that argument doens't make sence.....

by shadowolf


compiler theroy basic works like this...


code goes in tokenized then shoved to the parser so a parsey tree can be created from there it turn into intermediate form then optimized then outputted to X86 assembly.

now everything from print , located , etc is called using asm instruction Call which calls a function from the run-time lib QB even does this. the run time lib is then simple that a lib that gets statically linked to the program.

FB takes this a step further and keeps and keeps the gfxlib out of the run-time to reduce bloat and to be neater also allows a C coder to use the FB gfxlib as well if they wanted to.

in the end this is meaningless to the end user since the compiler will link the lib for you. i.e. if you put any gfx function in your code the fbc.exe will link it for you.

Posted on Oct 31, 2005, 12:46 PM
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