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And there goes Australia's record of stopping mass shootings.

by SMcNeill (Login SMcNeill)

Folks have been saying that we need to pass laws taking away guns like Australia; that they don't have mass shootings.... Guess they can't say that anymore. sad.gif

Shootings aren't a large issue in Australia, but honestly speaking, they're not a large issue here in the USA either. More teens are killed texting and driving than they are in shootings. More are killed drinking and driving. More teens die from SUICIDE than murder....

And yet, we politicize the shootings and never let them leave the public consciousness.

Last mass school shooting was the middle of February here, and yet we hear about "The Parkland Shooting" almost every day on the news -- which, IMHO, only encourages people to try and become the next school shooter. We say "five minutes of fame", and there's a shitload of folks who crave and would kill -- and even die -- for that brief moment of attention in the spotlight; yet, nobody seems to think that keeping the shooting permanently in the news has any negative impact...

Personally, I think a limit on media coverage would be more effective than a limit on gun sales. When one wants to shoot somebody else, there's ALWAYS illegal and/or unregistered private guns easily available to buy from individuals. No law is going to remove those illegal/unregistered firearms, so we need to remove the MOTIVATIONSfor the shootings instead -- and a limit on media coverage may be the proper place to start...

Though, of course, folks would then cry about the First Admendment, as if it was somehow more important and necessary to protect than the second....

Posted on May 12, 2018, 10:29 AM

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