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May 31 2002 at 5:34 PM

MsJellicle  (Login MsJellicle)
Nick and Sim
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Well, I ought to include my own answers as well.

I think that there are many websites and webmasters/webmistresses (sp?) who are talented in what they do. There are many who I can see just want to express their love for the show. I do agree, however, that not all of them are all that interesting in that they do share some of the same information, or are not put together well. Creol had described it very well. I, as well, consider a good website to include the usual stuff (a synopsis, some pictures, some other general information about the show). But I also would like to see original stuff, or original focus (as some stuff that is original can be hard to come by). Original focus that I can see, are things like the fanfiction.com, or Carb's collection of information on various productions....not just the video, or just the London, or just the Broadway since those are the most popular, they are not original anymore. I can see some focus being on certain characters, or certain actors/actresses. Or the focus can be on costuming. The list can go on.

I made my website about 2-3 years ago. Originally, I had it up on an old aol account, but didn't publish it much. Then I switched to Angelfire and it took off from there. When I decided to build my website, there really weren't very many websites out there that focused on the fanfiction very much. And I was quite interested in writing. (Still am, don't know why it's so hard for me to get time to sit down and write some more.) Anyhow, There were a few things, I thought that I could be of help on. While I was in high school, I really enjoyed Grammer and Writing classes and figured I could put some of that knowledge to use. So, one of the first things I did was to put up my definitions page. I figured there might be some poeple who didn't understand what they were talking about (for example when they refered to "with Book and with Bell"). Altough some of the definitions were obvious and not necessarily needed, I included them. I've got alot done on that, but still haven't finished it, oh well. Anyways, I put that up, then I decided to put up my "Helps" page that gave more info on CATS the Musical, and real life cats. I figured the more people know, the more they can write some good storylines. Then I gave ideas on how to come up with some good storylines, etc... So, basically, my webpage is more focused on helping to write CATS fanfics and figuring out storylines for RPG's. It also has links to other pages that have to do with "creative stuff" (i.e.~costuming, art, etc...). Things I can't really help with, but they have to do with the imagination and therefore worthy of mentioning on my site. From there, my stie began to build. I had made pictures using my image editing software and found it to be fun. So I began to collect pictures to use for it and then added them to my website. Of course, there's also the US Tour V section which I pretty much consider to be it's own website, but's I've had fun gathering information on that as well. The reason I had put that one up was because I knew that there were many people debating whether or not it was worthy to go see or not. So, I put up as much information as possible for them to read and make up their own minds.

That's pretty much it.


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