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Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve,Steve... Guess what day it is, guess what day it is?Pete on Oct 11
 * I can't wait!! EVERday should be PORN Day! ;DSMcNeill on Oct 11
A good idea using crowd funding?Pete on Oct 11
What to do with two children who never agree...Pete on Oct 11
 What your people are creating is an additional $300 million a day in DEBT!Clippy on Oct 11
  Not one jobs bill, true... 15Pete on Oct 11
   * Every ne of those bills block regulations or enforcement by the EPAClippy on Oct 11
    It was posted to prove you were wrong as usual. Also...Pete on Oct 11
 Free will?SMcNeill on Oct 11
  I see Clippy's father knew your father...Pete on Oct 11
Ted Cruz asks for a benevolent God...Clippy on Oct 11
Obama solves healthcare website sign up problem.Pete on Oct 9
 ???Dave on Oct 9
  I just posted about that the other day. ;)SMcNeill on Oct 9
   Steve, want to get together later and go clubbing?Pete on Oct 10
    You see where this is all heading, don't you...TheBOB on Oct 10
     Says the Canadian with free healthcare all alongClippy on Oct 10
      I love that!SMcNeill on Oct 10
      Clippy, you meant assume, not presume.Pete on Oct 10
       I guess that is why 26 states with GOP Governors refused more MedicaidClippy on Oct 11
        Dammit Clippy, I'm a REAL DOCTOR, not a REAL HEALER!Dr. McCoy on Oct 12
      *C'mon, Clipster. It was a joke, meant to lighten the mood! Yikes!Igloo Bubble Boy on Oct 10
       * The only way to lighten Clippy's mood is with matches and lighter fluid.The Farming Freeloader on Oct 10
       * Clippy puts the FU in FUN.Pete on Oct 10
       I just wanted to remind our friends about our Canadian neighborsClippy on Oct 11
        Now you are assumimg you have friends, poor Clippy. *Pete on Oct 11
Barack the PettySMcNeill on Oct 9
The GOP shutdown goes on because they really want to hurt the hostageClippy on Oct 9
 He must be doing something right...SMcNeill on Oct 9
GOP Shutdown Prompts Emergency Declarations In UtahClippy on Oct 8
 Food bank sending trucks to feed furloughed Grand Canyon workersClippy on Oct 9
  Those pitiful people...SMcNeill on Oct 9
I'm soooo glad I'm not a student anymoreSMcNeill on Oct 8
 * Yahoo is for yahoos just like Faux News is false news.Clippy on Oct 8
 Add Halloween to the list of banned eventsSMcNeill on Oct 9
Thanks to ObamaCare, people who had insurance are giving it up...SMcNeill on Oct 8
 * You don't have to worry. You are not in the Upper Middle Class anyhow...Clippy on Oct 8
The GOP end to Majority RulesClippy on Oct 8
 Once again, you show you understand nothing of politics...SMcNeill on Oct 8
  We don't negotiate demands!Clippy on Oct 8
Why does Obamacare cover enemas?Pete on Oct 7
slow-bamacare.Pete on Oct 7
Obama is a 21st century WhimpyPete on Oct 6
 GOP, how is it always a CRISIS just to DO YOUR JOB?Clippy on Oct 6
Actual Obamacare Health PlanSMcNeill on Oct 5
 Re: Actual Obamacare Health PlanSMcNeill on Oct 5
  What the hell does the "Gold" plan cost and cover?Pete on Oct 5
   The BEST Obamacare Health Plan available for me...SMcNeill on Oct 5
    Re: The BEST Obamacare Health Plan available for me...SMcNeill on Oct 5
    It's amazing how big a scam some of these things are:SMcNeill on Oct 5
     Steve, I'm asking you this as a professional...Pete on Oct 5
      Most GOP states are higher because they didn't set up PoolsClippy on Oct 5
       Re: Most GOP states are higher because they didn't set up PoolsSMcNeill on Oct 5
       Clippy is the damn freeloader.Pete on Oct 5
        My premiums just went up last yearClippy on Oct 7
         Re: My premiums just went up last yearSMcNeill on Oct 7
          You can do that, but you need to do it legallyClippy on Oct 7
           Re: You can do that, but you need to do it legallySMcNeill on Oct 7
            Wrong, that healthcare account was law long before Obama CareClippy on Oct 7
             Re: Wrong, that healthcare account was law long before Obama CareSMcNeill on Oct 7
              Everybody has to have something instead of freeloadingClippy on Oct 7
               Re: Everybody has to have something instead of freeloadingSMcNeill on Oct 7
               A real idiot could buy all sorts of insurance.Pete on Oct 7
      Re: Steve, I'm asking you this as a professional...SMcNeill on Oct 5
       The rich never had a problem getting health insurance or healthcareClippy on Oct 5
        Re: The rich never had a problem getting health insurance or healthcareSMcNeill on Oct 5
        Everybody is dying, but insurance doesn;t have a thing to do with it.Pete on Oct 5
         You are the one who went to college to become a QuackClippy on Oct 6
          Gee Clippy, you seem SAD.Pete on Oct 6
           Reagan made sense. The Tea Party does notClippy on Oct 6
            Re: Reagan made sense. The Tea Party does notPete on Oct 6
             The Tea Party was hijacked long ago!Clippy on Oct 7
  I don't even know how to read that stuffJim on Oct 10
   Well it comes out of your taxes. Minorities?Pete on Oct 10
Most republicans voted yes to back pay for Fed workers. Most Dems voted no!Pete on Oct 5
Obama is full of it.Pete on Oct 5
Meet the new 1-PercentersPete on Oct 5
 1 Percent?? I'd like to see who the ONE guy was who signed up...SMcNeill on Oct 5
  Unlike Clippy, I don't suck at math, Here is my source...Pete on Oct 5
More Stupid AmericansSMcNeill on Oct 5
 And a second case of stupidity.SMcNeill on Oct 5
  My guess is the kids should have been expelled for other reasons.Pete on Oct 5
 Maybe they are afraid because if a policman is present, something is about to go down.Pete on Oct 5
  Re: Maybe they are afraid because if a policman is present, something is about to go down.SMcNeill on Oct 5
   If you got shot with a Pop Tart, you'd die...Pete on Oct 5
OK Republicans, you WIN!Clippy on Oct 4
Sandscupting Championship in VA Beach is not for the peons.Clippy on Oct 4
 Well Clippy, apparently there are a few things you can't peon. *Pete on Oct 5
  * An electric fence is one of them. My cousin learned that the hard way...SMcNeill on Oct 5
   * You can, and I have.Michael Calkins on Oct 5
    Are you from Paris Texas, because it sounds like European! *Pete on Oct 5
Big Foot is real? Well, what's in a name?Pete on Oct 4
 *Get off Clippy's back -- I don't shave either when I'm on vacation.TheBOB on Oct 4
 Scientists named who?Clippy on Oct 4
  Re: Scientists named who?SMcNeill on Oct 4
   Ketchum and do what? Eatum? Real intelligence here ***Clippy on Oct 4
    I do see real intelligence, and also a lack of it in you...SMcNeill on Oct 4
     WHOGAS? A distraction to keep you inbreeds happy...*Clippy on Oct 4
      What do you get when you cross a Clippy with a Sasquatch?Pete on Oct 5
       That's PURE BULL! *Not Really Clippy on Oct 5
        Bull? It turns out you're bad at math, reading, and species identification.Pete on Oct 5
  Scientist discover Clippy is Ted from the neck up.Pete on Oct 4
The sandwhich that cost American taxpayers 1-million dollars.Pete on Oct 4
 I guess the other $199 million PER DAY is on the GOP!Clippy on Oct 4
  Obama wants Wall Street to crash...SMcNeill on Oct 4
   God won't be forgiving you anytime soon for that comparison. *Pete on Oct 4
  Boy Clippy, do you suck at math....Pete on Oct 4
So the GOP want to fund the NIH for children with cancer (NEW)Clippy on Oct 3
 Obama's Sequester.Pete on Oct 3
  I don't see the GOP crying about that Sequester, in fact they want more cutsClippy on Oct 3
 The next cure for cancer?SMcNeill on Oct 5
  And how about finally doing something about Jerry's Kids?Chris Rock on Oct 5
The barn that will stop the Keystone PipelineClippy on Oct 3
 Ovamacare will go the way of the Fod and Fuel Control Act.Pete on Oct 3
  You know what I would say about that Pipeline if I were President!Clippy on Oct 3
   You couldn't be President if you were the only citizen left in the country.Pete on Oct 3
    Moody's cut the US credit rating the last timeClippy on Oct 4
* Tom Clancy (April 1947 - October 2013)Michael Calkins on Oct 2
 Tom ClancyMichael Calkins on Oct 2
  non-fictionMichael Calkins on Oct 2
  I have all four movies, too...TheBOB on Oct 3
  I'm not as big on movies as I am books.SMcNeill on Oct 3
Regular insurance is a sack of crap. Get Obamacare. Go Sackless!Pete on Oct 2
 It's GREAT!SMcNeill on Oct 3
  Meanwhile the GOP shutdown is costing us $200 MILLION PER DAY!Clippy on Oct 3
   Clippy you freeloader!. If Whimpy was a Democrat,Pete on Oct 3
   Re: Meanwhile the GOP shutdown is costing us $200 MILLION PER DAY!SMcNeill on Oct 3
    How A Rand Paul Republican From Alabama Learned To Love ObamacareClippy on Oct 4
     A family member of yours? Because if the story is accurate, he sucks at math, too,Pete on Oct 4
      It's not all about the bottom line over years of premium payments!Clippy on Oct 4
ROFL Some MSNBC nit tries to sign up online for Obamacare, live!Pete on Oct 2
Who doesn't want Obamacare? Oh that's right, Obama!Pete on Oct 2
My Mountain LakeSMcNeill on Oct 2
 * Very nice. Are those rows of cut hay?Michael Calkins on Oct 2
  *Aye. They haven't cured yet and been baled. :)SMcNeill on Oct 2
   * Is that dew or frost on it?Michael Calkins on Oct 2
    Morning dew in the sunlight.SMcNeill on Oct 4
     Hey cool, Steve's farm is full of Mountain Dew. I'm going to get my straw...Pete on Oct 4
 How's the fishin'?Pete on Oct 2
  The fishing is great!SMcNeill on Oct 2
   I bet your neighbors just love youClippy on Oct 2
    Re: I bet your neighbors just love youSMcNeill on Oct 2
    You'd steal it? Spoken like a true Democrat!Pete on Oct 2
     Around here we have an answer for that type of thing:SMcNeill on Oct 2
 *Gorgeous! (lol, Pete).TheBOB on Oct 2
 Lake? Looks like fog to me...Clippy on Oct 2
Democrats Shutdown the GovernmentPete on Oct 1
 Blackmail will get the GOP nowhere! See you in 2014.Clippy on Oct 1
  Typical one-sided only political wrangling rhetorhic.Pete on Oct 1
   You have no majority and it is fiscally irresponsible to bootClippy on Oct 1
    Does Obamacare cover your MSNBC talking point suppositories?Pete on Oct 1
     Voodoo economics and Voodoo doctoringClippy on Oct 1
      Comma in the wrong place.Pete on Oct 1
       Re: Comma in the wrong place.SMcNeill on Oct 2
       Under Obamacare, Disney World Will Promote Its Part-Time Workers To Full-Time StatusClippy on Oct 2
        If Clippy was Bill Nye in another life, he'd be know as...Pete on Oct 2
         You must be one of those edumacated doctorsClippy on Oct 2
GOP lawmakers say "Let's shut down the Government like 9/11"Clippy on Sep 30
What The Republican ‘Compromise’ Of Delaying Obamacare For A Year Would Do To The EconomyClippy on Sep 30
 From the loon who keeps posting the sky is falling when the shoe is on the other foot.Pete on Sep 30
  The other foot comes down tonightClippy on Sep 30
Republican Says 2014 Will Be Great Because Minorities and Young People Won’t VoteClippy on Sep 29
 Re: Republican Says 2014 Will Be Great Because Minorities and Young People Won’t VoteAnonymous on Sep 29
Goodwill's Charity Racket: disabled workers make pennies while owner makes millionsClippy on Sep 29
 *Cough* *Cough* GOP Way?SMcNeill on Sep 29
Fact checking Raffy "Ted" Cruz's Meet the Press #Obamacare liesClippy on Sep 29
 Steve, you should hire Clippy.Pete on Sep 29
  LOL, the House wants to fix it alrightClippy on Sep 29
Thank you, Toronto.Michael Calkins on Sep 28
 *yw - we do what we can.TheBOB on Sep 28
  :-)Michael Calkins on Sep 29
 The Yankees in Houston.Michael Calkins on Sep 29
 Welcome to October. (2 edits)Michael Calkins on Sep 30
  updateMichael Calkins on Oct 2
   Down to 4 teams.Michael Calkins on Oct 10
A minority of Republicans could shut our country downClippy on Sep 28
Greedy government unions, Clippy?Pete on Sep 26
 Since when is a school superintendent in the teachers Union?Clippy on Sep 26
  I also posted about other instances of government greed.Pete on Sep 26
Stupid is as Obama does.Pete on Sep 26
 Closing corporate loopholes is good butClippy on Sep 26
  That's how jobs are created.Pete on Sep 26
   Farmers Face Labor ShortagesClippy on Sep 26
Low-Wage Federal Contract Workers to Strike TodayClippy on Sep 25
 So you ever READ these things?SMcNeill on Sep 25
  Of course if you spread it out to every American you would get lessClippy on Sep 25
   Re: Of course if you spread it out to every American you would get lessSMcNeill on Sep 25
Did you write this Pete?SMcNeill on Sep 25
 Maybe I will, my daughter teaches thereClippy on Sep 25
Hey Clippy, beam you up?Pete on Sep 24
 Don't get one right away. Wait until they go on sale!Clippy on Sep 25
  And they still cost a lot! *Pete on Sep 25
  Re: Don't get one right away. Wait until they go on sale!SMcNeill on Sep 25
   Divide $1 million by 300 million people math wiz.Clippy on Sep 25
    Welcome to ClippyCare...Pete on Sep 25
     * Well there aren't 300 million of them either...Clippy on Sep 26
The stupidest filibuster of all time that is not really one at allClippy on Sep 24
 Sen. Ted Cruz says Obama 'just granted all of Congress an exception' to ObamacareClippy on Sep 25
  You can't even make two posts without making a mistake. Try talking for 24 hours. *Pete on Sep 25
   Blatant lies are not mistakes, they are business as usual for the GOP *Clippy on Sep 25
Barney Frank says renting is great!Pete on Sep 24
Clippy should work for ObamaCare. They suck at math, too.Pete on Sep 23
 If our government is so f'ed-up, then why does the GOP want to run it?Clippy on Sep 23
Welfare pays more than workSMcNeill on Sep 23
 Careful Steve, or your wife will divorce you!Pete on Sep 23
  Re: Careful Steve, or your wife will divorce you!SMcNeill on Sep 23
 NOPE, wrong again! The MAX was $6,840 for family of 3Clippy on Sep 24
  You're being Clippy stupid again...SMcNeill on Sep 24
   While you propose people don't need ANY of themClippy on Sep 24
    Buzz Clippy, To stupidity and beyond!Pete on Sep 24
     Oh, I thought that was between me and my doctorClippy on Sep 24
      The only thing between you and your doctor is a protoscope. *Pete on Sep 24
      Re: Oh, I thought that was between me and my doctorSMcNeill on Sep 24
       Well you best make your appointment NOW for your next emergencyClippy on Sep 25
ACA premiums a little lower, but services a lot fewer.Pete on Sep 23
Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Watchdog Forces JPMorgan to Pay $329 MillionClippy on Sep 23
Republican bill would kick 170,000 veterans off of food stampsClippy on Sep 22
 We don't owe them, we paid them.Pete on Sep 22
 Re: Republican bill would kick 170,000 veterans off of food stampsSMcNeill on Sep 22
  Jail is not the only reason the husband cannot pay math wiz...Clippy on Sep 23
   Re: Jail is not the only reason the husband cannot pay math wiz...SMcNeill on Sep 23
    You're the idiotClippy on Sep 23
     Re: You're the idiotSMcNeill on Sep 24
      LOL - To Stupidity and Beyond!Pete on Sep 24
      The GOP now says that $6.73 an hour doesn't qualify you for food stampsClippy on Sep 24
   Obvious. There never was a real father in the first place.Pete on Sep 23
    Whatever, it was found constitutional by YOUR Supreme CourtClippy on Sep 24
     When's the next urologists convention, or are you just a member?Pete on Sep 24

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