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I guarantee you this was no accident. I have worked with many veterinarians with this don't have the money to pay them...then you shouldn't be allowed to breed. I have seen veterinarians spay bitches and never even tell the owner, stating "the dog was better off not having to produce anymore puppies for the owner to profit from." There are quite a few veterinarians with god complexes and it is truly a shame. What you need to find out is 1) is this practice accredited as a teaching facility. Meaning were they even allowed to bring a non- licensed veterinarian into their operating room. If they are not a teaching facility, it's automatic grounds for malpractice. 2) Was the veterinarian who did the surgery licensed in another country? Meaning was this veterinarian QUALIFIED to do the surgery or is this some student on break somewhere getting some practice in. If this is the case, then the veterinarian on staff accredited as the "teacher" of the facility is REQUIRED to BE IN THE ROOM as the surgery is performed. The medical board can subpoena each person in the facility to determine if this was the case, or if the "teaching" veterinarian continued on with his/her case load which is often the case. 3) If there was only fat protruding from the open incision then the muscle layer was intact. Meaning in order to be spayed...the veterinarian would have had to REOPEN your bitches abdomen to even get to her uterus to spay her, or inspect her for pyometra. Obviously, this was totally unnecessary, unless she had been leaking fluid or her bloodwork showed signs of infection. 4) What would the veterinarian have to change in the report after the fact unless there was something to hide? find out exactly who you spoke to that relayed that message and give her info to the medical board. Find out what information was altered and why.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge advocate of and for Veterinarian's, but some of these Dr's are douches and the only way they learn a lesson or think twice about what they are doing is when they have a lawsuit in front of them. You need to teach this "student" a lesson and this facility a serious lesson before this person gets their license and this facility continues their horrible treatment of clients. The thing about emergency clinics is they could care less what you think or feel...they're not striving for repeat business, they don't have to. There are only so many facilities open after hours. I wish I could say this is unheard of, but unfortunately it's the norm. We walked into an ec once with a bitch in labor. The staff rubbed me the wrong way enough for me to demand they return our dog and we walked out, finding another place to bring our business.

Posted on Aug 26, 2010, 10:32 AM
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