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Epic Twenty-One - Jack Frost - Signup Thread

January 2 2003 at 11:14 AM
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In order to receive a zip file containing the saved games to be able to play, you must sign up in this thread to participate in Epic Twenty-One. You will be matched up with the pregenerated game files according to the order in which you sign up.

Signups for Jack Frost will remain open until January 19. The game will open on January 6 and remain open for four weeks. Those who sign up in advance will have their game files emailed to them on Opening day. Obviously, you must supply an email address to which your zip will be sent.

Epic Twenty-One: Jack Frost

VERSION: Play the World, 1.14f
Sponsor: Sirian
Opening Date: January 6, 2003
Duration: Four Weeks
Map Generation: Edited map

Difficulty: Emperor
Civilization: RANDOM
World Size: Standard
Terrain: Archipelago, 70% water
Climate: Rugged, Ice Age
Barbarians: Raging
Rules: Standard
Victory: Any

Special Rules: You MUST sign up in the Sign Up Thread to participate in this Epic. Why? Because you're going to have your civ assigned to you at random, from a list of pregenerated games, based on the order in which you sign up.

I wanted to make the first PTW Epic "the coolest ever". So here we go!

Scenario Concept: With winter now raging in the northern hemisphere where most of us live, I thought an ice age scenario would be fun to try. The first PTW Epic ought to be low-pressure, so I've made this a typical Potluck emperor game. Also, PTW comes with some new tile sets, and what better time to tinker around with them than now? Thus, I've selected the eight cold weather civs and edited a map to spread icy goodness all over the place. Don't be surprised to find tundra tiles anywhere on the map. Jack Frost cometh!

PTW keeps optional tilesets in a new way, making it easy to reference them from the editor. I have thus figured out how to lock the scenario to a specific tileset, so that everyone who plays will use the same tileset. I know this will make some of you groan, but don't be humbugs. Try something new! It will give this game its own flavor and help preserve the illusion (for immersion, Charis style) of a true ice age. In reality, most of the map is a typical cold-weather map, but it HAS been edited to spread some ice all over the place.

You are required to play with the winter tileset. As long as you haven't erased the tileset or moved it, you'll be good to go. The game will find it automatically. The terrain is difficult to see, everything is covered in some layers of white. I urge you to do plenty of right-clicking to verify what's in the tiles, until you get used to them. As I look out my window just now, the world is covered in snow. Whatever it may be like where you are, I hope you will enjoy this little trip through the winter wonderlands of the expansion pack.

Scoring: None.

This may be the only Epic running until the next PTW patch is released, so don't wait around. Sign up and get in on this, uh, "very cool" scenario.

Closing Day: Monday, February 3. Reports due on Feb 3 or 4.

Remember, you have to sign up to play in Potluck games!

- Sirian

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  1. I'm in (maybe I can win my second emperor game :lol:) - Hotrod on Jan 2, 11:30 AM
  3. Sign me up - DogBoy on Jan 2, 11:44 AM
  5. Sign me up! - Dwip on Jan 2, 11:53 AM
    1. Tilesets - Sirian on Jan 2, 12:35 PM
  6. signing up - Griselda on Jan 2, 12:46 PM
  8. I'm on it - Charis on Jan 2, 1:57 PM
    1. Done - Charis on Jan 13, 7:00 PM
  9. Sure why not? - KingBob on Jan 2, 2:08 PM
    1. Can you re-mail? - KingBob on Jan 6, 1:47 PM
      1. Thanks (n-t) - KingBob on Jan 7, 2:15 PM
        1. Er... - KingBob on Jan 7, 5:51 PM
  10. Winter Wonderland - Sullla on Jan 2, 2:36 PM
    1. Finished - Sullla on Jan 12, 7:43 PM
  11. Sign me up - Rowain deWolf on Jan 2, 3:13 PM
    1. finished -nt- - Rowain deWolf on Jan 21, 1:07 AM
  12. Sure - Stagnate on Jan 2, 3:17 PM
  14. Count me in - Cyrene on Jan 2, 4:44 PM
  16. Count me in (If I'm not too late). - Minimaul on Jan 2, 4:45 PM
  18. I'm in... - JMB on Jan 3, 9:38 AM
  20. With pleasure ! - Skyfish on Jan 3, 12:27 PM
    1. My email - Skyfish on Jan 3, 12:29 PM
  21. A new hope! - Jester on Jan 3, 5:21 PM
  23. yikes...player fifteen again - falsfire on Jan 3, 6:42 PM
  25. count me in - Nish on Jan 4, 8:10 AM
  27. Coolness... - Black Cursor on Jan 4, 11:27 AM
  29. I would like to join - voodoocat on Jan 4, 6:27 PM
  31. Re: Epic Twenty-One - Jack Frost - Signup Thread - Speaker on Jan 4, 9:56 PM
    1. Wow, someone doesn't know how to use the forum - Anonymous on Jan 4, 9:59 PM
      1. Wow, I can't even make fun of myself without messing it up... - Speaker on Jan 4, 10:04 PM
  32. Count me in! [nt] - Kylearan on Jan 5, 3:33 AM
  34. I'm in -nt- - Jaxom on Jan 5, 6:55 AM
  36. I'd like to be included - Col on Jan 6, 1:29 AM
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  40. swiftsure's player number - Griselda on Jan 6, 8:58 AM
  42. What better time to join - CoffeeCup on Jan 6, 12:41 PM
  44. Sign me up as well - Meldor on Jan 6, 1:03 PM
    1. Hey - Sirian on Jan 6, 1:35 PM
      1. Yep.... - Meldor on Jan 10, 11:20 AM
  45. I'll join - Carbon on Jan 6, 8:14 PM
    1. show food and shields - Griselda on Jan 6, 9:20 PM
      1. Irrigation - Sirian on Jan 6, 9:28 PM
        1. I thought that was your plan - Griselda on Jan 6, 11:03 PM
  46. Sign me up. - Ozymandous on Jan 7, 2:03 PM
  48. Signup question - Lord Banzai on Jan 8, 2:47 AM
    1. No problem for you - Skyfish on Jan 8, 4:25 AM
      1. Thanks! - Lord Banzai on Jan 10, 12:47 AM
    2. are you interested in playing this one? - Griselda on Jan 8, 9:56 PM
      1. Yes please! - Lord Banzai on Jan 10, 12:45 AM
  49. Sign me up! - Lt. Tyrone Slothrop on Jan 8, 6:03 PM
  51. Signing up - Iteean on Jan 8, 7:22 PM
  53. Sign me up - Heimdall on Jan 10, 11:10 AM
  55. I'm game! :) - Ribannah on Jan 10, 12:26 PM
    1. welcome! - Griselda on Jan 10, 6:33 PM
      1. Free healing? - Ribannah on Jan 11, 2:31 AM
  56. I'll try... - Jumbo2002 on Jan 11, 5:16 AM
  58. I'm in too. - Conqueror on Jan 12, 10:38 AM
  60. Sign me up - Tom Lassanske on Jan 12, 3:28 PM
  62. Im in - trickey on Jan 14, 1:29 PM
  64. I'll try. - Borealis on Jan 18, 2:59 AM
    1. Hey - Charis on Jan 18, 8:46 AM
  65. Signups Closed - Sirian on Jan 20, 12:28 PM
    1. nice estimation! - Griselda on Jan 20, 4:31 PM
      1. You Know What I Say - Sirian on Jan 20, 6:32 PM
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