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Montana Oil Disaster Continues As Officials Struggle yet Keystone XL vote continues!Clippy on Jan 23
Living within their means? Family of Senator Joni Ernst received $460,000 in federal aidClippy on Jan 23
 *And you're complaining WHY? Don't you support government handouts and subsidies? LOL!SMcNeill on Jan 23
  You are still getting your Disability checks aren't you? The GOP will FIX THAT funny boy!Clippy on Jan 23
The Sad State Of America's Middle Class, In 6 ChartsClippy on Jan 21
 You would have to be a complete idiot to believe this pres. supports the middle class.Pete on Jan 21
  I'd be a bigger fool if I thought that the GOP EVER supported the Middle ClassClippy on Jan 21
   No, a bigger fool is one who supports a falsehood.Pete on Jan 21
    Nope, that was thirty years of VODOO TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS from the GOPClippy on Jan 21
     ROFL - Can't blame Bush anymore?Pete on Jan 21
      *Exactly thisHandy Dandy on Jan 21
      The Grand Old Party … for the poor?Clippy on Jan 21
       The GOP Party for war? McCain likes Gitmo...Clippy on Jan 23
        Someone needs to grant McCain Asylum already...Handy Dandy on Jan 23
        And Obama is better? Maybe if you're a moron...Mr Obvious on Jan 23
         *He's not, but I hope they started that clock from the time Bush opened itHandy Dandy on Jan 23
What the Democrats would do with the Keystone PipelinePete on Jan 20
 Crews working to contain oil pipeline break beneath Yellowstone RiverClippy on Jan 21
Obama SOTU address tonight!Clippy on Jan 20
 Galleon must be doing cartoons these days...Pete on Jan 20
  Well who really cares? The SOTU speech is a Wish list of things that will never happenClippy on Jan 20
   * Well they could have, if your lazy Pres got to it within the first 6 years.Pete on Jan 20
    No, your GOP House has had the DO NOTHING Award every year since 2010 *Clippy on Jan 20
   What's the difference between that and a campaign speech? *Handy Dandy on Jan 20
  You won’t hear Obama mention this common-sense policy fix in tonight’s SOTUClippy on Jan 20
In some states, it’s not just a day to honor Dr. King... how about Robert E Lee?Clippy on Jan 19
In 2016, top 1 percent will own half of all the world's wealthClippy on Jan 19
 * Now that's what I call equality; finally 50/50.Pete on Jan 19
  More like half for the 1 percent dummy! PS You ain't one of em either! *Clippy on Jan 19
   * What part about half don't you understand, half-wit?Pete on Jan 19
How to destroy the Post OfficeClippy on Jan 18
 I hear they get paid in e-checksPete on Jan 18
  Try to send a package by EMAILClippy on Jan 18
   * Shipping goes up 10% and the post office is history? Good deal.Pete on Jan 18
    What's the good deal? That's 10 percent PAID BY TAXPAYERSClippy on Jan 18
     People in rural will have to drive to get their packages, or...Pete on Jan 18
      Farmers will love that! They used to get their mail for FREE!Clippy on Jan 18
       ROLF - No, they're going to just leave the boxes there!Pete on Jan 18
        Sam Walton rings a bigger bell! More MINIMUM WAGE JOBS!Clippy on Jan 18
         * Good, people need employment.Pete on Jan 18
          * Funny boy! You never even mentioned the Democrat Jew Senator...Clippy on Jan 18
           * Democrat Jew? Oh, I forgot, you're only not prejudice against illegals.Pete on Jan 18
            Feinstein certainly is not Italian...Clippy on Jan 18
If Opie Taylor was born in England...Deep Thoughts on Jan 17
 Stones for the AgesHerman on Jan 17
Republicans unhappy with the CFPB's plan to crack down on shady payday lendersClippy on Jan 16
the reason people stay in irc 24/7 is it takes that long for anyone to say anythingmn on Jan 15
Capitalism in the 22nd century.Pete on Jan 15
 Hey you missed a century! Self serving parasites like Romney?Clippy on Jan 15
  Thanks for the laugh. Your form of governement already failed.Pete on Jan 15
   Aww... I thought Putin was a Republican hero...*Clippy on Jan 15
    A wealthy Russian goes into an auction and looks at a vase.Pete on Jan 15
     Best GOP governors for job creation? Bush and Perry, the rest really STINK!Clippy on Jan 15
The High Cost of Oil and the KXL pipelineClippy on Jan 14
 Canada goes GREEN!Pete on Jan 14
UntitledKewpie was talking about on Jan 14
 *guess who put the title in the name field and left the title field blank above... :DSMcNeill on Jan 14
Romney Wants To Fight Poverty.Clippy on Jan 14
 Low-Income Housing Funds Are Drying Up All Over AmericaClippy on Jan 15
Look out Steve! GOP Launches New Attack on Social Security, Old Lies And Canards ResurfaceClippy on Jan 13
Love At First Bite - The Ad Doritos Doesn't Want You to SeeClippy on Jan 13
The Downside Of For-Profit Colleges. Graduation rates are horrible!Clippy on Jan 13
Ich bin nicht Charlie.Michael Calkins on Jan 12
 God has no religion!Clippy on Jan 12
  That's because he has better things to do than waste his time in church.Pete on Jan 12
 it's too bad religious groups obscure the difference between hate & hate (for politics)mn on Jan 12
  It's more of a social issue I thinkJim on Jan 12
   demand for laborJim on Jan 12
    so only let them "comingle" on the job?mn on Jan 12
     It's already being doneJim on Jan 12
      Congratulations! You made it here and now you want to DENY that for others!Clippy on Jan 12
   in europe that's very possiblemn on Jan 12
GOP’s First Step To Inflict Kansas Economic Woes On AmericaClippy on Jan 12
Physics course listAnonymous on Jan 11
 * LOL, and it's radiant heat. Did I pass?Pete on Jan 11
After Solyndra Loss, U.S. Energy Loan Program Turning A ProfitClippy on Jan 11
 WOW Made .025% interest per year!Pete on Jan 11
  The idea wasn't for the Government to make a profit on investmentsClippy on Jan 12
   Ah, a lot of that productivity increase is due to computers.Pete on Jan 12
Conservatives Realize Their ‘Fix’ To Obamacare Would Actually Make Things Much WorseClippy on Jan 10
 Clippidity againSMcNeill on Jan 10
  Huh? If you change it to 40 hours then 39 will eliminate their healthcareClippy on Jan 10
 How A Stray Remark By A Republican Governor Could Save Obamacare From The Supreme CourtClippy on Jan 10
Dem moderates, liberals lash out over Dodd-FrankClippy on Jan 9
doc brown was wrong, weight has plenty to do with itmn on Jan 9
 Please respond to people in the threads they posted inClippy on Jan 9
  * I found it here, but then I drive a Delorian.Marty on Jan 9
  you've got to be kidding. it was totally off topic, and i posted in the off topic forummn on Jan 9
   The main forum appears to be off topic and that's where he postedClippy on Jan 9
a quick and dirty (if unlikely) proposal for peace on n54mn on Jan 9
 a short addendum about mcmn on Jan 9
 Nobody mentioned you, you just think they didClippy on Jan 9
  you must think everyone here is an on Jan 9
   and of course, there's not one but TWO obvious examples of you mentioning me, that u denymn on Jan 9
 it's not a perfect planmn on Jan 9
  here is a looser version of the plan... we'll call it alternative #2mn on Jan 9
   * didn't you mean LOSER version?Clippy on Jan 9
    *i know it's a direct reply to my post, changing a few letters, but not a mention, right?mn's imagination on Jan 9
   Alternative #3SMcNeill on Jan 9
    OH YEAH! It worked SO WELL for you ignorant farmer!Clippy on Jan 9
    i'm willing to try that, steve. thanks for the suggestionmn on Jan 9
    * This is getting more childish, not less.Michael Calkins on Jan 9
     Thanks for removing that Michael, I wasn't signed in ****Clippy on Jan 9
     well, it wasn't about maturitymn on Jan 9
      LOL, that's for sure! *Clippy on Jan 10
GOP lawmakers hit the ground running to the far-rightClippy on Jan 9
Cleveland police assaulted 14-year-old girl moments after they fatally shot her brotherClippy on Jan 8
 Is that what an arrest is called in Lib-Speak?Pete on Jan 8
A few thoughts on today's news.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
 as you probably intended to point out, it might not be realistic to wait until he's triedmn on Jan 8
  Re: as you probably intended to point out, it might not be realistic to wait until he's triedMichael Calkins on Jan 8
   i sympathize that you're bound to interpret it that way, but i'm not... one more thing:mn on Jan 8
    I'm not that huge.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
     well, i still don't want to punch you in the nosemn on Jan 8
   * Nonviolent? Is that what you consider rape? Ever been?Clippy on Jan 8
    There are different kindsMichael Calkins on Jan 8
    Republicans do not condone rape.Pete on Jan 8
     except the religiously conservative on Jan 8
 The woman was Phylicia Rashad, his co-star on his showClippy on Jan 8
  Maybe it's a generational thingMichael Calkins on Jan 8
 * Why is the news so much better when Megyn Kelly reports it?Pete on Jan 8
  I had to google her. She looks quite nice.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
   *that's probably why people are googling at her ;)mn on Jan 9
   Beware the EVIL that comes as blondes on Faux NewsClippy on Jan 9
    *Sure, watch the Masochistic Sadistic News Bondage Channel, instead.Pete on Jan 9
    The only Fox News person with whom I am even remotely familiar is Chris Wallace.Michael Calkins on Jan 9
     * And I have seen Juan Williams. (And I forgot Anne Marie Green from the other list.)Michael Calkins on Jan 9
    * I've always liked beautiful villainesses.Michael Calkins on Jan 9
 That's why you are oppressed in TexasClippy on Jan 9
ted quite simply liesmn on Jan 8
 *you go right ahead, mike. just make sure you read it, firstmn on Jan 8
 No flame war, all on you! Never swore like a banshee eitherClippy on Jan 8
  Re: No flame war, all on you! Never swore like a banshee eithermn on Jan 8
   * And quit calling me Ted, you are not my friendClippy on Jan 8
    * is anyone your friend? The way you deliberately antagonize people, I doubt it.SMcNeill on Jan 8
    you've a ridiculous nick. not calling you clippy or "mr. weisgerber" unless i feel like itmn on Jan 8
     if anyone feels like deleting that for his privacy, be my on Jan 8
      I don't know. Maybe you two can get it out of your system?Michael Calkins on Jan 8
       i'm irked that galleon has been deliberately given a false impression. other than on Jan 8
        You could always send Galleon a private message,Michael Calkins on Jan 8
         as you've guessed, it's not worth his effort nor mine to fix on Jan 8
       REMOVE MY FREAKING NAME!Clippy on Jan 8
        * You've revealed your name and it is public knowledge.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
         not just that,i don't use it often; i'd stop as soon as he removed it from publicprofilemn on Jan 8
          * He has removed it from his public profile. I don't know when.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
         IT IS NOT REVEALED BY ME! Remove it from his postsClippy on Jan 8
          *(URLs) yes you did, and no I won't.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
           He has his full name attached to his programs, too.Pete on Jan 8
            i already agree with him on thismn on Jan 8
             Yeah, and the next thing he'll want back is his virginity.Pete on Jan 8
          oh look, he changed his profile. yes by all means, remove the posts (whatever, it's fine)mn on Jan 8
           *lol,sorry mc. thought "*****" might pass. (it has 5 letters. i didn't post it again.)mn on Jan 8
Breaking Democratic News!!SMcNeill on Jan 8
The Republican Congress’s First Act Was to Declare War on MathClippy on Jan 8
 * No, they simply meant Democrats don't count.Pete on Jan 8
State's poorest contribute more than richest to tax coffersClippy on Jan 7
 Re: State's poorest contribute more than richest to tax coffersSMcNeill on Jan 7
  All this crap is used to rile stupid people up, because stupid people's votes count too.Pete on Jan 7
   finally, a word that works with or without the fmn on Jan 7
  Math wizard you admit the poor paid over $7000 per person yetClippy on Jan 8
   Honestly, How STUPID are you??SMcNeill on Jan 8
    Did any poor person pay 50% Income tax moron? Of course NOT, never said they did!Clippy on Jan 8
     Re: Did any poor person pay 50% Income tax moron? Of course NOT, never said they did!Anonymous on Jan 8
      I wasn't talking about everybody silly, especially a dependent.Clippy on Jan 8
Obama To Disband the Marine CorpsClippy on Jan 7
 ha ha ha hamn on Jan 7
  *Well, at least Fox brings us baseball, with Joe Buck, and until last year, Tim McCarver.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
   for once, i'm going to side with your religion on the mattermn on Jan 8
    Re: for once, i'm going to side with your religion on the matterMichael Calkins on Jan 8
     except for the fact that fox is a pretty egregious example... well, yeah, i supposemn on Jan 8
      I don't think all Democrats are dumb, either...Pete on Jan 8
Happy New Year, Wall Street: GOP Congress Has Another Gift For YouClippy on Jan 6
 I luvs Clippidity!SMcNeill on Jan 6
  GOP House Rule Could Hurt Vulnerable Disability BeneficiariesClippy on Jan 6
   Oh no, they heard about Steve.Pete on Jan 6
   Republican Plot To Cut Social Security For 11 Million Disabled PeopleClippy on Jan 12
Kochs and Walmart Clan Wage Dirty War to Stop You From Putting Solar Panels on Your HomeClippy on Jan 6
 there should really be a book called "101 reasons not to shop at walmart"mn on Jan 6
First planned Republican Obamacare vote: Taking insurance away from 1.5 million workersClippy on Jan 6
 Good, it will help you workers smarten up.Pete on Jan 6
  Smarten up eh? The less than 30 hours crap is because of jerk bosses!Clippy on Jan 6
   Racist! You treat employees as an inferior race.Pete on Jan 6
    So you give them JUST ENOUGH HOURS to NOT get help FROM OBAMACAREClippy on Jan 6
     How it works in the real world...Pete on Jan 6
      That's right. Blame it on those greedy insurers, but we gotta start somewhere.Clippy on Jan 6
  Re: Good, it will help you workers smarten up.Clippy on Jan 6
  CBO: Republican "Save American Workers Act" would increase deficit and uninsured rateClippy on Jan 7
Texas Is Throwing People In Jail For Failing To Pay Back Predatory LoansClippy on Jan 5
 I LOVE TEXASPete on Jan 5
  i don't like double on Jan 5
It's time to bring back pensions, America.Clippy on Jan 5
 Okay, since you asked. *America Ferrera on Jan 5
Fox News Is OFF the Air and the Foul Odor of Deception has CeasedClippy on Jan 5
 I don't give a #*%& Booboo!Yogi Bear on Jan 5
democrats are the new evangelicalsmn on Jan 5
 You are such a moron! How does either party matter to a non-voter?Clippy on Jan 5
  shun the non-believer! he speaks with a forked tongue and is the father of lies!mn on Jan 5
   I'd love to hear your opinions on Democracy but they don't matter!Clippy on Jan 5
    you're suffering from a major fallacy, i can't help on Jan 5
1 drawback of the healthcare system in the uk is that nhs drs might turn your on Jan 4
 Useless and CLUELESS too?Clippy on Jan 4
  stop being senselessmn on Jan 4
Classic case of how Liberals use other people's money to screw other people over...Pete on Jan 4
I'd like to see a Bible commentary with a more practical and philosophical twistHandy Dandy on Jan 4
 Funny you mention cows. Clippy opened a Liberal amusement park in Virgina Beach...Pete on Jan 4
  Don't they know that caging dolphins harms the environment?Handy Dandy on Jan 4
   We don't cage dolphins...Clippy on Jan 4
    Best reply ever!Handy Dandy on Jan 4
New Oklahoma Republican Bill Would Make Wearing Hoodies A CrimeClippy on Jan 4
 * It should be - PULLOVER!Fashion Police on Jan 4
  Well you know, the joke is that anyone cares about "freedom" but then they tell you...1st Amendment on Jan 4
 Re: New Oklahoma Republican Bill Would Make Wearing Hoodies A CrimeSMcNeill on Jan 4
  Well I guess we're back to "criminals won't obey the laws anyhow"Clippy on Jan 5
   So what you're stating is that when it comes to crime Blacks are over-achievers?Pete on Jan 5
  Only problem is Oklahoma sells hoodies too!Clippy on Jan 6
   You should do something about this Clip. Hmm, you hate banks too, so...Pete on Jan 6
 * hoods are practical during winter.Michael Calkins on Jan 5
  HoodsMichael Calkins on Jan 8
The Senate's 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 RepublicansClippy on Jan 3
 *Well finally, something the Democrats can actually fixHandy Dandy on Jan 4
an article clippy will probably enjoymn on Jan 3
 If the rich paid their fair share or did the help then Government would not have to!Clippy on Jan 3
  this is a fundamental difference between business and state-oriented thinkingmn on Jan 3
how (mostly) the right hijacks "elitism" to protect their ownmn on Jan 3
 Contentment is patriotic? Or IDIOTIC?Clippy on Jan 3
  my definition of "serious mental health..."mn on Jan 3
   If the Right comes back to bring our country IN LINE with the rest of the World then...Clippy on Jan 3
    all good points, actuallymn on Jan 3
     Universal healthcare works in MOST industrialized countries in the WorldClippy on Jan 3
      you've got me all wrong, which is fine, i'm used to itmn on Jan 3
       why the uk has better healthcare than the on Jan 3
        Why a similar system would help everybody hereClippy on Jan 3
         you're right, i do tend for "fall for the negative" bc i don't trust the people involvedmn on Jan 3
          I don't trust any of them either, but if we sit back nothing gets doneClippy on Jan 3
           not so on Jan 3
            * See I told you you were useless! Now go yap about something useless!Clippy on Jan 4
             see? you don't care about people after on Jan 4
              You don't care because if ya did, you'd vote...end of discussion*Clippy on Jan 4
               and which end is that?mn on Jan 4
welcome to consumer hellmn on Jan 3
 aka "the right to ignorance"mn on Jan 3
Russia Is Building a Train That Will Zip From Moscow to Beijing In Just 48 HoursClippy on Jan 3

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