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Re: ken.....

April 5 2006 at 9:45 PM
Ken Sublett  (no login)
from IP address

Response to ken.....

Big Ass, I am addressing people who will GLADLY STEAL THE CHURCH HOUSES OF WIDOWS in the interest of NEW STYLE WORSHIP from OLD STYLE BABYLON.

If you cannot GRASP that Jesus nowhere defined outward worship other than GIVING HEED to the Word in the ekklesia, synagogue or SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE which he died to found to get the Doctors of the Law who TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE off our backs and give us REST, then Ken is POSTING the word for the FLEECEES. REST is used throughout the literature in a dedicated sense to mean: Stop the singing, stop the preaching, stop the musisic, stop the PANic and just REST.

The Sabbath was for REST and not worship: it quarantined the Israelites from the Babylonian WORSHIP built around the Sabbath and the Tithe. The people were created as "labor saving devices" and they SERVED the Agent of the gods as "singers, dancers, musicians, soothsayers, priests, prophetesses and PROSTITUTES." According to many ancient resources, when you musicate and get people aroused, Carol Wimber the Vineyard claims to be producing a SEXUAL LIKE CLIMATIC experience with God. The pagans and VOODOO people claim to "make the gods COME." Among the Greeks they recognized is as Oral or Visual ORGASM. They claim it: I disclaim it with my FOOT on their evil mouths.

Jesus gave us REST and Cast Out the musical minstrels like one ejects dung. Jesus exampled and Paul commanded and the church PRACTICED the synagogue or school of the Bible for hundreds of years.

The end time Mother Prostitute Goddess is devoted to LUST and USES the same singers, instrumentalists, craftsmen (theater builders and stage managers), GRINDERS etal. Then John identifies them as performing SORCERY as ALL musical words mean. Then the LAMPS are removed: no more light.

Therefore, I teach the facts and if you feel the attack it may prove that you are probably on the unlawful dole and cannot face the truth. I would still care less except a band of INSTRUMENTALISTS claiming to be church of Christers have conspired to RESTRUCTURE churches of Christ and they mount the true HATE CAMPAIGN against anyone who will not BOW TO BAAL when the clergy pipes.

If you guys just give it up and quit stealing churches--a congenital defect of the Stoneites--then happy non-instrumental churches of Christ will perform very well with out a PhDuh from ACU to be "Prophet, Chaneller and Facilitator" to go out and MANAGE THE CHANGE.

I quote the facts for those who want to know that there is NO MUSICAL content to any worship of a spirit God. And ALL musical terms used as PROOF TEXTS come from males PLUCKING the harp to groom the 'youth ministers' for pederasty--that which then and now is claimed to BIND the flesh and spirit together.

I don't LIKE them and my example is Jesus who CAST OUT the musicians and Paul who repudiated the worship of the CONCISION AND DOGS by confining worship to be in the PLACE of the human spirit--right where Jesus said is the ONLY place God even looks for worship. There is no other way to express the COLLECTION PLATE upset other than to say that God in Christ was Pissed off. The Lamb I honor will come with rods of iron, and if Isaiah 30 has meaning for us as it did for other nations, then he will BEAT people into the FIRES with musical instruments.

So, if you bandits are stealing from the poor to BE MEDIATORS in song and sermon I think you are vipers and you will just have to like it: there is no nice way to tell bandits to take their saddle off the backs of widows and hard working HONEST PEOPLE.

Worship happens only when you BURN UP or sacrifice the FLESH. There is NO law of preaching because there is no preacher based on the bible and most of church history other than evangelists, NO law of Giving because Paul told me so and all of church history before the Wild Frontier Americans restored Gnosticism. No law of SANGING: for those with A holy spirit the word is SPEAK, preach, teach and admonish. Paul for the literte put BOTH the singing (as arousal) and the MELODY in the PLACE of the human heart or Sprit because GOD doesn't listen or watch the body worship (Isaiah 11).

There is NO INSTITUTIION: people call themselves into assembly, study the word, pray, take the Lord's Supper, DON'T take up a collection, DISassemble themselves and like the EKKLESIA there is no INSTITUTE left to suck up the time and money from the DESTITUTE.

So, guess Ken will tell you NOT to drink KoolAid and those who Water the Wine and retail the Word as RETAILERS (polluters re. Peter) will just have to get used to the fact that the ABUSED are as mad as hell and are not going to take it any more. There is not GENTLE way to tell people to quit feeding and fondling VIPERS.

Now, take one of the BIBLE TEXTS or GREEK definitions which you cannot PROCURE from any Anti Christ University for ANY amount of money, and tell me what is wrong with it. If you want a lover, go watch the fellas musicating in the holy places.

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 oh, my!
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bighossApr 7, 2006, 7:34 AM
  Don't blame me: God beat me to it!
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Ken SublettApr 8, 2006, 4:12 PM
   WOW........Ken you "suspended" me from this site but have graciously allowed me back in!
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bighossJul 27, 2006, 11:58 PM
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BrentDec 30, 2006, 6:50 PM
     Cooking is a lost art....
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Betty ButterfieldDec 31, 2006, 8:16 AM
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