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Well there goes another billion up in smoke. Anyone think all the missiles hit?

by Pete (Login The-Universe)

I'm skeptical that all 100+ missiles hit. We are talking 3 buildings. Does it really take 35 Tomahawks to take down a concrete building complex? That seems a bit much. If four or five could do that amount of damage then you have to wonder if so many were used because many were shot down. That's what the Russians are claiming. I have little reason to believe the Russians, but it's also hard to believe they would waste a bunch of anti-missile defenses, too.

I was glad to see the UK and France on board with the strike, but I wonder how the bill is being split up? My guess is the US, as usual, is paying almost all of it. I think it is high time that all the other nations that claim to be so appalled by the use of chemical weapons pony up.

I'm also concerned about factions in Syria that may have been responsible for the chemical event in Syria being motivated to keep the U.S. engaged in the region and maybe even to escalate it to the point where we get sucked into conflicts with Russia and the civil war. The simple solution to all of this is to handed it over to the U.N. If the U.N. determines a strike is necessary, we pony up our share. If not, whatever. I don't really think the U.S. should be handling anything in Syria except the current ISIS situation. Finish that and goodbye.


PS I did get to see a photo of one of the targets, and admittedly it looks more like a complex than a building. That would take several missile hits. I hope our "Fake" news media gets off their duffs and digs into this. I miss the days we had real foreign correspondents on the ground. Today's news is just parlor room gossip.

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Posted on Apr 16, 2018, 10:10 AM

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