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flame war from the main forum (repost)Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 LMAO!Clippy on Oct 31
 only bored with your trolling, tedmn on Oct 31
  Re: only bored with your trolling, tedMichael Calkins on Oct 31
   i will stop trying to um, "endorse" the ideamn on Oct 31
   Never asked or wanted to be a moderator thanksClippy on Oct 31
    *the 3 of us are almost aligned :/ if pete joins in on this agree-fest the sun may explodemn on Oct 31
 political neutralityMichael Calkins on Oct 31
  Are you people sitting around waiting to let God do something?Clippy on Oct 31
   I'm sitting around, but Jehovah's Witnesses are very busy.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
    Witnesses can't be active in political wrongdoing?Clippy on Oct 31
  some quotesMichael Calkins on Oct 31
  One more advantage to politcal neutrality.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Republicans don't want you to vote!Clippy on Oct 31
 Baby Republican attackClippy on Oct 31
  Re: Baby Republican attackPete on Oct 31
   Healthcare costs rose less than 3 percent for the FIRST TIME EVER!Clippy on Oct 31
    If you wanted lower gas prices, you should have voted RepublicanPete on Oct 31
     The real Republican Death PanelClippy on Oct 31
      Or how about...Pete on Oct 31
       More LIES from SELFISH RepublicansClippy on Oct 31
        Well then you get to write an extra big check this year...Pete on Oct 31
         My Unions already are! Try to make that illegal...Clippy on Oct 31
From the Moon to the EarthClippy on Oct 30
 * Thank you for posting this.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 * I noticed the Chinese were only mooning the Western Hemisphere.Pete on Oct 31
  Yeah Republicans have been looking at China for years...SLAVE LABORClippy on Oct 31
 *If it's the fight against the caps lock key, count me in.Pete on Oct 28
  i'm not sure this will help, but i think it could be modified to do the trickmn on Oct 28
  I copied it as the headline was printed...Clippy on Oct 29
   clippy used to work as a walmart greeter. they had to let him go becausemn on Oct 29
    Talk talk talk...yadda yadda yadda...Clippy on Oct 30
     This is a quality post about talking and yadda, Which I like very much, thank youAnonymous on Oct 30
i'm bored with making fun of stevemn on Oct 28
 Yeah, Steve's a real stand up guy...Pete on Oct 28
The system favors the rich, say the Americans preparing to vote RepublicanClippy on Oct 28
 the rich (somewhat indirectly) decide who has a chance of winning, so yeahmn on Oct 28
  *in short, rich get "1st dibs" & the rest of us pick up the election where they finishmn on Oct 28
 U.S. Child Poverty Rate Hit A 20-Year High 4 Years Ago And It's Not BudgingClippy on Oct 28
23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for PresidentClippy on Oct 27
 24: it will help hillary's numbersmn on Oct 27
  N54 posts my name, not me unless I don't noticeClippy on Oct 27
   click on your profilemn on Oct 27
    Colorado Station Busts Megyn Kelly for Outright Lying; FoxNews Offers No CorrectionClippy on Oct 27
     You can't handle Megyn Kelly's bust?Pete on Oct 27
      Rick Scott's economic fairy taleClippy on Oct 28
       McConnell has sabotaged jobs and transportation bills for KentuckyClippy on Oct 28
    Steve actually was President for a day. He sold Obama on One-Button-Bowling.Pete on Oct 28
     even *i'm* not sure i'm comfortable blaming steve for that somewhat recent on Oct 28
Most Americans Would Pay More to Fix Social Security's Finances, Improve BenefitsClippy on Oct 27
 But they don't need to!SMcNeill on Oct 27
  Raise taxes on rich people who make more than the income maxClippy on Oct 27
   Re: Raise taxes on rich people who make more than the income maxSMcNeill on Oct 27
    THE PEOPLE made the CHOICE to stay because of ISISClippy on Oct 27
freedom?Michael Calkins on Oct 26
 * I remember when 22 LR "high velocity" was just over 2¢ / round.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
  I remember when candy was a nickle too!Clippy on Oct 26
   *And I remember when gasoline cost just under $1 / us gallon.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
 rest assured, freedom is still the government's prioritymn on Oct 26
  * I could rant about Russia... Putin is turning himself into a god over there.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
   yeah, russia is worse than evermn on Oct 26
 Government's job is to protect.Pete on Oct 26
  *government still protects too, but again, whom it protects has shifted away from peoplemn on Oct 26
   Too easy to confuse "protects" or "aids" in this age...Pete on Oct 26
    Welfare already WAS taken away! Where were you? EIC nowClippy on Oct 26
     Hmmm, Hitler stated Jews were evil, Clippy states Republicans are evil...Pete on Oct 26
      republicans are a mixed bagmn on Oct 26
    *ebola will never be a pandemic. Without vaccines, flu and smallpox were/are much scarier.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
  Re: Government's job is to protect.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
   P.S.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
    P.P.S.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
     that wording gives the government waaaay too much leeway to interferemn on Oct 26
      Re: that wording gives the government waaaay too much leeway to interfereMichael Calkins on Oct 31
       When is religion going to stop politicians from committing murder?Clippy on Oct 31
   ...unless they want it to bemn on Oct 26
  Why? You are the ones who are SICK! No problem regulating people!Clippy on Oct 26
   OMG she worked in Africa and now she has no flushable toilet?Pete on Oct 26
If people want Food Stamps they should become massive corporationsClippy on Oct 26
The mission of the Cyborg Foundation is to defend cyborg rightsAnonymous on Oct 25
Possible Scenarios if the GOP Runs the Senate Include the Paul Ryan BudgetClippy on Oct 25
9 Reasons We Should Abolish Tipping, Once And For AllClippy on Oct 24
 10 reasons.. stop ignoring Steve!Pete on Oct 24
  Yeah, tipping counter workers is stupid! That's their JOB!Clippy on Oct 24
The World Series on Fox begins tonight.Michael Calkins on Oct 21
 *Most people never saw this because MN had to post DRIVEL!Clippy on Oct 22
  *in tedspeak, "DRIVEL" means "i wish i'd thought of it first."mn's guide to clippy on Oct 22
 ROFL. Good to know even avid fans fall asleep watching baseball.Pete on Oct 22
 * The SF Giants won in 7 games.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Outsourcing America ExposedClippy on Oct 21
 Wrong again, no surprise...Pete on Oct 21
  The only thing that saved this economy was the Obama StimulusClippy on Oct 21
   Sewer, water privatization / Slow down there...Clippy on Oct 22
    i'm going to try, one last time, to agree with clippy on somethingmn on Oct 22
     If you own the alphabet, what happened to the CAPS?Clippy on Oct 23
      *i don't like reagan either. and the right really doesn't like the un anymoremn on Oct 23
       Because the GOP cannot control the UN. The World is SMART!Clippy on Oct 23
      Regan tax cuts? You're the goof that stated Reagan raised taxes.Pete on Oct 23
       Well if you ever are gonna pay off your deficit from YOUR WARSClippy on Oct 23
    And on the flip side of that coin...SMcNeill on Oct 23
   That could be the dumbist thing you ever wrote, but there are so many to choose.Pete on Oct 26
i also recommend a new forum guideline regarding titlesdibmn on Oct 21
 * Well now I know how to piss you off anyhowClippy on Oct 21
  *finally, something constructive for you to do with your timemn on Oct 21
The 8 Worst Governors in AmericaClippy on Oct 21
a question for pete (mostly)dibmn on Oct 21
 Why not, you've HOGGED all of the other forums!Clippy on Oct 21
  you seem to not recall that everyone on the forum used to do exactly thismn on Oct 21
   Oh, but I do!Clippy on Oct 21
    then you remember that what you just did isn't how it on Oct 21
     Just stay in your forum and leave the rest to othersClippy on Oct 21
      *just to clarify, which one is mine to post in? (also it doesn't use java, it uses js)mn on Oct 21
       You don't respond, you just OVERTRUMP everybody else!Clippy on Oct 21
        "or let anybody else post! "mn on Oct 21
 * I think it's still fine.Michael Calkins on Oct 21
  *cheersdibmn on Oct 21
Experts say 3,000 could die in Texas this year.Clippy on Oct 19
 This expert says you're an idiot.Pete on Oct 19
  UP TO 3000 MORE WILL DIE because of Texan refusal of ACA MedicaidClippy on Oct 20
How the GOP is protecting voting whites...Clippy on Oct 19
Hottest news this year! Bet it is worse next year.Clippy on Oct 17
 It's not global warming, it's just Microsoft.Pete on Oct 17
  i think i'm inclined to worry abuot global warming, but i know what's not on Oct 17
ALEC’s new assault on America: Why the far right isn’t relying on CongressClippy on Oct 17
I call bull again.Clippy on Oct 17
 also on Oct 17
  LOL - and don't worry...Pete on Oct 17
   aww, he edited it so the shoe-tying bit wasn't funny anymoremn on Oct 17
    whoa... YOU edited it so the shoe-tying bit wasn't funny anymoremn on Oct 17
     I'll GIVE Pedro that, the one in the main forum and...Clippy on Oct 17
      *fine, fine. talk to on Oct 17
GOP leaders want to restore bank profits in federal student loan programsClippy on Oct 16
 Loans and profits go together.Pete on Oct 16
  Yeah sure, people will just get student loans because they are CHEAP?Clippy on Oct 16
  not always, petedibmn on Oct 16
   Ah, but if I was a Liberal...Pete on Oct 16
    a dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dih...dibbler on the roof on Oct 16
    Not too bad Pete, but brick and mortar schools are not the problemClippy on Oct 16
     *internet schooling is probably going to go pretty far, actuallydibmn on Oct 16
      No, remote schooling is very PRONE to cheating!Clippy on Oct 16
       mn, even if you're not. please reply that you are. :)Pete on Oct 16
        *?mn on Oct 16
         * About the contents of Clippy's message regarding your occupation.Pete on Oct 16
          most of my social circle these days is farmers and farmer's spousesmn on Oct 16
           Duh, GMO or Chiropractor? Same thing...Clippy on Oct 16
            *yep, and if it even stopped there, it would still be awfulmn on Oct 16
             *except for the chiropractor thing i mean. a chiropractor made it so i could walk on Oct 16
        *nevermind, i got ya nowmn on Oct 16
       hands on training is great. remember i'd like to see more apprenticeships?mn on Oct 16
forum's back!dibmn on Oct 15
In Americam there should be room for both.Pete on Oct 15
 They are separated already. Called the HAVE'S and HAVE NOTSClippy on Oct 15
  Oh, like when Obama goes to speak at a billionaire's facility about Republican greed.Pete on Oct 15
   Yeah we have a few rich people on our side, but they don't mind paying taxes.Clippy on Oct 15
 ...and anarchistsdibmn on Oct 15
  *meant to say 100 milliondibmn on Oct 15
The richest 1 percent in the world own 48 percent of all the world's wealth!Clippy on Oct 15
 Then by definition, I am still in the minority.Pete on Oct 15
Senator Alexander Needs to Read the NLRAClippy on Oct 13
Are you up to Common Core Math Standards?Pete on Oct 12
 ooh, "trick question"mn on Oct 12
 5 stupid. He didn't ask how much water we had...Clippy on Oct 12
  For Michael: Forget prophets, the real sign the end of the world is coming...Pete on Oct 12
   careful petemn on Oct 12
Texas Hospitals are Paying the Bill for Rick Perry’s Refusal to Expand MedicaidClippy on Oct 12
 * Beats me paying it. Oops, I used the word beats. Settle down Steve.Pete on Oct 12
i only need 2 1/2 reasons to never touch qb64 againmn on Oct 11
 Oh come on mn, show us your Disney side...Pete on Oct 12
  *i forgot that they own star wars now :(mn on Oct 12
The Daily Show, "Lawsuits of the Rich and Shameless," October 10, 2014Clippy on Oct 10
 Don't Attack Columbus! He Was The 'Good Kind Of Hispanic Immigrant'Clippy on Oct 10
this is my new policy with steve's trolling: no more free lunchesmn on Oct 9
 Where is Steve trolling you? GO THERE THEN INSTEAD OF STOMPING EVERY FORUM!Clippy on Oct 10
  *hey, clippy, just enjoy the free ride while it lastsmn on Oct 10
 He might just be stupidAnonymous on Oct 11
  you could be right, but i think culture increasingly segregates languagemn on Oct 11
   is mn short for "moron"?STxAxTIC on Oct 11
    want hard information? open a on Oct 11
here's a pointless stumper for dr. petemn on Oct 7
 i finally managed to get there with some difficulty, but there's one thing i won't domn on Oct 7
 Dammit Jim, I'm a chiropractor, not a manicurist!Bones on Oct 7
  "medial adduction force," eh?mn on Oct 7
  Interesting typo reassignment of the NClippy on Oct 7
   pete seems to make more typos latelymn on Oct 7
    *there, have another typomn on Oct 7
 I've always used the small medical scissors for nail groomingBen on Oct 8
  might as well face it, you're adducted to scissorsmn on Oct 8
 *left handed scissors <> right handed scissorsSTxAxTIC on Oct 8
Is Ron Paul an Ebola truther or just another GOP conspiracy wonk?Clippy on Oct 6
in case solitaire, bob, mc (kew?) are reading the index-- pete calls (url)mn on Oct 6
question for michaelmn on Oct 5
 *it's not an issue.Michael Calkins on Oct 5
  *cool, thanksmn on Oct 5
New Forum to Post Naked Pictures of Your Ex. First Entry...Pete on Oct 4
 you never forget your first lovemn on Oct 4
  *thanksmn on Oct 4
 Looks like SCREEN 0 to me...Clippy on Oct 5
Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic EmpireClippy on Oct 4
 And now a message from the Kennedys...Pete on Oct 4
  now now, the lobbyists pay off reps and dems almost equallymn on Oct 4
   he should really look up which families benefit (and WHY) from insurance "reform" thoughmn on Oct 4
Average household income down 8% from 2007Clippy on Oct 3
 Again, thank the people you support for those numbers...Pete on Oct 3
Lack of Medicaid Expansion in Texas Could Lead to 3,000 DeathsClippy on Oct 2
 Yeah, but people die anyway. Best to get rid of the poor ones before election time.EVIL GOP on Oct 2
  *That's a horible thing to think. Getting rid of them after elections is OK, too!Good GOP bad GOP on Oct 2
Cradle to grave: Student debt now bankrupting seniorsClippy on Oct 1
 Interest rates are still insanely low. You can thank Obama for upping tuition costs.Pete on Oct 1
  BULL! The Student Loan rates just DOUBLED!Clippy on Oct 1
   *Wrong as usual, but at least it only affects those of us who actually went to college.Pete on Oct 1
    LOL, You don't need college to be a quack!Clippy on Oct 1
     I'll take a comparison to Reagan as a compliment, anyday.Pete on Oct 1
      LOL, your GOP states are dumbed down already. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!Clippy on Oct 2
       Common Core is trying to make idiots smarter.Pete on Oct 2
        Common Core was fine until Obama set it up. EVIL GOPClippy on Oct 2
         Conservative states are dropping it.Pete on Oct 2
          Conservatives drop everything that might cost moneyClippy on Oct 2
           You mean those evil oil companies that create 1000s of jobs?Pete on Oct 2
            This Country Just Abolished College Tuition FeesClippy on Oct 2
             Well then off to school you go. Have a nice 2-week stay.Pete on Oct 3
              WRONG, most European countries have FREE COLLEGEClippy on Oct 3
               Speaking of the uneducated... How'd that Carnegie Mellon thing work out for you?Pete on Oct 3
                I'm doing great no thanks to you EVIL GREEDY conservativesClippy on Oct 3
                 Ah, so you're doing great as long as other people give you their money.Pete on Oct 3
                  NOPE, MY MONEY I already paid for my benefitsClippy on Oct 3
                   Then it's a Good thing there won't be any old people after 2033.Pete on Oct 3
                    Re: Then it's a Good thing there won't be any old people after 2033.SMcNeill on Oct 4
                     Fallacy! Only if all old people move to Texas!Pete on Oct 4
The myth of the self made man...from Ben Franklin to Andrew CarnegieClippy on Oct 1
 Stupidist cartoon yet...Pete on Oct 1
Hong Kong is worried about hand picked candidates? What about us?Clippy on Sep 30
 What, polls should never close?Pete on Sep 30
  The EVIL GOP Supreme Court has spoken in Ohio! NC is nextClippy on Sep 30
   And Democrats can't win elections without buying votes.Pete on Sep 30
    LMAO while the GOP is bought off BY prosperity called the Koch BrothersClippy on Sep 30
  i don't know why you believe in voting (at the moment)mn on Sep 30
   I only vote when I have a candiate I can at least half believe in.Pete on Sep 30
    there's only one time i'm in favor of pcismmn on Sep 30
*(URL) Postseason Baseball.Michael Calkins on Sep 29
OBAMA 2008Pete on Sep 28
 it's the 2012 ones that really depress memn on Sep 29
  I agree, the 2012 ones demonstrate Liberals are hypocrites.Pete on Sep 29
 If Romney runs again maybe he will pay back that $10 million loan he owes?Clippy on Sep 29
Are you holding an Eric Holder Resigns Party?Pete on Sep 26
 Holder will not resign until a new person takes over the job.Clippy on Sep 26
 if Holder resigns...STxAxTIC on Sep 27
 holder is the second worst atty general we've ever hadmn on Sep 27
ACA helps reduce job related healthcare expenses to record low increaseClippy on Sep 26
 Or...Pete on Sep 26
Welcome to KochvilleClippy on Sep 25
 And all this on Obama's watch.Pete on Sep 25
  Started with Reagan! Your GOP Congress has the lowest rating!Clippy on Sep 25
   A fact so simple, everybody except YOU will get it...Pete on Sep 25
    you're both rightmn on Sep 26
     *convenient.spelling secret service on Sep 26
    Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic EmpireClippy on Sep 26
     * Oooh, and EVIL Hollywood for the the money they spent backing Obama.Pete on Sep 26

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