talking to cats, bicycles and fishing poles! on Jun 23
 What dat? on Jun 24
  * I gather you've never seen a Zyrtec commercial on TV. :-) on Jun 24
  It's not the allergy that causes those strange symptoms.Solitaire on Jun 25
   * Surely NOT! The commercials show those side effects....LOL on Jun 25
   I always invest in drug companies. You CAN'T LOSE! on Jun 26
    The money is in the pain killers stock because... on Jun 26
     I agree. I found Michael Jackson to be a "pain." and it killed him... on Jun 27
      *And, I agree with you. Well said, doc! on Jun 27
      * Hell, we even threw a little kid next to him in bed to revive him! on Jun 27
Congrats to my Los Angeles Lakers... on Jun 14
 *Hear, hear! on Jun 14
 * I wonder what Lake they are referring to............. on Jun 16
  The team is originally from Detroit... on Jun 16
   * Great, now Clippy will call them either the Takers or the Fakers. on Jun 16
   Well at least we got to beat the REAL Detroit Redwings! on Jun 16
*Congratulations, Clipster -- the Penguins kicked butt! on Jun 13
 * Thanks Bob. Now Pittsburgh has 2 champions. on Jun 13
*Screw Texas on Jun 2
 *Texas sucks on Jun 2
  *The Texas government is a bunch of theives. on Jun 2
   The State of Texas can lick the road oil off of my tires. It can suck my exaust pipe. on Jun 2
 Reminds me of a chat session we had where mennonite and I predicted MC was likely to... on Jun 2
  I shouldn't go near a keyboard when i'm angry. on Jun 2
   Naw, we don't want to build that fence to keep those Mexicans out. on Jun 2
   You're gonna make it after all... on Jun 2
    Dammit, leave religion out of this! on Jun 2
    Self-employment advice - I agree with Pete on Jun 3
     I had the same problem... on Jun 3
      Johnny Carson did something he loved too... on Jun 3
       *Capital-elitist, eh? That's what I do now -- the Gov't pays me to loaf! on Jun 3
        * Since Canada is paying for it, could you figure out the icon structure? on Jun 9
         ' I'm not sure: windows xp stores icons in PNG or bitmap?Ben on Jun 9
          I'm aware of that, but I want to create icons using bitmaps. on Jun 9
           Have you tried the info found here? *URL on Jun 10
            * Yep. on Jun 10
   *thank you all for your replies. on Jun 22
A tongue twister about Lispqbguy on May 30
 *(rofl) on May 30
Speaking of the Penguins on May 29
When I drink beer, I drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends.The most interesting man in the world on May 28
 *Thanks for shedding light on the global shortage of that particular brand. on May 28
  * 's are not very interesting. But I am! on May 28
   * LOL - Good comeback. on May 29
Wolfram Alphaqbguy on May 18
 * Cool! Ask it how high your IQ is........................ on May 18
Is QBASIC still the best language for teaching?qbguy on May 17
 * Probably best for learning! You learned pretty fast! :-P on May 17
  I won't contest that Qbasic is pretty damn good for learning on your ownPharoah on May 19
 For and against.roy on May 17
  qbasicBen on May 17
  * That's ridiculous! C is harder no matter what you used before FGS! on May 17
   Unless yo used to code in binary on a UNIVAC. ;).... on May 18
    The C language was created BY programmers FOR programmers.Solitaire on May 21
 I don't believe such a thing exists on May 19
  * LOL @ payroll program. Ya know, I actually made one :) on May 19
   lol Me too, not at school though, first job after. ;).... on May 19
    I was 47 though...................... on May 19
  Do I hear 4 happy meals? ;) on May 19
   *I think I should point out that Scheme (one of my suggestions) is not (usually) OOPharoah on May 19
    * Is your use of parenthisis in your post intended to evoke Scheme code?qbguy on May 19
     *Nope, just trying to add info while keeping my title short enough to fit.Pharoah on May 20
 I have a possibly unpopular opinion on May 20
  Naw, the kids should start programming the first day on May 20
   I agree with Clippy on this onePharoah on May 20
  That's impossibleqbguy on May 20
   Re: That's impossible on May 23
    * So is making the newsletter apparently............. on May 24
 useful? yes. the best? probably not. on May 21
  *Qbasic is for new programmers that previously had no interest. on May 21
 How NOT to teach programmingqbguy on May 22
  *LolPharoah on May 22
Americans do not speak EnglishAnonymous on May 10
 * ¿Qué? on May 10
Dumb DOS Question on May 9
 Your BBB directory holds the CCC directory which has files in it. on May 9
 You mean like this?qbguy on May 9
  No, here's the problem..... on May 9
   You might try redoing it using XCOPY... on May 10
    * XCOPY works -- it even does incremental backups with the /D optionqbguy on May 10
Help with DOS!!!!!!Mr.DOS on May 7
 You mean the Windows command prompt, right?Dean Menezes on May 7
  Re: You mean the Windows command prompt, right?Thanks! on May 7
   Unless I'm mistaken, the OP sounds like a student who wants to hackSolitaire on May 25
    * Too late, QBguy already did the hacking for him! What a hero......... on May 25
    REMr.DOS on May 25
     * All they have to do is compare the batch file date to the signed on User, LOL on May 25
      That doesn't work becauseqbguy on May 26
       * Haven't you done enough already? YOU BOTH ARE CRIMINALS! on May 26
  * What about Bullwinkle? on May 8
   * What the Feathers is Bullwinkle?qbguy on May 8
    * You know, like Rocky the flying squirrel and his moose buddy. on May 8
Find out when MIT students do their laundry and go to the bathroomAnonymous on May 6
 You can also check it from the command lineqbguy on May 6
  * Copy and paste into notepad so ASCII art works rightqbguy on May 6
   * DELETE PARENTAnonymous on May 6
    * DELETE child with NO name or alias! on May 6
*Cinco De Mayo is alive and well on the border states*;-) on May 5
 * I'm sorry to hear your mayonaise went down the sinko. on May 5
 * I call them the Mexican sieve states. Like Mexicans need an excuse to drink? on May 5
Stupid, stupid, stupid! on May 2
 Hey, you don't have to call my name three times.. on May 2
 If you were running Linux, you could use KDE Screen Ruler on May 5
  * But I use Windows... Because you have to learn to crawl before you can learn to run... on May 5
  * If you're running GNOME rather than KDE, there's a screen ruler that uses GTK as wellqbguy on May 6
   * What does GNOME have to do with politics or religion? on May 6
    * How do you be off topic in the off topic forum LOL?qbguy on May 6
     * AHA! So you admit that GNOME is a philosophy? on May 6
Honey, I'm home! on May 1
 *No. lolroy on May 1
  *Who is Blondie Galaxy ?roy on May 1
   * "The Universe" 's girl friend............... on May 1
    * Does his wife know?roy on May 1
   Hey, at least she is not high maintenance... on May 1
    *Yes, but you have still got Clippy.roy on May 1
     * But at least he's not as cheap; he'll buy you dinner, first. on May 1
 Welcome home, dinner's on the table.... on May 1
  *Creep.roy on May 1
   * Looks like Roy escaped the London Mental Ward today! on May 1
    If roy could be any flavor of singing hillbilly, what flavor would he be? on May 1
     OK, what key would roy sing in? on May 2
      * Tap, tap, tap... Is this thing on? on May 2
       The dinner bell is ringin' and y'all are in for a treat. on May 2
        I hear rattlesnake tastes like chicken; but you know what else tasts a lot like chicken??? on May 2
         * THAK you very much? Pedro speaks with forked tongue! on May 2
 We all missed you... on May 1
  Well that post really lowers the bar around here... on May 1
   * At least now I can sit at the bar with my Hoveround. on May 1
I was wonderingAnonymous on Apr 30
 rich people.... on May 1
 You are way behind the curve.roy on May 1
  * Yeah, I see that the British bailed out of Iraq already. on May 1
   *We sorted out Iraq and are now going to reinforce ..roy on May 1
    *Ignore the asterisk.roy on May 1
    Friendly fire? THAT IS AN INSULT TO the USA! Limey bas.......! on May 1
  really?Anonymous on May 1
   Why not just Google Swine fever shares.roy on May 1
You know why they call it Windows 7? on Apr 23
 * 7 ain't enough either man, but anything to forget Vista is mucho grande! on Apr 23
  7 compared to Vista on Apr 24
   Easyqbguy on May 24
    You forgot the link to that awsome dictionary file. WANKSTA? on May 24
     You want more words?qbguy on May 24
    Actuallyqbguy on May 24
     * Are you talkin to me? on May 24
If Microsoft made software for the Star Trek Generation, you know what they say about it? on Apr 23
 Worry not for hope is not lost. Ol' Billy may be returning to Microsoft. (URL)RpgFan on Apr 23
  *That would be an improvement and good to see you roaming about again. It's been awhile. on Apr 23
  What has BILLY ever done for the PC? on Apr 23
   *He didn't steal DOS, he bought it from some real programmer for $50,000. on Apr 23
    * LOL, I hear I could buy your neighbor's house for 50K now! Howdy neighbor..... on Apr 23
    Actually, I hear clippy may be right.... on Apr 24
     Rent the movie, The Pirates of Silicon Valley... on Apr 24
      lol well let's just say..... on Apr 24
       * I suppose you don't believe Charliton Heston lead the Jews out of Egypt, either. on Apr 24
        * No, but he did lead us to better assault hunting weapons! on Apr 24
   It isn't a question of whether he's bad or not...RpgFan on Apr 25
    * You are correct RPG. It's only his software that's bad or stolen, LOL on Apr 25
 * I am not a cancer. Linux is a cancer.Steve Ballmer on Apr 24
  * Oh, so I should switch to BSD then?Dean Menezes on Apr 24
Why is Chaney hounding Obama? on Apr 21
Inca Indians (Oops, Native South Americans) believed they were decendents of the Sun&Moon. on Apr 19
 *The moon, and the stars, belong to me*;-) on May 1
  *No they don't . They belong to me.Pakistani Prince on May 1
   * Not when the Taliban take over pal! on May 1
   * Pakistan is doomed on May 1
    * No, because our friend USA will protect our poppies.Pakistani Prince on May 1
     * Sure if you want to be another Iraq! You don't want our help........ on May 1
      *If we become another Iraq, then USA will give us lots of dollars.Pakistani Prince on May 1
New Microsoft mascot: Binder ClippySolitaire on Apr 19
 Or what do Microsoft Clippy and Michael Jackson have in common? on Apr 19
TEXAS to succede from the Union? on Apr 17
 * The word is 'secede', not "succede"Speeling Poleece on Apr 17
  OK, how 'bout : Will TEXAS succeed without being in the Union? on Apr 17
   * You forgot your assterisk again. :) on Apr 17
Someone needs a Cappuccino and piece of apple pie on Apr 17
 * The Rock likes pie! on Apr 17
Once A Marine Always A MarineMarineDon on Apr 13
 *Who's Ronald Regan? on Apr 13
 I must admit... on Apr 13
 Why don't you re-enlist? on Apr 13
  No joke... on Apr 13
   MarineDon on Apr 14
 That guy might have been a Sergeant in the U.S.M.C... on Apr 14
  ReplyMarineDon on Apr 15
   Well good for you, Don... on Apr 16
 America is in war?Ben on Apr 15
  Not So...MarineDon on Apr 15
  Spoken like a wuss Canadian that depends on the USA to do the dirty work! on Apr 15
   *Post removed by author on Apr 16
   Re: Spoken like a wuss Canadian that depends on the USA to do the dirty work!Ben on Apr 16
    It is NONE of your business. What, me worry? on Apr 16
     Please get your facts right before you mouth off.roy on Apr 17
      If cars could run on egocentricity, we would never have an energy crisis in the U.S.A. on Apr 17
     Re: ...Ben on Apr 18
      * A simple launch across the North Pole would do the job. on Apr 18

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