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CNN and MSNBC can burn in hell and I'll buy the gas...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)

First of all, The Olympics are a waste of time for peace. I can't recall it doing ancient Greece any favors, but I was just a kid then. Oh, how about Hitler and WWII. Yep, no help there, either. Now the idiot liberal media wants the stupid liberal sheep around the world to believe having Kim Jung-a-hole's sister at the Olympics is some grand gesture of diplomacy. Well, I have a grand gesture for them. Anyone remember what Kim's regime did to Otto Warmbier?

Oh, I forgot, he is a white privileged male. Liberals don't give a damn about white males. Hey, I get it, the guy stole a stupid poster. Of course poster theft is met with 15yrs in a labor camp while you are tortured every day until you are deaf, blind, unable to feed yourself and have had your teeth pulled out, mixed up, and replaced.

Frankly when Warmbier was returned, and yeah, if we still had Obama, we'd never have even got him back, Trump should have hit that s-hole regime with two dozen MOABs covering every strategic area and especially targeting where that Korean leader might be.


Posted on Feb 13, 2018, 5:56 PM

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*(URL) BBC has been good at pointing out that this is a propaganda effort by NK.Michael Calkins on Feb 13
I agree that it's all hypocrytical BS, but even so...TheBOB on Feb 14
 And South Korea is stupidly paying for it...Pete on Feb 14
  * Human rights? You sounded like a liberal for a few seconds.Michael Calkins on Feb 14
   Yeah, that's what confuses people today about conservatives...Pete on Feb 14

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