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Dignity? Bill Cosby has no dignity.Michael Calkins on Nov 21
 Did you ever think maybe he is innocent? Keep the guilt trips to yourself!Clippy on Nov 22
 Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your Brother's eye?Matt on Nov 22
  re: panoramaMichael Calkins on Dec 6
   "I get the impression that some of the victims were hostile to God and his organization." on Dec 6
    thank you for your post.Michael Calkins on Dec 6
     You sure seem to know a lot about things that happened thousands of years ago!Clippy on Dec 7
      Clippy was in the Council of Nicaea himself on Dec 7
 *And now it's obvious why you were disfellowshiped*Luke 6:37 Matthew 7:1 on Nov 22
  Disfellowshipping is arbitrary on Nov 22
   Let those who are holier cast the first stoneClippy on Nov 23
    Obviously the JW interpretation of "2 witnesses" is as weak as you point out on Nov 23
Obama is KING!Clippy on Nov 21
 Yeah, a... "KING" lousy president *Not Really The GOP on Nov 21
  Yeah and ISSA got fired because he failed to do the job!Clippy on Nov 21
Republicans just passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPAClippy on Nov 20
 Obama should veto this. He won't, because when it really matters, he is just for showAnonymous on Nov 20
  It won't get through the Senate this year, but Obama has threatened a veto.Clippy on Nov 20
   GOP never pretends to work with other parties. Nor Greens, only Dems do, and for ??? *Anonymous on Nov 20
    Oops! GOP's plan for shutting down Obama's immigration action is 'impossible'Clippy on Nov 20
‘Scandalous’ Solyndra Program Actually Earned Taxpayers A $5 Billion ProfitClippy on Nov 19
 When Mega Corporations Get Mega Tax Breaks, We All PayClippy on Nov 20
Where religon meets politics, what was Jesus thinking?Pete on Nov 19
 But in Jesus's time, the two-party system was Jews and Pagans * on Nov 19
 Absolutely valid point...TheBOB on Nov 19
 Where you differ is that Jesus never asked for anything and you want it all!Clippy on Nov 19
  Wrong as usual...Pete on Nov 19
   * LOL, Jesus was a union buster?Clippy on Nov 20
   Re: Wrong as usual...Michael Calkins on Nov 21
  Re: Where you differ is that Jesus never asked for anything and you want it all!Michael Calkins on Nov 21
   He also said all things are possible in Heaven...Pete on Nov 24
    Well we know what Heaven DOESN'T HAVE! Evil Republicans and...Clippy on Nov 24
     If Heaven only had Democrats...Pete on Nov 24
    The article I linked to went into that.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
    *Yes, Pete--Heaven has really big needles, but ironically, Its haystacks are tiny.TheBOB on Nov 28
     *sure, larger haystacks would fall through the clouds, and pitchforks are in short supplymn on Nov 29
ALEC Fueled Supreme Court Challenge to Obama Health Law is the real fraud!Clippy on Nov 18
GOP ready for more TAX CUTS for businesses, but not workers.Clippy on Nov 18
And speaking of Gallop polls, Obamacare hits the skids!Pete on Nov 17
 Yeah just like Social Security and Medicare have failed, but they still exist?Clippy on Nov 18
Republican Admits She Doesn’t Care About Democracy, Plans to Ignore Fracking BanClippy on Nov 17
 You need Libertarians for that...Pete on Nov 17
Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick CheneyClippy on Nov 15
 Wow! one letter, one whole letter.Pete on Nov 15
  Oh I can get TONS MORE! Unfortunately many are dead already!Clippy on Nov 15
   That's only about 3 times the national average and...Pete on Nov 15
    We already know they can't be good people cause most are POOR!Clippy on Nov 16
     I had two very successful cousins go through the military to help pay for college.Pete on Nov 16
The Fraudulent Media Campaign To Scandalize Obamacare's PassageClippy on Nov 14
 Sounds like The Left is moving with cat-like reflexes...Pete on Nov 14
  Re: Sounds like The Left is moving with cat-like reflexes...Clippy on Nov 14
   Newly Insured Through ACA Exchanges Give Coverage Good MarksClippy on Nov 14
    Same week polls show most Americans believe government and the economy are...Pete on Nov 14
     Mind reader eh? Same as Boehner knows what the PEOPLE WANTClippy on Nov 14
      44th, OK, but 1st in pill popping!Pete on Nov 14
       The USA SPENDS 2.5 times more than the other countries too!Clippy on Nov 14
        American hospitals should be brought up on charges of racketeering.Pete on Nov 14
         Insurance companies aren't cryingClippy on Nov 14
          Re: Insurance companies aren't cryingPete on Nov 14
           I grasp it, but the GOP cuts too deepClippy on Nov 14
            Really, well the current system is total BS...Pete on Nov 14
             So an unemployed worker and a baby should get no compensation?Clippy on Nov 15
LOOK OUT HILLARY! GOP Plan That Could Rig The Electoral College For RepublicansClippy on Nov 14
Albatross! on Nov 13
 Senate Democrats Betray Their Supporters By Scheduling A Vote On Keystone XLClippy on Nov 13
  Democrats: Stop chasing voters who won’t ever support you!Clippy on Nov 13
Why Are Generic Drug Prices Skyrocketing?Clippy on Nov 13
As scientists sound the alarm on climate, a reason for hopeClippy on Nov 12
 Bill Nye Helps You Refresh Your Understanding of the Basic Science of Climate ChangeClippy on Nov 12
  Nevada solar plant creates worldwide buzzClippy on Nov 12
   Coal Ash Contaminates Water Across Country, House Republicans Try To Preempt RegulationsClippy on Nov 13
President Obama's Executive Orders to help #Vets when #GOP refused:Clippy on Nov 11
 Dems are tax happy, but too scared to raise middle class taxes.Pete on Nov 11
  Re: Dems are tax happy, but too scared to raise middle class taxes.Clippy on Nov 11
 You Americans Have No Idea Just How Good You Have It With ObamaClippy on Nov 11
  * I wish he posted his address. I'd ship him Obama, tomorrow!.Pete on Nov 11
Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologiesClippy on Nov 11
 *oh goody, a eugenics-style lesson. it would be lovely to strangle godwin right about on Nov 11
  *and sorry, there's no WAY you're posting that horsecrap and expecting no responsemn on Nov 11
   Ya prove it every day! Hooray for you stupid white boys...*Clippy on Nov 11
    funny you say white when they average better on iq tests... which shows iq tests are bunkmn on Nov 11
   this is the only part you need to read:mn on Nov 11
    How the GOP bought, rigged, stole and lynched the 2014 electionClippy on Nov 11
     Re: How the GOP bought, rigged, stole and lynched the 2014 electionClippy on Nov 11
     Obama was the best voter repression the Right had!Pete on Nov 11
since i'm not allowed to post in clippy's thread, i'll just reply heremn on Nov 11
 LMAO, just wait for the GOP to helpClippy on Nov 11
  not "blubbering," just trying to stay on topic (sheesh, you're impossible to please)mn on Nov 11
   You haven't said ONE THING SPECIFIC yet!Clippy on Nov 11
    *right u r. sorry for trying to reason with u rather than poke holes in your propaganda.yawn on Nov 11
Death by Typo! The Latest Frivolous Attack on ObamacareClippy on Nov 10
Death by Typo! The Latest Frivolous Attack on ObamacareClippy on Nov 10
 Personal freedom has nothing to do with government care.Pete on Nov 11
  and perhaps just as importantly, monopolies harm *people*mn on Nov 11
  Oh, I see, you CAN'T LET Government HELP you to be FREE!Clippy on Nov 11
   it's not that, it's just that they WON'T HELPmn on Nov 11
    Screw you and your charity and monopolies. Stay out of my threads!Clippy on Nov 11
     i was responding to pete. and whether you see the connection or not, it's very on on Nov 11
      Re: i was responding to pete. and whether you see the connection or not, it's very on topic.Clippy on Nov 11
       *ffs, i was speaking to him, not for on Nov 11
       We are closer to private monoplolies too, thanks to government.Pete on Nov 11
        It's not about Monopoly, Pete! It's about my top hat, and monocle! *The Monopoly Guy on Nov 11
      Don't blame GraphMan, he only looks at one side of a coin, and it's always tails.Pete on Nov 11
       Not worried about the TPP Treaty though?Clippy on Nov 11
Gulf restoration group sue feds over misuse of BP disaster restoration fundsClippy on Nov 9
 *Rule #1 of Politics: Always include irrelevant information when "mudslinging"; memes help on Nov 9
 Here Comes the Sun: America's Solar Boom, in ChartsClippy on Nov 9
  Solar panals are too high maintenance...Pete on Nov 9
   Where solar panel storage might be ideal, things like tornados come about. on Nov 9
    That's ridiculous! Why would that stop people who don't even build tornado shelters?Clippy on Nov 10
Death Of The Working Class In 12 ChartsClippy on Nov 8
 Let's not be successful, and all help the poor instead...Pete on Nov 8
  STILL WAITING for ONE Republican stimulus or infrastructure bill...Clippy on Nov 9
   *So I went to WinCo Foods to buy a big screen, but all they sold me was this damn banana.Pete on Nov 9
    *I must admit that I laughed at this. Political views aside, you're funny! :D on Nov 9
NRA Ducks Gun Fight Out WestClippy on Nov 8
 * Can't weply now. It's Wame Duck Season. hah, hah, hah, hah!Elmer Fudd on Nov 8
 How to shoot and kill an immigrant Georgia Tech student and only pay a $500 fineClippy on Nov 19
GOP Climate Denier Who May Head Up Environmental Committee (VIDEO)Clippy on Nov 7
 Sen. Inhofe, denier of human role in climate change, likely to lead environment committeeClippy on Nov 7
Washington Voters Just Passed the Gun Law Congress Couldn'tClippy on Nov 7
No Republicans are not Global warming SCIENTISTS, just LIARS!Clippy on Nov 6
So the Republicans won did they? They lost a lot too!Clippy on Nov 6
 GOP vows to build Keystone, repeal ObamacareClippy on Nov 6
  Meet your new craziest RepublicansClippy on Nov 6
I'm throwing a Harry Reid going away party!Pete on Nov 5
 no it's not quite that simple, democrats are like half the on Nov 5
 The Turtle was the obstructionistClippy on Nov 5
  screw "minimum," the idea of people getting a "living wage" gives me a warm fuzzmn on Nov 6
   The Minimum Wage can CUT Federal Benefits at least $6 BILLION on its own!Clippy on Nov 6
 *Messed up title. Should read: "I'm throwing away Harry Reid, and going to a party!"Pete on Nov 6
re: mn wanna chat? (burger2227)mn on Nov 3
How Oil Industry Members Reacted When Told To Use ‘Fear And Anger’ To Win Fracking fightClippy on Nov 1
the left always collapses because it overreachesmn on Nov 1
 How do you figure that the Left is trampling your rights?Clippy on Nov 1
  Re: How do you figure that the Left is trampling your rights?mn on Nov 1
   Re: How do you figure that the Left is trampling your rights?Clippy on Nov 1
    you're going to have to be specific about how specific you want me to be :)mn on Nov 1
     The Patriot Act was a Republican Bill that is now largely ignoredClippy on Nov 1
      dems are not anti-torture or anti-drone. i'd like them more if they weremn on Nov 1
      *also dems all signed but one, and obama renewed it and got on Nov 1
Dems Who Support Stupid Conservative Ideas on Cutting Social Security Get Called OutClippy on Oct 31
 Grimes Sues McConnell Over 'Despicable' Voter MailersClippy on Oct 31
  5 questions Mitch himself must answer on voter suppression campaign he launchedClippy on Nov 1
Invasion of the Data SnatchersClippy on Oct 31
flame war from the main forum (repost)Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 LMAO!Clippy on Oct 31
 only bored with your trolling, tedmn on Oct 31
  Re: only bored with your trolling, tedMichael Calkins on Oct 31
   i will stop trying to um, "endorse" the ideamn on Oct 31
   Never asked or wanted to be a moderator thanksClippy on Oct 31
    *the 3 of us are almost aligned :/ if pete joins in on this agree-fest the sun may explodemn on Oct 31
 political neutralityMichael Calkins on Oct 31
  Are you people sitting around waiting to let God do something?Clippy on Oct 31
   I'm sitting around, but Jehovah's Witnesses are very busy.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
    Witnesses can't be active in political wrongdoing?Clippy on Oct 31
  some quotesMichael Calkins on Oct 31
  One more advantage to politcal neutrality.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Republicans don't want you to vote!Clippy on Oct 31
 Baby Republican attackClippy on Oct 31
  Re: Baby Republican attackPete on Oct 31
   Healthcare costs rose less than 3 percent for the FIRST TIME EVER!Clippy on Oct 31
    If you wanted lower gas prices, you should have voted RepublicanPete on Oct 31
     The real Republican Death PanelClippy on Oct 31
      Or how about...Pete on Oct 31
       More LIES from SELFISH RepublicansClippy on Oct 31
        Well then you get to write an extra big check this year...Pete on Oct 31
         My Unions already are! Try to make that illegal...Clippy on Oct 31
From the Moon to the EarthClippy on Oct 30
 * Thank you for posting this.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 * I noticed the Chinese were only mooning the Western Hemisphere.Pete on Oct 31
  Yeah Republicans have been looking at China for years...SLAVE LABORClippy on Oct 31
 *If it's the fight against the caps lock key, count me in.Pete on Oct 28
  i'm not sure this will help, but i think it could be modified to do the trickmn on Oct 28
  I copied it as the headline was printed...Clippy on Oct 29
   clippy used to work as a walmart greeter. they had to let him go becausemn on Oct 29
    Talk talk talk...yadda yadda yadda...Clippy on Oct 30
     This is a quality post about talking and yadda, Which I like very much, thank youAnonymous on Oct 30
i'm bored with making fun of stevemn on Oct 28
 Yeah, Steve's a real stand up guy...Pete on Oct 28
The system favors the rich, say the Americans preparing to vote RepublicanClippy on Oct 28
 the rich (somewhat indirectly) decide who has a chance of winning, so yeahmn on Oct 28
  *in short, rich get "1st dibs" & the rest of us pick up the election where they finishmn on Oct 28
 U.S. Child Poverty Rate Hit A 20-Year High 4 Years Ago And It's Not BudgingClippy on Oct 28
23 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Think Twice About Running for PresidentClippy on Oct 27
 24: it will help hillary's numbersmn on Oct 27
  N54 posts my name, not me unless I don't noticeClippy on Oct 27
   click on your profilemn on Oct 27
    Colorado Station Busts Megyn Kelly for Outright Lying; FoxNews Offers No CorrectionClippy on Oct 27
     You can't handle Megyn Kelly's bust?Pete on Oct 27
      Rick Scott's economic fairy taleClippy on Oct 28
       McConnell has sabotaged jobs and transportation bills for KentuckyClippy on Oct 28
    Steve actually was President for a day. He sold Obama on One-Button-Bowling.Pete on Oct 28
     even *i'm* not sure i'm comfortable blaming steve for that somewhat recent on Oct 28
Most Americans Would Pay More to Fix Social Security's Finances, Improve BenefitsClippy on Oct 27
 But they don't need to!SMcNeill on Oct 27
  Raise taxes on rich people who make more than the income maxClippy on Oct 27
   Re: Raise taxes on rich people who make more than the income maxSMcNeill on Oct 27
    THE PEOPLE made the CHOICE to stay because of ISISClippy on Oct 27
freedom?Michael Calkins on Oct 26
 * I remember when 22 LR "high velocity" was just over 2¢ / round.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
  I remember when candy was a nickle too!Clippy on Oct 26
   *And I remember when gasoline cost just under $1 / us gallon.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
 rest assured, freedom is still the government's prioritymn on Oct 26
  * I could rant about Russia... Putin is turning himself into a god over there.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
   yeah, russia is worse than evermn on Oct 26
 Government's job is to protect.Pete on Oct 26
  *government still protects too, but again, whom it protects has shifted away from peoplemn on Oct 26
   Too easy to confuse "protects" or "aids" in this age...Pete on Oct 26
    Welfare already WAS taken away! Where were you? EIC nowClippy on Oct 26
     Hmmm, Hitler stated Jews were evil, Clippy states Republicans are evil...Pete on Oct 26
      republicans are a mixed bagmn on Oct 26
    *ebola will never be a pandemic. Without vaccines, flu and smallpox were/are much scarier.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
  Re: Government's job is to protect.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
   P.S.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
    P.P.S.Michael Calkins on Oct 26
     that wording gives the government waaaay too much leeway to interferemn on Oct 26
      Re: that wording gives the government waaaay too much leeway to interfereMichael Calkins on Oct 31
       When is religion going to stop politicians from committing murder?Clippy on Oct 31
   ...unless they want it to bemn on Oct 26
  Why? You are the ones who are SICK! No problem regulating people!Clippy on Oct 26
   OMG she worked in Africa and now she has no flushable toilet?Pete on Oct 26
If people want Food Stamps they should become massive corporationsClippy on Oct 26
The mission of the Cyborg Foundation is to defend cyborg rightsAnonymous on Oct 25
Possible Scenarios if the GOP Runs the Senate Include the Paul Ryan BudgetClippy on Oct 25
9 Reasons We Should Abolish Tipping, Once And For AllClippy on Oct 24
 10 reasons.. stop ignoring Steve!Pete on Oct 24
  Yeah, tipping counter workers is stupid! That's their JOB!Clippy on Oct 24
The World Series on Fox begins tonight.Michael Calkins on Oct 21
 *Most people never saw this because MN had to post DRIVEL!Clippy on Oct 22
  *in tedspeak, "DRIVEL" means "i wish i'd thought of it first."mn's guide to clippy on Oct 22
 ROFL. Good to know even avid fans fall asleep watching baseball.Pete on Oct 22
 * The SF Giants won in 7 games.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Outsourcing America ExposedClippy on Oct 21
 Wrong again, no surprise...Pete on Oct 21
  The only thing that saved this economy was the Obama StimulusClippy on Oct 21
   Sewer, water privatization / Slow down there...Clippy on Oct 22
    i'm going to try, one last time, to agree with clippy on somethingmn on Oct 22
     If you own the alphabet, what happened to the CAPS?Clippy on Oct 23
      *i don't like reagan either. and the right really doesn't like the un anymoremn on Oct 23
       Because the GOP cannot control the UN. The World is SMART!Clippy on Oct 23
      Regan tax cuts? You're the goof that stated Reagan raised taxes.Pete on Oct 23
       Well if you ever are gonna pay off your deficit from YOUR WARSClippy on Oct 23
    And on the flip side of that coin...SMcNeill on Oct 23
   That could be the dumbist thing you ever wrote, but there are so many to choose.Pete on Oct 26
i also recommend a new forum guideline regarding titlesdibmn on Oct 21
 * Well now I know how to piss you off anyhowClippy on Oct 21
  *finally, something constructive for you to do with your timemn on Oct 21
The 8 Worst Governors in AmericaClippy on Oct 21

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