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Breaking barriers!SMcNeill on Aug 17
 Steve, you freakin' hypocrite!Pete on Aug 17
  Re: Steve, you freakin' hypocrite!SMcNeill on Aug 17
   I wish Clippy would get in contact with his feminine side...Pete on Aug 17
Colorado releases insurance ratesSMcNeill on Aug 17
 I agree, and so do most Americans.Pete on Aug 17
 Problem is that many uninsured had no choice before!Clippy on Aug 17
Ugly Truths About the School Privatization AgendaClippy on Aug 17
 Dammit Steve, it's all your fault.Pete on Aug 17
  In private schools, PROFIT comes before students!Clippy on Aug 17
   Clippy Clippy I declare I see Clippy's head's up therePete on Aug 17
    Private schools give parents a good feeling about raising funds?Clippy on Aug 18
     Dense as O Ffense Again? OK, so welcome to the Clippy Academy!Pete on Aug 18
      *Just great! The left side of the house just took a big (very funny) hit.TheBOB on Aug 18
      Very funny, but you called your voucher schools MONEY MONGERS too.Clippy on Aug 18
Stupid Reseacher Tricks.Pete on Aug 16
Re-write The Constitution. What could go wrong?Pete on Aug 16
 GOP Presidents have also ignored that "coup" law!Clippy on Aug 17
Hillary Clinton Racially Profiled!Pete on Aug 16
 Re: Hillary Clinton Racially Profiled!SMcNeill on Aug 16
  GOP profiled as racistsClippy on Aug 16
Bubweiser, King of Beers in the ER?Pete on Aug 16
China, teaching the U.S. how to really lie about GDP.Pete on Aug 16
 GDP or GOP?Clippy on Aug 16
  I tried to sell Clippy The Brooklyn Bridge once, but he said no....Pete on Aug 16
  Re: GDP or GOP?SMcNeill on Aug 16
Bernanke want a crack whore?Pete on Aug 16
Obamacare facts separated from spinClippy on Aug 16
 When did fairy dust turn into a load of crap?Pete on Aug 16
  The delay helps big businesses. you should be happyClippy on Aug 16
 Spin separated from facts for ObamacareSMcNeill on Aug 16
  Thanks Steve...Pete on Aug 16
  No different than your Government subsidized farmClippy on Aug 16
   Re: No different than your Government subsidized farmSMcNeill on Aug 16
    Death panels my butt! Jan Brewer made that in ArizonaClippy on Aug 16
     Typical LiveralPete on Aug 17
      John McCain assures constituent ‘You’re not a taker’Clippy on Aug 18
       And I'll keep telling it in the hopes that someday you might understand it.Pete on Aug 18
        No, you tried to charge the customer who asked the favorClippy on Aug 19
         Just when I think you've written the stupidest thing ever, you outdo yourself.Pete on Aug 19
          They HAVE TO BE PATIENT with you!Clippy on Aug 19
           You have a book? It must be a picture book. Does it have a choo choo in it?Pete on Aug 19
            More FACTS about Obama CareClippy on Aug 20
             Glad to see you're a member of crooks and liars dot com.Pete on Aug 20
              You are the spinner, where's your fact links?Clippy on Aug 20
               I'm sorry I couldn't visit your links, my browser kept spinning.Pete on Aug 20
Lose weight now, ask Chris Christie how.Pete on Aug 15
The new death watch is here!Pete on Aug 15
 Where we are headingSteve on Aug 15
  Yep, another Obama Care perk!Abby Normal on Aug 15
A funny slide imageSMcNeill on Aug 14
 Don't worry, and Clippy, apparently rodeo clowns are still in demand.Pete on Aug 14
 A few thoughts.Michael Calkins on Aug 14
  The Web is great for information, but can you trust it?Clippy on Aug 15
Clippy's unions hate Obamacare.Pete on Aug 14
 Re: Clippy's unions hate Obamacare.SMcNeill on Aug 14
  True...Pete on Aug 14
 Hikes may continue, but not at the GOP's 20 percentClippy on Aug 14
  Democrats are doers alright...Pete on Aug 14
Stocks not doing so well on Hump Day!Pete on Aug 14
 Looks like post-Hump Day market is no better.Pete on Aug 15
  Market continues decline but might snap back at end of session.Pete on Aug 16
 Well it's hump day in Europe and oops stocks look they are slippin' again.Pete on Aug 27
Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve. Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is?Joe Camel on Aug 14
 Re: Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve. Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is?SMcNeill on Aug 14
If Steve, Clippy, or Pete found a coconut on a deserted island...Pete on Aug 13
 Sounds like Steve would be the guilty partyClippy on Aug 14
  Actually there were over 100,000,000 villagers on that island.Pete on Aug 14
  Re: Sounds like Steve would be the guilty partyAnonymous on Aug 14
 Re: If Steve, Clippy, or Pete found a coconut on a deserted island...SMcNeill on Aug 14
  Amazing! Google Earth shows your Still Steve!Clippy on Aug 14
   Re: Amazing! Google Earth shows your Still Steve!SMcNeill on Aug 14
   Unfortunately, DNA shows you are still Clippy! *Pete on Aug 14
Healthcare surveySMcNeill on Aug 12
 Newsmax Media is a conservative American ragClippy on Aug 12
 More realistically speaking....Pete on Aug 12
Congressman Exaggerates On Minimum Wage: ‘You Guys Wanna Pay $20 For A Hamburger?’Clippy on Aug 12
 Please open your own burger place.Pete on Aug 12
  Do the math!Clippy on Aug 12
   The fundamental problem is....SMcNeill on Aug 12
    I could say that about farmers too!Clippy on Aug 12
     Re: I could say that about farmers too!SMcNeill on Aug 12
      I pay cash for brand new vehiclesClippy on Aug 13
So what comes after repeal, Mr. Republican Congressman?Clippy on Aug 10
 MSLC - More Stupid Liberal Crap.Pete on Aug 10
  Boo hoo moment? How about an EVIL GOP response?Clippy on Aug 10
   If only Clippy spoke the truth....SMcNeill on Aug 10
    Facts are funny things when Republicans speak, because they don't use anyClippy on Aug 10
     Who needs facts, when they can rant?SMcNeill on Aug 10
      Oh I get it. You just don't want to pay the insurance companies.Clippy on Aug 10
       Only in Clippyland....SMcNeill on Aug 10
        It wasn't $200 a month 40 years ago geniusClippy on Aug 11
         Where to start..SMcNeill on Aug 11
          You expect Health Insurers to not make a profit? GOP loves profits!Clippy on Aug 11
           Re: You expect Health Insurers to not make a profit? GOP loves profits!SMcNeill on Aug 11
            Well I didn't pay any premiums for 33 yearsClippy on Aug 11
             /sighSMcNeill on Aug 11
              You'd a took that cash and gambled it awayClippy on Aug 11
               Crying? I'm not crying. You crying, Steve?Pete on Aug 11
                I'm crying for poor Clippy...SMcNeill on Aug 11
                 Tyson's? I don't eat that crap!Clippy on Aug 11
                  A lobster man?Pete on Aug 11
                * Go ahead and laugh! You paid in DOUBLE!Clippy on Aug 11
                Who else would you prefer pay for the benefits? You?Clippy on Aug 12
                 Tell that to Detroit.Pete on Aug 12
                  I don't buy it! Pension money should be set aside like any other OBLIGATIONClippy on Aug 12
                   Well duh,Pete on Aug 12
       Re: Oh I get it. You just don't want to pay the insurance companies.Pete on Aug 11
       Re: Oh I get it. You just don't want to pay the insurance companies.Pete on Aug 11
        So how much did you let patients lower your prices Mr Niceguy?Clippy on Aug 11
         The best preventative medicine is preventing the use of medicine.Pete on Aug 11
      The cockroaches in Clippy's kitchen don't have time to post better arguments...Pete on Aug 11
       do you guys have ones that can flySteve on Aug 11
       Not where I live.Pete on Aug 11
        That's because California is becoming a desertClippy on Aug 12
         I live at the beach, not Death Valley.Pete on Aug 12
Democratic SchoolingSMcNeill on Aug 9
 Love the "What could go wrong?" ending.Pete on Aug 9
  It's a kind of Catch 22...TheBOB on Aug 9
   Bob, when they post lies like that, you are wasting your timeClippy on Aug 9
    Makes no difference what Glenn says...TheBOB on Aug 10
     The keyword was DemocraticClippy on Aug 10
      I luvs you Clippy!SMcNeill on Aug 10
 The Blaze is a Glenn Beck money maker, that's all I have to know!Clippy on Aug 9
  We support idiots?Pete on Aug 10
15 things everyone would know if there really were a "liberal media"Clippy on Aug 8
 Well...Pete on Aug 8
  Strange? The GOP has blocked more stimulus than anything elseClippy on Aug 8
   Re: Strange? The GOP has blocked more stimulus than anything elseAnonymous on Aug 8
    * Get a real member name and I'll answer ya!Clippy on Aug 9
 Re: 15 things everyone would know if there really were a "liberal media"SMcNeill on Aug 8
  Re: 15 things everyone would know if there really were a "liberal media"Clippy on Aug 9
GOP would eviscerate Detroit pensions while spending $400 million for new stadiumClippy on Aug 5
 I say pay them in fairy dust.Pete on Aug 6
  Naturally once we pay for it the rich try to steal it!Clippy on Aug 6
   ROFL at photo. That's just The Speaker going to look for Obama!Pete on Aug 6
    Apparently he found Donald TrumpClippy on Aug 7
     Trump is living proof that rich people get rich by keeping money, not making money.Pete on Aug 7
      Trump isn't rich! His benefactors were.Clippy on Aug 8
Job Growth - the Obama way!SMcNeill on Aug 5
 McDonnell will have a job, like you care about the underemployed?Clippy on Aug 5
  Re: McDonnell will have a job, like you care about the underemployed?SMcNeill on Aug 5
San Diego Mayor sues his own city for tripping and falling.Pete on Aug 4
 You have a GOP Senator that should have resignedClippy on Aug 4
  Silly idgit, there is no such thing as PC Conservatism.Pete on Aug 4
My thoughts on Right to Work StatesPete on Aug 3
Texas Rangers @ Oakland Athletics this afternoonMichael Calkins on Aug 3
 SuspensionsMichael Calkins on Aug 5
  Alex Rodriguez may play under appealClippy on Aug 5
  cleaning up the sport.Michael Calkins on Aug 5
 * I'll be watching Tamba Bay Rays @ Los Angeles Dodgers in a few minutes.Michael Calkins on Aug 10
Got to love the power of unions...SMcNeill on Aug 3
 But we are a nation of laws!Pete on Aug 3
 In America everybody has the right to be representedClippy on Aug 3
  That will be the next Liberal idiot billPete on Aug 3
   Clinton compromised and it only hurt workersClippy on Aug 3
A Republican Case for Climate ActionClippy on Aug 1
Texas Republicans Want Wendy Davis To Pay For Special SessionClippy on Aug 1
 Texas and other southern states have had to put up with affirmative voting crap too long.Pete on Aug 1
  The GOP war on poverty is to get them off of the voter listsClippy on Aug 1
   Clippyland, where history didn't happen.Pete on Aug 1
Could You Survive on Fast-Food Wages? Try Our CalculatorClippy on Aug 1
 I started out on fast food wages.Pete on Aug 1
 I love this thing you put up!SMcNeill on Aug 1
  Who said anything about anybody making a "modest living"Clippy on Aug 1
   Now,now, Clippy. Let's not turn racist...SMcNeill on Aug 1
    We are all immigrants stupid... unless you are an IndianClippy on Aug 1
     Poor Clippy...SMcNeill on Aug 1
      If they give handouts to you, everybody should get some!Clippy on Aug 1
       Clippy the Commie IncorporatedPete on Aug 1
       Re: If they give handouts to you, everybody should get some!SMcNeill on Aug 1
        Sell just one million of your land and never sponge againClippy on Aug 2
         A call for an open discussion:SMcNeill on Aug 2
          Steve didn't even mention....Pete on Aug 2
          Nobody is talking about your Disability paymentsClippy on Aug 2
           No grudge, just facts.Pete on Aug 2
            Who is asking you to pay a DIME more?Clippy on Aug 2
           Re: Nobody is talking about your Disability paymentsSMcNeill on Aug 2
            OK, lets talk about your Disability ChecksClippy on Aug 2
             Re: OK, lets talk about your Disability ChecksSMcNeill on Aug 2
              You have to apply for EIC credits, it is not automaticClippy on Aug 3
               Re: You have to apply for EIC credits, it is not automaticSMcNeill on Aug 3
                Hey Steve, send me some ginseng!Pete on Aug 3
                 Fill out the proper forms and I will....SMcNeill on Aug 3
                  Well, the IRS opted out of Obamacare!Pete on Aug 3
                   So now Obama runs your City council?Clippy on Aug 3
                    You mean gifts like the money Obama spent on Solyndra?Pete on Aug 3
                     Bush started the Solyndra deal, not ObamaClippy on Aug 4
 Minimum wage is a bit behind though.Pete on Aug 1
  More like $20Clippy on Aug 1
Quick questionSMcNeill on Aug 1
 What was quick about that question?Pete on Aug 1
  *Quicker than your wit anyways. ;DSMcNeill on Aug 1
  * He's just trying to cover up the other posts about him hereClippy on Aug 1
   If he wanted to do that, he'd just dump the back 40 on us.Pete on Aug 1
    *Just remember, they're laughing at you; not with you. ;DSMcNeill on Aug 1
     Ah, the last person who laughed at me ended up in the hospital...Pete on Aug 1
Shove it Bloomberg!Pete on Jul 30
 Just another GOP lawmaker controlling the peonsClippy on Jul 31
  Politics for Dummies (This means you, Clippy.)Pete on Jul 31
Apple, Walmart, McDonald's, Who's the biggest wage stiffer?Clippy on Jul 29
 Actually, Clippy, the biggest wage stiffer was my old man...TheBOB on Jul 30
  So those highly profitable companies can't pay a living wage?Clippy on Jul 30
   Liberals are not very good at fixing the problems they create.Pete on Jul 30
    No, the "fairy dust" was the GOP "trickle down theory"Clippy on Jul 30
     To quote Clippy: "Guns is an easy topic"Pete on Jul 30
      You are the Magic 8 Ball of back surgeryClippy on Jul 30
      Well this one is not QBGarry Ricketson on Jul 30
   Re: "A living wage"TheBOB on Jul 30
    Not teenagers, college graduatesClippy on Jul 31
     *Solid stuff -- points taken.TheBOB on Jul 31
     I would rather hire a high school grad from Bob's day than a college grad, today.Pete on Jul 31
      Yeah those colleges that Romney liked are frauds.Clippy on Jul 31
       Magic elixir salesman? Oh, you mean an M.D.Pete on Aug 1
    What is a living wage?SMcNeill on Aug 1
     *Thanks for sharing that -- (I'm "poor" too, but I want for nothing).TheBOB on Aug 1
     Re: What is a living wage?Clippy on Aug 1
     Hey Steve, send me some stakes!Pete on Aug 1
      Stakes?SMcNeill on Aug 1
       No, I meant stakes.Pete on Aug 1
        *If they keep Clippys out, you'll never get mine! They're a national treasure!!!SMcNeill on Aug 1
        * Clips are better than Staples! You don't have to pry them off.Clippy on Aug 1
      Yeah sure, "sponsorships" like PACsClippy on Aug 1
       Re: Yeah sure, "sponsorships" like PACsSMcNeill on Aug 1
       Did you give up alcohol for drugs?Pete on Aug 1
        OMG, Communists? Why not Nazi's tooClippy on Aug 1
         I'd bet the drugs are pain killers, but...Pete on Aug 1
         Back in Clippyland again I see. :(SMcNeill on Aug 1
          Clippy gave $15 to a wolf?Little Red Ridinghood on Aug 1
   Where do these people get their figures?SMcNeill on Aug 1
  *Good read.Pete on Jul 30
   Thanks...TheBOB on Jul 30
    * If your Dad owned Apple I bet he would have given you a buck!Clippy on Jul 30
     * No, he would have made him work for it. Don't you ever listen?Pete on Jul 30
      How much allowance you give your kid El Cheapo?Clippy on Jul 30
       Enough to speak in full and unbroken English sentences!Pete on Jul 30
50 reasons you'd have to be a smuck to support Obama.Pete on Jul 28
 * #51 - You might name yourself after animated paper clips...SMcNeill on Jul 29
  Wasn't he banned from Microsoft?Pete on Jul 29
In the Way ‘Disney Dad’ Ruins Every Photograph EverClippy on Jul 23
A Norwegian woman has been pardoned in DubaiMichael Calkins on Jul 22
 * Her fault. She probably showed too much ankle.Pete on Jul 22
Obamacare is so good, we just can;t have it yet.Pete on Jul 21
 WE? Like you would ever need it rich boyClippy on Jul 23
I hear Pete just took a new job? ;DSMcNeill on Jul 21
 I'm happy to take you on, Steve, but we need to leave Clippy out.Pete on Jul 21
 HOT what? You can't even spell personnel...Clippy on Jul 22
Hey Clippy, get your ascii up to Detroit!Pete on Jul 19
 All that EVIL GOP Governor wants is the pension moneyClippy on Jul 22
  What pension money? Broke means broke.Pete on Jul 22
   That's right! The GOP state OWES the city moneyClippy on Jul 23
    Hey Steve, more free crap from Clippy the Commie!Pete on Jul 23
     That pension money is not a gift from anybodyClippy on Jul 23
* The Baseball All Star Game is this evening on Fox at 6:30 PM CDT (23:30 GMT).Michael Calkins on Jul 16
 * 3-0 AL.Michael Calkins on Jul 16
  *I always cheer for the AL since the Jays are AL - so yayy!TheBOB on Jul 17
   * :-)Michael Calkins on Jul 17
   * If I had a baseball league it'd look like AL.President Obama on Jul 17
    *How did we manage to turn this baseball thread into a political mash-up? Your turn, Clip.TheBOB on Jul 17
     It's all the Republican's fault someone lost!SMcNeill on Jul 17
     The same way Obama turned a legal event into a political mash-up.Pete on Jul 17
When space weather attacks!Clippy on Jul 15
 That's OK...Pete on Jul 15
Wheelchair race anyone?Clippy on Jul 15
 Obama likes charities, too.Pete on Jul 15
Twinkies are backSMcNeill on Jul 14
 * But it takes a village to make a pastry!Pete on Jul 14
 Another Private Equity nightmareClippy on Jul 15
Not guilty, even without stand your ground. Let the killing begin!Clippy on Jul 13
 Zimmerman is a minority you confused liberal.Pete on Jul 13
  Re: Zimmerman is a minority you confused liberal.SMcNeill on Jul 13
   Reverse main-stream media manipulationPete on Jul 14
  It wasn't about black versus whiteClippy on Jul 14
   First of all you should have posted Black vs. Brown...Pete on Jul 14
    Your racism is showingClippy on Jul 15
     I'm with Steve on this one.Pete on Jul 15
      LOL @ It WOULDN'T MATTER...Clippy on Jul 15
       Zimmerman should also consider suing Martin's family.Pete on Jul 15
        You can't be serious.Clippy on Jul 15
         I certanly can be.Pete on Jul 15
          You are the RIOTClippy on Jul 18
           Never bring a Clippy to a gun fight.Pete on Jul 18
            Oh, the old "I brought the gun so I should use it" line.Clippy on Jul 19
             Why isn't Clippyland ever cleaned up?Pete on Jul 19
              Racist my foot...SMcNeill on Jul 19
               But the Zimmerman who exists in Clippyland is White.Pete on Jul 19
                You know what I find so funny?SMcNeill on Jul 19
                 Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.Pete on Jul 19
                  Summary of the Trayvon Martin caseClippy on Jul 23
         *I too hope he sues the family, the NAACP, and all those still harassing him.SMcNeill on Jul 15
          You mean the NACP...Pete on Jul 16
           LMAO, whites are the NEW minority groupClippy on Jul 18
   Re: It wasn't about black versus whiteSMcNeill on Jul 14
    Zimmerman will probably sue NBC News.Pete on Jul 14
     He already did, but anybody can sueClippy on Jul 15
      It cuts off future aid.Pete on Jul 15
  Why do you hate the constitution?NSA on Jul 14
   You can keep them and bear themClippy on Jul 14
    The problem with self defense is you never know when it'll be neededNSA on Jul 14
     * Welcome to the new Wild WestClippy on Jul 15
Michael Calkins, you seem like a control freakNISSAN on Jul 13
 I try to take forum moderation seriously.Michael Calkins on Jul 13
  So why not do your job and format the links properlyClippy on Jul 13
   * Wrong as usual. I removed that post.Pete on Jul 13
    Well did you fix the links here yet?Clippy on Jul 14
     * I'm here 1% of the time.Pete on Jul 14
  It's not fair to be one sidedNISSAN on Jul 14
   * What The Feathers do you think it means?Clippy on Jul 14
   Why would I think that it is racist?Michael Calkins on Jul 14
    * That was a good read.Pete on Jul 15
LMAO @ apology for prank Asiana pilot namesClippy on Jul 13
* Russia has just convicted a dead man.Michael Calkins on Jul 11
 Meanwhile the USA has the most prisoners in the WORLDClippy on Jul 11
 So what? If that happened in the US....Pete on Jul 11
  Trial? That's not American.SMcNeill on Jul 11
   Mormons? Now there's a revolation.Pete on Jul 11
Is this racists too ?Garry Ricketson on Jul 9
 Maybe we should check your Green Card?Clippy on Jul 9
  The stones we use come from GeorgiaGarry Ricketson on Jul 10
   See what happens when you work for the NSA?Clippy on Jul 10
  * :-(Michael Calkins on Jul 11
Just coudn't help itGarry Ricketson on Jul 9
 Re: Just coudn't help itMichael Calkins on Jul 9
  SadGarry Ricketson on Jul 9
   Re: SadMichael Calkins on Jul 9
    I'm with Garry on this.SMcNeill on Jul 10
     * Sure, the gutter is where you belong welfare monkey farmerClippy on Jul 10
      I've never heard of a "welfare monkey farm."SMcNeill on Jul 11
       * Your bananas will be redistributed. Resistance is fertile.The Monkey Borg on Jul 11
       Congratulations freeloading farmersClippy on Jul 11
        And it's all thanks to people like you.SMcNeill on Jul 11
         The deficit spending is overClippy on Jul 11
          Thanks, Clippy.SMcNeill on Jul 11
           Paying off GOP debts and poor economic managementClippy on Jul 12
            See, you made me happy again! ;)SMcNeill on Jul 12
             A common thief like you would laughClippy on Jul 12
              I am laughing.SMcNeill on Jul 12
               LOL, write me a love letter Welfare farmerClippy on Jul 13
                I luvs you, dearest Clippy.SMcNeill on Jul 13
                 * ROFL at "send the bill to Pete"Pete on Jul 13
                 Send a bill to Pete anyhowClippy on Jul 13
                  How do I know he's a democrat?SMcNeill on Jul 13
          Wow, a little bit of dirt fell back into that giant size hole!Pete on Jul 12
      * Two wrongs don't make a right.Michael Calkins on Jul 11
       * But three lefts do.Pete on Jul 11
       Marvin and Shelly Wrong had a child. He was named Ryte.SMcNeill on Jul 11
     Re: I'm with Garry on this.Michael Calkins on Jul 11
      Re: I'm with Garry on this.SMcNeill on Jul 11
       Re: I'm with Garry on this.Michael Calkins on Jul 11
        Re: I'm with Garry on this.SMcNeill on Jul 11
        * He's not just articulate, he's clean and articulateJoe Biden on Jul 11
      Maybe Michael is a racist?Pete on Jul 11
       * thank you for the clarification.Michael Calkins on Jul 11
 Obama is not a monkey!Magilla on Jul 10
  You are right there. at least monkeys share their bananas.Clippy on Jul 11
   I'd say they share the burden of taxes.SMcNeill on Jul 11
   * BO?... Oh Barack Obama!Joe Biden on Jul 11

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