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Suggesions for Future Epics

June 3 2002 at 3:15 PM
Sirian  (no login)
from IP address

While I'm capable of designing fun scenerios from now until the cows come home, the Epics aren't meant to be limited to my ideas. When Epic One closes on June 10, we'll open another Epic. Between now and then, I'd like to get your feedback on what you want to see.

Two kinds of feedback would be helpful:

First, general feedback. What difficulty levels you're interested in or would be willing to play, what map sizes and settings you like/dislike or are willing/unwilling to deal with, and also what pacing you think you can handle in regard to map/game size. Any civ player may respond, doesn't have to be limited to current Epics participants. (Are the current pacings good for you? Too long? Not long enough? What about the difficulty levels? Too rough? Not rough enough? Do you want to see all the games at high levels or some of them at low levels too?)

Second, specific proposals. If you have a variant or idea or situation or scenerio you think would be fun, interesting, and challenging, you can put it forth. My job as Organizer is not only to select good scenerios for use, but also pace things to make sure we don't flood the market and overdo the number of the games. The "game of the month" pacing may work out well for some, but if a game is shorter or longer, months don't grow longer or shorter to accomodate. RBCiv likes the flexibility that allows for duration to be matched to the scenerio. If we lack for ideas compared to game demand, I can come up with any number of games to cover the gap. If we end up with more ideas on the table than we can handle, I'll pace them out to make sure no reasonably available participants are shut out. Players can pick and choose what to play or skip if they are severely limited on time. The point is, you players out there have to put forth your own ideas if you want them to be considered for use. We want to run things in a way that includes your input. Help us to keep the Epics going and improve them over time.

Players can sponsor their own epics, with approval from the Organizers. Charis was originally intended to be a partner with me in this, and perhaps others also. For the moment, I'm all there is in the Organizer category. In order for others to move toward helping me on that level, they need to show talent and skill and good judgement in dealing with game balance, scenerio evaluation, and dealing with rules, as well as motivation and reliability. I'm not exactly sure how to get there from here, but discussion is a good start point. Further ideas for rules changes can also be put forth.

So... feedback welcome. Post your input!

- Sirian

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