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Westside church of Christ - Russellville, AR

August 30 2006 at 1:23 PM
Concerned  (no login)
from IP address

Westside church of Christ in Russellville, AR is already walking down the path of apostasy. They began a "servant groups" program approximately 2 years ago that has now become a full-fledged house church program. Call it what you will, when members forsake the assembly at the building for smaller groups meeting in homes...that is a house church program. This past weekend, the youth group attended the Jumpstart Youth Rally in Neosho, Mo which proudly has Jeff Walling as it's keynote speaker. The summer Wednesday Night Series had none other than Terry Rush as one of it's speakers. There is cause for concern for the direction of this congregation.

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Small Groups Rock!

August 31 2006, 5:01 PM 

Find it in the Bible where small groups of Christians meeting together is a sin and don't say foresaking the assembly because they probably don't have Sunday evening worship and don't say that is a sin because meeting on Sunday night is not a commandment. Don't knock it if you have never tried it.

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House Churches?

August 31 2006, 11:39 PM 

You do understand that the New Testament church that we claim as our example was a series of house churches, right? You do understand that there's absolutely no scriptural authority or command for your church building to even exist, right?

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Ken Sublett
(no login)


September 1 2006, 11:44 AM 

You do know that there is an approved example of Jesus and Paul meeting with the synagogues, once a week to REST, READ or REHEARSE the Word of God. The "leaders" have nothing but popular cults to try to extend their influence beyond the weekly Bible study and the Lord's Supper with STAFF INFECTION excluded. Rubel Shelly proposes the method which denies the "individual's right to read, interpret or speak the Word outside of the community reading" which means COMMUNE. I warn you, people don't give up the "power" of dragging you back out in the dark of night unless they have a larger agends. Warn people DO NOT TAKE SURVEYS: they are dishonest and will be used dishonestly.

Try to warn everyone with your OWN circle of influence which the computer gives you that:

There is NO LAW of preaching or LAW of listening as an ACT of worship.
There is NO LAW of singing: that came 400 years too late and was always used to incult false doctrine and turn the men into women.
There is NO LAW of Giving: Jesus paid it all and Paul DENIED that it was a command. You MUST remove their FUNDING before you can stop the slicker than Warren Jeffs

B is correct, there is NO NEED for a building unless you build a mega-buck THEATER where the unlawful preacher and singers can perform. Jesus identified speakers, singers and musicians as HYPOCRITE SECTARIANS by pointing to Isaiah and Ezekiel. Furthermore the RHETORICIAN is defined as a hypocrite or actor. Therefore, they CANNOT impose "the law of fleecing" to HIRE "family life ministers" to keep your time and funding under control.

You do know that Jesus didn't build a CIRCLE or KIRKE but an ekklesia or school of the Bible. The ekklesia defines the "concept" and the SET-TIME-PLACE for gathering including the building. His example was to stand up to READ and then have the uncommon decency to sit down and DIALOG: preaching was against the rules. The pulpit held up the Bible and not the preacher who is EXCLUDED by the list in Ephesians 4 and EXCLUDED from funding by the "if he will not work neither shall he eat" command and "patterned" example left by Paul.

The HOUSE CHURCHES were not CHICKENS under the RULE of the head Rooster but independant groups who assembled themselves and dissambled themselves so that when you DISS, the assembly ceases to exist. In the ekklesia they elelcted a president or contact man for the year. The ekklesia had no authority to suggest new material just as the "speak that which is written" gives no authority for "private interpretation" meaning "further expounding." In Romans 14 Paul excluded from the "dialog" or area of influence for the church: he launches directly into Romans 15 to define the role of what he usually called a "synagogue." The law against SELF pleasing is a law against slick speakers, singers or anyone used to "create mental excitement" which is defined as sorcery.

The modern prayer circles have the DRIVING PURPOSE much like that of cults from which the idea ooozed. The idea is that small groups are better facilitated and manipulated into going with the flow. Furthermore, small CIRCLES (churches) encourage spilling your guts in "confessing" and the leader makes notes of what you THINK you have confided in a small, loyal group. The Misleaders will have a PURPOSE and all of the free-think will be highly directed to HERD you using Judas groups. Similar groups, such as Emmaus and Promise Keepers keeps records so that if you cross the viper he will bite you. These were begun by the Catholic as confessionals and Erasmus, a priest, warned not to spill any information.

These are the MARKS which confess the BANKRUPTCY of the Church Growth Cult so they have invented the "Missional Church" and by now you MAY already have one or more Apostles which you must not question. You also probably have PROPHETS to "CAST VISIONS" for your church--an old Witchcraft thingy like all of the performance music.

Immediately stop VIOLATING the Law AGAINST giving to the "able bodied" males whom the ancient world called PARASITES. Inform everyone else that the purpose driven cult has NO trouble collecting your money, denying you the right to say how it is spent, and then DIVERTING it to the PURPOSE DRIVING their sudden changes. They will not like you and you may risk too much if they can get at your employer: I have seen it happen by "Arkansas" influence.

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Re: House CIRCLES?

September 5 2006, 2:59 PM 

Do you live in a cave in the mountains some where? Because you sound like a hermit who does nothing but think up weird and unimportant things to say. We are not going to find you in the newspapers wearing big dark sunglasses and a big hairy mustache, are we?

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

You have to withdraw to the wilderness to SEE.

September 5 2006, 11:31 PM 

I live on 115 acres in the middle of 2600 acres "with a creek running through it." From the north we see two major branches tumbing about 50 feet into Piney Creek. To the South we have 5 major branches tumbling down dozens of smaller falls. Today, me and the gravel man are dressing up the spring for the house to make it livable.

I go out when ABSOLUTELY required: went Saturday to the doctor thought I had A mump. I do NOT attend SORCERY service at the local CIRCLE where they worship Circe John's holy whore and worship God who is GAD the hostile tribe and "god of fortune" or demon.

I have been reading up on Athenian law today and we get PURGATORY for those who use WITCHCRAFT to slick willie old widows out of money FOR THE LOURDEEE-uh:

[908e] but those which call for legislation are two, of which the "ironic"1 kind commits sins that deserve not one death only or two, while the other kind requires both admonition and imprisonment. Likewise also the belief that the gods are neglectful breeds two other kinds of impiety; and the belief in their being open to bribes, other two. These kinds being thus distinguished, those criminals who suffer from folly,2 being devoid of evil disposition and character, shall be placed by the judge according to law in the reformatory for a period of not less than five years, during which time no other of the citizens
    1 i.e. "hypocritical," hiding impiety under a cloak of religion.

    2 Cp. Plat. Laws 863b, Plat. Laws 863c.

The ALL do it you know, since there is NO law of preaching, No law of listening to preaching, NO law of sanging and NO law of giving.

[933a] that we have now expressly mentioned is that in which injury is done to bodies by bodies according to nature's laws. Distinct from this is the type which, by means of sorceries and incantations and spells (as they are called), not only convinces those who attempt to cause injury that they really can do so, but convinces also their victims that they certainly are being injured by those who possess the power of bewitchment. In respect of all such matters it is neither easy to perceive what is the real truth, nor, if one does perceive it, is it easy to convince others. And it is futile to approach the souls of men

Now, here is how WITCHES do their work

mangan-eia , hê, A. trickery, esp. of magical arts, Pl.Lg.908d; manganeiai kai epôidai ib.933a; periapta kai m. Ph.2.267 , Gal.11.792; tês Kirkês hê m. Them.Or.26.330b , cf. Jul.Gal.340a; m. mageirikai,
    A. bewitch, beguile, Pl.Grg.483e, etc.:--Pass., Id.R.412e, 413b, D.19.102, etc.; fascinate, as a snake, Plot.4.4.40.

    2. abs., play the wizard, D.L.8.59

    Similar Greek: kun-aô , A. = kunizô, play the Cynic, Luc.Demon. 21. Used with Haidês Used with kuôn 3. of the Cynics, areskei toutois kunôn metamphiennusthai bion
That's a fact: Paul said to worship in the PLACE of the spirit (as opposed to IN the flesh) because OUTSIDE there were DOGS. That means the Cynics who howled their songs to ATTRACT mates.
    incantations epôidê , Ion. and poet. epa^oidê , hê,

    A. song sung to or over: hence, enchantment, spell, epaoidêi d' haima..eschethon Od.19.457 , cf. Pi.P.4.217 ; ou pros iatrou sophou thrênein epôidas pros tomônti pêmati S.Aj. 582 ; of the Magi, Hdt.1.132 ; meliglôssois peithous epaoidaisin A.Pr. 174 , cf. S.OC1194 ; epôidas epaidein X.Mem.2.6.10 sq.; epôidais haliskesthai Anaxandr.33.13 ; oute pharmaka..oud' au epôidai Pl.R. 426b ; thusiai kai e. ib.364b ; tas thusias kai teletas kai tas e. Id.Smp.202e , etc.: c. gen. obj., charm for or against.., toutôn epôidas ouk epoiêsen patêr A.Eu.649 .

    II. apptly., = epôidos 11, Poet.Oxy.661.21 (pl.)

Circe (CIRCLE) is the Holy Whore of Revelation 18 and all of her operators: speakers, singers and musicians were called SORCERERS. Kirke is the MODEL John used because he knew that anyone who had begun school would understand that he was WARNING about the PERSONA of the harlot church then and especially NOW:
    Kirkê , hê, Circe, Od.10.136, Hes.Th.957, etc.
Of course KIRKE was a prostitute which identified all of the musical performers in pagan religions. The MUSES in John's Revelation are the LOCUSTS under Apollyon and they are SMELLY prostitutes.

    2. courtesan, Hdt.2.134, Ar.Pl.149, Ath.13.567a,571d, etc.; opp. pornê (a common prostitute), Anaxil.22.1 ; opp. gametê, Philetaer.5 ; Aphroditê he. Apollod.Hist.17.

Peter used the word CORRUPT which meant "to peddle the Word at Retail: to hawk it all about." The same word is used of the adulterer or prostitute. That makes the trafficed WORD pretty much answer to KIRKE. She used music and drugs to seduce her lovers and turned them into SWINE.

Of course, Aphrodite is quite similar to Zoe as "the Beast and female instructing principle." She shows up in Babylon and in all pagan religions throughout history. One of the things you LOOKED FORWARD to was the AMBROSIA which is used in some feminists run churches where they worship Sophia / Zoe with honey and OTHER things:
    The "supernatural red wine" of Mother Hera, which gave the Greek gods immortality. In the Vedas it was soma, in Persia haoma, in Egypt sa: was associated with the moon and the maternal "blood of life," or menstrual blood.

    Pliny called menstrual blood the 'material substance of generation', capable of forming 'a curd, which afterwards in process of time quickeneth and groweth to the form of a body.'

That is what Jesus did to FOOL the pagans who were not real Jews: The eat His flesh and blood you eat and drink the WORD. That is what "patriarchal" run churches do--if there be one left--and where a wider role for women MIGHT get you REAL life next Lord's Day.

In the Abomination of Desolation they brought music and male and female prostitutes RIGHT INTO the Most Holy Places. It IS prophesied to happen again. I think that is why Paul laid down the RULES so we could identify the MARK when we see it.

If you have people on the dole it may not be too late to follow Athenian Law which Paul appeals to many times to get a JOB and PAY THE LAST FARTHING back to the Widows you CLAIMED to lead into the presence of God: God knows that they are playing SORCERERS and because they cannot REALLY bring down the "gods" all of the literates called them PARASITES.

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(Login stuben23)

God's Grace

September 6 2006, 2:36 PM 

I go out when ABSOLUTELY required: went Saturday to the doctor thought I had A mump. I do NOT attend SORCERY service at the local CIRCLE where they worship Circe John's holy whore and worship God who is GAD the hostile tribe and "god of fortune" or demon.

I have been reading up on Athenian law today and we get PURGATORY for those who use WITCHCRAFT to slick willie old widows out of money FOR THE LOURDEEE-uh:

I am glad I know God's grace is limitless, because you will need a lot of it. Just sad.

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(no login)

Strengthen relationships

August 5 2007, 7:23 PM 

Small groups, in my opinion, is key in gaining intimacy with members of your church family. I believe that meeting as an entire family is also very important, but think about how many people in your church you have never met or will never have a chance to truly get to know...

It is sad. We are family and it hurts that so many people are not willing to take the proper steps to really join us all as one body. Small groups is one in one million ways to do that. It is surely not forsaking fellowship--you are only making it more powerful! Besides, if you shuffle groups around every now and then you will have a chance to bond with people that you never have before. Can I get an Amen?

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praying to get out
(no login)

Re: Strengthen relationships

August 10 2007, 12:42 AM 

i just want out of the coc. this is has gone from unfortunate to sad to ridiculus to blasphemous. i just want out.


Whose church do you want to be in? Is there a plan? Would you explain your reference to "this" in your statement above?

This message has been edited by Donnie.Cruz from IP address on Aug 10, 2007 9:51 PM

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(no login)


October 24 2007, 12:12 AM 

"Where two or more are gathered, so am I".... that verse doesn't say where two or more are gathered in a brick building.... if there is earnest study, worship, and prayer in these small groups, God/Christ is there.... I have been to many a church building with the congregation in attendance and it was clear, because of the attitude and hearts of members, God was not present.

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what direction are they heading....
(no login)

Church bulletin prints Christmas "legends"

December 21 2007, 11:31 AM 

Since when did churches of Christ begin printing Christmas "legends" in their church bulletins. The following is copied from Westside's bulletin for this week.
The Legend of the Snowflake

Long ago a gleaming star led the way to a child born in a Manger. Today it is believed that snowflakes are little pieces of that special star that leads us to The Light of the World.

Last week they printed the "legend" of the candy cane! For those unfamiliar with this so-called legend, it states...

Are the "mainstream" chuches begining to embrace Christmas as the birth of Jesus? I hope not. However, when items such as these are printed in the church bulletins, the average observer would believe that they do.

Westside's weekly bulletin "The Vision" can be accessed on their website:

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