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message for michael - vlc playermn64 on Dec 22
 I don't use VLC player.Michael Calkins on Dec 22
  *ah, well then fair enoughmn64 on Dec 22
a note to darthwhomn64 on Dec 21
 the practical side of it (note to darthwho)mn64 on Dec 22
  Re: the practical side of it (note to darthwho)The Most Arrogant Man in the World on Dec 22
   *'swhy i want a bumper sticker that says "don't blame me, i didn't vote for either party"mn64 on Dec 22
american politics in summary (quote)NOT joseph s. on Dec 19
I've got eight things to say about mennonite's "new" book:Spelling Police Chief (Ret.) on Dec 18
it's gotta be said...mn64 on Dec 12
 A little common sense is all you need to avoid these things...TheBOB on Dec 12
  you'd be surprised who can fall for it (or when)mn64 on Dec 12
   *and no, they haven't gotten me with one (yet)mn64 on Dec 12
the best place for qb64 to advertize is on its own forums (yes, i'm counting n54 forums)mn64 on Dec 7
 capitalsVince on Dec 11
  don't need 'emmn64 on Dec 11
   And don't forget personality...TheBOB on Dec 12
    some (human) languages don't even have capital lettersmn64 on Dec 12
Well, two weeks to go...TheBOB on Dec 7
 it's kind of a shamemn64 on Dec 7
 Hi Bob, let's have dinner together...Jennifer Aniston on Dec 8
  *lol - alright, but to be completely honest, the ice-cream may be all melted.TheBOB on Dec 8
   Re: *lol - alright, but to be completely honest, the ice-cream may be all melted.Vince on Dec 10
    Well, to begin with...TheBOB on Dec 10
 The Maya Calendar ended a long time ago thanks to SpainClippy on Dec 10
  *Yeah? Well, maya calendar ends on Dec 31st.TheBOB on Dec 10
   *thebob made a pun! i got what i wanted for christmasmn64 on Dec 10
 Re: Well, two weeks to go...Michael Calkins on Dec 20
  Thanks, Michael...TheBOB on Dec 20
   just got an email from mayan tech supportmn64 on Dec 21
    That will be the time...Michael Calkins on Dec 21
    *lol - I couldn't care less, menn -- I've got a date with Jennifer Aniston tomorrow!TheBOB on Dec 21
     i don't know why the fuss over jennifer aniston...mn64 on Dec 22
      Actually, I felt sorry for her...TheBOB on Dec 22
       Yes, bad news, the poles have inverted...Pete on Dec 22
        *they'll have to rename it ATFANmn64 on Dec 22
       it might shift a little, if you dressed her up properlymn64 on Dec 22
        *lol - yes, and speaking of Galleon, he now lives in "the land up-over"!TheBOB on Dec 22
         *oh, that would never work out. dingoes all over eurasia...mn64 on Dec 22
         Re: *lol - yes, and speaking of Galleon, he now lives in "the land up-over"!Pete on Dec 22
          i met a man from guatamala...mn64 on Dec 22
           Met a man from NantucketPete on Dec 22
Wow, this place is still alive?Iain on Dec 4
 they're mostly at the qb64 forummn64 on Dec 4
 * Wow, you're still alive?This Place on Dec 4
  *well, it's either that, or i'm even more stubborn than my reputation would suggestmn64 on Dec 4
  *sigh, i thought he posted that :Pmn64 on Dec 4
politics on the basic64 forum (WARNING: long-winded as ever)mn64 on Dec 3
 * sorry pete, i only needed one of thesemn64 on Dec 3
  I got it.Michael Calkins on Dec 3
   *thanks! i noticedmn64 on Dec 3
   Michael, it happens with IE, too...TheBOB on Dec 4
    Thanks for confiming it.Michael Calkins on Dec 4
     Meta RefreshPete on Dec 4
Well, the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup...TheBOB on Nov 26
 Please keep these Third-World sporting events off the forum!Pete on Dec 3
  *Thanks (I think). Nice to have you drop by!TheBOB on Dec 3
Just HelloGarry on Nov 18
 Welcome back.Michael Calkins on Nov 18
  Stll using qb45 (qbasic) tooGarry on Nov 18
   *Hi Garry - I wrote Animax, so go to TheBOB's QB Graphics Studio and ask away.TheBOB on Nov 18
    *I was wondering what that was...Michael Calkins on Nov 19
     *Yeah, it's an animation/graphics utility I wrote (in the QB64 samples/TheBOB folder).TheBOB on Nov 19
      Screen Shot, animax-for LinuxGarry on Nov 19
       Guess I didn'tGarry on Nov 19
    ThanksGarry on Nov 19
    Couldn't post at TheBOB's QB Graphics StudioGarry on Nov 19
     Yeah, some people do have problems...TheBOB on Nov 19
Sandy.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 I'm in NYC....Solitaire on Oct 31
  Re: I'm in NYC....Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Mac's PearlsComputerGhost on Oct 19
 *Your call, CG, but I wouldn't mind reading some of them.TheBOB on Oct 20
  * +1Iain on Dec 4
Canada Crime RateVince on Oct 6
 So that proves it.Clippy on Oct 12
  Not sure about that Clipster...TheBOB on Oct 13
   Yeah, but chances are they are poorer than averageClippy on Oct 14
    You have a point, of course...TheBOB on Oct 14
     It's percentage of natives, not total amountBenedict on Oct 14
      *Thanks for posting that -- you make more sense as a person than as a graph.TheBOB on Oct 15
car securityBen on Sep 30
 People have done thatClippy on Oct 1
 Re: car securityMichael Calkins on Oct 1
  Yes I have made oneDavid on Oct 4
   *That smiley face sticker on your dashboard wouldn't fool me ;-)TheBOB on Oct 5
I stepped outside this morning...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
 Re: I stepped outside this morning...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
  I've heard of Texas heat...TheBOB on Sep 8
   Re: I've heard of Texas heat...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
    Re: Appreciate A/C -- I do too, and I live in CANADA!!! (more) ...TheBOB on Sep 9
     Canadians shouldn't complain about Global Warming...Pete on Dec 3
      *I agree, but it's hard to carve a graven image of a melted iceberg.TheBOB on Dec 4
 * and yet, I will probably spend the entire day indoors, as usualMichael Calkins on Sep 8
A personal note.Michael Calkins on Sep 6
 Just out of curiosity Michael...TheBOB on Sep 6
  Re: Just out of curiosity Michael... (3 postscripts)Michael Calkins on Sep 6
   *Sounds to me like you are sincere and determined. Not a bad start :-)TheBOB on Sep 6
   Religion is man made!Clippy on Sep 7
    thank you for your concern...Michael Calkins on Sep 8
     When ah you die, you ah gonna pay for your sins...Father Peteo Sarducci on Dec 3
      *lol -- Father Peteo, your brother Guido wants his ah-hat and ah-cigarette back.TheBOB on Dec 4
 what bothers me is (organized religion)mn64 on Dec 3
  Thank you for your concern.Michael Calkins on Dec 4
  What bothers me is organized crime.Pete on Dec 4
   if you pay them on time, they probably won't bother youmn64 on Dec 4
TeethBen on Aug 29
 I had my wisdom teeth removed...TheBOB on Aug 29
  I once had them allClippy on Aug 30
   Yeah, funny about different people's teeth...TheBOB on Aug 31
    * LOL, you coulda made a commercial for V8...Clippy on Aug 31
 Re: TeethBen on Aug 29
 not sure why I'm posting this hereBen on Sep 3
  Get some helpClippy on Sep 4
  Clippy's right, Ben...TheBOB on Sep 4
Johnson 2012poly ticks on Aug 17
 * More lies from GOP morons!Clippy on Aug 19
*Suggestions for asking questions on help forums (URL)Michael Calkins on Aug 9
 I think this is probably the most amusing thing to come from MicrosoftAnonymous on Aug 10
  Heh. I hadn't seen that one before.Dav on Aug 11
The World TodayMichael Calkins on Jul 27
You didn't build thatAnonymous on Jul 19
 He DID say this!Clippy on Jul 20
* A few jokes from the FreeBSD website. (URL)Michael Calkins on Jul 10
 This link seems to work better (*URL)Anonymous on Jul 11
The NewsAnonymous on May 29
 Happy BirthdayClippy on Jun 3
poemBen on May 25
Cannot post in The Bob's ForumClippy on May 22
 Can't help you there Clipster -- maybe Pete? ...TheBOB on May 22
  Well if I can't post others cannot eitherClippy on May 22
   * Turn your javascript off and try it.Pete on May 23
    Yep that fixed it but why?Clippy on May 23
     Smilies. They frown on javascript on non-IE browsers with N54.Pete on May 23
      Don't forget that Google Chrome automatically updates quite frequently!a on May 23
just watched the movie Miracle Milestosb on May 13
 Not so much me...TheBOB on May 13
  oh, well the movie is older than I am lolstosb on May 13
  Mere entertainment? You need to get a grip!Clippy on May 13
   *what?stosb on May 13
    *He refers to the HUGE mushroom-shaped clouds that accompany a nuclear explosion.TheBOB on May 14
     *um, of coursestosb on May 15
Question regarding the old Commodore 128...TheBOB on Apr 30
 MSDOS used DOSkeyClippy on Apr 30
 * "macro"?Michael Calkins on Apr 30
  *Macros! That's it! Thanks again, Michael.TheBOB on May 1
   * Is that anything like 6 cheese Macros? :-)Clippy on May 5
    *Commodore only came with 1 type of cheese - but today there's the iMac & Cheese.TheBOB on May 6
Too Important - a story on jobs, life, and economic recessionComputerGhost on Apr 23
ArtBen on Apr 17
 You seem to express yourself pretty well, Ben...TheBOB on Apr 17
  * Judging by the asterisks he better not express himself to the teacher that way!Clippy on Apr 17
   *lol - well, it's at least better than spelling out the real words!TheBOB on Apr 18
    * LOL, HE DID! Michael cleaned it up!Clippy on Apr 18
 Re: ArtAnonymous on Apr 21
* Jack Tramiel (December 1928 - April 2012)Michael Calkins on Apr 10
 *I first learned to program on a Commodore 128.TheBOB on Apr 10
  My first computer was a Commodore 64, purchased in 1985..Solitaire on Apr 14
   Steps to make Solitaire rich:ChronoKitsune on Apr 14
   Wow, Solitaire...TheBOB on Apr 15
    Images of the autographed AppleIIGS - Photobucket won't workSolitaire on Apr 15
     Re: Images of the autographed AppleIIGS - Photobucket won't workMichael Calkins on Apr 15
     Re: Images of the autographed AppleIIGS - Photobucket won't workClippy on Apr 16
      I copied the urlSolitaire on Apr 16
       * (URLs)Michael Calkins on Apr 16
       Great stuff! Here are the images (Thanks, Michael)...TheBOB on Apr 16
Marvel Avengers film -- are you going to see it?ChronoKitsune on Apr 8
 *I'm looking forward to it -- on blu-ray in 3-4 months, though.TheBOB on Apr 8
Question about 3D movies...TheBOB on Apr 8
 Yep they still require glassesClippy on Apr 8
 In theatres, you still need the glasses.ChronoKitsune on Apr 8
  Thanks, guys...TheBOB on Apr 8
  I saw a 3D movie in a theatre for the first time about a month ago.Michael Calkins on Apr 8
   *Thanks, Michael (lol@now where did I put those glasses...)TheBOB on Apr 9
    I couldn't find them...Michael Calkins on Apr 9
     Thanks -- yeah, I'd already read all the wikipedia stuff...TheBOB on Apr 9
      New 3D TV'sClippy on Apr 9
       Amazing...TheBOB on Apr 9
 You need to experience 3D in an iMAX theater.Solitaire on Apr 14
  * They'd have to make bigger igloos!Clippy on Apr 14
   *Cute -- you forgot defrosters for the glasses!TheBOB on Apr 14
  Re: You need to experience 3D in an iMAX theater.Michael Calkins on Apr 14
Two Obama SpeechesObama on Apr 5
 * Yeah sure, but who pays the listeners?Clippy on Apr 7
Spiders... (includes a question for Pete). (snakes also.)Michael Calkins on Mar 30
 We have 4 venomous snakes around here (NC)Dav on Apr 5
  * WHERE the **** are you? :-0Clippy on Apr 5
   Seems like a zoo sometimesDav on Apr 10
    Re: Seems like a zoo sometimesMichael Calkins on Apr 22
 * I just found a recluse in my shower (after getting in and turning the water on).Michael Calkins on Apr 22
You are invited to the memorial of Jesus's death.Michael Calkins on Mar 29
 you know anything about these dialect of christianity?Ben on Mar 30
  not much.Michael Calkins on Mar 30
   it is a nice buildingBen on Mar 31
Grr.Michael Calkins on Mar 24
 It is against the law in some states!Clippy on Mar 25
  Yes, it's illegal in Illinois.ChronoKitsune on Mar 25
   Re: Yes, it's illegal in Illinois.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 * I like the catBen on Mar 25
  *Yeah, we've had her for about a decade now. She is crazy.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 Re: Grr.Pete on Mar 26
  Well I asked Jeeves, my private servant and he said...The Juan Percent on Mar 26
  Re: Grr.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 On a slightly different topic, Michael...TheBOB on Mar 26
  * I think it's the Alamo...:-)Clippy on Mar 26
  Those were model buildings on display in Poth city hall.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
   *Thanks! (your phone sure gets around).TheBOB on Mar 26
    *Yes. I take an insane number of photos.Michael Calkins on Mar 26
 congratulations, you've discoveredstosb on May 15
Long time, no seeIain on Mar 7
 *Hi, Iain! It's slowed down quite a bit since the old days, but we're still at it.TheBOB on Mar 7
 * I guess you haven't had any problems so...glad to hear from ya!Clippy on Mar 7
VideoBen on Feb 13
 I think I know what you meanMichael Calkins on Feb 14
  *what would you recommend?Ben on Mar 2
   *For what specifically? If in general: I'd recommend not worrying too much about it.Michael Calkins on Mar 4
 You were self-conscious of the taping tooClippy on Feb 14
  You're right Clipster -- self-consciousness makes a difference...TheBOB on Feb 14
   I concur. TheBob Candid.Pete on Feb 15
    *lol - yes he would have looked ridiculous if he'd known he was being recorded.TheBOB on Feb 16
     AW that was staged!Clippy on Feb 17
     Batman vs Green HornetPete on Feb 17
*God's name (URL)Michael Calkins on Feb 10
 * Dog is that name backwards...Clippy on Feb 11
 * Thanks for saving our bandwidth!Pete on Feb 15
Yayyy, Giants! ...TheBOB on Feb 6
 NO it wasn't!Clippy on Feb 6
  Tell us more, Mr. Geography...TheBOB on Feb 6
   We used to go to West Virginia!Clippy on Feb 6
    "Nope, never been. If I did go, I doubt if I would drive.TheBOB on Feb 6
     * When did they change the * to a quotation mark?Clippy on Feb 6
      *lol - not sure how that happened, but I'll leave it so your comment still makes sense.TheBOB on Feb 7
       * That was that mysterious "ANY" KEY :-)Clippy on Feb 7
        *Odd that I would PRESS it, though, since I wasn't planning TO CONTINUE.TheBOB on Feb 7
Without Government who would build the roads?Toad Man on Jan 31
 Like the nature thing would be any cheaper...Clippy on Jan 31
State of Union Bingo -- Entire board filled after 15 minutesAnonymous on Jan 24
 Why working people are the REAL JOB CREATORS!Clippy on Jan 25
HITLER Finds Out TEBOW Beat Steelers in AFC WILD CARDClippy on Jan 13
 * We beat 'em, too!Niners on Jan 13
  SHHH...DON'T TELL Hitler, he's mad enough...Clippy on Jan 16
building a towerBen on Dec 26
 That is what "hod carriers" are for.Clippy on Dec 26
 *763 feet.TheBOB on Dec 27
 999 bricks high (101.898 m OR 334.311 ft) **mathematical proof inside**ComputerGhost on Dec 29
  *Also, I proved this tower can always support its own weight with my selected brickComputerGhost on Dec 29
  * hahaMichael Calkins on Dec 29
 lifting a brickBen on Jan 3
  * SO, what kind of crap are you taking now bad boy?Clippy on Jan 3
   You'll have to excuse Clippy, he doesn't lift bricks...Super Mario on Jan 3
    WASSAMATTER? You lost your funny boy password IORR?Clippy on Jan 4
     *didn't you find stylez or someone from here in prison?Ben on Jan 4
      * LOL, not really, but he did NOT appreciate the innuendo...:-)Clippy on Jan 5
North KoreaBen on Dec 19
 * Are you Kim's son? :-PClippy on Dec 20
Stop the NYPD from protecting Fox News!Clippy on Dec 7
tactfully misleading english word playBen on Dec 3
 * OMG I hope you are not fat Ben...:-)Clippy on Dec 6
  * no I hate fat peopleBen on Dec 6
   * Well what kind of people do you like? Skinny?Clippy on Dec 7
CNN cant do geographyGeography teacher on Nov 4
 * Neither can Qbasic...try QB64. At least you can render the maps...Clippy on Nov 10
We had an earthquake this morning.Michael Calkins on Oct 20
 Glad you're alright...TheBOB on Oct 20
  thank you.Michael Calkins on Oct 20
   I felt the one that hit VirginiaClippy on Oct 23

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