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thanks to obama and biden, rosa parks is now a terrorist (or rather will be)mn on Dec 1
 this law probably wont pass in its current formmn on Dec 1
  I blame most of this on UniversitiesSimmons on Dec 1
   im not ready to say this is the most accurate summary of whats happened politically in usamn on Dec 1
 Well like the old saying goes, "Shit rolls down Capitol Hill."Pete on Dec 1
  *oh you mean theyre trying to change people using pure fear and bs? what else is new?mn on Dec 1
   Here's a good example of using established laws, flag burning.Pete on Dec 1
    SOS! Same old shit! Republicans make laws against our Civil Rights all the timeLiberaTED on Dec 1
     teds only against this stuff when republicans do it. which makes me think hes ok with itmn on Dec 1
Drumph's first fraud victory has Indiana purchasing Carrier jobsLiberaTED on Dec 1
 Well try and think like a real person...Pete on Dec 1
  No what Trump is actually doing is increasing pressure on states to compete for jobsLiberaTED on Dec 1
   You got some parts right for a change...Pete on Dec 1
    Yeah, if he is serious then why is he hiding the cost to Indiana?LiberaTED on Dec 1
     Drumph Carrier bailout cost Indiana taxpayers $7 MILLION to save 1100 jobs!LiberaTED on Dec 1
      waiting for the numbers that make this a bigger deal than obama bailing out boa / othersmn on Dec 1
      Drumph quote: "our politicians are SO DUMB they buy off companies to keep them here!"Quippy on Dec 1
       The problem in the case of Carrier...Pete on Dec 1
     I knew it! Clippy's from Mars!Pete on Dec 1
      no, men are from mars. women are from venus, and on Dec 1
What I see happening to this Dim Mitt...Pete on Nov 30
 secretary of state is turning into the rice-a-roni prize of presidential hopefulsmn on Nov 30
  and i mean, youre pretty lame when even obama can hand your a** to youmn on Nov 30
I guess some Liberals are just late in hearing Trump won the election...Pete on Nov 29
 WTF does that story have to do with Drumph winning anything? *LiberaTED on Nov 29
  Can't figure that one out. Well try this one on for size. RUN CLIPPY RUN!!!Pete on Nov 29
   Re: Can't figure that one out. Well try this one on for size. RUN CLIPPY RUN!!!SMcNeill on Nov 29
    Well at least you both are past the DENIAL STAGE of Climate ChangeClippy on Dec 1
     *well he only smokes lucky strike: "the brand chiropractors recommend most!"mn on Dec 1
      * Never smoked in my life. Stupid, stupid habit.Pete on Dec 1
       *trump claimed in 2000 he didnt ever drink. i dont believe that, but it could be truemn on Dec 1
a woman opened a weird bottle of wine last night, and i dreamed about ted!funny story inside on Nov 29
 I took a good shit last night and out popped a Mennonite looking turd*Not really a Mennonite on Nov 29
  now youve set yourself up for a pun: what does ted do when his a** is thinking about me?mn on Nov 29
Lets have a quizSimmons on Nov 28
 * Smells like B.O. to me but I'm self-employed so I don't do bonuses.Pete on Nov 28
 No wonder they call you Simple Simmons...reading GOP Fake News again? *LiberaTED on Nov 29
  *So the Democrats don't want JFK anymore? I'm sure the republicans would adopt him.Simmons on Nov 29
Trump wins Michigan, but here is an interesting connection to Romney...Pete on Nov 28
 im sure whatever stein is doing makes at least a little sense in the long runmn on Nov 28
 its ironic that clinton is a democrat, because its democracy that blew her chancesmn on Nov 28
 Drumph said the election was rigged, now he says millions of votes are illegalClippy on Nov 28
  *i dont like petraeus anyway, but better hand it out than post online from hrcs bathroommn on Nov 28
   *pete: all this time, state secrets from bathroom & no double entendre about hillaryleaks?mn on Nov 28
    Hillary claimed to be the candidate we could depend on. What she meant was...Pete on Nov 28
     *lorne michaelsmn on Nov 28
     Re: Hillary claimed to be the candidate we could depend on. What she meant was...Clippy on Nov 28
It's hard to believe these people have the third largest economy...Pete on Nov 28
 Some kinds of fish can live through freezing. Goldfish (carp) can *Clippy on Nov 28
  *Wrong as usual. I just emptied a pack of Mrs. Paul's in my aquarium and nothing happened.Pete on Nov 28
   *Ahhh--I bet you forgot to remove the breading.TheBOB on Nov 28
    * Dammit! It's always something.Pete on Nov 28
     you have to put water in the aquarium, too. and sometimes gravel, and a little on Nov 28
      *Ted's solar powered overnight air shipping service having trouble getting off the ground.Pete on Nov 28
       i get it, because solar+overnight; but youre IGNORANT of the GENIUS of the design!mn on Nov 28
        My guess is he'll face harsh reality and fall back on rubber band technology.Pete on Nov 28
         well i hear n korea is working on a delivery system he could use insteadmn on Nov 28
          * And if you ordered soup it's nice and pipping hot upon re-entry!Pete on Nov 28
 Seemed like a good idea at the time...TheBOB on Nov 28
  Yes Bob, they sure don't have memorial services for the WHALES!Clippy on Nov 28
You’re Thinking About Fidel Castro All WrongClippy on Nov 28
 Maybe you can get a job in Cuba.Pete on Nov 28
 *seriously who the hell wrote that? it sure as anything wasnt on Nov 28
  It was a recent article in the *uckington Post...Pete on Nov 28
   Obviously all the Cuban ex pats celebrating his death didn't get the memoSimmons on Nov 28
democrat ron wyden still one of the countries best politiciansmn on Nov 27
 *(URL) surveillance and censorship in the UKMichael Calkins on Nov 30
Amazing bladeless wind turbines for bird lovers.Clippy on Nov 27
 More crap from a brain damaged craphead...SMcNeill on Nov 27
  *They should hook a generator up to that bridge--I bet that'd generate a few gigawatts!TheBOB on Nov 27
  Dirt Farmer Reality Check May 21st, 2015 by Guest ContributorClippy on Nov 28
   *Take out 1 failure and replace with 3 failures? 'Cause he's the King of Liberal Thinking.Pete on Nov 28
    the important one of course is 4: cannot produce enough net energy in real lifemn on Nov 28
     * I had a potato compactor once... It took a mashing and kept on trashing.Pete on Nov 28
 * Don't feel bad. Bladeless Samurai warriors never caught on, either.Pete on Nov 28
  *well except batman. though like a lot of green energy options, being batman takes on Nov 28
   *Nonsense! For the liberal, money apparently grows on trees.TheBOB on Nov 28
    * You're half right... Other people's trees.Pete on Nov 28
You think the truth took a hit last year? It's about to get worse. A lot worse.LiberaTED on Nov 27
 i knew this as soon as ted started posting againmn on Nov 27
  *but you have to admit that was a great quality photocopy for only 640x480 resolutionnot really thebob on Nov 27
*It was harder to come out as Republican than transgender - Caitlyn JennerSimmons on Nov 27
 *What would she, he, it... sheheit, know about harder? Those days are behind him.Pete on Nov 27
  whew, you retired that license just in time! what about these?mn on Nov 27
   * I've never heard of those, but I do make it a point to avoid Wheaties.Pete on Nov 27
rosie o donnels decided that 10 year olds are a target she can handlemn on Nov 26
 Here, this will cheer you up...Pete on Nov 26
  * i wish leonard nimoy was around, this would be a perfect time for his catchphrasemn and the other "f-word" on Nov 27
   also, dwayne johnson stole the vulcans eyebrowmn on Nov 27
Clippy in mourning. First Hillary and now Fidel...Pete on Nov 26
 Obama's one gift to the Republicans...TheBOB on Nov 26
  * So you're saying Monica is a Republican?Pete on Nov 26
   *No... Republicans smoke their cigars, God knows what Democrats do with them.TheBOB on Nov 26
    Well, in-certain cases...Pete on Nov 26
I'll go out on a limb on why Mitt Romney won't be the next SOS.Pete on Nov 25
 Rudy would be even worse. PROUD to be mayor on 9/11 ***LiberaTED on Nov 25
 * I think Romney is trashing his credibility now by sucking up to Trump.Michael Calkins on Nov 30
Has anyone read about people dis-inviting relatives because of how they voted this year?Pete on Nov 24
 Funny how people never seem to want to talk politics eitherClippy on Nov 24
 pros and cons of california leaving (warning: no k-mart specials.)mn on Nov 24
one of the differences between me and these obama on Nov 24
 You did not vote so shut the fuck up! *Clippy on Nov 24
  theres an amendment youre obviously not aware of-- so go back home to europecommon sense on Nov 24
   Nope you got what you DESERVE! Tax cuts for everybody but you...LMAOClippy on Nov 24
    *The last time you stated was the last time you wouldn't reply to him didn't last, either.Pete on Nov 24
     well to be fair, he never says much-- mainly calls people idiots and says stfumn on Nov 24
I'm thankful for 57 days to Nobama!Pete on Nov 24
 you and a million civilian women, children and on Nov 24
  I think he actually thinks he deserves it.Pete on Nov 26
In Soviet Russia, Obama is getting the tihs dekcik out of him...Czar Peter on Nov 23
Just because Ted can't LHAO anymore doesn't mean I can't... Hillary's catching up!Pete on Nov 22
 You've got to admit, though, Pete...TheBOB on Nov 22
  And Trump was in contact with Russian hackers too.LiberaTED on Nov 22
   *LOL--well, I know *you* don't care what happens in Canada, anyway.TheBOB on Nov 22
    Re: *LOL--well, I know *you* don't care what happens in Canada, anyway.Clippy on Nov 25
     *Yayy! A kind word from the Clipster! (anti-Trump, but still...)TheBOB on Nov 25
      80% renewable IS AWESOME! How much is nuclear? *Clippy on Nov 25
       Canada has big plans to use thermo-electrocal power.Pete on Nov 25
        Well "thermo-electrocal" gave the joke away ***Quippy on Nov 25
         * Sigh... The correct reply would have been, "I thaw that coming."Pete on Nov 25
       *In Ontario, nuclear is just over 50%, hydroelectric about 35%.TheBOB on Nov 25
        * I call BS. Isoelectic power is the only kind of power produced in Canada.Pete on Nov 25
         *Oh, dear--in that case, it's back to string-and-can dial-up for me.TheBOB on Nov 25
   * LOL, Russia, the last hope for American democracy!Pete on Nov 22
oh ohSimmons on Nov 22
 Or perhaps, he has better things to do...TheBOB on Nov 22
 Re: oh ohSMcNeill on Nov 22
  My wife and I have discussed this, too.Pete on Nov 22
   hey, dont confuse ted with on Nov 22
   Unlike Nixon being pardoned by Ford as his FIRST EVIL GOP ACTLiberaTED on Nov 22
    * The only member of my household who marks your words is my dog, Gopper.Pete on Nov 22
     Even your dog has more sense than you do...LiberaTED on Nov 22
 He also left the door open for Congress to investigate her.Pete on Nov 22
What the hell is wrong with people?...Pete on Nov 19
 the tech press isnt being too kind to trump eithermn on Nov 19
  * What the hell does that have to do with a cat in an elf suit?Pete on Nov 19
   *obviously its a metaphor :)mn on Nov 19
    * What's a meta-for?Pete on Nov 20
     *for a meta, of on Nov 20
      * What's a meta-u?Pete on Nov 20
       *nota thing!nota (really) ben, eh? on Nov 20
Here's what it's goning to take to get Clippy on the Trump train...Pete on Nov 18
 *now that hes in, calling it the "trump train" probably isnt the image to dispel fascismmn on Nov 18
most "allies" are really pawnsmn on Nov 18
 there, i needed to get all that out of my system. i think this one is better:mn on Nov 18
  Ah, but some allies are queens...Pete on Nov 18
   im no fan of msm eithermn on Nov 18
Tired of the same old crap?Simmons on Nov 17
 really, stefan molyneux?mn on Nov 17
  That's lefty talkSimmons on Nov 17
   i will support your argument, but not your examplemn on Nov 17
    he's definitely a fringe punditSimmons on Nov 17
     yeah, the msms died slowly over the past 8+ yearsmn on Nov 17
      I'm 100% in favor of a Conservative news network...Pete on Nov 17
     How do we know that Drumph will crash the economy? EVERY GOP president has!LiberaTED on Nov 18
      Hillary killed the Liber-a-TEDNot Really the Buggles on Nov 20
       *and democrats lowered the political barmn on Nov 20
    Here is an interesting exchange involving Stefan and MiloSimmons on Nov 18
     it works as a metaphormn on Nov 18
  Before this thread gets derailed too farSimmons on Nov 18
   Off track? Blaming minorities for your failures should be a full time jobLiberaTED on Nov 18
    *they certainly filtered enough of obamas totalitarian crimesmn on Nov 18
    True to form TedSimmons on Nov 18
     Nice TALK OVER! At least they let the protester speak on CNNLiberaTED on Nov 18
      You've got to be kidding me TedSimmons on Nov 18
      Re: Nice TALK OVER! At least they let the protester speak on CNNThe TEDless Horseman on Nov 18
 Instead of watching talking head politicos, try watching SCIENCE!LiberaTED on Nov 20
  Ted looks at National Geographic because the girls of Playboy intimidate him...Pete on Nov 20
   I suppose they poled the protesters like they did Drumph voters ***Clippy on Nov 20
Pussy Sanders is back!Pete on Nov 17
 thing is, we need checks and balancesmn on Nov 17
  and heres a great example of whymn on Nov 17
  Thing is, we've had far too much crap from the Left, already...Pete on Nov 17
   mmhmm, ive heard that argument so many times, most recently from feministsmn on Nov 17
    Lying sack of Sonkey Mitt...Pete on Nov 17
     decide if you want to be glass-half-full or glass-half-empty about thismn on Nov 17
      I saw that too, and agree with you whole heartedly except for one thing...Pete on Nov 17
trump isnt the only winner this termmn on Nov 17
 That's really odd, because everyone knew she was the biggest dope in the race.Pete on Nov 17
 *and if you look at the map, it's the same states Hillary won -- which explains everythingSMcNeill on Nov 17
Tired of millennials demonstrating against Drumph?LiberaTED on Nov 17
 *wait, so... the left is starting a civil war because they didnt get hillary into office?mn on Nov 17
 That's all you idiots can do these days is imagine.Pete on Nov 17
Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs & Forced to Lose Weight (Warning: Adult discussion.)mn on Nov 16
a good explanation of how the public domain was just eroded further (url)mn on Nov 15
A collection of political posts.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
 Split the US into 3 zones: socialist, christian, and libertarian.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
  *(image) Appendix: Approximate map.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
  Appendix: The role of government and state.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
  Appendix: Capital sentencing.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
   i think before you figure out the death penalty, you should figure out your religionmn on Nov 15
  value-based zoning is a terrible, terrible idea (it wont work, and it sucks)mn on Nov 15
   just a quick replyMichael Calkins on Nov 15
    an even quicker replymn on Nov 15
  Appendix: Porn, dress codes, etc (Warning: adult discussion)Michael Calkins on Nov 15
   i looked for adult conversation, but you were right about the appendixmn on Nov 16
    *LOL @ "weirdest thing youve ever posted". Welcome to a peek inside my mind.Michael Calkins on Nov 16
    Consider yourself lucky the relationship didn't last longerPete on Nov 16
     *hey, with already-existing video technology that couldve been overcomemn on Nov 16
  Appendix: Execution methods. (Warning: adult discussion.)Michael Calkins on Nov 16
   for capital crimes, just give people optionsmn on Nov 16
    if any of you are vetsmn on Nov 16
   Re: Appendix: Execution methods. (Warning: adult discussion.)Michael Calkins on Nov 22
    all joking aside, this is really why you need to get some "action."mn on Nov 22
     *and im hardly against hunting-- i eat meat, i know where it comes frommn on Nov 22
     Re: all joking aside, this is really why you need to get some "action."Michael Calkins on Nov 22
      without getting into details of on Nov 22
     wrestling animals.Michael Calkins on Dec 1
    Re2: Appendix: Execution methods. (Warning: adult discussion.)Michael Calkins on Dec 1
  Divide the US into rich and poor then watch over half the poor vote with the rich GOPLiberaTED on Nov 16
   * Apparently idiots suffer from moron envy.Pete on Nov 16
  Appendix: Price list.Michael Calkins on Nov 22
   where are the "adult" prices though?mn on Nov 22
    * A haircut should cost 5¢Not really Lucy from Peanuts on Nov 22
    Re: where are the "adult" prices though?Michael Calkins on Nov 22
     *I want to undo the inflation of the last 15-20 years.Michael Calkins on Nov 22
      *inflation is an effect, not a cause-- you cant "undo" it that waymn on Nov 22
     *a global currency is like everyone using windows-- and if it fell, the whole on Nov 22
   *netzero is just a brand now, not a price. used to be $0 supported by ads-- didnt workmn on Nov 22
    *how theyre supposed to compete with free wife in cafes/libraries, i dont know-- pr0n?mn on Nov 22
     *Hello, I am here for free wife!Borat on Nov 22
   * I'm beginning to think he's buys his underwear at K-Mart.Not Really Dustin Hoffman on Nov 22
    *Walmart.Michael Calkins on Nov 22
    if you mean you think hes on the spectrummn on Nov 22
     Of course before everyone was using Python, Lisp was the drug of choiceNot really Richard Stallman on Nov 22
     Well I'd like to say to hell with his idea of his own country, but...Pete on Nov 22
      does clippy hate the rich, or the poor?mn on Nov 22
       * LOLPete on Nov 22
   *Dad tells me that Verizon sold us to Frontier. But their website doesn't say a price.Michael Calkins on Nov 22
  Appendix: Holidays (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Dec 1
   Holiday rationsMichael Calkins on Dec 1
 opinions: Trump and past presidentsMichael Calkins on Nov 15
  im not going to try to change your mind about trump-- you might be right! (but...)mn on Nov 15
   thanks for the responses.Michael Calkins on Nov 16
    no, im saying i posted a url to an interview-- i almost met obama and hillarymn on Nov 16
     *Wow. Shaking hands with someone who walked on the moon...Michael Calkins on Nov 16
      i DIDNT ask him if it was fake. not to condone violence, butmn on Nov 16
      Oh BAH. Anybody can walk on the moon. You want to impress me?Pete on Nov 16
       not to be ungrateful, but breakfast with edgar mitchell wouldve been more interestingmn on Nov 16
   a few more responses.Michael Calkins on Dec 1
    catholicism vs cultsmn on Dec 1
     quick story about real life vs the communitymn on Dec 1
      *obviously the title implies i *thought* that would be a quick on Dec 1
       good old n54... (without italics instead of multiplication)mn on Dec 1
 Proposal: The "Freedom Party", a new political party or coalition.Michael Calkins on Nov 16
  i wil happily lend my services as non-voting advisormn on Nov 16
  If you want to make sex with a 12 year old legal, there's no MIGHT in you being a Redneck.Not Really Jeff Foxworthy on Nov 16
   this is a class thing, petemn on Nov 16
    In terms of law, religion actually has nothng do do with the number 18. 144 maybe...Pete on Nov 16
     that makes perfect sense if youd view your 17-year-old as physical propertymn on Nov 16
  your copyright terms are too longmn on Nov 16
   pharmaceutical patentsmn on Nov 16
  Appendix: Prisoner's rights.Michael Calkins on Dec 1
 * Texas wants to keep its guns. Would that put Texas in the Loading Zone?Pete on Nov 16
 A Flat Tax would penalize lower income families more. Trump's is even worse!LiberaTED on Nov 16
 Censorship in the UKMichael Calkins on Nov 30
 Appendix: ErrataMichael Calkins on Dec 1
 Appendix: some miscellaneous opinions.Michael Calkins on Dec 1
whos going to be the next ceo of pepsico?mn on Nov 15
 * Have a Coke and a smile.. Oh, and F'epsi while you're at it.Pete on Nov 15
  *Have a heart, you mean! C'mon, Pete. All the Pepsi employees were crying---ALL of them!TheBOB on Nov 15
  * i might avoid a few pepsi products, but im not going to become a coke-suckermn on Nov 15
 *I'm guessing Pepsi won't fare too well after the illegal immigrant slave market dries up.Simmons on Nov 15
  *i suspect they will do fine so long as they can set up where the immigrants come frommn on Nov 16
if by on Nov 15
 * Well, it's whatever The Left says it is, of course. Good find.Pete on Nov 15
That bitch sure does have a temper...Pete on Nov 14
 * and people wonder why sales of whistles are down nationwidemn on Nov 14
The best breakdown report of the US Election explained...SMcNeill on Nov 14
 Get ready to lose that $5 an hour workforce with the 30% tax you kept for yourself farmerClippy on Nov 14
  Once again you show that you're out of touch with current events and reality.SMcNeill on Nov 14
   Read his email I just got from the Daily Kos. Note the rulesClippy on Nov 15
    Old news, I'm surprised you're just learning of it.Pete on Nov 15
     *I'm sure the Dems would still demand a popular vote had the situation been reversed.Simmons on Nov 15
    Re: Read his email I just got from the Daily Kos. Note the rulesSMcNeill on Nov 15
     * it figures that a dem thinks that the electoral college only counts when it favors themmn on Nov 15
 an explanation of the trump victory that even ted could understand (maybe with a graph)mn on Nov 15
  * Obama was right about hope and change. He was just 8 years before its time.Pete on Nov 15
 What this election meant to us..Dav on Nov 15
  *Very nice. Reminds me of a different time, Dav.TheBOB on Nov 15
  * Just in time to vote for Trump, too. Congratulations!Pete on Nov 15
  * Congratulations, Dav. To Pete: he didn't say whom she voted for.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
   * I didn't state she did, just that she was eligible to vote for Trump. :)Pete on Nov 15
 * my county is the lightest shade of pink on the first map.Michael Calkins on Nov 15
Don't blame millennials for protesting an election that totally ignored the popular voteClippy on Nov 14
 *since they dont understand 1) the electoral college 2) a .1 % polling marginmn on Nov 14
 *Yayyy! Clipster, you're back! (and feisty as ever!)TheBOB on Nov 14
  P.S. They didn't "ignore" the popular vote...TheBOB on Nov 14
   MYOB. Mark your own ballot? :)Pete on Nov 14
    Re: lower voter turnout...TheBOB on Nov 14
     Hey, I love Trump. That should be good enough for everybody!Pete on Nov 14
      Trump owes the GOP nothing! The PAC's put him and Toomey overClippy on Nov 14
       Well drug stocks are on their way back up but insurers are going down...Pete on Nov 14
 Re: Don't blame millennials for protesting an election that totally ignored the popular voteSMcNeill on Nov 14
Obama tries to stimulate economy through the prison system...Pete on Nov 14
*Capt'n?! Ther-r-r's ASM Forum spam to be deleted but I dinna hav' the power-r-r!!Not really Scotty on Nov 14
 Done. But because of you, folks will have to go without life saving antibiotics...Not Really Kirk on Nov 14
  *Dammit Scotty! And I had a date tonight with Uhuru!Not really Bones on Nov 14
   * Dammit Captain. And with Pon Farr just around the corner, too!Not Really Mr. Spock on Nov 14
    *Will you just let it drop, Spock! I told you before, I have a headache!Not really Kirk on Nov 14
     * If you didn't delete the post, you could have ordered a cure. And Spock, how could you?Not Really Nurse Chapel on Nov 14
Even Canada has silly Courtroom dramas over TrumpSMcNeill on Nov 13
 Of course Canadians are as insane as Americans...TheBOB on Nov 13
  My Make American Great Again hat never saw the workplace...Pete on Nov 13
   I think I have to amend my statement to Steve...TheBOB on Nov 13
    * Well after all, stupidity is contagious. Just ask Drippy. He's Patient Zero.Pete on Nov 13
    I just don't get it!SMcNeill on Nov 13
     *LOL--I'm right there with ya, buddy :-PTheBOB on Nov 13
     Re: I just don't get it!Pete on Nov 13
      The thing that pisses me offSimmons on Nov 13
       you can sum up the political landscape with six wordsmn on Nov 13
        I agree to the death, but with one caveatSimmons on Nov 13
         *yep, thats the thingmn on Nov 13
PCism gave Hillary a royal ass-biting on Tuesday...Pete on Nov 12
thebob will probably like it (url, image)mn on Nov 12
 Very apt--from a Democrat's perspective. I see Hillary more as a Darth Vader, though...TheBOB on Nov 12
  *i dont think bernie will be back. but jill stein could look like carrie fisher, maybemn on Nov 12
 Bernie won't capture the young male vote ever again...Pete on Nov 12
  *Nice, Pete, but I believe that's spelled "wussed" (not sure if it's capitalized or not).TheBOB on Nov 12
   You are correct. I need to invest in an urban dictionary.Pete on Nov 12
    *...-..---...-. (Not sure if that spells anything, it's just that it's kinda chilly here).TheBOB on Nov 12
  *yeah, i knew he might turn around and support his nemesis. its too on Nov 12
  Bernie did exactly what he was paid to do.Simmons on Nov 12
   I don't buy it...Pete on Nov 12
    *i would sooner suspect bernie than wl, but its a lot easier to just suspect hillarymn on Nov 12
heres the rights conspiracy theory on how obama will stay in officemn on Nov 11
 You have to wonder how long it could go on, anyway...TheBOB on Nov 12
  *its not a very good conspiracy theorymn on Nov 12
  y2k advocate trump interview back when hillary was against marriage rights and blacksmn on Nov 12
  * He'd be impeached first.Pete on Nov 12
Changed his tune on election results...Not Really Sir Paul on Nov 11
 *love his voice and all, but that guy never says anything that cant be explained by boozemn on Nov 11
  Actually, he's a pot head. Speaking of which...Pete on Nov 12
in b4 tedmn on Nov 11
 in b4 ted, part ii (this one got a smile)mn on Nov 11
  when you give power to YOUR party, you also give it to the "other" partymn on Nov 11
   looks like a dnc staffer is agreeing with me that hillary cost the dnc the election (url)mn on Nov 11
Interesting demographics that Media don't talk about.Simmons on Nov 10
 Oh and about ageSimmons on Nov 10
I tell myself I'm over you...Not really Drippy on Nov 10
 Very nice...TheBOB on Nov 10
  Re: Very nice...SMcNeill on Nov 10
   You forgot 5) Steve...TheBOB on Nov 10
    * Nice Bob, but White House is two words. Just our government inefficiency showing.Pete on Nov 10
     Interesting...TheBOB on Nov 10
  He dropped by yesterday, but didn't post. He learned not to move...Pete on Nov 10
   if i were rich, id be happy to give most of it away-- (but)mn on Nov 10
Why liberal democracy will never work.Simmons on Nov 9
 *what gets me is that pete doesnt think it will happen except under democratsmn on Nov 9
Apocalyptic doom.Michael Calkins on Nov 9
 The bubbles coming out of your ears are from being brain washed.Pete on Nov 9
  Re: The bubbles coming out of your ears are from being brain washed.Michael Calkins on Nov 9
   Just face itSimmons on Nov 9
    Actually, Sanders had a shot if he would have taken my advice.Pete on Nov 9
     Re: Actually, Sanders had a shot if he would have taken my advice.Michael Calkins on Nov 9
      I'm better than everyone who ran, but here's the problem...Pete on Nov 9
       * good analogyMichael Calkins on Nov 9
        * Well, like I stated, Sander's had a "shot" so it seemed appropriate.Pete on Nov 10
  *Debt? Let's see how that goes, when trump cuts taxes and raises spending.Michael Calkins on Nov 9
   Your math skills are lacking again...Pete on Nov 9
    liberals are/arent a red herring heremn on Nov 9
    Re: Your math skills are lacking again...Michael Calkins on Nov 9
     Re: Your math skills are lacking again...Pete on Nov 10
  * and republicans used to be classical liberals.Michael Calkins on Nov 9
 PSMichael Calkins on Nov 15
Arizona & Michigan have not reported yet; so how is it they have called the popular vote?Pete on Nov 9
 Remember those shitty polls that lead to this upset?Simmons on Nov 9
  oh please, if hillary ever has a "moral" on Nov 9
  Same BS with Brexit, and with stocks dropping if Trump got elected, so...Pete on Nov 9
   *Isn't it Hillaryious that suddenly these lefties are worried about stock prices?Simmons on Nov 9

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