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This has been an unbearably sorrowful week at our house...

April 22 2011 at 1:46 PM
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Candi  (no login)

I had to have my dearly beloved, ever-faithful & constant Borzoi companion, the aristocratic, dignified & magnificent Lazar Dances-With-Wolves, put to sleep following an incredibly brief & stunningly precipitous decline that befell him out of nowhere -- In just ONE WEEK he went from fully active & joyfully exuberant mobility, to an overwhelmingly rapid failure of muscle strength & neural control initially just in his hindlegs, but increasingly in his forelegs also, with the condition worsening before my eyes from one day to the next ... Lazar was never ill for even a hour in all his long & happy life prior to this past week (not once, not ever) so the first night during which he suffered discomfort & distress, I vowed not to put him through any further anxiety, humiliation & painful misery at 14 YEARS of age, thus his Vet and I agreed on euthanasia as the most humane Act of Love & Final Kindness we could render my precious "Emperor of Hounds".

Shaka has been beside herself, first with worry & then with grief -- Before now, she had never been separated from Lazar by anything more than a see-through gate (I did originally close the communicating door between their individual rooms when I left for work, but upon arriving back home after one day of that, I found Shaka had gnawed a peep-hole in it the size of her huge Akita "bear head" so she could keep a vigilant eye on her big brother while I was away from the house ... I know she and I will both weather this period of intense mourning together, but presently Shaka only wants to lie on Lazar's old bed when I'm there at night to make sure she doesn't destroy it (like she has all of the soft beds I USED TO give her) though during my work-days I still confine Shaka to her own room with the indestructible bed) but from there she continues to watch over Lazar's place in case he should return.

Currently, Shaka is refusing to eat her kibble, only taking a tentative & perfunctory nibble of previously irresistible delicacies such as cheese or chicken -- And when we go out for our 3 walks a day, all she wants to do (in an agitated state of high-alert) is look everywhere for Lazar ... This is an additionally gut-wrenching heartache for me on top of my own depression over losing him so suddenly & without any real warning, but Shaka and I will both recover in due course, with help from the inextinguishable Spirit of Lazar.

I wanted to share our sad news with all of you here on the forum, but I am simply incapable of discussing the details -- so please forgive me in advance if I don't say anything more about what happened ... I know those who have endured similar partings will understand my silence, and I thank those who haven't undergone something like this for respecting my inability to speak about it at any greater length.

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