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Two Obama SpeechesObama on Apr 5
 * Yeah sure, but who pays the listeners?Clippy on Apr 7
Spiders... (includes a question for Pete). (snakes also.)Michael Calkins on Mar 30
 We have 4 venomous snakes around here (NC)Dav on Apr 5
  * WHERE the **** are you? :-0Clippy on Apr 5
   Seems like a zoo sometimesDav on Apr 10
    Re: Seems like a zoo sometimesMichael Calkins on Apr 22
 * I just found a recluse in my shower (after getting in and turning the water on).Michael Calkins on Apr 22
You are invited to the memorial of Jesus's death.Michael Calkins on Mar 29
 you know anything about these dialect of christianity?Ben on Mar 30
  not much.Michael Calkins on Mar 30
   it is a nice buildingBen on Mar 31
Grr.Michael Calkins on Mar 24
 It is against the law in some states!Clippy on Mar 25
  Yes, it's illegal in Illinois.ChronoKitsune on Mar 25
   Re: Yes, it's illegal in Illinois.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 * I like the catBen on Mar 25
  *Yeah, we've had her for about a decade now. She is crazy.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 Re: Grr.Pete on Mar 26
  Well I asked Jeeves, my private servant and he said...The Juan Percent on Mar 26
  Re: Grr.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 On a slightly different topic, Michael...TheBOB on Mar 26
  * I think it's the Alamo...:-)Clippy on Mar 26
  Those were model buildings on display in Poth city hall.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
   *Thanks! (your phone sure gets around).TheBOB on Mar 26
    *Yes. I take an insane number of photos.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 congratulations, you've discoveredstosb on May 15
Long time, no seeIain on Mar 7
 *Hi, Iain! It's slowed down quite a bit since the old days, but we're still at it.TheBOB on Mar 7
 * I guess you haven't had any problems so...glad to hear from ya!Clippy on Mar 7
VideoBen on Feb 13
 I think I know what you meanMichael Calkins on Feb 14
  *what would you recommend?Ben on Mar 2
   *For what specifically? If in general: I'd recommend not worrying too much about it.Michael Calkins on Mar 4
 You were self-conscious of the taping tooClippy on Feb 14
  You're right Clipster -- self-consciousness makes a difference...TheBOB on Feb 14
   I concur. TheBob Candid.Pete on Feb 15
    *lol - yes he would have looked ridiculous if he'd known he was being recorded.TheBOB on Feb 16
     AW that was staged!Clippy on Feb 17
     Batman vs Green HornetPete on Feb 17
*God's name (URL)Michael Calkins on Feb 10
 * Dog is that name backwards...Clippy on Feb 11
 * Thanks for saving our bandwidth!Pete on Feb 15
Yayyy, Giants! ...TheBOB on Feb 6
 NO it wasn't!Clippy on Feb 6
  Tell us more, Mr. Geography...TheBOB on Feb 6
   We used to go to West Virginia!Clippy on Feb 6
    "Nope, never been. If I did go, I doubt if I would drive.TheBOB on Feb 6
     * When did they change the * to a quotation mark?Clippy on Feb 6
      *lol - not sure how that happened, but I'll leave it so your comment still makes sense.TheBOB on Feb 7
       * That was that mysterious "ANY" KEY :-)Clippy on Feb 7
        *Odd that I would PRESS it, though, since I wasn't planning TO CONTINUE.TheBOB on Feb 7
Without Government who would build the roads?Toad Man on Jan 31
 Like the nature thing would be any cheaper...Clippy on Jan 31
State of Union Bingo -- Entire board filled after 15 minutesAnonymous on Jan 24
 Why working people are the REAL JOB CREATORS!Clippy on Jan 25
HITLER Finds Out TEBOW Beat Steelers in AFC WILD CARDClippy on Jan 13
 * We beat 'em, too!Niners on Jan 13
  SHHH...DON'T TELL Hitler, he's mad enough...Clippy on Jan 16
building a towerBen on Dec 26
 That is what "hod carriers" are for.Clippy on Dec 26
 *763 feet.TheBOB on Dec 27
 999 bricks high (101.898 m OR 334.311 ft) **mathematical proof inside**ComputerGhost on Dec 29
  *Also, I proved this tower can always support its own weight with my selected brickComputerGhost on Dec 29
  * hahaMichael Calkins on Dec 29
 lifting a brickBen on Jan 3
  * SO, what kind of crap are you taking now bad boy?Clippy on Jan 3
   You'll have to excuse Clippy, he doesn't lift bricks...Super Mario on Jan 3
    WASSAMATTER? You lost your funny boy password IORR?Clippy on Jan 4
     *didn't you find stylez or someone from here in prison?Ben on Jan 4
      * LOL, not really, but he did NOT appreciate the innuendo...:-)Clippy on Jan 5
North KoreaBen on Dec 19
 * Are you Kim's son? :-PClippy on Dec 20
Stop the NYPD from protecting Fox News!Clippy on Dec 7
tactfully misleading english word playBen on Dec 3
 * OMG I hope you are not fat Ben...:-)Clippy on Dec 6
  * no I hate fat peopleBen on Dec 6
   * Well what kind of people do you like? Skinny?Clippy on Dec 7
CNN cant do geographyGeography teacher on Nov 4
 * Neither can Qbasic...try QB64. At least you can render the maps...Clippy on Nov 10
We had an earthquake this morning.Michael Calkins on Oct 20
 Glad you're alright...TheBOB on Oct 20
  thank you.Michael Calkins on Oct 20
   I felt the one that hit VirginiaClippy on Oct 23
DPS reports that the Mexican cartels are hiring high school students.Michael Calkins on Oct 20
* Dennis Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 8, 2011)Michael Calkins on Oct 13
 I had been reluctant to post thisMichael Calkins on Oct 20
* Steven Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)Michael Calkins on Oct 6
 Things you might not have known about Steve Jobs...Clippy on Oct 7
The TRUTH about our country!Clippy on Oct 4
Not a LOL CatAnonymous on Sep 25
 Funny how he only mentioned stuff for the "little people"...Clippy on Sep 25
Obviously the correct answer is Option Number 1Anonymus on Sep 22
 * Obviously you think like a Republican...stupidClippy on Sep 23
Christians are no part of the world.Michael Calkins on Aug 27
 Rick Perry makes deals with the Devil and Contributors!Clippy on Aug 27
  Re: Rick Perry makes deals with the Devil and Contributors!Pete on Sep 3
   * I guess you will be HERE for quite a while then Pedro...Clippy on Sep 3
    Sure, they say money can't buy happiness...Pete on Sep 3
     We are thankful that you pay the rent.Clippy on Sep 4
      Yes we are, especially since Pete's Microsoft stock is soft...TheBOB on Sep 4
       * Microsoft? Ah, you assume I short stiocks. :)Pete on Sep 5
        * Republicans SHORT EVERYTHING!Clippy on Sep 7
         * You're just upset because Republicans don't make condoms. :)Pete on Sep 8
          They even SHORT them! I need extra large for you sweetheart!Clippy on Sep 8
Firefox major version numberMichael Calkins on Aug 27
News from the FutureAnonymus of Hungary on Aug 18
 *Since when is the republican party a "third party"?Michael Calkins on Aug 18
  * Since the world was flat, silly!ChronoKitsune on Aug 18
   Don't laugh! I think many Republican believe the world is flat.Clippy on Aug 19
    * Don't poke fun at Pete. He'll poke a pill at you!ChronoKitsune on Aug 19
     * Pete's golfing with Boner!Clippy on Aug 21
    Where on Earth would you find a Democrat who actually believes he's done a good job?Pete on Aug 24
The ASCII Consortium (parody of Unicode)Anonymous on Aug 13
 * They invented Unicode AFTER ASCII became such a success!Clippy on Aug 18
Why are the parents allowing their kids to riot? Those kids need to be spanked.Michael Calkins on Aug 9
 They have to in Texas. Everybody is armed...Clippy on Aug 9
 guns & drugs are pretty coolBen on Aug 10
*remaining stationary for too long can cause blood clots.(URLs)Michael Calkins on Jul 31
 * remaining stationary too long can cause starvation...Clippy on Aug 3
Capitalism vs CommunismAnonymous on Jul 26
* (URL) 0^0=?ChronoKitsune on Jul 16
 *i like it.Michael Calkins on Jul 16
  * I don'tClippy on Jul 17
   * WHY?! WHY WON'T YOU MARRY ME?!!?!?!?!?!!!?!!!11!1!!?!/1ChronoKitsune on Jul 17
    * Because I'm not gay...Clippy on Jul 17
     *You might also have responded, "Because I'm not a minister".TheBOB on Jul 17
      * TheBOB: 1, Clippy: 0 (does it burn?)ChronoKitsune on Jul 17
      * Well I'm not a minister either, but are you gay?...:-)Clippy on Jul 18
       Maybe it's low T? But Clippy, he knows how to make a woman happy...Pete on Jul 20
        * Do ya know what makes lawyers happy? Quacks!Clippy on Jul 20
*Tau: double pi (URL)Michael Calkins on Jun 28
 * I HATE PI and that goes DOUBLE for TAU! .... :-PClippy on Jun 28
 seems to make senseBen on Jun 30
  * What would you do to find the circle's surface area? Divide it by 2?Clippy on Jun 30
   Effectively, yes.ChronoKitsune on Jul 1
    PI = 4 * ATN(1) and TAU = 8 * ATN(1)Clippy on Jul 1
     That's why I think using PI *and* TAU is a better option.ChronoKitsune on Jul 1
      I got a better idea. TWO = 2 so circumference = TWO * PI * RClippy on Jul 2
      You know what's even better than pi and tau?qbguy on Jul 2
*The FBI should hunt down whoever wrote Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef.Michael Calkins on Jun 28
Why Capitalism is better than CommunismAnonymous on Jun 23
 InterestingClippy on Jun 23
 *ROFLPete on Jun 24
*(URL) Mark Russinovich uses his tools to analyze Stuxnet.Michael Calkins on May 18
 *I highly recommend reading the Symantec analysis.Michael Calkins on May 19
May 21Michael Calkins on May 18
 Thank you kindly, MC.ChronoKitsune on May 18
  *I'm glad you like it. Are you a hockey player, btw?Michael Calkins on May 18
   * Nope. That's a different person. :-PChronoKitsune on May 19
 * Not one self-respecting Mayan would buy into that May 21st crap either.Pete on May 18
 *Correction: They say May 21 is Judgement day, and the end of the world is Oct 21.Michael Calkins on May 18
  * Well I bet that dude feels pretty foolish now.Pete on May 22
   "That dude" and his outfit are MILLIONAIRES 20 times over!Clippy on May 22
 The Watchtower study articles for this week and next are related to this topic.Michael Calkins on May 18
  A lot of JW's had their end of the World and it didn't work out.Pete on May 19
   Re: A lot of JW's had their end of the World and it didn't work out.Michael Calkins on May 19
    Well thank God the people who wrote passages in the Bible didn't also write car manuals.Pete on May 19
 *bbc(url)Michael Calkins on May 20
  Re: *bbc(url)Anonymous on May 20
  *urlMichael Calkins on May 22
 Everybody has got this wronglawgin on May 23
  * Who really are the 3 Stooges WITH Shemp tagging alongClippy on May 23
* I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife.Mr. Green on May 16
 *sounds like a good idea. i would too, if i were married.Michael Calkins on May 16
 * GREAT idea! I'm gonna do that too! When do you go to work?Clippy on May 17
Ad space available between Arizona and Mexico.Pete on May 9
 Run!Clippy on May 9
 *So who reads the ads? People entering Mexico/US illegally?TheBOB on May 11
  * I don't think they have any Taco Bells in Mexico! They roll their own!Clippy on May 11
Birth Certificate finally released, but the ISSUE goes on!Clippy on Apr 27
 *Ha! I'll whip one up for you -- and I don't even have Photoshop!TheBOB on Apr 28
  * Please do! Can you make up a list of my grades from Harvard?B. Obammy on Apr 28
 * Kenya believe it?Pete on Apr 28
  Why not just say it?Clippy on Apr 29
   That's pretty lame thinking...Pete on Apr 30
    If Obama was NOT born here I am QUITE SURE the Republicans would have stopped it!Clippy on Apr 30
     Oh ouch, what a snappy retort. I'd throw myself in front of a bus...Pete on Apr 30
      * REALLY, when do you suppose the Republicans are gonna try to do that? :-PClippy on Apr 30
       * When Obama wrecks the economy to the point where even Trump can't afford a car.Pete on May 1
        Well at least TRUMP knows how to get us out of debt!Clippy on May 1
         It's your system!Unseen on May 1
          This from a peon in a country that just spent $100 million on a ROYAL wedding!Clippy on May 1
           I knowUnseen on May 2
            LOL @ ninja face masks :-)Clippy on May 2
             I also thought the ninja thing was funny.Michael Calkins on May 2
              * AFAIK, you can be put in jail if you cannot prove citizenship in Arizona now.Clippy on May 2
FIXED! I updated Chrome's IE TAB add-onClippy on Apr 17
The memorial of Jesus's deathMichael Calkins on Apr 13
 A question, Michael...TheBOB on Apr 15
  Re: A question, Michael...Michael Calkins on Apr 16
   *Thank-you.TheBOB on Apr 16
Whoever wrote rogue.win32/fakerean needs to get smacked a few times.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
 That sounds nasty.ChronoKitsune on Apr 4
  Re: That sounds nasty.Michael Calkins on Apr 6
   I have the same startup delay on my XP ProClippy on Apr 8
 Is that the XP Security Tool 2011? hahahaBen on Apr 9
  how to remove this piece of ****Dick on Apr 9
   perhaps they did not associate the .COM extension, that is why they it is removable withDick on Apr 9
   Didn't find anything in .EXE butClippy on Apr 10
    Re: Why doesn't regedit/regedt32 ask you to save changes?ChronoKitsune on Apr 11
   Re: how to remove this piece of ****Michael Calkins on Apr 11
    I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Clippy on Apr 12
     Re: I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Michael Calkins on Apr 13
      I found the AVG 9 remover after I called them about itClippy on Apr 13
      Re: I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Ben on May 9
       Windows Vista/7Michael Calkins on May 9
        According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Clippy on May 9
         Re: According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Michael Calkins on May 9
          Re: According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Anonymous on May 9
        A few more things: (brief P.S.)Michael Calkins on May 10
         I hate the administrator concept!Clippy on May 11
          Re: I hate the administrator concept!Michael Calkins on May 11
           Owner already gives you AdministrationClippy on May 11
Obama "I am the taxman"Anonymous on Mar 19
 * Hilarious...and I love the Beatles! <3 Go Obama, the Taxman. (or just stop taxing :)ChronoKitsune on Mar 19
  * He already did! Unfortunately it was $800 BILLION for the RICH!Clippy on Mar 20
Deodorant Anybody?MarineDon on Mar 7
 * Would the stick one be any more appropriate? :)Pete on Mar 10
UntitledBen on Mar 6
 * Not at your age!Clippy on Mar 6
 * No, I wouldn't. Drugs are baaad, maaan! Okay?ChronoKitsune on Mar 6
 *I'm pretty sure that's not even possible.Michael Calkins on Mar 8
 Re: UntitledPete on Mar 10
 Re: UntitledBen on Dec 12
  Wow, Ben.Michael Calkins on Dec 14
 the time machineBen on Dec 14
  * Well it is a lot better than the other story...Clippy on Dec 14
So who wants to upgrade from MS-DOS 5.0 all the way to Windows 7?ChronoKitsune on Mar 3
 Interesting...TheBOB on Mar 4
 nice videoMichael Calkins on Mar 12
Movie TestMarineDon on Feb 16
 What brought this on?Clippy on Feb 16
  Not all go to war for their presidentAnonymous on Feb 16
  ¡Hombres Machos!MarineDon on Feb 16
 Amazing... I picked "The Defeat of Obama in 2012"Pete on Feb 16
  my knees have been feeling a little tired and sore lately, any ideas?Ben on Feb 26
   * Well get off of them then! :-PClippy on Feb 26
 Well, I don't understand the outcome -- being a Canadian, I mean ...TheBOB on Feb 16
 Re: Movie TestMichael Calkins on Feb 17
  18 is a multiple of 9 too...Clippy on Feb 17
   *cool.Michael Calkins on Feb 18
has anyone been watching Nova the last few weeks?Michael Calkins on Feb 10
 *I notice the IBM Watson episode is also scheduled for next Wednesday (my PBS). Thanks!TheBOB on Feb 10
  *yw. by the way, check the non-qp forum, please.Michael Calkins on Feb 10
   *Thanks, Michael.TheBOB on Feb 11
Sorry Clipster :-( ...TheBOB on Feb 6
We have a good chance of snow tomorrow.Michael Calkins on Feb 2
 Never fear, I'm still here to keep ya company!Clippy on Feb 2
  Yes you are.Michael Calkins on Feb 4
   Big Ben Rothlisberger is our QB to keep the topic relevant here...Clippy on Feb 4
    *neither team had cheerleaders? another reason not to watch... :-)Michael Calkins on Feb 7

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