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yeah right

by easylangs (Login MCalkins)
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yeah right
by easylangs (Login easylangs)
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the colours and contrast on here are altered to make the signs legible.

for all their higher education (which im all for on paper, but its not too difficult to figure out whats wrong with it in practice) they cant figure out how to make a sign that people can read.

the one on the right gets really close-- most of her sign you can tell what it says. but on the bottom... well, who cares?

[linked image]

this is actually about the one on the left (you can make your own jokes there.)

i want to live in a society with MORE CRITICAL THINKING, not LESS!

and thats why you want more money (tax breaks) going to schools?

since she wants "more critical thinking," not less, heres some:

* people that look exactly like the ones in this picture have constantly been at war with free speech on campus, open discussion and debate, and critical thinking. (but its possible the ones in the photo are different. is it likely?)

* they probably also claim to be against corporate tax cuts-- dont blame them-- have they figured out that their school gets most of its funding from corporate sponsors, and that when you throw in the tax breaks for the school, they amount to government-subsidised advertising for corporate sponsors?

i mean the school is a business that runs on corporate money. if they want tax breaks and corporate sponsors for it, why not just let silicon valley continue taking over through people like bill gates? but they argue against that, too. (as they probably should.)

* the left wants everyone else to be taxed extra, except for the things they like... oh yeah-- tax the rich! tax the middle class, they wont feel it-- tax the schools-- WAIT! DONT TAX SCHOOLS!

can we just tax the new building coca cola put in?


ok coca cola, i know where all your moneys going now--

lets continue making LOCAL tax havens for corporations, for the socialists who only want corporations to be taxed. then when they complain about loopholes, they can say "well of course we mean the loopholes we didnt stand around outside with signs defending..."


i dont care, tax the schools, dont tax the schools. this is really about the look on the girls face on the left.

does that look like:

a. a girl who wants more critical thinking, like her sign says

b. a girl studying for a liberal arts degree so she can learn new ways to become more entrenched in her existing positions, without examining them critically (or freely allowing others to?)

im saying b. for now. but you know what? i dont generally LIKE being right.

theres no fun in it-- when im right, the world sucks.

please, tell me im wrong. show me im wrong. show me these 3 sign-holders arent idiots.

I VALUE HIGHER ED BECAUSE i want to live in a society with MORE cognitive dissonance, NOT LESS!

time to raise that tuition again...

tl;dr: is there MORE critical thinking on campus than 10 years ago, or less?

do the people responsible for that lack look more like men in suits, or more like the people in the photo?

do tax breaks somehow increase critical thinking?


Posted on Nov 29, 2017, 9:32 PM

Posted on Nov 29, 2017, 10:07 PM

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* thanks mc. ive got you next timeeasylangs on Nov 29
* as a bonus, these signs are at umd-- land of the famous "man control" ashwini tambeeasylangs on Nov 29
I value higher education, too. Too bad most of those who teach "it" don't.Pete on Nov 30
 lol, you have a lower opinion of higher education than i doeasylangs on Nov 30
 I love the "merit raise" idea...TheBOB on Nov 30
  thats why its such a good idea to start with teacherseasylangs on Nov 30
   Of course, which is why I said *if* it could be implemented...TheBOB on Dec 1
   Fake doctors pretend to know everythingProctologism on Dec 6
    ted has returned!easylangs on Dec 6

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