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This is how Fox News creates ignorant viewersClippy on Dec 1
 Clippyy, since you're always wrong, that's all I need to not believe in man made warming.Pete on Dec 1
  Geraldo knows too. Even he can't LIE that bad...Clippy on Dec 1
   Geraldo is the reason we get so many illegals here.Pete on Dec 1
    They are only "illegals" to keep them working for less around your homes!Clippy on Dec 1
Just to make Clippy happy for Thanksgiving...Pete on Nov 26
 No, the aholes post bull crap in the main forum here!****Clippy on Nov 29
  Well Clippy, just take a chapter out of your new email handbook, and contact them!Pete on Dec 9
I found this opinion piece by Michael Reagan funny, but true.SMcNeill on Nov 25
 One area where I welcome regulation...Pete on Nov 26
  Well the doctors are bought off tooClippy on Nov 29
 The government, in this case, is making an assumption...TheBOB on Nov 26
  Canadians don't get steamed, thawed, though improbable, is more likely.Pete on Nov 26
   Okay, then, I'm still partially thawed over the polymer bills...TheBOB on Nov 26
    Re: Okay, then, I'm still partially thawed over the polymer bills...Pete on Nov 26
     I agree, there's such a thing as being too healthy...TheBOB on Nov 26
      Schneider's plantBen on Nov 26
       *Really? I've walked those tracks many times--when they were still tracks, of course.TheBOB on Nov 26
        grand river trail is amazing as wellBen on Nov 28
         *Yeah, some great country around there. Whereabouts did you live?TheBOB on Nov 28
          *KingstonBen on Nov 28
           *No, I meant where did you live when you were in Kitchener (I've lived in Kingston, too).TheBOB on Nov 28
            Cherry street, slightly northwest of victoria parkBen on Nov 28
             Very close to where I used to live...TheBOB on Nov 28
              Did you happen to go to Kitchener Collegiate Institute (KCI) high school?Ben on Nov 28
               I sure did...TheBOB on Nov 28
                It's a small world, and Clippy does exist. Don't let Walt find out...Pete on Nov 29
      I checked into the availability of Schneider's back bacon...TheBOB on Nov 26
      Huge and healthy eh? Like those Wall Street Fat Cats?Clippy on Nov 30
       First of all, Clippy, it was a joke...TheBOB on Nov 30
        Oh so it is Irony and move on like truck drivers then. (Edit)Clippy on Nov 30
         Which truck drivers were you referring to? ...TheBOB on Nov 30
          OK. Not to split hairs, but Movers might have been a better description. *Clippy on Nov 30
           *Only if I was custom-tailoring the joke for you. Others just "got" it.TheBOB on Nov 30
           But aren't Movers thin due to all that movement? You know, Shakers and Movers.Pete on Dec 1
            Ahhh, shakes...TheBOB on Dec 1
        I can put up with some profanity, some outrageous behavior, but this is unpardonable...Pete on Nov 30
 You are right Steve, they should be forced to put Alcohol content above Calories!Clippy on Dec 9
Why do democrats want to increase immigrants to the US?SMcNeill on Nov 25
 Well HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET HERE? A gift from Ireland potato famine?Clippy on Nov 25
  Re: Well HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET HERE? A gift from Ireland potato famine?SMcNeill on Nov 25
Check this video out.Clippy on Nov 24
 *Hey, neat! So, when are you leaving?TheBOB on Nov 24
  * As soon as I can tie him to the outside of the rocket.Pete on Nov 24
   *I have a baler and lots and lots of twine. Let me know when you want it, and it's yours.SMcNeill on Nov 24
    To be honest...TheBOB on Nov 25
     Yeah in West Texas. Wonder how many can fit in the capsuleClippy on Nov 25
      *In that case, no problem. They can send an animated version of me-but for $29.95, not $1MTheBOB on Nov 25
Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.Pete on Nov 23
 Re: Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.Pete on Nov 23
 Re: Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.SMcNeill on Nov 23
 Poor conswervative, that all ya got? BTW the Paris terrorists were from FRANCE and BELGUMClippy on Nov 23
  There's a half-truth in your poster, Clipster...TheBOB on Nov 24
   I can see your point, but what does that have to do with no fly people getting guns here?Clippy on Nov 24
    *I was only commenting on the poster.TheBOB on Nov 24
    So we have to put up with their problems, because they are unwilling?Pete on Nov 24
     It's called sympathy or compassion, words you have no idea about.Clippy on Nov 24
      That's a two way street, and it should be tempered with intelligent reasoning.Pete on Nov 24
       Yeah sure every progressive is lazy just like everybody else but you...*Clippy on Nov 24
     Deserters eh? Like women and children should go to war too?Clippy on Nov 24
      Arguing using nonsense again I see...Pete on Nov 24
       DC? Try Roanoke VAClippy on Nov 24
CSS can go take a flying flock...Pete on Nov 22
 Fixed it.Pete on Nov 23
the real reason gmos are a terrible ideajust going to say on Nov 19
 *endangersspelling police on Nov 19
  *Avoid criticizing simple typos--"endanger" is correctly spelled in other places.Courtesy Police on Nov 20
   *thanks very much, was actually correcting own post- will consider your adviceappreciation police on Nov 20
    *LOL--well, that's a first.Irony Police on Nov 20
 GMO's are a bad idea mostly for farmers, not consumers necessarily!Clippy on Nov 20
  Ut oh! GMOs Are 125 Times More Deadly Than Previously ThoughtClippy on Nov 25
 Science needs guinea pigs, but I don't need tuition paid for medical school, so I opt out.Pete on Nov 22
The best scientific way to tell if a spider is non-harmful...Pete on Nov 18
 I don't step on it, I vacuum it up with a Dust BusterClippy on Nov 19
  Why is that comic funny?Ben on Nov 19
   Microsoft has made advances to Linus before... :-) *Clippy on Nov 19
    Is the penguin supposed to be recovering from rape from Microsoft?Ben on Nov 19
     ...something like that :-P *Clippy on Nov 20
Obama blows it again.Pete on Nov 16
 You mean the worst Do Nothing GOP Congress. Next year will work even less!Clippy on Nov 16
Re: Stupid Clippy post at the QB64 forumsSMcNeill on Nov 16
 Re: Stupid Clippy post at the QB64 forumsMicrosoft Clippy on Nov 16
  The newest addition to my family: Clippy!SMcNeill on Nov 16
What the hell ever happened to,"It's no fun being an illegal alien?"Pete on Nov 15
 Better to have them drive illegally without insurance too eh?Clippy on Nov 15
  Look up the word, "Illegal" and you might learn a thing.Pete on Nov 15
   Your party wants to KEEP them illegal. Georgia learned not to send them away!Clippy on Nov 15
    * So get rid of them and then American workers get paid more.Pete on Nov 15
     How are American workers gonna get paid more when GOP wants to eliminate Minimum Wage? *Clippy on Nov 15
      * Simple. Aspire to a greater skill set.Pete on Nov 15
       The GOP spent 10 years fighting to send those jobs to China!Clippy on Nov 15
        Nixon, China. Clinton, NAFTA. Obama TPP... Gee, looks more Dem to me.Pete on Nov 15
         Nope! NAFTA and TPP are both supported by Republicans just like trade with China.Clippy on Nov 15
          Again, it is how you manage a trade deal that counts.Pete on Nov 15
           Saudi Arabia is the one keeping gas prices low right now!Clippy on Nov 16
            Re: Saudi Arabia is the one keeping gas prices low right now!Pete on Nov 16
             Republican Governors are now refusing Syrian refugees, MORE FEAR TACTICS!Clippy on Nov 16
              You mean common sense tatics.Pete on Nov 16
               They are not soldiers, they are refugees!Clippy on Nov 16
                Dems don't have fear. That's why they keep saying stupid things...Pete on Nov 16
Obama's Democratic LegacySMcNeill on Nov 14
Let a bunch of Muslim immigrants into Europe and Paris is under attack. Gee, big surprisePete on Nov 13
 How about just arab immigrants? I bet FAUX News is in their glory!Clippy on Nov 13
 FAUX News has it happening here next already!Clippy on Nov 13
  Diversity is such BS.Pete on Nov 13
   We don't even know if they were Semites yet...Clippy on Nov 13
    Oh come on, you can't possibly be as stupid as Obama.Pete on Nov 13
    Re: We don't even know if they were Semites yet...SMcNeill on Nov 13
     Guns aren't the answer here...Pete on Nov 13
      No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!Clippy on Nov 14
       Re: No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!Pete on Nov 14
        Cut down the number killed? How about PROOF that is true?Clippy on Nov 14
         * I need your address. I'm sending the guy upstairs a pogo stick gun for X-mas.Pete on Nov 14
         Re: Cut down the number killed? How about PROOF that is true?SMcNeill on Nov 15
          Plus, it's worth repeating...TheBOB on Nov 15
           BS! First I am not saying to take guns away from responsible people!Clippy on Nov 15
            *Fair enough, but you say a lot of things, most of the time I'm not sure what.TheBOB on Nov 15
            The party you so blindly support begs to differ...Pete on Nov 15
             I don't support any politician blindly, just when the alternative is even worse!Clippy on Nov 15
              Take away? They shouldn't have them in the first place.Pete on Nov 15
            Re: BS! First I am not saying to take guns away from responsible people!SMcNeill on Nov 15
             But if we stoped sales at gun shows, 70% of guns used in crimes would come from Walmart...Pete on Nov 15
       Re: No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!SMcNeill on Nov 14
        Stupid people who drive drunk are more of a threat, too.Pete on Nov 14
Trump selects Eisenhower's "wetback" immigration planClippy on Nov 12
Common Core -- So stupid, it *almost* makes Clippy look smart.SMcNeill on Nov 7
 Re: Common Core -- So stupid, it *almost* makes Clippy look smart.SMcNeill on Nov 7
  Link doesn't work, but I saw that check in a news report.Pete on Nov 7
 How about the EVIL GOP CORE you stupid lazy ascii farmerClippy on Nov 7
 State to Parents: Common Core doesn't mean anythingSMcNeill on Nov 12
  As long as Hillary goes to jail, who cares?Pete on Nov 12
  Common Core was fine until Obama was for it. Typical GOP hypocrisy!Clippy on Nov 13
   You mean non-Liberal farmers? The ones who didn't own slaves or who weren't in the KKK?Pete on Nov 13
    You are just like our founding fathers.Clippy on Nov 13
     Re: You are just like our founding fathers.Pete on Nov 13
      Late term abortion should be allowed if necessary for medical reasons.Clippy on Nov 13
       I'm glad you are for smaller government.Pete on Nov 13
        The FBI? You wish it would be that easy!Clippy on Nov 13
Why not export all our stupid Americans?Pete on Nov 5
 We cannot compete with corporate taxes in other countries! Hidden overseas.Clippy on Nov 5
  Sorry Wilber, Mr. Ed calls pasture leavings on that one.Pete on Nov 5
   Not according to your own candidates. You owe over $10 TRILLIIONClippy on Nov 5
    Are you smarter than a single celled organism?Pete on Nov 5
     When Clinton left the Debt was being payed off, then your GOP ended that!Clippy on Nov 5
      Lucky for you Steve has sore fingers. Mine are fine, except one that suffers from...Pete on Nov 5
       Obama Care sure beats the hell out of the GOP alternative! No healthcare at all!Clippy on Nov 5
        At least you're starting to see why Obamacare is a load of crap.Pete on Nov 7
         Do away with employer insurance? How greedy can you get?Clippy on Nov 8
          You pay for it you leecher preacher who needs the right teacher...Pete on Nov 8
How about a Republican Halloween?Clippy on Oct 31
 You've got that wrong, Clipster...TheBOB on Oct 31
  Ah, yes, Halloween, the great October candy exchange...TheBOB on Oct 31
   You've got it all wrong Bob! Nobody is profiting?Clippy on Oct 31
    Sorry Clippy, but you fail with comparisons.SMcNeill on Oct 31
     Why aren't you out robbing some LEGAL immigrants Steve?Clippy on Oct 31
      Re: Why aren't you out robbing some LEGAL immigrants Steve?SMcNeill on Oct 31
       Naturally you won't catch them. You pay them SLAVE WAGES that way!Clippy on Oct 31
        Re: Naturally you won't catch them. You pay them SLAVE WAGES that way!SMcNeill on Oct 31
         You conveniently forget that you take out 1/3 for "back taxes" Mr Generosity...Clippy on Nov 1
          Hey Sherrie, people who make minimum have money taken out of their paychecks, too.Pete on Nov 1
          Re: You conveniently forget that you take out 1/3 for "back taxes" Mr Generosity...SMcNeill on Nov 1
           I bet that you get that tax money back too!Clippy on Nov 1
            Re: I bet that you get that tax money back too!SMcNeill on Nov 1
             $415 K eh? Obama did better than I thought and your GOP House PASSED IT!Clippy on Nov 1
              Re: $415 K eh? Obama did better than I thought and your GOP House PASSED IT!SMcNeill on Nov 1
               By that reasoning, Sherrie would be a proctologist.Pete on Nov 1
               Of course the tax brackets should GO UP! SO SHOULD EMPLOYEE WAGES!Clippy on Nov 1
                Now you're just being Jimmy Carter stupid...Pete on Nov 1
                 Like savings on wages to pay for more GOP wars!Clippy on Nov 1
                  Well start paying your fair share, Sherie baby...Pete on Nov 1
                   Pay up or shut up! No more tax cuts for those who have more than they need!Clippy on Nov 1
                Re: Of course the tax brackets should GO UP! SO SHOULD EMPLOYEE WAGES!SMcNeill on Nov 1
                 Now who's being stupid?Clippy on Nov 1
                  You are, of course.SMcNeill on Nov 2
                   Obama didn't do any of it stupid! He just put the shame on the GOPClippy on Nov 2
                    Re: Obama didn't do any of it stupid! He just put the shame on the GOPSMcNeill on Nov 2
                     Here's what upsets me about politics these days...Pete on Nov 2
                      You're a dreamer, Pete...TheBOB on Nov 2
                       That's what Republicans are. Anarchy that wants to get rid of all governmentClippy on Nov 2
                        * Now I can't figure out if Bob was being sarcastic, or prophetic.Pete on Nov 2
                         YAY! The Keystone Pipeline is Dead! Trans Canada suspends applicationClippy on Nov 2
                          As a steel mill worker, how could you be against such industrialisation?Ben on Nov 2
                           Re: As a steel mill worker, how could you be against such industrialisation?SMcNeill on Nov 2
                           Who the heck is smelting iron?Clippy on Nov 3
                            Clippy is probably feeling guilty for ending a lot of human lives, early.Pete on Nov 3
                             Yeah, your'e right! I should be a Republican Presidential candidate!Clippy on Nov 4
                              * Ohio says NO to pot, too!!!Pete on Nov 4
                               Ohio wanted the weed, but Republicans as usual wanted the GREED!Clippy on Nov 4
                                Where's Politifacts apology for their bull^^^^ology?Pete on Nov 4
                                 Pretty big difference between Hannity's statement and a THREE YEAR plan.Clippy on Nov 4
                                  Well stock up on prayer rugs, 'cause I'm sending all 250,000 of them to live with you.Pete on Nov 5
                         *LOL--sarcastic, Pete, but the prophetic part was an easy call (PS, Sorry about the Mets).TheBOB on Nov 2
     * You left out the part where I kick his ass and take his candy for being a twit.Pete on Oct 31
I made a complaint post to "N54 Where Are You" about Sticky ErrorsClippy on Oct 30
If you teach a liberal, you shut him up for a day...Not Really Dr. Ben Carson on Oct 30
a tornado hit my hometown.Michael Calkins on Oct 30
 We had a small fire in nearby Montecito yesterday. It took nearly an hour to get it out.Pete on Oct 30
  *thanks. we've got a lot of moisture both from the pacific and the gulf.Michael Calkins on Oct 30
   Well at least the drought is over! Another GOP FEMA grab! *Clippy on Oct 30
 PSMichael Calkins on Oct 30
 *Yikes! Hope you and yours are okay, Michael (thanks for mentioning my family).TheBOB on Oct 30
  more PS.Michael Calkins on Nov 8
   Meanwhile your Governor and Legislature deny Global Climate change...Clippy on Nov 8
    more BSPete on Nov 8
   *Thanks for the link Michael. Natural forces can be awesome.TheBOB on Nov 8
    Will you be calling them "natural forces" when Toronto is 82 in November?*Clippy on Nov 11
     Can I expect that in my lifetime? ...TheBOB on Nov 11
      * Wasn't the last Ice Age in Canada 2014?Pete on Nov 11
      Of course you can, Bob!SMcNeill on Nov 11
       It was 82 on Friday in VA Beach xmas tree man.Clippy on Nov 11
        Re: It was 82 on Friday in VA Beach xmas tree man.SMcNeill on Nov 11
         Call me names while you just SIT around waiting for Xmas trees to get big enough? *Clippy on Nov 11
          * It wasn't my life plan or anything, but if it'll make you happy, I'll try it for a whileSMcNeill on Nov 11
           Yeah, I never thought I'd be retired 13 years already either...*Clippy on Nov 11
      I'm not beating that drum, you are!Clippy on Nov 11
       How could I have misread the clues? ...TheBOB on Nov 11
        Even minded, like Pete and Steve? Who's side are they on?Clippy on Nov 12
         You're confusing even-mindedness and nonpartisanship...TheBOB on Nov 12
          Where did I ever put Steve down for earning a living?Clippy on Nov 12
          Re: You're confusing even-mindedness and nonpartisanship...SMcNeill on Nov 12
           As usual you twist everything to fit your evil LIES!Clippy on Nov 12
            *I think it's terms like "evil LIES!" that preclude intelligent discussion.TheBOB on Nov 12
           Makes sense, Steve...TheBOB on Nov 12
            Yes it does Bob, now maybe somebody will clean that tar sands pit up!Clippy on Nov 12
             God helps those who help themselves. Satan helps himself to those who help others.Pete on Nov 12
              IE: Just blame stupid or bad people on Liberals and conservatives will be OK...Clippy on Nov 12
               ROFL. Clipective hearing?Pete on Nov 12
                IE: Conservative = Pay for you own schooling just like Pete didn't!Clippy on Nov 12
                 The tricks? Like watch me pull a recovery out of an ass-hat?Pete on Nov 12
                  LMAO at stupid Republicans who couldn't even get rid of their foreign President.Clippy on Nov 12
       I for one never assume, but I do make assumptions...Pete on Nov 11
        *LOL-yeah, I know Harvey Mptions. Used to be the bassist for the band "Democrabs".TheBOB on Nov 12
Fishing for PeteSMcNeill on Oct 30
 *That won't offend Clippy. Ayn Rand is his favourite author.TheBOB on Oct 30
  Ayn Rand is Speaker Ryan's favorite selfish authorClippy on Oct 30
   * They want to hear Bill Clinton make one speach, so they need all that money and more.Pete on Oct 30
 Or how about...Pete on Oct 30
Why they shouldn't let female reporters in battle zones...Pete on Oct 30
Reading up on Canadian history in hopes I can drag Bob into more threads...Pete on Oct 30
 Yes, I learned about Jacques on history lesson day in highschool...TheBOB on Oct 30
  When did Canada get a subway?Pete on Oct 30
   *In Canada we let the ladies sit, the men stand--or is that to pee?TheBOB on Oct 30
    * EXACTLY! And that's why I don't sit on those seats.Pete on Oct 30
Obamacare! NOTHING is better!SMcNeill on Oct 29
 Same page. A friend of mine is out of pocket 15,000Pete on Oct 29
I'm taking package delivery to a new level with my QB64 delivery drones!Pete on Oct 28
Help. I spent all my college money and I can't attend my senior year!Pete on Oct 28
 Trip to EuropeBen on Oct 28
   * AND DON'T BRING HIM BACK!!SMcNeill on Oct 28
    Could you imagine Clippy mouthing off in Karjackistan?Pete on Oct 28
     Apparently neither of these evil twits are even gonna try to talk you out of it Ben...Clippy on Oct 28
      I'll let you comeBen on Oct 28
      Did he ask for your advice? No, he didn't.Pete on Oct 29
       That's a thought. Taking dope instead of being oughta try itClippy on Oct 29
        * My guess is Clinton didn't inhale to avoid choking on the brownies.Pete on Oct 29
* BTW, did we lose MC? I told him to keep his arms and legs inside the IDE at all times!Pete on Oct 27
 *LOL--yeah, I expected a few exchanges when the Rangers/Jays were playing, but nothing (?)TheBOB on Oct 28
  *He takes those baseball loses pretty hard. He may be out on a binge, drunk on Grape Nehi.Pete on Oct 28
   Reminds me of an old Honeymooners episode...TheBOB on Oct 28
    I always thought Jackie Gleason should have sued Hanna Barbara.Pete on Oct 28
     *So true. Even The Simpsons and Family Guy are just re-treads.TheBOB on Oct 28
      The knock offs could at least try to put a little more into it. like I dream of Jeanie.Pete on Oct 28
       *Yeah, Jeannie's version of the twitching nose looked remarkably like bust exercises.TheBOB on Oct 28
        * She was so generous. She gave the major 3 wishes, when he really only had 2.Pete on Oct 28
  Those games weren't on broadcast TV. I didn't see them.Michael Calkins on Oct 30
   See what all of those poor people in Texas have to put up with?Clippy on Oct 30
    * They're all there so they don't have to put up with you. Steve's probably next.Pete on Oct 30
Why in the hell can't stupid people comply with authority?Pete on Oct 27
Make America Great AgainPete on Oct 25
 Sure let's build new houses for poor people and screw those GOP tax cuts!Clippy on Oct 26
  I'm in favor of corporate tax cuts...Pete on Oct 26
   Well according to the GOP, Corporations are people so they should pay taxes!Clippy on Oct 26
    Don't bitch about the hat!Pete on Oct 27
     How about 50% of Republican business man farmers getting EIC?Clippy on Oct 27
      Re: How about 50% of Republican business man farmers getting EIC?SMcNeill on Oct 27
       Boy, are you wrong....Pete on Oct 27
        Fact is that the Minimum Wage should already be $15!Clippy on Oct 27
         It just isn't a time that can support it without havoc...Pete on Oct 27
Is it true there are snow Mexicans in Canada?Pete on Oct 24
 * Just a few losers on their baseball team maybe...but they make good money.Clippy on Oct 24
 *What's the difference, we're all Americans according to Clippy (new mayor: John Tory).TheBOB on Oct 24
What does a Little White Lie look like?Pete on Oct 24
*Great effort, Jays, but looks like you'll have your all-American World Series, Pete.TheBOB on Oct 23
 The Kansas team had an unfair advantage...Pete on Oct 23
  *I knew it! I hope you're right about next year--good luck with the Amazin's.TheBOB on Oct 24
 What is this all American crap? Toronto Canada is in America too!Clippy on Oct 24
  *I live in North America and am a Canadian. I'm not an American--neither is Juan Valdez.TheBOB on Oct 24
   Juan Valdez is a Columbian but he is also AmericanClippy on Oct 24
    *Don't forget Central America (wow, Clippy, you just keep swinging, don't you?).TheBOB on Oct 24
     Just like those Bluejays did eh Bob? Unfortunately they missed.Clippy on Oct 25
      They didn't miss by much...TheBOB on Oct 25
  Re: What is this all American crap? Toronto Canada is in America too!SMcNeill on Oct 24
   Dammit Steve, get it right. It's Undocumented Modern Farm Equipment.Pete on Oct 24
LMAO at Hillary....Pete on Oct 22
 You mean like Condy Rice when she ignored CIA warnings about 9/11?Clippy on Oct 23
  * No, I mean like Bill Clinton who refused to heed warnings to secure cockpit doors.Pete on Oct 23
   IE: You are still trying to impeach Bill Clinton for a BJ... just jealous!Clippy on Oct 23
    Carson could do the job as President. After all...Pete on Oct 23
     I wanna see that! You voting for Dr. Ben. It doesn't take a Carson...LOLClippy on Oct 24
      I won't vote for Ben Carson because he is the "B" word...Pete on Oct 25
       B as in Budget? Or D like the $18 TRILLION the GOP wants to ADD TAX CUTS to?Clippy on Oct 25
        I like those Trump Pinatas...Pete on Oct 25
         Pinatas FULL OF GIFTS FOR LIBERALSClippy on Oct 25
          I think Trump is being pretty honest about who he is...Pete on Oct 25
           Yeah he'd be my pick, but hey, what happened to paying off that Deficit?Clippy on Oct 25
            Well first off, get it correct. It is not the deficit, it is the debt.Pete on Oct 25
             Obama's actual yearly Deficit numbers went down a record amount!Clippy on Oct 25
              Oh the guy's from Kenya and a Muslim sympathizer.Pete on Oct 25
               Actually I sympathize with all religions! Like asking Santa to help your life... *Clippy on Oct 25
                True, the thought of living with you through eternity is enough to make me toss my Bible.Pete on Oct 25
*Oh, dear. 5-0 Royals and the only game I got to watch short of the World Series (FOX).TheBOB on Oct 16
 Don't they have cable? I watched them all! *Clippy on Oct 17
  I do have cable...TheBOB on Oct 17
   NL on TBS and AL on FS1. *Clippy on Oct 17
    *Lucky you! I have every Hi-Def channel there is but can't watch the Jays. Yikes!TheBOB on Oct 17
*Alright!! Jays win the series! Well played, Rangers. Bravo Bautista!TheBOB on Oct 14
 Canadians winning at baseball? Not after Trump gets elected!Pete on Oct 15
  Then you are gonna LOVE the new Cuban and Mexican teams...Clippy on Oct 15
   Do you know Trumps pitch? Trump will hold the record for balls...Pete on Oct 15
  *Yup, 93 wins. For a non-American team that's impressive. What's that name again--Dodgers?TheBOB on Oct 15
   They are Tax Dodgers in Pete's game of life...FREE stadiums too! *Clippy on Oct 15
    * Clippy plans on owning a past life ball team. The Hades A-Souls.Pete on Oct 15
     God has a plan for Pedro. It rains and Pete's house slides into EMPTY Dodger Stadium... *Clippy on Oct 16
      *ROFLMAO--that's known as adding injury to insult. Even God isn't that cruel.TheBOB on Oct 16
       Oh yeah? Try reading the Old Testament again... *Clippy on Oct 16
      Sorry you made an error. Sure my house might slide...Pete on Oct 17
       Your house must have been made on the backs of a lot of working people... *Clippy on Oct 18
        As opposed to what? Non-working people?Pete on Oct 18
         Don't get me started on unions (okay I've already started)...TheBOB on Oct 18
          Poor Bob, never got a raise either eh?Clippy on Oct 18
           You've got that backwards...TheBOB on Oct 18
            Nobody in my union got rich and where do you get off saying I didn't work for it?Clippy on Oct 18
             Wow! ...TheBOB on Oct 18
              No I'm not lazy, I'm just GREEDY?Clippy on Oct 18
               Honestly, Clipster, I have no idea what you're talking about anymore...TheBOB on Oct 18
                Well it is obvious to me that you were never in one so how can you say that?Clippy on Oct 19
                 Valid arguments for the positive contributions unions make...TheBOB on Oct 19
                  CEO's take more than their fair share. Many over 300 times more than any workersClippy on Oct 19
                   Not sure what your point is...TheBOB on Oct 19
                    It shows that people are never happy, nor should they be.Clippy on Oct 19
                     Statistically, Liberals are a pretty unhappy bunch.Pete on Oct 20
                      Ya mean like Voter ID or defunding Obama Care and women's health care?Clippy on Oct 20
                       Maybe you're OK being a baby killer...Pete on Oct 21
                        That supposed Planned Parenthood video was debunked like all other GOP LIES!Clippy on Oct 22
                         Let's say people lie a lot....Pete on Oct 22
                          Infants are born already, fetuses are not!Clippy on Oct 22
                           Re: Infants are born already, fetuses are not!Pete on Oct 22
                            Yeah, why murder them when you can just starve them to death...*Clippy on Oct 22
                             * True. You Left Wing nuts have made it harder for families to feed their children.Pete on Oct 22
Well the Crat-Pots are off to a great start...Pete on Oct 14
 Webb is a Blue Dog at best and a Republican at worst!Clippy on Oct 14
*Jays and Rangers 2-all! Both teams did their best in away games; hope that isn't a trend!TheBOB on Oct 12
 WTGO Jays! Texas lost big today. *Clippy on Oct 12
*Proud of my Jays--took a must-win away from home. Two to go (biting nails).TheBOB on Oct 11
 6 zip...GO JAYS! See what national healthcare does for you? *Clippy on Oct 12
  *Ha! The last thing a major league ball player ($$$) needs is healthcare--but thanks!TheBOB on Oct 12
*Wow! That's 2. Formidable team the Rangers. 14 innings! Congratulations again, Michael.TheBOB on Oct 9
What does a farm house need for indoor plumbing?Pete on Oct 8
 *I feel like Mac. You're going to have to explain that one.TheBOB on Oct 8
  I learned to explain things to Mac with pictures...Pete on Oct 8
   *Aha! I knew it had something to do with outhouses, but that's as far as I got :-PTheBOB on Oct 9
   Did Mrs. Steve let you in Pete? Wonder how deep the hole is...Clippy on Oct 9
*Congrats, Michael--that's 1. Are you sure you weren't praying? (j/k)TheBOB on Oct 8
*Jays are the AL East champions! Let's hear it for my home town!TheBOB on Sep 30
 Congratulations but...Beat em Bucks! Pirates all he way! *Clippy on Oct 1
  *Hey, 2nd place NL Central--good luck!TheBOB on Oct 1
   Play Cubs one game wild card. Good luck to you too! *Clippy on Oct 1
 * :-) both texas teams will be in the DS this year.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
  *Way to go, Michael--but don't pray too much, I hear you guys have an edge!TheBOB on Oct 7
   I don't pray for sports victories.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
    *I would have guessed that--just kidding, of course.TheBOB on Oct 7
    * I pray. After all, they do their paty by providing sacrifices.Pete on Oct 7
     *You mustn't be a Hindu. Hindus would never sacrifice a fly.TheBOB on Oct 7
      *(URL) but they'll kill their neighbors if they think they ate beef.Michael Calkins on Oct 7
       *Ah, yes. Justifiable homicide in the name of God. Yikes!TheBOB on Oct 7
       Why one Earth is some poor boy from Texas worried about what happens in India?Clippy on Oct 8
The World's going to Hell.Eternal Optimist on Sep 24
 I gather that those non-climate change fires are getting closer...Clippy on Sep 25
  You can call him John today, but give it a couple of years and he'll be known as Caitlyn.Pete on Sep 26
   Apparently, the gov't has recognized Caitlyn as a woman...TheBOB on Sep 26
    What's to get away with, less wages and less Viagra?Clippy on Sep 27
     Really? ...TheBOB on Sep 27
      Re: Really? ...SMcNeill on Sep 27
       Go ahead and try and see where YOU end up LOLClippy on Sep 27
        Not sure what point you're making, there Clipster...TheBOB on Sep 27
         See what can happen when religion comes before law?Clippy on Sep 27
          *Now, now. She became a cult figure, but they still got their licence. That's law.TheBOB on Sep 27
           A Republican Cult figure eh? Why not Chaos figure? *Clippy on Sep 27
            *If the law had been changed to accomodate her, she would be a Chaos figure.TheBOB on Sep 27
             Then I would agree with your assessment of the situation *Clippy on Sep 28
   Wrong again! Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged With Vehicular ManslaughterClippy on Sep 30
Are all Liberals arse wholes, or just half arse ones, like Clippy?Pete on Sep 21
 Sure it did, that's why they never evacuated or called bomb squad....Clippy on Sep 22
Hey Clippy, choke on these charts.Pete on Sep 18
 And if you prefer words over charts, here's a list of Obama's firsts...SMcNeill on Sep 19
  All lies that stupid dirt farmers believe while collecting Government checks and refunds.*Clippy on Sep 21
The Democrats are having a tough time; so I donated a corner lot for their headquarters...Not Really Donald Trump on Sep 18
'Hay' Steve. What's the difference between chicken $^%# and the FED?Pete on Sep 18
I just domained "" Now you can face me on LikeBook.Pete on Sep 17
Patriots caught cheating in opening game against SteelersClippy on Sep 15
 * Well as long as they beat them, who cares?Pete on Sep 15
  Ready for the GOP game of losers tonight?Clippy on Sep 16
   * Thanks for sharing where you hung out on the job while the rest of the employees worked.Pete on Sep 16

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