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Not That Simple

February 26 2004 at 3:58 AM
Sirian  (no login)
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Response to That's a shame

I can understand your anger on having Universal Suffrage taken away from you and how much that messed up your plans, but it's too bad you let it get to you so much that you didn't finish.

I think you missed the point here.

I had a winning position. I could have finished the game, but it would have gone much like any of dozens of other games of Civ3 I've played before. Why should I do this? Why go through the motion? The fun for me in THIS game was exploring the variant, taking the game somewhere I had never gone before. Once my effort to do that was thwarted by the SGL lottery, the appeal of the game was gone for me.

I have played a lot of Civ3. A ton. I've got nothing left to prove, either to myself or to others. I was not relying on a wonder in this game to be able to WIN, I was relying on it to pursue a certain kind of win, an ambition to try something I would only get one chance, ever, to try to do.

There is no sensible reason for my plan to be trampled by this new "feature". Why must players have the dice toss them about? What is the point? Are they not capable of setting their own challenges? Do they lack the discipline to give themselves a serious enough challenge, that they NEED the dice to do it for them on a whim? The only possible point is to prove that you can adapt to misfortune and still succeed. Perhaps that seems exciting to you. It once did to me, but I've played that mechanism out enough times and no longer get any thrill from it. I want to be free from that now, to pursue other types of experiences. But I cannot, because too often this element imposes itself on the gameplay, dominates and dictates the fate of the game. It REMOVES a great many otherwise obtainable options, and leaves me with nothing more than one more chance to prove I'm gamer enough to survive another misfortune.

No thanks. Not what I'm interested in, at this point. My gaming can be much richer and more nuanced than that. See Charis's remarks about Diablo II in one of his replies to me in this thread. Perhaps then you will gain insight into my perspective.

I'm glad you are interested in the Epics. Please try to understand that some of us are at different experiential points of reference on the lifespan of our Civ3 experience and want different things from the game. Some things that appeal to you may long since be worn out for me. Why should I be forced to replay and replay the same strategic choices and situations? In point of fact, I CAN'T be forced to do so. I will opt out rather than submit to that edict. If the luck factors are too sloppy to allow more finely tailored challenges, and I've played out my fill of what IS available within the allowed framework, then the game is out of legs for me and I'm done with it.

It doesn't have to be that way. That's the shame of it. The whole point of having an editor is to allow us to reshape the game so we can tailor what we want to get out of it. Not being able to control this element in the editor is inexcusable.

- Sirian

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