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Jean-Claude Juncker is the President of the European CommissionHere's Your Sign on Feb 4
Obama’s budget offers a golden opportunity for GOP deal-makingClippy on Feb 3
 The GOP has blocked creating jobs since 2010Clippy on Feb 3
  * Well that's one thing we can count on the Left for... PASSING GAS!Pete on Feb 3
   GOP's Most Awesomest Wish List For An Obamacare ReplacementClippy on Feb 4
KXL fails the EPA climate test!Clippy on Feb 3
Funny one that just occurred to me. The Only one who went, "All the way with JFK." was...Pete on Feb 2
it's a small, small, worldmn on Feb 2
Obama, like most Clippycrats, is full of bullSMcNeill on Feb 2
 Well then lets talk down to an ignorant farmer's languageClippy on Feb 2
  Show up at least half the time?Pete on Feb 2
  Let's explain this S.L.O.W.L.Y for Clippy....SMcNeill on Feb 2
   Stupid is as stupid votes...Pete on Feb 2
   Once again moron farmer, the person making OVER $200 K doesn't NEED IT!Clippy on Feb 2
    * It isn't whether they NEED it or not. It's a simple case of Obama deliberately LYING.SMcNeill on Feb 3
     Once again you want FREE college for Billionaires too?Clippy on Feb 3
      Re: Once again you want FREE college for Billionaires too?SMcNeill on Feb 3
       Well ten where's my freaking STADIUM Mr. FREE ForALL....^Clippy on Feb 3
        You lost me there, Bobo. How does a not OK for "free" education factor in Stadium grants?Pete on Feb 3
         Same way a Billionaire doesn't need free education!Clippy on Feb 3
          * so question: WHEN did someone promise a stadium for EVERYONE??SMcNeill on Feb 3
The Florida GOP Legislature Accidentally Legalized Sexting Among TeensClippy on Feb 2
Now THAT was a game!! ...TheBOB on Feb 1
 Where else can a bunch of blacks beat up on whites like that and not get shot?Clippy on Feb 1
  *racist much? or just stupid? Or both: a stupid racist...SMcNeill on Feb 1
   What's racist about the truth? The Patriots offense looked like the KKKClippy on Feb 2
    By your logic, cough, you look like the KKK, even more so...Beldar on Feb 2
 i thought you were in on Feb 1
  Not a Pat's fan or a Seahawks fan...TheBOB on Feb 2
   *that all makes sensemn on Feb 2
Is this the education we want? FOR PROFIT and stadiumsClippy on Feb 1
Hospitals Penalized For Patient Safety by Medicare for avoidable mistakes!Clippy on Feb 1
 Government run sickcare.Pete on Feb 1
  You lose what? The FREEDOM for hospitals to make mistakes?Clippy on Feb 1
   Here's Scott Walker's way to FREEDOM...Clippy on Feb 1
    So you are OK with people who claim to need tax payer support spending it on drugs?Pete on Feb 1
     NO, but that's also BIGGER GOVERNMENT, which you supposedly hate and...Clippy on Feb 1
      Utah is mostly Mormons. Gee low drug use? Stupid Liberal spin...Pete on Feb 1
       Now we are BACK to the stadiums and WELFARE FOR THE RICH eh?Clippy on Feb 1
        * Give? BS. Earn.Pete on Feb 1
         You gave me enough BS alreadyClippy on Feb 1
          Re: You gave me enough BS alreadyPete on Feb 1
           This is what the GOP trickle down gives youClippy on Feb 1
           youth is a catch-22mn on Feb 1
            Don't take him seriously, he sure helps his own kid!Clippy on Feb 1
             "Don't lear the hard way!" Or not at all, apparently...Pete on Feb 1
              One minute you bad mouth me and the next you say kids don't need it anyhowClippy on Feb 1
               Re: One minute you bad mouth me and the next you say kids don't need it anyhowPete on Feb 1
                I don't want bigger Government, just a better oneClippy on Feb 1
                 Again, BS...Pete on Feb 1
The Super Bowl Comes To Glendale, The City Ruined By SportsClippy on Jan 31
 Stadiums are great example of if u institute a socialized good the rich will get it back*Handy Dandy on Jan 31
  How is a Stadium a Socialized good for the average Joe?Clippy on Jan 31
   It's not. Roads are, medicine is. Stadiums let rich to recoup (exploit) public funds *Handy Dandy on Jan 31
Proof that farmers have culture. No not agro-culture, they use SALAD FORKSThe Daily Grind on Jan 30
 *careful lest Pete ban you for using cartoons in your posts!SMcNeill on Jan 30
  * If you think farm implements are cartoons, then your farm is probably a joke.Not Really Mel Blank on Jan 30
   * It is. It's a Funny Farm, and I have your room reservation ready anytime now.SMcNeill on Jan 30
    * Makes sense. Your inmates are the only ones crazy about you.Pete on Jan 30
     *You don't have to be crazy about me to just be crazy. Look in the mirror for proof. :DSMcNeill on Jan 30
      After I make a mirror to your website, I'll check that claim for validity. :D :DPete on Jan 31
       * How did you get the link to take you away from this site?Clippy on Jan 31
        <a href="htHandy Dandy on Jan 31
        Try using html... just not in the message title *Handy Dandy on Jan 31
John Boehner says Obamacare 'puts a penalty or a tax on employers for every new jobClippy on Jan 30
 Wouldn't that be 1% true or 99% false? *Handy Dandy on Jan 30
  I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, but 99% UNTRUE would be more preciseClippy on Jan 30
Here are the BASICs on articles...Pete on Jan 29
 *crystal; thanksmn on Jan 29
 NEVER impersonated any writers and always supplied linksClippy on Jan 30
  Re: NEVER impersonated any writers and always supplied linksSMcNeill on Jan 30
   The LINK is there too so what's your problem farm boyClippy on Jan 30
    *Acknowledging source of copyrighted material doesnt substitute for obtaining permission.SMcNeill on Jan 30
      * Who needs permission to post their opinion on a public forum?SMcNeill on Jan 30
       * APPARENTLY I DO evil farmer!Clippy on Jan 30
        Re: * APPARENTLY I DO evil farmer!SMcNeill on Jan 30
*Clippy, Next copyright article cut and pasted earns you a forum ban.Pete on Jan 29
 I only copy parts of the story, never the whole thingClippy on Jan 29
 i'd really like some clarifcation on this... (and honestly it will help everyone here)mn on Jan 29
  No rules, just GOP fools! Next he will ban picturesClippy on Jan 29
   So worker compensation decreased under Reagan and Clinton, improved under Bush / Obama? *Handy Dandy on Jan 29
  Re: i'd really like some clarifcation on this... (and honestly it will help everyone here)SMcNeill on Jan 29
   *whatever he makes the rule i'd prefer it clear enough for every1, w/ SOME room to repostmn on Jan 29
Censorship?Clippy on Jan 29
Will the Socialist TYRANNY ever end?Clippy on Jan 28
 Will the Capitalist TYRANNY ever end?Pete on Jan 28
 Republican state officials cast doubts on anti-Obamacare lawsuitClippy on Jan 28
  The Hidden Threat That Could Take Health Care Away From 5 Million Children using CHIPClippy on Jan 29
   * The greatest dis-ease any American faces is his loss of freedom.Pete on Jan 29
    Is that what the ACA is to you? A Loss of freedom to die?Clippy on Jan 29
     It's a mandate you idiot!Pete on Jan 29
      Its about time that train is headed toward covering EVERYBODY!Clippy on Jan 29
       Seriously, move to Russia.Pete on Jan 29
        Is that all ya got? I'm a Commie? LMAO!Clippy on Jan 29
         * I'm totally convienced you're a Communist.Pete on Jan 29
          I'd rather be a Communist than the Plutocracy that the GOP is serving!Clippy on Jan 29
           * Wish granted, you're a Communist.Pete on Jan 29
            Commie union members make $207 more dollars a week than non-union workers.Clippy on Jan 29
             * Educated people earn a lot more.Pete on Jan 29
              Oh then I guess you are ALL FOR 2 free years at Community Colleges right?Clippy on Jan 29
               Actually, a few hundred less hours to be an MD...Pete on Jan 29
                Right away when you hear FREE college you gotta go for Anchor Babies?Clippy on Jan 29
                 Placing blame isn't the issue, doing a better job is.Pete on Jan 29
                  Those Anchor Babies PAY TAXES too and DON'T GET GRANTS!Clippy on Jan 29
                   You're just too ignorant and brainwashed.Pete on Jan 29
                    Brainwashed by who? Certainly not ignorant people like the Tea PartyClippy on Jan 29
                     * Sorry, my sock puppet is on vacation.Pete on Jan 29
                      Sock puppet? You seem to have a lot of them.Clippy on Jan 29
                 *It wouldn't be FREE; it'd be paid for with more taxesSMcNeill on Jan 29
~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 ~(,,_,,):8 just hogging the forum with this little guymn on Jan 26
 Are you always this stupid or are you just exceptional today?GD on Jan 26
  falseWhoever posted previously on Jan 26
   I can't help but laugh at the idiot before me.The Irony Police on Jan 26
    you're trying too hard, staxmn on Jan 26
     Once again it is Mennonite against the World!Clippy on Jan 26
      but it's a small world, after on Jan 26
How Republicans are making Medicaid less efficient and more expensiveClippy on Jan 26
 Republicans oppose raising taxes. Except, not really.Clippy on Jan 26
  Republicans Must Speak to the Middle Class, not "Entitlement Reform"Clippy on Jan 27
because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
 You just have to HOG all of the forums eh?Clippy on Jan 26
  *piss off, tedmn on Jan 26
 Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced text...SMcNeill on Jan 26
  Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
   Piss off Jerk Offs! discuss your code where it belongs! NOT HERE!Clippy on Jan 26
   Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced text...SMcNeill on Jan 26
    So the other MENTAL GIANT comes to repeat the rant? *Clippy on Jan 26
    Re: because the main forum won't do monospaced on Jan 26
     What else would you expect from a DIRT farmer talking to a Mennonite?Clippy on Jan 26
      *with a setup like that, i expected a better punchlinemn on Jan 26
Republicans say no to American-made steel for Keystone XLClippy on Jan 25
The state of the state of Missouri? Losing ground just like all of the other GOP statesClippy on Jan 25
Boehner rips right for raising money by 'just beating the dickens out of me'Clippy on Jan 24
To Make Up for Tax Cuts for Rich, Kansas Governor Proposes Cutting SchoolsClippy on Jan 24
 * They should put this up to the students. They only cut classes.Pete on Jan 24
 Gov. Brownback Blames State Legislature For Deep Tax CutsClippy on Jan 26
Hey Bill, look, twice infinity just might be possible...Pete on Jan 24
 No, because of the Theory of RelativityPhD Commission on Jan 24
 * There is no such thing as TWICE infinity! Infinity is the end...Clippy on Jan 24
  What? %#%^$%# To Profanity, And Beyond!Buzz SpiteYour on Jan 24
   *As you reached Infinite Profanity the effect would approach zero due to desensitizationCouncilForTheConservationOfF***ingLanguage on Jan 24
 Is twice infinity a 16 that fell over sideways?GD on Jan 24
  How about INFINITE corporate money to politicians?Clippy on Jan 25
The people most at risk of losing insurance in the Supreme Court case? The Republican baseClippy on Jan 24
Montana Oil Disaster Continues As Officials Struggle yet Keystone XL vote continues!Clippy on Jan 23
Living within their means? Family of Senator Joni Ernst received $460,000 in federal aidClippy on Jan 23
 *And you're complaining WHY? Don't you support government handouts and subsidies? LOL!SMcNeill on Jan 23
  You are still getting your Disability checks aren't you? The GOP will FIX THAT funny boy!Clippy on Jan 23
The Sad State Of America's Middle Class, In 6 ChartsClippy on Jan 21
 You would have to be a complete idiot to believe this pres. supports the middle class.Pete on Jan 21
  I'd be a bigger fool if I thought that the GOP EVER supported the Middle ClassClippy on Jan 21
   No, a bigger fool is one who supports a falsehood.Pete on Jan 21
    Nope, that was thirty years of VODOO TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS from the GOPClippy on Jan 21
     ROFL - Can't blame Bush anymore?Pete on Jan 21
      *Exactly thisHandy Dandy on Jan 21
      The Grand Old Party … for the poor?Clippy on Jan 21
       The GOP Party for war? McCain likes Gitmo...Clippy on Jan 23
        Someone needs to grant McCain Asylum already...Handy Dandy on Jan 23
        And Obama is better? Maybe if you're a moron...Mr Obvious on Jan 23
         *He's not, but I hope they started that clock from the time Bush opened itHandy Dandy on Jan 23
What the Democrats would do with the Keystone PipelinePete on Jan 20
 Crews working to contain oil pipeline break beneath Yellowstone RiverClippy on Jan 21
Obama SOTU address tonight!Clippy on Jan 20
 Galleon must be doing cartoons these days...Pete on Jan 20
  Well who really cares? The SOTU speech is a Wish list of things that will never happenClippy on Jan 20
   * Well they could have, if your lazy Pres got to it within the first 6 years.Pete on Jan 20
    No, your GOP House has had the DO NOTHING Award every year since 2010 *Clippy on Jan 20
   What's the difference between that and a campaign speech? *Handy Dandy on Jan 20
  You won’t hear Obama mention this common-sense policy fix in tonight’s SOTUClippy on Jan 20
In some states, it’s not just a day to honor Dr. King... how about Robert E Lee?Clippy on Jan 19
In 2016, top 1 percent will own half of all the world's wealthClippy on Jan 19
 * Now that's what I call equality; finally 50/50.Pete on Jan 19
  More like half for the 1 percent dummy! PS You ain't one of em either! *Clippy on Jan 19
   * What part about half don't you understand, half-wit?Pete on Jan 19
How to destroy the Post OfficeClippy on Jan 18
 I hear they get paid in e-checksPete on Jan 18
  Try to send a package by EMAILClippy on Jan 18
   * Shipping goes up 10% and the post office is history? Good deal.Pete on Jan 18
    What's the good deal? That's 10 percent PAID BY TAXPAYERSClippy on Jan 18
     People in rural will have to drive to get their packages, or...Pete on Jan 18
      Farmers will love that! They used to get their mail for FREE!Clippy on Jan 18
       ROLF - No, they're going to just leave the boxes there!Pete on Jan 18
        Sam Walton rings a bigger bell! More MINIMUM WAGE JOBS!Clippy on Jan 18
         * Good, people need employment.Pete on Jan 18
          * Funny boy! You never even mentioned the Democrat Jew Senator...Clippy on Jan 18
           * Democrat Jew? Oh, I forgot, you're only not prejudice against illegals.Pete on Jan 18
            Feinstein certainly is not Italian...Clippy on Jan 18
If Opie Taylor was born in England...Deep Thoughts on Jan 17
 Stones for the AgesHerman on Jan 17
Republicans unhappy with the CFPB's plan to crack down on shady payday lendersClippy on Jan 16
the reason people stay in irc 24/7 is it takes that long for anyone to say anythingmn on Jan 15
Capitalism in the 22nd century.Pete on Jan 15
 Hey you missed a century! Self serving parasites like Romney?Clippy on Jan 15
  Thanks for the laugh. Your form of governement already failed.Pete on Jan 15
   Aww... I thought Putin was a Republican hero...*Clippy on Jan 15
    A wealthy Russian goes into an auction and looks at a vase.Pete on Jan 15
     Best GOP governors for job creation? Bush and Perry, the rest really STINK!Clippy on Jan 15
The High Cost of Oil and the KXL pipelineClippy on Jan 14
 Canada goes GREEN!Pete on Jan 14
UntitledKewpie was talking about on Jan 14
 *guess who put the title in the name field and left the title field blank above... :DSMcNeill on Jan 14
Romney Wants To Fight Poverty.Clippy on Jan 14
 Low-Income Housing Funds Are Drying Up All Over AmericaClippy on Jan 15
Look out Steve! GOP Launches New Attack on Social Security, Old Lies And Canards ResurfaceClippy on Jan 13
Love At First Bite - The Ad Doritos Doesn't Want You to SeeClippy on Jan 13
The Downside Of For-Profit Colleges. Graduation rates are horrible!Clippy on Jan 13
Ich bin nicht Charlie.Michael Calkins on Jan 12
 God has no religion!Clippy on Jan 12
  That's because he has better things to do than waste his time in church.Pete on Jan 12
 it's too bad religious groups obscure the difference between hate & hate (for politics)mn on Jan 12
  It's more of a social issue I thinkJim on Jan 12
   demand for laborJim on Jan 12
    so only let them "comingle" on the job?mn on Jan 12
     It's already being doneJim on Jan 12
      Congratulations! You made it here and now you want to DENY that for others!Clippy on Jan 12
   in europe that's very possiblemn on Jan 12
GOP’s First Step To Inflict Kansas Economic Woes On AmericaClippy on Jan 12
Physics course listAnonymous on Jan 11
 * LOL, and it's radiant heat. Did I pass?Pete on Jan 11
After Solyndra Loss, U.S. Energy Loan Program Turning A ProfitClippy on Jan 11
 WOW Made .025% interest per year!Pete on Jan 11
  The idea wasn't for the Government to make a profit on investmentsClippy on Jan 12
   Ah, a lot of that productivity increase is due to computers.Pete on Jan 12
Conservatives Realize Their ‘Fix’ To Obamacare Would Actually Make Things Much WorseClippy on Jan 10
 Clippidity againSMcNeill on Jan 10
  Huh? If you change it to 40 hours then 39 will eliminate their healthcareClippy on Jan 10
 How A Stray Remark By A Republican Governor Could Save Obamacare From The Supreme CourtClippy on Jan 10
Dem moderates, liberals lash out over Dodd-FrankClippy on Jan 9

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