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  • Re: Babble 101aaa, Card Class, Slow ones, Slow group.
    • Jack Mann
      Posted Feb 12, 2006 2:28 PM

      Did anyone doubt that Kenny wouldn't have the Nephlim of Genesis, chapter 6 as "guys" who were among the first to "plunked" (psallo) instruments. Kenny got his Doctorate in Old Testament out of a box of Cracker Jacks....Plunk your "magic twanger"

      The Nephilim---who were they? The LXX translates it "giants;" other old Greek versions, "violent men." The word occurs again only once--in Numbers 13:33. The notion that the Nephilim of this passage in Numbers were lineral descendants of those of Genesis 6 is simply an unproved assumption (like the translation of the verb "psallo" by M.C. Kurfees from the "harp" to the "heart strings"),of the destructive critics, obviously for the purpose of casting doubt on the authenticity of the text and perhaps of the entire narrative of the Flood.

      The "giants" of Numbers were Canaanites, men "of great stature and powerful frame," whose size so excited the imagination of the "spies" sent out by Moses (Calec and Joshua excepted) that their report was a gross exaggeration of the facts. Read again 1 Sam. 17:4-10, 21:9, 22:10). Just how could the Nephilim reported by the spies have been descendants of those of antediluvian times if there had occured in the meantime a casastrophe which had swept away all mankind except Noah and his family?

      The idea that the Nephilim were a superhuman race sprung from the explicit declaration that the Nephilim existed before such marriages took place as well as after. No new species of creatures can be intended, therefore, whose orgin is traced to the intermarriage of different orders of beings? How can one find in Scripture that the Nephilim existed before and after the intermingling of the sons of God with the daughters of men? I will say this: A question of some import arises at this point, namely, Were the Nephilim of a pre-Adamic breed? Certainly this is not to be regarded as an impossibility. If so, we must leave the question open, in view of the culture of the Pithecanthropus, the Swanscombe man, the Neanderthal and all the rest (possibly even the Cro-Magnon man who is apparently to be classed as Homo sapiens, but whose remains seem to date back to 20,000 B.C.), it seems best to regard these races as all prior to Adam's time, and not involved in the Adamic covenant.

      Who is the "wicked community of Genesis 6:1-7?
      The opening verses of Genesis 6 paint a dismal picture of human degration. One manifestation of the corruption of the race was the laxness regarding marriage. The identification of the "sons of God" in 6:1 is problematic. Are they angels, or are they kings?
      The best interpretation is tha the "sons of God" are descendants of Seth. The marriage standards among the Sethities began to erode is clear. The "sons of God" married indiscriminately for they married the daughters of men, i.e., woman from the linf of Cain who did not share the spiritual values of the Sethites. They married superficially for their attraction to these women was based on the sole fact that they were "fair." They married polygamously, "whomsoever they chose" (NASB).

      I will sum up the "giants" of Genesis 6:3,7 in this way: The Great Judge pronounces sentence against his creatures. There are three aspects to the proclamation: (1) "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever" (6:3). God will not continue to let his Spirit execerise the restraining influence hitherto exerted upon sin. According to 1 Peter 3:18-20 the Spirit of Christ, through the instrumentality of the pious patriachs, preached to the disobedient spirits of the old world. (2). "His days shall be 120 years" (6:3), i.e., there would be a grace period to the pouring out of judgment. (3) "I will blot out man whom I have created" (6:7).

      Other creatures tied to the face of the earth will suffer the same fate. PLEASE NOTE: The fact that angels are not subject to punishment here confirms the interpretation given to the phrase "sons of God" in 6:1.
      Jack Mann
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