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Quantitative Failure...Pete on Feb 12
 That's exactly what I was saying, the rich SIT ON CASHClippy on Feb 12
China will probably have to close their stock market.Pete on Feb 11
 Oil driven recovery.Pete on Feb 15
  Go ahead over, you talk like them: "reluctant to depreciated"Clippy on Feb 16
   China's plan is to move to a service economy...Pete on Feb 16
My general understanding of economics outranks economic majors...Pete on Feb 10
 LOL at your Trickle Down economics. Worst Depression since 1929Clippy on Feb 11
 Stuck a towel on his head and saved the BS market...Pete on Feb 11
  Yet another bad idea on your economic wish list, raise oil prices!Clippy on Feb 11
   Not in the market now.Pete on Feb 11
    Trickle up works, but not with these low wages and GOP intends to keep them low.Clippy on Feb 11
     Why "trickle up" failsPete on Feb 11
      Watch Corporate America Turn A Room Full Of Workers Into Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump SClippy on Feb 12
       Those poor bastards make less than a lot of sports figures...Pete on Feb 12
        GOP Lies! 12 million more people have healthcare, millions more still need itClippy on Feb 13
         Nope, just more political BS...Pete on Feb 13
Trump's Art of the Deal by Funny or Die ...50 minutesClippy on Feb 10
Why can't you damn Democrats do something about the high costs of sandwiches?Pete on Feb 10
Hillary Clinton F UPete on Feb 10
 The Bern is meeting with Reverend Al right nowClippy on Feb 10
  Al Sharpton, another Hero of the Stupid.Pete on Feb 10
Bernie Sanders free education will cost us billions...Pete on Feb 8
 Nope, it will cost Wall Street Billions with a TEENY transactions tax on greed!Clippy on Feb 9
  Here's another Rubot for you... RU2Stupid2Pete on Feb 9
   .03 percent or 30 cents per $1,000 transaction would generate $250 BILLION!Clippy on Feb 9
    Well genius. How does that skewed figure even help when you need 500 billion a year?Pete on Feb 9
     Oh you wanna PAY FOR IT? Like your GOP has paid off constituents with tax cuts?Clippy on Feb 10
      Don't get your feminine pad in a bunch...Pete on Feb 10
       I am currently paying them off, more than your GOP has done EVER!Clippy on Feb 10
        How the hell do you even have a high school education?Pete on Feb 10
         Nope, you were too stupid to notice that Bush got rid of all the regulators!Clippy on Feb 10
          Stupid is as stupid does...Pete on Feb 10
           Wrong again, Unregulated Banks did the crime, never did the time.Clippy on Feb 10
            You're wrong again? Well, that's no surprise...Pete on Feb 10
             Everybody KNEW that they could NOT afford it at those banks! They fudged the ratings!Clippy on Feb 10
              Yeah, especially those borrowing the money.Pete on Feb 10
               That's like blaming people for getting robbedClippy on Feb 10
                I blame you...Pete on Feb 10
                 Rob runs the other site, but he never answers...Prisons eat up $80 billion a year!Clippy on Feb 10
Got Stocks?Pete on Feb 8
 Yeah sure, blame it all on Obama, hes not running for anything LOLClippy on Feb 8
  But where was the bull economy?Pete on Feb 8
   Where was your GOP Congress? Home raising campaign money?Clippy on Feb 8
    A lot of conservatives are angry...Pete on Feb 8
*Everyone amped for Peyton's last hurrah on Sunday? Any predictions?TheBOB on Feb 4
 * I predict the Broncos will go to pot at halftime.Pete on Feb 4
  *Ha! Surely they learned their lesson two years ago. No pot for a week before the game.TheBOB on Feb 4
   Pot was not the problem. It was the munchies at half time!Clippy on Feb 5
 Our military can't sing, either, but...Pete on Feb 7
  Usually Carolina is up by 20 points by now! Denver's defense got the Steelers too! *Clippy on Feb 7
  Yeah, very unexpected by a lot of people...TheBOB on Feb 7
   There were not 50 of them! They missed quite a few years.Clippy on Feb 7
    There was a co-VP who passed...Pete on Feb 7
     Papa Johns! Peyton is not saying...Clippy on Feb 7
      * In 50 years, Von Miller gets to come back!Pete on Feb 7
     I'm with you, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 7
      Peyton's brother already won two Super Bowl'sClippy on Feb 7
       And now so has Peyton (URL)...TheBOB on Feb 8
        I got the same impression of Eli.Pete on Feb 8
         *Never thought of it that way. Praise from Clippy would mean I was wrong.TheBOB on Feb 8
        I guess you never had a brother competing against you all the timeClippy on Feb 8
         Boo, hoo! Wow, Clippy, no wonder you're so miserable...TheBOB on Feb 8
          Well Bob, I was almost in tears until I realized...Pete on Feb 8
          Was your brother 6? Don't cry babyClippy on Feb 8
           Well, for one, I don't like being called "senile" because I don't agree with you...TheBOB on Feb 8
            * Translation for Clippy: He means you go off half-cocked with no bullets in your gun.Pete on Feb 8
            Sorry but making comments about people you even don't know reminded me of that...Clippy on Feb 8
             You've got it backwards again...TheBOB on Feb 8
If convicted, they'll be occupying federal property for years.Clippy on Feb 4
 Well at least the federal vehicle that was stolen was used for its intended purpose...Pete on Feb 4
Strong stuff, but worth a look (URL)...TheBOB on Feb 2
 So who decides which ones are naggars? You Canadians?Clippy on Feb 2
  You're right, of course...TheBOB on Feb 2
  It's pretty obvious, Clippy...Mr. Obvious on Feb 6
   This is pretty obvious too! Trump should get a "Peace Prize"...Clippy on Feb 7
    That comic's a loser....Pete on Feb 7
 Similar to what Chris Rock did years ago.Pete on Feb 3
  *True, but I dare say his was more constructive--a sense of humour always helps.TheBOB on Feb 3
   I thought this guy was pretty funny...Pete on Feb 3
    I certainly agree that it's a legacy of liberal thinking...TheBOB on Feb 3
     I won't Black down...Not really Tom Petty on Feb 3
      *Agreed, agreed.TheBOB on Feb 3
       I just post this stuff in the hopes it will give Clippy a stroke...Not really The Great Buddha on Feb 3
        *LOL-poor Clipster. It's difficult to walk with only one foot. He hops like crazy, though.TheBOB on Feb 3
         * Or have him pull the other one out of his mouth. Then get him some knuckle ointment.Pete on Feb 3
         Don't look now, but a Canadian Mexican and a Cuban are stealing the GOP nomination...Clippy on Feb 3
          Stealing, you got that part right...Pete on Feb 4
           Yeah sure blame Cruz's crimes on Obama ! LMAOClippy on Feb 4
            Jesus says vote Republican in 2016...Pete on Feb 4
I don't like Fox News. I don't like them at all...Not Really Donald Trump on Jan 28
 LOL, Faux News was your GOP liar network. Where ya gonna go now?Clippy on Jan 29
Just like Trump, damn right I'm made. If it were for complacency...Pete on Jan 23
 Self made man, move to Flint and try that...Drink up!Clippy on Jan 24
  I'd say the stupid government EPA f'd up again.Pete on Jan 24
   Oh no, nobody would ever blame Snyder the GOP thief Governor Robbing Hood!Clippy on Jan 24
    * "Robbing Hood?" Did he hang out with The Three Douchecateers?Pete on Jan 25
     Donno, not my BAG man! Three GOP Amigos will never find Snyder guilty of anything...Clippy on Jan 26
The good old days...TheBOB on Jan 22
 I never spent that much at Radio Shack my entire life!Clippy on Jan 22
 * In 1990 I paid 4,500 for a 386 Windows 3.1 desktop with leather interior.Pete on Jan 23
  Soft Corinthian Leather no doubt..The plane, the plane...Clippy on Jan 23
   I kept my hard drive and disks, but tossed the tower...Pete on Jan 23
The Lie We LiveClippy on Jan 19
Jesus Christ, you just won the Boston Marathon. What are you going to do next?Not Really Walt Disney on Jan 12
 Guns are banned at Disney World, so they don't need good guys with gunsClippy on Jan 13
  Don't like open carry? Quit voting for lawless Democrats.Pete on Jan 13
   Most of those gang guns come from good old GOP Indiana!Clippy on Jan 13
    * How smart is our base? Well, without you in it, considerably smarter than your base.Pete on Jan 13
     Your base votes for racists, bigots and billionaires who never help them at all.Clippy on Jan 14
      A letter from Canada. This One HurtsClippy on Jan 16
       Sorry, we can't send Obama to Canada. Mac left me with only one rule...Pete on Jan 17
        Interesting...TheBOB on Jan 18
         Ah senility...Clippy on Jan 18
I don't like these Vikes, I don't like them at all...Not Really Donald Trump on Jan 10
 That wasn't a game, it was a muggingClippy on Jan 10
If raising the Minimum Wage is a Job Killer then...Clippy on Jan 8
 Re: If raising the Minimum Wage is a Job Killer then...SMcNeill on Jan 9
  I'll take that bet! Those employees will SPEND the money while CEO's HOARD theirs!Clippy on Jan 9
 * Better Matters. How about raising the minimum I.Q. in this country?Pete on Jan 9
  While Republicans CUT Educaion and give TAX CUTS to Billionaires? Funny guy!Clippy on Jan 9
GOP Congresswoman asks for Obamacare horror stories...Clippy on Jan 3
Good guys with guns...Clippy on Jan 3
 Liberals with brains...Pete on Jan 3
  Conservatives with none:Clippy on Jan 3
* I predict 2016 will happen by the end of the day.Psychic Genius on Dec 31
 *If your prediction proves true, have a good one!TheBOB on Dec 31
  * I knew you were going to post that.Psychic Genius on Dec 31
 *You're wrong. Day ends when night begins. 2016 ends at midnight, so its well after that.Psycho Genius on Dec 31
  *2016 ends at midnight? How long have I been sleeping!?!TheBOB on Dec 31
   *Not too long. We still have a year in 2016, but IT'LL STILL END AT MIDNIGHT! :PPsycho Genius on Dec 31
    *LOL--you're not only a Psycho Genius, you're a slippery bugger, too! Anyway, HNY All!TheBOB on Dec 31
More about Saudi deficit problem...Pete on Dec 28
 Those Arabs used to run from oasis to oasis...Clippy on Dec 29
  Maybe subsidies should be increased.Pete on Dec 29
   That's what I like about you Pedro, always willing to help the richClippy on Dec 29
    It's called helping prosperity.Pete on Dec 30
Congratulations GOP, now 400 families own more wealth that the lowest 61%Clippy on Dec 26
 And all under a democratic President!Pete on Dec 26
  I call that a WIMPY compromise with a GOP CongressClippy on Dec 26
   Really? Most millionaires polled want Clinton to win.Pete on Dec 26
    Really now? Then you should vote with them perhaps...*Clippy on Dec 26
     * I would, if it didn't bother me so much to screw over the poor people.Pete on Dec 26
      You really ARE FUNNY! LMAOROF! Here's funny!Clippy on Dec 26
       Here's funny! Kasich wants an end to gerrymandering in OhioClippy on Dec 27
        His campaign is feable and frankly I pity it...Pete on Dec 27
         If he's an idiot then your base should love him! He's one of them *Clippy on Dec 27
Funniest video I've seen this year...Pete on Dec 24
 Well illustrated too! Its a shame he can't stomach women using a bathroom...Clippy on Dec 25
  Trump is a capitalist. Rand is a hippie...Pete on Dec 25
   Trump or not Trump QuizClippy on Dec 25
    Don't feel bad...Pete on Dec 25
    Re: Trump or not Trump QuizSMcNeill on Dec 25
    We all took the quiz. Who should we believe? A loser like Clippy or a winner...Trump Quiz Judge on Dec 25
     FTC must mean Feel Trump's Charisma! Or maybe Feed The Cat...*Clippy on Dec 25
      * Fine Tasting ChocolatesForrest Trump on Dec 25
       Fools Trump Creates. Speaking of the War on ChristmasClippy on Dec 25
 *Very funny. Trump probably paid for the book with campaign funds--helped his self image.TheBOB on Dec 25
  C'mon Bob, fess up! You did the illustrations didn't you?Clippy on Dec 25
   *Merry Christmas to you, too, Clippy (I was never a fan of Ayn).TheBOB on Dec 25
Tea Party Declares WAR on Speaker Paul Ryan for JUST $29.95 per FAX!Clippy on Dec 22
HiLIARy ClintonPete on Dec 21
 Oughta fit right in with your GOP liars club! Trump lies every other word!Clippy on Dec 21
Jeb! with no last name offers pre-Democratic debate assessment:Clippy on Dec 19
Let freedom ring! Not in a GOP World!Clippy on Dec 17
trump vs. hillarymn on Dec 15
 The only difference between Hillary and a horse's a$$ is...Pete on Dec 15
  *The Trump vs Hillary situation is more like an SNL sketch than a US election.TheBOB on Dec 15
   * And the Obama Hillary primary was more like the movie Trading Places.Pete on Dec 15
  "I'd vote for a bag of excrement over Hillary."mn on Dec 15
LA colsed all schools today on a terrorist threat.Pete on Dec 15
 but you digressmn on Dec 15
 as for tougher policy for the bad guysmn on Dec 15
  Tougher sentencing.Pete on Dec 15
   there are tough enough sentences for hoaxes-- just not enough focus on real solutionsmn on Dec 15
    Prison hard labor is not slavery.Pete on Dec 15
     they are in three statesmn on Dec 15
for dr pete: a freudian question about other types of doctorsmn on Dec 14
 All I know about Freud is that he should have seen a procologist.Pete on Dec 14
  *ok, i always thought those were called "astrologers"mn on Dec 14
   No, no, no. Astrologers are...Pete on Dec 14
    no no no-- those are economistsmn on Dec 14
Grey Cells Matter...Pete on Dec 14
 Yet your WHITE com-padres want to take assault weapons into theaters and stores?Clippy on Dec 14
  People need assult weapons in theaters...Pete on Dec 14
   You can afford that popcorn funny guy. Can our children afford you?Clippy on Dec 14
    * To the best of my knowledge, we haven't had children together.Pete on Dec 14
     Nearly 100,000 Americans have been killed by gun violence and you make jokes?Clippy on Dec 14
      You're right, violence is a terrible thing...TheBOB on Dec 14
      A lot of those gun deaths were suicides.Pete on Dec 14
       If we had ANY OTHER reason for that many deaths, the CDC would be on it in a second!Clippy on Dec 14
        I really wonder why you just didn't migrate to Russia.Pete on Dec 14
         A few more years of Republican control here will make Putin look pretty good.Clippy on Dec 14
      Re: Nearly 100,000 Americans have been killed by gun violence and you make jokes?SMcNeill on Dec 15
       * LOL. Basically what I took away from that is: Guns don't kill people, Twinkies do.Pete on Dec 15
       So where are those other figures ignorant farmerClippy on Dec 15
        Re: So where are those other figures ignorant farmerSMcNeill on Dec 16
         So just because guns don't cause a majority of deaths we should just ignore them?Clippy on Dec 16
          Re: So just because guns don't cause a majority of deaths we should just ignore them?SMcNeill on Dec 16
           Add to that that the largest percentage of homicides by gun are gang-related...TheBOB on Dec 16
            EXCUSES are why criminals, gangs and idiots get guns in the first place!Clippy on Dec 16
             What "EXCUSES" were you talking about? ...TheBOB on Dec 16
              The NRA used to be an organization that promoted GUN SAFETY!Clippy on Dec 16
               It still is! ...TheBOB on Dec 16
                Maybe up in Canada, but not down here. They are SHILLS for gun sellers!Clippy on Dec 16
                 *Clippy, you're a waste of time and energy--up here or in the States.TheBOB on Dec 16
                  GLAD to waste your time now go to bed and dream about FloridaClippy on Dec 16
                 Kudos on using MYOB. It actually took me about 5-seconds to figure it out. That's sad.Pete on Dec 17
                  Who are you folks kidding? You will vote for any of those evil wannabes.Clippy on Dec 17
                   Ah, fracking reducing carbon emissions, so you got that wrong...Pete on Dec 17
                  There are NO Gun Show LoopholesSMcNeill on Dec 17
                   The simple question is, why a background check?Pete on Dec 17
                    Re: The simple question is, why a background check?SMcNeill on Dec 17
                     Love it! ...TheBOB on Dec 18
                      Re: Love it! ...SMcNeill on Dec 18
                       *LOL--oh, dear, now I"m sad again.TheBOB on Dec 18
                    AMEN! An individual should not be able to sell or GIVE a gun to another individualClippy on Dec 18
                     Re: AMEN! An individual should not be able to sell or GIVE a gun to another individualSMcNeill on Dec 18
                      A clear statement of the practical problems involved, however...TheBOB on Dec 18
                       No, driving is considered a PRIVILEGE. Gun owners don't even need licenses!Clippy on Dec 18
                       Re: A clear statement of the practical problems involved, however...SMcNeill on Dec 18
                        Gun facts made up by NRA liars. Try a government source.Clippy on Dec 18
                         Re: Gun facts made up by NRA liars. Try a government source.SMcNeill on Dec 19
                          Apples and oranges only because your's are such blatant lies!Clippy on Dec 19
                        Good points, Steve. Lots to consider...TheBOB on Dec 19
  Re: Yet your WHITE com-padres want to take assault weapons into theaters and stores?SMcNeill on Dec 15
   Try 73 children die every year from choking on any food * 3 = 219Clippy on Dec 16
    Re: Try 73 children die every year from choking on any food * 3 = 219SMcNeill on Dec 16
     Since 2010, 81 of 184 officer-involved deaths in Georgia have involved either unarmed...Clippy on Dec 22
Bob, you're in charge of the Northern Wall...Pete on Dec 12
 Keep your followers SCARED Pedro, they are already well armed!Clippy on Dec 12
  Trump's family were immigrants, too...Pete on Dec 12
 Don't need a northern wall, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 12
  LOL. Well of course YOU don't need a nothern wall...Pete on Dec 12
   You don't have to worry about Santa this year...TheBOB on Dec 12
  Well all Trump said he was gonna do was ASK them if they are Muslims. Why would ISIS lie?Clippy on Dec 12
   Because our United States Constitution gives an idiot the right to own a gun.Pete on Dec 12
    The 2nd Amendment is about forming state militias, not individual gun ownership!Clippy on Dec 13
     That's not all it says...TheBOB on Dec 13
      Then you don't know what a state militia is!Clippy on Dec 13
       *Rant all you want, Clipster. You still got the Second Amendment wrong.TheBOB on Dec 13
        Should have said NEENER! Here's what Rubio got wrong...Clippy on Dec 13
         Okay, you got me. NEENER! ...TheBOB on Dec 14
          Clippy gets parts of the 1st and 2nd Amendments mixed up...Pete on Dec 14
           Even my Civil Air Patrol service was more than yours Pedro.Clippy on Dec 14
            Sure, they put you in charge of the no-fly zone.Pete on Dec 14
       Sorry bozo, but you are wrongSMcNeill on Dec 15
     WeaponsBen on Dec 14
     The more Clippy thinks he knows...SMcNeill on Dec 15
It only took that female radiacal Islamic terrorist 1 year in the U.S. to stage an attack.Pete on Dec 6
 *Next thing you're going to tell us is that people who believe in God could be terrorists.TheBOB on Dec 6
  People who believe in God could be terrorists.Pete on Dec 6
   Thanks for including RADICAL!Clippy on Dec 6
    Black lives don't matter...Pete on Dec 6
     So that's why you folks let anybody get a gun? The girl was from Saudi ArabiaClippy on Dec 6
 You are right Pete, we don't need ISIS when we have the NRAClippy on Dec 10
This is how Fox News creates ignorant viewersClippy on Dec 1
 Clippyy, since you're always wrong, that's all I need to not believe in man made warming.Pete on Dec 1
  Geraldo knows too. Even he can't LIE that bad...Clippy on Dec 1
   Geraldo is the reason we get so many illegals here.Pete on Dec 1
    They are only "illegals" to keep them working for less around your homes!Clippy on Dec 1
Just to make Clippy happy for Thanksgiving...Pete on Nov 26
 No, the aholes post bull crap in the main forum here!****Clippy on Nov 29
  Well Clippy, just take a chapter out of your new email handbook, and contact them!Pete on Dec 9
I found this opinion piece by Michael Reagan funny, but true.SMcNeill on Nov 25
 One area where I welcome regulation...Pete on Nov 26
  Well the doctors are bought off tooClippy on Nov 29
 The government, in this case, is making an assumption...TheBOB on Nov 26
  Canadians don't get steamed, thawed, though improbable, is more likely.Pete on Nov 26
   Okay, then, I'm still partially thawed over the polymer bills...TheBOB on Nov 26
    Re: Okay, then, I'm still partially thawed over the polymer bills...Pete on Nov 26
     I agree, there's such a thing as being too healthy...TheBOB on Nov 26
      Schneider's plantBen on Nov 26
       *Really? I've walked those tracks many times--when they were still tracks, of course.TheBOB on Nov 26
        grand river trail is amazing as wellBen on Nov 28
         *Yeah, some great country around there. Whereabouts did you live?TheBOB on Nov 28
          *KingstonBen on Nov 28
           *No, I meant where did you live when you were in Kitchener (I've lived in Kingston, too).TheBOB on Nov 28
            Cherry street, slightly northwest of victoria parkBen on Nov 28
             Very close to where I used to live...TheBOB on Nov 28
              Did you happen to go to Kitchener Collegiate Institute (KCI) high school?Ben on Nov 28
               I sure did...TheBOB on Nov 28
                It's a small world, and Clippy does exist. Don't let Walt find out...Pete on Nov 29
      I checked into the availability of Schneider's back bacon...TheBOB on Nov 26
      Huge and healthy eh? Like those Wall Street Fat Cats?Clippy on Nov 30
       First of all, Clippy, it was a joke...TheBOB on Nov 30
        Oh so it is Irony and move on like truck drivers then. (Edit)Clippy on Nov 30
         Which truck drivers were you referring to? ...TheBOB on Nov 30
          OK. Not to split hairs, but Movers might have been a better description. *Clippy on Nov 30
           *Only if I was custom-tailoring the joke for you. Others just "got" it.TheBOB on Nov 30
           But aren't Movers thin due to all that movement? You know, Shakers and Movers.Pete on Dec 1
            Ahhh, shakes...TheBOB on Dec 1
        I can put up with some profanity, some outrageous behavior, but this is unpardonable...Pete on Nov 30
 You are right Steve, they should be forced to put Alcohol content above Calories!Clippy on Dec 9
Why do democrats want to increase immigrants to the US?SMcNeill on Nov 25
 Well HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET HERE? A gift from Ireland potato famine?Clippy on Nov 25
  Re: Well HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET HERE? A gift from Ireland potato famine?SMcNeill on Nov 25
Check this video out.Clippy on Nov 24
 *Hey, neat! So, when are you leaving?TheBOB on Nov 24
  * As soon as I can tie him to the outside of the rocket.Pete on Nov 24
   *I have a baler and lots and lots of twine. Let me know when you want it, and it's yours.SMcNeill on Nov 24
    To be honest...TheBOB on Nov 25
     Yeah in West Texas. Wonder how many can fit in the capsuleClippy on Nov 25
      *In that case, no problem. They can send an animated version of me-but for $29.95, not $1MTheBOB on Nov 25
Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.Pete on Nov 23
 Re: Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.Pete on Nov 23
 Re: Muslims should have to prove their good intents more, not less.SMcNeill on Nov 23
 Poor conswervative, that all ya got? BTW the Paris terrorists were from FRANCE and BELGUMClippy on Nov 23
  There's a half-truth in your poster, Clipster...TheBOB on Nov 24
   I can see your point, but what does that have to do with no fly people getting guns here?Clippy on Nov 24
    *I was only commenting on the poster.TheBOB on Nov 24
    So we have to put up with their problems, because they are unwilling?Pete on Nov 24
     It's called sympathy or compassion, words you have no idea about.Clippy on Nov 24
      That's a two way street, and it should be tempered with intelligent reasoning.Pete on Nov 24
       Yeah sure every progressive is lazy just like everybody else but you...*Clippy on Nov 24
     Deserters eh? Like women and children should go to war too?Clippy on Nov 24
      Arguing using nonsense again I see...Pete on Nov 24
       DC? Try Roanoke VAClippy on Nov 24
CSS can go take a flying flock...Pete on Nov 22
 Fixed it.Pete on Nov 23
the real reason gmos are a terrible ideajust going to say on Nov 19
 *endangersspelling police on Nov 19
  *Avoid criticizing simple typos--"endanger" is correctly spelled in other places.Courtesy Police on Nov 20
   *thanks very much, was actually correcting own post- will consider your adviceappreciation police on Nov 20
    *LOL--well, that's a first.Irony Police on Nov 20
 GMO's are a bad idea mostly for farmers, not consumers necessarily!Clippy on Nov 20
  Ut oh! GMOs Are 125 Times More Deadly Than Previously ThoughtClippy on Nov 25
 Science needs guinea pigs, but I don't need tuition paid for medical school, so I opt out.Pete on Nov 22
The best scientific way to tell if a spider is non-harmful...Pete on Nov 18
 I don't step on it, I vacuum it up with a Dust BusterClippy on Nov 19
  Why is that comic funny?Ben on Nov 19
   Microsoft has made advances to Linus before... :-) *Clippy on Nov 19
    Is the penguin supposed to be recovering from rape from Microsoft?Ben on Nov 19
     ...something like that :-P *Clippy on Nov 20
Obama blows it again.Pete on Nov 16
 You mean the worst Do Nothing GOP Congress. Next year will work even less!Clippy on Nov 16
Re: Stupid Clippy post at the QB64 forumsSMcNeill on Nov 16
 Re: Stupid Clippy post at the QB64 forumsMicrosoft Clippy on Nov 16
  The newest addition to my family: Clippy!SMcNeill on Nov 16
What the hell ever happened to,"It's no fun being an illegal alien?"Pete on Nov 15
 Better to have them drive illegally without insurance too eh?Clippy on Nov 15
  Look up the word, "Illegal" and you might learn a thing.Pete on Nov 15
   Your party wants to KEEP them illegal. Georgia learned not to send them away!Clippy on Nov 15
    * So get rid of them and then American workers get paid more.Pete on Nov 15
     How are American workers gonna get paid more when GOP wants to eliminate Minimum Wage? *Clippy on Nov 15
      * Simple. Aspire to a greater skill set.Pete on Nov 15
       The GOP spent 10 years fighting to send those jobs to China!Clippy on Nov 15
        Nixon, China. Clinton, NAFTA. Obama TPP... Gee, looks more Dem to me.Pete on Nov 15
         Nope! NAFTA and TPP are both supported by Republicans just like trade with China.Clippy on Nov 15
          Again, it is how you manage a trade deal that counts.Pete on Nov 15
           Saudi Arabia is the one keeping gas prices low right now!Clippy on Nov 16
            Re: Saudi Arabia is the one keeping gas prices low right now!Pete on Nov 16
             Republican Governors are now refusing Syrian refugees, MORE FEAR TACTICS!Clippy on Nov 16
              You mean common sense tatics.Pete on Nov 16
               They are not soldiers, they are refugees!Clippy on Nov 16
                Dems don't have fear. That's why they keep saying stupid things...Pete on Nov 16
Obama's Democratic LegacySMcNeill on Nov 14
Let a bunch of Muslim immigrants into Europe and Paris is under attack. Gee, big surprisePete on Nov 13
 How about just arab immigrants? I bet FAUX News is in their glory!Clippy on Nov 13
 FAUX News has it happening here next already!Clippy on Nov 13
  Diversity is such BS.Pete on Nov 13
   We don't even know if they were Semites yet...Clippy on Nov 13
    Oh come on, you can't possibly be as stupid as Obama.Pete on Nov 13
    Re: We don't even know if they were Semites yet...SMcNeill on Nov 13
     Guns aren't the answer here...Pete on Nov 13
      No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!Clippy on Nov 14
       Re: No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!Pete on Nov 14
        Cut down the number killed? How about PROOF that is true?Clippy on Nov 14
         * I need your address. I'm sending the guy upstairs a pogo stick gun for X-mas.Pete on Nov 14
         Re: Cut down the number killed? How about PROOF that is true?SMcNeill on Nov 15
          Plus, it's worth repeating...TheBOB on Nov 15
           BS! First I am not saying to take guns away from responsible people!Clippy on Nov 15
            *Fair enough, but you say a lot of things, most of the time I'm not sure what.TheBOB on Nov 15
            The party you so blindly support begs to differ...Pete on Nov 15
             I don't support any politician blindly, just when the alternative is even worse!Clippy on Nov 15
              Take away? They shouldn't have them in the first place.Pete on Nov 15
            Re: BS! First I am not saying to take guns away from responsible people!SMcNeill on Nov 15
             But if we stoped sales at gun shows, 70% of guns used in crimes would come from Walmart...Pete on Nov 15
       Re: No we don't need terrorists, we have gun lovers kill 72 a day!SMcNeill on Nov 14
        Stupid people who drive drunk are more of a threat, too.Pete on Nov 14
Trump selects Eisenhower's "wetback" immigration planClippy on Nov 12
Common Core -- So stupid, it *almost* makes Clippy look smart.SMcNeill on Nov 7
 Re: Common Core -- So stupid, it *almost* makes Clippy look smart.SMcNeill on Nov 7
  Link doesn't work, but I saw that check in a news report.Pete on Nov 7
 How about the EVIL GOP CORE you stupid lazy ascii farmerClippy on Nov 7
 State to Parents: Common Core doesn't mean anythingSMcNeill on Nov 12
  As long as Hillary goes to jail, who cares?Pete on Nov 12
  Common Core was fine until Obama was for it. Typical GOP hypocrisy!Clippy on Nov 13
   You mean non-Liberal farmers? The ones who didn't own slaves or who weren't in the KKK?Pete on Nov 13
    You are just like our founding fathers.Clippy on Nov 13
     Re: You are just like our founding fathers.Pete on Nov 13
      Late term abortion should be allowed if necessary for medical reasons.Clippy on Nov 13
       I'm glad you are for smaller government.Pete on Nov 13
        The FBI? You wish it would be that easy!Clippy on Nov 13

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