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here you go pete, enjoy (url)mn on May 8
Jehovah's Witnesses release cringe-worthy cartoon...Clippy on May 5
 *there's a whole series of these, they're pretty humorous, like unintentional satireJim on May 5
Spam phone callsSolitaire on May 2
 Hey, Solitaire! Good to hear from you...TheBOB on May 2
  Health problemSolitaire on May 6
   Oh, dear. Sorry to hear that...TheBOB on May 6
Forget Clinton! Forget Trump! Vote for Me!!SMcNeill on Apr 28
 (Stupid link didn't format properly above. Click it here.)SMcNeill on Apr 28
  *Done! (Good luck!)TheBOB on Apr 28
   *Many thanks Bob. I'm now up to #32... I'm climbing on up! ;)SMcNeill on Apr 28
  Your making up of stories was helped by all of the ones made up for the GOP...Clippy on Apr 28
   Re: Your making up of stories was helped by all of the ones made up for the GOP...SMcNeill on Apr 30
    Well I have to say you have the grossest summary at least!Clippy on Apr 30
     *Well thank you! Nice to see it stands out and grabs your attention. (#19 now!)SMcNeill on Apr 30
      So does Trump but I would never vote for him! *Clippy on Apr 30
Go HUGE! Trump sweeps all 5 Tue primaries!Pete on Apr 26
Asshole Sanders is in top 5% or earners and only pays taxes in the 14% bracket.Pete on Apr 25
 Re: Asshole Sanders is in top 5% or earners and only pays taxes in the 14% bracket.Anonymous on Apr 29
  * so much for browser refresh. that was on Apr 29
  Bernie just announced a DELAY on his financial report EVERYBODY ELSE gives!Not really a Mennonite on Apr 29
   i dont want to "get anything done" that hillary doesmn on May 1
    sh**, i already said that joke!mn on May 1
    Spoken like the useless bitcher you have always been mnNot really a Mennonite on May 2
     * on May 2
      no one really posts here anymoremn on May 2
Bernie Sanders has great ideas? He only authored 3 bills in 25 years.Clippy on Apr 23
 If Democrats were toliet paper they'd by 1-ply.Pete on Apr 23
  From youngest to oldest eh? :-)Clippy on Apr 23
 I love how stupid Clippy is...SMcNeill on Apr 23
  Clinton did, however, co-sponsor 2,676 pieces of legislation, 74 of which became law.Clippy on Apr 24
   Re: Clinton did, however, co-sponsor 2,676 pieces of legislation, 74 of which became law.SMcNeill on Apr 24
    And look for Steve's new book: Clippy Unplugged On sale in bookstores within 24hrs...Pete on Apr 24
     Ha ha, I will have the last laugh when the GOP has it's evil convention....Clippy on Apr 25
Give me money! Or else I'll facebook and sue you!SMcNeill on Apr 22
 Probably saw it and left with it for evidence ignorant farm boyClippy on Apr 22
  Got to love how stupid Clippy is....SMcNeill on Apr 22
 What the hell is he complaining about?Pete on Apr 22
 Speaking of even stupider, you keep answering don't you evil farm boy.Clippy on Apr 22
  Re: Speaking of even stupider, you keep answering don't you evil farm boy.SMcNeill on Apr 22
   WHY on Earth would he put it in a different identical box except for the UPC?Clippy on Apr 23
    Re: WHY on Earth would he put it in a different identical box except for the UPC?SMcNeill on Apr 23
     Never saw that picture of any tag.Clippy on Apr 23
      Re: Never saw that picture of any tag.SMcNeill on Apr 23
United Health drops ObamacareSMcNeill on Apr 21
 Read your own article stupid! The business made up less than 2% of UnitedHealth’s revenueClippy on Apr 21
  Poor pitiful ClippySMcNeill on Apr 21
Some funny irony...SMcNeill on Apr 18
 Yes it is obscene, but your Supreme Court and Party love Citizens UnitedClippy on Apr 18
 If I had my way...Pete on Apr 18
  Like the GOP doesn't get money from Wall Street too? Koch anyone?Clippy on Apr 18
   Re: Like the GOP doesn't get money from Wall Street too? Koch anyone?Anonymous on Apr 19
    Where exactly did I claim ANY of that crap? You brought it up! *Clippy on Apr 19
   Here's another story about PACS... Democrat ones!SMcNeill on Apr 21
    Well you cannot complain either if your side created it to begin with!Clippy on Apr 24
     I never complained. I was just laughing at the stupid double standard YOU adhere to.SMcNeill on Apr 24
  that would fix most of our problemsmn on Apr 23
It is Harder to book the NRA's mascot than it is to buy an arsenalClippy on Apr 14
 Clippidity in action; nothing to see here. Just more of the same stupid drivel.SMcNeill on Apr 15
  Against trademark protections? No, but apparently the NRA is!Clippy on Apr 15
   WTH are you talking about?SMcNeill on Apr 15
    Steve, do you own a pole saw?Pete on Apr 15
     Somebody should trademark wearing guns in publicClippy on Apr 15
      Someone should trademark posting stupid things on internet forumsSMcNeill on Apr 15
       I see that you have trademarked absurdity! Par for the course of ignoranceClippy on Apr 16
      * Guns don't kill trademarks, wind turbines do.Pete on Apr 15
Republican Speaker's abuse of children expired thanks to The Catholic Church.Clippy on Apr 14
 Not perfectly legal...Pete on Apr 14
Why aren't there any Black super-heros?Pete on Apr 12
 Same reason that Jesus and Santa are always portrayed as white.Clippy on Apr 12
  But if Jesus was Black, he wouldn't have risen...Pete on Apr 12
   There can be no excuse for your small mindedness but you've been Republican too long.Clippy on Apr 12
    Not Republican, but certainly Conservative...Pete on Apr 12
     the problem with brand loyalty over choosing based on contentmn on Apr 12
      and democrats, like republicans, are generally from lesterlandmn on Apr 12
       Re: and democrats, like republicans, are generally from lesterlandPete on Apr 12
Hey Steve, Did you have to pay taxes on your EIC?Pete on Apr 11
 He'd have to report it first. His wife takes the EIC cause she has to...Clippy on Apr 11
 Re: Hey Steve, Did you have to pay taxes on your EIC?SMcNeill on Apr 12
  Max EIC income is $53K for 3 or more kids. No where NEAR $100K!Clippy on Apr 12
   Re: Max EIC income is $53K for 3 or more kids. No where NEAR $100K!SMcNeill on Apr 12
  For too long welfare has been in the business of promoting poverity.Pete on Apr 12
   What it is, is a means for everyone to be equal AKA CommunismSMcNeill on Apr 13
    That Joe is you Steve! No doubt your disability claim is a hoax too!Clippy on Apr 13
     Real world to Clippy. Real world to Clippy. Why work hard when you live better as a Hippy?Pete on Apr 13
      Yet nobody cares about HUGE subsidies to Big Oil? What "real world" are you living in?Clippy on Apr 13
       I call BS, and I have their toll free number!Pete on Apr 13
        Saudi Arabia could say the same thing about fracking, especially with exportsClippy on Apr 14
     Re: That Joe is you Steve! No doubt your disability claim is a hoax too!SMcNeill on Apr 13
      Steve, you forgot Joe counts as an exemption: $4000...Pete on Apr 13
Why did the scientist cross the road?Pete on Apr 10
Name the only thing a Clinton can't successfully swipe...Pete on Apr 10
 * A good idea. Never seen a Clinton with one of those; stolen or not!Obviousman! on Apr 10
  * URLPete on Apr 10
   *In all fairness, I wonder when Rush last rode the subway.TheBOB on Apr 10
    * Why should he? He rides the airways during Rush hour.Pete on Apr 10
N54 forum formattingSMcNeill on Apr 10
 Re: N54 forum formattingSMcNeill on Apr 10
  Ya had me with you till the ending. Should have just ignored from the startClippy on Apr 10
   * Your code has DO DO in it. NEXT time STEP over it.Pete on Apr 10
   Re: Ya had me with you till the ending. Should have just ignored from the startSMcNeill on Apr 10
    Re: Ya had me with you till the ending. Should have just ignored from the startAnonymous on Apr 10
     The code tags are removed by N54 anyway!Clippy on Apr 11
     Is html for space still allowed? That could solve indentions.Dav on Apr 11
 Well do you want, a parade?Pete on Apr 10
  *No parade needed; just a monetary donation which would pi$$ off Clippy:DSMcNeill on Apr 10
Hey Bob...SMcNeill on Apr 9
 You definitely want a young artist...TheBOB on Apr 9
 * Your illustration 'boars' me and hogs space on my forum! :DPete on Apr 10
What? Summer heat wave of 2030 could kill 11,000 in US.Pete on Apr 4
Writing updateSMcNeill on Apr 3
 You can call it a hobby for up to a certain amount of time, don't count your chickens.Clippy on Apr 3
  It seems a little more complex than that...SMcNeill on Apr 3
   Well you already were a tax cheat, so no surprise there!Clippy on Apr 3
    Re: Well you already were a tax cheat, so no surprise there!SMcNeill on Apr 4
     Yeah a terminal case of chicken farmer!Clippy on Apr 4
      * Ah! So you're pro choice to avoid your shared responsibility to adopt kids!Pete on Apr 4
       Shared responsibility? You folks make all the stink about it!Clippy on Apr 4
        So you're correctly stating that women are weak and stupid?Pete on Apr 4
 Simple, just form a 501-C3 non-profit corporation.Pete on Apr 3
  *paypal allows for the first $12,000 in a year to be collected without proof of non-profitSMcNeill on Apr 3
   * That means after Sept., your Clippied.Pete on Apr 3
   Go ahead and try to make $12 K and beat the IRSClippy on Apr 4
    And what's wrong with working at Walmart? I used to work for K-mart...Pete on Apr 4
    Re: Go ahead and try to make $12 K and beat the IRSSMcNeill on Apr 4
     You may want to edit that last paragraph for your wife's own protection...Pete on Apr 4
      I know where he loves too! In his walletClippy on Apr 9
       NaNa Ah Nana! Want some cheese with that whine?SMcNeill on Apr 9
        Your work does not bother me, your fraud doesClippy on Apr 9
         Re: Your work does not bother me, your fraud doesSMcNeill on Apr 10
 * Wow, that's cool. Wish you much success.Dav on Apr 8
Found the GOP's Super Delegates. They call them Unbound DelegatesClippy on Apr 2
 It is too complicated to have a good understanding of what will happen.Pete on Apr 2
  Ted Cruz posts Mandela tribute on Facebook. His fans go crazy.Clippy on Apr 2
Just on the news: Hillary was arrested for assassinating Bernie Sanders...TheBOB on Apr 1
Liberals about to feel the pain in Illinois...Pete on Mar 30
 Try Wisconsin dummy! You don't even know which state you're in.Clippy on Mar 30
  Transplant your brain into a rabbit, it'd grow handles so a hawk could pick it up easier.Pete on Mar 30
   Simple! Just get rid of the Republican Governor who wants tax cuts for richClippy on Mar 30
    Gov has the right idea...Pete on Mar 30
     Wisconsin ranks 38th in private-sector job growth in 2015Clippy on Mar 30
      Well 4.6% unemployment in WI vs. 6.4% in IL.Pete on Mar 30
       Trump wants to put women who try to get abortions in jailClippy on Mar 30
        You are such a political dup...Pete on Mar 30
         Hmm 24 hours later Trump says women should not be punished...Clippy on Mar 31
          that was one of the only things trump and i agreed on.Michael Calkins on Mar 31
           Unfortunately, abortions are a necessity for population control.SMcNeill on Apr 1
            WRONG AGAIN DOGBREATH FARMER! Abortion has nothing to do with population control!Clippy on Apr 1
             Sorry, you're wrong...SMcNeill on Apr 1
              The truth is a lot of peple are assholes. Hey, here's an idea.Pete on Apr 1
              Nearly all (99.1%) sexually experienced women in the United States have used contraceptionClippy on Apr 3
            Re: Unfortunately, abortions are a necessity for population control.Michael Calkins on Apr 1
             Yes, timing to the menstrual cycle has always been acceptable in Roman Catholicism...TheBOB on Apr 1
              Unfortunately rapists and teenage boys don't use any methodsClippy on Apr 1
               As far as I know, condoms are not acceptable to the RC church...TheBOB on Apr 1
                The Catholic Church does not condone the use of birth control.Pete on Apr 1
                * I think pope francis recently said they're the lesser of two evils compared to Zika.Michael Calkins on Apr 2
          Liberal women are idiots.Pete on Mar 31
           It takes TWO to make a baby! Toss the small handed GOP man in jail!Clippy on Apr 1
More Liberal stupidity at the Fed.Pete on Mar 29
Trump supports nuclear proliferation and tax cuts for richClippy on Mar 29
Liberals have ideas, here's another stupid one. Pay criminals to avoid crime.Pete on Mar 28
Democrats are the party of inclusion, as long as you believe exactly as they do...Pete on Mar 27
We desperately need election reforms in this country.Pete on Mar 24
 We need reforms alright! Like forcing the GOP to do their jobs!Clippy on Mar 25
  The Senate controls the confirmation of a SCOTUS judge, not the President.Pete on Mar 25
   No, the Senate has to advize and consent. They refuse to do so!Clippy on Mar 25
    No, confirm! Put shoe on other foot, Dems would be doing the same thing.Pete on Mar 25
     But in the end they CAVED just like your folks better...Clippy on Mar 25
      Just like in all politics, it depends on elections.Pete on Mar 25
       Yeah like "Corporations are People in elections". Suprised they cannot vote too...Clippy on Mar 25
        The only one's who should give a %^& that Obama is 1/2 Black are Blacks...Pete on Mar 25
         Trump has the ability to take our country into bankruptcy, Cruz is just a bad liarClippy on Mar 25
          The dimwit you voted for put us to 19 trillion in debt!Pete on Mar 25
           GOP legislature pays the bills and the Debt. Obama has cut yearly tab in half!Clippy on Mar 25
            Idiot. Simple math. Increase spending by 4 and cut in half. Well??!!Pete on Mar 25
             Obama is way better than any of the GOP ones in my lifetime. 3 of yours should be in jail!Clippy on Mar 26
              Who has the FBI on her tail? Obama keeps blocking the release of info. Sealed records...Pete on Mar 26
               Republican investigations going nowhere and costing taxpayers $MILLION$Clippy on Mar 26
           GOP has the power to pay it, prefers tax cuts for richClippy on Mar 25
More drugs from our asshole "friends" in Mexico...Pete on Mar 24
 Hmm, tunnels go under walls too right? Our Government did not dig them...Clippy on Mar 24
  Trump sounds like me...Pete on Mar 24
   don't the drugs come from south america?Michael Calkins on Mar 31
Cool, for a change, someone else did my work for me. US GDP dependencies...Pete on Mar 24
 You cannot base those estimates on speed. GDP needs the data!Clippy on Mar 24
  You could fill a book with all your dumb ideas...Pete on Mar 24
Another reason Socialism fails so miserably in modern society...Pete on Mar 24
If You Catch And Use Rainwater In Colorado, You Are A CriminalClippy on Mar 23
 * They are all too stoned to catch a cold in Colorado.Pete on Mar 23
 Re: If You Catch And Use Rainwater In Colorado, You Are A CriminalSMcNeill on Mar 24
  No Steve, Clippy loves socialism, right up to the point it eats away at his beliefs...Pete on Mar 24
  Why wouldn't I want to see water shared? Surprised you don't support ME FIRST!Clippy on Mar 24
The only thing Obama has ever been right about...Pete on Mar 22
Here's your proof, Clippy...Pete on Mar 22
 And her douche of a husband was in Montecito today, playing golf with Jimmy Connors.Pete on Mar 22
GOP corporate and income tax cuts for the rich created our deficit!Clippy on Mar 22
 Stay stupid my friend, your party is counting on that...Pete on Mar 22
  Not increase! Make them PAY SOMETHING! GE and BIG OIL are being subsidized!Clippy on Mar 22
   He took GDP up over 7% along with it!Pete on Mar 22
    Calm down, the President does not make the laws, your Do Nothing GOP Congress does...Clippy on Mar 22
     You must have a long neck, because your head is pretty far up there...Pete on Mar 22
      OG to work? Is that an Executive Order you can Impeach him for...again?Clippy on Mar 22
       God doesn't take people, Reapers do!Pete on Mar 22
        Speaking of eternal...Trump's and Cruz's Tax Plans Would Be Huge Windfalls for the RichClippy on Mar 22
         Think that's bad, look what the GOP is doing in Arizona and KansasClippy on Mar 23
          Enjoyy Gawkert while you can. Hulk Haogan gave them The Big Suit!Pete on Mar 23
           Sick days just make sense, something you conservatives cannot appreciateClippy on Mar 23
            Most companies do have paid sick leave, it just isn't manditory.Pete on Mar 23
             Adults take lower jobs when there are no better jobs. Many work 16 hour days.Clippy on Mar 23
              Top 10 Reasons Clippy couldn't even get a job as a scarecrow...Pete on Mar 23
Gawker Blocker...Pete on Mar 21
 *i expect it to be overturned because of 1st amendment.Michael Calkins on Mar 31
GOP Bill Would Give Companies a Tax Break for Paying Off Their Employees’ Student Loans.Clippy on Mar 20
 Sure, both parties are in the pockets of Wall Street...Pete on Mar 20
  LOL, while Morning JO says Hillary looks better for GOP voters than TrumpClippy on Mar 21
   Oh sure, more government is the answer...Pete on Mar 21
    Awww, isn't it terrible how oppressed well to do people are! I'm not!Clippy on Mar 21
     Well you like old cars. Now you can go to Cuba and drive a 57 Chevy!Pete on Mar 21
      While we are SIXTY YEARS behind the World in Healthcare and Education.Clippy on Mar 21
       Last? Well then vote for Trump!Pete on Mar 21
        So you think socialist healthcare, Medicare and Social Security aren't paid for?Clippy on Mar 21
         You mean the American assholes...Pete on Mar 21
          Alas there will always be people cheating any system...Clippy on Mar 21
           You have to backwards... It's the system that is cheating them.Pete on Mar 21
            Conservatives live in the past and should go with itClippy on Mar 21
             What a complete bunch of igno-rant bullshit..Pete on Mar 21
           Once again, Clippy is being completely stupid.SMcNeill on Mar 21
            Hmmmm so 2008 had nothing to do with the collapse of Wall Street?Clippy on Mar 22
             *Got to love those charts.. Neither shows ANYTHING in relation to unemployment... LOL!SMcNeill on Mar 22
              Here's the real Unemployment chart since 1950Clippy on Mar 22
               * ROFL Ages 16-24. Get a life fool!Pete on Mar 22
If Clippy had a Children's book...Pete on Mar 16
 Arf Arf, part of Trump is following me on TwitterClippy on Mar 16
  So you're saying anyone who follows you on Twitter is a prick?Pete on Mar 16
   No I'm saying that Donald Trump is one!Clippy on Mar 17
    You've used the word liar so much, now you are one.Pete on Mar 17
     Trump is gonna get FIRED by the GOPClippy on Mar 17
      Be careful thinking in the extremes or your candi-date will get thrown in jail.Pete on Mar 17
       Your entire party should be in jail for malfeasance and failure to do their jobs!Clippy on Mar 17
        Hmm, are your guys to busy playing hide the stogie and double teaming Hollywood hotties?Pete on Mar 17
         I get my info right off the news! You folks have all those lame talking pointsClippy on Mar 17
          Yeah, how about this Obama economy?Pete on Mar 18
           Your GOP controlled House and Senate only want tax cuts for rich and more Defense moneyClippy on Mar 18
            Sometimes things in life come back to bite you in the Biden.Pete on Mar 18
             More impartial like calling corporations people and declaring Bush won instead of recount?Clippy on Mar 18
              Now you tell me. Are you that unthinking, or do you actually think other people are?Pete on Mar 18
               The GOP coronation of Romney will use the Ron Paul delegate strategyClippy on Mar 19
                Almost as bad as the politics of super-delegates. Oh wait, that's only Democrats.Pete on Mar 19
                 Super delegates are just not called that by GOP. They call them Romney...*Clippy on Mar 19
                 Elections in Canada are a bit different...TheBOB on Mar 19
                  Well our biggest a-holes in Congress go 30+ years.Pete on Mar 19
                   *You're right about term limits--it's the only way to guarantee fresh blood.TheBOB on Mar 19
                   Wrong again dog breath! Our "Founding Fathers" were rich and politicians!Clippy on Mar 20
                    Follow these simple steps: Remove foot, place shoe on other foot, place back in mouth.Pete on Mar 20
                     Oh I forgot, our "founding fathers" were also mostly rich and had slaves too!Clippy on Mar 20
                      OMG , I couldn't even fininsh reading your silly reply...Pete on Mar 20
Good Bye Rubio TuesdayNot Really The Rolling Stones on Mar 15
A New Endeavor in LifeSMcNeill on Mar 14
 Wonderful! I'm happy for you...TheBOB on Mar 15
  No worries Bob. :)SMcNeill on Mar 15
   *More power to ya! I wish I had a talent like that :-)TheBOB on Mar 15
   Hey, you stole my idea!!!Pete on Mar 15
   Insights on Internet Writing: Lesson 1 -- It sucks to be at the top!SMcNeill on Mar 15
    Make America OK again...Pete on Mar 15
    *Ha! Can you say "jealousy". Hang in there!TheBOB on Mar 15
   Insight #2: I don't believe...SMcNeill on Mar 15
    And a guy who will remind you of Pete will weigh in...Pete on Mar 15
I found that newlywed video of Clippy and his ex...Pete on Mar 14
The Insufficient Purity TestClippy on Mar 13
 Liberals need a brain...Pete on Mar 13
  *As a side note, the "That's what I need..." post below is not associated with this threadPete on Mar 13
   Speaking of brains...GOP Liars don't need much, but remembering may be a problem...Clippy on Mar 13
    If she did the speeches for free???Pete on Mar 13
     Herd mentality, not heard. I hear you will vote for any EVIL GOP candidateClippy on Mar 14
      No, it's heard mentality. You hear it and you believe it!Pete on Mar 14
       That's a new one! How would increasing taxes on upper brackets reduce rent?Clippy on Mar 14
        Who do you think owns most of the rental properties?Pete on Mar 14
         Soon me...SMcNeill on Mar 14
          Well more power to you...Pete on Mar 14
          You will have to get them inspected first Slum LordClippy on Mar 15
           Re: You will have to get them inspected first Slum LordSMcNeill on Mar 15
            Proper use of an vs. and...Pete on Mar 15
            Cultivate housing all ya want, ya still gotta water them...Clippy on Mar 15
That's what I need...Pete on Mar 13
Move over Benny, there's a new sheriff in townPete on Mar 10
A better riddle is what comes out of Clippy's mouth vs what comes out of a cow's ass.Pete on Mar 8
 Well odorless and colorless methane destroys the atmosphere 10 times as fast as coal dustClippy on Mar 9
  Pick your posion, fool...Pete on Mar 9
   Perhaps, but your answer for wind energy was that it kills millions of birds.Clippy on Mar 9
    If I had a penny for every time a Democrat had a good idea...Pete on Mar 9
     Even 50 Eagles does not make "almost all" of an ESTIMATED 10KClippy on Mar 9
      Domestic cats don't kill eagles, turbines do!Pete on Mar 9
       A turbine often blows himself upClippy on Mar 9
        That's a turban, a degenerator, silly...Pete on Mar 9
         It is time for EPA to regulate methane emissions from existing sources,Clippy on Mar 10
          So stop farting around and do something...Pete on Mar 10
           LOL, the only thing Trump will shut down is the Republican Party!Clippy on Mar 10
            Oh now he's Hitler. Did Bernie Stalin tell you that one?Pete on Mar 10
             Yeah you folks are so cheap you hog all the ignorant voters for freeClippy on Mar 10
              *Your side has 2 choices. One is older than $%^& and the other is the one he's older than.Pete on Mar 10
               Like fine whines, both have a better chance than a fellow who's a big dork...Clippy on Mar 11
                And only God can make a tree....Pete on Mar 11
Clinton is so fracking stupid...Pete on Mar 7
 Not really! The farmers make the money while methane leaks abound!Clippy on Mar 8
  Re: Not really! The farmers make the money while methane leaks abound!SMcNeill on Mar 8
Democrats act like such fools.Pete on Mar 7
 While Republican fools debate hand and organ sizesClippy on Mar 7
  You're being re-dick--ulous again.Pete on Mar 7
Did you hear about the zebra that choked to death on peanut butter at the zoo?Pete on Mar 4
Hey Bob. when do you think the real estate bubble will burst in Canada?Pete on Mar 4
 That's ridiculous...TheBOB on Mar 4
  Me too. I have a wealth of knowledge in my head...Pete on Mar 4
   *LOL--blindsided again!TheBOB on Mar 4
Louisiana, Kansas and Michigan Republican Governors leave disasters behind!Clippy on Mar 3
 * Obama = 21 trillion in debt. What you have say is peanuts.Pete on Mar 3
  $13 Trillion is your GOP's Reagan legacy! I paid my $400 for last year...Clippy on Mar 3
   * Now you are back to being totally delusional. Side effects of prostate meds?Pete on Mar 3
    Sorry, not taking any meds for that! Find another weakness...Clippy on Mar 3
     For someone who believes in big government, you sure don't contribute much...Pete on Mar 4
      Funny, Bonzo was the star of those Reagan movies too!Clippy on Mar 4
       Wrong again, as usual, but I do owe you an anology...Pete on Mar 4
        Yeah sure and every time it falls I gotta listen to you scream!Clippy on Mar 4
         Even you made more than $7.25 an hour.Pete on Mar 4
          Melania Trump says it all...Clippy on Mar 5
           * Hey if my choices for First Lady are between Melania and Bill, it's really a no-brainer!Pete on Mar 5
            *LOL--the first wiener'd FLOTUS. He could buddy up with Caitlyn.TheBOB on Mar 5
             Nope, Caitlyn is a Republican who picked Cruz because he is from Canada...*Clippy on Mar 5
              *A Republican? Really? Wasn't it you guys that fought for her right to be a shemale?TheBOB on Mar 5
               Yes, but we also have fought for everybody's rights to do a lot of things!Clippy on Mar 6
                * Yes, like own slaves, but you lost the fight on that one!Pete on Mar 6
                 I bet you came pretty close paying women to help you do your fraud doctoring!Clippy on Mar 6
                  You're hysterical, or per-menapausal...Pete on Mar 6
                   Foreign cultures taking over? Where? Being slaves for you?Clippy on Mar 6
                    Democrats like to use words but have no idea of their definition.Pete on Mar 6
                     I'm not parroting anything! I heard if from a conservative's mouth!Clippy on Mar 7
                      Clippy want a cracker?Pete on Mar 7

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