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WTH is wrong with the world??

by SMcNeill (no login)

Here's a story which I swear just confounds the hell out of me. This guy's daughter is in an ivy league college. She gets asked to model for one of her friends who is aspiring to be a photographer. The photo is based off a famous picture from the 1960s, and contains no nudity or really objectionable material. You can see racier photos in the damn Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit issue, or a JC Penny salespaper...

The proofs for the pictures come back, and the model likes the photo and shares it on her instagram account. It's hugely popular and gets all sorts of positive feedback...

And then...

Her father, being proud of her accomplishments as both a model and a student, shares the photo on his instagram account...




He shared a black and white modelling shot of his daughter, 21-year-old Samantha, with the words: "So proud of my Ivy League daughter... brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick".

Minutes later, he found himself branded "Mr Creepypants" by critics on Twitter.

"Most fathers don't post lingerie shots of their daughters. I guess #Trump must be rubbing off on you," one tweeter said.

WTH?! WTH???

Most fathers don't post lingerie shots of their daughter -- I'll concede this much is true. BUT MOST DAUGHTERS AREN'T MODELING LINGERIE EITHER!!

Isn't the left all for women's rights? Women's empowerment? If this was a picture of his son sitting on a box in his boxers, would anyone have cared? Of course not!

Of course, nobody really cares about this photo either. They're just trying to stir up another controversy about someone related to Trump. "Trump's Lawyer posts nasty pictures of his daughter in lingerie!" Just look at the headline, and it sounds horribly inappropriate -- almost as if he snuck a camera into the bathroom and clicked pictures while she was changing and then shared them on the internet!

The fact that these are professional modeling photos, which were already shared publicly by his daughter, means jack shit to all these insane haters! Somehow they make it sound wrong for a father to support his daughter's choice to be a model -- as if there might be something socially unacceptable with such a thing!!

I think, before any nutcase gets offended, they should see what the young lady in question thinks about the whole situation:
She told "My father, who has always been supportive of my endeavours, was merely expressing his pride. There is nothing inappropriate in the picture and those who seek to make it something it is not are merely Trump haters who are using this as an opportunity to stir up drama.

"I find it hypocritical that those who consider themselves liberal would criticise a woman embracing her body. There is nothing sexualised about the photograph... it is tasteful and it is demure."


And do you guys know what I find to be the absolute most astonishing thing??

Democrats generally support a woman's right to go nude or topless in public. They have no issue with a woman exposing her body, if that's what she wants to do. GO WOMAN POWER!!! (Here's a link to one democrat event for pro-nudity:

And yet...

...They find it wrong for a father to share his daughter's professional modeling photos online!


*********** And just for quick reference:

63. Washington State Legislature: End discrimination against women in indecent exposure law. Specify that women may be topless when and where men are allowed to be topless.

64. Whatcom County and cities: Designate clothing-optional public beaches.

65. City of Bellingham: Permitted events with prearranged times and routes that involve non-lewd nudity should not be interfered with by police just because an individual phones in a complaint. Seattle no longer arrests participants in the annual World Naked Bike Ride; Bellingham should do likewise.

View the full Draft Platform at:

We're all for women's rights to be topless! We're all for nude beaches! We'll all for naked bike rides!

AHHHHHHH!! Trump supporter posted a picture of his daughter modeling in lingerie! That's EEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL!!!!

Damn hypocrites!

Posted on May 16, 2017, 1:44 AM

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