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February 23 2004 at 6:52 AM
Bede  (no login)
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Response to Epic Thirty-eight: Slavetrader Mayan ECC - Reports and Discussion

Victory Date: 1934
Victory Type: OCC Cultural

Considering the enslavement gambit but the lack of barbarians (no cheap enslavement possibilities) I decide to refuse the gambit and build an OCC 20K strategy. The other route would have meant an "Always War" game, at least during the Expansion Phase.

The somewhat shield-poor starting location ( only one bonus grassland underneath the settler/worker pair, but a flood plain and plains on all sides) lead to the decision to move the settler and it is at this point I make the first of many missteps by moving the settler due east instead of northeast. The move does reveal elephants in the neighborhood but the better move would have given the capital two river protected approaches and pulled the floodplain into use immediately.

Once the capital is founded the first order of business is a granary and research is started on Ceremonial Burial posthaste The founding reveals an elephant graveyard in the neighborhood so I know I will have at least one tradeable surplus

The first border expansion reveals that the opening misstep will have greater consequences than first thought as there is a floodplain wheat that would have been within the borders.

Summary of Major Events

The year 1790BC sees the first of many wars between and among the Netherlands, China, Rome, the Germans and the Carthiginians in various combinations The Maya are the cultural leaders by that point

Maya build Great Library in 1125BC

Interestingly enough, even though I kept the research rate high and discovered several AA technologies first (the Great Library kept the Mayans militarily current while the scientists focused on culture producing avenues) the Maya never produced an SGL During the Middle and Industrial Ages the increasing cost of technology meant the Maya were always behind, though occasionally at parity

Netherlands built the Pyramids in 1025BC

The Maya build the Statue of Zeus in 730BC relieving my military concerns I had by that point built two warriors for MP duty. There was no iron within our borders until the Industrial Age, so no swords could be built

Romans build the Oracle in 390BC

Carthage builds the Great Lighthouse in 270BC

Maya build Hanging Gardens in 90AD triggering the Golden Age

Maya builds the Knights Templar in 290AD and now my military worries are really over with Fast Attack and Heavy Infantry churning out every five turns

Netherlands builds the Temple of Artemis in 350AD and the Colussus in 370AD

Carthage builds Sun Tzu's Art of War in 450AD and the Romans build the Great Wall in 460AD

Netherlands starts its Golden Age in 540AD and builds Leonardo's Workshop and Copernicus' Observatory in 550AD

Maya builds Sistine Chapel in 600AD and Carthage builds Magellans Voyage

By this point everybody in the world is at war with Germany and the German cities are disappearing from the map with the rhythm of a fine clock and Germany is dismantled by 900AD

Maya build Bach's Cathedral in 1010AD and Carthage builds Newton U

With the demise of Germany the world goes for the Romans

Carthage builds Shakespeare's Theatre in 1220AD

China enters their Golden Age in 1350AD as the Chinese Riders sweep across Roman territory

Carthage builds Universal Suffrage in 1425AD

By this point the Chinese and Carthiginians have put their attentions on the Netherlands

Maya build Theory of Evolution in 1565AD

Maya build Hoover Dam in 1635AD

At this point the Maya are the only Democracy left, all others are Fascists.

By 1772 The Hague is captured by Carthage and the Netherlands is gone. In 1784 Rome is captured by Hannibal and it is only China, Carthage and Maya. At various points during the seemingly endless conflicts Chichen Itza was attacked by the desperate Netherlands and/or the Romans and their attacks were beaten back by a combination of catapaults/cannons/artillery, Ancient Cavalry/Crusaders/Infantry The Roman and Dutch cavalry were easy prey for concentrated combined arms. I think my entire military losses were two Crusaders and three Ancient Cavalry and at the end of the game there were 36 units defending the capital All were late industrial as I disbanded the Ancient Cavalry and Crusaders as Industrial Age units trained up to replace them The closest source of saltpeter kept fallling in and out of Mayan control as borders surrounded and contracted so I don't think I ever built any muskets and never did buy or research Military Tradition. At some point with Carthagianian tanks hanging around Chichen Itza I join Mao in in a Mutual Protection Pact and this deterred Carthage, briefly..

Immediately after the Fall of Rome Carthage and China go to war and this conflict lasts for the remainder of the game with occasional short respites

In 1800AD Carthage attacks China The MPP is triggered and Carthage moves on Chichen Itza with a couple of tanks. Artillery fire and a Crusader supported by Radar Towers put an end to that. Every once in a while a Carthaginian bomber or two would attack Chichen Itza As soon as the MPP expired I signed a Peace Treaty with Cathage and remained at peace for the rest of the game

For the next 132 years I build infantry when I can buy rubber and fighter planes and bombers when I can buy oil but mostly watched the catfight among the neighbors. As I didn't have much territory or any strategic resources to speak of the city-state was never really attractive to them

Wrong settler move
Delayed building cathedral, colosseum and university
Used Mutual Protection Pact with China to deter Carthage when the common enemy of Carthage and China was almost finished (I should have looked at the map) This drew me into war with Carthage but at least by the time it occurred I had had time to build radar towers and Civil Defense

Falling behind in technology in the late Industrial Age and not building the UN. Fortunately by the time Carthage finished the United Nations the only candidates left were Mao and Hannibal and the two had been at war for most of the last century

The biggest challenge of the game was keeping the trade routes open for the acquisition of strategic resources and luxuries. Only iron and ivory were within the borders (occasionally saltpeter and for a brief time early in the game spices from a colony) but I had to buy coal, rubber, oil and all the other luxes from one or another of the warring nations. Luckily I seemed to have the monopoly on ivory and once the Temple of Zeus was built kept it in constant circulation, even occcasionally trading all of it when I had to. After railroads were built and I had built a quantiity of cannon equal to my defensive forces I traded my iron to Caesar for technology. Luxuries and resources were relatively cheap to buy but after the mid Middle Ages technology got really really expensive. Once I had a factory in Chichen Itza and enough defenders to withstand all but the largest SoD there were long stretches when I produced only wealth in order to either buy or self research to the point of affordability

The Space Race was never as factor as China and Carthage spent their budgets on warmaking units and technologies.

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