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I call Godwin's Law on you 8-)

March 23 2003 at 8:18 AM
Cyrene  (no login)
from IP address

Response to I've Been to an Awful Demonstration, too!

>>Seriously now. Have we NOT learned the lessons of appeasing Hitler? I think most of us have, yet a small but vocal minority have not, and they run the costs up even higher on those who do take on the burdens.<<

"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit on a hot stove lid again and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore." Mark Twain

Hitler? Comparing Saddam with Hitler is an insult to Hitler 8-). I think Castro might be a more appropriate comparison.

Speaking of comparisons, calling the protests disorderly is, in a large part, and insult to disorderly conduct 8-). I've been in infields at Cup races back in the '70's that were more disorderly than that, and everyone just considered it a good time...

>>Yet treason is defined by our constitution as giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and I dare say some of these protests, taken en masse, can begin to creep close to that definition, in the practical sense.<<

What enemy? I seem to have missed the part where we declared war on a foreign country. This action is being pursued under the (claimed) authority of the UN Security Council. As such it is a "Police Action" to enforce UN Resolutions. We are not fighting the Iraqis, we are helping them 8-). As such, as a peacenik, I claim the "Fonda Exemption", whereby a government without the balls to declare war isn't allowed to call treason on anyone 8-).

>>Parents use discretion and shuffle the children out of the room, and maybe some of the women, but the men, at least, need to watch.<<

Ouch. I'm going to assume that the "women" part came out sounding differently than you intended. I don't think it is in fashion for women to get the "vapors" and swoon if confronted by the real world any more.

As for the children, I try to be sure mine see a fair part of it. I was raised with the Vietnam war on tv in the living room, and I will never forget it. They need to understand the inherent evil, waste, and carnage of force. They need to understand WHY I tell them that if they shove a kid on the playground it means that, regardless of what happened before or what happens afterwords, everyone is going to lose. In 10 years time my kids will be making the decision whether to drink and drive. They need to understnd that, unlike entertainment on tv, real world actions have real world consequences, and these are often expressed in terms of blood.

>>Once the war begins, to be out there still protesting, yet claiming to also "support the troops", is beyond credulity. Who do these folks think they're kidding?<<

I would say we (protesters=we) are providing a valuable check against the (debatably) unconstitutional use of power by the President to fight un-declared wars. Even if I thought this war was a good idea, I would STILL be protesting this abuse of power. I, at least, DO support the troops (individuals) fighting. It must really suck to be torn away from your family and life and be transported half way around the world to kill people who are just trying to defend their homes. I hope they get through it with as little psychological damage as possible.

>>It is my view that the protesters are the most pro-war folks there are, in actual effect. I await an argument that can persuade me to the contrary.<<

If my unwillingness to support shooting people because they do not share the culture and values of the United States results in more net violence worldwide then so be it.

Meanwhile, the same US media outlets that provide constant war updates and trumpet the cause of "liberating" the Iraqi people are blacklisting artists that speak up against the war. Oh yeah, THAT is freedom for you...


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