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Since we're talking air pistols...

December 4 2013 at 6:07 PM

  (Login WVscott)
from IP address

what's your favorite and list the reasons why.
regards, Scott

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(Login OldRoy)

Crosman .22 Pump pistol

December 4 2013, 8:00 PM 

I have a Crosman pump up .22 air pistol, I've had for 30 yrs. or more and they are still cheap to buy. I like it, because it is good quality, accurate, packs a punch, it is not too heavy, and I feel safe carrying it, if I want to take it in the woods. I have killed rabbits, and even a possum with it. It has a safety, which some of my air pistols don't. It also needs to be manually cocked after you pump it up, so for safety, it's hard to beat. It can punch paper, at one or two pumps can discourage the neighors dog from chasing your cats, or pump it up to 7 or 8 pumps and take out those pesky squirels at your bird feeder.


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(Login RedFeather)
Owner Moderator

Diana Model 5

December 4 2013, 8:08 PM 

Have a 1377. It's pretty nice for an inexpensive gun. And an old Benjamin 132 I bought 40+ years ago. Had a Hurricane but never got the hang of it. Now, that Model 5, what a nice shooting, accurate pistol. I always recommend one.

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(Login DoveBuster)

Air Pistols

December 4 2013, 8:22 PM 

What about the Ferraris of Air Pistols: Steyr, FWB, and Morini. I don't have any but I have lusted over them in my heart. We need some air gun porn.

I borrowed a Steyr LP2, then am angling to borrow a FWB P44, how about some true confessions.

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(Login gard72977)

Re: Diana Model 5

December 4 2013, 9:45 PM 

can you convert the seals in the old model 5 from leather to synthetic without a permanent mod?

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(no login)


December 5 2013, 12:59 AM 

I have a 1377 which is great but fiddley to get pellet in. And loud too,close range targets I like my old 22 hurricane pellet on pellet.
I have a 240 BSA magnum but don't like it
I would say the one I like the best is my BSA scorpion.big solid performer. In .22.
I friend of mine has a daisy pneumatic type,he sits in his living room watching tv and on occasions shoots it at a cardboard target he leaves in situ. Really weak power.
My first pistol was health ways top score 175 ,had fun with that as a kid.

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(Login ClarkB)

Seals in the 5

December 5 2013, 5:50 AM 

Gard - I've got a 5 dated to 1969 and ARH's synthetic seal fit it fine. I had to do some resizing but it fit the piston very well.


Back to the subject at hand...I really like my model 5. Granted, it takes the size of a "pistol" to the extreme but it is a joy to shoot. Now, if only I had a 6 I could compare it to...


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(Login stevevines)

Crosman 2240, 2250, aka 22XX series

December 5 2013, 6:50 AM 

To me the Crosman 2240 & 2250 are just plain fun. Fun to shoot, fun to work on, inexpensive to acquire, lots of modification info on the net, can be converted to bulk fill/hpa with several approaches.

This hipac converted 22XX pistol shoots well over 15 fpe for over 10 shots -
[linked image]

Not a Diana, I haven't had the pleasure of owning a Diana spring pistol. Yet.


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(Login tomykay12)

That's a nice one Mr Vines

December 5 2013, 7:48 AM 

While the crosman pumpers are convenient due to their multi pump/ variable power nature, the trigger makes them a questionable deal without some modification to stock. And they are LONG. I'm about to put a 1701 grip frame on one to solve that issue. I'm currently enjoying a P3, and a P1. No trigger issues there, tk

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Jim in SWMO
(Login jmhenrichs)

Darn it, Steve!

December 5 2013, 8:03 AM 

You just made me drool on my keyboard!! happy.gif That's a sweet lookin' pistola you've got there! Love that wood forearm on it, too.

My favorite air pistols include my trusty old phase 2 1377. Nice, accurate, variable power pistol. It's been my companion on many huntin' & fishin' trips. Also really like my Beeman P17 and Daisy 717. Both have a good trigger and are more accurate than I can shoot them.

"You've come far, pilgrim."------"Feels like far."
"Were it worth the trouble?"----"Ah, what trouble?"

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(Login lettercarrier)

this one

December 5 2013, 8:49 AM 

[linked image]

Caliber: 0.22" (5.5mm)
Velocity: 460 fps
Loudness: 3-Medium
Barrel Length: 7.5"
Overall Length: 11.13"
Shot Capacity: 1
Barrel: Rifled
Front Sights: Blade and Ramp
Rear Sights: Adjustable for windage and elevation
Scopeable: No
Trigger: Single-stage
Buttplate: None
Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
Trigger Pull: 3.88 lbs
Action: Bolt-action
Safety: Manual
Powerplant: CO2
Function: Single-shot
Max Shots per Fill: 60
Body Type: Pistol
Weight: 1.81 lbs

and all of this for $58.00

and remember "it's 30% the gun and 70% the shooter"

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(Login tweedledede)

Re: this one

December 5 2013, 10:27 AM 

-2 vthat warren. I just got my 2240 for that price. I like the power.i took the trigger assembly apart n used a fine Arkansas stone on it and put a lighter spring in for the trigger. realy suprized me how much power and accuracy it has. the finish isn't much to talk about though but for $57 what do we expect great finish n crappy gun or crappy finish on a great gun? I use mine for pidgons and its taken 15 in the month ive owned it. but I prefer my Diana 5g .only use it carefully as I got it 2 years ago new in the box and I don't want to marr that german piece of art up.

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(Login tweedledede)

Re: Darn it, Steve!

December 5 2013, 10:36 AM 

tere you go jim, steve has the pistol and you don't, get that moldy old money out you got buried in the fruit jar out there by that big ol tree over there n buy 1

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(Login stevevines)

Yeah Jim, Robert is right -

December 5 2013, 12:07 PM 

let's make a deal

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Jim in SWMO
(Login jmhenrichs)


December 5 2013, 12:49 PM 

OK, Robert, now what made me think that you'd chime right in on that??? LOL! That jar of moldy money? I forgot which tree it's buried under. sad.gif

Oh, and Warren. You can get the 2240 even cheaper than that. Wallymart has them on their website for just under $50.....$49.49! And as Robert can attest, I have been eyeballin' one of them things. wink.gif Been about 3 decades since I've had a working gun that ran on the greenhouse gas. LOL

That's very tempting, Steve! But I haven't fallen to the darkside just yet, lol. And that would mean having to invest in a pump or something just to shoot it like it's intended to be shot. But thanks anyway!

"You've come far, pilgrim."------"Feels like far."
"Were it worth the trouble?"----"Ah, what trouble?"

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(Login tweedledede)

Re: LOL!

December 5 2013, 5:09 PM 

its that ice covered tree that's just over there jim need to borrow my metal detector?

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(Login ladOR)

Crosman 2240

April 24 2014, 9:30 PM 

read the above post and looked at the photo of the customized Crosman 2240. Traveling home today from a trip to the city I picked up a Crosman 2240. Vines you are right. They are just plain fun to shoot. As a very small boy I had a black steel BB pistol that I carried everywhere with me. Gave the jays, rats and mice fits with it.
Only have 1 tank through this baby but am going to enjoy it. Thanks for putting me on it.

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(Login airzap)

Some of the older and the new ones...

December 5 2013, 9:14 AM 

modified in Crosman/Benjamin/Sheridan pumpers and gassers are OK to really nice.
There's where you'll find the power like you'll find in the Euro PCP pistols
or pistol handled mini-carbines called pistols. In smallbore .22/.25 converted to PCP
and highly modified Crosman 22xx pistols with 10"-14" barrels can produce 20s to 30s
FPE. Bigger bores can deliver well over a 100 FPE. Highly modified Cr 1322s in 10"-14"
bbls can get up to 20ish or so FPE.

I've owned two LD MK1 .22 pistols (Mac1 custom Cr MK1) and they were fairly potent
and very accurate. Up to 11ish FPE in 80s F. temp. with heavier ammo.

Considering or looking at the whole package the HW45 IMO is still 'king' of the
fairly potent sporting springer pistols. I've owned 3 in the 3 calibers. It's a
pistol too rather than a pistol handled mini-carbine.

The HW40/P3 SSP is a decent compact plinking, paper punching, light closer ranged
pesting pistol. It'll out shoot accuracy wise any of those loved/hated odd looking
springer pistols and hang with or come close to those other SSP pistols. I've owned
a couple in .177.

My tweaked/modded Benji HB22 is capable of up to 8ish FPE and shooting 1" groups
at 25 yds.

Thinking about returning to the Cr 1322 10" or 12" bbl and transforming it into a
10-12 FPE pistol. I've had several - one got up into the mid teens or so FPE with
14" bbl.

I like built-in power plant airguns. Man that FX Indy bullpup is making me itch!
Love to see FX make a pumper pistol!

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(Login WVscott)

My three...

December 5 2013, 9:21 AM 

I've narrowed my pistol collection down to three: P1 in .177 it's the older San Rafael model, diana 6M, P17. All three are very, very accurate. Pistols I've owned in the past, but sold off: 1377 converted to .22 highly modded, bsa scorpian, two other P1's, 747, webley tempest, crosman mk1 and mk11. Oh, almost forgot, I do have a bersa thunder co2 bb pistol, but hardly ever shoot it.

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(Login MarkinJHawkland)

Beeman P17

December 5 2013, 12:16 PM 

Best bang for the buck of any gun I have ever owned.

Mark N

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Jim in SWMO
(Login jmhenrichs)

Agree 100%, Mark.

December 5 2013, 1:05 PM 

The P17 is a "best bang for the buck" shooter. And in this case it's amazing what $40 can buy you. Great accuracy and enough power for close range (10-15yds) small pest work and a good trigger to boot. And no pumping or CO2 to buy. It definitely ranks as one of my favorite pistols.

"You've come far, pilgrim."------"Feels like far."
"Were it worth the trouble?"----"Ah, what trouble?"

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(Login WVscott)


December 5 2013, 1:13 PM 

I'm really surprised how accurate those chinese barrels are on those p17's.

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(Login Robonline)

Webley Alecto/ZorakiHP 01

December 5 2013, 2:22 PM 

[linked image] This is my Alecto. I have two barrels for it, a .25 (in the photo) and a stock .22. The wood grip is made in France by a companhttp://www.edgrips.com/

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(Login airzap)

A Falcon pistol converted/modded...

December 5 2013, 2:50 PM 

to ACP pumper with small reservoir would be nice. You could shoot once do a few pumps or
shoot 3-5 shots and do the dozen or so to refill or top off. With the repeater/clip
version you'd be PCPing without needing diving gear and/or super bicycle pump. With the
single shot you'd be PCPing too but slower. LOL

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Bill in SC
(Login playtheblues1)

I reckon my onlyest one...

December 5 2013, 6:05 PM 

would have to be my favorite. happy.gif It's my Diana LP8:

[linked image]

Bill in SC

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(Login tweedledede)

Re: I reckon my onlyest one...

December 5 2013, 7:34 PM 

I remember when you got your lady bill. you had a time deciding to buy those grips. aren't you glad I talked you into buying them ? she looks great too

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(Login Trunion)

It's hard to pick one

December 5 2013, 7:49 PM 

I own four, two multi pumps the Alecto and a MA1322. I also have two CO2's the EB22 and a CP Sport by Umarex. I feel they all have their strong points. The Alecto is an excellent target pistol, I shoot it well even off hand at 10m. The MA1322 is a great squirrel/chipmunk getter. I toss it in a backpack and head for the woods. The EB22 is just a good old fashioned airgun that is virtually unchanged from the sixties. It feels great in the hand and has a pretty decent trigger. The CP Sport is a great plinker, good for scattering chipmunks and soda cans in the yard. At first the long trigger pull bothered me but I'm getting use to it and find it actually helps me shoot the others better.

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Bill in SC
(Login playtheblues1)

Re: It's hard to pick one

December 5 2013, 9:35 PM 

Yessir, Robert, I'm glad you encouraged me to get them. They just feel great and are much more comfortable than the factory grips.

Bill in SC

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(Login tweedledede)

Re: It's hard to pick one

December 6 2013, 7:18 AM 

those grips were a 1 in a lifetime deal for the price you gave . and they sure look great too bill

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(Login fsdanlie)

P5 mini mag

December 6 2013, 8:10 AM 

Installed a .120 wire and have it shooting over 6 ft. lbs. and accurate just little hard to cock.Had to put a dab of glue on rear sites the pin always slides out since I had it but it cured it.
[linked image]
[linked image]

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(Login MDriskill)


December 7 2013, 7:32 AM 

If I could only keep one, would be my FWB 65 with short barrel. Quality, power, accuracy, trigger and sights to die for...the one air pistol that can truly do it all.

I would never be without a Webley Tempest. An ingeniously designed, compact, indestructible beast of unappreciated superb build quality, IMHO it's the greatest general-knocking-around air pistol out there.

IMHO the HW 45/P1 is the best non-recoilless spring pistol ever, a superb and rugged design, very accurate, great trigger. My only complaint is it's ugly, LOL! But no doubt the Colt .45 auto-ish styling was a stroke of marketing genius that has helped sell zillions of these guns.

The Beeman "P17" (Chinese-make knock-off of the HW 40 / Beeman P3) is a ridiculously good value. A 400 fps recoilless pistol with a good trigger, that you can pick up for pocket change at Walmart--pretty amazing in my book.

The Diana models 6 and 10 Giss double-piston guns are amazing but unfortunately purty far over my head as far as being able to work on 'em myself. The model 10 is the all-time high-water mark of barrel-cocking springer pistols, we will never see such a thing again!

My current fave Diana pistol is a 1960 vintage model 5 with wood grip/frame--seen below. Note the delicately tapered barrel, and cutaways on the breech forks--a beautiful and balanced gun. Later 5's are all great, too, but this original version is really something special. All 5's and 6's have the same really fine (and IMHO very underrated) trigger, too.

[linked image]

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(Login BPDave)

Tuned Webly Tempest

December 17 2013, 2:17 PM 

Several years ago I took one in a trade. that had a broken end on the mainspring and some deep gouges in the spring chamber.
I smoothed and polished the broken end and emory papered and polished the chamber.' The way the webly is aet-up . you can reverse the spring without harm.
I never bought the replacement spring as the stocker chronies at 420fps with very little deviation!
I spent some carefull time setting the trigger for pull,

let-off, and creep. I left just a little pre-travel in to allow for a second check of the sight picture.
What a Pistol it turned out to be!
I located some Cocabolo grips at gun shop (junk parts bin "GOLD"), that finished the little Pistol off!
Definatelly my favorite Carry along!
It's not a target gun or by any means a hunting gun, just a plesant little take-along Plinker that you never get tired of and can fix yourself!

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Robert R
(Login DoveBuster)

FWB 65 Sighted

December 17 2013, 2:48 PM 

Ah Have Sighted an FWB 65 for a reasonable sum that shoots good and comes with a 10x scope. The present owner would like for me to become the next owner for a $500 fee. What do you guys think. I don't have an air pistol and it seems to be a very nice gun that the present owner has owned for 20 or more years. Off the rest, at 15 yeards it shoots very well. Comments?

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(Login paw080)

Re: FWB 65 Sighted

December 17 2013, 3:26 PM 

Hi Robert, look around a bit more for FWB mod 65s. Decent ones normally

go for $350-$400. I think he is asking at least $100 too much. I'd

personally prefer a 65 with the match sights and match grips intact.

It was designed to be a 10 meter match AP.


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(Login paw080)

..Here's mine..

December 17 2013, 3:16 PM 

My favorite AP is a Steyr Mannlicher LP1-C. Great balance, very high shot count

because of the CO2 bulk fill, the ergo's make hitting inner 10s very easy.

Everything is completely adjustable: trigger 1st stage wgt, pull length, second

stage pull length, wgt, sear release and stop point, and stages ratio. Then there's

grip adjustments: cant, angle offset, degree of grip rotation. The Rink grip itself

has palm shelf height and angle controls. The barrel has an air stripper and

compensator slots. The pistol has been used by me and my son for many 10 meter

AP60 matches. When my son is using the LP1-C, I'm shooting my FWB mod 100 SSP. The

mod 100 accurate enough for world class competition, but..... it is an extremely

punishing AP if you make any hold, sighting or triggering errors. This of course makes it

a great training pistol. It is nearly as nose heavy as an Izzy. But the FWB has a much

better trigger, sights, grips, is more accurate and balances better than the Izzy.

A used FWB mod 100 series is a far better pistol than a new Izzy. If you cannot find

an FWB 100 series SSP AP for the same or less than the Izzy, then buy the Izzy because

it is still the best value, for the beginner 10 meter AP shooter.

While I'm ranting, also consider the many used CO2 10 meter match pistols that are out there.

Okay Here's a list(no validation..) that I have and have used in 10 meter AP60 match shooting:

Diana mod 6M, Marksman 2004, Gamo Compact, FEG GPM-01(3 of them), The Steyr LP1-C, FWB mod 100,

Hmmmm,I guess that's all of them.

Oops, I forgot to mention that the LP1-C and FWB 100 have dry fire capability. The Gamo and

the Marksman 2004 can be partially charged to enable dry fire as well. Pistol bullseye shooting

demands dry fire as a paramount training tool.


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(Login ladOR)

Crosman 2240

April 24 2014, 9:39 PM 

My only pellet pistol as of today. I know this baby is going to be a treat to own and for the crazy price of $56.95.
22 caliber. Loads easy drop in pellet and bolt picks up pellet. Good power. It is new to me today but the group I shot offhand tells me it will shoot well. Only tried one pellet so far.

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(Login HCAirgunner)

My Faves

April 29 2014, 8:03 AM 

My favorite pistols (in order of preference):

The Diana P5 Magnum in .177 caliber. AKA "STING." Note the custom-soldered Picatinny rail on top. I also bought the left-handed grip set for it, and swapped out the right side; i.e., this gun now has ambidextrous grips.

The Hatsan Model 25 Supercharger in .22 caliber. AKA "THE BEAST." Note the custom-soldered Picatinny rail on top.

My son has a base-model 2240, but I haven't shot it very much, so I can't say whether or not I even like the gun, much less whether it could compete for "favorite." When I get the time, I plan to shoot it a lot, record the data, and maybe even look into some mods for it, since the 2240 is one of the most modifiable guns on the market. Then I might need to update this post, because it might bump down the Hatsan; but I SERIOUSLY doubt it will ever de-throne the Diana.

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(Login tomykay12)

They are all so different

April 29 2014, 8:51 AM 

I'm currently enjoying a pair of HW's; 40 and 45. Apple and orange....Also thinking of trying a LP8 or a used P5, and really would like to find a nice older Tempest. these things take up a lot less room than the long ones, lol, tk

Oops, realized I already posted here, lol.......

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(Login HCAirgunner)

To slightly mis-quote the old Jay Leno Doritos commercial...

April 29 2014, 9:31 AM 

Post all you want, we'll respond more happy.gif

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(Login MajorJim)

Nice Hardware!

April 29 2014, 11:13 AM 

New to the air world and this great forum. Some nice looking pistols here. WOW.

Have an old Diana 43 that has not seen much use (when ammunition was cheap). And took the plunge on an RWS 54 that I'll use with iron sights.

But a pistol beckons....I mean, having just a rifle is like leaving for work without pants (NOT judging those whose jobs don't require pants).

Anyone have any thoughts about a Webley Alecto? I like the 3 pump power ability, the no CO2 or tank refill tether, available in .22, and the reviews that are pretty positive.

Downside might be spare parts, but I dont know if that is a problem or not.

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(Login tomykay12)

They are BIG

April 29 2014, 2:53 PM 

But apparently deceptively light. I'm looking in that direction as well...

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(no login)

Re: They are BIG

April 29 2014, 4:19 PM 

My two favourites are the HW45 .177 and Edgun Veles .177

Both have fantastic triggers and are capable of excellent accuracy, great for small game hunting

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(Login tomykay12)

Yep, Hw 45 for sure

April 30 2014, 4:31 PM 

Really nice air pistol, and not hard at all to shoot once you spend a little time with it, tk

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