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Rick Perry uses criminal mug shot for Presidential campaign T-shirt.Clippy on Aug 29
 *I notice there's a democrat in there - a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.TheBOB on Aug 29
  There's always a few BLUE DOGS!Clippy on Aug 29
Income Inequality Costs The Middle Class $18,000 A YearClippy on Aug 27
What life will look like when you cannot retireClippy on Aug 26
 Again, what don;t you get about the problems members of your party caused?Pete on Aug 26
  Housing situation? Those retirees don't have a pension!Clippy on Aug 27
How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil, and coal?Clippy on Aug 25
 Re: How many birds are killed by wind, solar, oil, and coal?SMcNeill on Aug 25
  * Dammit Clippy! Quit throwing coal at birds!Pete on Aug 25
 I have see wind generators at work.Michael Calkins on Aug 29
Drive by hiIain on Aug 18
 *Hi! Ah, yes, 'back to coding'. A few of my favorite words.TheBOB on Aug 18
 * It's nice to see that people are employed in the field.Michael Calkins on Aug 21
2014 baseballMichael Calkins on Aug 10
 I didn't think that was an option...TheBOB on Aug 11
  * Texas can't win because they hate Mexicans!Clippy on Aug 11
  Re: I didn't think that was an option...Michael Calkins on Aug 12
   *So you're thinking in terms of the playoffs-- well, I guess I do that too.TheBOB on Aug 13
Isaiah 53Michael Calkins on Aug 2
 How can you sit there debating the Bible while Texas is so EVIL?Clippy on Aug 3
  * I did not vote or against for Rick Perry.Michael Calkins on Aug 6
   Then what good does having a religion do for Texas?Clippy on Aug 8
    unionsJim on Aug 9
    Sure, but eaven has big needles...Pete on Aug 9
     That's your Bush Trickle Down theory at work!Clippy on Aug 9
 Meanwhile Texas GOP supports armed militias on borderClippy on Aug 13
15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Jul 27
 The Devil's greatest trick was convening people he doesn't exist...Pete on Jul 27
 15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal mediaClippy on Jul 27
Question for Clippy regarding Dropbox...TheBOB on Jul 25
 Re: Question for Clippy regarding Dropbox...Pete on Jul 25
 *Go look at: on Jul 25
  Thanks, Steve...TheBOB on Jul 25
Are you sick of highly paid teachers? Let's pay them like babysitters!Clippy on Jul 18
 One again, the facts don't matter to Clippy...SMcNeill on Jul 19
  So even using your numbers teachers are underpaid?Clippy on Jul 19
   Re: So even using your numbers teachers are underpaid?SMcNeill on Jul 19
    DUH, so far you have paid for a BABYSITTER!Clippy on Jul 19
     ROFL...Pete on Jul 19
      $40 K is not that bad, but not for a $3 an hour babysitter wageClippy on Jul 20
 * Good teachers should be paid, and bad teachers should be fired.Michael Calkins on Jul 20
  * Amen to that!Pete on Jul 20
  Isn't that true about most jobs? Who's gonna rate them?Clippy on Jul 21
* 2014 ASG 5-3 ALMichael Calkins on Jul 16
 Looks like some Mexicans won that game!Clippy on Jul 16
Hate and loveMichael Calkins on Jul 11
 Re: Hate and loveMichael Calkins on Jul 11
  Sure Jesus showed us how well that worked the first timeClippy on Jul 12
   Re: Sure Jesus showed us how well that worked the first timeMichael Calkins on Jul 12
    Reach them with the Bible? That will be a big help! GOOD GRIEF!Clippy on Jul 14
The real FOX NEWS is not news at all!Clippy on Jul 11
After explosion in West Texas, GOP AG blocks all access to chemical plant data!Clippy on Jul 7
GOP takes religion from you to your employer's beliefs EXCEPT if you need Viagra!Clippy on Jul 2
 I'd post cartoons on how Liberals treat this issue, but...Pete on Jul 2
  That's a choice nobody should have to make, but that decision ISN'T YOUR's to make!Clippy on Jul 3
   Typical "fairy dust" response.Pete on Jul 3
    The Government CONTROL comes from Republicans when it suits them!Clippy on Jul 4
EbolaEbele on Jun 28
 Are you in west Africa?Michael Calkins on Jul 11
How FoxNews Helped Eric Cantor LoseClippy on Jun 23
Supreme Court rules against 'straw purchasers' of guns, 5 to 4Clippy on Jun 19
Here come all of those Republican heads that got it wrong all over again!Clippy on Jun 17
 How the Top Iraqi Terrorist Was Helped by a Bush-Signed AgreementClippy on Jun 18
  Pigs Fly - Megyn Kelly slams Cheney.Clippy on Jun 19
Creepy NRA adsClippy on Jun 16
 No worse than your beer commercials...Pete on Jun 17
This jumped out at me:Michael Calkins on Jun 16
 What do you expect from the Jerusalem Post?Clippy on Jun 16
 If only we all switched to electric cars...Mike on Jun 20
  Yeah then we could destroy the environment with COAL!Clippy on Jun 20
   Nuclear power obviouslyMike on Jun 20
   Can't go wrong with 50 cents for 60+ grams of proteinJim on Jun 20
Tesla’s Radical Patent Move to fight big oilClippy on Jun 15
 * Thanks to Elon Musk for releasing the patents. Long live electric cars!Michael Calkins on Jun 16
How Nixon OBSTRUCTED peace in the Vietnam WarClippy on Jun 15
Global Wind Energy ReportClippy on Jun 15
Is Clippy the next Jared Miller?SMcNeill on Jun 11
 No sonny, Jared Miller was a Conservative asshat killerClippy on Jun 11
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is...Clippy on Jun 10
 * Too bad Mrs. Wilcox wasn't there to shoot Amanda, first.Pete on Jun 10
  The rampage that Facebook should have seen coming.Clippy on Jun 11
   Background checks must be pretty crappy, if you own a gun...Pete on Jun 11
    Liberals are too concerned about the rights of people?Clippy on Jun 11
     So now gun owners and gun manufacturers are grazing on public land?Pete on Jun 11
     Re: Liberals are too concerned about the rights of people?SMcNeill on Jun 13
      My hunch, Clippy is out of crackers...Pete on Jun 13
       Yeah you Republicans THINK that Americans are stupidClippy on Jun 13
        *No, we just think YOU Republicans on Jun 13
        I guess then Democrats don't have IQ's.Pete on Jun 13
         Ethiopia, Equador and Guinea? How racist are you funky white boy?Clippy on Jun 13
          If the Dalia Lama spent 5-minutes with you, he'd be banging his head on the ceiling...Pete on Jun 13
           The GOP is the black hole in America, that sucking sound is jobs...Clippy on Jun 15
What America Could Buy With Offshore Tax MoneyClippy on Jun 9
Walmart Scammed American Taxpayers for $104 Million by Giving Executives Obscene BonusesClippy on Jun 8
 Clippy, he doesn't often have affairs, but when he does, he has them with himself...That Guy from that Beer Commercial on Jun 8
  Clippy should be happy about Tracy Morgan's accident...TheBOB on Jun 9
   IF Tracy Morgan LIVES, Walmart will probably payClippy on Jun 9
 Yo, Walmart go subsidize yourself!Clippy on Jun 9
What if "24" was about the life of a CalTrans worker, instead of Jack Bauer?Pete on Jun 5
 No matter how much they stole, they won't beat what Mitt Romney owes!Clippy on Jun 5
  Whatta idiot!SMcNeill on Jun 5
   Calm down Dull Boy, the Postal Service does not need $2 billionClippy on Jun 5
 * Clippy's brain is a bit different. It has a left side, and a wrong side.Pete on Jun 5
Dammit Clippy, it is the working class like you that caused me this minor disruption!Pete on Jun 4 Calkins on Jun 3
 It is down...Pete on Jun 4
Amazing how politicians can just make up figures they want.Pete on Jun 2
 Go ahead, move to CrimeaClippy on Jun 2
  Sorry you won't understnad this, because it is based on math...Pete on Jun 2
   Statistcs, like those ones you use to DENY global warming?Clippy on Jun 2
  * I just bought a house there, on the water. Ever heard of Crimea River?Pete on Jun 5
   Typical Commie RepublicanClippy on Jun 6
    I found the irrelevant component.Pete on Jun 6
 The people at ISM must have read my post...Pete on Jun 2
  The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair?Clippy on Jun 2
   So THAT's where you Democrats get your figures!SMcNeill on Jun 2
    Democrats don't get figures, but they do pull figures.....Pete on Jun 2
     No wonder, 7 out of 10 Americans are not affected by Obama Care fool.Clippy on Jun 3
      Maybe on Planet Clippy...Pete on Jun 3
       How Much Will the ACA Reduce Employment in the Longer Term?Clippy on Jun 3
        Wrong, as usual...Pete on Jun 3
The truth is: The government has already paid reparations — to slave owners.Clippy on May 31
 Slavery is not a relative term.Pete on Jun 1
 Why a Georgia Farmer?SMcNeill on Jun 1
  Talk about LAZY when you take a year off to collect more Welfare?Clippy on Jun 1
   Re: Talk about LAZY when you take a year off to collect more Welfare?SMcNeill on Jun 1
    * Nope, you folks are the ones pointing fingers when OTHERS get help!Clippy on Jun 1
     Clippy, please make a point of stopping by your local Rent-a-Center next week.Pete on Jun 1
More proof Obamacare was a waste of time...Pete on May 30
"Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights to own a gun"Clippy on May 29
 I agree.SMcNeill on May 29
  He has the right to say what he did and accept the grief too!Clippy on May 30
   already paid for?Dave on May 30
    Because it IS already paid forClippy on May 31
     Who is "The Fed"?Dave on May 31
      We are going into DEBT because the rich are NOT paying taxes!Clippy on May 31
       Really?Pete on Jun 1
        Corporations already left with their profitsClippy on Jun 4
         The reason you don't see is because you are an evolutionist.Pete on Jun 4
 Intoxicated Liberals kill thousand more than crazy shooters.Pete on May 29
  what about a homemade bomb?Dave on May 30
   You call OVER THIRTY THOUSAND DEATHS A YEAR "extremely rare"?Clippy on May 31
    where are you getting your facts?Dave on May 31
     Clippy doesn't need facts.SMcNeill on May 31
      Bygod you are correct, gun owners are killing themselves faster than I thought!Clippy on May 31
       First of all, they are not underpaid...Pete on May 31
        Re: First of all, they are not underpaid...SMcNeill on Jun 3
         It is a response to the above reply, so I'm right, as usual...Pete on Jun 3
       Re: Bygod you are correct, gun owners are killing themselves faster than I thought!SMcNeill on Jun 3
GOP votes to deny money to improve the VAClippy on May 25
 And you bitch about Walmart, a company that hashired over 35,000 vets...Pete on May 27
Republican Governors looking for new ways to murder people!Clippy on May 22
 Ah shut up and pour some 'Tussin on it!Chris Rock on May 23
Jon Stewart VS Timothy Geitner InterviewClippy on May 22
Workers in Walmart warehouse get $21 million wage theft settlementClippy on May 17
 I hate to say it, but that settlement is funny!SMcNeill on May 18
  $12,000 is a lot of money to underpaid workers!Clippy on May 18
   Sure it is...SMcNeill on May 18
    Quit using that 4-letter word around Clippy....Pete on May 18
    Who are you kidding? You take candy and food from babies alreadyClippy on May 19
     Re: Who are you kidding? You take candy and food from babies alreadySMcNeill on May 19
      Are you suggesting they get Earned Income Credits just like you?Clippy on May 21
       AbsolutelySMcNeill on May 21
        They shouldn't have needed EIC to begin with!Clippy on May 22
         Afraid not.SMcNeill on May 22
          The settlement helps because what little is left over...Pete on May 22
          If they get ONE DOLLAR off of Walmart it is a WINClippy on May 22
 So Clippy, explain to us how you increase minimum wage and...Pete on May 20
  * Just as I thought, you're clueless. The party of no answers.Pete on May 22
  Raising the Minimum Wage has little effect on any of those thingsClippy on May 22
   Re: Raising the Minimum Wage has little effect on any of those thingsPete on May 24
    BAD Pete! BAD!SMcNeill on May 25
    Disability, you mean the kind like our Welfare farmer gets?Clippy on May 25
     Democrats are cowardsPete on May 27
      Wrong again Dog Breath!Clippy on May 27
       I forgot you have 4 brains...Pete on May 27
        That's only for Presidential nominationsClippy on May 28
Oil pipeline bursts in Los AngelesPete on May 15
 Too bad it didn't catch fire like those outdated railroad cars!Clippy on May 15
The real GOP Death PanelsClippy on May 8
* You just have to know that this punk is up to no good. (URL)Michael Calkins on May 7
Walmart, the real TAX subsidized FREELOADERClippy on Apr 17
 McPricelessClippy on Apr 23
  Liberals for education? ROFLPete on Apr 23
   Because the Big Boys don't want Education, just stupid employeesClippy on Apr 29
    * By "Big Boys" do you mean the company you worked for?Pete on May 8
5 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Screws SeniorsClippy on Apr 9
 If a Liberal ever had a good idea...Pete on Apr 9
  As a percentage of wealth, I already have!Clippy on Apr 10
Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War so Halliburton Would ProfitClippy on Apr 7
The most truthful Keystone XL pipeline ad I've seenClippy on Apr 3
 Facts about tar sands oil and how dangerous it is.Clippy on Apr 3
These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage SouthernersClippy on Mar 30
 Re: These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage SouthernersMichael Calkins on Mar 31
  Someday you might need ViagraClippy on Apr 3
   Re: Someday you might need ViagraMichael Calkins on Apr 9
 On several of those maps, Texas wasn't so bad...Michael Calkins on Mar 31
My Mom works for GEClippy on Mar 27
 * Do you think they could use it?Jim on Mar 28
 Re: My Mom works for GEBen on Mar 28
  I normally adapt from existing circuitsClippy on Mar 29
 Once Again Clippy and Facts.......SMcNeill on Mar 31
  All employers pay payroll taxes April FoolClippy on Apr 1
Pentagon: Benghazi witch-hunt has cost millions of dollarsClippy on Mar 26
 Toshiba it cost you about 10-cents as a taxpayer...Pete on Mar 26
  Like Bush and Reagan never lied. One lied about a war.Clippy on Mar 27
   I don't think an ape that gets hit by a train can see much of anything.Pete on Mar 27
    But White and Black are capitalized? I'd rather capitalize Ape!Clippy on Mar 27
When Republicans Were In Favor Of The Affordable Care ActClippy on Mar 26
 Hobby Lobby expands religion into the workplaceClippy on Mar 27

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