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I voted today for Evan McMullin.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
 Your parents didn't raise an idiot...Pete on Oct 31
 hey, good jobmn on Oct 31
  * thanks, menno.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
More Clintons scandles. How stupid are Democrats, anyway?Pete on Oct 30
 WTF is going on down there?Simmons on Oct 30
  I'll refrain from jokes like, A Weiner in the hand is worth two in the bush...Pete on Oct 31
   Well, if Hillary is getting harassed by WikiLeaks...Simmons on Oct 31
   to be honest, that isnt how its supposed to on Oct 31
  Re: WTF is going on down there?Michael Calkins on Oct 31
   ugh, when i was on Oct 31
   Yet another victim of the narrative machineSimmons on Nov 1
    It turned out Michael wasted his vote even more, by voting McMullin...Pete on Nov 1
     i wont say "leave michael alone," but at least cut him a little slackmn on Nov 1
      Makes me wonderSimmons on Nov 2
       *well they brag about keeping church records in hollowed out mountains-- much like the nsamn on Nov 2
     As long as whoever it is can keep seperate church and state.Michael Calkins on Nov 7
      Speaking of which...TheBOB on Nov 7
       Re: Speaking of which...Michael Calkins on Nov 8
        Thanks, Michael...TheBOB on Nov 8
    Re: Yet another victim of the narrative machineMichael Calkins on Nov 2
     you might be overthinking this a bit on Nov 2
     PsMichael Calkins on Nov 3
      trump vs trump, (vs hillary vs hillary)mn on Nov 3
 How stupid is that Republican FBI Director?Clippy on Oct 31
  Oh I don't know. The real question is... How stupid are you?Pete on Oct 31
Clippyleaks just released, but be warned, they are heavily redacted...Pete on Oct 28
 *Hey, you gotta admit he makes a good point, but by the 6th BLAH he's starting to ramble.TheBOB on Oct 28
Democats aren’t killing the coal industry. Renewable energy isClippy on Oct 25
 Another post of Clipidity. Remember how you complain about oil subsidies?Pete on Oct 25
  CLEAN RENEWABLE energy will BEAT EVERYTHING fools! (video link)Clippy on Oct 25
   How is your formula coming?Pete on Oct 26
    Coal jobs are leaving as fast as renewables can be added!Clippy on Oct 26
     No relative hypocrisy here, but I have spoken with my cousin, St. Peter.Pete on Oct 26
      Pedro, the Mexicans were there first! ***Clippy on Oct 26
New fascismSimmons on Oct 24
 pretty muchmn on Oct 24
  beware, bushs approval was so low, he practically needed 9/11. on Oct 24
 WTF you been watching news? FAUX NEWS? Is that not enough?Clippy on Oct 24
  Oh come on now Vicky, you wouldn't want to sound stupid...Pete on Oct 24
  Fox news is mainstream, they will die off tooSimmons on Oct 25
   If you wanted Bernie then Trump is not the alternative.Clippy on Oct 25
    Michael Moore disagrees with you.Simmons on Oct 25
     Trump IS part of the K Street lobby. He'll kill them with TAX CUTS!Clippy on Oct 25
     Moore must have been drunkClippy on Oct 26
   Re: Fox news is mainstream, they will die off tooMichael Calkins on Oct 31
 * The ones you mentioned are run by Liberals.Pete on Oct 24
The dead party sketchNot really John Cleese on Oct 24
 * Is that from the sketch... What do you want for Brexit?Pete on Oct 24
  I will be very surprised if you don't know this oneNot really John Cleese on Oct 24
   Memory banks from 40 years back are a little rusty, but...Pete on Oct 24
    No just call me victorious on November 8th. Poor losers! Boo hoo *Clippy on Oct 24
     OK, Vicky it is!Pete on Oct 24
top 10 ways donald trump is different than bill clintonmn on Oct 23
 Must I finish everything you do?Pete on Oct 23
  hey, leaving some for you was a good idea. now about those trade on Oct 23
   Trump on TradePete on Oct 23
    LOL "business executives negotiate these deals. No special interests...Clippy on Oct 23
     Who's bought off by business people?Pete on Oct 23
      Rich business people is ALL that Republicans listen too for the bribesClippy on Oct 23
       One day you might wake up to realize the things you call problems your own party created.Pete on Oct 23
        the lesser evil partymn on Oct 23
         *now 1.7% less evil!mn on Oct 23
*only 16 days until the dumbest day in us historymn on Oct 23
 Except on my calendar, where Trump wins!Pete on Oct 23
  12? Which one is your wife? Suing Trump will be your only tax cut...*Clippy on Oct 23
  *sync with trumps calendar-- nov 9th: "book deal, milk presidential run for all its worth"mn on Oct 23
   *(same as hillarys calendar-- though her entry is penciled in for jan 2025)mn on Oct 23
  * I hope you're being sarcastic. They were definitely not ugly.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
Trump Rally in Virginia Beach!!!!!!Pete on Oct 22
 actually trump always makes me think of the humpty dancemn on Oct 22
 *With all those guys at the party, I hope there'll at least be a stripper!TheBOB on Oct 22
  *Good news and bad. The good, yes! The bad, it's Michelle Obama. Go winkie, go winkie.Pete on Oct 22
   Yikes! ...TheBOB on Oct 22
    * That would be Speaker Ryan.Pete on Oct 22
     *LOL!!TheBOB on Oct 22
    i think one ran with mccainmn on Oct 22
     *Sounds alright to me--after all, she doesn't have to speak, just strip.TheBOB on Oct 22
      Well alrighty then...Pete on Oct 22
       wow pete, you really *are* a on Oct 22
       *Yeah, that's great, but I think Tina Fey votes Democrat.TheBOB on Oct 23
        thats not surprising, the democrats are in charge of selling out to media corpsmn on Oct 23
If Noah played golf...Pete on Oct 21
 we had a fake united nations at yalemn on Oct 21
  disputed countriesmn on Oct 21
President Obama to Republicans: Now you're OK with your nominee's bromance with PutinClippy on Oct 20
 It really is sad that really stupid people like you vote...Pete on Oct 20
  Putin lovers are even dumber! Just wait until we hack them!Clippy on Oct 20
   BLAH,BLAH! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!....Pete on Oct 20
Aha! Absolute proof that Democrats are full of *hit!Pete on Oct 20
Drumpf loses because he will REFUSE to accept election results...Clippy on Oct 19
 * No dummy. He said he would let the moderator know after the results were in.Pete on Oct 19
Steve, stop writing fiction and just write about this...Pete on Oct 19
 More than a conspiracy, the GOP is working with Russian spiesClippy on Oct 19
  I figure the only way we can explain things to Drippy is to treat him as if he was two...Pete on Oct 19
   And Ryan KNOWS that the Senate WILL FLIP thanks to your Nazi candidate*Clippy on Oct 19
    Ah, your ansestors were Nazis.Pete on Oct 19
     Your ancestors fought with the Nazi's too...Clippy on Oct 19
      Actually mine leagally immigrated to get away from fascism.Pete on Oct 19
       Well if you are wondering how Drumpf will still get 40% of the vote remember...Clippy on Oct 19
       *mine too. only to have Pax Robotica Obama and Corporate Fascist Hillary take overmn on Oct 19
The only poll numbers I'm excited about.Simmons on Oct 19
 *hear, hear -- and one of the more intelligent posts here latelymn on Oct 19
  *(seriously, and im not just saying that because i agree with it)mn on Oct 19
 Yeah, good post, but the Democrat Party was always that way.Pete on Oct 19
Fossil fuel money is blocking climate action in Congress, list of worst offendersClippy on Oct 19
UnitedHealth Reports 23% Rise in Profit, Boosts OutlookClippy on Oct 18
 You could have just posted your President sucks...Pete on Oct 18
  Well your GOP's only plan is to GIVE EVERYTHING BACK TO INSURERSClippy on Oct 18
   Poor co-dependent Drippy...Pete on Oct 19
    money isnt everything, but under democrats, money isnt anythingmn on Oct 19
Sanders tweet causes drug company to lose $400M in a day (link)Clippy on Oct 14
 *i know when im trading, the only advice i take is from presidential candidates on twittermn on Oct 14
 Bernie Sanders brought up on allegations of inappropriate touching...Pete on Oct 15
  *LOL--the metaphor that won't quit! (You're probably right about president Sanders)TheBOB on Oct 15
   *P.S. If Perot had run in a political climate like this, he may very well have won.TheBOB on Oct 15
    or he may very well have quit because "stuff..."mn on Oct 15
     *With politics it's impossible to separate fact from fiction, on either side.TheBOB on Oct 15
      *no kidding-- it would be like "separating" the threads of a sweatermn on Oct 15
    I voted for him.Pete on Oct 16
     Voted fir who? BTW, Early Voting was not a GOP idea either. They like Never Voting *Clippy on Oct 16
      * Put that brain cell to work. You can do it!Pete on Oct 16
       * That's one more brain cell than you have Drumpf sympathizer...Clippy on Oct 17
        *Sympathizer? Oh, supporter. Just like you and sports, you're an athletic supporter.Pete on Oct 17
  third party or democratic partymn on Oct 17
   My idea was he cut ranks in the Primary...Pete on Oct 17
   All moot pointsSimmons on Oct 17
    calling bullsh** (on your non-bullsh**)mn on Oct 17
     No I don't want everybody to be poor, just for you to go away or die mnClippy on Oct 18
      im telling you ted, youre EVERY democrat. in fact youre hillary!mn on Oct 18
      But I always thought C.L.I.P.P.Y stood for...Pete on Oct 18
       shows what he knows anyway-- theres nothing "miserable" about my nutbag at allnot really a squirrel on Oct 18
        moderation?Simmons on Oct 19
         *lol, that sounds about rightmn on Oct 19
Samsung announces the new Galaxy 7-Vampire mobile phone...Pete on Oct 14
 *Available in stores Oct 31-- Ah-Ah-Ah!!!!!Count ᗅᗺᗷᗅ on Oct 14
  * It only displays as AᗺBA if you click the linkUnicode Police, W3C Division on Oct 14
Oh Trump's a problem? Well I wonder how the Hollywood hypocrites would have handled this.Pete on Oct 13
 You are just in the perpetual denial stage...acceptance will take another 3 weeks or so***Clippy on Oct 13
  Denial? Oh that's what you are doing if you think Clinton won't ruin our country more.Pete on Oct 13
   So Drumpf is gonna give you another tax break and tax low wage earners more.Clippy on Oct 13
    Ted, are you really this dense?Pete on Oct 13
     Taxing income of the working and poor more is DENSE!Clippy on Oct 14
Another Obama idea to beat Global warming and a job opportunity for Drippy...Pete on Oct 12
 Drumpf will need the work. *Clippy on Oct 12
  *Sorry, Clippy--apparently, Trump's already got his hands full.TheBOB on Oct 12
   * Drumpf's hands full of p*ssy? :-)Clippy on Oct 14
    And speaking of which, we certainly have our hands full with y*u.Pete on Oct 15
     We still have to decide next year's winner between Ted and PeteNot Really the Nobel Prize Committee on Oct 15
Trump trumps Clinton...Pete on Oct 9
 Oh, and for those who can't read, let me explain it in Clippy-art...Re-Pete on Oct 9
  that about sums up the campaign... "2"-party system and allmn on Oct 9
   Yeah, but he was bi, so...*Pete on Oct 10
 But Drumpf mostly LIED about everythng!Clippy on Oct 10
  Fact Checks are all too often a bunch of bullshit...Pete on Oct 10
   As to Drumpf's Tax Plan, making poor pay more and eliminating Head of Household...Clippy on Oct 10
    Oh, so now paying taxes is bad?Pete on Oct 11
     A 2% increase will hurt the poor more than rich! His farm is worth less than $10 million.Clippy on Oct 12
Feel the hypocrisy. Trump's lame apology accepted, Bill Clinton's never!Clippy on Oct 8
 The Liberals have a short bus...Pete on Oct 8
  Drumpf only needs a short bus to ride all his Republican endorsers onClippy on Oct 9
   She's no champion of women and children. You do know she is in the tank for Wall Street?Pete on Oct 9
    Bernie was too good to be true! A Progressive Wish List that the GOP would never allow.Clippy on Oct 9
* Ted: Not sure how close to shore you live but take care with Matthew on the way.Pete on Oct 7
 Thanks Pedro! So far it just looks like we will get rain from it. *Clippy on Oct 7
See you in Texas, Michael...TheBOB on Oct 5
 Is a bear Catholic? Does TheBOB... oh wait, that's not how it goes!Fellow Catholic on Oct 5
  *Go Rams!TheBOB on Oct 6
 *if it was on fox, i missed it. I'll watch the world series.Michael Calkins on Oct 12
  Try TBS on Friday 8 pmClippy on Oct 12
   * I don't get TBS. Nor ESPN (except when ESPN is broadcast on ABC).Michael Calkins on Oct 31
    Well the World Series is underway, but the only important thing so far is...Pete on Oct 31
     * I'm favoring Cleveland. I dislike Chicago. Besides, the White Sox won already in 2005.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
      hey screw you guys, im rooting for the bruinsmn on Oct 31
       * How can UCLA all the way from D.C.? I can "bearly" see it from Santa Barbara.Pete on Oct 31
VP debate about ready to begin. If Pence was me, he'd do 90-min of non-stop ass kicking.Pete on Oct 4
 Pence looked and acted more presidential than Trump ever willClippy on Oct 5
  Your failing is you don't listen to what the candidates say or do, instead...Pete on Oct 5
   still impressed you think trumps not a politician, just because he wasnt beforemn on Oct 5
    insert usual ted horse rhetoric about how useless is is to not like SOME kind of evilmn on Oct 5
    Sure I'm sure...Pete on Oct 5
   Republicans always have the same plan, help the rich bribing them, screw everybody else!Clippy on Oct 5
    * So was Reagan, and the 80's turned out to be pretty great.Pete on Oct 5
     Ah yes, Reagan started the "Trickle Down" your basket of fools are STILL waiting forClippy on Oct 5
      Failed farmers like Steve??SMcNeill on Oct 5
       * Funny, you responded while I was typing my reply. Thanks for taking care of point #4.Pete on Oct 5
       See, another millionaire farmer using illegal immigrants to save money. FEAR NOT! *Clippy on Oct 5
      Oh where do I even start. Ah, back in the U.S.S.R..Pete on Oct 5
       Exactly, but what would happen if your GOP bigot tosses them all out?Clippy on Oct 5
        I wish Steve could travel back in time and give your mom a free copy...Pete on Oct 5
Help Steve!Pete on Oct 3
 Trump Foundation closed down in New York for fraud. *Clippy on Oct 3
  *now all they have to do is close down the clinton foundation for the same reasonmn on Oct 3
 the solution is already at hand, petemn on Oct 3
  * Same thing Dolly used, a bust-duster. It works great on giant boobs like Drippy.Pete on Oct 3
   *thats odd, i always thought she used a filibustermn on Oct 3
October surprise?Simmons on Oct 2
Bernie Sanders is a moron. He should have run as an IndependantPete on Sep 30
 Bernie ran as a Democrat because some STATES do not allow Independents.Clippy on Sep 30
  *dont wait for democrats to do any"favors" wrt changing this (unconstitutional)arrangementmn on Sep 30
  Primaries Smimaries. Bernie should have run as an Independent in the General.Pete on Oct 1
   I really have to laugh when Republicans castigate Hillary for being angry at Bill's whoresClippy on Oct 1
    Hillary is a gold-digger. Just imagine if your ex-wife had caught you with another woman.Pete on Oct 1
     More castigation with absolutely no proof of anything. That's why you are losers!Clippy on Oct 1
      Castigation? Well now I know why someone coined the expression stupid-a-hole...Pete on Oct 1
       All lies repeated over and over for 20 years does not make ANY true!Clippy on Oct 1
        Dammit Steve, why can't you be a Liberal? That way, I'd have someone smart to argue with.Pete on Oct 2
         Well if you want to talk about FAIL, then let's look at your GOP since 2000Clippy on Oct 2
          Re: Well if you want to talk about FAIL, then let's look at your GOP since 2000Pete on Oct 2
           LMAO, your GOP now runs the Congress, but chooses to DO NOTHING AGAINClippy on Oct 2
            I always wondered how laughing gas was produced and now I know...Pete on Oct 2
             And the latest is that the Senate GOP leader is ready to walk back that veto overrideClippy on Oct 2
              Re: And the latest is that the Senate GOP leader is ready to walk back that veto overrideSMcNeill on Oct 3
      on Oct 3
                People like Drippy can't handle the "truth" but Italians can dish it out. Best vid --->Pete on Oct 3
                IE: THEY have to pass the bill so that YOU can see what is in it beyond the controversy"*Clippy on Oct 4
What do you get when you put Liberal and Conservative scientists on the same project?Pete on Sep 29
 Solar everything! Let's get rid of coal and oil pollution altogether! *Clippy on Sep 30
  * OK! I'll save you a seat on the solar powered electric chair!Pete on Sep 30
   You've FRIED me enough here already old buddy! ~~~*Clippy on Sep 30
    * But now I get to do it in an eco-friendly way!Pete on Sep 30
 *Solar powered? I can just imagine all the death-row inmates praying for rain.TheBOB on Oct 1
Breaking News: People who think like Drippy are idiots!Pete on Sep 29
 *Typical Republican! Terrorists are people too, you know!Not really a Democrat on Sep 29
 going to have to disagree on a on Sep 30
  That's true. Drippy has a mind like a steel trap...Pete on Sep 30
Senate sends Obama the finger...Pete on Sep 28
 Yet again? That was the FIRST OBAMA VETO override EVER!Clippy on Sep 29
  Oops, sorry. Explanation for Little Brains enclosed...Pete on Sep 29
   Well minuscule brains your Drumph is headed to jail soon...Clippy on Sep 29
    Heading to jail to get the felons to vote Trump...Pete on Sep 29
Don't fall for these scamsClippy on Sep 28
 * So the only scams you fall for are voting for Democrats?Pete on Sep 28
  *Almost! I sent him a bar graph of money he could make helping me with a bank transfer.Not Really The Nigerian Minister of Finance on Sep 29
   * LOL @ bar graph.Pete on Sep 29
 Poor, poor ClippySMcNeill on Sep 28
  Hmmmm, when I contacted the Paypal number on my card THEY said it was bogusClippy on Sep 28
   Ask yourself WHY you use it...SMcNeil. on Sep 28
    *Put Drippy in solitary confinement & he still wouldn't be the smartest person in the roomPete on Sep 28
   I also love the "bogus reply email"SMcNeil. on Sep 28
    *getting "billed" was a bad enough scam. getting hillaried is going to be a lot worsemn on Sep 29
We need a Canadian wall, and TheBOB is going to pay for it...Pete on Sep 27
 *Glad to have her! We've got a rocking chair all ready in Norman Bates' basement.TheBOB on Sep 27
 Oh god...Simmons on Sep 27
  i know, right?mn on Sep 27
 apparently pete is the worst strategist in us history, at least since custermn on Sep 27
  Did you even bother to read my post?Pete on Sep 27
   * And back off Custer. I happen to like Arrow shirts!Pete on Sep 27
   LOL i take it back-- pete is the greatest engineer on Sep 27
    And you know that notion just crossed my mindGreatful Ted on Sep 27
     *pretty good, but do they call it "vat" here? i thought that was the uk, and "vee aymn on Sep 27
Why I think Trump will winSimmons on Sep 27
 Yeah but let the baby have its way never works...Pete on Sep 27
  WTF is so different about more tax cuts for the rich who DO NOT NEED THEM?Quippy on Sep 27
   Come on Clippy, step outside your narrative for a bitSimmons on Sep 27
Online polls almost all show Trump won tonight's debate.Pete on Sep 26
 *well before we go trusting the news, lets get a chart from on Sep 27
Cars are proof Liberals are full of bleeding heart baloney...Pete on Sep 26
 actually the car argument is generally proof that no one in gov cares about our safetymn on Sep 26
 A typical I'm rubber your'e glue argument for conservative morons and Mennonites.Clippy on Sep 26
  Re: A typical I'm rubber your'e glue argument for conservative morons and Mennonites.SMcNeill on Sep 26
   Thanks for that, Steve. I have a much longer history with Drippy...Pete on Sep 26
   Re: A typical I'm rubber your'e glue argument for conservative morons and Mennonites.Clippy on Sep 26
    Re: A typical I'm rubber your'e glue argument for conservative morons and Mennonites.SMcNeill on Sep 26
     No let's just do what you did and write off 2/3 as UNPREVENTABLE SUICIDESClippy on Sep 27
      You want to see car suicides go up? Just ban guns...Pete on Sep 27
       GOP always confuses "freedom" with getting rid of regulations, thus your "Patriot ActClippy on Sep 28
        Oh, you mean that Act that all but one Senate Democrat voted for?Pete on Sep 28
         Republicans had no problem at all with it since! So much for smaller Government eh?Clippy on Sep 28
         *...that joe biden says he wrote himselfmn on Sep 29
          Speaking of "Joe" Did you see that vid I posted about him and is he really that creepy?Pete on Sep 29
  congrats liberal genius-- you just said basically "republicans dont give a sh**..."mn on Sep 27
Chromium-6 Contaminates Water of 218M Americans, Report SaysClippy on Sep 25
 And yet more women come down with cervical cancer because of Planned Parenthood.Pete on Sep 25
My second book has now been publishedSMcNeill on Sep 24
 Congratulations! You're more prolific than Stephen King! Question...TheBOB on Sep 24
  Re: Congratulations! You're more prolific than Stephen King! Question...SMcNeill on Sep 25
   *Makes sense--thanks!TheBOB on Sep 25
   Instead of bringing people to the dark you could lure them, instead.Pete on Sep 25
    Re: Instead of bringing people to the dark you could lure them, instead.SMcNeill on Sep 25
     * Pete can't keep it going on forever. After all, it's just a punzi scheme.Not Really Bernie Madoff on Sep 25
    He should have been called DarkBringer from birth! Fits him well *Clippy on Sep 25
*Bill Clinton is the only man I know who wants Flowers for his birthday.Pete on Sep 22
 *dude, wheres our joke?not really the 1990s on Sep 23
  *Would it help to mention that these particular "Flowers" are currently over 60 years old?TheBOB on Sep 23
 Because Billy will make a fine First Lady...*Quippy on Sep 23
  * BS. Bill can't even make his own First Lady.Pete on Sep 23
   Bill just doesn't know how to treat the ladies, but I do...Not Really Joey B... on Sep 24
    If it weren't for immigrants Trump would not have any wives...*Clippy on Sep 24
     * If it weren't for illegal immigrants, Trump's ex-wives could work at Burger King.Pete on Sep 24
question for dr. petemn on Sep 22
 really come to think about it, its more articulationmn on Sep 22
  Before it gets worse, you could use it to hitch a ride to see a chiropractor.Pete on Sep 22
   thats disappointing but certainly understandablemn on Sep 22
  *I've read that CMT is hereditary--any history in the fam'?TheBOB on Sep 22
   *Actually uh, we were talking about my thumb but thank-you-very-muchNot really The Pelvis of Elvis on Sep 22
    *Sorry, I thought you had left the building.TheBOB on Sep 22
     *That's alright, I thought Disco was making a comebackNot Really Elvis on Sep 22
Lyin' Fed...Pete on Sep 21
 Raising int rates would create more inflation, but GOP TAX CUTS would be worse!Clippy on Sep 21
  Well you're wrong about the inflation trigger part but correct about the debt percentage.Pete on Sep 21
   Well after the GOP destroyed Pensions and Senior investments...Clippy on Sep 21
    Well at least he can walk without falling, stumbling and fainting..Pete on Sep 21
     Then you admit that Trump is a Fraud and that makes you one too! *Clippy on Sep 22
     * If higher education was out of reach, your solution would be to lower it.Pete on Sep 22
George Bush was right after all... Saddam did have a pressure cooker!Pete on Sep 21
 According to Daddy Bush, Trump is a WMD so he's voting for Clinton*Clippy on Sep 21
 *the thing is, saddam had a permit and it wasnt even an "assault pressure cooker"mn on Sep 22
  anyway the solution seems fairly obviousmn on Sep 22
   * That would make Hillary a terrorist. She carries hot sauce in her purse.Pete on Sep 22
    the new definition of terroristmn on Sep 22
Another Stellar member of the Black community gets shot and killed by the police...Pete on Sep 20
 The 911 calls might give some insight on why this happened:SMcNeill on Sep 21
  cops REALLY need more training to avoid misunderstandings like this onemn on Sep 21
 From that helicopter you saw NOTHING fraud doctor and poor farmer!Clippy on Sep 21
  Here Drippy, there's hope for you yet...Pete on Sep 21
  But even still, Clippy...TheBOB on Sep 21
   The car window was closedClippy on Sep 21
    Re: The car window was closedPete on Sep 21
    Ah, yes...TheBOB on Sep 21
trump says chiropractors are "a bunch of shifty, vitamin-doling con-men"mn on Sep 20
 Re: trump says chiropractors are "a bunch of shifty, vitamin-doling con-men"Not really a Mennonite on Sep 20
Trump's Islamic terrorist rhetoric is OK with me...Pete on Sep 19
 bush had pretty terrible aim. he kept trying to hit afghans from iraq, to get saudismn on Sep 19
  George W. Bush was the greatest President in American history.Pete on Sep 19
   he wasnt even elected :P he got in mostly on al gore being boring and disappointingmn on Sep 20
 Everything you can do, I can do worseSimmons on Sep 20
  *LOL@Zoolander!TheBOB on Sep 20
  Anything he can do I can do badder. I can do anything badder than you..Not really HRC on Sep 20
   Do you prefer Peter or Dick? *Not really a Mennonite on Sep 20
    * I go by Peter... You go BUY dick.Pete on Sep 20
Why do all Democrats end up in Hell?Pete on Sep 19
Who really needs Democrats, anyway?Pete on Sep 17
 SAME BS CRAP you said about Romney and Sarah Palin. GET REAL! *Clippy on Sep 17
  * BLAH, BLAH... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... Shut up Shit-Ted!Not Really Steve Martin on Sep 17
   * Quack, quack... quack, quack, quack... STFU Peter, Peter pumpkin eater!Clippy on Sep 17
    Peter Peter Drippy beater...Peter Peter on Sep 17
 how the rich really get richerSimmons on Sep 18
  It's a mad mad world...Pete on Sep 18
   well, can it get madder?Simmons on Sep 20
    Re: well, can it get madder?Pete on Sep 20
     I'm a pessimistSimmons on Sep 21
Democrats are the Party of racism...Pete on Sep 16
 GOP Liars Club. Next you will say that Cosby molested you...LMAO! *Quippy on Sep 17
It's lucky for the Borg there were no Liberals left in the 23rd century..Pete on Sep 16
 some group in 1935 was all about thatSimmons on Sep 16
  Free speech against the Liberal establishment gets you a "C" at best.Pete on Sep 16
   Two ways to do thisSimmons on Sep 16

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