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Message TitleAuthor and Date
zMac on Apr 10
I cannot figure this out.Chandler on Feb 7
 Sorry for not seeing you post earlier, ChandlerMac on Feb 15
  How weird!Chandler on Feb 25
KRef.BASTeam on Jul 27
 Version 200600727.0Mac on Jul 27
 Changes resulting in KRef Version 2006-07-27 Enhancement 0Mac on Jul 27
Well, we all deserve congratulations ! ! !Mac on Jul 4
 Except meMac on Sep 5
  Yes, I noticed that too...TheBOB on Sep 5
   *I've always just used "SubnameLabel:" and "MainLabel:"The PhyloGenesis on Sep 5
    Not a bad ideaMac on Sep 5
  * I did not know that you did not know that but I know that you know that now.Pete on Sep 5
   * But at my age I might not know that tomorrowMac on Sep 5
Instructions to get results of game MacMich0 to replay properlyMac on Jul 2
 I have proved that the problem is the trailing spaces on the Move linesMichael Calkins on Jul 4

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