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January 10 2003 at 6:33 PM
Griselda  (Login Grizelda)
Realms Beyond Administrator
from IP address

Response to I'm game! :)

Your start file has been sent, so I hope you enjoy your first Epic.

I can certainly understand the time crunch myself, and have been known to play only two or three turns at a time if that is all the time that I have available and the turns require a lot of detailed attention!

One of the issues that the GOTM tournament has been facing is that they are a much larger tournament then we are, and the players can get very competitive with each other. As a result, they have had to deal with cheating and game exploit issues regularly. I'm not accusing you of anything specific, or even backing up the GOTM's choice (that's not really my business), but I am trying to put their decision in context.

Here at RB, the focus is much different. I believe that people focus on playing their best, rather than on getting to the top of a list. Also, the focus is on discussion and comparison, rather than on strict results.

Each of us faces different challenges in fitting the game into our real life schedules, and we try to be understanding of that here. However, I will encourage you to try to play more than one turn in a sitting whenever possible.

There is the "Free Healing" exploit:
""Free Healing": Normally, if a unit moves, it is not supposed to heal at the end of that turn. However, when the game is saved and loaded, the "has moved" flag is not maintained. It is redetermined from movement remaining. If a damaged unit can make it to a barracks city without using any movement -- via rails and "sailing port to port" -- and you save and then load the game, it will heal at the end of that turn. Saving and reloading to deliberately gain free healing is prohibited."

When playing only a single turn at a time, you end up using the exploit, even if you do not intentionally do so. We all have different playstyles and free time available, and we each focus on micromanagement to a different degree. However, a game that has been reloaded every turn during wartime will have units that heal significantly faster overall than a game which has not been reloaded as often.

It is natural that there will be some fluctuation from player to player as far as how many turns are played at a time. Some players like to play the entire game in only a few sittings, and some players may only be able to fit in a few turns per sitting. So, the shorter session players will have more of an advantage from the "free healing" than the marathon players. This is a bug in the game, and is unavoidable. I do want to ask you to be aware of this bug, and to do your best to avoid it whenever possible.

Also, some new players have been confused to the distinction between "honorable" and "dastardly" play. In most games, the player is free to choose to use dastardly tactics as often as he or she wishes, and either choice is equally acceptable as far as the Epic scenario is concerned. Some Epics, always war being an obvious example, can not be won using only honorable tactics. Other Epics may ask you to play using only the honorable rules. I just wanted to make sure you knew that the dastardly tactics are available for use in Epic 21, if you do choose to do so.

I am looking forward to reading about how your game went!


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