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Cell PhonesMarineDon on Aug 18
 * Excellent advice RE: cell phone information! Recommended!Solitaire on Aug 18
 I locked my keypad and held my car key remote up to it but it didn't unlock my cell phone!Pete on Aug 18
 * Really cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.Dav on Aug 25
Deep Thoughts...Jack Handy on Aug 16
 What about a fire in the Musée du Louvre? on Aug 17
  * I could accept the loss of 2,000 french people a lot easier ;-) on Aug 17
   * levé les tiens!2000 French People on Aug 17
    And I'm kinda surprised to see you say that. lol on Aug 17
     What Is That Translation?MarineDon on Aug 17
      Translation: Running gag between Myst and me.... on Aug 18
   * I'm not surprised to see you type something like that. on Aug 17
    2000 phoney French people can't be wrong!King of France on Aug 17
Deep Thoughts...Jack Handy on Aug 16
Question about VGer Lite Soruce Code on Aug 15
 I believe bp made V'Ger Lite. You might want to ask this in the main forum.Pete on Aug 15
  Thanks for the info on Aug 15
What do you all think about the war?Iain on Aug 9
 The impression I got.roy on Aug 9
 Well the news here reported that the conflict started by Georgian aggression.... on Aug 9
  Man, if you play UNO and forget to say it.............Cheech on Aug 9
  I don't have much timeIain on Aug 11
Hope for Windows 7??? on Aug 7
 Re: Hope for Windows 7???rpgfan3233 on Aug 7
  I'm not overly fond of Vista taking up space on both drives... on Aug 7
How could anybody figure what is reasonable in your mind Menn? on Aug 3
 Re: How could anybody figure what is reasonable in your mind Menn?mennonite on Aug 3
  i've figured out what to call youmennonite on Aug 3
   You have until I wake up tomorrow morning to get rid of that "Ghost of Mac" comment.Pete on Aug 4
    are you illiterate or just that in love with ted?mennonite on Aug 4
     but if that's too much for you to follow, here's the dick and jane versionmennonite on Aug 4
      and since you're not paying ANY attention...mennonite on Aug 4
cheap air fresheners make the baby jesus crymennonite on Jul 31
 *it smells like who-gas!mennonite on Jul 31
Wikipedia's Real Programmers. on Jul 26
 Looks like they did their research.....;) on Jul 26
  *never know, it could happen one day XP on Jul 26
 hacker lore from 1983 (*url)mennonite on Jul 26
  Re: hacker lore from 1983qbguy on Jul 26
 That was a quote from Dykstra! A know it all programmer. on Jul 26
  Those quotes about real programmers were not by Dijkstraqbguy on Jul 26
   Actually, I think only the one at the bottom was by larry wallqbguy on Jul 26
   It cooda been Djykstra come to think of it.......... on Jul 26
 xkcd beats everyone at being a real programer so haqbguy on Jul 26
Ain't Karma a beaotch!Pete on Jul 24
 This is the US, not Soviet Russiaqbguy on Jul 24
  * Next the Mexicans will have our workers going there to build GM cars on Jul 24
 Re: Ain't Karma a beaotch! on Jul 24
  *Hey, that's great, but can you speak with an American accent the way the Indian guys do? on Jul 24
proposed changes to the indexmennonite on Jul 23
 GREAT! Except that the QB64 forum HAS a Big Program area. on Jul 23
  most people post code rarelymennonite on Jul 23
   Your philosophy about programming is FREE! Sure. on Jul 23
    I enrolled in that course, TedPete on Jul 23
     * Are you sure that was not OBFUSCATED.BS version 1.01? on Jul 23
  * Where can I download this two player game? ;) lol on Jul 23
   * www.whogas.comPete on Jul 23
 LOLqbguy on Jul 23
  rofl...mennonite on Jul 23
   * Right, you just consider it another place to blow smoke anyhow! on Jul 24
    *you're the one that blows, tedmennonite on Jul 24
beyond education, why logic will never reignmennonite on Jul 22
 *you're out of your VULC'N mind!spock, spock the vulcan doc on Jul 22
  Hey Spock himself said so ;).... on Jul 22
   *and wisdom is the beginning of logicmennonite on Jul 22
 *Man, what kinda Loco you on man? You just disproved all you said!Cheech on Jul 22
  *how?mennonite on Jul 22
 My response...rpgfan3233 on Jul 22
  yeah, but what about the oneness of your zeroes?mennonite on Jul 23
   Computers are Logical, but they have no emotions either on Jul 23
    emotions give people access to information they cannot arrive at logicallymennonite on Jul 23
     Emotions and Experience tend to block Logic on Jul 23
      yes, emotions and experience do block logic.mennonite on Jul 23
       by the way, are you ever going to explain this (*url)mennonite on Jul 23
        wrong url (*url)mennonite on Jul 23
         NOPE! Your Experience or Emotion is apparently to NOT Login today on Jul 23
 Re: beyond education, why logic will never reignGreenMan on Jul 22
  *i like this roger penrose guymennonite on Jul 22
I managed to post something to my forum using telnet and http postqbguy on Jul 21
 * Somebody should post something after all. Look how great I am! on Jul 21
  ???qbguy on Jul 21
   * Why answer? You always know it all anyway......... on Jul 21
    * Text in an asterisk post?Asterick Police on Jul 21
    *how many programs do you think should be in proud of?mennonite on Jul 21
     *About the number you have I guess LOL on Jul 21
smells like cheese spirita nonny mouse on Jul 17
 *got a black hole! for my lipo! cause i need those, bags of fritos!mennonite on Jul 17
Quick, someone call Tony Blair and ask him if George can have a sleep over! on Jul 11
 Ebay? Then you are open to the highest bidder....... on Jul 11
 The majority would agree but the world is not run by the majority.roy on Jul 11
  Unfortunately Rich people don't care about the rest of us. on Jul 11
   unfortunately, that's mostly truemennonite on Jul 11
    I have to agree here, and that with more than one type of rich folks. on Jul 11
     Character change due to money.roy on Jul 11
  The majority does rule and rich people certainly do care about the rest of us! on Jul 11
   LOL$@ Mayan Descendants.... on Jul 11
    We are all living in a Matrix, anyway... on Jul 11
     Actually the train did stop! on Jul 11
      I doubt your theory, but let me get my train and give it a whirl! on Jul 11
       While you may be on track, some things just cannot be imagined on Jul 11
        * I can't imagine that. on Jul 11
 sudo apt-get remove bushqbguy on Jul 11
  * You need qbgal for that! on Jul 11
Sharesroy on Jul 11
 *roy, you need to edit that to Freddie Mac, not 'Fannie Mac'. Trying to save your Fannie. on Jul 11
  I got my Fannies and my Freddies mixed uproy on Jul 11
  So which is it? Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae or both?qbguy on Jul 11
   Sharesroy on Jul 11
    Sharesroy on Jul 11
     * Then watch the value go down on paper until you bail out :-P on Jul 11
      In the U.Kroy on Jul 11
       True, but the overall Gain still suffers with any losses on Jul 11
        Yes it is capital gains here.roy on Jul 11
         I had mutual funds on Jul 11
          I know it is too late now butroy on Jul 11
     Sharesroy on Jul 18
 DOWqbguy on Jul 12
  Because they are not really Companies on Jul 12
  The basic idea of the program.roy on Jul 12
   Now all you have to do is use it on Jul 12
    Tradingroy on Jul 12
     * Damn, I knew there was a catch! So your a "weekly" kind of trader :) on Jul 12
     SELL! SELL! Another 1K off the Dow takes you back to 2000. on Jul 15
      *Buy! Buy! Buy! The market is near or at bottom.roy on Jul 16
       * What if you already got 'em? LOL on Jul 16
        *Hang on and watch your knuckles go white. lolroy on Jul 16
         "Day Traders" just boosted it again on Jul 16
4 more years of eroding the constitutionmennonite on Jul 10
 *OH AND HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!mennonite on Jul 10
  *Man Barack O is gonna give me a one KILO tax break man! on Jul 10
I finally sold one of my FAKE books on ebay! on Jul 6
 I seriously doubt ANYBODY STILL uses 5-1/4 floppies lol! on Jul 6
  I need to get a 5 1/4" drive... on Jul 6
 ROFLqbguy on Jul 6
TO all the harcore QBasic and QB Gurus out there. on Jul 6
 On microsoft's site on Jul 6
  There's something I don't get then. on Jul 6
   According to Wikipediaqbguy on Jul 6
Viacom User Histories Youtubeqbguy on Jul 5
 if you feel viacom has no right to get every ip and username viewing data for every videomennonite on Jul 5
  I don't know, I couldn't give up Star Trek AND Steven Colbert on Jul 5
   colbert is one thing worth continuing to watch, even i watch it every few weeksmennonite on Jul 5
    Atrocious analogy on Jul 5
     an exaggerationmennonite on Jul 5
      You still have it wrong on Jul 6
       metaphors don't have to be exact, they only need to make a pointmennonite on Jul 6
  Viacom should be happy that people like their stuff ! on Jul 5
Happy 4th of July to all in the USA.roy on Jul 4
 celebrating 224 years of freedom!mennonite on Jul 4
  * The grass is always greener on the other side on Jul 4
   *too truemennonite on Jul 4
  *?? The guy on the radio said 232 years! on Jul 4
   *PRINT 2008 - 1776 on Jul 5
    you have the right formula, bobmennonite on Jul 5
   *the guy on the radio counted 8 years of corporate tyrannymennonite on Jul 5
 And a big fat Happy Losers Day to you too, roy!Geogre Bush on Jul 4
  * Who's Geogre? ...............sounds mean on Jul 4
   I'm not agin waterboarding a paperclip...Geogre Bush on Jul 4
 Speaking of the 4th, a bug on Jul 4
  *I posted your link and responded to the problem in Bob's Graphic Forum...URL on Jul 4
Argh on Jul 2
 *Post time test. on Jul 4
* wanna check the index coding under FireFox?! on Jul 2
 The I-Man wrote a javascript to include headers in the Index and I installed it last night on Jul 2
  * Works fine now, on FF 3.0 on Jul 2
   * looks good in FF 5 on Jul 2
    Wow! Where did you get time travel?qbguy on Jul 5
     Maybe python has time travel in addition to antigravityqbguy on Jul 5
     The Universe would not explode, but he would get a big bang out of it. ;) on Jul 5
      time travel on Jul 5
       That reminds me of a great comedy where two guys create a time machine... on Jul 6
        The final word on time travel is... on Jul 7
         There's no such thing as a final word where time is concerned. ;)... on Jul 7
          Hawking on Jul 7
          *except of course for the sweet trolley and a fine selection of aldebaran liqueursmennonite on Jul 7
        Only an hour? I smell trouble if it takes an hour to set up...rpgfan3233 on Jul 7
         lol@get it rightmennonite on Jul 7
         If you go from the future and meet your past self... on Jul 7
          You would have to travel over the speed of light.... on Jul 7
           I traveled over the speed of light just yesterday. on Jul 7
           but sensory experience is already obsoletemennonite on Jul 7
            Really, then why does it take 8.32 minutes to get here? on Jul 7
             oh ffs, i meant years "gmt..." (*url)mennonite on Jul 7
         If you ever wanted to know about relativity on Jul 7
          * Concerning time orientation... do you think it plays both ways?lkt153 on Jul 10
           * I don't know. I was never in time for orientation. Barely made graduation! on Jul 10
            * But I beat you to the mop! on Jul 10
     * OOPS, I meant 2.2. It is Mozilla 5. Just upgraded to 3 on Jul 5
  * tsc tsc 'Unbuntu'? I'll bet windows made you commit that typ'o ;)lkt153 on Jul 3
   Oops! It's probably because I think of it as the Un-windohs operating system. on Jul 3
  * Wow. That's wonderful! A magnificent improvement! Thanks I-Man (Artelius now, right? ;-)rpgfan3233 on Jul 7
*Happy Canada day TheBOB, perhaps others I'm not aware of on Jul 1
 * Just Canada's way of imitating the Fourth here. on Jul 1
  *i'm sure england would do the same thing if they remembered when they were bornmennonite on Jul 1
Is it just me ,roy on Jul 1
 *Just a trial basis on Jul 1
 obviously (*url)mennonite on Jul 1
  Freaking MALCONTENTS...............begone! on Jul 1
   just a note, everyone that disagrees with ted is an **idiotmennonite on Jul 1
   Ted on Jul 2
    I gather that he is mis-understood at times on Jul 2
    i genuinely appreciate it phylomennonite on Jul 2
 *Glad you don't moderate any.................. on Jul 1
  I have enough trouble at on Jul 2
  *I did not notice, what N54 forum has Pete trusted you with.roy on Jul 2
   Three forum moderator suggestions to suit Clippy.roy on Jul 2
    * We will still always have you Roy................matey on Jul 2
note to moiqbmennonite on Jun 30
 here's the link i was going to show you (*url)mennonite on Jun 30
Help man! I got a ride in a trunk across the border but it took days man! on Jun 29
 * Apparently your brain is fried :-P on Jun 29
 hey, man on Jun 30
  Go On Send Illegals Back Home... on Jun 30
   Man, there ain't no fence in Arizona man! on Jun 30
    Well.... on Jun 30
You know what sucks?, D Central on Jun 28
 *Is that a multiple choice question?Spelling Police on Jun 28
 The above post, by , D Central, wasn't made by me. Close IP, but no cigar. on Jun 28
  *What other words have "uu" in them? Suucks? on Jun 28
   Re: *What other words have "uu" in them? Suucks?mennonite on Jun 28
   Well, let's seeqbguy on Jun 28
    yep, just like thatmennonite on Jun 28
    Not that darn dictionary again! on Jun 28
Just wondering...Blondie on Jun 27
 Why sure sweaty pie. Weren't you in cell block 6?Martha $tewart on Jun 27
  i don't see you doing any better, petemennonite on Jun 27
   * I wasn't talking about Ted, ma'am. on Jun 27
    *thanks for clarifying.mennonite on Jun 27
    *Holy crap he used the shift key to type ANY.......:-) on Jun 27
  I dunno about Mystic. Cooks dinner and goes to bed too early. on Jun 27
   You're just jealouse cause you don't get to eat what I cook ;).... on Jun 28
    * The word is jealous, not jealouseSpeeling Police on Jun 28 on Jun 29
   * I rest my case... ;) on Jun 29
  Sweetie pie, not Sweaty Pie... on Jun 29
   * That's cause you never been in Cell block 6. It's sweaty! on Jun 29
    * Clearly you have. ;) lol. on Jun 29
  What part about the Girls of Cell Block 6 did you not understand?Martha $tewart on Jun 29
 I'm a woman.Geeky Grandma on Jun 29
  *Probably because all your KEY words are in CAPS! on Jun 29
  in all seriousness, there are othersmennonite on Jun 29
 programmers on Jun 30
  *aww i love you too, blondie. it's a funny world we live in.mennonite on Jun 30
  Just curious................................. on Jun 30
   Re: Just curious................................. on Jun 30
    * Well, actually I am a fired M$ paperclip anyhow........ on Jun 30
Congress Must Investigate Privacy Violations at U.S. Bordersmennonite on Jun 27
 * Then how did you get here? Over the fence? on Jun 27
  *quit being such a ****ing troll, tedmennonite on Jun 27
 *Yes, Ted, please stop trolling. mennonite, please stop swearing, everyone else, please... on Jun 28
  Where does discussion end and Trolling begin? on Jun 28
   the reason the officials are giving for the searches is they are looking for pirated mediamennonite on Jun 28
    The site is not really sure either on Jun 28
     a few points you're missingmennonite on Jun 28
 It's silly searching media devices... on Jun 28
Pete, can you remove the Edit date stuff in the Mac Memorial? on Jun 25
 Nope... on Jun 25
  How bout compiling it for them then? on Jun 25
   * I successfuly compiled it with QB 7.1 (* URL)qbguy on Jun 25
   The Mac Hello World program... on Jun 25
    Sure Pete, If they want it, send it. on Jun 25
     * OK, sent. on Jun 25
      *Thanks Pete on Jun 25
  The program is Mac's Hello World programqbguy on Jun 25
   Thanks for the effort QB on Jun 25
Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day... on Jun 24
 Fire... on Jun 24
Microsoft Pledges Windows XP Support Through 2014rpgfan3233 on Jun 24
 2014? That is an absolute LIE! on Jun 24
 *... making xp the windows 3.1of the 21st centurymennonite on Jun 24
 Is that stuff (c)? M$ seems to admit Vista is a huge failure! on Jun 24
  if they did learn that (which I agree they should)... on Jun 30
   M$ lives on making their own software obsolete to make money. on Jun 30
 *But they stop selling it in most stores as of Monday. :( on Jun 30
  * You can still get the disks from PC manufacturers . on Jun 30
Sometimes I hate mathematicians...rpgfan3233 on Jun 24
 that's a sign you're a programmermennonite on Jun 24
obviously there are too many forums nowmennonite on Jun 20
 LOOK! You know where to post most came here! on Jun 20
  well there are 14 subforums, i doubt you were intended to have 14 while i can only use 1mennonite on Jun 20
   LOL @ "Not posting at all" on Jun 20
    happy about what?mennonite on Jun 20
     How rules are made: Perhaps we should not change post titles? on Jun 20
      i'm not suggesting we make a "rule" about being honestmennonite on Jun 20
       * Ha, so now you speak for QBguy too? LOL on Jun 20
        no, and i already answered that questionrepeating what i said on Jun 20
         * Make it simple then. Just answer the question W/O any othe BS! on Jun 20
          it was already simple, tedmennonite on Jun 20
           * Mac and Pete were right and I will never answer another post from you on Jun 20
            I doubt your ability to never answer a post by mennonite.rpgfan3233 on Jun 20
             there are two interpretations of that lawmennonite on Jun 20
              * Thanks! Ever consider becoming a philosophy major, if such a thing exists? :-Prpgfan3233 on Jun 20
               lol@ontology of philosophy studentsmennonite on Jun 20
              *"Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” -Sir Isaac Newton on Jun 21
             Naturally, you are still a possibility for my abuse :P on Jun 20
              Thanks for the compliment.rpgfan3233 on Jun 20
               Thank you too! on Jun 20
 I'm inclined to agree to some degree... on Jun 21
  now i turn around and defend the number of forums, but not to arguemennonite on Jun 21
   I think we need to re-think the basis of the forum. on Jun 21
    we agree on a lot of this, although i will stick up for some changesmennonite on Jun 21
    Qbasic posts were never moved unless........ on Jun 21
     *yeah it's just because of me, london, so ignore memennonite on Jun 21
      Yes, avoid mennonite.roy on Jun 22
       * How would you know ya Limey? LOL on Jun 22
       * :D can i use that?mennonite on Jun 22
        *Open, very open, very very open source. lolroy on Jun 22
         * Too bad nobody will read your asterisk genius, LOL! on Jun 22
          Asterisks inside an asterisk postqbguy on Jun 22
           * i used hello until pete recommended spacemennonite on Jun 22
           * I don't add anything and have no problems except New posts on Jun 22
            See that formatted text checkbox at the bottom?qbguy on Jun 22
             * NOPE on Jun 22
              I would like someone to explain.roy on Jun 23
               you already asked him why, and he told you, sort ofmennonite on Jun 23
                *That's what I learned in "Introduction to the Internet" in 7th grade! NCSA Mosaic rocked!rpgfan3233 on Jun 23
                 Well, I see the formatted text checkbox in IE7, Opera, and even Lynxqbguy on Jun 23
                  Anything that is bold appears as red text in Lynx on Windoze here. Checkbox is confirmed!rpgfan3233 on Jun 23
                   * I also cannot use smileys. The menu is gone on Jun 23
                    Do you mean the Smiley menu in the Graphics forum or some other menu? on Jun 23
                     I'll try on Jun 23
                      Have you also noticed... on Jun 23
                       Yes, links can be buggy on Jun 23
           * DELETE DOUBLE on Jun 22
Made this with TheBOB's Animax Program...Pete on Jun 18
 * Looks more like you used AnimalMax on Jun 18
... on Jun 17
 Yeah Zap it....just doesn't have it's place here IMO.... on Jun 17
  i'm not going to argue about it furthermennonite on Jun 17
 Zap on Jun 17
The QBasic Forum acknowledges the passing of one of its greats…Pete on Jun 16
 If it wasn't for Mac, I probably wouldn't be a regular here... on Jun 16
 I'm going to lock this thread and ask everyone to respond in the main forum...Pete on Jun 16
The QBasic Forum acknowledges the passing of one of its greats…Pete on Jun 16
IE sucks. Even Webcomic artists know that.rpgfan3233 on Jun 16
 Firefox promotes witchcraftt!qbguy on Jun 16
Hierarchy of Programming Languagesqbguy on Jun 15
 *if you're going to show the real ancestry, you need "glorified c" in there somewhere ;)mennonite on Jun 15
  here, i optimized your chartmennonite on Jun 15
A rebus of sorts...rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
 LOL I read that devilishly too easily.... on Jun 14
  yeah that was an easy onemennonite on Jun 14
 The Rock likes 3.14159... But what does the Leaning tower of Pisa have to do with it?The Rock on Jun 14
  LOL Of course I wouldn't pick girls up with that one...rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
   *LOL - I broke my own philosophical rule.. Don't feed the monkeys! - Be'a'sted again!Pete on Jun 14
  that show was on in the 50s?!mennonite on Jun 14
   They're not "old people"; they're "gold people" because...rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
 OOH, I have my ownqbguy on Jun 14
  DISCLAIMERqbguy on Jun 14
   * Wow. I don't think that will ever get old as long as it is said at a random time. ^_^rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
    *i ought not to be ingested!generic isaac newton on Jun 14
   * Rats! Now I have to quit buying my GENERIC FIG NEWTONS!Pete on Jun 14
    *"a compiler is just a compiler but qb64 is a piece of cake"generic fig newton on Jun 15
  Nice! Great job on the antiderivative symbol too!rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
   * Ahh, yes. I saw that one on a t-shirt, on a girl, in chemistry lab. Ahh, college on Jun 17
    * You wouldn't happen to have noticed whether that t-shirt was wet or not, would you? ^_^rpgfan3233 on Jun 17
 It is amazing what the seven deadly sins can get you into... ^_^rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
  *as of today, there are 8mennonite on Jun 14
   * 8, huh? I can only guess that you're still annoyed about the free speech issue...rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
    i can't talk about that, disagreeing might be taken as a "personal attack"the mennonite underground on Jun 14
wishlist (not really a manifesto, but it looks like one)mennonite on Jun 13
 AND SO I DUB THIS THE "Troll Mennonite" THREADmennonite on Jun 13
  i think you meant "hear"homonym and r group police on Jun 13
   *you did it again while correcting yourself! stop creating eddies in spacetime!dangerous recursion police on Jun 13
  * Only 31 posts today..............hmmmmmmmmmThe Duck on Jun 13
   there's something incredibly disingenuousmennonite on Jun 13
    * I have to admit. I liked the "start counting, and put a 1/ over it" bit. :-P Hilarious!rpgfan3233 on Jun 13
     i'd rather just make jokes all daymennonite on Jun 13
      * those were mine dumasskiss! But you still won..... on Jun 13
       *damascus?spelling rookie on Jun 14
      oops, no more jokesmennonite on Jun 14
  due to new restrictions, this can no longer be called the troll mennonite threadmennonite on Jun 14
 Post Contents DeletedName Removed on Jun 14
  mennonite and Ted, here is how this will be handled... on Jun 14
   i wasn't asking you tomennonite on Jun 14
   Fine with me Pete on Jun 14
    Why does Michael rarely come hereroy on Jun 14
     I gather this is another post NOT about me on Jun 14
      OK Ted, now it is your turn to edit your post...Pete on Jun 14
       I hope the edit meets your standards. on Jun 14
        I'm not a bean counter, I'm a person who goes with his gut...Pete on Jun 14
         oh.mennonite on Jun 14
       oh heck, if we're editing out those too (post is only to pete)mennonite on Jun 14
        Posting is all about sublety! Heck're good at that! on Jun 14
         thanks for the suggestion, butmennonite on Jun 14
     hey, now we won't even know he stopped bymennonitemporary on Jun 14
      To quote the ninjas of the Neowin mountains...rpgfan3233 on Jun 14
       once again you come at me with half of logicmennonite on Jun 14
        also i would addmennonite on Jun 14
       I love the shifty ninja!Pete on Jun 14
      I dunno about that on Jun 14
       So you had a joke blow up in your face?Pete on Jun 14
 update, post edits (radio edit)mennonite on Jun 14
Testqbguy on Jun 13
 *OOPS! on Jun 13
 Yes, BF is indeed the worst programming language ever.rpgfan3233 on Jun 13
Friday the 13th Ramblings on Jun 13
 I disagree with the quote.rpgfan3233 on Jun 13
  I think the movie directors like to make them that way on Jun 13
 * The old my Karma ran over your dogma trick! on Jun 14
* Yay. "R" group rocks. That is all.rpgfan3233 on Jun 12
*I will continue to call this forum "Distractions". on Jun 10
 i thought it was mormons that don't like coffeemennonite on Jun 12
  * Your post makes no sense and it doesn't make any dollars eitherqbguy on Jun 12
   that's because it was for michael, not you. but this will get you startedmennonite on Jun 12
    * OH GROW UP! Your like an old lady! on Jun 12
     * You mean "<i>You're</i> like an old lady!"Grammer Poleece on Jun 12
     *We meet again, Yippee!Mr. Kettle on Jun 12
      If all you are gonna do is badmouth everything here, why stay? on Jun 12
       are you speaking as admin again?mennonite on Jun 12
        * I merely help keep you occupied, by throwing meat to you. on Jun 12
         * You don't throw meat; you throw tasteless bones. Why else would us dogs get so angry? :Prpgfan3233 on Jun 13
         don't bother, tedmennonite on Jun 13
          Heh, you TROLL this entire forum! on Jun 13
           And that is why we have this board...rpgfan3233 on Jun 13
            I am not trying to drive anybody off thankyou on Jun 13
             Driving people offroy on Jun 13
              * Most of your posts, like the present one, are! E O Subject....... on Jun 13
               Hey, I set the topic in the off-topic forum, damnit!N. Ebria Ted on Jun 13
              * Another satisfied ex FB Forum poster troll .....AFLAC!The Duck on Jun 13
Myst emailed me and stated on his browser, the 'é' in Café shows up as a block with... on Jun 10
 Does he have character recognition turned on?rpgfan3233 on Jun 10
  *If he did, he would have seen boff a you. on Jun 10
  Sure, he's recognized as a character wherever he goes. I think the problem is he's French on Jun 10
   I have the problem on Jun 10
   lol...I challenge you to a french duel. ;-) on Jun 11
    *is that the one where you walk ten paces and run away?mennonite on Jun 11
     * No, that's the English one. The French one is where someone actually gets hurt. :-Prpgfan3233 on Jun 11
      *and the french-canadian one?mennonite on Jun 11
       * There is no distinction between Fr-Can and En-Can. It is a Can duel.rpgfan3233 on Jun 11
 A test for those browsers that can't seem to get things straight...rpgfan3233 on Jun 11
  * Excuse me, but the yen sign is a lobster, yummy! on Jun 11
The Community Café on Jun 10
 *Indeed we can ramble on. print "RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE\n" * 4294967296rpgfan3233 on Jun 10
  Blondie doesn't put up programs, RGP... But thankfully, for some reason... on Jun 10
   * "...something up with which I will not put" -- Churchill on Jun 10
    *hehmennonite on Jun 10
     * If I posted "Heh" everytime I thought that, we would be out of bandwidth! on Jun 10
      same heremennonite on Jun 10
  RPG rambles all the time about nonesense stuff :-P on Jun 10
   *oh yeah, that is exactly how we picture youmennonite on Jun 10
* Pete, the QB Top 50 thingy in Community needs to go........ on Jun 8
 * Yes, I've been watching that one for awhile too and it looks like it's not coming back. on Jun 8

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