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Have you guys seen the newest soda machines?SMcNeill on Sep 10
 hopefully pete will disagree with you; i dontmn on Sep 10
 Technology and conservatives do not mix so why do you even program?Clippy on Sep 10
  worst ad hom evermn on Sep 10
  You're one of the oldest, yet communicate like someone from the Middle Paleolithic Period.Pete on Sep 10
  Re: Technology and conservatives do not mix so why do you even program?SMcNeill on Sep 10
   *this is the #1 reason to vote for hillary: seniors need access to better soda technologymn on Sep 10
   WHO came up with that SELECT EVERY CASE idea, BTW thanks, butClippy on Sep 10
 Steve, the pic you posted doesn't work...Pete on Sep 10
  the internet is nothing but dick pics anywaymn on Sep 10
Other than Drippy, this is the stupidest thing I've heard of in awhile...Pete on Sep 9
 we should be careful about on Sep 9
  My world of advanced technology...Pete on Sep 9
   Re: My world of advanced on Sep 10
 My problem with GPS...TheBOB on Sep 10
  Re: My problem with on Sep 10
  Maybe Steve can write a book about smart phones and datingPete on Sep 10
   Pedro if you had a SMART CAR it would run away! ***Quippy on Sep 10
cracking the ted codemn on Sep 9
It is WRONG to allow big corporations to subsidize their bottom lines with public welfareClippy on Sep 9
 for once youre right-- at least your title ismn on Sep 9
 Highest paid state Government employees?Clippy on Sep 9
  Re: Highest paid state Government employees?SMcNeill on Sep 9
   *poor ted is like a confused robin hood, stealing from everyone to give to no onemn on Sep 9
    *and then constantly telling everyone theyre bad people for not supporting it :)mn on Sep 9
 We need to make a classification below idiot for Drippy.Pete on Sep 9
  i hate to tar everyone with the same brush, but "democrat" is an existing termmn on Sep 9
   if im going to be that harsh i should probably on Sep 9
   And speaking of "bill" that douche said that "Make America Great Again" is racisPete on Sep 9
    *heck, just voting republican is "racist" these daysmn on Sep 9
     Democrats played that BS back in Reagan election, too.Pete on Sep 9
      and if you voted for reagan youre also a masochistmn on Sep 10
 you know what they say: BIG LETTERS, tiny mapsmn on Sep 8
  and now the truthmn on Sep 8
   The truth really is out there...Pete on Sep 8
    *not again!mn on Sep 8
     Ah, but here's one that isn't photoshopped...Pete on Sep 8
      ????mn on Sep 8
       *LOL@"fun hobby"!TheBOB on Sep 9
        *P.S. Maybe you should send Michelle one of your fig leaves.TheBOB on Sep 9
         youre a bad man thebob!mn on Sep 9
          As usual this thread has been reduced to comparing DICKS just like EVIL Trump!Clippy on Sep 9
           whatever hes talking about, he still talks more sh** than i domn's ass on Sep 9
            Re: whatever hes talking about, he still talks more sh** than i doQuippy on Sep 9
            * Which boyfriend? Barack or Michelle? + LOL@fig leaf, Bob.Pete on Sep 9
the trite difference between progressive and liberalmn on Sep 8
 Well you can't please everybody anytime...Pete on Sep 9
  People who believe EVIL Republican LIES will get their DUES! Tax Cuts for rich!Clippy on Sep 9
   youre the one talking to yourself, clipstermn on Sep 9
Trump did great at NBC Commander in Chief forum.Pete on Sep 8
 Surprised Trump did not use the VA as the reason he fought for a bone spur deferral...Clippy on Sep 8
  theres only one good reason to blame the poor... its not a great reason but its somethingmn on Sep 8
   *theres no "bat signal" for pete, so heres the "back signal" =(=)(=)(=)(=)=mn on Sep 8
    ={=}{=}{=}{=}= does this one look more realistic, or just like stage 3?mn on Sep 8
  He's smater than the average donkey, that's for sure...Pete on Sep 8
 we need more people like trump (sort of)mn on Sep 9
Deep Shit? Bleach Bit! (Pun aside, this is a must read..)Pete on Sep 7
 No word on Trump's bribery of that Florida Republican Attorney General?Clippy on Sep 7
Why is NASA chasing this asteroid?Clippy on Sep 6
 What a flying load of crap...Pete on Sep 6
  I want my tax dollars back. is what I was gonna say you wantedClippy on Sep 6
   well i finally found out who ted cares aboutmn on Sep 6
   Could 90 million help starving people here in the USA?Pete on Sep 6
ted doesnt get the "killer robots shooting children" thing. here you go:mn on Sep 6
 "If you look at the Nürnberg Trials, the Nazi war trials,"mn on Sep 6
 Well there is always one asshole in a bunch, you're here ***Clippy on Sep 6
  *sorry, what does that have to do with war crimes committed by democrats?mn on Sep 6
   The article says NOTHING about targeting children or civiliansClippy on Sep 6
    ted, are you lying? or do you really need someone to read it to/for you?mn on Sep 6
     Even that miserable creep did not try to kill the ravens and crows.Clippy on Sep 6
      *still the pres. you elected knew and okays it-- as will the next war criminal you electmn on Sep 6
The pen is mightier than the sword, but...Pete on Sep 6
 its ironic that traitors like hillary hide themselves behind "the troops"mn on Sep 6
 "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword...Simmons on Sep 6
  *i had trouble guessing which candidate he was talking about-- probably all-- quite right!mn on Sep 6
I think I saw Drippy at the Virgina Beack Trump Rally!Pete on Sep 6
 this is one of the many things i hated about the bush administrationmn on Sep 6
  Democrats are all bullshit, all the time.Pete on Sep 6
   Re: Democrats are all bullshit, all the on Sep 6
    Democrats cannot do anything when Republicans run the Congress! *Clippy on Sep 6
     *an argument w/ forgets obama signs/endorses terrible bills lincoln would keep in his hatmn on Sep 6
      * You left out Executives Orders. Oh, and that Drippy is an idiot.Pete on Sep 6
       *ted left them out. bush issued too many, obama/doj abuse friend of the (supreme) courtmn on Sep 6
        re: ted is an idiotmn on Sep 6
         * Or I could just make it a sticky. :)Pete on Sep 6
          :) not a great precedent, if you ever hand the forum over to steve *mn on Sep 6
Obama is a son of a bitch!No Really President Rodrigo Duterte on Sep 5
 *ive never enjoyed cnbc more than i do right nowmn on Sep 5
 Well he called Pope Francis a "son of a whore" in May, in SAME ARTICLEClippy on Sep 6
  *maybe hes a witness. then it would be a scripture reference instead of just swearingmn on Sep 6
Oklahoma doesn't believe in science! Darn that Red state anyway!Pete on Sep 5
 "science can be bought"mn on Sep 5
  WTF are you talking about bipolar bear? *Clippy on Sep 5
   *i was talking to pete, ask him to draw you a picturemn on Sep 5
 They did NOT shut down fracking! Shut down 37 of the state's 3,200 active disposal wellsClippy on Sep 5
  it makes no difference whether you agree with him or notmn on Sep 5
   and i was just explaining why i boycott nestle, but ted doesnt caremn on Sep 5
   HOW do corporations GET those big deals? They bought off Republicans alreadyClippy on Sep 5
    "EVERY TIME that you THROW UP YOUR HANDS and blame everybody NOTHING is accomplished."mn on Sep 5
    and if you cared who they bought, youd care they bought hillary too... but you dont, why?mn on Sep 5
     All politicians are bought to some extent because the system has allowed itClippy on Sep 6
      * Good, so you agree. Now vote Trump because he is not a politician!Pete on Sep 6
       pretty good, pretty goodmn on Sep 6
 Earthquake vs FrackingSimmons on Sep 6
  Hold on a second, you went over my head with the first two things there...Columbo on Sep 6
   I think I can help you here ColumboMr. Wizard on Sep 6
   Triggering vs CausingSimmons on Sep 6
    You missed a very important element in your scientific method.Pete on Sep 6
     *with his teeth of course. Good dental hygiene was obvious the whole point of his post.SMcNeill on Sep 6
      Thank you. I edited the post appropriately, but Steve...Pete on Sep 6
     *i got the joke! :)not really dian fossey on Sep 6
     *I assumed the arm breaking would happen after the cutting of the elasticSimmons on Sep 6
      Nope, I'm one of those highly intuitive 800-lb gorillas.Pete on Sep 6
       For the rest of the class:Simmons on Sep 6
        * If you're a wookie... that would make Drippy a weteran.Pete on Sep 6
  Well then explain why Oklahoma never had ANY earthquakes before now happen daily*Clippy on Sep 6
   Please, allow me to handle this one:SMcNeill on Sep 6
    Thousands of earthquakes have occurred in Oklahoma and surrounding areas since 2009!Clippy on Sep 6
     *you know all he said was that earthquakes happened prior, right? hes not wrongmn on Sep 6
      *ok... and that youre an idiot if you think there werent ANY-- which-- um, *whistles*mn on Sep 6
      Eartquakes happen everywhere once in a while, not thousands of times.Clippy on Sep 6
     Re: Thousands of earthquakes have occurred in Oklahoma and surrounding areas since 2009!SMcNeill on Sep 6
    Steve, how do you sell any books at all when you place the conclusion as the opener?Pete on Sep 6
     Re: Steve, how do you sell any books at all when you place the conclusion as the opener?SMcNeill on Sep 6
      Sorry Steve, you lost me after...Pete on Sep 6
       * i just want him to cite his references for the number of eggs. 2 sounds "made up"mn on Sep 6
        *And I'll never spend money on MAGIC baking powder again. I bought some and it disappearedPete on Sep 6
      A 100 Mexican illegals no doubt. Hard to see him paying much*Clippy on Sep 6
    According to data from the United States Geological Survey,Clippy on Sep 6
     Re: According to data from the United States Geological Survey,SMcNeill on Sep 6
ted, what groups of people do you actually care about, anyway?mn on Sep 4
 *i mean "go froth and conquer"mn on Sep 4
 * Jewish people. Clippy just LOVES Jewish people.Pete on Sep 4
  even if theyre farmers? im pretty sure he hates all farmersmn on Sep 4
  * < No Reply! >Not really Lazlo Toth on Sep 6
If Asians are supposed to be so smart, how come it takes 3 of them to parallel park?Real American on Sep 4
 * as long as they can drive better than hawking i guess theyre doing okmn on Sep 4
 Oh yeah, Trump forget to lose the Asian vote. Nice pickup Pedro! *Clippy on Sep 4
 Of course, parking takes a different kind of intelligence...TheBOB on Sep 4
  "dumb guys out there who are worth millions simply because they have a knack for business"mn on Sep 4
  They should take your FREE healthcare away and toss you to TexasClippy on Sep 4
   ted is like the repo man for all the worlds socialism -- you dont DESERVE our charity!mn on Sep 4
    I already HAVE my healthcare as part of my UNION PENSIONClippy on Sep 4
     *i didnt know a**holes had unionized. did you have to pay "doos?"mn on Sep 4
   *I only wear my Mounty uniform on Canada Day--oh, and at Jay's games.TheBOB on Sep 4
    Well, I lucked out on the player's description LOL*Clippy on Sep 4
    *PS: The Jays are #1 AL-East. You're Pirates are #3--good luck catching the Cubs.TheBOB on Sep 4
     Maybe a Wild Card, they have been a AA team for close to 30 years.Clippy on Sep 4
      *Sad, but true about the good ones moving on. Good luck, anyway.TheBOB on Sep 4
 Re: If Asians are supposed to be so smart, how come it takes 3 of them to parallel park?SMcNeill on Sep 4
  this makes me wonder why they dont make shorter on Sep 4
   Re: this makes me wonder why they dont make shorter cars...SMcNeill on Sep 5
    *"Why we don't regularly sell such models"-- is what i meant; weve always had short peoplenot really randy newman on Sep 5
Steve's books are doing well. Steve opens new amphitheater on farm to host seminars...Pete on Sep 4
 *it all goes well until in a typographic misunderstanding, pete outlaws the grassmn on Sep 4
  actually pete, i wont be able to pick on you or mr trump as much todaymn on Sep 4
 Steve's farm should look so nice! The hole is where the illegals sleep for $500 a month.Clippy on Sep 4
who actually subsidizes libraries?mn on Sep 4
im in a cafe. theres a kid sitting at a table, reading from a bookmn on Sep 4
 Go to a library Mr. WIFI...*Quippy on Sep 4
  the library has sh** wifi and no coffee. also its sunday, so kinda pointlessmn on Sep 4
   *correction: there is coffee-- but still not on sundaysmn on Sep 4
    Free coffee and WIFI, sound needy to me...Clippy on Sep 4
     the coffee isnt free, and the library is supported by SOCIALISMmn on Sep 4
      Signed off on both BILLS WRITTEN BY THE GOP and STILL LAW!Clippy on Sep 4
       wrong, joe bidenmn on Sep 4
        Pedro I think mn is a robot from a Dickens glorious food*Clippy on Sep 4
         you also think im pedro-- but i think youre chaplins character in the dictatormn on Sep 4
        joe biden wrote the patriot act, according to: joe bidenmn on Sep 4
donald trump: execute whistleblowersmn on Sep 3
 Voting record? Versus your total lack of ANY?Clippy on Sep 4
  you dont get it do you?mn on Sep 4
Vote for me Pete, and there's one promise I can definitely keep!Not really The-Donald Trump on Sep 3
 *its hard to argue there-- stumped by not really the trump!mn on Sep 3
 I'd sooner vote for you than TrumpClippy on Sep 3
  im very flattered that you think im as funny as pete, but that was memn on Sep 3
   wait, in case he edits it:mn on Sep 3
    feel free to delete that if it suits you pete, i mainly wanted you to know you have competmn on Sep 3
     also in my whole life ive never been called "pedro" until todaymn... or pedro on Sep 3
   *Drippy's old and forgot where he put his glasses. This time he left them on his prostate.Pete on Sep 3
republicans and fake libertymn on Sep 3
  * "talk?" Hearing voices again? Get your head checked at your next prostate exam.Pete on Sep 3
  *thanks ted, you have a way with words yourselfmn on Sep 3
  * The Bob is a uni-polar genius. On the other hand, unipolar morons use all caps.TheBOB Fan on Sep 4
 Amen! Quote from election QuackClippy on Sep 4
  Wow! An actual well articulated reply from Clippy. I'll be back after the paddles kick in.Pete on Sep 4
   i wrote that, he was quoting me in a way that isnt obvious except for the message on Sep 4
    My fault. I'm like Agent Mulder, I want to believe...Pete on Sep 4
     Sorry, my Bourgeois BT keyboard is messing up *Quippy on Sep 4
     *I've always been a skeptic myself but aliens are one of the few ways Ted can be explainedNot really Dana Scully on Sep 4
      * Usually they send out a probe, but in his case they send in a probe.Pete on Sep 4
       "You've got it backwards..."Not really E.T. on Sep 4
        Phone Home... *Quippy on Sep 4
*(url) political quiz. It says i agree 67% with gary johnson.Michael Calkins on Sep 2
 Re: *(url) political quiz. It says i agree 67% with gary johnson.SMcNeill on Sep 2
  Now that you write books you no longer need illegal immigrants to do your dirty work *Clippy on Sep 3
   *lol@farming="dirty work" (a pun?) he still needs the book translated to spanishmn on Sep 3
 That means to get any of what you agree with, you need to vote for Trump.Pete on Sep 2
  this is the second most liberal argument youve made here. the other was on Sep 2
   and its not that youre telling him to vote for on Sep 2
    Hey at least he votes. Also MC, have you condidered these issues?...Pete on Sep 2
     ok, be wrong some on Sep 2
      You both are missing the point! Why would relatively poor voters vote for GOP?Clippy on Sep 3
     VotingMichael Calkins on Sep 3
      AlsoMichael Calkins on Sep 3
       "I am much more afraid of politicians and stupid laws"mn on Sep 3
       Trump is not a politician, but the guy you're considering is a real Wackadoodle Dandy.Pete on Sep 4
        so youre calling a libertarian candidate a "wackadoodle" because his largest contributormn on Sep 4
         Re: so youre calling a libertarian candidate a "wackadoodle" because his largest contributPete on Sep 4
          Re:mn on Sep 4
        SINCE WHEN hasn't the GOP been behind Wall Street Mr. "Free Enterprise" polluter?Clippy on Sep 4
         Dig the fecal matter out of your ears, too.Pete on Sep 4
          "Now you idiots are trying to place him on the Alt-Right. Unacceptable. Morons all of you"mn on Sep 4
           OHHH, *THAT* "alt-right"mn on Sep 4
      *(url) dilbertMichael Calkins on Sep 3
       A dog voting online is not that far of a stretch...Pete on Sep 6
        *im sure the voting is as secure as hillarys emails. and perhaps as difficult to on Sep 6
      Re: Votingmn on Sep 3
       Re: Voting (almost forgot...)mn on Sep 3
       Re: VotingMichael Calkins on Sep 6
        well heck michael, you shouldve said on Sep 6
         Re: well heck michael, you shouldve said so...Michael Calkins on Nov 15
        Johnson won't stop the drugs and niether will Clinton. Trump will.Pete on Sep 7
         the constitution is a complete list of the things the government is allowed to domn on Sep 7
          There you go again! Criticize Trump and then summarily dis Hillary as worse.Clippy on Sep 7
           *hillary IS worse... and ive said why several times already-- theres always more toomn on Sep 7
            WHERE circle jerk? *Clippy on Sep 7
             *i assume thats the probe talking. why dont you check while youre in position?mn on Sep 7
            Drippy suffers from a rare condition called Double Impaction Syndrome...Pete on Sep 7
             DESPERATE QUIPS from an "I'll do anything to pay less taxes" LOSERClippy on Sep 7
              Unlike you, I make intelligent replies. Of course, that's why you can't comprehend them.Pete on Sep 7
          The commerce clause, executive orders, and executive regulation.Michael Calkins on Sep 16
           Happy cows come from California...Pete on Sep 16
           *i didn't realize n2o was a greenhouse gas. Also, does it create ozone, or destroy it?Michael Calkins on Sep 16
         Laws should be enforcedMichael Calkins on Sep 16
          And who's the candidate who keeps telling us the establishment is stupid?Pete on Sep 16
        Hey what is going on?Jonathan Moore on Sep 7
         ^ * i think this ones for michael. this guy really has faith in n54 threadsmn on Sep 7
          You damn right hahaJonathan moore on Sep 8
         Howdy jon.Michael Calkins on Sep 16
      * why vote for one of two nuts when you can have the whole johnson?STx on Sep 4
       *"elect johnson" was always a typo just waiting to happenmn on Sep 4
        * Lucky for him he isn't running in some Asian country.Pete on Sep 4
 67%? i probably agree with 67% of hillary clintonmn on Sep 2
 So MC, do you vote?Pete on Sep 2
  thats clever wording-- i learned somethingmn on Sep 2
   now im curious how many witnesses actually votemn on Sep 2
    A little digging on the web finds...SMcNeill on Sep 2
     *How can you put the law of man above the law of god?Jim on Sep 2
      Like this...Pete on Sep 2
      which one?mn on Sep 2
     Certified non voter here.Simmons on Sep 3
      im not participating in any sham elections eithermn on Sep 3
      * Hey Bob, it's all his fault you have to carry around plastic money!Pete on Sep 3
       yep, you know voting is working when it cant function without 100% participation ;)mn on Sep 3
        i also know pete was joking. how do you know pete is joking?mn on Sep 3
Bill Clinton's bullsit about being poor when leaving the White House...Pete on Sep 1
 "First Lady" is not an official position and does not get paid or pension BOZOClippy on Sep 1
 Clinton has taken about 17+ million to date. Most of any Pres.Pete on Sep 1
  Does somebody tell you what you can use your pension money for?Clippy on Sep 1
   Re: Does somebody tell you what you can use your pension money for?SMcNeill on Sep 2
Laws are laws, but the rest of science is too often just a big fat load of BS.Pete on Aug 31
 Science, what the hell is that?Simmons on Aug 31
  *Hence one of my other favorite sayings...Everyone is entitled to MY opinion.Pete on Aug 31
  Re: Science, what the hell is that?SMcNeill on Aug 31
   Re: Science, what the hell is that?SMcNeill on Aug 31
    Crap!Simmons on Sep 1
     Science trys to eradicates Zika carrying mosquitoes and kills millions of honey bees.Pete on Sep 1
    I guess you fools don't know how to read record temperaturesClippy on Sep 1
     What would Drippy say if he bore witness to Jesus walking on water?St. Peter on Sep 1
    I thinnk therefore I am. Hardly universal. Fails to validate the existence of Drippy.Pete on Sep 1
     Now you're talking like Trump! go f*ck yourselfClippy on Sep 1
      * And people thought I was kidding about my parrot post.Pete on Sep 1
 science started with on Sep 1
  cant find the word "phlostigated" anywhere in wikipediamn on Sep 1
Hey Steve, do you remeber an old Steve Martin movie called The Jerk?Pete on Aug 30
 Nope shit head, ACA prices are up only 10.1 percent versus the 20% we had before it.Clippy on Aug 31
  BLAH, BLAH... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... Settle down Shit-Ted..Pete on Aug 31
Kerry to America - Media should cover terrorism less.Pete on Aug 30
 well they shouldnt HAVE to, thats for suremn on Aug 30
 Message to morons: Invading Iraq created ISIS. Then the GOP took down the World economyClippy on Aug 30
  i thought pete was the king of spinal manipulationmn on Aug 30
one of the major problems with teaching is when they teach a single povmn on Aug 29
 Next time please post a trigger alert in your message title.Pete on Aug 29
  how about i like bernie better than trump?mn on Aug 29
   You do realize he was selling a load of bull?Pete on Aug 29
    oh, economics! i consider bernies economy "wishful."mn on Aug 29
     Re: oh, economics! i consider bernies economy "wishful."Pete on Aug 29
      Simple clowns, just watch Sicko and see how well socialism works!Clippy on Aug 30
       i think we should get ted a boat to cuba, he would be happy theremn on Aug 30
        * Why? What did the boat do wrong? Let him swim.Pete on Aug 30
         my plan is better, because it appeals to his nature and is more realisticmn on Sep 3
       *Maybe cuz he's a concerned parent, and not a carnsarn parrot. Ya carnsarn parrot.Yosemite on Aug 30
im autistic actuallymn on Aug 29
 *well its posted nowmn on Aug 29
 Bad news and good news. If this were FaceBook, you only get one like.Pete on Aug 29
  i think your test might be a little too facebook-centricmn on Aug 29
   More crazy talk...Pete on Aug 29
    Re: More crazy on Aug 29
     It's a weird game of numbers in this respect...Pete on Aug 29
      and thats a theme throughout 1984mn on Aug 29
       *as was "celebrate" by kool and the gang, although i think its from 79mn on Aug 29
       And that brings us full-circle to HRC and her "mental health" ideas.Pete on Aug 29
        i will not hassle you at all for being redundant at allmn on Aug 29
         and dont order me to tell my words properly :Pmn on Aug 29
         Nah, eternal life gets old fast, and it tends to go on forever.Pete on Aug 29
          *that sounds like a yogi berra quotemn on Aug 29
           * Nah, it's mine. I'm smarter than the average Berra.Pete on Aug 29
Here's part of the crowd Drippy wants us to be on board with. POP GOES THE WEINERPete on Aug 29
menn is not a bad person, he just has mental health issues.Not Really HRC on Aug 29
 *Hillary could classify conservatism as a mental health issue and solve all her problemsSimmons on Aug 29
  *But she can't because 66% of the nation isn't CRAZY about her.Not Really Reince Priebus on Aug 29
   *Reince Priebus... Reince Priebus... That HAS TO BE a CODE for something!Capt. Obvious on Aug 29
    * Billy Connolly... Billy Connolly. What's that code for?Not Really HRC on Aug 29
 everytime you post something like that, ted reaches climax. but i get you (URL)mn on Aug 29
  You might be a dumbass, if...Not Really Jeff Foxworthy on Aug 29
   oh sure, leave that in the indexmn on Aug 29
    Why couldn't Mr. Ricardo get his programming language launched?Not Really Lucille Ball on Aug 29
     maybe if it wasnt a secretmn on Aug 29
      Here ya go...Pete on Aug 29
       *desilu you did on Aug 29
        * Desilu, Babalu, if he can do it, so can you!... Coochie, coochie!Not Really Charo the Cheerleader on Aug 29
         * Have we scared simmons off yet?Pete on Aug 29
          *im hoping he puts your posts down to mental health problemsmn on Aug 29
           * You may be right. I may be crazy.Not Really Billy Joel on Aug 29
            *well dont go changing to try to please memn on Aug 29
          Nope, just observingSimmons on Aug 30
Got another teacher fired. That's three down so far...Pete on Aug 28
 *I can't resist: Was his name Bill?SMcNeill on Aug 28
  * No, remember, I said he was a REAL physics teacher. :)Pete on Aug 28
 WTF does a Quack know about a PHD? Students should spend more time at Golf? *Clippy on Aug 28
  *this message to a dr about who should be able to evaluate drs brought to you by dr on Aug 28
  * Drippy, what did you do as a kid when you weren't getting your ass kicked by other kids?Pete on Aug 28
   probably running like hellmn on Aug 28
    Getting hit in the face doesn't hurt, but the only time it happend to me was in a car.Pete on Aug 28
     *Clearly, this was before PhotoShop.TheBOB on Aug 29
      was thinking the same thingmn on Aug 29
       *The headline, "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" should have given it away.TheBOB on Aug 29
        Brilliant!Pete on Aug 29
         Now Pete is joining Bob's low standards by citing an election outcome that never happened.Not Really Bill on Aug 29
          *Aha! So that's why Clippy's complaint letters to President Dewey kept coming back.TheBOB on Aug 29
           Oh come on. That was 1948. Drippy was still in diapers and couldn't even write yet..Pete on Aug 29
           and mine to president goremn on Aug 29
            wait, that was my letter to obama. the one to president gore went like thismn on Aug 29
             * And don't forget to "Tipper" on the way out!Pete on Aug 29
friendship and good business: the poor taking the rich for ice creammn on Aug 27
 * Sounds like a bunch of spumoni to-ah me.Father Guido on Aug 27
  I tried to get some ice cream with M&M's but one of them was deformedNot really Lazlo Toth on Aug 27
   *what'd it look like? An E or maybe a W? The number 3? No quality control with machinesSMcNeill on Aug 27
    *It looked like two lowercase n's that were smooshed together - I still don't believe it!Not really Lazlo Toth on Aug 27
     *m&ms have destroyed pluralization forever; its only fitting they destroy spelling too.m&n on Aug 27
 * I'm offended by all you RICH BASTARDS and your monogrammed candy!Not Really Drippy on Aug 27
  * yo i grew up in a trailer... and i was mom-o-grammed after the candy!not really the real slim shady on Aug 27
    *i just watched kelly clarkson cover "lose yourself." i dont like country but it wasnt badm&n on Aug 27
 All this pseudo-social BS from a laggard who does not care enough to vote anyhow***Quippy on Aug 28
  *oh im going to vote with all that care and forethought that you do: im writing in hitlermn on Aug 28
   Hitler's available? Has anyone announced there is now a better choice than Hillary?Pete on Aug 28
    right, bush summed up second terms perfectlymn on Aug 28
     *Tip your hat to the new Constitution!Not Really The Who on Aug 28
Trump's Immigration PositionPete on Aug 27
 * Pete, ask yourself what Jesus would do.Not Really Michael Calkins on Aug 27
  Re: * Pete, ask yourself what Jesus would do.Pete on Aug 27
   mcs version of jesus wouldnt get involved in local politicsmn on Aug 27
Why Democrats defend the EPA...Pete on Aug 27
 the epas about as useful as half the martian robot landersmn on Aug 27
I'm supporting Donald Trump by flying all the illegals back to Mexico...Superman on Aug 26
 standing for truth, justice, and making america great again!mn on Aug 27
  Ah that's Bernies tag line. Remeber, his campaign manager owns a comic book store.Pete on Aug 27
   Re: Ah that's Bernies tag line. Remeber, his campaign manager owns a comic book on Aug 27
    We need to start our own planet...Pete on Aug 27
     no matter how you are tempted, DO NOT send ted into spacemn on Aug 27
      True, but it might go a long way to promote galactic unity...Pete on Aug 27
       *just to cloak the escape shuttle they eject him in, so it's not found again?SMcNeill on Aug 27
        To beam him aboard in the first place would be illogical.Mr. Spock on Aug 27
         I'm getting to old for this ship. URL to his latest stuff...William Shatner on Aug 27
          i dont care what thebob on Aug 27
           I've actually picked up a lot of TheBOB's scottish voice work...Not really Mike Meyers on Aug 28
            What you should have told Parliment in a Scottish accent when they voted on your currency.Not Really Billy Connolly on Aug 28
             i dont even have to click that to know what billy connolly quote that ismn on Aug 28
              There was a scene where a UFO actually was flying erredically and crashed.Pete on Aug 28
My illegal immigration solution...Pete on Aug 26
 Oh, and hey CRV: **** YOUPete on Aug 26
 My solution to illegal immigration. Force the businesses to pay the taxesClippy on Aug 26
  There you go being a twit again...Pete on Aug 26
   But your BIG solution is to pick on desperate low paid workers?Clippy on Aug 26
    I'm not in the picking business, they are...Pete on Aug 26
     What polls? Thought they were mostly Mexican...Gallup?Clippy on Aug 26
      That's an older poll. Here is one from late Feb this year...Pete on Aug 26
Stay away Jose, robotic farming is coming your way...Pete on Aug 26
 Ah, so we don't need a wall when they just walk back to work at FordQuippy on Aug 26
 it is difficult for all this capitalism to work when robots are getting this sophisticatedmn on Aug 27
  *i should add, it is difficult for ANY economic system to keep up with all this changemn on Aug 27
How could B.J. Clinton ever cheat on such a "doll" like her? >>>Pete on Aug 26
Trump's new plan? Make illegal immigrants pay back taxes, like they don't pay already?Clippy on Aug 25
 You're right, let's just deport all of them.Pete on Aug 25
  No, Deport the tax cheaters! They are the businesses, not the workers!Clippy on Aug 26
   * Most of the bellwether ones are Liberal companies, so what's your point?Pete on Aug 26
   Re: No, Deport the tax cheaters! They are the businesses, not the workers!SMcNeill on Aug 27
    You are right! We should throw those CEO's in jailClippy on Aug 27
     And GE CEO is an adviser to your President. DUH!Pete on Aug 27
Hillary Clinton is a disgusting animal by-productPete on Aug 25
Here's one I find rather offensive...SMcNeill on Aug 25
 *again, whats the world coming to, when steve and i have to agree? cut it out, america!mn on Aug 25
 I never did that Pledge, myself...Pete on Aug 25
  if youre going to take an oath as an american, better to do like the militarymn on Aug 25
   The world really must be ending. We are agreeing again...Pete on Aug 25
    hey if you ask ted, my opinion doesnt matter until i vote for hillarymn on Aug 25
     I agree with you how much this thing is in the bag...Pete on Aug 25
      the democrat trick these days is "hold your nose and vote"mn on Aug 25
  I agree, the Pledge is a lot like the indoctrination of children in Russia.Clippy on Aug 25
   *nice knowing you petemn on Aug 25
    you too bob, even if youre not a real americanmn on Aug 25
    Jesus, Mary, and Joesph...Pete on Aug 25
     ever the optimist, pete? did you already forgetmn on Aug 25
      EEKS. That's true. * Blasted glowing halos diverted my attention away from that...Pete on Aug 25
       On further review of Steve's post...NO PARENTS WERE FORCED TO DO ANYTHINGClippy on Aug 25
       Welcome the 4 Horsemen of the QBasiic Forum...The Unknown Prophet on Aug 25
        no thats cool, it means i can jump over teds piecesmn on Aug 25
         Wonder what Pedro's Dad would have said when Pete did not participate...Clippy on Aug 25
          My Dad would have stood up for me...Pete on Aug 25
         * Ah, always one chess move ahead.Pete on Aug 25
   Re: I agree, the Pledge is a lot like the indoctrination of children in Russia.SMcNeill on Aug 25
Steve, you'll love this one...Pete on Aug 25
 *Another example is the 9/11 boat rescue. Not a lot of permits, but a lot of lives saved.TheBOB on Aug 25
 Re: Steve, you'll love this one...SMcNeill on Aug 25
  Not stopped, LEGALLY PERMITTED with full responsibility. Unlike just letting any quackClippy on Aug 25
   Settle down oh ye of little cerebral real estate...Grey Cells Matter on Aug 25
President Drippy and the United States of ClipidiaPete on Aug 24
 Hey look, the GOP is drowning. Throw them an anvilClippy on Aug 24
  How President Drippy fixes his sinking ships...Pete on Aug 24
   *Why do you think I switched over to a rent-based income model? :)SMcNeill on Aug 24
    * Ah, maybe so we get rich and Drippy can bitch?Pete on Aug 25
   We plug the holes with the dough piled up in rich people's palaces like Eisenhower did!Clippy on Aug 24
Watching Trump on Hannity with parents of children who were killed by illegal immigrants.Pete on Aug 23
 Seriously? Republicans will lose their cheap labor, they aren't leaving! *Clippy on Aug 23
  Illegal criminals.Pete on Aug 23
Obama finally visits Louisiana, late. Hillary would say that's because he runs on CP-Time.Pete on Aug 23
 Obama had FEMA there professionally in HOURS, Bush sent a horse farmerClippy on Aug 23
  More Clipidity...Pete on Aug 23
   Swearing makes you sound desperate...what could Trump or Hillary do now?Clippy on Aug 23
    You might not even be as smart as a Magic 8 Ball...Pete on Aug 23
     Yep, 70% and Congress runs the country. Obama just approves or vetoes!Clippy on Aug 23
      Re: Yep, 70% and Congress runs the country. Obama just approves or vetoes!Pete on Aug 23
Drippy has a neighbor... Mr. BundyPete on Aug 22
 * Let me guess, it was too complicatd for Drippy, just like the Olympic medal propaganda.Pete on Aug 23
Powell finally tells HRC people to foff...Pete on Aug 22
 Yawn, Trump has loan debts to Communist states.Clippy on Aug 22
  Trump gave $100,000 to LA flood victims. HRC won't even commit to go there.Pete on Aug 22
   Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying ItQuippy on Aug 23
    Re: Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying ItSMcNeill on Aug 23
    Trump spent 2 million of his own money on campaign. Cost of about 2 B.J. Clinton speeches.Pete on Aug 23
     Trump’s $100,000 “donation” to Louisiana flood victims went to a local anti-gay hate groupQuippy on Aug 23
      More Clipidity..Pete on Aug 23
       Like helping rebuild the church owner bigot's house? *Quippy on Aug 23
        Hey, someone else on N54 covers this stuff, too...Pete on Aug 23
         AFLAC! ***************Quippy on Aug 23
Left-Wing Media, Liberal Media. Hmm, I'm just going with THE ASSHOLE MEDIA.Pete on Aug 22
 4 to 1 in favor of Trump coverage during the primariesClippy on Aug 22
  you loving this pete? he triumphs over the media and they take credit for his ratings!mn on Aug 22
 What you're seeing is biased propaganda Pete.SMcNeill on Aug 22
  Habitual GOP LIARS/ LOSERS gotta blame somebody besides themselvesQuippy on Aug 22
   Re: Habitual GOP LIARS/ LOSERS gotta blame somebody besides themselvesSMcNeill on Aug 22
    GOP LIARS discard FACTS so I'll just give you the bronze big loser*Quippy on Aug 22
    OMG Drippy just failed a 4th grade basic comprehension test.Pete on Aug 22
     ted comprehends basic just finemn on Aug 22
  *i happen to agree with everything steve said here- integrity in news is sorely lackingmn on Aug 22
so i want to get richjonathan moore on Aug 22
 I'll pay you 20 bucks to kick Drippy in the nads. Well, it's a start...Pete on Aug 22
 good money is doing blue-collar stuff for yourselfmn on Aug 22
  and as pete probably didnt mention, being a proctologist pays up themn on Aug 22
   pete also didnt mention that he graduated "Gluteus Maximus"mn on Aug 22
    * That was Magnum Cum Lard-ass from my high SAT sores.Pete on Aug 22

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