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Grace: not acquired thrugh MUSIC

April 22 2003 at 3:00 PM
Kenneth Sublett  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Grace

Ken Said: "The COMMISSION of Jesus is to teach and also to admonish and warn." - Kenneth Sublett


Jesus CHRIST died on a cross for your sins and mine.


Member maybe you need a bucket to hold the thought for a few inches down the page.

Maybe someone will tell you that COMMISSION is not the same as DIE! My commission is to Go and teach. If your's is to go musical you DID NOT get it from Jesus. You got it in direct CONTRADICTION to Jesus--if you were a disciple of Christ that would be easy to read in prophecy and the NT.


MEMBER SAYS: Its a dangerous thing when men begin to put limits on the grace of Christ. Forget institution, forget "First-Century Church", forget the rules and regulations that are our objects of comfort, and get back to Jesus Christ.


KEN: the lust for a MUSICAL WORSHIP TEAM is 100% for YOUR comfort. It is NOT GRACE but the most ancient and ignorant superstition that a SPIRIT God can be worshiped with the works of human hands. Assuredly MUSICAL PERFORMANCE must be the most WORKS INTENSIVE and legalistic and GRACE REJECTING thing you could do.

GRACE means POWER. The Grace of God put POWER in the SPOKEN words which Jesus said are Spirit and are Life (John 6:63). Nothing in Christianity puts POWER in music. In fact, all of the ROOT WORDS for "music" speak of "grinding the enemy into a fine powder, twanging a bowstring to send a 'singing' arrow into the enemy's heart and is DIRECTLY RELATED to the SOP Jesus gave Judas AS A SIGN.

If you get back to JESUS CHRIST you might begin with Psalm 41 where it was prophesied that Judas would try and fail to TRIUMPH OVER Jesus. The Judas Bag "carried the mouthpieces of wind instruments" and TRIUMPH over which was OUTLAWED for the synagogue (Num 10:7) was "playing instruments and or 'making a joyful noise before the Lord." This was not MUSIC but a Warrior's Chant.

You might brush up on the Bible and grasp that when the MUSICAL MOURNING TEAM who could do religious festivals, funerals or weddings, tried to PERFORM in the presence of Lord Jesus Christ He CAST THEM OUT MORE OR LESS VIOLENTLY. The Greek word means "like CASTING OUT DUNG."

A thing can be CHRISTIAN when it is taught by Christ. Because Jesus repudiated the MUSICAL WORSHIP TEAM and other "musical" rituals added while in Babylon, it is NOT Christian to do PERFORMANCE MUSIC in His presence.

You might read the book of Revelation and understand that the HARLOT worship includes musicians and instrumentalists. (Rev 18).


MEMBER: I don't ever recall a time when, as Christians, we are called to be "comfortable" in our faith. Mr. Sublett, people are starving to know the grace of God, and you are too busy on this website, posting about the problems within the church.

Ken: You are LUSTING to be comfortable. Music does not make spiritual changes. Music produces the morphine-like chemical ENDORPHINS in the body. Music produces this DRUG HIGH to make you THINK that you are BEING COMFORTABLE. Instead music produces the DRUG HIGH which produces the the impulses of FIGHT, FLIGHT AND SEXUALITY. So, the music you probably think is spiritual FIRST, like the Runner's High, has to injure your total nervous system before the DRUG HIGH kicks in very quickly and HEALS THE PAIN. What is left over gives you the HIGH which is not SPIRITUAL.

You have the problem if you participate in deliberately SOWING DISCORD and "stealing the church house of widows" just so you can extend your ADDICTION to music throughout the week into the PRIVATE SPACES and TIMES of people who come to worship in THEIR building. If they wanted to be ENTERTAINED they could buy a CD for just dollars.

There is NO music word used in the Bible in connection with Spiritual Worship. It is always connected with personal pleasure, warfare and was always the WEAPON used by the prostitute. The Bible and Legend sees Satan as the father who brought musical instruments with him right in the garden of Eden to pervert (sexually) Adam and Eve.

MUSIC in a religious sense had a CO-PARTNER which was literal sexuality. Carol Wimber the Mother of modern superstitious PRAISE SINGING likens ACT 4 to a sexual climax with God. The 4th Act, just as in all paganism, was GIVING OF SUBSTANCE.

Since MUSIC is never seen in an approved religious sense until recently, why do you think that MUSIC which PRODUCES the feelings of SEXUALITY is any more acceptable than LITERAL sexuality. They ALWAYS went together. For instance, the Abomination of Desolation in the temple in Jerusalem focused on MUSIC and SEXUALITY.


Member: Let's get our priorities straight, people. What is Christianity? Is it the condemning of your own brothers? No, it is the blood that poured down the body Jesus Christ as he hung on that Christ... Remember that.


Ken: Christianity DOES NOT mean a focus on WORSHIP RITUALS. You remember that Jesus didn't prescribe ANY. Paul even said that if you want to meet Jesus Christ you have to "go outside the camp" or "outside the CITY gates."

SERVICE in the Levitical musician sense meant HARD BONDAGE which is closely related to Apollo or Abaddon or Apollyon in Revelation.

Literal WORSHIP meant to fall on your face in a PHYSICAL SENSE. You absolutely CANNOT do that with singing, clapping and bumping and grinding your body.

SPIRITUAL WORSHIP for which Jesus died gives the GRACE to be able to worship IN THE SPIRIT. That means in the PLACE of the human spirit or mind. And it must GIVE HEED to TRUTH which is the Word of Christ.

SYNAGOGUE or school of the Bible or "church" was TYPIFIED by the Holy Place. Any singer or musician who dared enter into this TYPE of the church or body of Christ would have been instantly EXECUTED.

The WORSHIP is in the Most Holy Place is in the HUMAN SPIRIT. That is why worship probably cannot exist in a CHURCH OR SYNAGOGUE setting. You have to go INTO THE CLOSET as Jesus DIRECTLY COMMANDED in a quiet dark place even to be ABLE to pray.

Assuredly NO SINGER OR MUSICIAN could enter the MOST HOLY PLACE where worship takes place, NOW in our own mind. As a SINGER or CLAPPER you cannot go into my head.

Jesus so UTTERLY CONDEMNED the Jewish clergy and the majority of the people by refusing to preach the gospel to them except in the coded parable form. Jesus condemned the Pharisees which defines those who MAKE A SHOW of religion and CHARGE FOR IT. There is no grace for Pharisees.

CONDEMNING YOUR brother is to INFILTRATE AND DIVERT and "steal the church house of widows" to change the church of Christ (school) into a THEATER FOR HOLY ENTERTAINMENT and force the poor and widows into the LEGALISTIC (NO GRACE) "LAW OF GIVING" OR "TITHING."

You guys (you must be a musical type) SNATCH PURSES of the disabled and MY job is to warn others about YOU. That is the COMMISSION Jesus had given to ME.

Jesus gave ME permission to STAY AWAKE and watch for ROBBERS so that I can at least yell: "Stop thief" when you try to get away with it hoping that GRACE covers MUSIC as the invention of Satan to steal worship from God.

You don't know the difference between COMMISSION and DIED and you do not and cannot give a coherent definition of either WORSHIP or GRACE. God DOES NOT NEED and WILL NOT TOLERATE the latter day rise of the LOCUSTS (musical performers) prophesied by John in Revelation.

And He will hold me guilty if I do not warn YOU against committing the music sin which in the Bible and Legend is an UNFORGIVABLE SIN. Grace is not a "blue eyed blond singing and exposing herself as part of the team."

The blood remits your sins but only the gift of A holy spirit or clear conscience or consiousness comes by REQUESTING IT at the time and place of baptism. The blood of Christ was typified in the COURT in Jerusalem where the Levitical Warrior "sounders" made a loud, crashing sound while the priests were POURING OUT THE BLOOD of thousands of innocent animals to pay for their own sins. Why would you want to restore THAT music and crucify Christ all over again? Neither the blood shed or the "noise" was inside the Holy Place which one enters only through the LAVER and into which NO MUSICAN COULD DARE ENTER.

Let me repeat it: the MUSICAL WORSHIP TEAM was the typical Jewish (pagan) workers of magic among the dead spirits (demons). The "sounders" but not musicians in the COURT where they slaughtered the TYPE of Lord Jesus Christ could not enter the Holy Place (school) or the Most Holy Place where we meet God (Jesus). Jesus fulfilled this TYPE by casting out "like dung" the superstitious TEAM from where He does His Holy Work of healing broken spirits. IF you try to bring MUSICAL TEAMS into that church YOU are ignoring the total teaching of the Bible and the several EXAMPLES of Jesus Christ and IGNORING His warning and BARGING into His holy presence from where HE CAST YOU OUT--LIKE DUNG surrounding the slaughter pen where the "musicians" served the priestly slaughterers.

And I am telling you that the Book of Enoch quoted by Jude says that God comes with His ten thousands SPECIFICIALLY for people performing the LUCIFER PRINCIPLE of bleeding off worship due to God alone through the use of SATAN- TAUGHT CHOIRS.

Ken Sublett

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