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okay, let's start here then...
what i need: machine running godforsaken xp (not available at this moment) and qbasic.

save this in notepad to simulate someone downloading our game.
then put it in the same folder with qbasic.exe and the *.ksg files.

then run this. if it lists .ksg files, nevermind.
in my experience, it won't reliably. but let's see?

shell "dir *.ksg /b /on > ksgtemp.txt" ' dir one line format sort by name to...
open "ksgtemp.txt" for input as #1
do while not eof(1)
line input #1, q$:
if len (q$)>4 then q$=left$(lcase$(q$), len(q$)-4) : mid$(q$,1,1)=ucase$(left$(q$,1)) ' no .ksg, all lower but cap first letter
c=c+1:? c; q$

if this works well enough for YOUR satisfaction, it's good enough for me and i can finish the menu with it. should take me about 5 minutes if this code already works.

Posted on Jan 2, 2006, 4:14 AM
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