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Requiremnts and Standards

June 21 2005 at 6:02 PM
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Mendex-Opox Sovera 

Response to What are the chances????

Student in Waiting

There are about three phases of the selection process in order for final selection is made come september. It is a good idea that you have asked so as to be able to prepare yourself that you will be well versed, this fortunately should focus on the remaining stages.

The fact that you are being shortlisted is a good newshowever don't be too dragged by the fact that you are in as stated by the previuos commentator. It remains that you are stiil being screened. When you are shortlisted, the likelihood is that you will go through as long as there is shortfalls along the way. You have passed the first phase and that involved your eligibility and educational requirements.

The next step was that you were selected and this is the stage that you are in I am sure. this involves the paper work, consiting mostly of convincing the panel of selectors. That is they will address the country's priority areas and you should select a course in that line. In the same you will be required to write a essay on the factors suurrounding your application and it's needs for the country's human resource development. You should also provide educational documents.

This is the most convincing part. Do it good and proper and you should see the end of the tunnel.

seelection will be done sometime in August, 2005 and if you have addressed the criteriaa you will no doubt get a parkage. This next step is to get the necessary formalities of medical checks, character checks and immigration requirements. Get this fixed up as soon as possible. Once you get to this point then there is no turning back, however you may be required to repeat some things if that is the case and can defer your scholarship.

Another adice is that if you are advised as short listed, you are a prority candidate and all processess will be given fairly, but if you don't then a reserve or waitlist will be called in to substitude. You are not in that category because they do advice you if you are on reserve.

I think I have given you most advisable points.

Cheers !!

Opox sovera

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