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Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons commanding Instrumental Music

July 24 2015 at 12:44 PM
Ken Sublett  (Login Ken.Sublett)
from IP address

Harpeth Hills has always experienced several degrees of strangeness. Now they have decided that God WANTS them to impose instrumental idolatry.

The audio sermons defending the indefensible are not available but I am certain that I could write the. Anyone have access to a printed version.

There is no command, example or remote inference that God wants to collect-and-pay groups to engage in group singing with or without instruments. ALL of the instrumental passages have:

A Lucifer the singing and harp playing prostitute in the garden of Eden.

Of BURNING. The craftsmen including singers and instrument players in Revelation 17-18 are called SORCERERS and they will be CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons

July 24 2015, 10:09 PM 

A quick review of the Harpeth Elders "emerging" from meetings ready to contradict all of the Bible on instrumental idolatry.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons

July 25 2015, 5:08 PM 

Chris Smith read off lots of passages about praising God with instruments and claims that there is no negative comments. I have posted a few of dozens of passages which prove that instrumental-trinitarian worship at Mount Sinai cause God to abandon all of those Chris uses as a PATTERN for sowing discord.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Modern Apostasy defined in great detail as a WAY OF ESCAPE

August 1 2015, 4:41 PM 

God used parables from the foundation of the world to HIDE from the Wise or Sophists: speakers for hire, singers, instrument players

Scripture does not invent words or concepts but REPUDIATES that pattern defined during the MONARCHY after God abandoned the nation to captivity and death. Now, men who sound really strange hear a spirit tell them that HE is commanded to do the same thing. Revelation 17 shows how people abandoned to the Babylon Mother of Harlots use SORCERERS defined as speakers, singers or instrument players. What is IMPOSED into a few churches today is prophesied PROOF that God has removed the theatrical-musical performers (hypocrites) from safety by at the same time removing the LAMPS symbolized by the Menorah or the 7 Spirits OF Christ all forms of Divine and spiritual knowledge. That is why, as the boast, they are purpose driven or INTENTIONAL and have nor want to see the LIGHT which is the WORD, Logos or Regulative principle which OUTLAWS everything you will be afflicted with in the morning by professionals PERFORMING religion for you to DISABLE the School of Christ.

The First Dark Ages were brought about by pseudo-christians when they burned the Classics. Revival happened when people understood that the Classics warned about what Scripture warned about.

If you participate then you are OF the world or ECUMENICAL and Jesus didn't come for you.

Plato, Euthydemus, Protagoras, Gorgias, Meno

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Hierophants-Demons "Lead souls into a god's presence."

August 25 2015, 3:03 PM 

We have noted on the Madison thread that we can judge all religious spectacles as both the cause and mark of the effeminate. Christ in Isaiah 3 prophesied a time women women and men or "boys" would rule over you.

As Christ's always ANTITHESIS Scripture always SILENCES the religious observations to which the kingdom does not come and from the Church of Christ (the Rock) in the wilderness and onward in Churches of Christ before attacked by the Instrumentalists in 1878. Amazingly, all of the O.E.Payne and Tom Burgess' Proof Texts speaking of an oldern male PLUCKING a harp trying to seduce a younger male." Sabbath means REST and was never a day of WORSHIP other than the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites who were soothsayer-sorcerers intending to execute any godly person who came near the animal slaughter God did not command and as they performed the HOLOCAUST.

Sabba^t-ismos , ho, A.a keeping of days of rest, Ep. Hebr.4.9, cf. Plu.2.166a (codd., baptismous Bentley).

skhol-azō , have leisure or spare time, to be at leisure, have nothing to do, Devote oneself to a Master: Jesus is the ONLY Master Teacher even when Senior Pastors claim that THEY are.
II. s. apo tinos have rest or respite from a thing, cease from doing, X.Cyr. 7.5.52; apo tou Krōmnou were set free from the operations at K., Id.HG7.4.28; also “s. ergōn” Plu.Nic.28.
s. kalōs spend one's leisure well, Id.Pol.1337b31; s. eleutheriōs kai sōphronōs ib.1326b31:
3. abs., devote oneself to learning: hence, give lectures (cf. “skholē”
peri logous” Plu.Brut.22; “pros ennoia . . pros hauton” Id.Num.14.
esp. of students, study, attend lectures, devote oneself to a master, attend his lecture
3. abs., devote oneself to learning: hence, give lectures (cf. “skholē” 11), Apollon.Perg. Con. 1 Praef.; “s. Athēnēsin” Phld.Rh.1.95 S.; “en Lukeiō”


I vaguely remember that it was John Mark Hicks working with LU and Rubel Shelly who clained that the "Musical Worship Team can lead you into the presence of God." That's true but not Jehovah but proven by Revelation 17 "the Babylon Mother of Harlots" using lusted after fruits (same as Amos 8) as SORCERERS: speakers, singers, instrument players. The Millstone made a PIPING sound and located the gal who ground grain as well as as the local prostitute. All religious music has always been branded as for making war or making sex.

hierophant is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy.

The word comes from Ancient Greece, where it was constructed from the combination of ta hiera, "the holy," and phainein, "to show." In Attica it was the title of the chief priest at the Eleusinian Mysteries. A hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles.

Liv. 37 9 From there he sailed to the mouth of the Hellespont, and stationing ten
ships opposite Abydos he sailed with the rest to the European shore to attack Sestus.

His men were already approaching the walls when they were met by a body of hierophants known as "Galli" in their priestly robes who announced that they were the ministers Paul's dogs or Catamites.
of Mater Dea, the mother of the gods, and it was at her command that they had come to pray the Romans to spare the city and its walls.
No violence was offered to any of them, and presently their senate and magistrates came forward to make a formal surrender of the city

iam subeuntibus armatis muros fanatici
Galli primum cum sollemni habitu ante portam
Gallus , i, m., = Gallos Strab., A.
Galli , ōrum, m., the priests of Cybele, so called because of their raving, Gallus , i, m., a priest of Cybele, Mart. 3, 81; 11, 74; cf. Quint. 7, 9, 2: “resupinati cessantia tympana Galli,Juv. 8, 176.—And satirically (on account of their emasculated condition), in the fem.: Gallae , ārum, Cat. 63, 12, and 34.—

Of or belonging to the priests of Isis, Gallic [Mount Sinai]: “turma,the troop of the priests of Isis, Ov. Am. 2, 13, 18.

This was the PLAY of Instrumental and trinitarian worship: both marks of the effeminate according to Paul in Romans 1. In Exodus 32 it was a sin BEYOND REDEMPTION because it was the MARK of those OF the World, Kosmos or the ECUMENICAL for whom Jesus doesn't even pray.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons commanding Instrumental Music

December 28 2015, 10:03 AM 

A Church of Christ is--by definition--built upon or EDUCATED by the Prophets and Apostles as the meaning of Holy Scripture. The end-time robbers of temples build upon the CURSE of the Laws of the Monarchy. The Prophetic Types define the REST-SCHOOL of the synagogue then and the Church as the Kingdom of Christ over which HE rules as prophet, priest, king, word, light and SOLE Teacher. Jesus fulfilled "that which was written concerning Him." The Apostles were eye- and ear- witnesses and left us a MEMORY of the CERTIFIED PROPHETIC GOSPEL. Peter Said that certified gospel is NOT subject to private interpretation because it came by God breathing the Word into Jesus of Nazareth WHOM HE MADE TO BE both Lord and Christ. He said that NOT teaching the revealed Word is left as a MARK to identify false teachers who are Purpose Driven and cursed spirits.

Rev. 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, FOR the WORD of God, and for the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ.

Those who want to be rich and famous and on the workshop MENUS, eat, drink and be merry because you are NOT a follower of Christ in tribulations. The ACCUSERS knew that it was KAIROS time or the RIGHT TIME TO MOUNT AN ATTACK because they know that their TIME IS SHORT.

Rev. 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
Rev. 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
Rev. 12:11 And they overcame him by the BLOOD of the Lamb, and by the WORD of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Rev. 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath [ANGRY BREATH], because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. [KAIROS]

Rev. 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her SEED, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Rev. 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

The WORD is the LOGOS is the Regulative principle OUTLAWING personal opinions or experiences, singing, playing instruments, acting or any of that PURPOSE DRIVEN to keep the WORD away from those they can MASS and FLEECE by selling their OWN word.

In ALL of the references the collective activity is to READ or HEAR or SPEAK the Word one to another. Group Worship leaders are as obscene as group sex leaders: worship other than legalistic body activity is PERSONAL and IN the place of the SPIRIT which has been "washed with water INTO the Word" or Into the School of Christ. If you stick with the prophesied schools or churches not WORD OF GOD FOCUSED then maybe that is your DESTINY because you defacto try to silence the MOUTH OF THE VICTIM where religious music was known as SACRED VIOLENCE.

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Doctors of the Law: Ignorant or Evil

December 29 2015, 7:10 PM 

Jesus said that doctors of the law take away the keys to knowledge. He called them as Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: in Ezekiel 33 Christ named preachers with not GO but for hire, singers and instrument players. Furthermore, history is filled with the fact that rhetoric, singing and playing instruments is the best weapon TO MAKE THE LAMBS DUMB BEFORE THE SLAUGHTER.

Most of the once-Bible Colleges, fulfilling a Certain Law, have been infiltrated and "transistioned" as a Purpose-Driven Agenda to INSTITUTIONALIZE in the Collectivists sense. All of the divisive efforts have always been caused by self-willed "progressive ADDITIONS" which were never required to organize a local Church or School of Christ using the terms of Thomas Campbell.

We have noted the many direct assaults upon the WORD or Logos understood as God's Regulative or Governing principle. The Logos SPEAK words are defined at the time as the opposite of ODE, rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting, and in ONE of my old groups Shouting, Clapping, hugging and kissing and producing SHOCK AND AWE.

The Spirit of Christ in Habakkuk said that when "God is in His holy temple (us) let all the earth keep silence before Him." Paul warned of the shaking or awe that for those who don't grasp reverence and godly fear GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE.

It is not possible to be ignorant of the truth and therefore the oft warning that the Religious Actors performing for hire are LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

Pretending to be IGNORANT of the recorded text while SELLING the idea that the text commands THEM to add all of the discords and tribulation almost always works because paraphrasing PAUL "Fools love to be fooled."

The Choices are what Mike Cope called COHORTS organized to "transistion" all of the historic churches as Premeditated Assaults upon are terminally ignorant OR terminally evil. There is simply no way that rational people can build on the FOUNDATION of men who will fleece the widows and then tell them about their hidden agenda.

When I post long definitiona they are WAYS in which a word was used at the time of the Bible writers. The problem for the "progressives" is that there are no OPTIONS for the word which can convey a godly concept.

For the first time in history, 1878, the PSALLO word was dredged up to say that God commands instrumental music AS worship. The problem is that Psallo and similar Greek and Latin words have just ONE MEANING. That is to PLUCK something with your FINGERS and never with a plectrum or guitar pick. You can pluck a bow stirng, a harp string, a rope or the hairs of a young boy. John T. Willis as probably the "father" of the Highland-led discord with all of his degrees says that PSALLO always includes playing musical instruments. If you want "credentials" you have to snuggle up close and dare not post your name.

Jesus said that truth had been hidden from the clergy (sophists: singers, players) from the foundation of the World. The First World Order was destroyed by fire but the SERPENT was operative also in the last world order "reserved for fire."

The "parables" begin before the serpent but this is what historic scholars understood by the Hebrew and Greek words.

[linked image]
[linked image]

Jeanene Reese and other wives of presidents exercise that femine authority. She says that Adam's CLEAVING to Eve makes her superior and claims with others that cleave is a word used of GOD implying that women should cleave to Eve as they cleave to GOD.

Jesus and Peter warned us to save ourselves from the crooked race or race of vipers. The skolios or crooked word points directly to the male symposium and the musical contests while "getting drunk on wine.

You will notice that no one with the claimed credentials and authority to lie, cheat and steal property so they can enjoy the worship teams, has ever given a jot or tittle of Biblical authority. One LU discorder says that I belong to the "modern" age and could not possibly read evolved and evolving text revealed only by what history called sorcery or witchcraft: that's why music to SILENCE THE VOICE OF THE VICTIM is always connected with HELL or the LAKE OF FIRE.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons commanding Instrumental Music

December 30 2015, 1:29 PM 

See Al Maxey who with Jay Guin and the "progressives" use the weapons of SERPENT WORSHIP.

Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent [h5175] was more subtil [callidior] than any beast of the field
which the LORD God had made.
And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said,
Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
Genesis 3:2 And the woman said unto the serpent,
We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:
Genesis 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

The SERPO was
lēnis , I. soft, smooth, mild, gentle, easy, calm. sensus judicat dulce,
dulcis II. Trop., agreeable, delightful, pleasant, charming, soft, flattering.
“orator,” Cic. Off. 1, 1, 3; cf. “of orators or writers,” “carmen,” id. 12, 10, 33: “poëmata,” Hor. A. P. 99

carmen , a tune, song, air, lay, strain, note, sound, both vocal and instrumental
“per me (sc. Apollinem) concordant carmina nervis

He was subtle or cunning:

Callĭdus , a, um, adj. calleo, I.that is taught wisdom by experience and practice, shrewd, expert, experienced, adroit, skilful: “in disputando,” Quint. 12, 2, 14
In reference to art, excelling in art, skilful, Hor. S. 2, 3, 23 — rĕ-sŏno to sound or ring again, to resound, re-echo , carmina resonantia chordis Romanis, to the strings, tubarum sonus

Let the loving mother, the virtuous sister, the father, the wife, together with all the relations [of a man possessed with this latter folly], cry out: "Here is a deep ditch; here is a prodigious rock; take care of yourself:"

The cunning craftsmen or Sophists which APT elders WILL exclude and separate from are "performance speakers, singers or instrument players." This Authentia or self-authoring is imposed on BOTH male and female so that ALL might come to a knowledge of the TRUTH left as God's WAY of escape from the Sons of Cain whose name MARKED him as a "musical note" with a lance to strike you fast.
The SERPENT H5175 nâchâsh naw-khawsh'

[linked image]

1Sam. 11:2 And Nahash the Ammonite answered them, On this condition will I make a covenant with you, that I may thrust out all your right eyes, and lay it for a reproach upon all Israel.

From H5172 ; a snake (from its hiss):—serpent.

H5172 nâchash naw-khash' A primitive root; properly to hiss, that is, whisper a (magic) spell; generally to prognosticate:— X certainly, divine, enchanter, (use) X enchantment, learn by experience, X indeed, diligently observe.

[linked image]

Miriam and the Levites "prophesying" were soothsayers or sorcerers. John called them a race of VIPERS and Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites and Ezekiel 33 the SPIRIT OF CHRIST NAMED performance preachers, singers and instrument players: this was the mark that neither the SORCERERS nor audience intended to teach or obey the WORD of God.

-Prophe-ta I. a foreteller, SOOTHSAYER prophet... oraculorumque interpretes, sacerdotes Aegyptiorum, quos prophetas vocant, [Priestess of Egpt prophetess call out] Aegyptius, propheta primarius
1. Aegyptius,
2. Prophetai
3. Primarius I. one of the first, of the first rank, chief, principal, excellent, remarkable,
primarius parasitus,

The person with the authority to SPEAK or make instrumental noises in all sacrificial systems were called PARASITES. ALL of the progressive build on the curse of the abandoned monarchy and literature always bonds instruments or their use in religion to THEIR holy-spirit REVEALED lying about the WORD of Christ as THE REGULATIVE PRINCIPLE

h3907Lachash Has the same meaning in other places

[linked image]

Like a recent elder after pushing for a survey of the Old Testament: "If it don't mean nothing to me it don't mean nothing." It DON'T mean NOTHING because

If you are OF the World, Kosmos or the ECUMENICALS in a panic to BOND in a warm pack, then Jesus said that God is HIDING from you and He does not pray for you. The mikros and mega words means that if they call you to meet with the KINGDOM in a religious OBSERVATION beyond being A SCHOOL OF THE WORD and you GO OUT then Jesus will be OUTSDE the gates or camp suffering REPROACHES but giving His Little Flock (mikros) REST so that we can LEARN OF HIM.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Chris Smith Harpeth Hills Sermons commanding Instrumental Music

January 1 2016, 11:54 AM 

You have to ignore all of the Bible not to know that there are two races alive and well on the earth. Jesus was sent to save Lost Spirits whom God had given him. Neither Jesus nor those who "receive the Word and are baptized" without quibble are OF the World. When they speak the Word as God breathed spirit into Jesus, His disciples will be hated and hounded especially out of the WORLD VIEW INSTITUTIONS. The Sons of the Devil speak "on their own" and the World, Kosmos or the Ecumenical as the reign of Satan LOVES them especially when they lie, cheat and steal and drive out the "owners" of the burnable houses: God does not live in such houses and He is not worshipped by the works of human hands. The MARK then is the focus on "ministries" to keep people "dumb before the slaughter" and those not OF the world will flee Babylon as Paul SEPARATED the disciples and the Campbells advised any Christian within the sects. The Kingdom does not COME with religious obsdervations and it is easy to detect those with a pseudo "Christian World View" from the quiet and resting Disciples separating from this WORLD reserved for fire.

You don't need to believe any of this but I still stand in the gaps waiting for ONE of the progressives to explain why they are not ANATHEMA or "devoted to enhance a religious operation" which cannot be redeemed and MUST BE BURNED.

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Aren't you teaching Old Wives' tales or Jewish Fables?

January 7 2016, 11:50 AM 

The warning to me is1Tim. 4:6 If you point these things out to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, brought up in the truths of the faith and of the good teaching that you have followed.
1Tim. 4:7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.

The Greeks Recognized LOGOS and MUTHOS: in contrast to the Greek pagans LOGOS is defined as the regulative principle exclusive of private opinions, private opinions, introductions, poetry, singing, playing instruments or acting: that excludes all performance roles done in the name of God.

Logos is exclusive of Muthos or Fabula since Jesus said that the kingdom does not come with observation meaning religious observations which defines "lying wonders" to those God has sent strong ddelusions.

ALL "music passages"are connected with Burning, Hell, the Lake of fire. Aristophanes defines what happens when "women" take control of the Ekklesia. [Isaiah 3 warned]

The MUSIC thing is REMOVED from any assembly at the same time Jesus visits and REMOVES THE LAMPS or "seven spirits of divine knowledge." Therefore the music is not so much the SIN but God's way to MARK those "spirits OF the World order. Jude quotes from the Book of Enoch which ia affirmed many times in Scripture.

Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares [infiltrators], who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness,
and denying
the ONLY Lord God,
our Lord Jesus Christ.

Get the message? Music and the trinity are the product of feminists theology spilling out of the once-Christian schools.


1 Timothy 5
19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses.
20 Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear.

The elders proved that they were NOT apt elders made so by THEIR holy spirit by announcing what they intended to do in their 20/20 vision CAST as a wicca term. into the OLD WIVE'S LANE.

They are not APT because the Spirit OF Christ only allows men to be Presbyters unless they remove the Cunning Craftsmen or Sophists meaning self-speakers (sons of the Devil says Jesus), singers or instrument players. They WILL as the MARK to exclude Angels of Light (or blight) because THEY ARE LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

They are LYING by saying that the Bible does not RADICALLY warn about "Lucifer as the singing and harp-playing prostitute" from the garden of Eden.

They are LYING in that they followed the Promise Keepers and Purpose Driven Cult PATTERN of "Infiltrating and Diverting." The "fool the audience" pattern was articulated, recorded and affirmed by the elders although the tapes were confiscated.

THEY are the Old Wives based on recorded history (Christ called Lucifer the singing and harp-playing prostitute in the garden of Eden.). The Bible in several places shows how to use musical instruments (or pseudo instruments) to SET AMBUSH: The Levites in the Dead Sea Scroll version of Psalm 41 shows that Messiah will be "cut off at the pass" and destroyed by instrumental warriors.

The Old-New Wives telling tails have taken captive most of the universities always doomed to be "transistioned" in the words of the Christian Standard into the musical wing.

Such elders Paul warned about as WOLVES (that gender thingy) would draw away the flock for their own use. Therefore, Dave will just have to whine because he has--many times--AFFIRMED that which Scripture denounces with the command to CAST THEM OUT. You don't NEED to try to correct people who are ANTI-Christs about the MUSIC, unity and Polytheists.

They don't want you to know that Myths or Fables are OPPOSITE to the Word, Logos or Regulative Principle.

[linked image]

This message has been edited by Ken.Sublett from IP address on Jan 8, 2016 3:12 PM

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

SPIRITUS is defined as that of Apollon the Leader of musical worship craftsmen

January 18 2016, 11:31 AM 

THE holy spirit is the MIND of Mental disposition of God, Jesus or mankind AFTER an UNholy spirit has been made into A holy spirit. If reading 101a doesn't do it then be assured that the neo-trinity is a "progressive" dogma much worse than instrumental apostasy.

God IS Spirit because He does not have flesh and bones: Jesus was not Spirit or God because He was made of flesh and bones. God's SPIRIT is holy which means that it is PURE or WHOLLY Spirit by nature.

Alexander Campbell and others understand that A holy spirit is OUR unholy spirit which has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and not His "spirit."

This is...understood by every attentive reader. The original phrase is hagiasmos pneumatos, and is found only in II. Thess. ii. 13; I. Pet. i. 2. In both places it appears to refer to the sanctification of the spirit of believers. It is literally rendered "sanctification [or holiness] of spirit." There is no article in the original and no epithet that suggests the Holy Spirit in either passage.
God has chosen men to salvation through (or by) holiness of spirit;
not through the holiness of his Spirit,
but through the holiness of their spirit.

When Jesus prayed (John xvii.) for the sanctification or holiness of his disciples,
it was through the truth: "Sanctify them through the truth;
thy word is truth."

The belief of the truth is, therefore, by Paul associated with this holiness or sanctification of spirit.

The Spirit of God is frequently denominated in these days, "the Sanctifier."
Let it be granted that it is the Spirit that sanctifies or sets apart men to God,
still it must be argued from the Record
that he sanctifies them only through the truth or gospel believed.

A sanctified unbeliever is inconceivable;
and, as "without holiness [or sanctification of spirit] no man can see the Lord;
so, without faith, there can be no holiness, and no action acceptable to God.

All persons sanctified to God to any high office or function, were anointed, and thus consecrated to his special service. So all Christians, being priests,
are anointed or sanctified by the Holy Spirit
[135] through the obedience of the truth,
and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus,
cleansing their consciences from dead works to serve the living God.

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Unknown number of "demons" (Flying everywhere, to many to count)

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