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Fourth Ave

March 13 2003 at 10:10 AM
Kenneth Sublett  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Re: Fourth Ave Church of Christ, Franklin, TN

First, you should understand that when the Elders INFORMED the congregation instead of asked the congregation you have the first MARK of a religious CULT. The role of the elder is to "teach that which has been taught" and to "refute those who oppose it." Buildings and grounds and EXTRA BIBLICAL heresy is not part of their authority. Your "obedience" ends when he does not teach that which has been taught and when he turns out to be a WOLF loving to feast on lambs and fleecing the flocks.

"TRADITIONAL" is one of the secret code words of the Shellyites and their ilk. Removing TRADITIONS is a good idea. First, we can begin with self selected or peer selected elders more "apt to chase a coon than apt to teach the Bible." Paul asked that elders be POINTED OUT (not ordained) who were "already laboring to the point of exhaustion in preaching and teaching."

Next, traditionalism is getting a HIRED HAND whom they can dominate to "pull the chestnuts out of the fire" so the little monkeys don't get burned. That was traditionalism condemned by Paul, most of church history and the Restoration Movement leaders.

Now, the NEW tradition is of the preacher hired to hate the flock by becoming a dominant pastor with the elders serving under him as his board. Look to the preacher for the source of the lies which give authority to the elders who are Biblically illiterate because of the TRADITIONALISM of "workbooks" rather than the Bible.

The traditionalism has made "church" into a WORSHIP CENTER rather than a Synagogue of Christ where neither synagogue or church has ANY PRAISE SERVICE. The synagogue (Qahal) was begun by Moses and God outlawed the TRIUMPH which included "making a joyful noise before the Lord" which was all nation's WARRIOR CHANT.

Traditionalism is singing secular songs (blue, red, gold etc) rather than that which Paul specified as "that which is written, the Spirit or the Word of Christ."

Hiring a WORSHIP MINISTER has only the most ancient and superstitious paganism for its authority: it began at the towers of Babylon. This "worship" was STAFF INFECTED by "priests, prophets, soothsayers, singers, instrumentalists and male and female PROSTITUTES" so widely condemned by the Bible as the Qadesh, Qedeshim or qedeshot--the holy whores.

Even now PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS have a reputation which began with Lucifer (ZOE) who came equipped in the garden of Eden with Wind, String and Percussion instruments. As the king/queen of Tyre she/he is called THE HARP- PLAYING PROSTITUTE. In the Bible SINGERS are associated with the ACT and the names of instruments with the temple-clustering PROSTITUTES. The instrumentalist who will arrive in your churches after the TEAM were always associated with the SODOMITES.

The not-elders are converting your church into A THEATER FOR HOLY ENTERTAINMENT and that according to all of the history including the end-time church in Revelation 18 will make your church into THE HOLY WHORE.

Stewardship: you are to blame. How? By being the ENABLERS of those who brag about INFILTRATING AND DIVERTING. Why is that? You began by believing the worst lie of church history called THE LAW OF GIVING. The Word of God is FREE, Jesus paid the temple tax and Paul said of the effort to save those destitute and starving "THIS IS NOT A COMMAND." All of history saw GIVING not as proportional giving but those WHO HAVE PROSPERED were urged to voluntarily help THOSE WHO WERE DESTITUTE. Not even able bodied evangelists were allowed to dally more than two or three days without getting a job or getting out.

There is nothing in the Bible and the Bible repudiates it that STEWARDSHIP must be directed from my hand into the hands of a SECULAR ORGANIZATION.

Next, the PATTERNISM is to lie to you about TITHING. As they say at Madison if you don't TITHE God will curse you. They used Kregg Hood's (Sweet VP) book on tithing. Kregg speaks in tongues, heals and looks forward to raising the dead in America.

"Liberal" means lying about the Bible and repudiating it as inspired. Liberal means that we accept the Lucado Shelly THREE GOD polytheism. Liberal means that WE have the power of inspiration and that is why YOU must not, as I was told by a Madisoners, "Question God's celestial beings."

"Traditional" is the Shellyite code word which relates almost totally to the church of Christ view AGAINST the "musical" concept and for "teaching" through singing. They lie and stink worse than my wet Chow spread over the kitchen floor just having dined on a deer carcase.

The ANTI-musical theme began in the garden of Eden when Satan WHOLLY SEDUCED Eve and Adam BOWED WILLINGLY. ALL of the musical concepts in the entire Bible speak of Satanic influence which causes people to tell God: "We will not listen to your Word."

In every "musical" event it is a MARK that the people had fallen beyond redemption. The Levites made a great crashing noise to mask the horrors of slaughtering thousands of animals, blood pouring like rivers, dung spread over the place, and the noises of animals dying as a TYPE of Christ. Jesus CAST out the musical worship team trying to influence the "gods" during the healing of the girl "LIKE DUNG.

The Levite "noise makers" were NEVER in the holy place as a type of the church or body of Christ. If even a singer went into the type of CHURCH they would have been slaughtered like one of the animals.

The Bible and history is 100% in treating musical performers in the presence of a holy God wanting to TEACH us through His Words as the work of PROSTITUTES and SODOMITES.

You are asking for a dose of SPIRITUAL AIDS from which the church will never recover. The "logic" for introducing singers and/or musicians is EXACTLY the same authority which would authorize the beyond-redemption non-elders to add PROSTITUTES and SODOMITES which I can assure you will suck in more of the same type which professional singers suck in.

Apollo (Abaddon or Apollyon) is the pattern for the SEEKER CENTER in John's revelation and the MUSES were both his singers and GODDESSES. John prophesied of Apollyon digging up the dead muses as LOCUSTS or "musical performers."

The BIG lie is that churches of Christ INTRODUCED the non-instrumental view and became the non-instrumental SECTARIANS. The TRUTH is that the church of Christ has existed under that name in every period of history and all groups repudiated the MUSICAL concept as polluting to a Spiritual discipline.

Those who tamper with the MUSIC ISSUE are following the Lynn Anderson "Prayerful brinkmanship" game which DEMANDS the deliberate SOWING OF DISCORD which will make your "synagogue of Christ" into a "synagogue of Satan."

The same authority which allows evil men to USURP AUTHORITY gives you and the congregation the authority to FIRE THEM and cast them out as evil "stealers of church houses of widows." They are like one who would enter your house and give himself the authority to be the surrogate HUSBAND and FATHER. Jesus in advising one's readiness in case a thief enters into the house gives you the AUTHORITY to put him out. If they did the same thing to a business, like Enron, they would do hard time on the Rock Pile of hell.

You need to perform YOUR MINISTRY and help EXORCISE the "Giving Demon" without wasting any time: the plan is to get the old faithfuls to pay the bills and then CHASE THEM AWAY to fill the ranks with children already brain dead through music. You do know that the TYPE they want to introduce includes ROCK and that is from VOODOO and is one of those "F" words. Why tolerate people who are clearly beyond the bounds of minimal human consideration? You need a plan to INFORM all present and past members.

Why use PERFORMERS who even in the almost weekly news articles are SYMBOLS of evil and perversion to REACH the lost when the lost already are addicted to music which produces the morphine- like Endorphin which creates the impulse of FIGHT, FLIGHT or SEXUALITY?

What they are saying is that they ARE going to let the unholy whores STAND IN THE HOLY PLACE which in Jerusalem was the Zeus-Dionysus "worshipers" where sacrifice, music and literal sexuality was performed RIGHT IN the holy places as the Abomination of Desolation with which the piping Jews tried to AFFLICT AND INFLICT upon Jesus Christ to PERVERT HIM. Never BOW TO BAAL in the presence of a musical or theatrical performer.

Kenneth Sublett, Hohenwald

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  Teach the Word.
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Ken SublettApr 4, 2006, 10:53 PM
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JudyOct 3, 2007, 1:43 PM
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