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It is a tough decision

April 14 2011 at 9:55 AM
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Christine  (Login CAWright)
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Response to I can't put the dog down

but Yume does not sound like a dog that can safely fit into a family setting. Maybe this trainer can provide some insight, with an in person evaluation. Otherwise, if a very special person cannot be found to fit Yume's needs, it would actually be kinder to put her down. She would be a liability to give to a normal family and I do not think she would live a happy life struggling with her own internal issues all the time. Frankly, not even an Akita experienced person would take a dog such as Yume. She is not dominant, in my opinion, she is unstable. My first Akita was very dominant, but he was nothing like Yume. It is true that he did not automatically respect people just because they are human (they had to earn his respect) but once someone had earned his respect, he did not act submissive one second and then turn into a wild animal the next. It was either or - i.e. You either had his respect or you did not. Someone he respected could do anything to him, whereas he would try to warn (by growling and sometimes barking, not biting) someone he did not respect if they did something he considered impolite (such as if an adult got into his face and looked into his eyes... Some humans think that this is being friendly to a dog, but it is something I did not allow strangers to do to him because I knew what would happen). Hence, I think Yume's behavior is not that of a dominant dog but an unstable one. And I do believe unstable dogs to be very dangerous, because they are unpredictable.

One last thing maybe to check for, if you haven't already, is Yume's thyroid levels. Sometimes thyroid problems can cause unpredicatable aggression.

Also, in response to one of your earlier posts about how someone from the Leerburg forum commented that all Nordic breeds are like this, I would just have to say that is completely untrue. Yume's behavior is not the typical behavior of an Akita. Our breed is known for being very bonded to and loyal to their owners, even if they may be aloof with strangers and are typically dominant with other dogs. I've known many Akitas, my own and ones belonging to friends, and I've not come across even one that behaves like Yume. I've found Akitas to be very predictable in general, and easy dogs to keep. I've never had to go through "groundwork" with any of my Akitas. A firm and fair attitude is all that that my dogs ever required. I've always played with my dogs and they've always been my shadows, following me from room to room. They sleep with me in the bedroom if they want to, but most of the time they prefer sleeping downstairs or even outside, where it is cooler. Still, they are given the choice to be with me whenever I am home, which is all the time, and most of the time they choose to nap at my feet. A dog that needs to go through social isolation in order to not be aggressive just doesn't seem like it is suited for life in a house to me. I'm sorry your first experience with an Akita happens to be with one that has an unstable temperament and is unrepresentative of the breed in general.

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