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My answers...

January 23 2003 at 4:44 PM
MsJellicle  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Discussion topic: How old do you see each of the characters?

Alonzo - He seems to be youngish yet more mature at the same time. I think he's around 24.
Bombalurina - Mature and knows what she wants. She seems to act more around her late 20's... possibly 27.
Cassandra - Mysterious and seems to have an almost arrogant wisdom about her. I put her as older. Yet she also knows how to have a little fun. I'd say she's around 31.
Coricopat - I always got the sense that the twins were older as well. Maybe somewhere between 30 and 33.
Demeter - Still young enough to be 'learning the ropes' I think, but more mature than the kittens. I'd say she's around 24 or 25.
Electra - All playful and tricky! 11 years old.
Etcetera - She's gotta be a 'tween. Perhaps 12.
Gus - I'm kinda up in the air as to whether he is actually older than Old Deuteronomy or not. Life may have been harder on him than on Old D. But I suppose I would put him around...um... 80 years old.
Jellylorum - In the Video/London production, I'd say she is around 45 or so. In the Broadway/US Tours I think she is more around 31 or 32.
Jemima - Sorry..but I just don't see her as a teen. She's supposed to be the youngest in most productions (excluding the Japanese production). I'd say she's around 9 or 10.
Jennyanydots - Not very many 65 year olds, I think, can tap dance. She's motherly though and good natured. I'd say she's closer to around 50 at the oldest. Maybe 48.
Macavity - I see him as a Moriarity-type of cat. Which means he's gotta be older. Possibly around 39 or 40.
Mistoffelees - I like the Ageless theory. But if I were to place an age on him....I don't see him as a kitten. I would say around....25 or so.
Mungojerrie - He acts young, but I get the feeling he's older than he acts. The same thing with Rumpleteazer. I'd gues Mungo is around 22 or 23 years old.
Munkustrap - Very serious and mature, but can be good-natured as well. I'd say he's older...say around 34 or 35.
Old Deuteronomy - I'd say he's very healthy for being his age. Around 80 or 85. This is why I think he might be more like a grandfather to the others instead of a father.
Plato - I'm always surprised when people place him in the kitten catagory. I just can't see it. He's older. Possibly around 28 or so.
Pouncival - Youngest of the male kittens. Possibly the second youngest of all. Around 10 or 11.
Rum Tum Tugger - He's been around the block a few times. Young enough to shirk responsibility, but old enough to know what's what. Hmm... Around 30.
Rumpleteazer - The same as Mungojerrie. She acts young, but seems to be a little older. Yet, at the same time, she's often thrown in with the kittens. My guess is that she's around 18 or 19.
Sillabub - as played on Broadway and the US Tour - around 10; as played in Japan...just judging from the pictures and other things I hear, around 7 or 8.
Skimbleshanks - I see him as older, but not old. Perhaps around 38 or 40.
Tantomile - Again, I always got the sense that the twins were older as well. Maybe somewhere between 30 and 33.
Tumblebrutus - He's young and likes to move around quite a bit. But I see him as older than Pounce. Possibly around 15.
Victoria - I agree with what someone said earlier. She's just coming of age and discovering her body (or just doing some grooming ). I'd say around 14 or 15. I might be willing to go as high as 17 depending on who is playing her.

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