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Spring vs Nitro piston

December 13 2010 at 4:39 PM
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THANKS, THE MGMT. happy.gif

I am new to air rifles and wanting to purchase a new rifle. I have been reading a lot about the new Nitro piston and was wandering if that is the way to go. I almost had myself talked into buying a RWS 34 with the new T06 trigger, but was wandering if I should go the Nitro piston route instead. Any help would be appreciated.

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Asking Here

December 13 2010, 4:46 PM 

is like going into a Mercedes Benz dealer and asking what brand of car to buy. LOL

Havent tried a rammed gun yet but i love my .20 cal 34 and .22 cal 38.


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The M34!

December 13 2010, 5:06 PM 


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December 13 2010, 5:09 PM 

What are you loooking for in an air rifle.

Available upgrades


The 34 will give you all of this. And your children as well when you are done with it.

The Nitro. Some of the above, but not all. And you will probably be buying your children something else.

Like a 34.

There is a good solid reason why the Diana 34 is considered THE entry level airgun.

Try this, if you can, cock and hold a 34. Do the same with a Nitro. Look them over good. Fit and finish, balance, FEEL.

The answer will bew right there in your hands.

Oh, one more thing. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with either gun, try selling the Nirto and see what you can get.

You will have no trouble finding a home for the 34.


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I would try the 34 first

December 13 2010, 5:25 PM 

Nitros seem to be good (assume you are talking Crosman?) but the 34 is old school at about its best.

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I have them both

December 13 2010, 6:16 PM 

one Crosman made in China Titan GP in .22 cal and ALL M34's in .177, and .22 cal made in Germany

the Titan GP in .22 cal from Wally World is $150.00 plus .07 tax and not a bad air rifle but make that "1 stike" because it is a cheap air rifle, did not say a bad one!!!

the M34 in .177 or .22 cal is a $200.00 AIR RIFLE, see CAPS letters???

better quality, better MOD's avaliable (sorry) you cannot modify the Titan, make that "2 stikes"

resale value is still $200.00 for the Model 34 even if you use it 1 day or 1 year

if the spring in the M34 "EVER", (breaks, cants, or weakens) and goes bad, it is a $20.00 replacement but not the same story for the Titan, "3 stikes"

you are "OUT" with 3 strkes'

the difference between the Titan GP ($150.00) and the Diana M34 ($200.00) is $50.00

do YOU want to gamble!!!, it's your money


and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"


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M34 it is

December 13 2010, 6:32 PM 

Thanks for all the helpful insite. Looks like I will be ordering an M34 in .22 Any advice for which pellets to try. I will mainly be hunting squirrels and birds in my back yard and plinking at some targets and tin cans.


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your best bet

December 13 2010, 6:55 PM 

Would be a pellet sampler. would be best to call straight shooters and see if they have a .22 34, order the sampler with the rifle.

BTW they are offering free shipping through the 20th i believe


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Now, Sir

December 13 2010, 7:46 PM 

Realize that how ever the gun shoots out of the box it will not settle in untill you have run at least 1000 pellets through it. Take a breath, that's only 2 tins. And trust me, you will enjoy every one, and will be more and more impressed as you go. With yourself and the gun. Its a win/win situation.

PS Warren forgot to mention that there have been 250,000 34s produced since they were first brought out. 250,000! And there's a good reason for that.

That's not like him. You're welcome, Warren.



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You might want to check

December 14 2010, 5:14 PM 

With whom ever you purchase a M34 that it has the new TO6 trigger.


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Open mind

December 14 2010, 7:13 PM 

Do not limit yourself to comments here. I personally own a 34 and can attest to the great quality. However, I think there is something to the gas ram. I have two Beeman C1's. I am going to get one with a gas ram installed, and then be able to make a judgment after a true comparison. I would love to see a Diana 34 with a gas ram. Hey! Think out of the BOX!!!



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December 14 2010, 9:09 PM 

Blasphemer! Dr. Frankenstein!



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only ONE

December 15 2010, 2:35 AM 

the original poster wanted to know which one between a gas ram and a spring power air rifle

and based on that criteria most of us decided on a M34

now saying that we must remember that the first kit Vortek produced was for the M34, then why not??

a gas ram for the M34!!!

HEY!!! Tom Gore, I know you read the forums, just read this one and let us know, eventually someone is going to make them

it's just a matter on TIME


and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"


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Got for a TX200 and you'll never look back

December 15 2010, 2:00 PM 


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TX 200

December 15 2010, 5:30 PM 

or The special 34 in .20 with a LW Bull barrel, and a used 34 in your choice of cal. Same price JMO


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Re: Spring vs Nitro piston

December 16 2010, 1:48 AM 

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Ram vs Spring

December 24 2010, 11:01 AM 

My Son has a model 34, very nice for the price. Compared to any Crossman I think the choice is obvious. Ram vs spring is something completely different. There is no clear winner over another in medium powered air guns. It really is a matter of preference. Now....when it comes to high powered air rifles like the Crow Mag or the RX2 you really need a ram to achieve this type of power effectively.


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"...need a ram to achieve this type of power effectively."

December 24 2010, 2:17 PM 

Tell that to Chris P.


(Login HectorMedina)

Purely semantical doubt

December 25 2010, 11:57 AM 

Of course you are free to use the words any way you want. And to define "effectiveness" any which way you choose.

IMHO effectiveness should be regarded as the ability to get a job done. Which is different from efficiency in the sense that efficiency is the ability to do a particular work with the least amount of resources possible.

Now, taking numbers from a well respected source: Straightshooters, we come to the following data:

RX2) Weight.-9.8 lbs without scope, ME.- 19-20 ft-lbs, Cocking Effort.- Heavy; Recoil Rating.- Heavy; Price.- $819
D54) Weight.-9.0 lbs without scope, ME.- 17-21 ft-lbs; Cocking Effort.- Medium; Recoil Rating.- Heavy; Price.- $555

Notwithstanding the experiences published here that tell us that the D54 is capable of performances better than this, let's just say the I fail to see where the purported "effectiveness" of the GasRammed rifles is.

Care to explain?


Un Abrazo!


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Re: Purely semantical doubt

December 25 2010, 12:06 PM 

Not really. I was not making the statement in terms of painting such a broad brush. Simply saying, bone stock, generally speaking the gas ram power plant are the ones you typically see with the highest fpe number. Granted the difference may be small, and a spring piston could be modded to equal, but that isn't where I was going.


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Scott, these are unmodded guns

December 25 2010, 12:20 PM 

and while 1 ft-lb more for the spring gun, with 1 lb less weight may be a small difference, it grows when you note that the cocking effort needed to get that result is in favour of the spring gun.

Were we to discuss modded guns, then the D-54 with a MEDIUM coking effort and 0.8 lbs less weight can yield 20% more energy than the RX-2 with 1 lb. more weight and a HEAVY cocking effort. (24 REAL ft-lbs in a D-56 in 0.22" vs. 20 REAL Ft-lbs in a 0.22" cal. RX-2 I once had to fix).

Existing Gas Ram powerplants are mainly an exercise in marketing and/or cost cutting. Some EXCEPTIONAL Gas Rams of the past WERE an exercise in efficiency and effectivity but, sadly, are not produced anymore and were attacked before they had the time to mature into accurate airguns.

When you get to REAL numbers, GasRams do not stand the test of reality.

JMHO, of course.

Merry Christmas!

Un Abrazo!



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can Warren play???

December 25 2010, 12:44 PM 

all the gas rams are "SET" in their capacity to deliver the GOOD's

and they cannot be modified, they are made to a SPECIFIC range

and NO Gas Ram that I know of has stood the test of "TIME"

100,000 pellets OR 10 year's

when my Titan GP conks out and frizzles it will go in the trash can

whenever one of my M34 does the same thing: $7.00 piston seal and a $19.00 new spring plus $5.00 for some tar and moly grease

but then again; what do I know!!!



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that's what I like

December 25 2010, 2:39 PM 

About the spring guns, the ease of changing the springs when need be, and not having to replace the gass ram.



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Gas not gass.

December 25 2010, 2:40 PM 

(Login hnt5)


December 25 2010, 4:14 PM 

Warren, Theoben gas rams have been around about 30 years and are the only rams that have "stood the test of time". Crosman's Chinese made NPSS ARE NOT Theoben level. So I agree with you on your statement and everything else you brought up. happy.gif


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Gas Ram

December 25 2010, 5:23 PM 

I've never owned a Theoben however; I've spent hours with one shooting and I think they are pretty nice. I'm not sure I will ever own a gas ram but I did own a Mod 48 for 10 years, so I do understand what a springer brings to the power table. In my opinion when it comes to a springer the R1 (HW80) is the sweet spot between power, quality, and a spring power plant. I won just 3 now (Beeman R1 / TX200 MKIII / Beeman Blue-Laminate HW97. All I fitted with JM springs and seals. None produce the highest fpe possible, but that is defiantly not what I'm looking for.

Would I like to own a gas ram? Yes, but likely only a Theoben.

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Nitro Piston Hype

August 13 2012, 4:37 AM 

"Nitro piston" is typical marketing hype. This type of airgun is essentially a one pump pneumatic air rifle. In a nutshell you have a lot of air under pressure in a cylinder (air is 80% nitrogen). By design eventually something will give and with pneumatics sooner rather than later. Finally this air is rarely under the same pressure therefore accuracy also becomes an issue. As airguns are small game weapons accuracy is crucial. A springer (esp a M34) may not sound trendy but used properly could last a life time and deliver the same punch 20 years from now and it's quite a punch. In some cases a harder punch. As any owner will attest they are extremely accurate. As a survival tool a nitro piston is about as useful and logical as a PCP, that's to say useless and illogical. One caution though. Powerful airguns are heavy and make a noise almost in the 22LR range. Goes with the territory.


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Not all powerful air rifles are noisy

August 14 2012, 3:48 AM 

My Daystate Airwolf produces 40 fpe on high power and 30 fpe on low power. It's about half the noise of my .12 fpe HW97.


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You guys are responding to a two year old question

August 14 2012, 10:15 AM 

By now I think we know that nitro pistoned guns are about as viable as wound wire springers. The bigger question is what did the guy eventually buy?


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Welcome back Mr. Red

August 14 2012, 12:13 PM 

this thread is just like the guy that asks another one

"WHAT TIME IS IT"!!!!!!!

and the answer is how he builts a clock

TIME is not the question and it is not the ANSWER

time is a measurement and nothing more, LOL

you, YES, you Take Care


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I don't even know what day it is half the time, much less the hour

August 14 2012, 2:16 PM 

Hey, Warren. I'm always scratching my head over these blasts from the past. Was just shooting my NPSS this afternoon, followed by the two 24's. Honestly, aside from the super smooth cocking on the NPSS, I'll take the 24's. Think I've solved my fuzzy sights problem. Tried the last ten rounds with reading glasses on and made a fairly decent hole - dime sized. Back in business!


(no login)

but the question remains

September 16 2013, 8:10 AM 

Hi all,

so it is now even a year older then that, I ask which is more desireable, which lasts longer and who bought what rifle?

I am looking towards a Piston type for now and will listen to all sides of the triangle(piston, pcp, springer)

they all look fun to me.



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Owner Moderator

Please start a new thread if you dont mind.

September 16 2013, 10:49 AM 

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