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  • Change of Life?
    • Mac (Premier Login iorr5t)
      Posted Mar 9, 2007 7:44 AM

      Pete noticed himself that he was becoming too touchy and negative. I presume possibly because of the failure of The QBasic Forum to meet his expectations or possibly just change-in-life unconnected to QBasic.

      He graciously opted out rather than "contribute negatively".

      I will miss the old, happy, constructive Pete. And his command of SCREEN 0 QBasic was superlative and helpful. But I won't miss the Pete of lately.

      I began to especially notice and lament the personality change in this thread:

      Solitaire asked a simple question: "How come this freezes up before reaching 30?".

      Pete is sharp and found the answer before anyone else, but responded with the title "Because you don't know how to use INSTR() properly"

      I thought that was an insulting way to put it, so I changed the his title to "Change where you insert ", ""

      Rather than think to himself "Yeah, that was uncalled for. I'm glad Mac caught that and fixed it. I hope nobody else saw it." as a mentally competent mature person should, he posted his title back! I deleted that and sent him an email, but he insisted and put it back again!! Sure, I could delete it again and freeze the thread, but then he would probably start a new thead and it might escalate. I thought, oh, well, maybe he's going through some crisis and the old, happy Pete will return.

      But NO!!

      In this thread a few days later, I was helping someone at The Unoriginal Forum but forgot the function SCREEN(0,0). Rather than look at each command in QBasic HELP, I asked the simple question.

      Pete answered, but eventually found out I was helping and went into a rant to the effect that I should give credit for his one-line answer to a simple question. I then could see Pete was losing his old charm and ability to think rationally. He hates Mark, Solitaire, Ted and possibly others. I don't see any reason to hate anyone.

      Why does he hate Mark? I guess because he didn't do things exactly as Pete thought he should.

      Why does he hate Solitaire? I guess because Solitaire once said he should use indentation and upper/lower case. Pete holds a grudge. As he said "That's WAY out of line". Since that day, he examines every post of Solitaire's to find fault.

      Why does he hate Ted? I guess because Ted started using the variable "Martha Stewart" names which Pete introduced to the forum and a copy cat annoyed him. Everyone but Pete should use one and only one name. Or maybe he got into some squabble I missed and Pete holds a grudge.

      If he violates his word and comes back to the forum and sees this, I guess I will be added to the hate list. And I know it is a one-way list. Once hated, always hated.

      Too bad, all this. As I said, Pete graciously opted out rather than "contribute negatively". Thank goodness he is that nice. I will miss the old, happy, constructive Pete. But I won't miss the new, vindictive, negative Pete at all.


      QBasic rules.
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