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Extracted important information from the Moti Report

September 30 2007 at 12:02 PM
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Response to Re: Full Text of Moti Report


From Assaigo:

"Mr Louma then directed me to go and facilitate Mr Moti's trip to the Solomon Islands and that the Prime Minister would speak to me about it later. I then sought assurance from mr Louma, if I was to facilitate such a risk, he and the Prime Minister must protect me if the task failed. Mr Louma, the Chief of Staff then assured me it was the direction of the prime Minister to transport Mr Moti out of PNG to Solomon Islands and that the Prime Minister would protect me."

Mr Leonard Louma's evidence as to who gave the direction to get rid of Moti has been a total denial that he gave the direction to Joseph Assaigo.

So was Joseph Assaigo lying on Oath before the Inquiry when he have sworn evidence? Was he also lying on Oath when he filed his affidavit in court in proceedings OS 58 of 2007? Joseph Assaigo is a lawyer and is aware of the consequences of lying on Oath. He also knows the severe consequences that flow from deliberately lying in court or misleading the court.

We have carefully considered the entire evidence of Mr Assaigo in view of evidence from key witnesses namely, the Prime Minister, Mr Louma and Barnabas Rongap.

After having heard Mr Assaigo and having carefully assessed his evidence, on the aspect as to who gave the direction, we find Mr Assaigo's evidence to be and accordingly find that the direction to get rid of Moti came from the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and conveyed through Mr Leonard Louma who is his Chief of Staff.

We come to that finding for the following reasons:

(a) Mr Assasigo has consistently maintained that the direction to get rid of Moti came from the Prime minister through Leonard Louma.

(b) Mr Assaigo has consistently maintained that position right throughout the proceedings despite his credibility being tested under vigorous cross examination.

(c) Mr Assaigo was a junior officer in rank compared to Mr Louma and the Chief Secretary Mr Kalinoe.

(d) The chain of command from the Prime Minister to the Public Servants is through the Chief of Staff and vice versa from the Public Servants through the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister (Evidence of Mr Louma).

Mr Assaigo's evidence on critical aspects has been clear and more truthful than that of Mr Louma whose evidence has been vague and evasive. For instance, he was vague and evasive in that when asked whether he met with Mr Assaigo on the 9th October, 2006 at about 11:47 am in his office, he said he could not recall.

Mr Assaigo maintains that he made various telephone calls to mr Louma on the 9th October, 2006 at about 11:47 am. He then said he went up to mr Louma's office at about 12.04 pm again to which mr Louma said that he cannot recall, again being vague and evasive.

When Mr Louma was recalled to give evidence on the 16th February, 2007 it was put to him whether he referred to mr Assaigo as a small boy in his earlier evidence on 10th January, 2007, he denied ever calling Mr Assaigo a small boy and said it was not in his character to demean a person in that manner. However when the transcript was shown to him that showed his own remarks, he said:

"Did I really say that?"

Here he was absolutely evasive but he got caught this time. The transcript did not and does not lie.

Mr Louma's evidence that he gets direct instructions from the Prime Minister gives credence to Mr Assaigo's evidence that the directions to get rid of Moti came from the Prime Minister through Mr Louma.

We have been urged to consider the entire scenario objectively which we do and consider that in the circumstances Mr Rongap who is a Prime Ministerial staffer was aware of the direction from Leonard Louma to Mr Assaigo which he conveyed to Mr Assaigo. This is a more probable happening than not, given all the circumstances.

Mr Assaigo said that he saw the two Solomon Island envoys namely Chris Hapa and Robson Tanabose in Mr Louma's office on the morning of the 9th October, 2006. At his first appearance, Mr Louma completely denied the two men being in his office. At his second appearance when counsel asked him "whether he met these guys", to which he answered:

"It was the first time that I met them, I've never met them, and I don't know who they are".

Here, Mr Louma is evasive, vague and puzzling.

On the contrary, we find the evidence of Mr Leonard Louma, the Prime Minsiter and Mr Kalinoe unreliable.


The Paymasters Imprest Account (Defence Ministry) has drawn a lot of criticism from servicemen who gave evidence. It was revealed in evidence that this account ahs been abused quite extensively by those in authority.

Evidence before the Inquiry suggests both the Secretary f or Defence, Defence Force Commander, the Deputy Secretary, and First Assistance Secretary (Finance) have all abused this account.

Evidence is that every time these Officers go out on official trips, they pay themselves cash advances on top of their normal traveling allowances. For instance, every time the Commander travels overseas on his official business trips, he receives between K12,000 to K20,000 cash advance on top of his traveling allowance. The same goes for the Secretary and his deputy. This goes for both domestic and international travels.

Evidence suggests that cash advances are given to people who would later repay them either through pay deductions from normal salaries, or by way of cash repayment. Commodore Peter Ilau confirmed receiving those allowances but said he received them to host parties or dinners. The Board considers this explanation absurd because the host nation usually provides for those and he is not obligated to reciprocate. The Board considers such hefty cash advances to be a means of unjust enrichment.

Evidence before the Board has revealed that the Deputy Secretary, Billy Porykali approved a K1 million payment to Intex International of Cairns, Australia, to purchase blank ammunitions in 2003. The cheque was drawn and paid to that company, but to date the Defence Force has not received the blank ammunitions. The Secretary for Defence and the Deputy Secretary for Defence, Billy Porykali have done nothing to recover the money or the ammunition.

The Board recommends that Billy Porykali and others be further investigated by the Police Fraud Squad and the Public Accounts Committee.

The Board recommends that a bigger Inquiry with wider terms of reference be conducted into the main accounts of the Department of Defence.


Perverting the Course of Justice

Persons whose conduct should be investigated here are: Joseph Assaigo - Director General of the OSCA, Leonard Louma - Chief of Staff, Joseph Kalinoe - Chief Secretary, Colonel Vagi Oala, Assiatant Commmmissioner of Police, Tony Wagambie, Barnabas Rongap, Colonel Tom Ur and Job Kasa, Warant Officer Arua Ikupu and Warrant Officer Wais Morap. Finally the Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare should also be investigated for his role in directing the evacuation of Moti while his court case was still pending.


Conspiring to Defeat Justice and Conspiracy to effect an Unlawful Purpose

We recommend the following persons be investigated and charged for conspiracy: Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, Chief Secretary Josua Kalinoe, Chief of Staff Leonard Louma, Director General of The OSCA Joseph Assaigo, Defence Force Chief of Staff and then Acting Commander Colonel Tom Ur, Barney Rongap, Colonel Vagi Oala, Joint Operations Commander Lt Colonel Chester Berobero, Lt Col Ron Hosea, Mr Job Kasa Executive Officer to Mr Kalinoe.


Contempt of Court

We recommend all those involved must be investigated and charted with Contempt of Court and if found guilty to be punished accordingly. The persons are: Director General of OSCA Joseph Assaigo, Chief of Staff Leonard Louma, Barney Rongap, Colonel Tom Ur, Colonel Vagi Oala, Lt Col Chester Berobero, and Lt Col. Ron Hoea.


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