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playground and dog bins

June 25 2008 at 5:27 PM

I have written on this subject before but have never received a response. The childrens playground, I am not talking about the one that seems to be on everyones mind. I am talking about the main playground at Swinehead Lane. A few years ago I attended a playground meeting to discuss this area being revamped. Wonderful plans were displayed for the public to view and a group were set up to oversee the project. I have seen a skate park which is used by a small certain age group created. A play area for up to six years old. Where is the equipment for six upwards, there is a climbing web and wood structure to walk on. Where are the swings, slides, roundabouts and all other exciting enjoyable things for this age group. I am dismayed when visiting other places who have much better facilities for their children than us and are only a third the size of Kirkby. Please can we have a decent playground for all the children to use?

My other question is, who decided on the colour for the dog bins? I am surprised that no one has posted their letters in them. I welcome the bins and hope that all dog owners use them as they should. I do think that they should have been dark green in colour to blend in with the countryside. Can we please have one at the top of Manor Close where the new Golf Club sign is? Please make it a green one.

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Play Area

March 20 2009, 1:24 PM 

I'm sure everyone is pleased with the new developments on the play area - the swings, slide, tyre rotators and a new path - certainly children are coming regularly to play which is great to see. The Play Association, made up entirely of volunteers, has worked really hard in recent years to secure funding for equipment but it takes time. Currently we have two applications in for a new wooden climbing frame similar to that at Castle Howard and all being well that should go in this summer. That will pretty much complete the site.

The Play Association members check the site every day for litter and damage and we would be very grateful to hear from anyone willing to help out - a message can be left at Towlers the chemist with you name and contact number. Each member roughly does one week in six currently - the more volunteer litter pickers we have the less you will be called upon!

Even if you can't commit please do your bit by picking up any litter you see on the site - we certainly find the cleaner it is kept the less litter is dropped.

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