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4-16X40 Centerpoint on sale again.

December 31 2011 at 9:33 AM
Jeff C.  (no login)
from IP address

I wanted to make sure you guys new this sale was going on. I bought 2 of these last time they were on sale and I love em. They are long and heavy but focus up close and will focus clear all the way up to 14 power. I have one on a 350 magnum and I can take it out of the safe and drive tacks with it. If its off its only a click one way or the other. The ones I bought have the allen wrench adjustable tension on the turrets plus a finger ring lockdown just like my Leapers accushot. The turrets were just right from the factory and I just use the finger rings. Great scopes for the money.INMO

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(no login)

I bought 2..

December 31 2011, 11:19 AM 

of these last time also.One thing,on one of the scopes,the lens coating is terrible,and flair is a big issue,hard to see thru.I can tell the green lens coating like on the other new scopes like this is weak.
Just a thought,but they will refund,I let mine sit in the box too long to return.I still haven`t mounted one yet.
Mine didn`t have any ring marks on them haden`t been mounted.I`d say since WM sells these my the 1000`s,a few were took out of the pack,were looked thru&returned for a loose part,or whatever.I think these returns are what`s selling in these white boxes now.
For me,if I could get new ones for $70,I`d just buy them,with much less risk,but I don`t think these can be bought new at WM now,can they??

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Jeff C.
(no login)

Dizz I gotta say one of the 2 I bought is still in the box.

December 31 2011, 1:03 PM 

I hope its alright. The one I am using is perfect. Really bright and clear. No marks at all. I always thought Leapers and Centetrpoint were the same scopes.

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Centerpoint Scopes

January 3 2012, 5:17 PM 


It is my understanding that only some scopes from Centerpoint are made by Leapers. If anyone has further information on this please let me know.


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(Login LexingtonGreg)

That's a great scope

December 31 2011, 12:38 PM 

I think the 4-16X40 Centerpoint is a great scope, and arguably still delivers the best price-to-performance of any heavy recoiling springer rated scope on the market today, but....

Leapers newly updated models are just fantastic. I just bought the new full size 3-12X44 Sidewheel scope with 80MM sidewheel for $106 about 2 months ago, and I really think its well worth the extra money over the Centerpoint. There's a 4-16X version too, as well as short bodied "compact" variants.

Then, all 3 Leapers bugbusters are being updated with locking target turrets, and longer eye relief (6th generation models). I would look for venerable Leapers 3-9X32 Golden Image to get similar 6th generation updates soon.

My shooting style is as a plinker, collector, pest contol, and "fun with friends" kinda shooter. And I find that Leapers has all my needs covered. Its about time somebody in the world of optics truly focused on the airgun market.

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(Login lettercarrier)

preaching in the desert

December 31 2011, 4:30 PM 

I have found that the CP scope for the $$ is a bargain

because they are air gun RATED

have them since late 2010 and they hold the recoil well on a TUNED M34 and M48

same as some Barska models


and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"

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(Login mbob994)

Centerpoint 3-9x40

January 1 2012, 11:22 AM 

I had a Centerpoint 3-9x40 on my RWS 54 and it chewed it up in no time.

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(Login lettercarrier)


January 2 2012, 4:23 AM 

you BLAME the CP scope for this failure in a M54??

I blame "YOU" for using it in the M54

the M54 is called a "SCOPE EATER" for a reason


and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"

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(Login reschlund)

And for another $59.00 bucks

January 2 2012, 6:20 AM 

You can get a Ruger Blackhawk Refurb. a copy of the Diana 34.
Even the M-34 Vortex kits fit it and its said to have a real good trigger.

Not a bad deal for $120 + shipping.


Best Regards
BBGun Bob
S.E. Michigan

"Springers are neat,,One Shot One Bullseye"
BUT ONLY If you can master shooting one ! ! !

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(Login mbob994)

Leapers 4-16x56 Excellent Scope!

January 2 2012, 7:07 AM 


The CP is supposed to be Airgun rated. What is the point of this forum if we do not inform others on products that have failed. By contrast, the Leapers 4-16x56 that I purchased for $189 has held up for almost 2000 rounds now. My suggestion, if you have a RWS 54, I would strongly advise this scope. The 54 is known to destroy even more expensive scopes than this one.

Leapers 4-16x56

On another note, I also added two "O" Rings on the slide rail as a stop to cusion the recoil. This has shortened the travel a little but does not seem to effect accuracy. I also feel the 30mm tube has more surface area to grip and prevent the scope from sliding in the rings. The CP with 1" tube and RWS one piece mount would not hold the scope without slippage. The RWS mount also only has two screws on each ring instead of 4. 4 Screws holds the scope much better.


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(Login HectorMedina)

Just a note, Bob;

January 3 2012, 7:54 AM 

The rearward travel of the 54 is initiated by the piston's movement forward. This is a rearward recoil.

The forward recoil of the 54 is produced when the piston meets the wall of air created by the transfer port aided by the pellet's backpressure and inertia.

It is the FORWARD recoil what kills most scopes regardless of price.

That and vibrations in the spring-guide-piston-breech assembly that get transmitted to the scope.

Hope this clarifies things.

Un Abrazo!


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(no login)

Leapers Scope 4-16x56

January 3 2012, 2:36 PM 

2000 rounds and so far so good. I'll keep you posted if it fails. My CP scope only lasted about 500 rounds.

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(Login BN5448)

Re: Leapers Scope 4-16x56

April 18 2012, 9:35 AM 

Hi Bob,

I have the same set up (scope: Leapers 4-16x56 and gun: RWS 54, 0.22). So far, no problem at all (18,000 rounds).

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(Login lettercarrier)

on another NOTE

January 3 2012, 3:18 PM 

As Hector noted;

"The rearward travel of the 54 is initiated by the piston's movement forward. This is a rearward recoil."

same recoil as in a Magnum and count it times 2 BANGS on the scope

"It is the FORWARD recoil what kills most scopes regardless of price."

this is where the 2 bangs in the rearward MEET the 8 BANG'S in the forward RECOIL

that SLAM is magnified in an 8 millseconds discharge

add to the problem a WEAK MOUNT and a FAST pellet cheap pellet if USED

"DISASTER" is the final equation

I know my M34's, 36's, 38s, M40's and my M48/52

but the M54 gives me headaches

this is my opinion without any animosity to anyone


and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"

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(Login Hunter_NZ)

Re: Leapers 4-16x56 Excellent Scope!

January 3 2012, 6:14 PM 

Hi, i thought Id add my experience using Leapers scopes on a Diana 54 I first purchased a Leapers 6-24*56, it was ok for awhile but I found that the spline that supports the sidewheel did become loose to the point that I feared i would fall out of the scope body and on the same scope the front lense was shaken loose and rattled, it was replaced under warranty and I paid alittle more to upgrade the replacement to the 8-32*56 model, that too suffered the same fate with the sidewheel becoming wobbly and again I feared the spline was soon to fall out, again this was replaced under warranty.

The replacement was another Leapers 8-32*56 this time I used it withouth the sidewheel attached as recommended to me by the agent for Leapers, all seemed to function as it should although it really us pain not having the sidewheel as its great for quickly dialng out the paralex error and getting in focus while holding your quarry in the scope ready to make a shot.

I originally bought Leapers due tothe great reviews Id read online and heard from the many airgunners in NZ that own them and the biggest draw card, a lifetime warranty.

This model of Leapers is no longer being imported into NZ and Ive read has been discontinued so our Leapers agent forwarned us all to look after them as there will be no more, that prompted me to mount it on my Fwb300s where with the sidewheel installed it functions perfectly.

Now this thread is about the Centrepoint(Leapers) 4-16*40 well I recently purchased a Leapers 4-16*50 I had all sorts of issues with it, not holding POA or POI, sometimes jumping randomly 1 or 2 mildots randomly up, down, left or right, I becsme frustrated with this and over tightened the rear rings thinking it was slipping in them snd dented the tube (voiding my warranty)

Now, when I bought my Diana 54 it had a Nikko 2-7*32 mounted on it, that functioned perfectly, I even used a Barska 3-12*40 for a period of time that also functioned without fail, that Barska is still going strong on my Diana 31 panther, currently my Diana 54 is begging me to save for a Vortek Diamondback, I wish we had an agent for them in NZ, infact it would be great if Vortek could contact Nzhunter.com and see if they would become an agent as they are one of the most trusted and respected airgun product specalist in NZ and the agent for many brands such as IOR, Falcon, Mueller, Leapers etc

Centrepoint ( Leapers )
I would say, you may get a good one, you may not but certanly dont bet your dinner on it as you could very well go hungry

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(Login Hunter_NZ)

Update - Operator Error

January 7 2012, 10:32 PM 

Well i was unhappy with the way my Leapers 4-16*50 was behaving but on advice from an airgunning friend I remounted my Leapers via a UTG drooper rail after mechanically centering it and I was able to sight it in perfectly, it now performs as it should without any change in POI unless it's due to my wobblying around when I shoot.

So I will have to say there is nothing wrong with the Leapers scope I purchased, it was all down to Operator Error, but the true test will be is it still holding POI after 2,000 pellets, time will tell.

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(Login RedFeather)
Owner Moderator

Bought one of these must be a year or two ago

January 3 2012, 7:13 PM 

Got it at WalMart for about $70. Was going to put it on the 54 until I read of some failures on magnum springers. This seems to have stemmed from the earlier scope's design for attaching the adjustment knobs or rings with too-small set screws, as reported here and elsewhere. I understand the current scopes have been upgraded in this respect. Since the scopes seemed to be failing on guns like the 350, etc, I figured my 54 wouldn't make it to noon to "eat it for lunch". It could also be that these scopes tend to be on the heavy side and that's not too recoil friendly. The 54 isolates all of the recoil in the metal parts, isolating the wooden stock, so a scope has to handle more. Some of the smaller Centerpoint scopes seem even less robust than the 4X16X40, so I can imagine a 54 could toast one in a hurry.

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(Login Hunter_NZ)

Re: Bought one of these must be a year or two ago

January 3 2012, 9:09 PM 

hi Red,
im jealous at how cheap these scopes are for you guys in the US, damn $70 for the same 4-16*40 id pay $180-$220 here.

I will say though that more than likely the average Centrepoint or Leapers would/should be fine on most springers but the 54 known as the Airking should be more aptly named Recoil-king in my opinion requires something proven.

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