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If PNGs have any guts, we'll start by fighting our own invasion

April 23 2009 at 7:58 AM
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I can't believe that you think the asians aren't a problem in PNG when Somare literally gave hundreds of thousands of customary land to the Chinese for Ramu mine and they've completely taken over that area, with the spillover apparently now commonly seen around Madang. Throughout PNG the malaysians have cut and taken away the only truly valuable resource that village people could have used for economic development and because of the destruction to their water supply, they are not only economically unhappy but physically unhappy. Are you telling me that you are ignorant that all this is going on, right under our noses? Somare approved over 3,000 work permits for Chinese alone to bring in all the staff they need to work the mine. In this day of growing landlessness and desperate need for employment just to buy food, are you saying that our own jobless people are not suffering?

Many people became enslaved because it was done step by step. For you to deny that our very freedom and the happiness and prosperity of future generations is threatened by these asian parasites is to welcome the enslavery process that eventually we'll be unable to turn back.

Unbelievable that you don't think that's a cause of highest priority for Papua New Guineans to fight back against, starting now! I think the real reason is that we're all cowards to take up any cause against injustice in our own land but perfectly willing to follow other movements and people. Thus we're happy to be followers of the West Papua freedom movement (which has been going on for many, many years) yet have no guts to start our own freedom movement to throw away the chains of corruption and asian invasion that will ultimately strangle us.

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