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what kind of 1/2-assed white supremacist hires a black gospel choir for the inauguration?mn on Jan 21
 Fake News to the Left of me Fake News to the Right, here I am...Pete on Jan 21
  You will be lucky to have 40%. 60% is what progressives have with 3 million extra votesMr Obvious on Jan 21
   More Fake Paper Clippings....Pete on Jan 21
    There you go again. Blaming Obama for GOP FAILURES to do anything!Mr Obvious on Jan 21
Is Soros a moron or is Soros trying to treat his followers like idiots?Pete on Jan 20
who ever thought? trump promises to close walmartmn on Jan 20
 * He just signed the first FU to Obamacare, too.Pete on Jan 20
  history will sort it out, but if obamacares anything like the left in general, its like:mn on Jan 20
   *dont forget the tv evangelist last step:"we tried/got close; just a little more money..."mn on Jan 20
   Mostly it depends on what Republicans feel will secure their re-election. That's sad...Pete on Jan 20
    fact-checking an (unrelated) minor detailmn on Jan 20
     * USA complete with flag-tag.Pete on Jan 20
      *fake liberal reports theyre made in vietnam, lolmn on Jan 20
Coming to you direct from Washington D.C. HAPPY NOBAMA DAY!Pete on Jan 20
 well i wont be starting up a trump fan club, on Jan 20
 Trump's First Move as President: Screwing Over HomeownersMr Obvious on Jan 20
  Trump's First Move as President: Screwing Over HomeownersMr Obvious on Jan 20
  *thats ok, they can pay for fha insurance with the money they dont have to pay to acaonly half-joking on Jan 20
Clinton Foundation Shutting Down Global InitiativeSMcNeill on Jan 20
 BRIETBART FAKE NEWS for ignoramus farmers and quacksMr Obvious on Jan 20
  *today i learned bill clinton was president in 2005! thanks fake paperclip!mn on Jan 20
   Take it easy on Clippy. He isn't a member of any organized political party...Pete on Jan 20
    *oh cmon, hes going to LOVE canadamn on Jan 20
  Re: BRIETBART FAKE NEWS for ignoramus farmers and quacksSMcNeill on Jan 20
   *you know if shes found guilty trump has a soft spot for them and will just pardon the lotmn on Jan 20
 * Good riddance to that piece of shit. And I won't miss the foundation, either.Pete on Jan 20
Dumb ass news media should burn in hell!SMcNeill on Jan 20
 Sure, blame the Media, not the Drumph lies and fake conservative news ***Mr Obvious on Jan 20
  Re: Sure, blame the Media, not the Drumph lies and fake conservative news ***SMcNeill on Jan 20
   They reported about the lack of religious diversity including Drumpf's own.Mr Obvious on Jan 20
    Re: They reported about the lack of religious diversity including Drumpf's own.SMcNeill on Jan 20
 * They had a Muslim preacher, you just missed. He was standing to the right of Michelle.Pete on Jan 20
  He was shackled with Drumpf leg irons and a chastity belt...*Mr Obvious on Jan 20
Inauguration day comparison...sure blame it on the rainMr Obvious on Jan 20
 this shouldnt be at all surprising to anyone paying attention to anythingmn on Jan 20
 Yep, Drumpf sure dranied that swamp...Mr Obvious on Jan 20
  Makes sense...TheBOB on Jan 20
  * Bullshit. Both inaugurals fell on weekdays. Trump supporters had to work.Pete on Jan 20
   *LOL--never thought of that. Good one!TheBOB on Jan 20
Saw some wonderful videos of Biden and Kerry talking to their masters at Davos.Simmons on Jan 19
 But how cool would the Old World have looked with GO JESUS signs everywhere?Pete on Jan 19
  I don't see any of those POOR Billionaires getting broke through taxesMr Obvious on Jan 19
   Dark Money MattersPete on Jan 19
    Sure! Rump has 660 jobs he has not filled. Only filled 30 so far soooo...LiberaTED on Jan 19
   this is how america defeats citizens united (but not really)mn on Jan 19
Classic Trump. White House Press Core GET OUT!Pete on Jan 18
 *im out of the loop-- what does manning have to do with obama?mn on Jan 18
  Presidential commutation of his/her prison sentence for leaking classified material.Pete on Jan 18
   huh... obama was very anti-whistleblower throughout his career. (soft spot for trans?)mn on Jan 18
 That is how all dictatorships start! Toss the press out or send them to jailMr Obvious on Jan 18
  He's just talking about throwing them out of the White House.Pete on Jan 18
   im pretty sure theres a precidentmn on Jan 18
Idiot Democrat concerns over health care.Pete on Jan 18
 This is why we can’t have nice things. Why Affordable Care Act Is Better Than ObamacareLiberaTED on Jan 19
  *the real reasons we cant: 1. industry buys politicians 2. we cant afford eithermn on Jan 19
You'd have to be an absolute idiot to be a Democrat in this day and age...Pete on Jan 17
 romney caremn on Jan 17
  I gave up on Romney in 2012 and now he is just irrelevant.Pete on Jan 17
 You mean she wants to get rid of public schools and make them FOR PROFITMr Obvious on Jan 17
  More Left-Wing, "Sky is falling!" bullshit...Pete on Jan 17
   Teachers don't need Unions if they are paid fairly which they are notMr Obvious on Jan 17
    *you notice that he never talks about civil liberties. just the poor-- who he hates anywaymn on Jan 17
     *which is funny because caring for liberty over failed programs makes you "evil" everytimemn on Jan 17
      oops-- fact check: except bathroom rights. those were definitely mentioned oncemn on Jan 17
    Factor Tip of the Day. Don't be a Cliptard when posting to the Forum...Not Really Bill O'Reilly on Jan 17
     DUH, they get paid a salary for the year want classes on Christmas?Mr Obvious on Jan 17
      A nice link on teacher paySMcNeill on Jan 18
       That makes you a supid moron farmerMr Obvious on Jan 18
        *evidence that steves workers are unhappy? 0... will ted complain when food prices rise?mn on Jan 18
        Clippidioticy strikes againSMcNeill on Jan 18
         Because that is what they get paid, a $40K to 50K YEARLY SALARY Donald DICK!Mr Obvious on Jan 18
          So... No answer?SMcNeill on Jan 18
           Steve, did you really expect to get any soda from a nearly empty bottle?Pete on Jan 19
      Let's give Clippy some credit. He wrote that himself instead of posting a link or cartoon.Pete on Jan 18
       how about walmart store credit? we can give him thatmn on Jan 18
        * LOL. If he burned it in protest would that make him a Wal-Martyr ?Pete on Jan 18
         * i was going to make a pun about kohl's and sears, but i dont have the hearthmn on Jan 18
          Speaking of Christmas sales. Why did Santa go bankrupt?Pete on Jan 18
           *oh pete, you sleigh memn on Jan 18
Germany tells the truth when it comes to the U.S. auto industry...Pete on Jan 16
Yea Green Bay! The Packers had it all the way...Pete on Jan 15
 Yeah, incredible kick--Crosby made it look easy...TheBOB on Jan 15
  The Chiefs didn't show up. Just some clowns in red uniforms.Pete on Jan 16
   It's about enthusiasm...TheBOB on Jan 16
    *makes sensemn on Jan 16
Now just 6 days to the end of that idiot President...Pete on Jan 14
 some presidents will adjust the tailbone, via an inserted fingermn on Jan 14
  Senor Quippy rides the DNC to defeat, and the DNC returns the favor...Pete on Jan 15
   * You have to admit, the donkey's sexual preferences are very democratic.TheBOB on Jan 15
    * Well he's a Liburro, so....Pete on Jan 15
   *youve captured the past 8 years with unparalleled accuracymn on Jan 15
    * Thanks. Geraldo called last night to congratulate me.Pete on Jan 16
 Real swell for a bunch of racist fucking bigots! KLU KLUX KWACK *Mr Obvious on Jan 16
  You'll have to excuse Mr. Obvious, he isn't well. He recently added 4-inches to his penis.Pete on Jan 16
  still throwing collective ad hom at the wall to see if it sticks?mn on Jan 16
   *Yeah Ted. Mexico called to tell you stop throwing ad hom at the wall they're paying for.Pete on Jan 16
    did an image search to find out if it had already been donemn on Jan 16
Hey Steve, was this you?Pete on Jan 13
 *i love that guy-- i have a heart though-- i would use 300 quarter rolls or 600 dime rollsmn on Jan 14
 *steves going to say he wouldnt do that to 1 random clerk (also why id use coin rolls)mn on Jan 14
  *I wouldn't do that as I wouldn't have a clue where the hell to get all those pennies fromSMcNeill on Jan 14
America's cybersecurity defense plans will now be headed up by ... Rudy GiulianiLiberaTED on Jan 13
 * And his first job will be to delete all your posts. :DPete on Jan 13
  *that, or tax themmn on Jan 14
Well I'm not bragging...The Beach Boys Endless Bummer on Jan 13
 GOP House and Senate can now repeal ACA penalty and subsidies that cut pricesMr Obvious on Jan 13
  Making same bet you just lost last November?Pete on Jan 13
Just 7 more days to NOBama!Pete on Jan 13
 7 days and 8 years from the last HUGE GOP disaster and depressionMr Obvious on Jan 13
  Well...Not Really Billy Joel on Jan 13
   Who Would Make A "Rape Melania" Sign??Mr Obvious on Jan 13
She's the little ol' lady named Hillary Clinton...The Beach Boys Endless Bummer on Jan 12
 * LOL--you'll have to sing it at Trump's inauguration!TheBOB on Jan 12
  Like he as invited. A billionaire quack in the new GOP Trillion dollar deficit budgets***LiberaTED on Jan 12
Medical science can go fornicate itself.Pete on Jan 11
Cory Booker looks to be Obama 2.0Pete on Jan 11
 Some chiropractors will adjust the tailbone, via an inserted finger. *LiberaTED on Jan 11
  * More on Ted, later!Pete on Jan 11
Stronger Together = Only if you think the way we do...Pete on Jan 11
 Some chiropractors will adjust the tailbone, via an inserted finger.Mr Obvious on Jan 11
  Caught! You didn't even take time to read the post.Pete on Jan 11
   I don't have time to read FAKE NEWS and Faux News propagandaMr Obvious on Jan 11
    *You lost the election and you lost time too? I'll loan you some time, at 20% interest.Pete on Jan 11
     I have 0% interest already***Mr Obvious on Jan 11
      * LOLPete on Jan 11
Russia Has Trump ‘Golden Showers’ BlackmailMr Obvious on Jan 10
 Re: Russia Has Trump ‘Golden Showers’ BlackmailMr Obvious on Jan 11
 Oh poor clippySimmons on Jan 11
  You mean if Nixon wasn't a Republican, there would have been no Watergate?Pete on Jan 11
ATTENTION STEVE! Secretary of Agriculture is still open! Hurry, call Trump!Pete on Jan 9
 A moron farmer would be a better pick than the ones Drumph has made...*Mr Obvious on Jan 9
  * I think Steve's Episcopalian. Anyway, happy tenting!Pete on Jan 9
this is why i dont laugh at every nonsensical theorymn on Jan 7
 *Great story--thanks! A "just goes to show you" moment.TheBOB on Jan 7
 *All I took away from that article was: American cars are pieces of shit.Pete on Jan 7
  *you should be happy, thats all trump would take from it-- make automobiles great again!mn on Jan 8
I wonder if Steve is as pissed off as I am about that airport shooting?Pete on Jan 7
 * I'm starting to tear up... You mean, Barney Fife would have to leave his bullet at home?TheBOB on Jan 7
  That reminds me. They are going for a mental illness defense.Pete on Jan 7
 Background checks without ammo? Too liberal for your Tea Party!Mr Obvious on Jan 8
  Clippy quit his job with the organ grinder because it was non-union...Pete on Jan 8
   Nope, that airport allows guns el ignorante Pedro!Mr Obvious on Jan 8
    * No they don't. That is pending legislation, not law.Pete on Jan 8
     Pending EVIL GOP legislation to allow more Tea Party idiots to murder! *Mr Obvious on Jan 9
      *oh please... your liberal liar leader murdered how many more all over the world?mn on Jan 9
So Trump does not care if Russia released secrets, but not NBC?Mr Obvious on Jan 6
 Re: So Trump does not care if Russia released secrets, but not NBC?Pete on Jan 6
  IE: You are as dumb or dumber than Trump...Mr Obvious on Jan 7
   Clippy probably thinks Trump wrote Putin off on his taxes as a dependent.Pete on Jan 7
    You can't be that naive...follow the money to RussiaMr Obvious on Jan 7
 Clippy does not care that the US invented interfering in foreign elections?Simmons on Jan 8
  Oh I'm sure the GOP and Trump will stop that!Clippy on Jan 8
well ive done a silly thingmn on Jan 6
 * RIHL (Rolling in Hell Laughing) The () part was for that goodie-good, TheBOB.Not Really Satan on Jan 6
  * I appreciate it (RIHL@goodie-good).TheBOB on Jan 6
Republicans do not know what to do now that they have caught the car...Mr Obvious on Jan 4
 *its called romneycare for a reasonmn on Jan 4
Finland. Let's just hope we strengthen our borders before they export their stupidity...Pete on Jan 3
 *LOL@our-poor-tunists!TheBOB on Jan 3
 Naw, we don't tax them, we tax YOU so you should leave stupid!Mr Obvious on Jan 4
  *hillary and obama were "bought" for more than any other politicians ever, on Jan 4
Fox News didn't listen to me but got lucky, anyway...Pete on Jan 3
Where's the freest place in the world? CanadaMr Obvious on Jan 2
 *Thanks for posting that! Always felt free, but hey, eh?TheBOB on Jan 2
  Re: *Thanks for posting that! Always felt free, but hey, eh?Clippy on Jan 8
   And Canada will pay for it!Pete on Jan 8
   Of course, we've got a lot of room in Canada...TheBOB on Jan 8
    Photographer captures amazing 'light pillars' phenomenon in North Bay, Ont.Mr Obvious on Jan 12
     *Gorgeous! Never saw any, but I'd love to!TheBOB on Jan 12
 Oh, they got a new URL. I recognize them as www.leftwinghorseshit.comPete on Jan 3
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Clippy!!!Mr. Gopher on Dec 31
Something's got to be done about the washroom situation...TheBOB on Dec 30
 But Liberals don't give a washrooms chief byproduct about straight people's rights.Pete on Dec 30
  *That's alright. These days I try to pee at home.TheBOB on Dec 30
   Oh if only it were that simple. Just don't pee on your Facebook page or...Pete on Dec 30
    Yes, it's a symptom of the social network...TheBOB on Dec 30
     Things are just all screwed up these days. I just did a search for underwater lesbians...Pete on Dec 30
      its not fake news we have to worry about, its fake pornmn on Dec 30
       *Ahhh, yes--the one where the contestant's boob pops out. It's obscured, but you can tell.TheBOB on Dec 30
        * I only watch for the appliances.Pete on Dec 30
         *I know what you mean! Did you see the rack on that oven!TheBOB on Dec 30
          * Damn, missed it. 'Must have been too busy checking out the knobs on that mixer.Pete on Dec 30
 ive hacked it alreadymn on Dec 30
 When is the last time you had sex in a public shit house Bob?Mr Obvious on Dec 31
  *Quick Bob, put away the chips & haul out the enema bag. Clippy's too full of X-Mas Cheer!Pete on Dec 31
  Uh... Clippy, it was a joke? ...TheBOB on Dec 31
   Uh...apparently you were the only one in on it. BAIT for GOP morons?Mr Obvious on Dec 31
    Conservatives, really?...TheBOB on Dec 31
     Oh...the old I'm rubber your glue trick eh?Mr Obvious on Dec 31
      Who said anything about non-white minorities?...TheBOB on Dec 31
       Re: Who said anything about non-white minorities? on Dec 31
Hey Bob, how bad can Canada be?Pete on Dec 28
 Yeah, it's the commute...TheBOB on Dec 28
the solution to "fake news"mn on Dec 25
 Holy crap!simmons on Dec 27
  *oh yeah, potus obama: 2008-1984. f*** the nobel prize, give that man an oscar!mn on Dec 27
Well, my stockings are hung by the chimney with care...TheBOB on Dec 24
 *have a good one, eh?mn on Dec 24
 And Mama in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap...Pete on Dec 24
What I would put in place of the "Term Limits" idea...Pete on Dec 23
 *Careful, there, Pete. Your sanity is showing.TheBOB on Dec 23
 That is an excellent ideaSimmons on Dec 25
  Re: That is an excellent ideaSMcNeill on Dec 27
   you make some good points, but some lousy analogiesmn on Dec 27
    and heres a shorter version just in casemn on Dec 27
   Well, yeah...Simmons on Dec 27
   Steve left out the part where the Party influences the incumbent.Pete on Dec 27
Where Steve's money would have went if Hillary Clinton was elected...Pete on Dec 22
 amusing proof (img url)mn on Dec 22
  * ROFL - But it does take a genius to put that together.Pete on Dec 23
   not as amazing, though i like when stuff like this is exposed, toomn on Dec 24
    I find that, "...should be kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen." stuff disgusting!Pete on Dec 25
     Actually, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 25
      "go make me a sandwich"mn on Dec 25
       Either my standards have gone up, or the ladies have to step up their gamesimmons on Dec 25
        i think its a cultural crisis. i mean we made tv smart enough to talk to anyone on earthmn on Dec 25
         *TV really is the worst thing to happen to western civilization isn't it?Simmons on Dec 27
          *the tech isnt so bad, its the a**holes on the other end of it. but its way up on the listmn on Dec 27
Clippy missing? I think he's off on a ski trip...Pete on Dec 21
HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!SMcNeill on Dec 19
 * Up yours you deplorable sack of Capitalism!Harry Reid on Dec 19
 * I really am going to move to Canada. Really, really I am!!!!!Cher on Dec 19
 * Trump just won, now ain't that stinky? Damn Michelle, is that a winkie?Oprah on Dec 19
 * My tribe adopted Clippy. Now you'll refer to him by his Indian name, Weak Stream.Elizabeth Warren on Dec 19
 curious what the cia has to say about itmn on Dec 19
maybe we have it all backwardsSimmons on Dec 19
 I disagree...Pete on Dec 19
  what media?mn on Dec 19
The Russian hackers narrative is a defacto admission that the Podesta emails are authenticSimmons on Dec 18
 If I want fake news, I tune to CNN. If I want to know what really happened...Pete on Dec 19
  I just can't bring myself to hate Putin like I'm supposed toSimmons on Dec 19
The last dumbass speech of a lame duck President coming soon!Pete on Dec 16
 *if he talks about the good he accomplished at least it will be a quick speechmn on Dec 16
 You may have been right about Trump: elections vs presidency, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 17
  Good news and bad news. The good news is, Barack found his balls. The bad news is...Pete on Dec 17
Hooray for Canada!Pete on Dec 16
What I see as a major challenge for the Trump AdministrationPete on Dec 16
Got rid of Drumph with "Make America Kittens Again" Chrome extensionMr Obvious on Dec 15
 * I thought paper clips were supposed to be paper trained.Pete on Dec 15
Some much-needed good news re: frackingMr Obvious on Dec 14
 * So now you're a Nixon supporter? Makes sense I guess, with Hillary gone and all.Pete on Dec 14
  thats cute, pete. and heres why this isnt great newsmn on Dec 14
Who here would want to buy a driverless car?Pete on Dec 14
 WHO NEEDS workerless jobs? BILLIONAIRES who don't pay taxes!Mr Obvious on Dec 14
  theres not a lot of point keeping jobs that can be filled by robotsmn on Dec 14
  Put the thing on the spine and the spine in the slot go pop pop pop with chirobot...Pete on Dec 14
   *as long as robots dont become self-aware faster than real people, we are safemn on Dec 14
    *Robots are probably already more aware of things than Clippy. Are we screwed?SMcNeill on Dec 15
     *not 2b optimistic-- until theyre making online handles at their own expense, theres timemn on Dec 15
Well now it's time to say good bye to Ted and all his kin..Uncle Jed on Dec 14
 Very funny, Jed, but you forgot something...TheBOB on Dec 14
  We will be back soon! Drumph will be worse than GW ever was!Mr Obvious on Dec 14
   So he loaded up his truck and he moved to Monterrey...Pete on Dec 14
    Sure beats Canada with tar sands, $1K gallons of maple syrup and igloos...Quippy on Dec 14
     *You forgot toothless hockey players and beavers, eh?TheBOB on Dec 14
      Ted gave up on the chance of getting any beaver a long time ago.Pete on Dec 14
       *My eyes!! My eyes!!TheBOB on Dec 14

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