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Why are Clippy's arguments always a little rusty?Jack Handy on Dec 19
 They're not really rusty, just half-baked... on Dec 19
 Why are Clippy's arguments always a little rusty?Daniel on Dec 20
  I like that anology...Pete on Dec 20
   And if you spill him on a thread, it's twice as likely to go up in flames * on Dec 20
  Poor Ted the clipped Clippy cum BurgerBytesDaniel on Dec 20
   stax is right about one on Dec 20
    QBCafe ForumDaniel on Dec 21
     i've been looking at the reawakened remnants of the old qmunitymn on Dec 21
      Old QB ForumsDaniel on Dec 21
       Re: Old QB Forumsmn on Dec 21
   Re: Poor Ted the clipped Clippy cum BurgerBytesSMcNeill on Dec 21
    Re: Poor Ted the clipped Clippy cum BurgerBytesmn on Dec 21
     The four-step path to CapitalismClippy on Dec 21
      WHAT capitalism? on Dec 21
       it's all corporate socialism, that's the thingmn on Dec 21
      Re: The four-step path to CapitalismDaniel on Dec 21
       And what are you supposed to do about all that? on Dec 21
        Re: And what are you supposed to do about all that?Daniel on Dec 21
         oh, come nowmn on Dec 21
          The three alternativesDaniel on Dec 21
   Not niceDaniel on Dec 21
St. Louis County District Attorney Bob McCulloch knew witnesses were lyingClippy on Dec 19
Assault Rifle Amusement Park For Children Set To Open In FloridaClippy on Dec 19
 You're just pissed off because you can only afford an A-Ticket for a pea-shooter.Pete on Dec 19
  * Just put your Phaser on STUN silly!Clippy on Dec 19
   * I wrote laser, not phaser. You don't read well, and I don't have a comic to post.Pete on Dec 19
 Once again it's a case of Idiot HyperboleSMcNeill on Dec 19
  Here's your IDIOT hyperbole!Clippy on Dec 19
   Re: Here's you IDIOT hyperbole!SMcNeill on Dec 19
    Yeah simulate it and then wait for the REAL tragedy with a TOY later!Clippy on Dec 19
     That's tragic.Pete on Dec 19
      * and then cops say the 12 year old kid looks 20 years old... conservative my ASCIIClippy on Dec 19
       * He looked big for 12.Pete on Dec 19
        * LOL, and so did all your girlfriends look 18 I bet....Clippy on Dec 19
     Re: Yeah simulate it and then wait for the REAL tragedy with a TOY later!SMcNeill on Dec 19
      Just add INKEY$ to the guns and compile them with QB64... on Dec 19
      Oh you forgot a hoodie. Kids can't aim toy guns at people now?Clippy on Dec 19
       *Ban Hoodies! Hoodies Are Killing Our Children!Oscar Mayer Liberal on Dec 19
        WE WON'T ALLOW IT!!! *International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union on Dec 19
         Ban Unions! They're Killing Our Children with Hoodies! *National Union of Lobbyists Against Unions on Dec 19
          Ban Bans! They're Banning Our Children's Freedom! *Un-National Libertarian Collective on Dec 19
           Bamm Bamm! Bamm-Bamm-Bamm-Bamm-Bamm Bamm! *Bamm-Bamm Rubble on Dec 19
       Re: Oh you forgot a hoodie. Kids can't aim toy guns at people now?SMcNeill on Dec 19
        Add to that...Pete on Dec 19
Sen. Tom Coburn single-handedly blocks a suicide prevention program for veterans!Clippy on Dec 16
 Sen. Coburn Blasted for Blocking Veteran Suicide Prevention Bill...Clippy on Dec 16
 There are churches, pleny of programs funded by grants, etc. already.Pete on Dec 16
  Our Government is obligated to give our Service people all the help they need!Clippy on Dec 16
   What people would do if they cared as much as Clippy on Dec 16
    Ain't no party line, I can SEE with my OWN EYES!Clippy on Dec 16
     Clippy, Clippy, Clippy. You just don't quite see it yet...Pete on Dec 16
      Well that brochure probably LIED just like the Republicans who helped write it.Clippy on Dec 16
       All politicians lie, Clipster...TheBOB on Dec 17
        I didn't suggest that, but if you can't see the difference then what's to talk about?Clippy on Dec 17
         Re: I didn't suggest that, but if you can't see the difference then what's to talk about?Pete on Dec 17
          The second biggest flaw Clippy makes is lumping the "rich" together on Dec 17
           No the poor are not just manipulated by the GOP they are blocked by themClippy on Dec 17
            Was referring to GOP election fraud, actually on Dec 18
          Rich people and corporations have all the GOP representation that money can BUY!Clippy on Dec 19
           You could learn a lot from a cartoon character...Pete on Dec 19
GOP Governor Proposes Using Pension Money to Cover Budget Gap of His Tax Cuts 4 richClippy on Dec 15
 Thank you or posting the link, and not copying the article...Pete on Dec 15
Custom Hebrew and PaleoHebrew font with demo in QBASIC 1.1 (VGA or DosBox)Michael Calkins on Dec 15
 revised version of the Hebrew font program (requires DOSBox).Michael Calkins on May 27
  screenshotsMichael Calkins on May 27
This should make Clippy happy. I'm removing all his posts from this forum...Pete on Dec 14
 * Had me scared for a few seconds.Michael Calkins on Dec 15
Second Newtown school shooting anniversary...95 shootings laterClippy on Dec 14
 It's rather silly and mean to sue BushmasterMichael Calkins on Dec 15
  So you have all the answers about GUNS and GOD do you?Clippy on Dec 15
 Re: Second Newtown school shooting anniversary...95 shootings laterNRA Fact-Man! on Dec 15
  At Least 194 Children Have Been Shot to Death Since NewtownClippy on Dec 15
   I'm pretty sure every "idiot" here knows what dead meansAnonymous on Dec 15
   And let's compate that figure....Da Cold Hard-on Facts! on Dec 15
    Good job... after that argument Clippy may finally switch to Eunichs * on Dec 15
    The only D*ck I see here is the one juggling numbers of dead childrenClippy on Dec 15
     Your party doesn't care a bit about kids, other than to exploit them for political gain.Pete on Dec 15
      No that's your party! The GUN RUNNER Republican PartyClippy on Dec 15
 Clippy: thought of you when I stumbled upon this imageJim on Dec 15
  Aw my first Christmas present already! Gee thanksClippy on Dec 16
   FACTS? Oh, you mean F.A.C.T.S., an acronym used by the DNC...Pete on Dec 16
    Better than forcing people to be slaves to selfish rich people!Clippy on Dec 16
I like ike, you like ike, everybody likes ikeAnonymous on Dec 14
tl;dr old testamentmn on Dec 13
 In the beginning, God said "Let there be lite..."Pete on Dec 13
  well, the bible as we know it was heavily influenced by governmentsmn on Dec 13
   Bible stories that don't make sence.Pete on Dec 13
    hey if you knew where they were, would you tell anyone?mn on Dec 13
     Since when did this become the Fiction Forum?Clippy on Dec 14
      * Ah, since we let you in?Pete on Dec 14
       *One man's religion is another man's fiction anyway. Does the index not mention religion?* on Dec 14
    The whole nation heard God's voice out of the mountain.Michael Calkins on Dec 15
     4 15 14 20 6 15 18 7 5 20 20 15 4 18 9 14 11 25 15 21 18 15 22 1 12 20 9 14 5 * on Dec 15
      * Great Value hot cocoa powder is cheaper.Michael Calkins on Dec 17
       So are black and white interpretations of scripture on Dec 17
        I thought I made up a word: Bible + Idolatry = Bibliolatry on Dec 18
         "it is no valueless word for you, but it means your life"Michael Calkins on Dec 19
          Yes, and without the Bible at your fingertips, you would have no answers on Dec 19
           Put in simpler, less flowery terms... on Dec 19
           Out of curiousity.Michael Calkins on Dec 19
            Yeah you appear to have all the materials, you just don't use them wellClippy on Dec 19
             J.W.'s believe Government = Satan and don't get involved with it on Dec 19
            Hey guys, cut him some slack...Pete on Dec 19
             If he goes from obeying Kingdom Hall to worshiping the Lifetime channel, oh boy... on Dec 19
              Religion is not God! It is man's interpretation of what is good.Clippy on Dec 19
               *Wow, Clipster! That was a really cogent and interesting post--and no pictures!TheBOB on Dec 19
                He's even right (at least 90-something-percent, I think) on Dec 19
               there does seem to be a common core to a lot of the legends.Michael Calkins on Dec 20
                You mean "sowing," not "sewing"Scribe Police on Dec 20
                Wouldn't it be cool if the ziggurat at Eridu is the tower of Babel?Michael Calkins on Dec 20
                 And the "Hanging Gardens" were probably in Nineveh.Michael Calkins on Dec 20
              Thanks for the concern, but...Michael Calkins on Dec 19
               Oh, man, here we go again... on Dec 20
                Re: Oh, man, here we go again...Michael Calkins on Dec 20
                 For what it's worth, I doubt I love it as much as you do on Dec 20
                  It was never a competition.Michael Calkins on Dec 20
                   It's not so much that I want to change your view on religion... on Dec 20
                    Re: It's not so much that I want to change your view on religion...Michael Calkins on Dec 21
                     P.S.Michael Calkins on Dec 21
                      really curious on Dec 21
                       I'm heterosexual.Michael Calkins on Dec 21
                        i did on Dec 21
                         see, that's what I wonder sometimesMichael Calkins on Dec 21
                          scientists are trying to create an experiment to find out if we live in the matrix or notmn on Dec 22
                     i think it's impossible to knowmn on Dec 21
                     inkey$ (this is off-topic for off-topic)mn on Dec 21
                      working with integers is generally faster than working with strings.Michael Calkins on Dec 21
                       it's not that much of a difference though, is it?mn on Dec 21
                        * Then you're right, QB64 has a problem.Michael Calkins on Dec 21
                         here's anothermn on Dec 22
                          *report it in the bugs subforum at QB64Michael Calkins on Dec 22
                           i only file a bug report every 5 years or so, here's whymn on Dec 22
                            IE: All you really want to do is bitch and take up spaceClippy on Dec 22
             I don't have cable / satellite.Michael Calkins on Dec 19
              Grand Inquisitors have a strong belief that the guilty should confess... on Dec 19
               You're right.Michael Calkins on Dec 19
            Re: Out of curiousity.Anonymous on Dec 19
             here's a former elder saying a lot of what i'm saying in only 5 minutes on Dec 19
              WHY? Just like any other 3 year old!Clippy on Dec 19
               The thing is, not all religions control people on Dec 19
                See it is always about the OTHER religions isn't it?Clippy on Dec 19
                 Freedom for you means freedom for everyone else on Dec 19
               * My parents never told me that there was a Santa Claus.Michael Calkins on Dec 20
             Thanks for the response.Michael Calkins on Dec 20
              Sounds like your God should go on Craigslist and put up a seeking Stepford Wives ad...Pete on Dec 20
               Yes but you see in your metaphor, God only made one flavor of jellybean on Dec 20
Our Statue of WaterboardingClippy on Dec 13
 And that's why I like Jesse Ventura. But you know he isn't a Democrat, of course * on Dec 13
How many countries does it take to screw up a lightbulb?Pete on Dec 12
==== i'd be willing to trade the linux forum for a politics forum ======== mn ==== on Dec 11
 Re: ==== i'd be willing to trade the linux forum for a politics forum ====SMcNeill on Dec 12
  i could even deal with that, on Dec 12
   *You mean "led," sonny, like the zeppelinGrammar Police on Dec 12
    We have to take your Grammar's badge, she's too old to stay on the forceOther Police on Dec 12
 I'd be willing to do it, under these conditions...Pete on Dec 12
  *Let Clippy moderate the political forum. He'd be the one to post there the most, I bet.SMcNeill on Dec 12
   *i would be fine with thatmn on Dec 12
   * Is the phase, "Letting the inmate run the asylum." lost to you guys, or what?Pete on Dec 12
    that's one way to put on Dec 12
     * Come again? Because I didn't quite cat chit.Pete on Dec 12
   okay steve, you and i both think clippy should do it. but can you moderate it?mn on Dec 12
    *Not me. Honestly, I'd probably avoid it 90% of the time.SMcNeill on Dec 13
    * I have some ideas or a non-moderated one, but I have to let them stew for awhile.Pete on Dec 13
     you let them STU, the best things come to those who waitmn on Dec 13
  sounds good to me!mn on Dec 12
What Deficit? The GOP starts giving away everything to the rich and Wall Street!Clippy on Dec 11
 The CRominbus is filled with radioactive wasteClippy on Dec 12
  LOL - Could you imagine if they did allow drugs in DC?Pete on Dec 12
   I remember when their Mayor was.Clippy on Dec 12
    * Sure, but or real drugged out politicians, you have to visit Canada!Pete on Dec 12
     Republican Nightmares Come True As Bernie Sanders Gets A Big Promotion In The SenateClippy on Dec 12
How An Obscure Writing Contest Could Put An End To Partisan GerrymanderingClippy on Dec 10
BiasQOTM on Dec 8
Why Poor People Stay PoorClippy on Dec 7
 Clippy, I'm sorry to hear that happend to you and your husband.Pete on Dec 7
 Corporations play a huge role in this on Dec 7
  States Form Secret Alliance With Energy Companies To Kill Environmental RegulationsClippy on Dec 8
 Re: Why Poor People Stay PoorMr Obvious on Dec 8
  Ever walk somewhere and get rained on half way there?Clippy on Dec 9
   This is where small government kicks in on Dec 9
The Wall Street Journal Agrees on the Middle-Class SqueezeClippy on Dec 6
Why people post anonymously hereAnonymous on Dec 6
 My say on it is this...Pete on Dec 6
 There is no reason to be anonymous here except to force membershipClippy on Dec 6
Missouri Republicans try to prevent free market competition in health insuranceClippy on Dec 6
you get more abuse posting to this forum than you do for abusing the main forummn on Dec 6
"shut up and code" is a thought-terminating clichemn on Dec 5
 Mine? Well, yah might want to run this cliche past 'em next time...Pete on Dec 5
 Re: "shut up and code" is a thought-terminating clicheNot Really Benny Hill on Dec 5
  you know, you could make more than steve with a t-shirt line on cafepressmn on Dec 5
   Or... I paid Steve not to code...Pete on Dec 5
    at least he's not a senatormn on Dec 5
     Re: at least he's not a senatorPete on Dec 5
      Go talk code in the main forum for a change...Clippy on Dec 6
       Ah, the main forum is for discussion BASICPete on Dec 6
        I have nothing else ready for Android and Android-Basic is another dead endClippy on Dec 6
         pete didn't stop steve from coding. i didno thanks necessary, but you're welcome! on Dec 6
          Pete can verify one thing...Clippy on Dec 6
           it would probably be worth $10 a month just to find out on Dec 6
            Now this BULLCRAP is in TWO FORUMS! Does Mennonite EVER SHUT UP?Clippy on Dec 6
             wait... did you not want a reply to your post?mn on Dec 6
          I just poured gas on the fire.Pete on Dec 6
           i hope it was who-gas, and premium unleadedmn on Dec 6
RNC’s Priebus picks the wrong fight on the wrong issueClippy on Dec 5
 Re: RNC’s Priebus picks the wrong fight on the wrong issueSMcNeill on Dec 5
  Looks like Clippy picked the wrong fight on the wrong issue on Dec 5
   LOL - And Steve should post as Not Really Pete. because...Pete on Dec 5
  All that from our Welfare farmer?Clippy on Dec 6
   He seems to have a point, sir. Oh R2, he doesn't want to hear what kind of queen you are*C3-PO on Dec 6
   Shut up and make a graph!Not Really Stxaxtic on Dec 6
How The Oil Industry Bought And Trashed North DakotaClippy on Dec 4
Why PCism will never go to Hell...Pete on Dec 4
 PCism is based on hypocritically ideal, imaginary standards on Dec 4
Hey Pete! Here’s what your city will look like when the ice sheets meltClippy on Dec 3
 Well then lucky for me I own property in Palos Verdes.Pete on Dec 3
I get an error when I click the first post of thread box here:Clippy on Nov 30
 * N54 is working on databases, trying to get sticky posts..Pete on Nov 30
  Well if that's a STICKY POST, then I'm again it!Clippy on Dec 1
How kids can keep from being shot by cops.Clippy on Nov 30
 Don't forget to hold the media partially responsible on Nov 30
 I like this one a whole lot more...Pete on Nov 30
  *Good stuff!TheBOB on Nov 30
  * LOLMichael Calkins on Dec 5
 really?STxAxTIC on Nov 30
  That's exactly why the police should never be militarized on Nov 30
 That's why we need Chris Rock running for President.Pete on Nov 30
  Liberals have proposed immigration laws based on good behavior on Nov 30
   *Clippy on Nov 30
    * on Nov 30
   One person's need may feel like a demand to othersClippy on Dec 1
    So you're sticking with the weak and stupid party?Pete on Dec 2
     Yeah I don't doubt that you'd still have slaveryClippy on Dec 2
      Ah, but that's the bright side of a two party system. No one party ever prevails.Pete on Dec 2
       Instead they still race to the bottom, but now it looks like slo-mo Chariots of Fire *Tshh- tshh- tshh- tshh- tshh... on Dec 3
        What color is your parachute? on Dec 3
       Outspent McCain? He'd have had us in two more wars! BTW what happened to the DEFICIT?Clippy on Dec 3
Happy Thanksgiving from the IndiansClippy on Nov 27
Obama Threatens To Veto Congress’ Plan To Give Corporations A $400 Billion Tax CutClippy on Nov 26
 Ah, wealthy people actually do better when a Democrat is in the White HousePete on Nov 26
 Congress Poised To Eliminate Key Tax Breaks For Middle ClassClippy on Nov 26
  They should have never expanded tacks in the first place on Nov 26
   * In Soviet Russia, tacks cut you!Boris Beatenoff on Nov 26
    *I "saw" what you did there, Dah-linkNot Ashah Atalle on Nov 26
Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public AssistanceClippy on Nov 24
 They also make it possible or more people to be employed.Pete on Nov 24
  They certainly keep a lot of Chinese kids employedAnonymous on Nov 24
   What's the point of a free market if we can't improve things by voting with our wallet? *Not Ronald McDonald on Nov 24
  See when we actually COULD CUT Government benefits you Peter out with WORKFARE!Clippy on Nov 24
Even Reagan said we should tax the RICH MORE!Clippy on Nov 23
 The American people's 2014 agenda VS agenda of the Republican PartyClippy on Nov 23
Just a few thoughts on immigration.Michael Calkins on Nov 21
 Ridiculous! Who wants criminals and gangsters? The Republican Party, that's who!Clippy on Nov 22
 Strip searching every border crosser? Searching every body cavity too? *Even North Korea Doesn't Do That on Nov 22
Dignity? Bill Cosby has no dignity.Michael Calkins on Nov 21
 Did you ever think maybe he is innocent? Keep the guilt trips to yourself!Clippy on Nov 22
 Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your Brother's eye?Matt on Nov 22
  re: panoramaMichael Calkins on Dec 6
   "I get the impression that some of the victims were hostile to God and his organization." on Dec 6
    thank you for your post.Michael Calkins on Dec 6
     You sure seem to know a lot about things that happened thousands of years ago!Clippy on Dec 7
      Clippy was in the Council of Nicaea himself on Dec 7
 *And now it's obvious why you were disfellowshiped*Luke 6:37 Matthew 7:1 on Nov 22
  Disfellowshipping is arbitrary on Nov 22
   Let those who are holier cast the first stoneClippy on Nov 23
    Obviously the JW interpretation of "2 witnesses" is as weak as you point out on Nov 23
Obama is KING!Clippy on Nov 21
 Yeah, a... "KING" lousy president *Not Really The GOP on Nov 21
  Yeah and ISSA got fired because he failed to do the job!Clippy on Nov 21
Republicans just passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPAClippy on Nov 20
 Obama should veto this. He won't, because when it really matters, he is just for showAnonymous on Nov 20
  It won't get through the Senate this year, but Obama has threatened a veto.Clippy on Nov 20
   GOP never pretends to work with other parties. Nor Greens, only Dems do, and for ??? *Anonymous on Nov 20
    Oops! GOP's plan for shutting down Obama's immigration action is 'impossible'Clippy on Nov 20
‘Scandalous’ Solyndra Program Actually Earned Taxpayers A $5 Billion ProfitClippy on Nov 19
 When Mega Corporations Get Mega Tax Breaks, We All PayClippy on Nov 20
Where religon meets politics, what was Jesus thinking?Pete on Nov 19
 But in Jesus's time, the two-party system was Jews and Pagans * on Nov 19
 Absolutely valid point...TheBOB on Nov 19
 Where you differ is that Jesus never asked for anything and you want it all!Clippy on Nov 19
  Wrong as usual...Pete on Nov 19
   * LOL, Jesus was a union buster?Clippy on Nov 20
   Re: Wrong as usual...Michael Calkins on Nov 21
  Re: Where you differ is that Jesus never asked for anything and you want it all!Michael Calkins on Nov 21
   He also said all things are possible in Heaven...Pete on Nov 24
    Well we know what Heaven DOESN'T HAVE! Evil Republicans and...Clippy on Nov 24
     If Heaven only had Democrats...Pete on Nov 24
    The article I linked to went into that.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
    *Yes, Pete--Heaven has really big needles, but ironically, Its haystacks are tiny.TheBOB on Nov 28
     *sure, larger haystacks would fall through the clouds, and pitchforks are in short supplymn on Nov 29
ALEC Fueled Supreme Court Challenge to Obama Health Law is the real fraud!Clippy on Nov 18
GOP ready for more TAX CUTS for businesses, but not workers.Clippy on Nov 18
And speaking of Gallop polls, Obamacare hits the skids!Pete on Nov 17
 Yeah just like Social Security and Medicare have failed, but they still exist?Clippy on Nov 18
Republican Admits She Doesn’t Care About Democracy, Plans to Ignore Fracking BanClippy on Nov 17
 You need Libertarians for that...Pete on Nov 17
Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick CheneyClippy on Nov 15
 Wow! one letter, one whole letter.Pete on Nov 15
  Oh I can get TONS MORE! Unfortunately many are dead already!Clippy on Nov 15
   That's only about 3 times the national average and...Pete on Nov 15
    We already know they can't be good people cause most are POOR!Clippy on Nov 16
     I had two very successful cousins go through the military to help pay for college.Pete on Nov 16
The Fraudulent Media Campaign To Scandalize Obamacare's PassageClippy on Nov 14
 Sounds like The Left is moving with cat-like reflexes...Pete on Nov 14
  Re: Sounds like The Left is moving with cat-like reflexes...Clippy on Nov 14
   Newly Insured Through ACA Exchanges Give Coverage Good MarksClippy on Nov 14
    Same week polls show most Americans believe government and the economy are...Pete on Nov 14
     Mind reader eh? Same as Boehner knows what the PEOPLE WANTClippy on Nov 14
      44th, OK, but 1st in pill popping!Pete on Nov 14
       The USA SPENDS 2.5 times more than the other countries too!Clippy on Nov 14
        American hospitals should be brought up on charges of racketeering.Pete on Nov 14
         Insurance companies aren't cryingClippy on Nov 14
          Re: Insurance companies aren't cryingPete on Nov 14
           I grasp it, but the GOP cuts too deepClippy on Nov 14
            Really, well the current system is total BS...Pete on Nov 14
             So an unemployed worker and a baby should get no compensation?Clippy on Nov 15
LOOK OUT HILLARY! GOP Plan That Could Rig The Electoral College For RepublicansClippy on Nov 14
Albatross! on Nov 13
 Senate Democrats Betray Their Supporters By Scheduling A Vote On Keystone XLClippy on Nov 13
  Democrats: Stop chasing voters who won’t ever support you!Clippy on Nov 13
Why Are Generic Drug Prices Skyrocketing?Clippy on Nov 13
As scientists sound the alarm on climate, a reason for hopeClippy on Nov 12
 Bill Nye Helps You Refresh Your Understanding of the Basic Science of Climate ChangeClippy on Nov 12
  Nevada solar plant creates worldwide buzzClippy on Nov 12
   Coal Ash Contaminates Water Across Country, House Republicans Try To Preempt RegulationsClippy on Nov 13
President Obama's Executive Orders to help #Vets when #GOP refused:Clippy on Nov 11
 Dems are tax happy, but too scared to raise middle class taxes.Pete on Nov 11
  Re: Dems are tax happy, but too scared to raise middle class taxes.Clippy on Nov 11
 You Americans Have No Idea Just How Good You Have It With ObamaClippy on Nov 11
  * I wish he posted his address. I'd ship him Obama, tomorrow!.Pete on Nov 11
Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologiesClippy on Nov 11
 *oh goody, a eugenics-style lesson. it would be lovely to strangle godwin right about on Nov 11
  *and sorry, there's no WAY you're posting that horsecrap and expecting no responsemn on Nov 11
   Ya prove it every day! Hooray for you stupid white boys...*Clippy on Nov 11
    funny you say white when they average better on iq tests... which shows iq tests are bunkmn on Nov 11
   this is the only part you need to read:mn on Nov 11
    How the GOP bought, rigged, stole and lynched the 2014 electionClippy on Nov 11
     Re: How the GOP bought, rigged, stole and lynched the 2014 electionClippy on Nov 11
     Obama was the best voter repression the Right had!Pete on Nov 11

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