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Cryptovideography soon to be launched!

July 16 2006 at 3:25 AM
J  (no login)
from IP address

It started last summer in voice chat, after that horrible documentary from National Geographic came out. We were talking about documentaries and how the Bigfoot Community doesn't get a fair shake, and how researchers such as MK Davis get 20 seconds to discuss subjects that need time to really get into.
Well, I said that the only way the BF community would get fair treatment is if we made documentaries ourselves. That started the ball rolling. Katrina slowed it down but the idea is still on track.
I came up with the idea of making documentaries that would give time to those who wanted to tell what they have seen or encountered without a slant against them.
The idea for Cryptovideography was born, and I started working on ideas for programming. One thing I wanted to do was involve other researchers and eye witnesses and give them the opportunity to tell about their encounters & evidence. So Cryptovideography will allow anyone who wants to the ability to submit video to us for inclusion in our programming. It can be footage of your research area, you telling of your own encounter or what ever you think others might want to view. Anyone who submits video will get full credit in whatever program it ends up in. But we will also produce documentaries on a variety of subjects within the crypto field too.
Ester Schritter, Indybfhunter, Hondo, MK Davis, and others had some good ideas and were supportive. Ester (God bless her!) has contributed several tapes of footage and interviews already. So CryptoV is finally getting off the ground.
So far I've produced two documentaries already. "Swamp Apes" is available on eBay and takes a different approach to the subject of the orgins of BF in the south. "Bigfoot FAQ" is a good resource flick that covers many of the often asked question on the subject. It's perfect for beginners and anyone who wants a good reference to introduce someone to the subject and cover all those newbie questions. Both will be available on soon too. will be launched soon too. The web sight will have video downloads and more.
We are working on ideas for future programs too. And we are accepting suggestions. If you have an idea for a program I'd like to hear about it.

If you want to be a part of cryptovideography all you need is a camcorder. We will show you how much fun it can be, and you get full credit for your material. You don't have to be a hollywood professional or have any special training. And it's free. {Plus there will be perks. }

Anyway, stay tuned. The web site should be up in a few weeks and the documentaries we already have in the can will be on soon. You can post a message here if you have a question or interest in what I'm doing.
In the mean time... Here is a little promo for ya...

You can also check out a promo commercial for Bigfoot FAQ at this link:
"//" just put http: in front of the //

Stay Tuned,

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