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Slavia ZVP info

June 18 2003 at 8:17 AM
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I have had a Slavia ZVP air pistol for over thirty years and I am looking for any information about this particular pistol.

Many Thanks,


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Me too!

June 18 2003, 9:45 AM 


 CZ has to be the most intolerant air gun manufacturer of all time! Every attempt I have made at information gathering from them has hit a brick wall!

 I aquired a ZVP (which I fell in love with) about 2 years ago,  My handle was made up during a self-created computer mistake where I wiped myself out on all my bookmarks! ZVP was easier to spell than Dave N. to re-log on  toit all, so I figgured what the hell...

 From what I can gather, the pistol is a clone of a pre war Diana Model pistol. The build quality is very good, some of the grips feature beautifull sunburst grain patterns too! The velocity is normally spans 340 to 380 fps, depending on the Mainspring's condition.

 Since these pistols were intended for use in Europe, and by the "common" man, there  is a freebore in the chamber.I am assuming it is to facilitate round lead ball shot to be used as an economical pellet substitute. Many pellets fit loose in the chamber, but once fired, the very good CZ barrel soon corrects  any accuracy doubts. Mine has astounded me with excellent long range grouping, in spite of it's meduim-heavy recoil and rudimentary and most "basic" sights. The pistol is very hold sensitive, due to the ambidexterous nature of it's grip shape. With some concentration and a little paitence, one can  easilly adapt to a hold which is consistant but allows the heavy  powerplant components to do their work. With my large hands, I found concentrating on a loose, two handed hold with good contact on the backstrap works for me.

 The Piston seals are leather, and pretty much indestructable. I installed a fresh CZ TEX Model-3 Mainspring in mine, and now the pistol acts like new! The Breech seal is also leather, and my 40 plus, year old one just needed some oil to freshen it up. The ZVP is an oil burner, so do not be afraid to keep your Mainspring and piston seal wet.

  Back in it's day this pistol had some stiff competition from the Wischo/BSF S-20 series, which featured more power, excellent adjustable sights, fancier grip styling, and an intrestinglly adjustable trigger. The Diana Model-5  (being the "real thing") , beat the ZVP's sales up pretty badly too. Nevertheless, the surviving ZVP's are still  available out there at reasonable prices, and shooting as well as they always did! Generally, the big piston, understressed Mainspring and good grade steel components have stood up to many thousands of shots and show minor wear on the specimens that I have seen.

 No doubt, they are gangly and unattractive pistols by today's standards, but their quality shows thru in their balance and preformance! Beauty is in the eye... as they say!

 I can't post it here (Netscape -vs- N/W 54), but if you'll e-mail me, I have a specifications page , that Mike Driskill sent me, and I would be happy to fwd it along to you.

  I am currentlly trying to find a factory information source to discover more of this pistol, and the TEX Models which evolved from the ZVP, but as I said CZ USA  is absolutelly NO help, and the language barrier is a detriment between myself and the Factory., but I'm not giving up this easy, and if  at all possible,I am determined to track more info down!

 I have since, aquired both the CZ TEX Model-3 and the Chinese copy of it, the TF-8. The  current TEX is an excellent pistol also, the TF-8 just another Asian clone. I bet you're wondering, what if ya took the CZ components, and put them into a TF-8? I did too and did it, in my "Half Breed" but this is a whole 'nother tale, for another time...

 Good to have ya on the Forum!



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June 19 2003, 4:06 PM 

I have two ZVP, one of which is almost new in box. I can see the power potential of the gun, considering the cross section of the piston. My problem is the trigger. I find it very heavy and cannot locate any adjustements for it. Can you help ?

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June 20 2003, 4:11 AM 


 The  CZ-ZVP trigger pull is regulated by the small spring that adds pressure to the sear. It is located between the grip, and sear linkage. The bottom gripscrew retains it's pressure against a hole drilled into the wooden gripframe.

 I simply replaced the spring with a lighter one that I located at my local Hardware store. I clipped and fitted mine to fit my preferance. These springs often come in random lengths and wire sizes, they can be cut to fit. You might find a suitable spring at an Auto Parts Supply store, also.

   Trial and error are the only way to decide on a spring for a balance of safe sear engagement and ease of pull. The ZVP system dates back to simple design and engineering from the early part of the 20th century, and will never be "match quality", but the pull CAN be owner improved!

 You sure "eyeballed" the piston size right! It is a large sized one, and results in considerable pistol movement (recoil) due to it's mass. Nothing that can't be overcome, but one must keep in mind that all recoil is a neccessary part of the firing cycle, and should be allowed to occur rather than trying to restrain it! Let the piston do it's work, thru a gentle hold...



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