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Birth Certificate finally released, but the ISSUE goes on!Clippy on Apr 27
 *Ha! I'll whip one up for you -- and I don't even have Photoshop!TheBOB on Apr 28
  * Please do! Can you make up a list of my grades from Harvard?B. Obammy on Apr 28
 * Kenya believe it?Pete on Apr 28
  Why not just say it?Clippy on Apr 29
   That's pretty lame thinking...Pete on Apr 30
    If Obama was NOT born here I am QUITE SURE the Republicans would have stopped it!Clippy on Apr 30
     Oh ouch, what a snappy retort. I'd throw myself in front of a bus...Pete on Apr 30
      * REALLY, when do you suppose the Republicans are gonna try to do that? :-PClippy on Apr 30
       * When Obama wrecks the economy to the point where even Trump can't afford a car.Pete on May 1
        Well at least TRUMP knows how to get us out of debt!Clippy on May 1
         It's your system!Unseen on May 1
          This from a peon in a country that just spent $100 million on a ROYAL wedding!Clippy on May 1
           I knowUnseen on May 2
            LOL @ ninja face masks :-)Clippy on May 2
             I also thought the ninja thing was funny.Michael Calkins on May 2
              * AFAIK, you can be put in jail if you cannot prove citizenship in Arizona now.Clippy on May 2
FIXED! I updated Chrome's IE TAB add-onClippy on Apr 17
The memorial of Jesus's deathMichael Calkins on Apr 13
 A question, Michael...TheBOB on Apr 15
  Re: A question, Michael...Michael Calkins on Apr 16
   *Thank-you.TheBOB on Apr 16
Whoever wrote rogue.win32/fakerean needs to get smacked a few times.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
 That sounds nasty.ChronoKitsune on Apr 4
  Re: That sounds nasty.Michael Calkins on Apr 6
   I have the same startup delay on my XP ProClippy on Apr 8
 Is that the XP Security Tool 2011? hahahaBen on Apr 9
  how to remove this piece of ****Dick on Apr 9
   perhaps they did not associate the .COM extension, that is why they it is removable withDick on Apr 9
   Didn't find anything in .EXE butClippy on Apr 10
    Re: Why doesn't regedit/regedt32 ask you to save changes?ChronoKitsune on Apr 11
   Re: how to remove this piece of ****Michael Calkins on Apr 11
    I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Clippy on Apr 12
     Re: I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Michael Calkins on Apr 13
      I found the AVG 9 remover after I called them about itClippy on Apr 13
      Re: I tried AVG and it left it's firewall behind after I removed it!Ben on May 9
       Windows Vista/7Michael Calkins on May 9
        According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Clippy on May 9
         Re: According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Michael Calkins on May 9
          Re: According to Windows Secrets you don't need any!Anonymous on May 9
        A few more things: (brief P.S.)Michael Calkins on May 10
         I hate the administrator concept!Clippy on May 11
          Re: I hate the administrator concept!Michael Calkins on May 11
           Owner already gives you AdministrationClippy on May 11
Obama "I am the taxman"Anonymous on Mar 19
 * Hilarious...and I love the Beatles! <3 Go Obama, the Taxman. (or just stop taxing :)ChronoKitsune on Mar 19
  * He already did! Unfortunately it was $800 BILLION for the RICH!Clippy on Mar 20
Deodorant Anybody?MarineDon on Mar 7
 * Would the stick one be any more appropriate? :)Pete on Mar 10
UntitledBen on Mar 6
 * Not at your age!Clippy on Mar 6
 * No, I wouldn't. Drugs are baaad, maaan! Okay?ChronoKitsune on Mar 6
 *I'm pretty sure that's not even possible.Michael Calkins on Mar 8
 Re: UntitledPete on Mar 10
 Re: UntitledBen on Dec 12
  Wow, Ben.Michael Calkins on Dec 14
 the time machineBen on Dec 14
  * Well it is a lot better than the other story...Clippy on Dec 14
So who wants to upgrade from MS-DOS 5.0 all the way to Windows 7?ChronoKitsune on Mar 3
 Interesting...TheBOB on Mar 4
 nice videoMichael Calkins on Mar 12
Movie TestMarineDon on Feb 16
 What brought this on?Clippy on Feb 16
  Not all go to war for their presidentAnonymous on Feb 16
  ┬íHombres Machos!MarineDon on Feb 16
 Amazing... I picked "The Defeat of Obama in 2012"Pete on Feb 16
  my knees have been feeling a little tired and sore lately, any ideas?Ben on Feb 26
   * Well get off of them then! :-PClippy on Feb 26
 Well, I don't understand the outcome -- being a Canadian, I mean ...TheBOB on Feb 16
 Re: Movie TestMichael Calkins on Feb 17
  18 is a multiple of 9 too...Clippy on Feb 17
   *cool.Michael Calkins on Feb 18
has anyone been watching Nova the last few weeks?Michael Calkins on Feb 10
 *I notice the IBM Watson episode is also scheduled for next Wednesday (my PBS). Thanks!TheBOB on Feb 10
  *yw. by the way, check the non-qp forum, please.Michael Calkins on Feb 10
   *Thanks, Michael.TheBOB on Feb 11
Sorry Clipster :-( ...TheBOB on Feb 6
We have a good chance of snow tomorrow.Michael Calkins on Feb 2
 Never fear, I'm still here to keep ya company!Clippy on Feb 2
  Yes you are.Michael Calkins on Feb 4
   Big Ben Rothlisberger is our QB to keep the topic relevant here...Clippy on Feb 4
    *neither team had cheerleaders? another reason not to watch... :-)Michael Calkins on Feb 7
MY GIRLClippy on Jan 19
 * I knew my oldsest niece would show up someplace sooner or later.Pete on Jan 19
  Hey, My GirlMarineDon on Jan 22
   That's not a turkey, Don...Pete on Jan 22
    FeathersMarineDon on Jan 23
     N54 page bug in main ForumClippy on Jan 24
Anyone having connection problems with YouTube? ...TheBOB on Jan 11
 *Forget it -- I went into my Google account and linked from there -- problem cleared up.TheBOB on Jan 11
 IE SUCKS and so does BILL!IE HATER on Jan 11
Arizona Medicaid cuts, I don't buy into the "pitiot" ideology very easilyPete on Jan 9
 * WOW a CLAIRVOYANT CHIROPRACTOR! He can TELL you when you SHOULD die! :-)Clippy on Jan 9
  As a clarvoyant chiropractor, I can see in your future that your next physical...Pete on Jan 9
   *OOOOOOOOOOH, tell me more witch doctor! <( :-oClippy on Jan 9
    OK, What do you call a union worker who is good at his job?Pete on Jan 10
     * AND LOVIN IT! 8 years now. Think I'll go get some ice cream. It's 20 outside!Clippy on Jan 10
      Get yourself something you never had before...Pete on Jan 11
       *My favorite Cheech come-on was, "Hey, double-bubble!" (stacked).TheBOB on Jan 11
Formatted text testAnonymus of Hungary on Dec 22
Christmas GreetingMarineDon on Dec 21
 * NICE! Thanks Don and Merry Christmas to you and your family.Clippy Clause on Dec 21
 Merry Christmas... Pick a card, and card!Pete on Dec 21
  * How bout a cheap ASCII calendar? Got any of those el cheapo republicano...Clippy Clause on Dec 22
   OKAnonymus of Hungary on Dec 22
Pearl Harbor DayMarineDon on Dec 5
 * I didn't remember the first time as I weren't born yet...Clippy on Dec 5
 Re: Pearl Harbor DayPete on Dec 6
What a dentist sees when a smiley doesn't brush...Pete on Nov 29
 * LolDav on Dec 4
Hilarious Video Explaining QE2MarineDon on Nov 19
 * THAT IS NOT FUNNY, but sadly it is ALL True!Clippy on Nov 19
   * You are incouragable! :-)Clippy on Dec 16
    * That's incorrigibleAnonymus of Hungary on Dec 16
     * That's ANONYMOUS........................Clippy on Dec 17
Problem with the Community pageClippy on Nov 2
 98 machineBen on Nov 18
  testBen on Nov 18
John Maynard KeynesAnonymus of Hungary on Oct 19
 *alright, but i prefer maynard james keenanMichael Calkins on Oct 20
  * I preferred Maynard G Krebbs...Clippy on Oct 21
uncle sam used to be called brother jonathanAnonymous on Sep 3
 * And you have a brother named Daryl too!Clippy on Oct 2
Things that make you go hmmmm?Pete on Aug 31
 *Might be, but you'd think the idea of multiple mothers-in-law would daunt the polygamist.TheBOB on Aug 31
  * ROFL - Even as a monogamist, that almost kept me a bachelor!Pete on Aug 31
Google calling!Clippy on Aug 27
 *1-800-OldDudeTheBOB on Aug 28
  * And his non-toll-free number: 41C-oldDude :)Pete on Aug 28
  * I gather 1-800-REALOLDDUDE was taken?Clippy on Aug 29
   All those digits. Hmm, must be a future number. I wonder... Dialing 1-800-REALOLDDUDE...Pete on Aug 29
    Methuselah was a REAL old dude...TheBOB on Aug 29
     I have the sole of a 25 yar old...Pete on Aug 29
      Have you noticed that a lot of people seem younger these days? ...TheBOB on Aug 29
       I'd say the younger generations have an identity crisis.Pete on Aug 30
        Speaking of past eras...TheBOB on Aug 30
    * you REALLY like our president, don't ya?don on Oct 11
What's a 5-letter word for failure?The English Wizard on Aug 25
scenicAnonymous on Aug 24
 Dammit Little Joe, you left the gate open and all the damn cows ran off to Utah again!Ben Cartwright on Aug 25
  Utah?Anonymous on Aug 25
My Son just shot a 45 for 9-holes of golf.Pete on Aug 4
 *Nice shooting! Wow, that's incredible for 11. Your last name isn't Woods, is it?TheBOB on Aug 9
  If it was Woods, we'd change it.Pete on Aug 14
   *Yeah, sorry about that -- first name that came to mind. Pete Nicklaus it is.TheBOB on Aug 14
    Well Jack was a phenomenal competitor. My kid has a ways to go...Pete on Aug 18
     Yeah, it's tough to know where to draw that line as a parent...TheBOB on Aug 18
      * ROFL... Oh please, we're an upper-class family, the laywer, of course!Pete on Aug 19
Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Richard P Feynman lectures about orange juiceAnonymous on Aug 4
Back 2 BASIC Issue #1Imortis Inglorian on Jul 31
 Please place future announcements in the Magazine sub-forum.Pete on Jul 31
  *Sorry about that. Won't happen again.Imortis Inglorian on Jul 31
   No problem. Glad to have another Mag for that forum. :)Pete on Jul 31
What do you guys think about opening a internet pharmacy?Ben on Jul 23
 *If my spam is anything to go by, there are already heaps of themArtelius on Jul 23
 I'd open an Internet Chiropractic office...Pete on Jul 23
 * What "cream" are you on Ben? OH MY, look what ├░ turned into!I LOVE ├░ on Jul 23
Boolean Hair LogicArtelius on Jul 14
 That's "hair"larious! But you forgot about people like me....Pete on Jul 15
New F\Q\Script\Any Basic Related E Magazine: Help wanted!Imortis Inglorian on Jul 10
 Deadline fast approachingImortis Inglorian on Jul 26
Send in the Marines! (Or how to cap an oil spill in one easy step.)Pete on Jul 7
 * Just what we need! Radioactive beaches. LOLClippy on Jul 7
  * Hey, don't knock microwaved pelican until you've tried it.Pete on Jul 8
OregonMarineDon on Jul 6
Dammit, I just spilled my coffee! Does anyone have Tony Hayward's number?Pete on Jun 12
 * Geico pulls British sounding gecho commercialClippy on Jun 12
  Well funny you should mention that because actually, I'm....The Gecko on Jun 12
Memorial DayMarineDon on May 28
 I flew the American Flag at the front of my house.Solitaire on May 31
Happy birthday Pac ManArtelius on May 21
 Yes, they failed to spell out Google correctly.Pete on May 21
A donut contains 800 calories and it takes a 3 mile walk to burn them off...Cy Entist on May 14
 Re: A donut contains 800 calories and it takes a 3 mile walk to burn them off...Anonymous on May 14
 My guess is that it isn't the doughnut.Chrono Kitsune on May 14
 * Maybe you shold stop drinking so much coffeeTopologist on May 15
In Soviet Russia...Anonymous on May 13
I'll have more time for QB, now that I quit my job at the SEC...Harry Palms on Apr 24
Spring time is for gardening...Pete on Apr 20
 * Republicans are protecting Wall Street too! The lowest kind of animals...Clippy on Apr 20
  What did the Republican do after his brain transplant failed?Pete on Apr 21
   * Transplant? You have to HAVE a brain first!Clippy on Apr 21
A new competitor to Windows 7...Artelius on Apr 11
*If you think the definition of pious is someone who sat on a pie, you might be a Redneck.Not Really Jeff Foxworthy on Apr 8
 IF you thought Unemployment was normally paid by the government then you is a Republican!Clippy on Apr 10
* Republicans cut off Unemployment while on Easter recess!Clippy on Apr 5
 *Vote Labour, then.Iain on Apr 12
  * YEAH SURE! You have to wait years to elect somebody else silly.Clippy on Apr 12
   * A FEW Republicans help pass the Extended Unemployment Benefits! Hooray!Clippy on Apr 14
   *Right, then, how about next election?Iain on Apr 22
Here come the taxes!Clippy on Mar 29
 But you need taxes to beat the AxisAnonymous on Mar 31
  State taxes dummy! Pennsylvania never declared war on Germany!Clippy on Mar 31
  * dude, all ya need is an itchy trigger finger on the nukes.codeguy on Oct 11
 * He's a Democrat. Your gov is a Dem and you're still complaining.Pete on Oct 11
  * Yep, but he's a lawyer(LIAR) from Philadelphia who just wanted gambling!Clippy on Oct 12
When life hands you lemons...Pete on Mar 19
 * Personally I'm a melon man! Squeeezee....Clippy on Mar 21
  Ah, that's means you're in bad shape if life hands you bananas! :)Pete on Mar 22
   * Yeah, if I squeeze my banana too hard it just goes everywhere! :-)Clippy on Mar 22
    *Oh my goodness, Clipster, my ears are burning red.MarineDon on Mar 24
     * You're red? You otta see the banana! LOLClippy on Mar 24
Busy week, kids in basketball semi-finals.Pete on Mar 18
 * And after tonights double-elimination, we're in the finals!Pete on Mar 18
  * Good luck! Hope you win!Clippy on Mar 18
They should remove daylight savings timeBen on Mar 16
 * DST, Summer Time, etc. - no matter what you call it, it's still an inconvenience.RpgFan on Mar 16
 * YOU are brighter than the sun! Canada does not HAVE to be like us!Clippy on Mar 16
Need to clean out the the House this fall? Throw 'em in the Republic-CanNot Really Billy Mays on Mar 11
 * An IDIOT is smarter than Sarah Palin, but Bush cannot run again!Clippy on Mar 12

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