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Here's one you'll love Pete:SMcNeill on Aug 22
 The only Liberal ideology I agree with is a right to suicide...Pete on Aug 22
Obama is a turkey, but he is about to lose his kin-folk...Pete on Aug 21
 Well who cares what you think anyhow? Even you do not!Clippy on Aug 21
  Is that single neuron you call a brain over-heating again?Pete on Aug 21
Hey Steve, Obamacare 2017: 55% will only have 2-3 ins. choices and 33% only one!Pete on Aug 19
 Re: Hey Steve. Obamacare 2017. 55% will only have 2-3 ins. choices and 33% only one!SMcNeill on Aug 20
  They're all morons anyway...Geico Parrot to USA Voters on Aug 20
  Oh look at the evil people happy people have no insurance, ONE on DISABILITYClippy on Aug 20
   Re: Oh look at the evil people happy people have no insurance, ONE on DISABILITYSMcNeill on Aug 20
    That's a typical example, too.Pete on Aug 21
    Yep, Only a complete and utter moron...that's you!Clippy on Aug 21
     Re: Yep, Only a complete and utter moron...that's you!SMcNeill on Aug 21
      I wish Drippy's drivel was mindless, but God actually wasted a brain on him to produce it.Pete on Aug 21
      Hmm how brainless do you have to be to put a fence around no cattleClippy on Aug 21
       Re: Hmm how brainless do you have to be to put a fence around no cattleSMcNeill on Aug 21
        Isn't it ironic that stupid is too stupid to understand what it is to be stupid...Pete on Aug 21
         are we talking about socialism for idiots?mn on Aug 21
          Re: are we talking about socialism for idiots?SMcNeill on Aug 21
           Re: are we talking about socialism for idiots?mn on Aug 21
          The problem is Liberals are a bunch of Nazis...Pete on Aug 21
Republicans attract more flies with honey. Dems try and do the same, but...Pete on Aug 19
Now that's RACE-ism...Pete on Aug 19
 Trump Tours Flood-Ravaged Louisiana But Thinks Climate Change Is A HoaxClippy on Aug 19
  Obama doesn't miss golf when Americans get beheaded, either.Pete on Aug 19
   Poor boy, can't remember Bush golfing after 9/11? Must be Senile too!Clippy on Aug 19
    How does that make Obama any less of a jerk?Pete on Aug 19
     Trump Soviet Manager Maniford resigns as a distractionClippy on Aug 19
      I'd vote for a penguin before I'd vote for Hillary...Pete on Aug 19
So where is Drippy's outrage about all those rich Democrat donors?Pete on Aug 18
 Your GOP Supreme Court and Congress started the crap with hidden PAC donationsClippy on Aug 18
  Your DNC started slavery, KKK, Segregation and Jim Crow Law...Pete on Aug 18
   Rewriting history again? Trump is as KKK as you can getClippy on Aug 18
    Your worthless President is out playing golf while LA is flooded.Pete on Aug 19
     Well guess who signed and implemented the money deal? Reagan of course...Clippy on Aug 19
      They now have 3 more hostages, so who's to say they won't get more money? Obama lied.Pete on Aug 19
       Hmmm, if you Republicans have all of the answers then why are we still at war?Clippy on Aug 19
        Re: Hmmm, if you Republicans have all of the answers then why are we still at war?SMcNeill on Aug 19
         You tell me farm boy, the GOP runs 2 out of 3 now and the Deficit still climbsClippy on Aug 19
          Re: You tell me farm boy, the GOP runs 2 out of 3 now and the Deficit still climbsSMcNeill on Aug 19
           You forgot to tell him it's the debt that keeps climbing, not the deficit...Pete on Aug 19
            i dont know the difference on Aug 19
             Michelle isn't 7 feet tall, but I have heard rumors she is 7 inches long...Pete on Aug 19
              thanks for clarifying thatmn on Aug 19
         Sometimes we don't see the complerte reality. For instance, Clippy isn't an ass...Pete on Aug 19
          democrats love workers, but hate employersmn on Aug 19
        I'd rather we had war with Iran.Pete on Aug 19
Aetna announced Tuesday that it will be withdrawing from the Obamacare exchangesThe Healthcare Nazi on Aug 16
 POSCare is being dropped by subscribers, too. 20% down.Pete on Aug 17
  Breitbart is DEAD and his site is for racists, bigots and TrumpClippy on Aug 18
Why don't we just build Gitmo-Disney?Pete on Aug 16
 Duh, because "detainees" are NOT POW'S and have NO LEGAL rights!Quippy on Aug 16
  Pure evil? You really are contemptable..Pete on Aug 16
   Sad to hear, then your GOP should have pushed to prosecute!Clippy on Aug 16
This one worries me. Trump again right this country needs to stop acting stupidly.Pete on Aug 15
 hes right, that statute should be struck downmn on Aug 15
  I will add, however...TheBOB on Aug 15
I went skydiving yesterday and had to pull the cute early...Pete on Aug 15
 * That's all I'm really trying to say!Not really Jeremy Clarkson on Aug 15
  * Don't "chute" me, I'm only the messenger should have been added.Pete on Aug 15
 * one of my life goals is to complete the AFF training. can't afford it yet, thoughBen on Aug 16
What little brains don't get about wages...Pete on Aug 14
 So far those little GOP minds have come up with NOTHING, vote them out!Clippy on Aug 15
  Threw Hillary under her own bus on that one!Pete on Aug 15
Little brains at it again...Pete on Aug 14
 Your GOP replaced Welfare with Workfare and Earned Income CreditsClippy on Aug 14
  Ah, you need Democrats to go back to Slavery, remember?.Anonymous on Aug 14
Go back to bed Steve, you'll wake up the rooster again!Pete on Aug 13
 *back to bed? Never been there to start with. We don't go down til the sun comes up...SMcNeill on Aug 13
  * I wish I had a girl like that!Not Really Bill Clinton on Aug 13
How does a woman in a park disprove the theory of a parallel universe?Not Really a Theoretical Physicist on Aug 12
Careless Clinton has killer's father at rally...Pete on Aug 11
 I find it hard to believe...TheBOB on Aug 11
  LOL! Well if he did, would that be called sleep ****ing?Pete on Aug 11
  that wouldve been a difficult speech to followmn on Aug 11
   *Monica! Enunciate! Enunciate! Enunciate!!!!!TheBOB on Aug 11
 Disgraced Former Florida Rep. Mark Foley sits behind Trump at rallyClippy on Aug 11
  Disgraced Former POTUS sits behind Hillary at rally.Pete on Aug 11
   Wrong again! Clinton agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law licenseClippy on Aug 12
    *Oh that is so much better! Most dogs leave their piles. Democrats build shrines to them.Pete on Aug 12
     Actually both Clinton and Obama have had much better records than Bush 9-11 or ReaganClippy on Aug 12
      Re: Actually both Clinton and Obama have had much better records than Bush 9-11 or ReaganSMcNeill on Aug 12
       40% is not so bad when the USA rate is listed at 39.6%Clippy on Aug 13
        First you crap out in Denmark, and now it's France? Just move already.Pete on Aug 13
         Sure little brains think ahead, you just did and showed how evil the GOP is.Clippy on Aug 13
          Did you read my post and Steve's about Denmark's taxes? What, you still don't get it?Pete on Aug 13
      If you lived in Denmark, they would deport you! Little brains and math again...Pete on Aug 12
I wonder what bus they're going to throw Drippy under?Pete on Aug 10
FREE Guns for everyone!Pete on Aug 10
Names matter...Pete on Aug 10
 Hey, buddy! I served on the *HMCS* Rainbow Tushy...TheBOB on Aug 10
  I'll stick with Forever stamps. Drippy can be the one licking Milk.Pete on Aug 10
here you go petemn on Aug 9
 That's Al Gore with some two-bit...Pete on Aug 9
GOP LIES about the Estate TaxClippy on Aug 9
Common Core might actually be good if it were used for this...Pete on Aug 9
 * only problem with using math to determine who gets in is the voters still dont count :)mn on Aug 9
 Like most other recent legislation Republicans were for it before against it.Clippy on Aug 10
  Quote: Common Core gets jumped on because it has ANYTHING to do with Education!Pete on Aug 10
Hillary Sued...Pete on Aug 9
 Trump investigated for racketeering never mentioned eh?Clippy on Aug 9
  Little brains, litle brains spend their days watching choo choo trains...Pete on Aug 9
 Attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilitiesClippy on Aug 9
  List of stupid people other than Clippy...Pete on Aug 9
   Does suggesting a "Second Amendment" remedy to stop Hillary Clinton cross your line?Anonymous on Aug 9
    Violence? Oh, you need Liberal assholes for that...Pete on Aug 9
mennonite productions, another job for you! Hillary Geico parrot parodyPete on Aug 9
 no its no good, youre asking me to drag pirates through the mudmn on Aug 9
  * And you invented the internet of typos!Not Really Al Gore on Aug 9
   * still better than the internet of tipper!!Really "Not Really Al Gore" on Aug 9
My wife said GOP couldn't get the old out of McCain ticket, not even by adding Palin....Pete on Aug 8
Trump Tax Plan got even better!Pete on Aug 8
 Only problem is that tax cuts do not payoff that Deficit you supposedly are worried aboutClippy on Aug 8
  Little brains certainly won't get it without a picture book.Pete on Aug 8
   Little GOP brains apparently do not get that they sent our GDP to China too.Clippy on Aug 8
    Not even big brains can create time machines so little brains can have their way...Pete on Aug 8
     Alcohol and cigarettes are legal and both kill hundreds of thousands of AmericansClippy on Aug 8
      Little brains who smoke and drink...Pete on Aug 8
       Remarks about Freddy Gray's mother, like she planned it or something?Clippy on Aug 8
        So you tell me...Pete on Aug 8
         The Evil GOP needs warning labels, but there just ain't enough morons to elect Trump...Clippy on Aug 8
          That's because all the morons are voting for Hillary. Oh, here's a neat video...Pete on Aug 8
           Morning Joe: Trump Budget will add $7 to $9 TRILLION to Deficit every 10 yearsClippy on Aug 9
            You have to be Clinton me! Once again, little brains pretend they can do math...Pete on Aug 9
Breaking news from the only reliable political news source in existense...Pete on Aug 7
 *ROFL--loved the Joe Biden quotes!TheBOB on Aug 7
Aetna ready to say good-bye to Obamacare.Pete on Aug 6
 Well healthcare already IS a RIGHT in 2/3 of the industrial worldClippy on Aug 6
  i think youre at least part-rightmn on Aug 6
   It IS the Republican's fault, they want the OLD HEALTHCARE RULES back!Clippy on Aug 7
    its this simple: i blame the people who are corrupt enough to take corporate bribesmn on Aug 7
     *and you can thank reagan and nixon for making room for the corruption youre endorsingmn on Aug 7
     You just endorsed The Donald.Pete on Aug 7
      and you just made an argument i would only expect from a democrat! (could be worse)mn on Aug 7
       What I like about Trump, and his ego...Pete on Aug 8
        charitymn on Aug 8
What are you doing in Canada, man?Pete on Aug 5
 Canadians are denied access to that video...TheBOB on Aug 5
 Liberal enough to have universal healthcare and live longer than Americans *Clippy on Aug 6
 a half-answer to pete that thebob may enjoy, in the form of a urlmn on Aug 6
  Two choices: As Canadian as bacon! or... As Canadian as Eskimo pie!Pete on Aug 6
   Well, you have to be Canadian to really appreciate this one...TheBOB on Aug 6
    * Dammit, now I'm hungry and Canada is a 16 hour drive. Oh well, tacos again.Pete on Aug 6
   * how about: "as canadian as a real country, anyway" :)mn on Aug 6
Japan, another good example of why QE doesn't help raise GDP...Pete on Aug 5
ROFL - Well we found out why Clippy was accepted at Carnegie Mellon...Pete on Aug 5
Obama caves on support for Sanctuary Cities.Pete on Aug 5
The hypocrisy from the Liberals just keeps on pouring in...Pete on Aug 5
 What amazes me...TheBOB on Aug 5
  Hey don't bash the Daily Rash! The New York Times is the Real TrashPete on Aug 5
   Pete's spot on, look what I found...Not Really Conan on Aug 5
   Even still...TheBOB on Aug 5
    Well the part about Pepsi coming out of Bill's nose was a tell it was a parody...Pete on Aug 5
     Ah, this is the one I was trying to remember...Pete on Aug 5
I'll throw Drippy a bone. Give a man an adjustment, and you heal him for a day...Pete on Aug 4
Clint Eastwood calls people like Clippy members of the P***Y Movement.Pete on Aug 4
 im pro-p***y on Aug 4
  * It was the non-phallic kind of p***y generation Clint was referring to...WEAK!Pete on Aug 4
   *i find your argument to be phallusymn on Aug 4
    * And I find your condiments to be watery.Pete on Aug 4
     *well ignore my last comment then, i think you took it harder... than it was intendedmn on Aug 4
      * Well I'd have to viagree with you about that.Pete on Aug 4
When it comes to scandals involving Iran, Obama makes Reagan look like an amateur...Pete on Aug 4
 Republicans make big deal over supposedly secret ransom paid to Iran that wasn't secretClippy on Aug 4
  And Bill Clinton had staff problems because all of his help sucked...Pete on Aug 4
Steve, do you have any interest in economics?Pete on Aug 3
 Wrong again dog breath! 30 hour a week employees get HEALTHCARE from the EMPLOYER!Clippy on Aug 3
  I know people who have had serious strokes who make more sense than you do...Pete on Aug 3
 BOE fuels the fools...Pete on Aug 4
 Re: Steve, do you have any interest in economics?SMcNeill on Aug 4
  Re: Steve, do you have any interest in economics?Pete on Aug 4
   Re: Steve, do you have any interest in economics?SMcNeill on Aug 5
    The bad news is other writers beat you to the punch bowl...Pete on Aug 5
I have to get perspective on this election fast, or I might end up like this turkey...Pete on Aug 3
how far is ted from retirement age?mn on Aug 2
 Retire from being Clippy? Hell, he won't even take a half-day off!Pete on Aug 2
 I retired 13 years ago at 54 on my pension and got SS 5 years agoClippy on Aug 3
  *right, so youre already of retirement age, and concerned with the rights of retireesmn on Aug 3
   * Ah, all that inquiry for an asterisk post? Really?Pete on Aug 3
    *i didnt think it was going to be that simple on Aug 3
     Don't worry. If Drippy ever needs a brain transplant...Pete on Aug 3
had a dream about clinton last nightmn on Aug 1
 * Sounds like all those tree puns screwed you over. Oh wait, that was Nightmare on Elm St.Pete on Aug 1
GOP lairs top everybody else according to Politifact:Clippy on Jul 30
 Re: GOP lairs top everybody else according to Politifact:SMcNeill on Jul 31
  * I think Steve means Trump is a bloviator, while Clinton is a blow job creator.Pete on Jul 31
  Typical Republican, ignore facts with absolutely ZERO PROOF!Clippy on Aug 1
   Ah, playing the stupidity card again. You must be dealing from a double-deck, or a shoe...Pete on Aug 1
   Re: Typical Republican, ignore facts with absolutely ZERO PROOF!SMcNeill on Aug 2
    *Wow!! My heartiest congratulations!TheBOB on Aug 2
    How do you get EIC making $1 million? You won't report those book earnings eitherClippy on Aug 2
     Re: How do you get EIC making $1 million? You won't report those book earnings eitherSMcNeill on Aug 2
Attn: mennonite. I need your photoshop / production skills...Pete on Jul 30
 pete, dont tell me how to live!not really streisand on Jul 30
Russia is in violation of the FSA...Pete on Jul 29
 Can't wait until they hack the RNC and get the millions of Bush Cheney emailsClippy on Jul 29
  *You mean Bush Cheney Clinton emails?Deep Throat on Jul 29
  So you're OK electing yet another crook? Me, well I want that to stop.Pete on Jul 29
   Wonder why Donald Drumpf Jr was in Philadelphia Mississippi campaigningClippy on Jul 30
    KKK? Oh don't go down that road. You'll need the AAA to tow your ass back!Pete on Jul 30
     Rush who? *Clippy on Jul 30
      Why Rush the inventor of pancakes, of course!Pete on Jul 30
       In his drug addicted mind perhaps. *Clippy on Jul 30
        * Aw that's just the syrup talking.Pete on Jul 30
I switched. Hillary asked me to design a campaign to get the female vote.Pete on Jul 29
 She sure looks a lot better in the video. As if Orange Man Drumpf is a pretty boyQuippy on Jul 29
  So you're insinuating I was too cheap to hire TheBOB to photoshop her to look better?Pete on Jul 29
   LOL what corporations WANT to pay pensions, living wages or benefits to employees?Quippy on Jul 29
    If Forrest Gump knew you then you would have been what stupid is.Pete on Jul 29
     ONE LOOK at China shows us what LACK OF REGULATIONS does! Oxygen masks!Clippy on Jul 29
      Re: ONE LOOK at China shows us what LACK OF REGULATIONS does! Oxygen masks!Pete on Jul 29
Assholes at DNC say we are America and we don't build walls, but...Pete on Jul 28
 "Some protesters broke through, but instead of getting amnesty and free education..."mn on Jul 29
 Assholes at RNC say that Trump is the only one able to fix AmericaClippy on Jul 29
  Got nothing, and yet somehow you're still wrong. Here's what a real reply looks like...Pete on Jul 29
^&*( the DNC said...Pete on Jul 28
* Vote Monica 2016. She was willing to do the jobs Hillary wouldn't touch.Not Really The DNC on Jul 27
 *Like we don't already have enough presidential candidates that suck!Not really Bill C. on Jul 27
  All the worthless assholes came on over tonight!Pete on Jul 27
   We shall see who the bitch is...EIGHT MORE YEARS!Quippy on Jul 28
    * At least you're proof not all uneducated gun owning White males are against Clinton.Pete on Jul 28
     * Oh lookie, your hero backs down! Drumpf now says he as being facetiousQuippy on Jul 28
      Ah, my only hero is me. Trump is great side-kick, and he didn't back down...Pete on Jul 28
Trump calls on Russia to publish any of Clinton's 30,000 emails if they have them.Pete on Jul 27
 If Drumpf keeps it up he may be in jail before he ever gets a chanceQuippy on Jul 27
  Only because you never listen to what actually gets said...Pete on Jul 27
If Climate Change isn't fear mongering, what is?Pete on Jul 26
 WTF did you get that bull story, from Drumpf?Clippy on Jul 27
Funny how the FBI wasn't directed to investigate the DNC hack earlier...Pete on Jul 26
 Ha Ha I get it, Banana Republic you want to let Drumpf run.Clippy on Jul 26
  There's still no proof you're an idiot. There is just consensus...Pete on Jul 26
   Bernie lost fair and square just like Cruz. Nobody fixed state voting.Clippy on Jul 26
    Funny you can't understand a word of English.Pete on Jul 26
David Duke running for office? Is that OKKK with you, Clippy?Pete on Jul 26

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