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Text messages from the future (a.k.a. "The Y2K16 bug")RpgFan on Jan 3
 * Q: "What function could cause this kind of error?" A: FNmicrosoftPete on Jan 3
  * I think you're pushing the FNlimits there Pete.Clippy on Jan 3
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010MarineDon on Dec 31
C++0x still not finalizedqbguy on Dec 31
 Even if it isn't finalised, some useful items are already available in some compilersRpgFan on Jan 1
Changing Wallpaper on Windows 7 Starter edition using the registryAnonymous on Dec 31
Berkeley High May Cut Out Science LabsAnonymous on Dec 27
 *pretty funnyBen on Dec 27
 First I would have cut the Football and Basketball money off !Clippy on Dec 27
  *sport is important tooBen on Dec 27
   Schools were created for education, not sports!Clippy on Dec 27
    Wrong Wrong Wrongunseenmachine on Dec 28
     I was not talking about PEForrest Gump on Dec 28
    Re: Schools were created for education, not sports!Pete on Dec 28
     I bet MC would have something to add...Pete on Dec 28
     Can you climb it hands only?Ben on Aug 19
      Yes, I used to do that all the time.Pete on Aug 19
       300lbsBen on Aug 20
        One rep. That was a goal I set when I started weight training.Pete on Aug 20
         repetitious light to medium weightsBen on Aug 20
          That means you can kick Clippy's ASCII...Pete on Aug 20
         In Canada, we have naturally rosey-red cheeks, year round...TheBOB on Aug 20
          Well...Pete on Aug 20
           *Wow, so the Clipster used to work in a soda fountain. Amazing.TheBOB on Aug 21
            Well... soda speak. :)Pete on Aug 21
Merry ChristmasMarineDon on Dec 24
Hey look at this funny picture of a cat.Anonymous on Dec 24
 * Funny picture of a cat? I've seen better, but that is rather humorous.RpgFan on Dec 24
Overpopulation: A Myth Exposedlawgin on Dec 23
 * 5 square feet? That's only a little more than 2 by 2!Clippy on Dec 23
  Good Pointunseenmachine on Dec 23
   Re: Good Pointlawgin on Dec 23
  Plenty of roomlawgin on Dec 23
 Well evidently, lawgin has never tried to drive on the 405 at rush hour...Pete on Dec 23
  ME!!!!!unseenmachine on Dec 23
   * Let's avoid that nightmare, mmkay? :P Just kidding.RpgFan on Dec 23
My doorstepunseenmachine on Dec 22
 *Such a shame...Artelius on Dec 23
* Steelers score winning TD (finally) with no time left on the clock.Clippy on Dec 20
 Can you say Oakland Raiders boys and girls?Mr. Robinson on Dec 21
2010 CalendarMarineDon on Dec 17
 Re: 2010 CalendarPete on Dec 17
  The 2013 Mayan Calendar...Not Really lkt153 on Dec 17
   * Looks like we are doomed! You forgot the asterisk? :PClippy on Dec 17
    No I didn't...Pete on Dec 17
     * I open all of your posts. Sometimes you use them when you don't want to, lol.Clippy on Dec 17
 JPEG screenshotsAnonymous on Dec 17
  ThanksMarineDon on Dec 17
   Actually, GIF might work too.RpgFan on Dec 18
    *Also, GIF is limited to 256 colours.Artelius on Dec 19
  *JPEGs Rule! We can't help it if Linus makes crappy screen shots with them. Get a real OS!Not Really Clippy on Dec 17
  * STUPID? I'd rather use his than even look at UNIX black backgrounds Deano.Really Clippy on Dec 17
   * The command prompt on Windows has a black background...Anonymous on Dec 18
    Re: * The command prompt on Windows has a black background...Laanan Fisher on Dec 18
UntitledAnonymous on Dec 15
_Continued from C Forum on Dec 13
 i'm asking even less than thatmennonite on Dec 13
  _on second thought on Dec 28
QBASIC for your cell phone !!!Yossi Kadosh on Dec 7
 * Good grief, maybe I should have killed DOS a little faster!Billy G on Dec 7
Pearl Harbor DayMarineDon on Dec 6
* The Girl Paradox - despite my own distaste for generalisations, I find this sad but trueRpgFan on Dec 6
 * Very true! Though the circles should overlap more.Clippy on Dec 6
Shhh, I just came to some place quiet to hide out for awhile.Not Really Tiger Woods on Dec 2
 You've been a bad boy Tiger!Not really Tiger's wife on Dec 2
 *Are you gonna be sellin your ride on Ebay?Not really an Ebay fan on Dec 6
 No but Nike's threatening to drop him unless he changes his name from Tiger to Cheetah.Not Really Tiger's attorney on Dec 6
  * I just said that joke last week! Tell your wife to fess up.Not really Jay Leno on Dec 6
   * Well good for Jay, but we stopped watching him when he gave up the Tonight Show.Pete on Dec 13
Howdy.Michael Calkins on Dec 1
 Myspace? Myspace is soooooo over.Pete on Dec 1
  Re: Myspace? Myspace is soooooo over.Michael Calkins on Dec 2
  * LOL @ lostinspaceSolitaire on Dec 4
 We miss you man! I need somebody to argue with too!Clippy on Dec 1
  Re: We miss you man! I need somebody to argue with too!Michael Calkins on Dec 2
 Yea, I was on your myspace page the other day...ComputerGhost on Dec 2
  Re: Yea, I was on your myspace page the other day...Michael Calkins on Dec 2
   * How much did that pig weigh?Clippy on Dec 3
    we never weighed it.Michael Calkins on Dec 3
     * I bet it took forever to shoot all the beans needed to go with all that pork.Not Really Dick Cheney on Dec 3
      * You shoot beans? Yeah, human beans ha ha!G W Bush on Dec 4
UntitledAnonymous on Nov 28
Just saying...ComputerGhost on Nov 13
 * Can you say "Community Forums" while drinking?Clippy on Nov 13
  I don't know. I'm not gonna have to get drunk for the QBF again to figure this out, am I?ComputerGhost on Nov 14
   When I'm totally wasted, this place looks like it runs on Invision Boards...Pete on Nov 14
    * When you are totally wasted, I bet your hair grows back too. :-PClippy on Nov 16
     *Yeah, that and I wake up next to the QB64 IDE, with _lipstick on my collar.Pete on Nov 16
      * You sleep with your shirt on? Strange...Clippy on Nov 17
       *I sleep in the tub once, and broke my arm. I wish I had a shirt on... and pants too man!Cheech on Nov 17
        * Gee man, you need some Viagra man!Chong on Nov 20
         * Help man, now I'm stuck in the faucet!Cheech on Nov 20
          * No man! Not Farah I hope man...Chong on Nov 20
           Well now, who's bright idea was it to leave this thread up?Church Lady on Nov 20
            * Naw, just mine!Ryan O'Neil on Nov 21
Arrows, Arrows, Arrows!MarineDon on Nov 13
 * OK Don, OK, we get your point. :)Anonymous on Nov 13
 WHAT is the point? You can't use unicode in QBClippy on Nov 13
Let's All Observe The National Holidays In NovemberMarineDon on Nov 10
 * Thanks for your efforts soldiers! You are too young to die!Clippy on Nov 11
 * We don't want no warBen on Nov 11
 Nice tribute web-page, Don.Pete on Nov 11
 Great to do. Thanks to all who are serving our country.Dav on Nov 12
  Great story, Dav...Pete on Nov 12
The top ten things that might happen if these new electronic cigarettes catch onÂ…Not Really David Letterman on Nov 9
 *I like #9. :DLaanan Fisher on Nov 9
 * Nicotine is illegal in many states to even kill insects with.Anonymous on Nov 9
Look at this nice feature of Apple Itunes (* URL)Anon on Nov 8
Hell yes I'd like to buy a vowel!George Bush on Nov 5
Flu SeasonBen on Nov 2
 * I'm betting you did not get your shot yet. So I am making money :)Clippy on Nov 2
ZT Systems - good computers, yes or no?Blondie on Nov 1
 Re: ZT Systems - good computers, yes or no?^%$$#%$ on Nov 1
  *How about eMachine computers?Blondie on Nov 4
   * Try Dell. They may even throw in a free LCD monitor.Clippy on Nov 4
   I bought a store demo eMachine years ago. It was one of the best buys I ever made, but...Pete on Nov 8
    * You can assemble one too, with cheap partsBen on Nov 8
    Re: I bought a store demo eMachine years ago. It was one of the best buys I ever made, but...Blondie on Nov 8
     Go to the Linux Forum, ask for QBguy. He will help you...Qui Chang Kane on Nov 8
      Thank you!Blondie on Nov 8
     There has been an OS project known as ReactOS that has been developed for a while...RpgFan on Nov 8
      * It isn't even near ready for general use!Clippy on Nov 8
* Denver HUMILIATED by Ravens! 30 - 7. Wait till next Monday...Clippy on Nov 1
* Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagnAnonymous on Oct 30
 * Is that supposed to be Klingon or something?Solitaire on Oct 30
  * I doubt it. A Klingon would never sign in as anonymous. There is no honor in doing so.Mr. Warf on Nov 8
Now, who is responsible for the main forum moving?lkt153 on Oct 27
 * That page is now Archived so use the Community Forum Link.Clippy on Oct 27
  * Thanks!lkt153 on Oct 28
 Hey keep your shirt on... Oh wait, you guys don't wear those...Pete on Oct 27
  Concerning that walkabout...lkt153 on Oct 28
 * Artelius or Ildurest has been busy working with such things as robotics.Clippy on Oct 27
  Latest..........Clippy on Oct 27
   *Well, my secret is out!Artelius on Nov 1
Duck and Cover!Anon on Oct 26
 * Typical from you...Ars on Oct 27
Arizona Cardinals RULE!The Universe on Oct 26
 Re: Arizona Cardinals RULE!Blondie on Oct 26
  * No problem Blondie, just root for you HOME team. LA has none!Clippy on Oct 26
* Steelers make the "best" look like the rest as they humiliate Minnesota!Clippy on Oct 25
 * Denver does not have a chance on Nov 9!OPie on Oct 26
 humiliate?Minnesota on Oct 26
Udo the Mandelbrot monk (* URL)Anon on Oct 22
 *Before you get too excited, check the date at the bottom of that article :)Artelius on Nov 5
Linus Torvalds gives Windows 7 a thumbs upAnon on Oct 22
 * but didn't actually buy a copyymous on Oct 22
Disable reboot on automatic updates Windows.Anon on Oct 20
 * Where exactly is that button? Just disable "Automatic" updates @ Windows Update!Clippy on Oct 20
Proof that Microsoft isn't God...Pete on Oct 13
 * and it would be 3D too. VISTAcrap with smell-avision. 64 bytes at a time.Clippy on Oct 14
* A rich man will pass through a camel's eye before a needle enters the kingdom of GodAnon on Oct 5
 Why would you WANT to go through a camels eye? Don't sound fun to me...Clippy on Oct 5
M$ recommends a new PC if you are currently using XP or another OS!Clippy on Oct 1
 Linus Torvalds reccommends not upgrading to Windows 7Anon on Oct 2
  Don't worry, I'm not buying a new computer to get Windows 7 !Clippy on Oct 2
A Native American tribe so primitive that it hasn't even descovered simple antialiasinganon on Sep 26
 * Nagrono-Karabakh is part of Armenia, not a Native American tribe.ymous on Sep 26
HALF OF the forums are OFF LIMITS to non-members. NOW no new members?Clippy on Sep 10
 EXLAMATION POINTS RULE!!!Billy Mays on Sep 10
  * Yeah and exclamation points are easy to place! No digging! STEELERS BEAT TITANS AGAIN!Clippy on Sep 10
They buried Billy Mays with an "Awesome Auger" FOR ONLY 19.99!Clippy on Aug 15
 Another Top SalesmanBlondie on Sep 10
  If necessity is the Mother of invention... and Microsoft is the Father..Not Really Steve Jobs on Sep 10
Pete?????????Clippy on Aug 14
 Here's the problem...Pete on Aug 14
Random QuestionBen on Aug 5
 YES, but at least you solved the vegetable problemClippy on Aug 5
  I thought soBen on Aug 5
   Lowlifes take advantage of old people all the time.Clippy on Aug 5
    Hmmm...Ben on Sep 15
     * LOL, that's my Ben......Clippy on Sep 15
Bill Maher: "Of course we picked an Illegal Alien to clean all of this shit up!"Clippy on Aug 1
Linus = communismAnon on Jul 27
 * Free <> communism! By any stretch of the imagination.Clippy on Jul 30
Scientists have created a computer made of bacteriaAnonymous on Jul 25
Is there some sort of equivalent to grep that works on hard copies?Anonymous on Jul 15
 * Eyeballs?qbguy on Jul 15
EMOONINGMarineDon on Jul 14
 * Don, that is absolutely the most (_^_)N9 thing I've ever seen. :)Pete on Jul 14
 Oh, and you missed one...Pete on Jul 14
  *ROFL -- great stuff guys!TheBOB on Jul 14
   * Bob is not used to ASSY text as he prefers graphics.Clippy on Jul 14

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