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Why is Chaney hounding Obama? on Apr 21
Inca Indians (Oops, Native South Americans) believed they were decendents of the Sun&Moon. on Apr 19
 *The moon, and the stars, belong to me*;-) on May 1
  *No they don't . They belong to me.Pakistani Prince on May 1
   * Not when the Taliban take over pal! on May 1
   * Pakistan is doomed on May 1
    * No, because our friend USA will protect our poppies.Pakistani Prince on May 1
     * Sure if you want to be another Iraq! You don't want our help........ on May 1
      *If we become another Iraq, then USA will give us lots of dollars.Pakistani Prince on May 1
New Microsoft mascot: Binder ClippySolitaire on Apr 19
 Or what do Microsoft Clippy and Michael Jackson have in common? on Apr 19
TEXAS to succede from the Union? on Apr 17
 * The word is 'secede', not "succede"Speeling Poleece on Apr 17
  OK, how 'bout : Will TEXAS succeed without being in the Union? on Apr 17
   * You forgot your assterisk again. :) on Apr 17
Someone needs a Cappuccino and piece of apple pie on Apr 17
 * The Rock likes pie! on Apr 17
Once A Marine Always A MarineMarineDon on Apr 13
 *Who's Ronald Regan? on Apr 13
 I must admit... on Apr 13
 Why don't you re-enlist? on Apr 13
  No joke... on Apr 13
   MarineDon on Apr 14
 That guy might have been a Sergeant in the U.S.M.C... on Apr 14
  ReplyMarineDon on Apr 15
   Well good for you, Don... on Apr 16
 America is in war?Ben on Apr 15
  Not So...MarineDon on Apr 15
  Spoken like a wuss Canadian that depends on the USA to do the dirty work! on Apr 15
   *Post removed by author on Apr 16
   Re: Spoken like a wuss Canadian that depends on the USA to do the dirty work!Ben on Apr 16
    It is NONE of your business. What, me worry? on Apr 16
     Please get your facts right before you mouth off.roy on Apr 17
      If cars could run on egocentricity, we would never have an energy crisis in the U.S.A. on Apr 17
     Re: ...Ben on Apr 18
      * A simple launch across the North Pole would do the job. on Apr 18
My long awaited return. well maybe not that long awaited. lol... on Apr 10
 I can't say it's a pleasure to have you back with us... on Apr 10
  Welcome back - I'm doing a Happy Dance! on Apr 10
 *It's good that you've come back out of the shadows. on Apr 10
  Well, maybe Pete doesn't have audio, but I do... on Apr 11
 I want the DETAILS! 3 months is a long time......... on Apr 11
  LOL....I didn't know I was spied on. ;).... on Apr 11
   *I'm working on QBE, Myst. Hopefully finished soon. on Apr 12
Did anybody here ever play Neverwinter Nights offered by AOL?RpgFan on Apr 8
"Keep doing this in remembrance of me." on Apr 7
 *(URL) "Reliving Jesus' Last Days on Earth" on Apr 7
 * I gather athiests are not invited unless they wear 10 gallon hats? on Apr 7
  * Atheists aren't, but "athiests" are (whatever that is).Spelling Police on Apr 8
  The public is invited. on Apr 9
   Ohhhhhhhh, isn't that SPECIAL! on Apr 9
    It's a private eventPolytheist on Apr 9
     * So private that I bet NOBODY shows up! on Apr 9
 * Can we take the Nisan for a test drive?Otto Pilot on Apr 8
 * What about me?Polytheist on Apr 8
  * Catholic priest to Polytheist. "Poly" want a wafer? on Apr 8
General Motors may go bankrupt but until then Comedy Central should feel secure. on Apr 7
 Imagine having to Reboot in rush hour on Apr 7
 I wouldn't call electricity clean...Iain on Apr 14
  Well tell that to our stupid elected officials... on Apr 14
   Isn't it past your bed time? on Apr 14
   * Republicans don't sleep. We don't do hard manual labor, so we don't get tired! on Apr 14
    Americans that work HARD should be able to earn a decent living. on Apr 15
     At least a Republican can always find his wallet... on Apr 15
      Perhaps $75 an hour with benefits included on Apr 15
    Ah, who cares about Republicans?Iain on Apr 15
 Thank GOD that we have responsible people STILL picking on minorities! on Apr 14
Where is Pete? on Apr 2
 * Sounds like a cheap Japanese pizza, I'll pass. on Apr 2
  That's OK, Domino's gave me a refund.. on Apr 3
   Some important advice.roy on Apr 4
    * That thar was some fish story! LOL on Apr 4
    *LOL* Roy, thanks for the advice! on Apr 4
Important question regarding April Fool's jokes... on Apr 1
 * Canadians can not fool Pete. You can go feel humiliated now. on Apr 1
  *Hey, you're in the Eastern time zone, Clippy -- oops, you just stepped in some doggy doo. on Apr 1
   * Well, I could at least wait 3 hours.................. on Apr 1
Guess your weightlawgin on Mar 29
 * But did you DRY yourself first? on Mar 29
  Absolutelylawgin on Mar 29
 It depends on the temperature and the hardness of your water... on Mar 29
  Here's another variablelawgin on Mar 29
   and how regularly you shower on Mar 29
    Well, I try to conserve waterlawgin on Mar 29
    * That's GROSS! LOL on Mar 29
 * Are you guys trying to chase away Blondie? Because if so, good job! on Mar 30
  I've been in the shower for two days trying to lose weight on Mar 30
   * MERCY! Mikey, I think she likes it.............. on Mar 30
   Perhaps you should let lawgin set up a webcam... on Mar 30
    * Well, they both live in Arizona. Can I get one too? on Mar 30
   I can helplawgin on Mar 30
 Steam roomBen on Mar 30
  Arizona Steam Room.. on Mar 31
   * Careful there Blondie..........he's under age! on Mar 31
    Careful Clippy... on Mar 31
     * I know "How", just want chance on Mar 31
Connected to Verizon finally on Mar 25
 If you think Comcast is bad...lawgin on Mar 29
  Well, I did not want their FIOS phone. I use a celly! on Mar 30
Strange problem with IE Explorer CPU usage! on Mar 21
 Virus?Anonymous on Mar 23
  *Hmm, that was me. Musta been auto-logged-off at some point... on Mar 23
   * Hmmmmmm. Must have auto logged back on too. on Mar 23
Maintenance Alert!!! on Mar 19
 * ...........................and kiss their arses goodbye, LOL on Mar 19
They shouldn't let employees at Google drink before the decide on the St. Patricks theme. on Mar 17
 *Thanks, Pete -- and I agree about Google's tribute to... Irish roots? on Mar 17
  *Irish roots? Could be. Maybe tomorrow they'll plant potatoes. on Mar 17
   I have Irish blonde roots on Mar 17
    *No forum login. We have an "R" Group. Why don't you ask me where my buccaneers are? on Mar 17
     Blondie, Log In on Mar 17
      * Your killing me here, Don. on Mar 17
      *Thanks, Don :) on Mar 17
     Pete, What does the "R" mean?Blondie on Mar 17
      Argh, darn blondes. What Blondie menat to ask was: Hey Pete, where are your buccaneers? on Mar 18
       * And here I thought it stood for Argh........Group, matey! on Mar 18
       *LOL* at Pirate Pete on Mar 18
        * RRRRRRRR! Wait until he makes you LOG ON........... on Mar 18
Trojans win the FF Mozilla war on my XP. Are the Spartans next? on Mar 15
 Sureqbguy on Mar 16
  Also... on Mar 16
   Microsoft will never be able to create a browser like Chrome or Iron... on Mar 16
    That's right, and the day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suckqbguy on Mar 16
     * LOL on Mar 16
     *Perfect! on Mar 16
     LOL. I was thinking it will be when...Dav on Mar 18
   Thursday I leave Comcast cable for Verizon FIOS internet on Mar 16
    FIOS is still not available where I live. Let us lnow how it goes... on Mar 16
     * LET us all pray! How long will that take, lol......... on Mar 16
      * 2 to 3 hours and the site will most probably be down during the update. on Mar 16
       * Yeah, like that "15 minute oil change" at a car dealership. :( on Mar 16
Don't worry - Be happy on Mar 14
 Spending 4 trillion dollars should worry everybody... on Mar 15
  * Well, Bush just GAVE away his Billion........... on Mar 15
   *Can Bush deduct that on his tax form? ;-) on Mar 15
    * LOL, not until another Republican President pardons him! on Mar 15
     Bush was an idiot. Oh listen to me, I apologise... on Mar 15
  I think Bernanke is the problem, not Obama! on Mar 15
   Well first of all, AIG is not a bank, it is an insurer. on Mar 15
    *Note to self..Get your investments out of AIG ASP on Mar 15
     Or get the new limited edition Obama Nickel... on Mar 15
    I don't care if they own a fruit stand! on Mar 15
     * You're thinking of the Whole Foods Corporation.. They own the fruit stands. on Mar 15
      * The farmer "mill hunkies" do it around here. on Mar 15
Check this out: Daily Show Interview with Jim Cramer on Mar 13
 * Really? Incredible in what way? >And yes, I did see it.< on Mar 13
  Incredible on Mar 13
   Didn't have a thing to do with truth... on Mar 13
    *I understand what you mean, and hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks, Pete. on Mar 13
     I'm curious, have you watched much of Jim Cramer? on Mar 13
      Re: I'm curious, have you watched much of Jim Cramer? on Mar 13
       That he does... on Mar 13
        Sorry, but Reagan is dead, And he was senile as President. on Mar 14
daylight savings on Mar 11
 Arizona stays on Daylight Savings year-round. On the west coast... on Mar 11
  How is Arizona closer to the sun than California?Solitaire on Mar 12
   * That depends on when California falls off the continent on Mar 12
   *It was a joke, but due to global rotation, it is also true, part of the time. on Mar 12
    * Actually the west coast is sliding north and west toward China. on Mar 12
     *China has said that it will bar any imigrants from the west coast.roy on Mar 12
      * At least they will be further from London! on Mar 12
 I wish they would quit changing the dates! on Mar 11
  Not everyone else in the worldqbguy on Mar 12
  so what if we are 30 minutes off from everyone else.... on Mar 12
   Probably the US used decimal currency to be different from Englandqbguy on Mar 12
    We may drive on different sides of the road, but....... on Mar 12
     That's right, and that's why McDonald's fries are the 'gold standard' [1]qbguy on Apr 1
      * Had to bring "McDonalds" into it, did ya?The Hamburglar on Apr 1
    We?Iain on Mar 25
New tax on car mileage may use GPS records on Mar 10
 They're wasting their time.Anonymous on Mar 10
  * Ben, with just a little coaching, you could turn that into a Lewis Black comedy act. on Mar 10
   * LOL, don't you mean THEN Pete? on Mar 10
    Not sure what you mean by "THEN" but about that tax... on Mar 10
     Yes and I will still will owe taxes in April on Mar 10
      * Oh, the Ben = Then bit, yep, forgot about that one. on Mar 10
   * What does it mean? Who is Lewis Black?Ben on Mar 11
    He's a comedian, URL* on Mar 11
     * I wonder why I'm compared to him.Ben on Mar 11
     * Lewis Black is funnier than that! Besides he has no comedians license. on Mar 11
      * Remember, I stated he'd need some coaching. on Mar 11
       * Well next year we can hear him cry about gas taxes....sweet 16. on Mar 11
        * I don't need cars, I'm a sportsman, (and not next year btw, in 2 years)Ben on Mar 12
         *Sportsman as in you shoot baskets or shoot deer? on Mar 12
          * Naw, he wrestles opossums....................... on Mar 12
          Not sure what you mean...Ben on Mar 12
           Sportsman = one who practices sports, yes, by definition but in the U.S. the term is.... on Mar 13
            And at one time, a brand of cigarettes... on Mar 13
             Considering that a pack of gum back then cost a nickel............ on Mar 13
              *Bobby Orr's older brother -- not even sure if he played hockey professionally. on Mar 13
               * If he never played, I'll give you your Canadian nickel back. on Mar 13
Qualifications to be President of the USA on Mar 9
 Well, I learned something from that... on Mar 9
 * ROFL!!!Solitaire on Mar 9
  Da Blonde Bomb on Mar 9
 Blonde goes to a Body Shop.......... on Mar 9
  * Well she doesn't sound very bright, but I want her phone number, anyway. LOL. :) on Mar 9
   * Corrected: Well she doesn't sound very bright, thus I want her phone number. :Plkt153 on Mar 9
    Sure, turn to the guy who makes his own chunky Chicano soup for lessons in English. :P :P on Mar 10
I used to wear a Mickey Mouse watch but ever since Disneyland went union... on Mar 7
 Yes, indeed it went union on Mar 7
  Why pick on the Indians? They were here first! on Mar 8
   Because if it were up to the Indians, my condo would be made out of buckskin. on Mar 8
    OK, then why pick on OBama? Bush was here first! on Mar 8
     Sending up smoke signals...Blondie Indian Princess on Mar 8
      * That's OK cause you already have the Interest......... on Mar 8
     Because as much as I hated pounding my head up against a brick wall for 8-years... on Mar 8
      I agree with you on the banks and raising the Interest rates on Mar 8
       The Republicans really need to get a moderate voice... on Mar 8
        It's always a Power thing. Forget history, they got power! on Mar 9
         * Please do not use the acronym for: Socialized Health Initiative Tax on the forum. on Mar 9
 It's a Mickey Mouse world.. on Mar 8
Windows 7 will allow you to uninstall IEqbguy on Mar 5
What are the benefits of a hash table?qbguy on Mar 4
 * Man you need a table for kilos man! Where you from gringo? on Mar 4
 I like to smoke my hash on Mar 5
* I did it again! I predicted Andrew Dice would be gone in first week. on Mar 1
 I don't watch that show any more... on Mar 2
  * Yeah, Trump is a Jerk and a Joke! His business just bankrupt again and he ran! on Mar 2
   I don't like The Donald, but... on Mar 2
    * But even then, Donald is NOT buying them. Is he? on Mar 2
     Does he pay for anything?Anonymous on Mar 4
      * sorry for the anon post, 'twas me.Blondie on Mar 4
       * Aha, the N54 anonymous name got ya...... on Mar 4
* I am giving up Trolling for Lent on Feb 26
 * I am giving up Lent for St. Patrick's Day. on Feb 26
  Oh yeahDean Menezes on Feb 26
   What's with the Dean name? Did you turn 18? on Feb 26
    * No to both questionsqbguy on Feb 27
  I didn't know that either of you are religious. on Feb 27
   Lent, like a lot of Catholic traditions, is just that, a tradition. on Feb 27
   Actually the Catholics created Lent and Easter to gain members. on Feb 27
    Calandar research... on Feb 27
     Mayan... on Feb 27
     Easter Date only needs the year as Integer on Feb 27
      And to add that to my Mayan Calendar... on Feb 27
     Easter calculationDean Menezes on Feb 27
    Re: Actually the Catholics created Lent and Easter to gain members. on Feb 27
    Ooo, Ooo! I have some info on this one on Feb 27
     * Wow, they had another 911 back then! Interesting! on Feb 27
     So you're implying Jesus was a preme? on Feb 27
      WOW! 3 years premature is pushing the limit. Ain't it? on Feb 27
      Re: So you're implying Jesus was a preme? on Feb 27
       * Back then, it could have taken 3 years for people to find out ! on Feb 27
        I give the 3 Wisemen credit.. on Feb 27
* Those Server Errors are getting worse every day! on Feb 23
 * Relax, it just means they are working out more bugs. on Feb 23
 Bugs on Feb 25
  *The time for slaying bugs with a vengeance! on Feb 25
WOW! is still aroundOldmember on Feb 22
 I programmed in TI Basic in 1980... on Feb 22
Stand up for on Feb 18
Gettysburg Address on Feb 16
 Re: Gettysburg Address on Feb 18
  * Blonde Indians? Please tell me you aren't related to the Clorox Tribe. on Feb 18
   *Maybe Apache here, Apache there. on Feb 18
    * Oh I Hopi you're joking. :) on Feb 18
     * I bet UTE thought he was! :P on Feb 18
      * Yuma be right about that, varmint! on Feb 18
       No, not The Clorox on Feb 19
        * One quarter? Down south if you is 1/33 rd then you is black. You don't get a casino..BadBoy on Feb 19
         You can't be 1/33 any race. The denominator needs to be a power of two.qbguy on Feb 20
          xkcd on Feb 21
          Actually, a person can be his own ancestor.Solitaire on Feb 28
           * I think that would be posted in the Incest Forum............. on Feb 28
            *Either that or the National Enquirer forum, lol. on Feb 28
           *You're wrong... the child becomes a ward of the state. :) on Feb 28
          * Tell that to Jesus........ on Feb 28
Christian Programmers Club on Feb 15
 A Christian Programmers Club. Well, good luck with that... on Feb 15
  That was a much better post than what I expected on Feb 15
   If you were disappointed, my apologies. I'm very busy these days... on Feb 15
    Great stuff, Pete -- you're in top form. Personally, I'm a Buddhist programmer... on Feb 16
    *Eh, I've heard worse. on Feb 16
     No, but seriously... on Feb 16
      Please don't feel you have to justify your beliefs Pete. on Feb 16
       my views and thoughts on religion... on Feb 16
        I can understand where you are coming from on Feb 16
        religionAnonymous on Feb 17
         Well Ben, consider this... on Feb 17
          Hey how did you know it was me?Ben on Feb 17
           * How about your IP? on Feb 17
          Oops, did I write Well Ben?... I meant Well then. on Feb 17
       I would have to agree with most of that.roy on Feb 16
        Re: I would have to agree with most of that. on Feb 16
         The main reason that Christians do not express their belief.roy on Feb 17
          * At least Athiests were never Gladiators! ...................... on Feb 17
          Right... on Feb 17
          I happen to have a proof of the existence of Godqbguy on Mar 5
           *It's at times like this I wish I'd gone on to highschool. on Mar 5
            * Bob, forget highschool. These kids are still in Kindergarten! on Mar 5
           * Try proving that YOU exist. Q + B <> QBgay on Mar 5
            qbgay had better be a typo LOLqbguy on Mar 6
             Sure ... on Mar 7
              Actually many Catholics don't adhere to those rules either. on Mar 7
               * "Wonder why?" I LOLedlkt153 on Mar 7
              They are kind of close on Dvorakqbguy on Mar 7
               * Na I dan't ! Neither daes Pete................ on Mar 7
               *can you think of any alternative conclusions? on Mar 27
                * Clippy is a trained gorilla who types with his elbows?qbguy on Mar 27
                 * And QBgay is a DVORKIAN lunatic! LOL on Mar 27
                  Is "Dvorkian" even a word?qbguy on Mar 27
                   Dvorkian Keyboard (Link) on Mar 28
       No Offence Intended on Feb 16
        YOUR A LIAR! I could care less about anybody's religion! on Feb 16
         *edited to repost due to truncation of my message on Feb 17
          Yeah, I'm sorry too... on Feb 17
         Sorry Clippy on Feb 17
          * See how great the pious can be? Your site is doomed....... on Feb 17
           Sorry again. This time not my fault. on Feb 17
            * I'm sorry too. I hope it works out. I was yanking your chain ........ on Feb 17
          interesting posts you found on Feb 18
           That is not true! on Feb 18
           Re: interesting posts you found on Feb 19
            * Now what? Are you gonna hunt them down and smite them? JESUS! on Feb 19
             *No. on Feb 19
             *Couldn't I at least print them out and shoot them with a pellet gun? :-) on Feb 19
              *Ha ha. You do what you like. on Feb 20
       * Not justifying, sharing. on Feb 16
      Right and wrong beliefs on Feb 16
       Well, you know what they say... on Feb 16
        Re: Well, you know what they say... on Feb 16
         Emails take all the fun out of community discussion... on Feb 16
       Re: Right and wrong beliefs on Feb 18
        also on Feb 18
        Re: Right and wrong beliefs on Feb 19
         *okay, thank you. on Feb 19
        * The bible has line numbers? Thats not very clean.Ben on Feb 19
         * LOL, it was written in JC Basic long ago................. on Feb 19
          bible is much like a programBen on Feb 19
           For some people, yes on Feb 20
            Re: For some people, yesBen on Feb 21
             Very well noted! on Feb 22
         I can live with the line numbers... It's the GOTO statements that scare me. on Feb 19
          Re: I can live with the line numbers... It's the GOTO statements that scare me. on Feb 20
           hell on Feb 23
            Re: hell on Feb 23
         *It didn't used to. It was added for easier reading. That's done with some Shakespeare. on Feb 20
 * Fine with me as long as there is no collection plate! on Feb 15
  *No, Clip. No Collection plate. on Feb 16
 * You have three times as many responses here and at QB64 than on Google! on Feb 22
  Yeah. Only 7 members and people are slow to start disscusions. on Feb 22
   Perhaps the name has something to do with it? on Feb 23
    It's possible on Feb 23
   * Discussions? About programming? I dunno what else is there to talk about :-? on Mar 5
    I'm not sure how you meant that... on Mar 6
     * You just reminded me. I have 2 pieces I have to toss out ! on Mar 6
 This is highly discriminatory and I strongly object to such a sub-forum.Solitaire on Feb 27
  Just noticed this post on Feb 27
   Pete mentioned the possiblility of such a sub-forum hereSolitaire on Feb 27
    You cannot be serious! That won't happen here. on Feb 27
     If Pete did make a religious forum moderated by Imortis,roy on Feb 28
      We would already have both sides represented in the subforums, Christianity and ... on Feb 28
       Oh, I inhale... A lot... on Feb 28
        * ROFL on Feb 28
fishing report: feb 15th,2009 on Feb 15
Thank the Republicans for that dollar a day tricking down to us! on Feb 15
 * Should be "whom are they going to"Grammar Police on Feb 15
  * Wrong Penis Breath! on Feb 15
   * I only have one penis; how could it be the wrong one?Grammar Police on Feb 15
    * I'll share mine with ya! on Feb 15
 Jane you ignorant slut...The Weekend Update Team on Feb 15
  LOL at Republicans regulating ANY business! on Feb 15
   Mr. Coconut Head has made more mistakes in 1 month than Mr. Empty Head made in 1 year. on Feb 15
Ain't That America... on Feb 13
Winter Weather? on Feb 5
 Really? Darn, it only got up to 78 here. on Feb 5
  Re: Really? Darn, it only got up to 78 here. on Feb 5
 * It was 4 last nite and is up to 10 today, not counting wind chill on Feb 5
 -3 at night +2 during the day in London.roy on Feb 5
  * What is so difficult about putting plows onto some trucks? on Feb 5
 *That's wonderful, Blondie! I'm glad someone is warm (-4F last night in Toronto) :-| on Feb 5
  What a difference... on Feb 10
   *Shame, though. I had to plug in my fridge again ;-). on Feb 10
    What Bob really means is this... on Feb 10
     Thanks for the on Feb 11
      Myst is a fast programmer but apparently does everything else SLOW! on Feb 11
       * should be 'does everything else slowly'Grammar Police on Feb 12
        *Yes, "slowly" or "slowlerish"; both are correct. on Feb 12
        * Up yoursly. (Who says the price of crude is down?) on Feb 12
 Re: Winter Weather?Anonymous on Feb 11
* WHAT a half! Steelers 17 - 7. DEFENSE does it again! on Feb 1
 Closer than I expexted, except for that QB mishap... on Feb 1
  Imagine enduring an entire season of this! on Feb 1
   * Imagine enduring the next 2-minutes! on Feb 1
    *What a game!! Congratulations, Clipster!! on Feb 1
 Thanks, but I need a doctor! on Feb 1
  Well the Football Prophet finally got one right. on Feb 1
Obama isn't very bright on Jan 30
 Really? The Steelworkers contract was recently signed. on Jan 30
  Doctors without Countries... on Jan 30
   I just thought I'd add... on Jan 30
   Trickle DOWN my butt! on Jan 30
    Republican bailout? I don't think so Tim... on Jan 30
     No, I am not kidding on Jan 30
      You have some big pictures, but I don't think you get the point...Pete on Jan 31
       How can Obama turn things around in 10 days? on Jan 31
        Haven't you heard? He can do it because he's Barack The Magic Negro... on Jan 31
         *LOL. All I can say is that I hope the Steeler Magic Negro's deliver! on Jan 31
          Need a happy tax free place to move to? on Feb 1
           * Actually Arizona sounds kinda nice! I hate this snow and ice. on Feb 1
           Cardinals gonna go down in flame... just like John McCain. on Feb 1
            * Nice prediction! AFTER the game....................... on Feb 1
             * Sorry, but I don't know the past tense of 'gonna' you big Bozo! on Feb 1
              * Try SIX PACKED 'em Bono! on Feb 2
Windows 7 Beta runs QBASIC graphicsqbguy on Jan 26
 Windows 7 also has a new shell (* URL)qbguy on Jan 26
Great moments in presidential speeches... on Jan 23
 Very funny, but on Jan 23
  *I hear you -- in spite of everything, he is likable. on Jan 23
   Likable? That's like saying Hannibal Lecter makes a great dinner companion. on Jan 23
    Bush was a THIEF for the Rich! on Jan 23
    *Hey, I had dinner with Hannibal the other day. Food was great - we drank chianti. on Jan 23
     * Let me guess... Frozen dinner? on Jan 23
$40,000,000 donated but 120,000,000 additiona U.S. tax dollars spent on inauguration. on Jan 20
 * If there are 120 million taxpayers, that is only a buck apiece! on Jan 21
  *Now you're thinking like a politician! on Jan 21
   But it didn't cost you Canadians one shilling! :) on Jan 21
    Ah, yes, the igloo fund... on Jan 21
 Re: $40,000,000 donated but 120,000,000 additiona U.S. tax dollars spent on inauguration.Blondie on Jan 22
  I always knew under all that sugar and spice and everything nice... on Jan 22
* What now, "Football Prophet"? Wanna BET on the Dutch Girl? on Jan 18
 I see the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl... but not winning the Super Bowl...Pete on Jan 19
  It should be an interesting game on Jan 19
  ummmmm.....Pete on Jan 19
   If McCain would play quarterback, sure I'd watch... on Jan 20
UntitledAnonymous on Jan 18
 * Yes. It indented this timeAnonymous on Jan 18
 *GREAT! Now all you need to do is contribute something to this forum! on Jan 18
Anyone watch NCIS on Tuesday -- I think some Gate$ money was involved... on Jan 15
 PC really means x86, not Windowsqbguy on Jan 15
  *Points taken, but these days, if it's anti-Mac, well... on Jan 15
   *Plus, in the Mac commercials, the 'Windows' guy is referred to as PC. on Jan 15
  * You just HAD to say Linus, didn't you? Teehee...... on Jan 15
 They have to use Windows, because it is an hour long show.... on Jan 22
  *that would have been awesome on Jan 22
CANNOT post hyperlinks at all! on Jan 12
* Steelers only seeded team to Win at home! Rest are all wildcards. on Jan 10
* Forums are still being hijacked at N54 ! on Jan 6
 * Care to elaborate? on Jan 6
  Sure, there are still places being taken over on Jan 6
   * I see only one site in the message boards.Pete on Jan 6
    * Perhaps, but N54 still SUCKS! I get sever errors all day! on Jan 8
To Clippy, my parents photo on Jan 5
 Thanks for sharing on Jan 5
* Server errors out the Ying Yang all day! on Jan 5

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